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Stationary Favorites

Paper edition.

Below is a list of my favorite and most frequently used paper stationary. Included are pictures, names, approximate prices, and what I love about each product.

If you would like a link to any of the products or a similar notebook, dont hesitate to message me.


Campus notebooks - Size B5

Ten pack - $20

What I love : They’re slim and sleek and very portable. They have convenient places to write your subject, professor, and dates on the cover, as well as on the inside to date each page. There are also markings to use for Kanji without interrupting the pages.


Piccadilly dot grid notebook

Approx $5

What I love : every affordable while still being good quality. Leather cover and off white dotted and numbered pages make it ideal for a bujo. It also has a front page for a contents area, as well as an inner pocket and ribbon bookmark.


Markings leather journal

Approx - $15

What I love : Beautiful italian leather cover and soft pages. Theres an inner pocket and a ribbon bookmarker and its slim enough to be easily carried around.


Muji dot grid ring notebook

Approx - $3

What I love - Its super affordable, and I’m a lover of anything Muji. Its paper quality is fantastic, and I love the spacing inside. It has rounded corners and an elastic strap for easy transport.


Muji sketchbook

Aprox - $2

What I love : The paper is light but not too thin, the notebook is slim and size B5 which is perfect to me. It’s also the cheapest sketchbook I’ve ever owned.

Thank you for reading this whole thing! Let me know if you’re interested in a pens / accessories post as well.

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30 march 2020 // 4:46pm

quick look at my new space today, i figured i might as well move to a different spot and get a change of scenery. i quite love it so far!

today has been busy with a few assignments due tomorrow, including one of my midterms. i’ve also started reading ulysses by james joyce since one of my best friends recommended it to me.

hope you all are well!

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Okay, so.. Since we’re all in a lockdown these days.. I was trying to do something productive today..

And I decided to learn some new Japanese Grammar Topics..



Points Learnt:

1. A1 (stem) +くで+ A1/A2

2. A1 A2

3. N1 +N2

4. Phrase/Sentence 1 + そして+ Phrase/Sentence 2

🎧 : 春夏秋冬 (Chanyeol)

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Es triste saber que algo se va a acabar.

Algo que quieres tanto que prefieres aplazar esa idea tan viva de que puede cambiar de un momento a otro.

Un día puedes estar aquí

Otro día ya no estás

Y sin darte cuenta


Todo lo que pierdas

Te hace cambiar

La perspectiva

De como hacer las cosas

Y de como mostrarte

Para que no te dañen

Pero siempre


Acabas (sola)

igual de rota.

Y aún así sigo esperando

Con la esperanza de que

cambie algo.

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25 march 2020 // 4:17pm

hi everyone! i’ll be posting a normal amount now that i actually have time (sort of?) with online classes. quick update: i was sent home from my study abroad a few weeks ago due to coronavirus concerns, which was understandable but it still feels like a blow. i’m trying to keep a normal schedule now and do my best on classes now that they’re picking up more this week.

today i’m doing some work on my italian opera class as well as my honours class on contemporary european history. hope you all are well!

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Into Thin Air


Into thin air..

Just like my fears each time you needed my strong side

Disappeared just like the days I’m going to miss till I stop remembering

Do you ever miss yourself?

Your old self, your gone thoughts, a deceased world view

Do you ever miss your once lack of experiences that would later change you?

That feeling of freedom, inner freedom

When you could look at the sun and realize that you’re living the moments you would surely miss later

And here you are..

I often find myself missing so specific moments

Missing the specific perspective you had sitting in a spot at a specific moment

You don’t really miss the moment or the person you were with the most

You miss the little things

The smell, the sounds, that kid that was playing with her friends near you

Those bricks you were looking at for so long cause you feel uncomfortable making eye contact with the person whose eyes you can’t stop thinking of when you’re away from

That tree next to you; why has it lost it’s leaves now?

You miss those yellowish/brownish leaves

Some greener than others, a lot of leaves on the floor

That construction sign that is now gone, perhaps they finished what they were building there

And the leaves have left, and the kid has gone home and perhaps doesn’t play with the other kids anymore, maybe she found other friends

That dog that passed by you that day is probably out for a walk somewhere else

But you.. You are still here

Alone this time

But again there, trying to see from the same angle, trying to remember how she was sitting next to you, looking at you (those eyes, gash..)

You smile a bit

You’re living it again aren’t ya?

No you’re not

And you will never

And now that smile is gone..

But why?

Aren’t you the one that always said to just keep the positive moments and forget the stuff that hurt you?

And yeah you obviously forgot how awful you felt most of that period, and you forgot all the stuff you wanted to escape from

You did, but now look at you

The positive memories you kept like a treasure are what is keeping you awake, writing about them as if she would ever see them

As if she would even care

Those memories are taking your mind in the evenings, alone in your room fantasizing about unrealistic scenarios that will never happen, and then remembering all of these scenes of your life’s romantic drama, painting a mix of smile and tear on your face

But now she disappeared into thin air…

An angel that came to save you, change you, make your fragile frame stronger and then disappear..

And now it seems like she never existed

Did she really exist?

That’s a weird feeling, when you can’t prove to yourself that you had an experience

She was part of your day for so long, she was a part of you

She was there to replace that emptiness that you despised

But now all you feel is that past emptiness, the only thing you can remember

As if it never stopped..

As if she never existed..

Like thoughts, like spoken feelings

Like sparks of anger in a lake of affection

Into thin air..

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