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I love love love the fanfic/ podfic „Go East“ by @xinasvoice !


I’ve reread and relistened it multiple times and it just gives me such joy and inspiration EVERY TIME.☝️😸

And now that I have recently finished the original book by Diana Wynne Jones, I think I appreaciate Xina’s version even more than before!😼

Hence… this drawing😅

So… yeah. HUGE recommendation at this point☺️ (EVEN IF YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE ABOUT THE NOVEL OR THE GHIBLI MOVIE, TRUST ME) and… yeah… have a good day, yall!🎶

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Jennifer Check (Meeting…)


Originally posted by perfectlymeganfox

this is kinda like a headcanon, i think? i dunno but im looking forward to writing this in which she meets these characters.

Jennifer Check meets: Regina George


Originally posted by omisteriodasduasirmas

they’ll have met at school on the colorguard team. at first, they’ll have this rivalry thing going on, but that died in the second month of their sophomore year of high school. it was a petty rivalry too in which regina made fun of jennifer for being “dark and emo” and jennifer would say regina was an “airheaded bimbo”. it died off when regina forgot her homework and so did jennifer. as a result, they were both sent out of class that day. at first, they were iffy about being seen together, but in the end they ditched and hung out at the mall. they go shopping together (regina’s idea) and to shows (jennifer’s idea). needy still hangs out with jennifer, even if regina is weird about it. that doesn’t matter, though because jennifer loves needy, so their friendship will never get in the way of anything. after the succubus transformation, regina was always alert with her and gave her a list of boys to go after as well.

Jennifer Check meets: Patrick Bateman


Originally posted by rosejpgif

jennifer and patrick met through relatives and is the only reason she is allowed to go out (besides needy, both are trusted). since needy doesn’t do clubs as much as jennifer would like to, she goes with patrick, who is like a distant cousin on her dad’s side who she didn’t know exists. they go clubbing together, patrick helping get her drinks and drugs. he likes to hang out with his cousin even if he isnt used to her personality, but it is a lot more tolerable than other people he’s met. regardless of how close of family they are, he’s very protective of her, especially since when they do go to clubs, his friends are there and he knows they will definitely try to get at jennifer. after the succubus transformation, patrick didn’t treat her any differently, they’re both fucked up.

im so sorry but ive never watched ginger snaps :(

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Headcanon(s) #1

Characters: Jennifer Check, Patrick Bateman, and Tiffany Valentine



Originally posted by myellenficent


Originally posted by dvnoj


Originally posted by elliot-amy

Having a crush on someone who loves music and is also very romantic

Patrick Bateman: he would do anything to spend time with you, using your love of music as an excuse to do so. he used your being open to new music as a way to visit you at home after work and sit on your couch and listen to albums he owns just to spend an hour or two with you. stuff like the cure and joy division are what you two love listening to the most together.

Jennifer Check: she’ll find out everything she needs to know about your taste in music and get into the artists herself. even if she doesn’t like them, she’ll still call you up on weekends to see random shows or see your favorite artist in concert, pretending she likes them.

Tiffany Valentine: she will play a variety of music around you and see which one appeals to you most. Whichever you like most, she’ll play when hanging out with you. She also has a pretty good music taste herself so she’ll show you some of that.

How they would react to crush singing a song to them, written for them as a confession

Patrick Bateman: it’d make his heart bleed hearing you sing for him and a song written for him? he’d die, not literally. his face would be stone as he listens to you sing to him, but deep down he’s flustered, blushing. eventually, he does blush as he tells you he only “likes” the song (he loves it) and as you notice and call him out he’ll suddenly kiss you passionately, letting you know he feels the same way. you would sing to him on his couch.

Jennifer Check: she would be gone. her eyes would be fixated on you the whole time, it would make her hug you sweetly. she’s a sucker for music as much as you are and hearing a song written for her would make her smile the entire time. she’d also be very shy whilst listening. you would sing to her in her room, on her bed.

Tiffany Valentine: displays like this make her feel good about herself. to hear you sing a song about her would make her the happiest. after singing, she’d constantly tell you how much she loved it and how much she loves you and how perfect you are, basically praising you and the song in every way. she was so in love with you as it is, the song was what set her feelings.

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I’m looking for some Star Trek TOS fan fic recommendations. Here’s the thing though I don’t ship Spirk (not anti or anything, it’s just not my thing. I mean in concept I like it but the fic is always just not what I envisioned). Specifically I’d like something where Spock gets the girl especially if the girl is Saavik. Thanks!

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ok tumblr I am looking for a Percy Jackson fics that are about Percy at high school. Like I just want to know what Percy at school would be like. I know it’s canon he’s on the swim team. I mean the kid is known for looking rather scary at times, he has a freakin tattoo, went missing for more than half a year. I just want to know what he’d be like at mortal school

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thirsty thursday

(or rose recs fics that she read at four in the morning instead of sleeping)

I was tagged by the lovely @palimpsessed (thanks for the rec by the way really appreciate it 💕💕)

anyway in no particular order here’s what I’ve been reading and loving lately:

Keep reading

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thanks for tagging me @sharing-a-room-with-an-open-fire​ 💕💕

Challenge: Try to rec four fics; two of your own and two by fav writers. Rec some of your own fics without feeling guilty and rec some fics that you absolutely loved!

first here are two of mine:

Blindspot (rated T, 3,034 words, one-shot) 

“But I’ve always been like this,” I say.

Baz looks a little heartbroken. “I know,” he says softly.

Simon hasn’t texted Baz in a few days. Baz is honest for once and Simon has some realizations.

The pain you endure doesn’t have to define you.

this fic has a special place in my heart. I wrote it when I was feeling really down and depressed and writing it helped me sort through some stuff. 

Essential (rated T, 27,608 words, 14 chapters, complete) 

Mid-way through the yearly crisis, Simon gets a letter. The letter states that his current adversary has taken the person who means the most to him and that Simon has three weeks to find them before they’re killed.

Simon expects things to go in the same formula they always do. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone has kidnapped Agatha, it happens so regularly that Penny created a beacon spell for her last year. So while Simon is a bit concerned about his girlfriend, he knows that once Agatha says the incantation, he’ll be able to locate her and dispatch whoever it is that is menacing them this year.

Only Agatha is still at Watford.

And Baz has gone missing.

this fic was a labor of love. there were many times I thought I’d never complete it, but somehow things worked out, and I was able to finish it. fun fact, it was the first multi chapter fic I ever finished in any fandom.

now onto two of my favorites (this was hard because I have so many bookmarks): 

There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done by somekindofpath (rated T, 58,999 words, 12 chapters, complete)

I’ve been away for so long that I’ve started to worry I imagined it. Or that we weren’t as happy as I thought. Or that I was in a blissful sleep for three years of my life and now I’ve woken up to a nightmare.

The night before Baz graduates from university, Simon breaks up with him. (Because, as Baz will tell you, he is an idiot.)

A year later they still aren’t talking, Simon has a new girlfriend, and Baz is wearing a lot of purple.

Penny has had it up to here with the pair of them. So she decides to take them on a road trip.

this is always the first fic I think to recommend. it’s so funny, bit angsty, super well characterized, and just really great. even post wayward son it holds up. one of my all time favorites. I re-read it all the time.

If Only I Was Sure by tbazzsnow (Artescapri) (rated G, 3,903 words, 2 chapters, complete) @carryonsimoncarryonbaz

Simon Snow may have saved the world but the world has changed for him. Battling dragons was much easier than confronting his own emotions. He’s not the Chosen One anymore but is it fair to let Baz choose him? A late night of introspection for Simon, after Baz leaves for the night.

oh my gosh, this fic. this is probably going to get a bit emotional, but hey, here we go. so reading wayward son was kind of eye-opening for me. I struggle with a lot of the same issues simon does relationships and self-worth wise. and this fic right here? that takes that and puts it on a whole other level. I could relate to simon in wayward son, but in this fic, it felt like he was speaking directly from my heart. it is just really great. please give it a read.

tagging: @black-tea-blue-pens @the-clueless-philosopher @nightimedreamersworld

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Posting three today because I forgot  yesterday, and I just remembered for today but it’s literally 11pm so I might as well just do yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s. I’m 4 fics away from a new pairing btw. The next pair I’m doing is Drarry, it would have been Larry but I think I could manage a whole month of 1d fics so I’m going to skip them. 

March 16th

Shotguns and Comets by nightlighttuesdays



Castiel/Dean Winchester


Dean Winchester’s the leading scorer for the Shotguns, one of the top hockey teams in the NHL. Everything’s going great (if great is an apartment with your awkward best friend and an unholy amount of deeply repressed gaiety) until the ‘guns biggest rivals, the Comets, get a new goalie. As far as Dean’s concerned, Castiel Novak is a ninja in the net and, um, sex hair. When they finally meet and inevitably become friends, Dean realises it’s going to be harder than expected to keep his personal life off the ice.

This is the story of why you shouldn’t check out the other team’s keeper.

(This is the story of why you should.)

March 17th

The Neighboring Perspective by aileenrose



Castiel/Dean Winchester


Dean’s newly single, in a new house, and a brand-new father to boot.

Dean’s also got this weird thing where some stranger is leaving baby clothes on his porch at night.

March 18th

Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed by eBob, K_K_TiBal

Teen and Up


Castiel/Dean Winchester


AU in which Castiel accidentally sends a text message to the wrong number and befriends the person at the other end of the line. However, accidents don’t just happen accidentally, and sometimes two completely different people are exactly what the other needs.

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I think I’ve recommended them all before, but some of my favourite SPN fan fiction authors on here are:

@ameliacareful (Gen, some wincest)
@denugis (Sastiel, Wincestiel, an assortment of Sam pairings)
@jazzforthecaptain (Sastiel & others)
@road-rhythm (Gen, Sastiel & Wincest)
@stripy-tights (Wincest, SastielWincestiel, Benny/Dean, etc). 

if your taste is anything like mine and you haven’t read their stuff, you’re in for a treat! They all have their own style, of course, but one thing they all have in common is amazing characterisation and a great eye for portraying Sam. The writing is polished, touching and some of the best fiction I’ve read. Period. 

As for fan art, I adore both @thespnproject  and @thefriendlypigeon 

I feel like rec lists are extremely underrated. I spent so much time looking for them when I first started reading SPN fan fiction. So many hours of searching for authors that I liked. I’m still always on the look out, but some of these old old rec lists from years ago have really helped me out. Anyway, do yourself a favor and read these guys and check out the fan art. 

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