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#morrigan x reader
cahrilean · 4 months ago
Hi I wanted to make a prompt request that you write an angst i or o and fluff one prompt with Azriel. I was wondering if you can make it really filled with angst.
Tumblr media
Angels Like You - Azriel x Reader
A/n : Hi! This is going to be in two parts so the heavy angst will  be in part two! I hope you like it though :)
Synopsis : Azriel had felt the bond a year ago- and yet he had said nothing. Things had changed with the mating bond, but Azriel knew they weren't the one. Or were they? requested: yes/no
Prompts : 
‘We’re just friends’
‘It's not the same anymore. We're not the same anymore.’
Word Count : 2,527
Warnings : Cursing, mentions of blood & sex, angst
Part Two
There was something beautiful about the way Azriel's shadows coiled around him, trailing him everywhere he went. They were a big part of why people found him terrifying. Why the stench of fear always followed in his wake. But to you, they only increased his undeniable beauty. Deadly and precise, Azriel had always been one you found intimidating. Though that was not enough to stop you from befriending him. After all, you were members of the same court, apart of the same inner-circle. 
The day had started slow. Winter was in its prime, covering Velaris in heavy snow the night before. Which, was why you were late for the meeting. Rhys had warned everyone about a week ago. The snow, still falling even in the early morning, had left the city dark and grey leading you to wake up an hour later than you usually would. Better yet, with no one to fly or winnow you to the river house, you had to walk. 
By the time you made it to the house, it was just barely 9 o'clock. There was no need to avoid going in now with the wards on the house. Rhys and Feyre were well aware of your arrival. Pushing the door open and poking your head in before sliding into the office, you heaved a sigh in thanks that no one looked up from where they loomed over the desk.  "Look who finally decided to join us," Rhys purred from his seat, not bothering to glance up from the map.
You barely made it two steps closer to the map when the stench hit you. The swirling smell of another female wrapped around Azriel. Mor let out a low chuckle, presumably from the judgmental look on your face. "Don't bother," she quipped, eying the shadowsinger, "If you didn't want us to ask questions, you could at least have tried to mask her scent." Azriel's only response was a growl so quiet you barely heard it, but it was more than enough to shut Mor up.
It had been like this for months. Az had gotten sloppier and sloppier covering it up, but Azriel was a free male. He could do whatever (or whoever) he wanted, but that didn't mean you had to like it. You just couldn't help the remark that poured out of you as you leaned over Amrens's shoulder to gaze at the map, "And here we all were thinking that you were the one that was good at keeping their lovers a secret."  Standing next to a grinning Rhys, Cassian let out a muffled cough. 
The priestess Gwyn, who had only just started leaving the comfort of the library and occasionally joining in on war meetings, leaned over to Nesta, whispering, "I thought y/n and Azriel were-" 
"We're just friends," Azriel snapped before she could finish her sentence. The male shifted on the balls of his feet, from side to side, before turning back to the map. Friends. He had spat the word out as if he rejected the idea of being friends. Rejected you.
Your friend's face flushed, but she held your questioning gaze. Clearly, she hadn't meant for you to hear. Rhysand cleared his throat, "As I was saying when we were actually on the topic of this meeting. I need two of you to go under the mountain for me."
"What?" You interrupted. Your irritation flared, the embers of your growing rage flickering. The fury you felt wasn't directed towards Rhys, but at that place, under the mountain.
"Hear me out. There is a mirror, under the mountain, one of Amarantha's prized possessions. It was never brought out after her reign. We assume it is still under the mountain. But, we can not be sure," Rhys paused, his throat tightening as he struggled to finish his explanation, "A few months ago, Feyre and I attempted to retrieve it, but-"
"We understand. You don't have to explain," Mor cut in. Rhys nodded in gratitude, his violet eyes shining with relief. Pointing to another map, this one was of the tunnels under the mountain. Feyre had sketched it out, the details far too intricate for something they would only use once.
Nesta took a step forward, her hair pulled back in a tight braid. In the past couple of months, you had managed to befriend the eldest Archeon sister. Even becoming friends with Emerie and Gwyn as well. "What's so important about this mirror?" 
"This mirror was crafted by the Suriel's. They used it as a way to gather and store knowledge. For years courts fought over it. This mirror, not only could it inform anyone who manages to retrieve it of any information. Including the most guarded secrets of any court, it could be used to spy on other courts or entities."
"How does it do that?" Emerie asked, her eyes narrowing.
"If you ask, it will become a two-sided mirror, with the ability to show you anything that is happening in the present," Rhys grumbled, straightening in his chair. He rubbed at his temples as he glared at the map. It was clear now that this mirror was a high priority. If any of the other courts were to get the mirror shook the thought away. 
Azriel spoke up from his spot, "I'll go." His shadows were stiff behind him, but his voice was clear with confidence.
Cassian leaned against the edge of the desk, "I can go-"
"No, you'll stay here. I need you to stay and work with the Illyrian camps," Rhys stated as Cassian scowled, "(Y/n), you'll go)."
Looking up, you asked, "I will?"
"You will. You and Az have always worked well together. Besides, you're a lot stealthier than Cassian," Rhys said, causing Cassian's scowl to deepen.
"I'm stealthy," Cassian drawled, crossing his arms across his chest.
Rhys's lips curled into a smile, "Not as stealthy as (Y/n)." It was true, after years of training, you were arguably even stealthier than the shadowsinger himself. Though that was because you had forced the shadowsinger to train you during Amarantha's reign. 
"When do we leave?" Azriel asked. His shadows seemed even tenser now.
Rhys grimaced, meeting Azriel's gaze, "You have two hours to prepare before you leave."
Two hours later, you met Azriel outside of the townhouse. It wasn't any surprise to find Az leaning against the gate, armed to the teeth. Truthteller sheathed at his side, one hand rested on the hilt. You tossed him a grin, "I'm not sure you've got enough weapons on you."
"Careful sweetheart; one of these weapons could save your life," He quipped with a smirk. Rolling your eyes, you stuck your hand out, waiting for Az to winnow you to the Middle.
Under the mountain, the gloom and the musky stench of burned flesh masked your senses. In your hands, you held Feyre's map, "Rhys said it would be in a hidden room. In Amarantha's private chambers." The two of you followed the map down an abundance of halls. All considerably dark with gaged spikes on all four surfaces. 
Azriel was stiff beside you, and you knew being here was bringing back unpleasant memories. From both his childhood and the time that Rhys was held captive here. Though you knew how Azriel felt about his hands, you took one anyway, giving it a reassuring squeeze. To your surprise, he didn't push you away.
"Three more left turns, and then a right, and we should be there," You whispered to him. 
Azriel whipped his head towards you in warning when a huge leathery hand reached out, grabbing him by the neck and slamming him against the wall. The creature, similar to the Attor, sneered down at Azriel. It didn't pay much attention to you as you gripped your dagger in one hand, your sword in the other. 
"I wouldn't do that girl," The creature breathed, turning its gnarled face towards you, "You have fire in you. Perhaps I should kill you first. But where's the fun in that?" It seemed to be talking more to itself, rather than you or Azriel, who was thrashing against its grip. Raising your dagger, you stabbed it in one of the wings. With a yelp, it dropped Azriel, turning to face you. 
The creature lunged, snarling as it did so, "You bitch." Ducking, you slashed at its side, nearly tripping, the dagger dragging along with you as you caught yourself. It didn't have time to turn and face you before Azriel was on it, sword slicing, blood spraying the walls as he did so. The creature's body fell to the floor. With a kick, Azriel shoved the limp body aside.
His stare was heavy as he analyzed you. Searching for injuries, "I'm okay," You reassured him, "You?" Still, you searched him for any sign of wounds. Other than scratches on his neck, he appeared fine.  
"I'm okay," He said with a nod, "This way, right?" You nodded, and he turned, heading down the hall, this time with his sword out. At the end of the last turn was a chamber, the only room the two of you had seen so far that had a decent carved out entrance. Here there were no spikes, just smooth stone and unreasonably large steel doors. Fortunately for the two of you, the bitch hadn't bothered to lock the doors.
The chamber clearly hadn't been touched since she had died. Thick dust covered almost every surface. Spiders had made their homes in every corner, the abandoned webs now hanging limp. The two of you didn't waste any time beginning the search for this secret chamber. You scaled the walls, moved furniture, checked for grooves to show signs of a hidden door, but three hours passed, and you found nothing.
"Maybe Rhys was wrong?" Azriel wondered aloud. He was currently pushing on a bookshelf. When you had looked at him funny, he explained, he'd known people to hide rooms behind them. You were rechecking the walls, running your hands on the stone, trying to find hidden dips.
"No, Rhys spent too much time here. I just wish he'd been more specific," You muttered. Azriel's response was lost on you when your fingers dipped beneath the edged wall to find a handle. You pulled, the wall shuddered, dust raining down on you as the wall moved, "I found it."
Azriel was beside you in an instant, sword in hand, his siphons glowing. The room was simple and not very elaborate. Burgundy curtains made of heavy velvet covered all of the walls save one. The floors were black marble, still shining bright. No dust had built up in this room. On the one wall that was curtain-free hung a mirror.  Its iron frame curled around the glass, the power of the mirror vibrated off of it. Surprisingly it seemed warm and inviting rather than the cold raw power that Rhys had warned you of. Then again, magical items were known to choose their masters.
The two of you entered the room, Azriel just a step behind you. Face to face with the mirror, you carefully lifted it from the wall. The mirror glowed softly, smoke swirling in the glass. 'Hello, mistress.' The mirror greeted you. Nearly dropping it, you held it up with new strength as you glared at the glass. Only smoke and your reflection appeared. 
"What no traps?" Azriel muttered, looking over your shoulder. 
'You and your mate are worthy of the mirror's knowledge, ask a question, and you shall receive an answer with no lies or deceptions,' The mirror spoke its voice a melody.  Rage sparked in you, your grip tightening on the mirror, the metal bit into your palms.
The word clawed at you as you looked over at Azriel. His face was stoic, with no sign of surprise. 
"Did you know?" You asked with deadly calm.  Azriel didn't answer. His gaze fixed on the mirror, his eyes clouded with anger. Turning back to the mirror, you asked, "Did he know?"
The mirror seemed to hesitate, the glass fogging with rippling smoke as dark as the black sea, 'The shadowsinger has known for quite some time now, my mistress.' The heavy curtains did nothing to stop the words from echoing in the small space.
You barely registered the anger that washed through you as you twirled, throwing yourself at Azriel. The mirror fell to the side as you hit him, clawing at his face. The spymaster didn't fight it when you socked him in the jaw, the crunch loud and unsatisfying. "How could you?" You hissed as you continued to hit him. 
Azriel didn't answer but blocked the next punch to his jaw. "Was I not good enough for you? Was it because you don't think I could fuck you like all of those whore's you bed? Or because I'm not Mor!" You sneered. As you hit him, the bond finally seemed to stir, begging you to stop hitting him. Your punches slowed, "Is having me as a mate that awful for you?" 
Lowering his arms from his face, he whispered, "(Y/n), we're just friends." His words seared into you. There was that damn word again. Friends. As if he could feel it too, he flinched back as you crawled off of him. 
Sitting next to him, you pulled your knees into your chest, "It's not the same anymore. We're not the same anymore." When Azriel stayed silent, you continued, "You realize that, right? We're not just friends.-"
"I didn't ask for you to be my mate. This bond means nothing to me. The cauldron made a mistake. Did you think now that you know things would change? Don't think for one second I haven't noticed how you pine over me- nothings changed," He hissed, his shadows dancing angrily behind him. They seemed to reach out to you, even as he seethed in blinding rage.
Your body trembled with fury, "I may have been pining for you but, don't you scrutinize me for it, not after Mor. Besides, I didn't have to reduce myself to selling my body to make up for the rejection. You know what, Azriel, it's like you want to be in pain. All you do is brood and sulk, you say you're tired of being alone, and now you're pushing your mate away. Pathetic."
Shadows swarmed him, like bees to a hive. Azriel let out a cold, vicious laugh, "I'm sorry, does my pain bother you? Not everyone can have a life as easy as yours (Y/n). You want to make excuses for why I don't want you, go ahead. Be my fucking guest." 
The words burned, but it was the honesty in his tone that stuck. The venom and truth mixed, clearing the rage and leaving you hollow. You stood up from your seat on the floor, picking up the mirror, "Take me home. Now." There was no room for argument. Not wanting to be there himself, Azriel grabbed your hand and winnowed you back to Velaris. Azriel didn't bother to say goodbye when he left you in the streets before winnowing away. 
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ncssians · 8 months ago
can we have the reader telling Az that she is pregnant and his cute reaction?🥺 i just feel that he will be afraid to not be a good father like his was,but his mate thinks the otherwise
azriel x reader
you finally decide to tell azriel you’re pregnant and he takes it...quite well actually.
You knew as a pregnant, mated fae in Prythian that you would have to tell Azriel the news before he found out himself. Your scent would soon change, a tell that he would most definitely pick up on—and fast. So, today was the day you would tell your mate that you were carrying his child.
You had no doubts that Azriel would make a wonderful father. His cool, intimidating demeanor went away the second he was alone with you and the inner circle, so why would it be any different for your child? You had guessed that he would go impossibly softer with a baby—especially one created by the both of you.
Azriel would arrive to your apartment any minute now—he had to attend a meeting with Cassian and Rhysand about the Illyrian camps—and you paced around the living room, anxious to tell him.
You weren’t scared to tell him, he loved you through everything. You just...didn’t know how to tell him. 
The door to your apartment flung open and Azriel stepped through, grinning at the sight of you still in his pants and shirt. 
“I hope I didn’t wake you when I left earlier, y/n.” he said, shucking off his boots.  “You looked so peaceful I never wanted to leave.”
You smiled back at him, deciding to wait a little longer to tell. Azriel stepped right in front of you as you said, “You didn’t, but I wish you hadn’t left, it was so cold this morning.”
He threw you a wolfish grin. “Perhaps,” he mumbled, tugging your waist to his, “I could make up for leaving you, my beautiful mate, cold and alone this morning?”
“That sounds tempting, Azriel,” you sighed. He pressed a gentle trail of kisses down from behind your ear. “but later. I have something to tell you.” He gave you a perplexed look, and you giggled, throwing your arms around his neck. “It’s nothing bad, good actually. I hope.”
“You hope?” Azriel looked even more confused now as you pulled him towards the sofa. “What do you mean?”
“Well...I’m sort of...just a little...pregnant.” your voice dropped to a whisper by the last couple words, and you tensed as you waited for a response.
“Pregnant?” Azriel whispered back. His face had gone so...pure. Like there was nothing else in the world but you. “You’re pregnant?”
You nodded, willing down the tears as much as you could. “Yes, Azriel. I’m pregnant. With our child.”
“Our child...” He muttered to himself. He looked around, muttering things about your child and you being pregnant. “You’re pregnant with our child.”
“I’m pregnant with our child.”
More silence.
You thought he might’ve zoned out for a minute, but then his hands were on your cheeks and he kissed you. It lasted not too long before he pulled away, but it still left you breathless.
“With our child!” Azriel had tears streaking down his cheeks, your own starting to come down at the sight. He jumped up, pulling you with him. “Do you think they will have wings?”
“They will. Like yours.”
“But they won’t be full Illyrian, correct?”
“Correct. More like Rhysand.”
“We’re in trouble.”
You snorted, pulling him down towards you to kiss him once more, “I don’t think Rhys was here making a child with us, if anything his wings with just disappear and reappear at times.” 
Azriel nodded, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Do you think we’ll make good parents?”
“I do.”
“Good.” he dropped his forehead to yours. “Me too.”
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ughthatimagineblog · 3 years ago
morrigan x reader
warnings; mentions of r*pe, clipped wings, blood, angst
prompt; mor has a crush on a female Illyrian and is #nervous while bonding over their bad pasts
requested; @sippy--sippy
a/n; i do not regret the last few lines
Tumblr media
  Her hands fidgeted nervously in her lap as they sat down to eat. They were cold, damp and sore. Rhys’ hair was still stuck to his forehead from the rain, Azriel’s arms were beginning to show bruises and Cassian’s energy was so low he did not bother to make more than two snide comments.  But Mor was still shaken up for a different reason. She had realized something that she wasn’t sure she was ready for.
 Rhys had befriended another Illyrian girl, except this one was different. She was found in the dirt outside four months ago. Her wings had been clipped. Blood was still trailing from her shoulders as she kneeled in the mud.
 She had also been. . . Rhys didn’t want to see more of what had happened when he pulled out of her mind. Rhys took her in and allowed her to rest and heal. He wasn’t going to let her be mistreated like that. So long as she trained with Azriel and Cassian. It would be hard without wings but nonetheless, she agreed.
 The cabin they were staying in now was packed to the brim. Only three rooms. The new girl, who Mor learned her name was Y/N, would get her own. Rhys and Mor shared a room and Cassian and Azriel shared the third.
 Now, four months later, Y/N had regained strength and obtained some Siphons as well. They glinted amethyst and violet in the sun. She was stronger than most so she needed to wear three. Not near Cassian or Azriel, but strong nonetheless.
 Mor had spent the day with her, just spending girl time, attempting to get away from the boys when they begun a conversation about her past. Mor opened up, telling her the long tale that ended with her being brought back to Rhys from the Autumn Court.
 Y/N listened and nodded without saying a word the entire time. When Mor was done, Y/N thought for a moment. It hurt her. This young woman didn’t deserve what she had been through. And the picture the story painted in her mind, Y/N shook her head in attempt to clear it.
 “That’s why he looks at you like that.” Mor knew who she was talking about and nodded. “Did you like him? Eris? Or even Azriel?” She asked and Mor shook her head. “I never truly liked Eris. I hated that my parents were selling me off to him. His family is cold and cruel. I would have suffered.” She admitted. Y/N looked at her hesitantly, waiting for Mor’s take on Azriel.
 “But Azriel. . . He’s like my brother. I don’t love him the way he loves me. It’s not that he isn’t deserving,” Mor took a moment to think of how he thought less of himself because of his past.
 That was something for him to share, though.
 “But I just. . .” Mor trailed off and looked to the ground as they walked. “Hmm?” Y/N asked innocently. Her top was cropped but flowy, much like Amren’s Mor noted, but black. Her pants were loose but high waisted and her shoes were simple. Her outfit made her Siphons look like jewelry. Mor noted how beautiful she was.
 “I have. . . Never really liked men the way I do women. I mean of course I like men but I prefer women. I have just never had an emotional connection with a man before the way I have with women.” Mor’s cheeks heated at the confession and Y/N could tell this realization was something new and odd to her.
 “That’s alright.” Was all the other girl said.
 “I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone before.” Mor said. Y/N nodded. “It’s a big thing to confess if you’re not sure how to feel about it. To be honest, I’m the same way.”
 Mor’s eyes lit up as she looked at her.
Y/N saw the sense of relief in her. “Yeah, um when my wings got clipped, there was only one person who I told afterward. She was a close friend of mine. I cried to her all night of how the men treated me. How they. . . Forced me. I came out to her and she saw the rage in my eyes at how men were,
 “But she convinced me not to let it taint the way I saw people. How I saw men as a whole. A day later, the guys found no use to me as their group would be leaving soon. I was tossed in the dirt and Rhys found me four hours later.” Y/N told her.  “What happened to your friend?” Mor felt her heart sink a little.
 “She left. I don’t know where she went. It’s been so long she may be dead. But I was grateful to have someone I could speak with without fear of judgement.” Y/N nodded.    Mor thought she saw a tear run down the cheek farthest from her. Mor stopped her and made her turn to her. She reached up and brushed the tear from her face. “You aren’t alone.” Was all she whispered and Y/N laughed a little, smiling.
 To Y/N, Mor was stunning. Her long blonde hair framed her face to make her look like a goddess. Her brown eyes shining with the last rays the sun had to offer them that day. Morrigan. Something in the back of her mind seemed to whisper.  Mor’s face changed as they sat there.   Mor looked away first.
 “It’s getting late. We should head back.” The girl coughed and Y/N turned away.
 Now, they all sat in the dining area, Y/N joined at the end of the table.
 Rhys told them they would be going back to the Court of Nightmares and then Velaris the next day. Y/N would be coming with.
Speaking of her, she was watching Mor carefully. Watching her study her plate rather than clean it. Watch her as she debated. Y/N knew what she was debating.  Mor’s eyes looked up and her glance met her stare.
 The blonde looked at the other girl as if to ask for reassurance. Amren wasn’t there for emotional support like usual. No she was off doing business elsewhere. Mor only had her newfound friend.
But little did Y/N know that not only was Mor debating coming out, but she was debating letting Y/N know of her feelings for her.  Y/N, unaware, only gave her a slight nod of support.
 Azriel had noticed Mor’s nervousness at this point and was beginning to be concerned but Mor stood up. She took in a deep breath, shaky, but deep.  Rhys and Cassian’s attention turned to her and she blushed under the weight of their stares.
 “I have something to tell you all.” Mor announced. Cassian snorted. “That’s obvious.” Azriel jabbed his side and he winced a bit.
 “I know you all have had a long day but it’s something I’ve been keeping from you for a while.” Mor said, beginning with a glare towards Cass.
 “I like women. I prefer them. I-I do like men,” Mor only glanced at Azriel. It would give him some explanation. Closure. “But I like women more.”
 “Mor, you know we love you for you, right? We don’t mind who you prefer.” Rhys added and they all nodded.
 “And,” Mor added, which took a smiling Y/N by surprise.
 “I do have my eye on someone here.” Mor said before sitting back down. Out of the corner of her eye she could have swore she saw Azriel’s posture slack a little in his seat.  Y/N was dumbstruck. It was no secret as to who Mor was talking about. Mor had come out as bisexual, preferring mainly women, and said she had her eye on someone there. With them in the cabin.
 There was only one other woman besides Mor and it was Y/N.
 Y/N felt her heart skip a few beats in the silence and suddenly the dirt and rain from earlier in the day had felt dry and prominent on her skin. Despite her outfit, she had decided to train and now the awkward situation had made her focus on anything, specifically how caked the sweat felt, but the way her cheeks heated.
 “I have to shower.” Y/N excused herself as quick as she could, not even bothering to put her dishes away as she rushed out.  Cassian took a large bite of his dinner, blissfully unaware of the situation that just unfolded. Rhys looked between the hallway Y/N had disappeared to and Mor’s face. When he tried to slip into Y/N’s mind to see what she was thinking, he found a large wall made of steel and vines. He let it go. He didn’t want her to feel. . . Unsafe right as she had found a sanctuary, knowing she would know if he tried to enter.
 Mor excused herself soon after and Cassian had finally looked up from his plate, infinitely confused. The blonde reached Y/N’s room and pressed a hand against the door. On the other side, Y/N was brushing her drying hair and staring into a jagged mirror, debating if she should tell Mor how she felt. Of course Y/N liked her back. But would it ruin their dynamic?  Y/N vowed if she ever needed to, she would protect Prythian with her life. Protect her High Lord with her life. But if she allowed herself to get close to Mor, would she throw herself in front of Rhys as she had been instructed? Or would she immediately protect the girl she cared for?
 A knock at the door made her jump. Somehow, Y/N knew who it was. “Come in.”  “I’m sorry for how I acted at dinner. I shouldn’t have done that in front of everyone and it took you by surprise and I just-” Mor had come in, shut the door and turned around. Y/N had stood, and turned to face her. Her body was covered in a robe Rhys had brought her as a gift from Velaris. It was black with long sleeves that cut off and draped at her elbows. There were straps long enough to wrap around her waist a few times and it hugged her hips.  Mor noted it was almost sheer. The look on Y/N’s face was not seductive, however. It was concerned. “I’m not angry.” She said at last and went to take a seat on the bed. Mor followed. They sat so casually it felt as though it was just another girls’ sleepover.
  “You’re not?” Mor asked. Y/N shook her head. “But you left.” She justified. “I left because I wasn’t sure how to tell you that I feel the same. With the boys there- with Azriel there, I had no idea how to respond. I begun planning to tell you later once I stepped into the shower.” Y/N told her and Mor looked more than relieved.    In fact, she had had so much anxiety about the whole ordeal, the relief that washed over her had made her cry. But felt herself smile as Y/N began wiping them away. And she went rigid when she felt two lips on hers.  And then there weren’t.   Y/N shot up and placed two fingers on her lips, eyes wide. “I-I’m so sorry. I-I wasn’t thinking and you’re just so beautiful I-” Y/N’s rambling apology was cut short by Mor kissing her again. Mor didn’t mind. She was just taken by surprise.  Y/N felt her melt as her hands came up to cup her face. She would discuss the ‘protective’ logistics later.
   They did discuss those details that night and the next morning, they strode hand in hand down the hallway, Mor’s face still a bright red. But she was smiling. And Azriel was happy about the latter, but when he noticed the former, the hands, he felt his heart sink a little.
Somewhere, a petty part of him wondered how a new girl swooped in and stole Mor before he had the chance in hundreds of years but the main part of him was just glad she was happy.
They had spent the morning laughing amongst themselves, Y/N sometimes holding Mor’s hand under the table and they both had to endure Cassian’s endless questions. He had never seen a woman with a woman before. He had heard of them but never really known them.
 “So, Y/N is pretty tall so is she going to be the one to get the stuff down from the cupboards?” He asked and Y/N chuckled as Mor rolled her eyes. Rhys’ lips simply twitched upwards.
 “What about holding hands? Does it feel better holding a girls’ hand?”
“Cassian. You have held girls’ hands before. What do you think?”
  “Are girls’ lips softer?” He inquired, tilting his head. Mor leaned over her plate, glaring at him from across Y/N.
“Which lips?” Y/N budded in. Rhys coughed, nearly choking on his food.
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naturallystupidforyou · 27 days ago
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* inner circle x reader
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ to love and be loved by the night court
Loving Nesta was like loving the rain. Sometimes it was soft, a sprinkle on your skin, drying as quickly as it had been dropped. Other times, it was hard and torrential. It was merciless and so blinding you could hardly think of anything else other than how overwhelming it was.
She'd often thought she hated you with how forceful her love had been. It was all-consuming, something one can only hope the gods would afford to them. She'd been terrified of it. Nesta had been raised to conquer kingdoms by marrying a prince. To marry someone of such status that she'd be untouchable. You were none of those things. You were nothing. No status, no wealth.
That hadn't changed the way Nesta's heart clenched so painfully she thought she would die where she stood when she looked at your smile. How, foolishly, she found herself actively seeking you out.
Loving Nesta was like loving the rain. You found yourself desperate for those gloomy, wet days.
Falling for Azriel had to mean you had an affinity toward death. The one who'd spoken to shadows and found comfort in them, who'd taken something lost and made it his own. The male who'd stood with one foot in this realm, one foot out.
You often wondered if you'd poised yourself to settle with a sword hanging by a thread above your heart, the tip digging into unmarred flesh daily. Every night, a gust of wind had blown on the sword, swaying it, the criss-cross marks above your heart seeping with the blood of your love.
To love Azriel meant you had some sort of death wish. Only those branded with the kindling of suffering could survive him. What was love if not suffering? Trusting someone with your very being and trusting that they'd treat it with care? What was death if not freedom? What was life if not pain?
With Azriel, you found yourself ready to snip the sword yourself.
Even if cliche, loving Rhysand was nothing more than loving the night sky. Those celestial bodies lit up like little lights, casting the world in that pale, white glow. The moon replaced the sun every night, promising to return the next.
Loving Rhysand was easy.
Its beauty is often distracted from the horrors underneath. Under the peaceful company of the moon and stars, it was easy to forget how monstrous night — and Rhysand — could be.
It hadn't meant you loved either any less.
Everything Rhysand seemed to do seemed to be carved straight from the tales of men that had long since lived and died. He seemed to be crafted from moonlight with the simple way he existed. As if when the gods created the world, they did so without intent of anyone else existing.
His eyes that were stolen from amethyst itself, a smile worn by both angels and devils, his words that sent you spiraling.
Loving Rhysand was like loving the moon. You couldn't even hate yourself for it.
Cassian, on the other hand, was carved from daylight. From gold. You seemed to soak him in entirely, lighting you from within. It was as if his every pore seeped with that golden light. That goodness made you desperate for more. With Cassian, you were in a constant state of wanting more and overwhelmed with the way you felt full with him.
He thought he could never be good enough for you. That he could never. That light within him seemed to be unrecognizable to him. Even when everyone else could see it. Loving Cassian was like loving sunlight.
Too much and you'd get burned. The patience of love, the way it often seemed to destroy some and complete the others was an art Cassian had always had. He'd loved you from the moment he met you, the second you walked into his life, he felt like there was nothing — no one — else that could devastate him the way you had. Utterly and wholly, you and Cassian had one another from the beginning.
What more could you ask for?
Elain was a budding flower, petals not quite open to the world. It was as if spring hadn't come entirely, frost threatening to creep up and send her wilting away. Elain, the purity of stolen innocence, who'd always had a life imagined for herself.
Loving Elain was a fresh thing that brought life back into your soul. It was easy and without pain the way it had been with the others. Elain loved with her entire being. With her heart and soul, Elain had stolen yours without much effort.
Elain who'd always been naive to the pain in the world. Elain, who could give you something you'd lost — or, maybe, it was something you never even had.
To love Amren was to love fire. That unpredictable way, never knowing if it was going to burn out or blaze hotter. The way it could ruin you within moments without guilt or restraint. To give yourself to Amren meant few things; you never expected for it to last, you were balancing the line of insanity, and you were wanting something no one else could give you.
Amren's attentions swayed as fiercely as a forest fire. For it to settle on one, it meant you were something. That she spotted something inside you that no one else had. That you were lucky. Amren, with her silver spinning eyes, could destroy everything in her path without regard for the effects it would have.
Loving Amren, giving yourself wholly to her, must've meant you liked the way fire felt against your skin. The way the heat would warm before it burned, the sharp feeling before pain followed.
You'd always known loving Amren would end with pain. What was love if not painful?
To be loved by Feyre meant everything. The girl who'd sacrificed herself time and time again, who ruined herself entirely and would do it again if it meant the people she loved was safe. Loving Feyre was like falling for the world around you. The first breath a babe would take, the first time you'd heard your lover's laugh, the crunch of autumn leaves under your foot, the sight of unrumpled snow. Loving Feyre was like nothing you'd felt before.
It was like fingers brushing over your ribs, the laughter that would follow. Hearing your favorite melody in her voice, the way her lithe fingers would paint you again and again. Loving Feyre was like breathing air for the first time after drowning. To see the world in color for the first time.
Feyre, who'd seemed to have more than enough love to give you, who never seemed to run out despite any mistakes you would make. Feyre, who loved you just as much as you loved her.
Feyre would destroy the world for you. Isn't that what love was supposed to be?
To love Morrigan was like loving the sound of music. The way it would fill you completely. The way your heart would race and life would enter your drowsy soul after vanishing. The sound of music would give you something you hadn't known you were missing; a sense of home you couldn't explain.
She was both the tone of the violin and the piano, the sound of humming hitting the walls before fading to nothing. Mor, who had suffered horribly yet still kept that good to her. Who'd taken what the world had thrown at her and kept that beauty to her.
Mor, who seemed to sing the song of your soul. Mor could play you like she'd torn your essence out and read it herself. Who, sometimes made you wonder if she'd been put on this planet to tempt you and make you better.
If not loved by Morrigan, what else could you be?
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lightlyblooming · 17 days ago
Hi! Can I request mor x reader where reader doesn't have good relationship with inner circle?
Thank You! 💕
A/N: Thank you for requesting! Sorry it took so long. I’ve had one hell of a week, plus my internet has been down. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.
You looked up as Morrigan walked out of your shared bedroom, your heart rising into your throat the second you saw her.
She was absolutely gorgeous, dressed in a stunning silk dress and draped in so many jewels that she shone. Her usual smile was replaced with hesitance as she walked over to where you sat on the couch and sat down next to you.
The first thing you noticed, other than the obvious worry that radiated off of her, was the lovely smell of her perfume and the unmistakable smell of Mor underneath.
Morrigan reached out and grabbed onto your hand, the metal of her rings cold on your skin.
You knew what was coming. Every time she went out to hang out with her family, you had the same conversation. She said the exact same things. It always ended the same way.
Morrigan said, as you expected, "You should come."
"They hate me," you said, pulling your hand away and crossing it over your stomach. Her eyes dropped to the couch and a sigh escaped her lips. She turned to face you, tucking her leg underneath her.
"They don't hate you..."
"They just really don't like talking to me," you finished for her and she scrunched up her face, tilting her head as she looked at you.
"If you spent more time with them, they'd learn how amazing you are."
"I have tried for years," you said, turning to face her fully. You lowered your voice, willing yourself to stay calm. It certainly wasn't difficult when looking at the most peaceful, lovely person you've ever met. "I went out to dinner and for walks. I even spent a whole day with Cassian, at your behest, shopping. And they still don't like me. The only reason they even tolerate me is because of how much you love me."
Morrigan flattened her lips into a line and winced, turning her face to the window. She looked out at the city looming beyond, full of life and organized chaos. Her home. Your home. Though you had only had the privilege of calling it so for about twenty years.
Before you came here, to Velaris, you had served a ruler in a faraway kingdom. You had endorsed some... not good things. At least that's what they thought when, in truth, you had been there by blackmail. To stand there and look pretty to satisfy the growing movement of powerful people that wanted more diversity in the governing ranks. Instead of the empowered, free ruler that they had thought you to be, you were nothing but a pawn, smiling and nodding at whatever your spouse had said.
You'd had no choice.
Apparently, even though you had explained that to them many, many times, they still didn't believe you. They thought that you had ordered all those murders. Condoned your spouse tearing apart lives and kingdoms. Commanded deadly armies. When in actuality, you had only stayed in your room, reading and playing games with servants that were actually your captors, your image created around propaganda and misinformation.
Morrigan knew the truth and she trusted you deeply but apparently, that wasn't enough for her family.
Morrigan placed her hand on your leg, the light touch bringing warmth into your chest. "We'll figure this out," she said, sighing yet again. "They'll like you, I promise."
"I know," you said, hoping more than anything that it was the truth.
She stood up and pressed a kiss onto your forehead, her lips lingering just long enough that you got the message: She loved you more than life itself and was very sorry that her family didn't see you as she did.
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fairytalesofthewind · 2 months ago
What are you to Azriel?
I took the liberty to add another prompt to this: 
11: Morning kisses that are exchanged before either person opens their eyes, kissing blindly until their lips meet in a blissful encounter.
Request are open! 
Request: anything Azriel x y/n: if you need a prompt do y/n and Az living together and cute domestic fluff
* Female reader
Word count: 1533
It was days like these your mind wandered a lot. The silent and calm days that didn’t give you another choice but to ponder about everything. The question that kept getting circled back around your head was “what exactly are you to Azriel?”
In the first place, you were his spy.
At first, you didn’t want to get involved in anything that associated with the shadowsinger. Because everything associated with him had a direct link with danger, and you have tried your entire life trying to avoid it. You have tried –and failed- to keep secrets so that you wouldn’t need to leave the fake safety net you created.
You didn’t make any friends. There was no one getting close to you because they might find out that there was something different about you. They could find out how you know certain things you shouldn’t know. They might find out how you seemed to anticipate everything around you. And they might find out about how you seemed to know everyone’s secrets and how you hid so that no one would find out yours.
But Azriel somehow managed to found you. You knew the moment he had found you of course, you had seen him coming to you in a vision. He had told you that he knew what you were, he knew that you were a Seer.
You had put yourself in situations in which he could not visit you to tell you this. You went to places you never went to out of precaution. Instead of buying your supplies at the small shops in your area, you went to the market place where it was swimming with people. Instead of always being alone you offered to keep your older neighbours company. Instead of eating alone in your apartment, you ate in the restaurants in the city.
It seemed that after a while, Azriel had lost his patience. He knew what games you playing and had have enough of them.
You were sitting at a café drinking tea when he had showed up. The weird thing was that you hadn’t seen him coming. Neither literally, nor ‘spiritually’. And that resulted in you spilling your tea over yourself.
He had handed you a few napkins and without saying anything, sat down. “I think that we both know it is time to talk.”
“I think we do need to talk yes, you should apologise for making me spill this tea over myself.” Azriel had simply responded to that with saying that it was your own fault and that you knew damn well what they should talk about. It seemed that you had really hit some nerves by avoiding him for the past couple of days.
He did give you a choice whether you were going to work for him or not. But the damage had already been done. The inner circle already knew about you. They were going to need help some day in the future and they would come to you.
You had a ‘choice’, you could join them now or later. But that hesitancy could get you deemed as an enemy. Why wouldn’t you want to help your court? You set aside your fears and decided you would join Azriel.
After that, you became his adviser.
You became the Inner Circle’s adviser. In the beginning of your employment they only came to you if it was very dire. Asking you advise about to handle certain situation with other High Lords and Ladies.
Azriel visited you if he needed intel on other Courts. You simply had to take a peek into a location he gave you on paper and you would have to describe what you would see.
And sometimes Azriel didn’t give a map and simply waited for you to have vision. Sometimes he winnowed you somewhere. The places you went to were those of important people; lords and ladies, and sometimes even a High Lord.
Eventually the Inner Circle didn’t just visit you for valuable information, they also came to you for insignificant things. It had started with Morrigan, she had waltzed into your place demanding which dress would rouse her father the most.
You were his friend.
After a while the Inner Circle wouldn’t even come up with an excuse to visit you anymore. Azriel tried to in the beginning, claiming to be asking for information that even seemed irrelevant to you. Eventually he gave up and visited you as he pleased.
You two would have late night tea parties. You would try to discuss certain things but you always seemed to drift away from serious conversations to laughing with each other.
You and Azriel built up a beautiful friendship with each other. There was a lot of trust, honesty and support for each other. And eventually also romantic love.
You told each other your secrets. Both of you seemed to have a lot of them. Azriel told you everything starting from the beginning. His upbringing with his former family and how he grew up in the Illyrian camps with his real family. He told you about Rhysand’s mother – his mother also, about how he got his powers, how he learned to fly, how he won the Blood Rite with his brothers…,
You told each other everything.
You were his family.
You had a special place in his heart, just as he did in yours. You were very important to him. Azriel caught himself thinking about you a lot. He cared about you a lot. He loved you.
You spent a lot of time with each other. You helped each other when either of you were in need. Eventually both of you realised that neither of you could go on without the other. You were each other’s family.
You were his lover.
After a lot of dancing around each other on your tiptoes, something finally happened on an ordinary day. On one of your late night tea parties.
You had spilled tea over yourself –you seemed to have a knack for that. Instead of just handing you the napkins and just standing there like the first time, Azriel helped you. He quickly helped you pull of your blouse so that the hot tea wouldn’t seep onto your skin. He used his handkerchief to wipe the tea that did manage to seep through your blouse. And after few seconds you both seemed to realise the position you were both in.
Azriel was hovering over you with his hand (and handkerchief) on your chest while you were sitting in a chair, nearly naked from the waist up. You blushed scarlet red but you didn’t do anything because you didn’t want to break this up.
Eventually Azriel leaned down slowly, giving you a silent choice. You found this choice to be easily made as you leaned up to connect your lips.
The choice of being is lover was also easily made.
You were his mate.
But of course, you had seen this coming. You had been dreaming of the night of the bond snapping into place for days before it actually happened. You were happy that Azriel didn’t live with you because you had cried a whole night out of pure happiness.
It didn’t happen in a special place. It didn’t happen at Nightfall, but rather just before that.
Azriel was coming to pick you up and fly you to The House of the Wind. You were looking behind you in the mirror as you saw him approaching from the balcony connected to your room. He walked up to you to greet you with a kiss and took a good look at you.
You tried to pick up your earrings without showing your shaking hands, but Azriel saw it anyways. He only mistook the reason for your nervousness. He thought it was because this would be your first Nightfall together, and not because of what was going to happen very soon.
As he finished putting your earrings on for you, you both took a second to look at each other in the mirror. He put his arms around you and rested his head on your shoulder. Into the mirror he gave you a smile, his expression quickly changed from loving to shocked to loving again.
It was safe to say that they were a bit later to the party than expected.
You were his wife.
You heard about how Rhysand and Feyre not only completed rituals from Prythian but also those from the mortal lands.
Azriel had thought it had sounded nice. He greeted you with ‘my lovely wife’ a lot, it was always followed with a kiss.
You were his everything.
He loved you. It was as simply as that.
And he proved it to you every day. The day started with morning kisses before either of you had really opened your eyes. Kissing blindly until your lips met in a blissful encounter. Throughout the day it was difficult to leave each other’s sight, so most of the time you don’t. And at the end of the day, you made sure to prove your love to each other by not only giving your soul and heart to each other but also your body.
Thank you for the request @reneerara ! 
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azriel-mate · 4 months ago
Azriel’s girlfriend meeting the inner circle for the first time
Azriel x Reader
1415 words
“I can’t believe you didn’t tell us!” Cassian exclaimed, forcing Azriel to finally look over at him. “What did you think?”, Mor joined in, “he always keeps his lovers secret”. Azriel really didn’t feel like having this conversation, he rather come back to your apartment where you were waiting for his meeting to end. Yes, the inner circle’s important meeting did turn into a conversation about his love life, a conversation he wasn’t even part of. “Can we just go back to why we’re here? I’d prefer not to spend the entire night looking over those maps”, Azriel interjected. “I don’t understand why you didn’t tell us about this female”, Mor continued, ignoring his comment. “I have an idea”, Feyre offered, “Azriel why don’t you invite her to dinner tomorrow night, that way we could all finally meet her and move on to the rest of this meeting”. Even if his High lady were trying to help him out, he could see that she was as excited as Mor to meet his girlfriend. Azriel, desperately wanting to move on to another subject accepted, sending both Feyre and Mor into giggles. The meeting ended an hour and a half later and he was able go back home to you. He said his goodbyes before winnowing away, unfortunately without missing Cassian’s sarcastic comment about him seeming rather impatient to go see you.
When Azriel got to your apartment, he found you already laying in your bed. He could tell how sleepy you were, even when you were trying to stay awake. You sat up when you saw him and gave him a small smile. He tried to ignore the fact that his heart seemed to want to jump out of his chest every time you reserve one of your smiles for him and came next to your side to kiss you. “Hi, love”. “Hi Az”, you answer him as your eyes follow him to the closest where he grabbed some clothes and quickly changed. You still couldn’t believe that he was yours and that you were his. He came on the bed next to you, bringing you out of your thoughts, and you were fast to come crawled to his side. Azriel put his arms around you, and you stayed in a comfortable silence for a little while. “I know we said we would wait for you to meet my family, but since you bumped into Mor in the Rainbow, with my shadows around you, they’ve been harassing me to meet you”. Azriel and you decided you would wait for your relationship to become more serious before him introducing you to them. If you were honest, you were a little bit relief, with them being so powerful and intimidating. You did love Azriel with all your heart though, which is why you accepted, even if it was a stressful event. “When would I meet them?”, you asked your boyfriend. “Feyre and Rhys are inviting you to dinner tomorrow night at the town house”, Azriel answered. “Okay”, you said back. Az put you a bit closer and you heard him murmured a ‘I love you” before you drifted to sleep.
------Time skip to the next night------
Y-n was probably changing for the fifth time, letting the stress take over her. “What do you think?”, you asked Azriel locking eyes through your mirror. “You look as beautiful as you did in the four other outfits you had before, love”, he simply stated. “That’s not really helping Az, the first impression is important okay, I want them to like me, they’re your family”. “If it helps you did make an impression on Mor, she thoughts you were another shadowsinger at first, until she found out the truth”, Azriel chuckled. “I think I’m ready”, you announced as you took Azriel’s hand waiting for him to winnow you both.
You didn’t even have the time to knock before the door flew open. In front of you was no one else than the High Lady herself, smiling at you. You went to curtsied, but she stopped you, giving you a hug instead. “We’re so excited to finally meet you”, she exclaimed, “I’m Feyre, come on in, the rest of us are in the living room”. Azriel could tell you were nervous, so he took your hand in his and intertwined your fingers. You took hold of his arm too with your other hand, and then, nodded to him before you followed the High Lady. When you arrived in the living room, you were meet with 4 other people all staring at you. “Hi”, you tried to break the awkward starring contest that seemed to be going on, by talking first. It seemed to work and bring them out of their weird state. “Everyone, this is my girlfriend, y-n”, Azriel declared. He then presented every member of his circle to you. “I’m sorry for the starring” the High lord said, looking disapprovingly between Mor and Cassian, “we’re happy to meet you, welcome to our home”. You nodded before thanking him for inviting you. You saw the Night court’s general coming near you but stopping before he got to close. He was looking between you and Azriel, and when you turn to look at your boyfriend, you could see the look that Azriel sent him making sure he wouldn’t get any closer. “I just wanted to see if she was real”, Cassian mused. He must’ve seen your confusing expression because he then explained. “Azriel never brough any of his lovers to meet us, and I’ve known him for more than 500 years now…”
The dinner went better than you expected, you found out that you had more things in common with them than you thought. They were curious about your relationship with the Shadowsinger since he didn’t give them any detail, so you tried to answer their questions, only ignoring the inappropriate ones Cassian sometime asked. “For cauldron’s sake!, he proceeded, “you guys have been seeing each other for months now and we didn’t have a clue”. To say that your relationship was serious was an understatement, Azriel could sense something bigger, his feelings growing stronger every minute spent in your presence. Even though he did love you, he wasn’t ready to admit what this really was. If he were right about it, you would inherit all his enemies, which wasn’t something he was looking forward to.
Since you were starting to feel more comfortable around Azriel’s family, you both decided that you would accept their offer to stay a little longer. Everyone, except Armen who apparently had enough of family time, walked back to the living room. Mor left to go grab “Rhys’ good stuff”, winking at you and making you chuckled. You two had just met but you were looking forward to becoming great friends with her as she promised during dinner. You went to sit on the bigger couch next to Azriel, while the High lord and Lady sat together in front of you. You knew Illyrians could get a little territorial, but it still surprised you when Cassian sat next to you two, making your boyfriend put his arm around you, bringing you closer to him. The gesture was small, but you were pretty sure no one missed it, seeing the exchanged glances between Cassian and Rhys. Mor got back and you all drank some wine. “Feyre and I are going shopping tomorrow, Y-n, we were wondering if you would like to join us”, Mor asked you. “I would love to” you answered. You might’ve been nervous coming here, but you felt welcome and were enjoying your night after all. “It’s getting late”, Feyre added, “you two can stay here for the night if you want”. You didn’t even have the time to reply before Azriel refused her offer. “No”, was all he said. It was so rude, you elbowed him without thinking of your spectators, which made Cassian laugh, while Rhys tried not to by coughing. “It is getting late, maybe we should go home” you observed. Azriel and you got up and you thanked them for dinner and told Feyre and Mor you would meet them here tomorrow. Azriel kept his hand on the small of your back as he led you outside and winnowed you home, keeping his face impassive. “It went well, except for you being rude at the end”, you scowled, putting your arms around his neck.
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naturallystupidforyou · a month ago
Wait just imagine this. A love triangle with mor, Azriel and reader during acowar. Like both of them falling for y/n...wont it be messy?
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* azriel x reader / morrigan x reader
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ love triangle headcanons
azriel isn't quite sure how things spiraled so quickly
he isn't sure when his feelings for you began to blur, when his affections shifted from mor to you
he still loved her, of course. nothing could stop or change that
but it was no longer just her. he didn't see his future tied up with morrigan anymore
and then, a knell from death itself, he saw he way she looked at you. how her cheeks would flush at your jokes, the way certain smiles would be reserved only for you
and he was jealous
especially when you seemed to reciprocate those feelings. and his own, if he read you right
you knew you couldn't have them both, didn't you?
there was no way that you could love them both in the way they needed. they wanted
yet, you never made your choice
not as the war continued, as hybern gave their constant threats and attacks
they were both growing desperate. slowly, in a way that couldn't be repaired, you drove a wedge between them
their days were numbered, the war quickly reaching it's height
they were both convinced they would die — which would die with you in their hearts? who would you mourn?
it was only up to you at this point
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lightlyblooming · a month ago
"Why are you awake?"
Morrigan x Reader
The reader wakes up to see that their wife, Morrigan, isn’t in bed. They get up to see what’s keeping her.
Tumblr media
For the second night in a row, you woke up to see that your wife, Morrigan, was not in bed beside you as she normally was.
In fact, the bed was still made, with not a single sign that Mor had even touched it, least of all laid down. All the lights were turned off, leaving the only light in the room from the stars and light pollution from Velaris down below.
Yesterday, when you had woken up to see that Mor wasn't, you had been slightly concerned but hadn't thought much of it before lapsing back into sleep. Sometimes she stayed up late to finish work or have time alone. However, she had never done that before. At least not when you two weren't having an argument, which, to your knowledge, you weren't.
So, despite the sleep that pulled on your mind, you dragged yourself out of bed, pulled on a warm robe, and ventured into the hall.
It didn't take long to figure out where she was, as some light was spilling out from underneath the door to her office. You approached slowly and pushed open the door to see Mor sitting at her desk, papers lying strewn all over the surface, looking at you with her eyebrows raised in surprise.
Morrigan asked, "Why are you awake?"
You raised your eyebrows as you stepped into the office, closing the door behind you. "Why are you awake?"
She gestured to the papers. "Work."
You walked across the room to stand at Mor's desk. Even though her work has, at times, interested you, you had absolutely no inclination to look down at it.
"Work will be there in the morning," you said, walking around the desk to place your hand on her shoulder. She looked up at you. "You need to sleep."
"I can sleep later," she tried to explain, though you could tell by the tone of her voice that she was starting to give in. "I need to get this done."
"You can wake up early." You moved to stand behind her and placed your other hand on her arm. You leaned in and brushed your lips against her ear. Mor relaxed into the touch, sighing contently as she did so. "Come to bed, please." You added, just for good measure, "I miss you."
That caused Mor to let out a breath. You pressed a light kiss on her neck, right where her ear and jaw connected. It seemed like that was enough because she slowly detached from your hold and stood up.
She wrapped her arms around you, and you melted into her hold, breathing in her lovely scent. She kissed your forehead, smiling into your hair.
"I don't know what I'd do without you."
"Perish, most likely," you said and Mor let out a breathy laugh. She let go of you, though her hand stayed on the small of your back.
"Probably," she agreed.
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azaideen · a month ago
The bet
Azriel x reader
Summary: reader makes a bet with Helion that ends up involving Azriel
A/n: that’s my fist writing, hope you like it.
The first time you met was during the High Lord’s meeting before the war. Being Helion’s spy made you follow him to the Dawn Court against your will.
The only thing keeping you from drowning in your worries about the meeting was the bet you made with your High Lord and best friend.
Some people might think that Helion just got close to others for his own interests, but you knew he was a good person. Although yes, he tried to bed you when you met. And after your refusal you began talking and with the years passing by you became inseparable, always laying on each other when needed.
As soon as the Spring Court High Lord arrived you knew. There was going to be a fight sooner or later.
As the arguments got heated and the tension in the room increased you worried more and more. Until the Night Court Shadowsinger attacked one of the Autumn sons. Eris deserved it, you would not deny it. But when the High Lady came to take the male from the fight you could finally see his face, even in between the shadows.
Too kept by your worries you hadn’t paid attention to the others' features, but he...
He was gorgeous, with no doubt the most beautiful male in the room, even with all the High Lords.
His rage, burning under his eyes, making his siphons shine with a blue light and his wings flare, just added to your mental list of the things that made your legs tremble.
As he turned to walk back to his seat, following his High Lady, your eyes met and he growled quietly at your lips tucked in between your teeth.
You were taken from your thoughts by your High Lord’s hand on your knee.
“Looks like you won this one, y/n.” He said and you smiled recording the bet.
You looked over at the Shadowsinger, the best spy in all Prythian dull to his abilities, and gave him a full smile as Helion handed you a bag full of coins.
“Thanks, Shadowsinger.” you said simply with a velvet soft voice and you could swear you saw a blush on his cheeks.
After the end of the meeting, all the discussing and fighting, everyone went to their specific rooms. You followed Helion to yours, since the courts stayed together.
And also followed him in his visit to the Night Court members.
You knew Rhysand, the High Lord. You’ve met Under The Mountain. Being dragged there with Helion to spend 50 years in misery and desperation, being tortured for Amarantha’s fun and as a distraction.
You became friends, in some way, with the male. Being sometimes pulled together by destiny. He could be rude and cruel, but you saw under that mask.
After greeting him and the newest High Lady, Feyre, Helion presented you to the others.
The general, Cassian, with black wings that matched the other two males, red siphons and long hair had a cocky smirk on his face as his gaze roamed your body. You chucked under his attention, noticing that he, as the others, was really beautiful.
Morrigan, Rhys’ cousin and third. A blond female with perfect curves and a sinful smile.
And last…
Azriel, the Shadowsinger and Spymaster, the most stunning male you’ve ever seen. His dark brown hair and hazel eyes kept your every thought. His shadows grazing around his upper body almost consuming him fully, trying to keep him away from the strong light at the Dawn Court, made you giggle softly noticing that he would probably hate the Day Court.
His arms crossed as he seemed to ignore everything happening around him as he looked out at the window from a corner, but you saw, you noticed, that he was paying attention to every single action that you made. It was your job, read people as if they were a book.
Letting yourself get a bit distracted from the conversation between your High Lord and the others you crawled yourself through his mind.
Being a daemati helped a lot when you were a spy.
Faced with the shadowy wall protecting his mind you passed a hand through the mist and in the real world you could see, by the corner of your eyes, his posture stiffening and tensing.
Azriel looked pointedly at you, but you weren’t facing him, trying to keep your semblance calm as your mind worked.
Hesitantly, he opened a crack for you, just enough to let your voice pass.
“Hello, Shadowsinger.” you said with that same voice from before.
“What do you want?” he asked, his tone full of calm rage and anger that made your lips curl upwards with amusement.
“How rude,” you scoffed, “I just wanted to say thank you, I won a lot of money today thanks to you.”
He just growled back, but by the look on the other's face it wasn’t only in our minds.
“Calm down tiger. I’m being honest” you could swear that his posture relaxed a bit by that. “I own you”.
And with that you retreated your mind from his.
The second time you met was during the war. You’ve been fighting in your High Lord’s army, commanding a legion, and could see the illyrians above you in the sky.
You couldn’t see him, but you were sure he was there, somehow.
You fought for hours, and when you finally saw a blue light in the sky you knew who it was. Coming to the ground when needed, Azriel killed more people than you could count, the dance of death.
But when you saw a Hybern soldier coming from behind him, trying to get to his wings, you were there before registering that your feet were moving.
You shouted his name and blocked the soldier’s sword with yours.
Azriel turned around in a blink and killed the man with one swift motion of his sword.
“I guess that now I’m the one who own you” he said, not changing his features in any way, but you smiled nonetheless.
“That one was on the house” you said and kept fighting around, but by the corner of your eyes you could see him standing in that same spot. And smiled again as blood splashed on your face and clothes. Turning one last time to him you blinked one eye before he was back in the sky.
The third time you met was right after the fight. You had gotten injured. An arrow was stuck through your left arm and another one on your right shoulder.
He was there too, but with an old injury, not made by this fight. He saw you and walked until he was in front of you, sitting on an improvised bed.
He was tall, too tall.
He bent on his knees and asked “Are you alright?”
No, you weren’t, but “yes” was what you answered.
He looked at the arrows piercing your body and flinched, the first expression on his face that wasn’t fully anger.
“Let’s take those.” And when he looked right in your eyes…
The bond clicked.
He was your mate.
As it seemed, it had clicked for him too, since his eyes were wild and his mouth slightly opened by surprise.
“You are my mate.” you whisper.
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honeymandos · 16 days ago
Hi! Can you do an azriel one where reader goes to a party with Azriel and starts feeling insecure and feels like Azriel deserves much better? You can take it from there
Pairing: Azriel x GN!Reader
Warnings: self-doubt, insecurity, shit like that. also be warned az is hardly in this fic it’s basically a platonic mor x reader 😭
You don’t know what it is, but you always find yourself disconnected from the group, in a way. Through all their parties and hangouts and dinners, you manage to slip to the side of things, observing their laughter from afar. You’ve never liked being at the center of attention, and you know that if you took the first steps, they’d be kind enough to you. None of the Inner Circle hated you, at least not that you knew of. But they’d known each other for centuries, and the only person in the group who had known you for any substantial time was Azriel.
He’s lovely, really; it is no wonder he’s so loved among his group of friends. He remains the only person who has ever managed to capture your heart so wholly, to make you feel as though nothing else in the world matters. He’s also the only reason you know the Inner Circle, and the only reason you’re invited to their little events. Being Azriel’s partner comes with that bonus, apparently.
Sometimes you wish you didn’t feel obligated to go. You always ended up in this position, anyway; back plastered to the furthest wall away from the rest of them, a drink in your hand and an ache in your heart. You grit your teeth and take a sip of the ludicrously expensive wine Rhysand provided to you when you walked in, a pleasant grin on his face.
Feyre fit right in with them, almost instantly. Despite not having known any of them for long, despite being newer than you, she slotted into the group like it was meant to be. You were there in the first weeks that she was here, and now, even years later, you’re no closer to being a part of their circle as you were before.
You tilt your head, observing her as she tells a joke and the whole group erupts into raucous laughter. Even Azriel’s lips curl up slightly, his shoulders beginning to shake in a silent expression of glee.
Maybe it’s just you. It’s not about being new to the group, it’s not about any of that. It’s just about the fact that you aren’t meant to be here, with these people, with…. with him.
You bite down on your lip and stare into the cup of wine, trying to drown out every echoing thought racing through your head. He deserves someone like that, someone who slots into the group just as perfectly as Feyre. Someone who actually belongs in their tight knit circle of trust and companionship. Perhaps he could find someone like that, someday. But he never would if he was chained to you.
You let out a shuddering sigh and silently excuse yourself out the doors into the garden, taking deep breaths of the spring breeze. It’s calming out here, as it had always been. Elain was possibly the only person in the group who bothered to speak to you still. You often were able to find her out here in these gardens, tending to her patches of flowers and climbing plants. You always let her ramble about them as you sat and admired them, the smallest of smiles on your face. You’d never been a big talker, but you could listen excellently. Perhaps that’s what the Circle didn’t like too much about you.
A presence behind you has you jumping slightly, startled that somebody came out to follow you. More to your shock, when you turn, it’s Mor standing beside the bench you’ve perched on, her brows pinched in worry.
“Hello,” you greet, trying to shake your surprise. The female had always been pleasant with you; not to the extent that Elain had been, but she was always kind. You’d give her credit for that. It was much more than Rhysand ever managed.
“What are you doing out here?” she asks softly, taking a seat beside you. Her gown is flattering and gorgeous, as always, the deep shade of red complimenting her coloring perfectly.
“I… needed to get away,” you murmur, gazing up at the stars above you. Mor huffs, shaking her head.
“How is it getting away when you were never there in the first place?”
Your gaze slides over to hers, your brows raised. She’d been watching you.
“I don’t really fit with you lot,” you confess, pulling your bottom lip between your teeth. “Never really did.”
Mor is silent for a moment, calculating. “I think you would if you gave us a chance.”
You had, years ago. You’d met Azriel right before Feyre broke Amarantha’s curse over the land, and had been with him since then. That first dinner was about as awkward as things could get, nobody truly speaking or saying anything of substance. You weren’t sure why it had happened, but you chalked it up to your own presence.
“People don’t really like me,” you murmur, picking at your nails. You needed to get them redone.
“I like you,” she retorts, offering up a small smile. “We all do, you know.”
You don’t say anything in return, simply allowing your gaze to return back to the beauties of Elian’s garden. She’d even put stepping stones down, arranging them into shapes and paths along the sloping hill of green.
“I know you’re shy,” Mor continues, even placing a hand upon your own in a gesture of comfort and good intent. “But we all want you here. And we would all love to know more about you.”
You don’t argue when she brings you back to the house, despite your mind screaming at you to retreat back to the safety of your corner, especially when she arrives at the sitting area. You tentatively take a seat beside Azriel on a medium couch, Mor returning to her spot in a large leather seat. When you look up to Az, your Az, he’s smiling wider than you’ve seen in a very long time. You cant deny the way it makes your heart skip, your own mouth curving upwards.
He snakes an arm around you as conversation sparks once again, questions and laughter thrown your way just as easily as they had been to everybody else. You found, shockingly, that they did want to know more about you, that they did care for you and want you here. You blamed your own doubt and insecurity as well as the awkward first-meeting, but when you see Azriel beaming down at you from where he sits, a gleam in his eyes, you squash down any of the rest of your fear.
He wants you there. All of them do. Whether you were too scared to see it before or it was simply false perception, it didn’t matter. You were here, you were laughing, and you were in Azriel’s arms. You were happy.
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naturallystupidforyou · 3 months ago
Can you write a Morrigan x Reader where Mor and the reader are talking about how they must keep their relationship a secret, but also imagining what life would be like if it weren’t?
:✮.❃⭒ morrigan x reader
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ planning forever is a wonderful way to pass time
Morrigan is sixteen and feels alive for the first time. Nights spent wrapped in sheets, fingers and hands lightly gliding over the skin of her lover, the marks only she can see left behind. Their secret tryst pushes away the thoughts of her impending marriage to Eris. It reminds her that there's good in this damned place. That despite her father and mother attempting to drain the happiness — that boldness they fear from her, she can still find it. She refuses to let her parents or anyone else learn of you
Curling under the blankets, giggling like children, Mor can't help but whisper, "I wish we could spend the rest of our lives together," Musing her, you linked your fingers with her own, pulling her closer as you pressed a kiss to her beaming smile. "Ah, yes. We'll move to an estate that gets sunlight all year. We'll have roses that won't wilt despite the most furious summer days. We'll have horses and cats and a chicken—"
"A chicken?" Mor laughs. "What would we do with a chicken?" You leaned against the headboard, smoothing fingers through her blonde tangle of hair. Hair quite like sunlight. Like the only light that you've known in the Court of Nightmares. "Name is Polly, of course. Each morning, we'll wake to the sun streaming through our windows. We won't have to hide. I'll sneak out of bed before you wake, cooking something you'll pretend to like,"
"What if I wanted to do the cooking? What if I wanted to spoil you rotten?" Mor's lips run along your collarbone. "We'd have forever. We can swap roles,"
Forever that would include a loveless marriage, Courts apart, doomed to the temperament of others. Morrigan kisses you once more. "I'd like that,"
"As would I,"
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lightlyblooming · 2 months ago
Hi love! I love your way with words so I wanted to ask if you could write a Mor x Reader where Mor returns from the Court of Nightmares and the Reader is there to comfort her 🥺💞
A/N: Thank you for reading and enjoying my stories! I hope you enjoy this.
The worst day of the month had come along. Morrigan had left hours ago to the Court of Nightmares to make a mandatory appearance with the High Lord and High Lady.
You always hated the days she had to go. You hated the way worry clouded your every sense and overtook every idle thought. Morrigan told you not to worry, that she was tough and a few hours in that hell-hole wouldn't be enough to put a dent in her.
Part of you knew that was true. But you also saw how she acted when she returned. Withdrawn, hollow... gone. Her mind was captured in darkness and shadows and no matter how much she smiled or laughed, you could see it lurking behind her eyes. In every low moment when she sighed and blinked away burgeoning tears. In the absence of her in bed, cuddled up next to you. In the silent tears she shed when she thought you were asleep.
You dreaded the moment she came back and you had to see her veiled despair. Hidden away from you for some unknown reason.
When Morrigan returned, you were ready to deal with her pain, ready to assist her and help her should she finally decide to reach out to you. But, when you saw her standing in the doorway, a single tear running down her cheek, a large, fake grin spread across her lips, you were done waiting for her to come to you. She was hurting. She was in pain. And she needed you now more than ever.
"Hello," Morrigan said, walking up to you and wrapping her arms around you. She brushed her nose against your neck and breathed in deeply, her breath shaking as it came out. She whispered, "I'm home."
Those two, sweet words made you all soft inside. When she tried to pull away, you held her close to you. Hugged her like she the world would end if you let go. Like she'd fall from your grasp and disappear through the floor. At first, she resisted it, then she completely melted into you. 
You pulled her in tighter as she began to cry. Sobbed, more like it. Shaking against you so violently that your heart broke and shattered for her. For her pain. Pain that she had hidden from you for so long.
When her crying died down, you pulled away slightly to look into her eyes. They were red and her cheeks were tear-stained. The sight made your gut wrench.
You cupped her face and her eyes fluttered shut, tilting her head further into your touch. A single tear rolled down her cheek.
"I'm here for you, Mor. Always."
Morrigan's face scrunched together, her tears coming faster. You didn't want to make her cry, but... She had to know. After all, you two had been together for nearly a decade now. There was practically nothing secret between you and her. You were there for her, and she was there for you. And she'd never failed you, always at your side, especially at your lowest points. It was your turn to be there for her.
Morrigan raised her hand and lightly grabbed onto your wrist, her other hand placed firmly on the small of your back. 
"I didn't want to bother you," Morrigan said lightly.
You leaned further into her sturdy warmth and kissed her cheek gently, holding onto her tightly. "Never," you whispered. "I love you. Helping you isn't a bother."
Morrigan sighed contently and allowed you to hold onto her for what felt like forever. You didn’t let go of her until you were confident that she wouldn’t crumble the second you stepped away.
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witchersoldier · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
#𝑳𝑼𝑪𝑰𝑬𝑵: 𝒊𝒇 𝑰 𝒐𝒇𝒇𝒆𝒓 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒎𝒐𝒐𝒏 𝒐𝒏 𝒂 𝒔𝒕𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈, 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒈𝒊𝒗𝒆 𝒎𝒆 𝒂 𝒌𝒊𝒔𝒔, 𝒕𝒐𝒐?
Lucien Vanserra Moodboard
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karamorrdraws · 3 years ago
The Night Series Pt.43
The Inner Circle
Pairing: Rhysand x Reader Words: 1,215
Disclaimer: This series is based on the world created by the amazing Sarah J. Maas. These characters are hers and no hate intended towards any of them. I love them all.
Author’s note: Hello everyone! Sorry for taking so much time to update and everything :( You’re all wonderfully patient with me and I love you for it <3 PS. I am taking requests if any of you are interested! Just send me a message and I’ll get to it eventually! :D (It might take a while but It will get done)
Tumblr media
The Inner Circle
“Sit down, (Y/N)”, he ordered as he sat down himself.
Amren sat down next to him. I swallowed.
Why does he suddenly feel miles away?, I thought to myself.
He was being too distant out of nowhere. Why? I sat down where he instructed: at the farthest seat at the table. As I did, I couldn’t help but glance at the relics. They were all just laying on the table in front of us as if they were jewels for us to admire.
One more relic.
My hands began to tremble as horrible thoughts invaded my mind.
What if he betrays me right here? What if he just takes the relics for himself and makes his inner circle kill me? What if he was just using me and had no interest in what happened to me? And worse, what if he was planning to help me but when he learned the truth of who I was, he decided to take revenge?
I closed my eyes.
Kill them. Kill them here and now. You can take his powers and kill everyone. They can’t stop you. You are stronger than they are. Do it. Become their Queen. Do it.
I opened my eyes in panic and studied Rhysand. I could kill him. I could kill him so easily. I could take his powers away from him, paralyze him, then paralyze every single one of his warriors and kill them one by one until… Rhysand grinned at me.
What are you thinking of?, Rhysand asked inside my head.
I knew he was making time and distracting me for whatever was about to happen but I didn’t knew what to do about it, so I just grinned back at him.
On killing you, I replied in his head.
He blinked and grinned even further.
Oh, he said back at me. Is that so?
We do have a bargain of no lies, don’t we?, I replied.
I knew I shouldn’t be teasing him, but I couldn’t resist. Besides, he seemed calmer and more put together. I wondered if he needed this distraction as well. Rhysand’s expression changed as Amren stared at him.
Listen, (Y/N), we can’t—, he was starting to say something in my mind, when The Morrigan entered the room with the two Illyrian warriors I’d met the first time Rhysand had brought me to Velaris. I eyed them both as they walked towards the table we were sitting on. The one with the long hair stared at me with confusion and expectation in his eyes. He turned to Rhysand and as he did, I could see his questions written in his face as clearly as water: Why is she still here? Why were you with her? and who even is she? I didn’t see Rhysand’s expression because I turned to look at the other Illyrian, the quiet one that I’d almost forgotten. He had shadows all around and he just stared at me with a calculating look.
What are you thinking?, I wondered as our eyes met.
“So, are you going to ever tell us what is going on, Rhysand?”, asked The Morrigan as she sat down next to Rhysand.
That made me broke eye contact with the Illyrian warrior and focus on Rhysand’s face.
“The information I’m about to tell you can’t leave this room”, Rhysand started.
His inner circle just stared at him like he had just given them an obvious remark.
“Well duh”, the long haired Illyrian said in a mocking way. “I’m serious, Cassian. This is not to be taken lightly. There are lives at stake”, Rhysand said in a serious manner.
There was silence for a few seconds. They were all trying to figure out what was going on. What was that serious. Rhysand sighed.
I’m sorry, (Y/N), Rhysand said in my mind.
Stop him. He’s going to tell them everything. Stop him. Kill him.
I ignored the voices in my head as I looked at Rhysand. I knew he wouldn’t say a thing if I asked him to, but I trusted him. Thus, I trusted his judgement. I nodded slightly at him and he returned the gesture. Then he eyed each one of the faes siting on the table.
“The past few days I’ve been on a quest to find the items you see here and—”.
Rhysand began to tell them about the relics. He began telling them the secret legend I’d heard about the King and the favour he granted to the one who could put him together. Then he proceeded to tell them about our quest and how to obtain the relics. His inner circle just looked at him with surprise, confusion, anger and most of all, worry in their eyes. I reminded myself at this point that they had already lost him once for 50 years thanks to my own mother, Amarantha. So, the mere thought of having him do these extremely life threatening tasks just to see if this story was real… well, it must’ve been surreal and idiotic in their eyes. I could understand. But I had nothing to loose. I wasn’t in his position. So at this point I decided that if he wanted to stop helping me, I’d be okay with it. I knew his people needed him more than I did.
“So that’s what we were looking for during the past few weeks”, Rhysand said as he sipped the wine he had magically appeared at some point.
There was a minute of silence, and then:
“You have completely lost it, Rhysand”, The Morrigan told him with a worried look on her face. “You can’t just leave like that after—”, she stopped herself mid sentence.
After Feyre’s dead. That was what was written all over her expression. She was worried. She was worried Rhysand had left… for good. I couldn’t had blamed him on her place. Had my mate died the way Feyre did… I don’t even know what I would’ve done. Maybe I would’ve followed a quest as crazy as the one we were on just to have a chance to bring my mate back. Maybe.
“I know”, Rhysand said softly as he grabbed The Morrigan’s hand. “I’m sorry”.
My heart warmed at the sight of them. They must’ve been through so much stuff together, all of them, even Amren, who was starring at me with her intimidating silver eyes.
“You’re forgetting something”, Amren said, eyes still on me.
The eyes of everyone on the table turned to me then. Rhysand stood up from his chair and walked towards me.
“You know each one of you has my trust a hundred percent and our guest here is no exception to that. So before you do anything or react to what I’m about to reveal about her, please keep in mind that I made a bargain to protect her against any harm”, he said as he showed them the little sun tattoo he had on his wrist. “And I have to honor that bargain”.
He was now by my side, as if protecting me from a sudden attack or something. I breathed in anticipation.
“Daeris’ real name is (Y/N), or as you might all remember her: The crimson Assassin”.
All I could hear a second later was the unsheathing of weapons. Was this all a mistake?
Tags: @alphaomegahybrid​ @thebookisbtr​ @karlabaza​ @jedibookshrikeofnorta@tyblacktrn ENDLESSWORLD246 @descent-into-hell-is-easy​ @foreverlovingthenightskies​ nephelle–warrior-scribe skorpionfirefly@aliceofwunderland princess-of-the-fandoms nerdyfangirl-3647 hiitsmetheultimatetrash jongindeepbreath @lovinglyweirdfangirl​ @tommy-braccoli​ 
If you wanna get tagged in future updates just send me a message! :)
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naturallystupidforyou · 5 months ago
Hey I’m the one who asked about the Shadowhunter request and Yayy you do! Can I request some fluff headcanons between mor and a fem mate and she’s also a Lightwood sibling. Maybe when mor meets the Lightwood family and she (mor) is nervous due to the war that happened between fae and Shadowhunters and the family end up loving her please 🙏🏻
●○●○●○●○ mor x shadowhunter!reader
you gripped mor’s hand, standing outside the glamoured institute
“it’ll be fine,” you promised. “my family doesn’t mind the downworlders. they won’t care you’re a faerie,”
mor wasn’t worried about her. she was worried about what would come from you being seen with her. she shifted on her feet, biting her lip. you squeezed her hand, “we can do this another time,”
mor shook her head, “it’s fine,”
you stopped yourself before you could talk you or her out of it
opening the large doors of the institute, you led her inside
already, you could hear the talking from the dining room. quickly, you ran over your family
the first was max, the warlock running toward you to wrap his arms around your legs
you knelt, glancing over at mor, “this is max,”
mor lowered herself to his level, complementing his blue shoes that lit up with each stomp
quickly, isabelle linked her arm with morrigan, complimenting the red dress she wore. mor and isabelle quickly descended into conversation, jace and magnus joining
alec leaned against the table, you walked over to him
“i was worried,” he confessed. “when you mentioned her. while i don’t condemn them, i remember everything said about shadowhunter relationships with the fae. i’d hate to see you hurt,” you leaned on his shoulder, “i’ve never seen you happier. you and mor — you both remind me of magnus and myself. mom agrees, if you were wondering. she was raving all afternoon. clary and jace,” alec cracked a smile, “who are they to judge? it seems that she’s already won past any reservations isabelle might’ve had. i can see you stressed. don’t worry about it,”
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lightlyblooming · a month ago
Under the Stars
Morrigan x Reader
Morrigan finds the reader sitting on the beach alone and decides to join them.
Tumblr media
You took in a deep breath as you sat on the stone stairs that led down to the beach, both still warmed from the hot summer's sun despite it being well into the night. The air was full with the boisterous laughs of partygoers and the smell of spices and smoke from the many bonfires dotting the beach.
You tried to shut out the chaos going on around you, in favour of the beauty of your surroundings.
As always, the night sky was spectacular. Each star was bright enough to light up the whole sky. Not to mention the moon, which took its place proudly, shedding its glorious light.
It wasn't like you didn't enjoy being around others, it was just a lot sometimes. Especially after hours of dancing and talking and going from bar to bar to find which one served the best food. In the end, you had found some of the best bar food you've ever had, but in return, you were absolutely exhausted and just about ready to pass out right there on the stairs.
You weren't quite ready to head home, but you certainly needed a break to re-center yourself.
You looked to your glass of water and sighed when you saw that it was completely empty. If you were to go to the nearby bar, they'd refill your water for free, but you didn't want to face the crowds of people yet. It wasn't like you were going to die of thirst.
You closed your eyes, savouring the cool night breeze coming off of the ocean. Your skin was still warm and flushed from the heat of the packed bars, so the cool air felt like a gift from the Mother herself.
Then you heard footsteps and cracked open your eyes to see none other than Morrigan. The mere sight of her had a knot building up in the pit of your stomach and your chest tightening. You couldn't even handle looking at her as she sat down, for fear that you'd blush or say something, flustered, that'd reveal your true feelings.
You looked down at the sand before you, forcing even breaths into your lungs and screaming at yourself to calm the fuck down and be cool.
"I found you," Morrigan said, her calm, smooth voice causing that knot in your stomach to tighten.
You looked up at her and couldn't help your smile when you saw the grin she had on. "You were looking for me?" you asked.
Morrigan smiled even brighter. "Always," she said and it suddenly became impossible to breathe. Somehow, she always had that effect on you. Morrigan held up a glass of water in her hand, pulling your attention away from the roiling chaos under your skin. "You looked thirsty," she said, offering the glass to you.
"Thank you," you said, taking the glass and having a long sip of water, grateful for the way the cold helped calm your nerves.
Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Morrigan nod, but she said nothing. She just sat there, face tilted towards the sky, holding her knees tucked close to her chest. Enjoying the peaceful moment in the midst of the midnight chaos.
This was how it started, all those decades ago. A handful of months after the news of the High Lord's capture and Amarantha's reign had spread through the city.
Some people had gone about their lives as normal. Others had taken the news and locked themselves in their homes to mourn the monumental loss. Then there were the few that had taken to the streets to dance and drink and have sex until their minds were vacant of the worry that hounded them.
You had been somewhere in the middle. Some days, you couldn't get out of bed and others, all you wanted to do was fill your day up with meaningless activity just to keep your mind off of it.
The day you two met was one of those days. From sunrise until sunset, you were out in the streets of Velaris, frivolously spending your money and taking part in the drunken dancing. When exhaustion finally caught up to you at three in the morning, you had found somewhere to rest near the beach. It wasn't long before Morrigan had sat down next to you.
You hadn't said anything to each other. You hadn't needed to. Both of you understood the dark state of each other's minds and were content to sit beside each other, sharing the weight of pain and sorrow.
It hadn't gone any further than that. Had never been more than that. Sometimes, Morrigan just found you resting in places around the city and sat down, content to share a companionable silence with you. Every once in a while, you'd start speaking to each other, sharing stories of your day or of her plans for the rest of the week. However, it rarely ever got to that point.
You and Morrigan usually sat in silence for an hour or two before you went your separate ways, but it seemed like Morrigan had other plans.
Morrigan lowered her eyes to yours, the action in itself drawing your attention.
"Would you like to go out with me?" Morrigan asked and your heart skipped a beat, the knot in your stomach turning into a flutter of excitement.
You took in a deep breath to calm yourself down and manage the smile that was trying to force its way onto your lips. "Like a date?"
Morrigan smiled, and you wondered if she found what you said funny or endearing. Really, it was either one at that point.
"Yes," she said, and you were no longer able to hold onto your growing smile which quickly turned into a grin. Your stomach was in an absolute state of disarray and you had no idea if you were sick, excited, anxious, or merely flustered by the idea of going on a date with Morrigan.
"So?" Morrigan urged, the gentle smile she'd had on fading slightly. "Will you have me?"
"Yes," you said eagerly, finally finding your tongue. "Yes."
She grinned. "Meet me here at noon in three days?"
You nodded and said, "It's a date."
For another few minutes, you two sat there, staring at each other. Then you lapsed into familiar silence and your eyes wandered back to the ocean and you tuned back into the raucous noise behind you.
A date. You never imagined it'd get to that point.
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shannonsandfor5 · a day ago
hellooo! i saw that your requests were open so i decided to ask if you could write a nyx x reader where nyx's mate meets the ic for the first time. thank u so much, have a nice day!! 💛
(I literally love this request omg i can’t believe that i haven’t thought of this before! Anyway i hope you enjoy my lovely <3)
tw-none just fluff
wc-1016 words
You had met Nyx a while back, he’d come in to the cafe you work at in Velaris and as soon as you went to ask for their order the mating bond snapped into place for both of you. Ever since that day he has made me feel more loved and protected than anyone else and you couldn’t imagine ever loving anyone else the way you love him.
He had mentioned to you a few weeks prior that he wanted you to meet his family when lounging around in bed eating breakfast. At first you were ecstatic about the idea, wanting to meet the people that shaped your mate into the man he was today, but as time went on you remembered the stories your grandma had told you when you were younger about the inner circle, and now you were absolutely terrified of meet them. Nyx had reassured you time and time again that they were a bunch of idiots who happened to be pretty powerful.
So when the day to meet them finally came you were more nervous than you’d ever been because what if they didn’t like her?
And as if sensing what you were thinking Nyx paused and turned to you gently cupping your face in his hands and whispered, “They will adore you my love, do not ever doubt yourself. You are the light of my life and they could never hate someone who brings me so much joy.”
A small smile crept onto your face as he proceeded to kiss every inch of your face before pulling you into a long kiss that he poured all his love into. By the time you both pulled away to breathe you both had huge grins on your faces and you finally felt ready to go.
Nyx lifted you into his arms and took off from the little cottage you had bought on the outskirts of the city the day our bond snapped into place.
The flight was short and soon enough you were stood outside of his parents house. Nyx was squeezing your hand in his as you walked into the main foyer. In front of you stood two of the most beautiful people you had ever seen. The woman stood in a navy blue dress that fell to the floor and twinkled with every movement she made making, her beauty radiated off her and her power seemed to flow around her serving as both a comforting presence and a warning that she was dangerous. The male that stood next to her was just as beautiful, a small smirk sat on his face while his power seemed to embrace his mates showing that he too was a powerful force.
Nyx stepped forward with a smile, pulling you forward with him “Mum, Dad this is my mate, Y/N. Y/N these are my parents, Feyre and Rhysand” he stated gesturing to us each in turn.
You steeled your nerves and stepped forward with a smile on your face and your hand held out deciding that Nyx wouldn’t let anything happen to you. Feyre looked down at your hand and then back up at your face smiling widely and pulling you into her arms, her arms wound tight around you her warmth seeping into you as your mate watched on with tears in his eyes, his two favourite girls finally meeting.
As you pulled away from Feyre she pressed a gentle kiss not your forehead and pushed you towards Rhysand who had dropped the smirk and was now smiling down at you with his arms open.
After moving back to Nyx’s side you all made your towards a large oak door, Rhysand stopped just before the door and looked back with a wince on his face, “I apologise in advance for the people you’re about to meet.” And with that he pushed open the door.
Many heads turned as you all walked in and your nerves came back once again as all the people in the room stared at you.
The first to stop gawking and finally approach you was a large man who was smiling ear to ear, as soon as he was near you he picked you up and spun you around causing you to giggle as he put you back on the floor, “I’m Cassian everyone’s favourite, well done for putting up with this oaf” he grinned before being shoved out of the way by the most gorgeous blonde i’ve ever seen.
A kiss was placed on each of your cheeks as the woman grabbed your hands and exclaimed “Gosh you are just as stunning as Nyx said you were, I’m Mor by the way, pleasure to meet you my darling”, you gave a grin in response “The pleasure is all mine”.
Mor moved out of the way and sat on the couch was two strikingly beautiful women who also happened to be the most intimidating people you had ever met. One simply raised an eyebrow at you and said “Armen” as the other got up and walked towards you.
You gave the lady a small smile as she stopped before you, again raising your hand out in front of you in greeting. She looked at the hand you had presented, then glanced at Nyx who was glaring at her, before shaking your hand and murmuring “Nesta” before walking over to Cassian’s side.
Nyx said his other aunt, Elain was away with her mate so that only left one person in the room. You could sense him in the back corner before you could see him, he walked towards you with such grace proceeding to kiss the back of your hand quietly murmuring “My name is Azriel, welcome to the family.”
As you looked around you realised that that is what these people are, not all of them are related but their bonds go deeper than blood, they all share a love for each other, a love that you would grow to be a part of.
And after years of feeling alone you had what you always wanted, a family.
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azaideen · a month ago
Hi guys,
I’m a writer and I’m simply in love with acotar. Said that I’m going to start writing imagines of the characters. You can ask for an specific topic if you want, and I’ll just post some of mines too. Just a warning, I never did this kind of stuff before. And also, English is not my first language, so be patient with me please (you can ask for some in Portuguese too). I haven’t finished acosf yet, so try not to give me spoilers, please.
That’s it. I’ll be waiting for your feedback!
-I don’t do Elriel
-I’ve wrote a fic in Portuguese of Azriel x OC, so if you would like me to translate just say the word. (This fic had a great feedback on Wattpad, it’s called “Meu Pequeno Fogo” there, go see if you like)
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tonguetiedlovers · 15 days ago
Mor x (no gender) Reader - collective 
She was golden light. Not the brisk winter light that made velaris look like a tundra, but a warm light that didnt belong in the night court. It was no wonder she felt like she never belonged in the Hewn City. Mor finally caught your gaze and jokingly waved a hand in front of your eyes, pushing off the back of the cozy couch.
"Anyone home?" She snapped her fingers. You glared at her, earning a scoff before she reached for her tea. You were keenly aware of a few patrons glancing a bit too much at the both of you. You didnt wonder why. The Morrigan, perpetually single going to a coffee...what was this? A date? Brunch? You shook the thought away, sending a quick scornful glare at the ones staring a bit too long. They quickly looked away, not daring to look back again.
"I'm right where I need to be." You said, snatching her hand and squeezing enough to make her try to bat you away. "You're going to make me spill!" She scolded, setting her tea back down. You released her hand, the warmth of the touch making your entire body thrum. Her eyes drifted from yours to your lips, and she blushed lightly. The sight sent a thrill down your spine and into your stomach.
  She stared at the Sidra behind her for a few moments, her hair glinting in the light like molten gold. The river sparkled, the shallow areas making tiny white caps. There were a few children on the bank throwing rocks in the rippling current, along with a few horned fae watching over them protectively. Mor smiled softly - "Let's get out of here." She reached for her tea and downed the rest of it, grabbing your hand when you opened your mouth to protest.
  "Dont be scared." She winked at you while leading you out of the small coffee shop.
  She led you to an alley where the sun had not yet started warming, held your hands and suddenly darkness enveloped you and you were winnowing. "You could tell me first you know" You muttered, squinting against the darkness. She squeezed your hands reassuringly.
When you felt the sun on your face again, you opened your eyes to a sprawling meadow before you. The air was crisper here and you could hear the faint bubbling of a stream nearby. Mor said nothing as she took your hand and guided you through the trees out of the meadow, and down a dirt path lined with small rocks and wildflowers. The sun dappled in through the tress, casting light gold spots on the path. "Watch your step, it's been muddy lately." She said, letting go of your hand and hopping down a small embankment.
  You tried to follow her as best you could but the vines that she seemed to avoid completely nearly tripped you in your process of getting down. She watched, ready to catch you if need be. The whole time trying not to laugh. "Couldnt you have just winnowed us straight here?" You grumbled, finally reaching the end of the slope and treacherous terrain.
  She laughed and pulled debris from your hair, dusting you off. "I just wanted to watch you struggle. Come on, and no I'm not going to winnow you." She looped her arm through yours and tugged you along the bank of the surprisingly wide river that cut through the forest. The sunlight made the water look like a deep green enchanted pool. A deadly pool, judging by the fast current.
  There was a sudden splash on the water, making you jump. You looked over and mor was crouched, looking for more rocks to throw. The edge of the bank where she stood was covered with gray flat rocks. She waved you over, calling "You know how to skip dont you?" she flicked another rock into the blue green abyss. You gracefully reached for a rock next to her and sent it skittering over the water. She beamed at you. "I've never been that good. You dont have to show off you know." She sent another rock out.
  "What is this place anyway?" You asked, searching for a new stone. She sat on an area of sand further up the bank, chucking another stone in. It landed with a quick 'thwomp' as the river swallowed it up.
  "It's.. special, I think. I felt it calling one day while Rhys was flying us to the Spring court. It's the center of Summer, Autumn, and Spring. I think there's a touch of all of them here. Some cataclysm of power flowing through the river, the trees." She paused and picked up another stone, tossing it away into the water. "The river changes color sometimes too." She sighed and tucked her legs up, resting her chin on her knees.
  She seemed so out of place here. You were used to the laughing, confidence and impeccable wit she had at the night court. You'd never seen her so... naturally calm. You took a seat beside her and held up a jasper stone you'd found. It had specks of black along with shining yellow and white crystal mixed in as well. She gasped, taking it and turning it in the light.
  "I'd say a cataclysm of power is pretty accurate." You said, observing the mixture of trees. The stone alone was enough to prove such a theory. Jasper from the spring court's neutral tones, the dark flecks from autumn's obsidian mines and the shining agate from the Summer court beaches.
  She kept the rock, sliding it into her pocket before leaning her head on your shoulder. You watched the river shift and shine under the warm light together until the stars appeared.
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