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#jin ling's uncles

Oh my God PERFECT I LOVE THAT FOR YOU SO MUCH 💙💙 Honestly I have watched that video twice a day every day at least since seeing it for the first time. It lives in my brain rent free;; the computerized voice. The dramatic music. Multilated body. Jin Ling’s future uncle-in-law. Thanks that helps. I’m cry laughing just thinking about it.

Heyyyy congratulations on finishing the untamed tho!!!! What a ride amiright. This is my life now.

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Hi, so I saw this post (I don’t know who originally made it, I’m sorry, if you know, tag them) that basically said that Lan Shizui might have MORE uncles than Jin Ling (*gasp*). And I wanted to try to answer this question scientifically.

First we need to decide who qualifies as uncle. We will be generous and assume everyone who could technically be an uncle is an uncle, but under these conditions:

1. They have to still be alive when becoming an uncle.

2. The person has to appear in the show. We all know Jin Guangshan had a lot of sons, but the sons who don’t have screentime don’t count.

There will be two categories: Total Number Of Uncles Acquired and Number Of Uncles Still Alive. The uncles that have survived will be in bold.

Let’s get started!

Jin Ling:

1. Jiang Cheng - Starting with his mother’s side - her two brothers. Jiang Cheng isn’t married and thus adds only himself to the number of uncles.

2. Wei Wuxian - Starting to get more interesting, because this uncle actually got married.

3. Xiao Xingchen - Wei Wuxian’s uncle on his mother’s side.

4. Song Lan - Great-uncle by marrige/almost creating a sect? Since I’m gonna be adding these two to both lists, it won’t make a difference, so I don’t even feel guilty.

5. Lan Wangji - Uncle by marrige. Has some relatives.

6. Lan Qiren - We also count great-uncles.

7. Lan Xichen - Another uncle. Went and got himself some sworn brothers.

8. Nie Mingjue - He’s dead. Being full of resentful energy and trying to kill people as a corpse doesn’t mean he’s alive. Has a bro.

9. Nie Huaisang

10. Jin Guangyao - Another sworn brother, but also father’s brother. We’ve come full circle.

11. Jin Zixun - Jin Zixuan has more relatives.

12. Mo Xuanyu - He has some screentime, alright? Only few seconds in the first episode, but I’m counting him.

Lan Shizui:

1. Wen Ning - This is Lan Shizui’s biggest advantage in this competition. Basically every member of Wen clan who’s related to him is his uncle. Also, counting Wen Ning as alive.

2. Wen Ruohan

3. Wen Xu - Also minimal screentime, but he’s there!

4. Wen Chao

5. Wen Zhuliu - I’m counting him, because his surname is Wen, so he’s kind of adopted.

6. Uncle Four

7. Jiang Cheng - Wei Wuxian is a proud dad.

8. Xiao Xingchen - Wei Wuxian’s uncle on his mother’s side.

9. Song Lan

10. Jin Zixuan - I set the time of adoption by Wei Wuxian as that scene with Lan Wangji in Yiling. Jin Zixuan was still alive by then.

11. Jin Zixun

12. Jin Guangshan

13. Jin Guangyao

14. Mo Xuanyu

15. Lan Qiren - Adoption by Lan Wangji was successful. Lan Shizui gets some more uncles.

16. Lan Xichen - Again with the sworn brothers.

17. Nie Mingjue

18. Nie Huaisang


1. Total Number Of Uncles Acquired - As you can see, Lan Shizui wins this category with 18 total uncles. Jin Ling only has 12. This means that throughout his life, Lan Shizui has acquired 50% more uncles than Jin Ling. The quality of those uncles is questionable, but tonight, it’s quantity over quality.

2. Number Of Uncles Still Alive - Jin Ling has 7 uncles alive, Lan Shizui has 6. This means that Jin Ling wins, even though just barely. Jin Ling has approximately 16,5% more still living uncles.


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OuYang ZiZhen: so A-Ling how is your uncle

Jin Ling: which one

OuYang ZiZhen: oh, the mentally unstable one?

Jin Ling: which one

OuYang ZiZhen: you know, the gay one?

Jin Ling: which one

OuYang ZiZhen, sweating: the one who committed a war crime?

Jin Ling:

Jin Ling: which one

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So this all started because of THIS post that was going around and was shared on an Untamed channel on a discord server. Discussion happened and…well….I had some time on my hands :P

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Jin Ling questioning Lan Xichen’s purpose of appearance at the Lotus Pier like it’s his personal duty (because it is) would make one hell of a story.

“Wait—isn’t he supposed to be in isolation? When did that ended?” 🧐

“I thought Zewu-jun doesn’t accompany the juniors on night hunts anymore?”… “Sizhui’s is here too.” 😳

“Business matter, you say. Didn’t you also say that last week as well?” 🤔

“What the—did you sleep over?!” 😧

“Zewu jun, is this a personal or business matter? Considering this is the third time this week you came to the Lotus Pier.” 🤨

Lan Xichen the entire time: ☺️

Jiang Cheng: 😠😒🥺😶😶😶😶😶😶😶🤥

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What ppl don’t understand is that as an Asian kid, we ALL have a bijillion uncles, especially if your dad has like a lot of close guy friends. Because that’s just how we refer to older men. Not Mr. So and So. It’s Uncle so and so. But we only see our actual uncles as uncles (unless there are special circumstances), as in those that are blood related to us, or in CQL’s case, if Jin Zixuan had sworn brothers (which he doesn’t).

So no, Jin Ling having a gazillion uncles is purely fanon. There’s no canon evidence to support that people like Nie Huaisang or Lan Xichen even had anything remotely close to a familial relationship with Jin Ling.

Prior to WWX’s ressurrection, Jin Ling had 3 biological uncles: Jin Guangyao, Mo Xuanyu and Jiang Cheng. And he only saw only two of them as his actual uncles. He calls Mo Xuanyu “that crazy guy”. His attitude towards MXY also lacks the fundamental respect a kid would show to someone he considers family and his senior. Yes he’s mouthy to Jiang Cheng but that’s bc kids can be bratty to their parental figure. Jin Ling wasn’t being bratty to MXY, he straight up doesn’t really respect him. Note that he calls Jin Guangyao “xiao-shushu”, meaning little uncle. This technically implies that there’s no other younger paternal uncles after Jin Guangyao, at least in Jin Ling’s mind. So even while MXY is literally Jin Ling’s uncle, he doesn’t see him as such.

Who your uncles are is determined by your mother’s brothers and your father’s brothers. That’s why WWX would be considered Jin Ling’s uncle. He sees himself as Jin Ling’s uncle and Jin Ling as his nephew. This is hinged on his relation with Jin Ling’s mother, Jiang Yanli, and not hinged on WWX’s relationship with Jin Ling’s uncle Jiang Cheng. Because WWX and JYL see each other as siblings, that makes WWX Jin Ling’s uncle. LWJ is ONLY Jin Ling’s uncle after he marries WWX and really even then, only in the technical sense of the word. I doubt Jin Ling sees him as an Uncle figure.

If Jin Zixuan had sworn brothers of his own, they would also be uncles of Jin Ling.

This uncle relationship does not extend to Nie Mingue, Lan Xichen, and Nie Huaisang. The logic “my uncle’s brothers are my uncles” only works when your uncle’s brothers are also your father’s brothers. The bottom line SHOULD BE my father’s (or mother’s) brothers are my uncles. Jin Zixuan did not see LXC, NMJ or NHS as his brothers so no, they would not be Jin Ling’s uncle. Unless they had a huge hand in raising him and he formed personal attachments to them, which never happened as far as I could tell, it would be odd for Jin Ling to think of them as any kind of real uncle. (Maaaayyybe LXC would potentially be an Uncle if he was around Jinlintai a lot, or if JGY treats LXC like a spouse and therefore would be Jin Ling’s uncle by marriage like LWJ would be, but again, this is fanon.)

It’s fun but it’s… that’s all that is. Fun.

The craziest is when ppl consider Wen Ning Jin Ling uncle. Like…. How?

Jin Ling’s actual 5 uncles: Jin Guangyao, Mo Xuanyu, Jiang Cheng, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji (by marriage.)

5 uncles is not a lot.

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how many times do you think jiang cheng asks for yanli’s forgiveness? for failing her and zixuan, for failing their son over and over, every time he yells instead of comforts, spits harsh words instead of praise. how many times does he whisper a sorry for not giving his nephew the love he deserves? the love his parents would have showered upon him, the kind that maybe would have made him softer in the same way that yanli’s love smoothed out jiang cheng’s rough edges, and could have made it easier for jin ling to grow up in this world.

how often do you reckon he thinks about what he’s inflicted on jin ling, the same poisonous love that his mother injected into him, and how often does he worry that jin ling loves jiang cheng the way jiang cheng loves his own mother, in that twisted awful way that makes him cycle through hate and guilt and shame and desperate need for affection? how sick does that make him feel? does the guilt make him avoid the shrine, unable to face his sister’s horror and anguish at how badly he’s done, or does he go there daily as penance? how many shards of broken glass are glued together to make up jiang cheng?

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I’ve written the Day 13 & Day 14 prompts for the Untamed Fall Fest 2020 together since I knew this was going to be a big one. Day 13 Prompt-Fruit, Day 14 Prompt-Savor. 

This fic got so long and this idea had been itching at the inside of my brain for way too long. I have been screaming internally about this one for like two days…so I’m going to go breathe in some fresh air now.

Summary: Where Jiang Cheng is so worried about Jin Ling that he unknowingly uncles all three of Jin Ling’s friends, his own brother, and his brother-in-law/brother’s fiancée.


Jiang Cheng sat in the throne room at Koi Tower, on Jin Ling’s right, with a stack of papers he had to look over for the discussion conference that was to take place a week later, and a paper bag with a few fruits and a cutting knife. He had been summoned to the room along with Jin Ling’s friends, which had meant that Wei Wuxian had inevitably followed under the pretense of not wanting to be left out, but secretly because he had wanted to help.

Wei Wuxian following the juniors had led to Hanguang-Jun trailing alongside his husband, fiancée or whatever they were, Jiang Cheng really couldn’t care less. What he cared about however, was Jin Ling. He had been working hard for the discussion conference that would be taking place in Koi Tower, and he was required to arrange a night hunt before that with the rest of juniors, which was why he had called them to the throne room as well.

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The Day 12 Prompt for the Untamed Fall Fest 2020 is ‘Change’.

Summary: Jin Ling walks through the corridors of Koi Tower, missing the various people in his family. His jiujiu (and his clarity bell) is there for him.

Jin Ling roamed around the corridors of Koi Tower, distant memories of his childhood flashing before his eyes. These were the corridors where the maids assigned to Jin Ling used to run behind him when he had been just a child. He walked through another corridor where Qin Su had sat him on her lap and told him that she was pregnant, that her and Xiao-shushu were expecting a baby. This had meant that Jin Ling would become a big brother, she had told him.

A third corridor had been where Xiao-shushu had told Jin Ling about the importance of diplomacy in politics. He had been older, then. The event had been more recent, about three years ago. It had almost been as though his xiao-shushu had sensed that he would not be in the world for much longer and had decided to impart a bit of his knowledge and wisdom onto Jin Ling.

Tears slowly began to fall from his eyes. Was it wrong of him to miss the man who had betrayed everyone, including Jin Ling. To wish that the man who had been the true reason behind his parents’ death, wasn’t dead? He hoped that his parents wouldn’t hate him for it.

As Jin Ling entered his room, he looked at all of the items kept there. The gifts he had received from people he hadn’t even known for his birthdays, the bracelet from Qin Su, he really missed her sometimes, his father’s sword, his mother’s protective charm that he tied to his waistband whenever he went out on night hunts, and Wei Wuxian’s talisman that he had given to Jin Ling to use whenever the need for it arose. Jin Ling snorted to himself, as if he would ever need to use that.

Overwhelmed by emotions of all that he had lost and found in the span of just a few months, or maybe his whole sixteen years of life. He sat down on his bed and squeezed his eyes shut, letting tears stream out faster. His eyes opened though when he heard the familiar sounds of his clarity bell.

It was tied around the waist of his Jin robes, and it had rung out loud when Jin Ling had heavily sat down. Jin Ling always had it on him. He kept it closest to him, wherever he could reach it first. Sometimes, Jin Ling even held in tightly clenched in his fist when he fell asleep. It drove his nightmares away. Jin Ling had begun sleeping with it more often, almost every night, since the Guanyin Temple incident.

Swallowing the bile rising up his throat, Jin Ling wiped his tears roughly with the sleeves of his robes. Breathing unevenly, he untied the clarity bell from his waist and held it in his hands. Inscribed on the bell in beautiful calligraphy that he knew to be his jiujiu’s writing, were the words: To the one I love most, my nephew, my son, Jin Ling. Never forget that there is always someone who loves you unconditionally and is always there for you. From, your Jiujiu.

His jiujiu had gifted it to him during what was supposed to have been Jin Ling’s one-month ceremony. It took a long time to make clarity bells and even longer to have them custom made, but Jiujiu had been planning for that particular gift since he had found out Jin Ling’s mother had been pregnant.

At first, the bell had only contained the inscription of his name, but after Jin Ling had lost both of his parents, Jiujiu had inscribed the rest of the words onto the bell. He had changed them slowly as the years had passed, adding more words to it, and as a result, more meaning into the important of the clarity bell for Jin Ling.

Jin Ling remembered Jiujiu telling him the story of how Jiang Yanli had been carrying Jin Ling in her arms when Jiujiu had gently kept the edge of the bell in Jin Ling’s tiny hands. Jin Ling had immediately grasped the bell with both of his hands and hadn’t let go. Just like he held it in both of his hands right now and refused to let go.

When he woke up from his nightmares, with his heart pounding and the shadows cast in the darkness of his room scaring him, during those times, he clutched tightly onto his clarity bell, wishing for his Jiujiu to be present so he could hold onto him as his fear of the nightmares slowly passed.

He wished to hear soft and familiar reassurances from his jiujiu, and words to songs Jin Ling had been listening to from his childhood. He wanted those strong adult arms to hold him, those soft and long fingers to caress his hair. He wanted to feel safe and secure and at home. But instead all around him, he felt the presence of strangers and an indescribable unfamiliarity.

Jin Ling wished to go back to Yunmeng, but he knew that was impossible to do now. He was a sect leader and the Jin sect was in the midst of an inevitable collapse. Jin Ling had to act like an adult and be responsible and mature, like the adults in his life had taught him to be.

He didn’t move from his bed, still clutching onto his clarity bell, the inscription blurred in his vision due to the tears welling up in his eyes.

“I wish you were here right now, Jiujiu. I need you so much.” Tears rolled down his cheeks again. He felt ashamed of how weak he was. How could he possibly hope to become a strong sect leader like this?

The door to his room opened, with a quick knock beforehand. Jin Ling shot up from his bed, startled. He was about to wipe his tears again, but he didn’t need to. Inside his room stepped his jiujiu, looking around with mild interest.

“So, this is your room now, Jin Ling? It isn’t too bad, for a Sect Leader’s. Still, I think you might prefer the one you have back in Yunmeng. I hope you don’t mind me barging into your room. One of the disciples told me you were here, and I was just around the area for…work reasons. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to check up on you.” Jiujiu stopped speaking as he finally took a look at Jin Ling’s face.

Jin Ling trembled where he stood. “A-Ling? What—” Jiujiu seemed alarmed as he glanced at him.

Jiujiu!” Jin Ling ran, throwing himself at his jiujiu, with his arms around his jiujiu’s neck.

“A-Ling— oomph!” Jiujiu staggered back a little as he was hit by the full weight of his nephew. He hugged his nephew back and lowly whispered in Jin Ling’s ear, “Who hurt you?”

Jin Ling hugged his jiujiu closer to himself and cried harder. “I missed you.”

“Jin Ling,” Jiujiu’s voice cracked dangerously as he spoke. “Tell me who did this to you. Who—”

“Nobody,” Jin Ling tried to convince him. He didn’t know how Jiujiu did it, how he knew and just appeared whenever Jin Ling needed him, even for the smallest of things. But Jiujiu did. He always had Jin Ling’s back, and Jin Ling hoped his jiujiu knew that Jin Ling would always have his back too.

Jiujiu pulled away slightly and wiped away Jin Ling’s tears with his thumbs as he snorted, similar to the way Jin Ling had earlier. “Clearly.”

Jin Ling looked down, reflexively holding onto Jiujiu’s sleeves as he stopped wiping Jin Ling’s tears and cupped his cheeks. “I need names, A-Ling,” Jiujiu said with fire alight in his eyes.

“I just missed them,” Jin Ling responded quietly, and he felt his jiujiu tensing up. “Qin Su and Xiao-shushu and my parents.”

“Oh, A-Ling,” Jiujiu said, holding Jin Ling close to his chest. Jin Ling let go of his jiujiu’s sleeves and gripped onto the back of his robes instead. He still held his clarity bell in one hand. “I miss them too, you know.”

“You do?” Jin Ling asked, blinking into Jiujiu’s chest. The purple robes were a soothing sight for his sore eyes, and the familiar smell of Jiujiu helped to slowly relax him to his core.

“Of course, I do. I miss your mother every single moment of every single day.” Jin Ling let out a breath at that. “What are you holding in your hand?” Jiujiu suddenly asked, and Jin Ling froze. Jiujiu sat them on the bed and loosened his arm around Jin Ling as he used it to bring of Jin Ling’s hand in between them.

The one Jin Ling was holding his clarity bell in. “It’s my clarity bell,” Jin Ling said, softly. Jin Ling watched as his jiujiu stared at the inscription on the bell.

Jiujiu took the clarity bell from him and slowly rubbed a thumb over the inscription. “I meant every word,” he said, “and I still do.”

Jin Ling knew that. Just like Jin Ling knew that no matter where he was, how old he turned, or who he became, his jiujiu would always be there for him whenever he needed him. And if for some reason he couldn’t be there, then Jin Ling would always have the clarity bell his jiujiu had given him, and the words written on it to reassure him and remind him of his jiujiu.

After all, his jiujiu was like his dad to him, too, and he trusted him and loved him unconditionally, too. That was something that would never change.


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I’m crying I found this amazing video while browsing and if these visuals aren’t the most stunning things ever I don’t know what is.

This is the video:

It was put together by a bunch of clearly talented artists, and the video itself features a song and I’m fully in love now.

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Day 8 Prompt for the Untamed Fall Fest 2020 is ‘Lan Xichen’. Before you all read the fic, though, let me just say that I love Lan Xichen as a character and a person, but I couldn’t think of a better POV for this particular trope. I see him as someone who always wants to help, but ends up somehow botching his attempts at helping people.

This is one of my favourite tropes to read in other fandoms but I have never seen it in this one. I’ve always loved exploring outsiders’ POVs and I knew I had to write it when this opportunity arose. I hope you all enjoy reading this fic. I might even extend it after the fest.


Lan Xichen thought of himself as a better than average friend. If anyone was ever in need of his help, then he liked to think that he helped them to the fullest of his abilities. Sometimes, some of his friends were stubborn enough to not ask for his help, even when he could clearly see that they were in desperate need of it.

So, he took it upon himself to help them, sometimes without consulting with them, especially if he thought that they would reject the offer immediately.

He also liked to think of himself as a good uncle. He had been like a substitute uncle-dad to Sizhui until Wangji had finished his punishment and stay in isolation. Even now, he loved to take care of Lan Sizhui and to look after him whenever he could. But it wasn’t just him, Lan Xichen though of himself as a good uncle in general, to all kids who were around his nephew’s age.

One such kid went by the name of Jin Ling, and the stubborn friend Lan Xichen was referring to would be Jiang Wanyin. Usually Lan Xichen minded his own business and was content with not interfering in other people’s personal lives, even if said person was his friend and a Sect Leader with a famously short temper. Especially if that was the case.

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When subtitles are purposefully inaccurate….why….????

Like I just watched a video of an Indian man speaking in English and he said something about having someone for a coffee or chai and the captions said “tea or coffee” like??? I guess some people might not know what chai is but it is entirely possible to caption it “coffee or chai [tea]” or “coffee or tea [chai].”

Like remember that one scene in Your Name where Mitsuha is using the wrong first person pronouns for herself in Taki’s body but there’s not an English equivalent except “I” so when she’s guessing the correct one, they wrote “I— [watakushi] I? [boku] I! [ore]” or something similar? It didn’t distract at all or take much longer to read and it meant all the English speakers in the audience learned something about Japanese. Gold-standard for subtitling imo.

Anyway, the point is: there’s not excuse for inaccurate or lazy subtitling, whether translating or captioning in the same language.

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