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Je vous partage la recette de pain d'épice de ma mère, qui est vraiment délicieuse et que j'adore refaire.


Que ce soit pour les repas de fêtes ou simplement pour partager avec vos proches, c'est toujours un moment de gourmandise apprécié !

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Meal prep Monday!

Started my day with a push workout. Came home and my roommate has arrived from break her parents brought a bunch of food for her that’s stocking our fridge right now. Soon she’ll bring it all to her boyfriends😂.

Post workout was a smoothie:

-1.5 servings of quest cookies n creme protein powder





-dash of h2o

Meal prep deets:

Made overnight oats, country breakfast with eggs and spinach, potatoes and onions, and turkey bacon.

For dinners we have chicken and broccoli and a Mexican corn pepper stir fry. I will be adding black beans to this as soon as I get some because I did not realize I was out🥴

@jacqattacq asked how my food tasted last day. After 4 days in the fridge, the food reheated did not taste horrible! The last day I think I was just more sick of eating the same thing which I why I split it up this week. Probably overall on the last day it was a 7/10 when first day it was a 9/10.

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Honestly my end of the week meal planning has become such a joy. I can’t stress enough how much meal planning helps me not order takeout because I don’t know what I should eat. This comings week meal plan is:

  • Salmon with asparagus
  • Chicken breast stuffed with broccoli and cheese
  • Greek chicken with peppers
  • Sausage pasta (shirataki noodles)

*** I plan on making 2 portions of 2 things to get me through the week ***

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First attempt at meal prepping!! Bought a $12 10 pack of these meal prep containers from Star Market. Tested out 3 breakfasts + 3 dinners.

PB&J overnight oats:

-Pack of oats

-half a cup of milk

-1.5 tbs chia seeds

-1tbs of PB

-strawberries& blueberries

Classic chicken & broccoli:

-Chicken with olive oil, seasoning

-chili and garlic cashews

-TJs general tsos sauce




Good first attempt!! So easy. Didn’t use enough chicken, thought 3 thin breasts would be enough but could’ve used one more so added more rice. Also similar with broccoli (I finished the bag off :/)

Adding 2 more to make 5 day’s would not be bad at all!! Already in love.

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