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Help help help

Ok so, I rememder this fanfic, that was prinxiety, and I read it in my classroom so I couldn’t cry, but I WANTED TO CRY

It was based around a song

This song

And it was beautiful and I can’t find it so help me find it please?

It was about Virgil and Roman having a relationship in the past but they got separated because Virgil’s homophobic parents sent him away, and then Roman became a singer and he wrote that song for Virgil and sang it on tv to find him

Anything would help thank you uwu

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🇮🇹🍕🍷🍝🍅 E z i o ’ s d a y 🍅🍝🍷🍕🇮🇹

Every year on October 25th,is celebrated the World Pasta Day,a day dedicated to the dish symbol of the Mediterranean Diet and organized for twenty-one years by the Italian Food Union and IPO - International Pasta Organisation.

So yes,we can all agree that it’s such an important day.And we can also say that it’s practically Ezio’s day. I bet,for the Italian he is,he would love pasta (in a modern au obviously),and he would be sooo good at cooking it.

Eat pasta,it will make you feel better.

(possibly not pasta with KETCHUP like American do…….illegal).


(I tried to search for the person who draw this fanart to tag them and give them credits,but I have found out that they disconnected their account on tumblr ;/ )

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Is it only me, or do you guys rewatch old episodes?

Dumb question, I know. LOL

I rewatch episodes randomly. A second watch sometimes throws up interesting observations in retrospect, throws up some irony with regard to what happened later, or the physical appearances/costumes of the actors and characters, et al. :D

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writing challenge submissions due in one week!

this is just a reminder to writing challenge participants who haven’t yet posted their fics yet! you don’t need to worry, you can post whenever you want before 11:59PM (EST) on november 1st. i know some of you plan to post that exact day and i don’t mind a bit! if you know for a fact you’re posting by the deadline, you can just ignore this and go about your business! if you need extra time, dm me so we’re on the same page, i’ll give you up to an extra week! if you no longer would like to participate in the writing challenge, dm me that you’d like to withdraw so that i can take you off the list~

i especially need to know what’s going on so i can post the submission masterlist with everyone’s fics at the same time! if you don’t communicate/follow the rules, you’ll be taken off the list 💕 thank you for your understanding!

@unnuevosoltransformalarealidad @create-a-constellation @taestales @hargreevesz @locke-writes @aspookybunny @peakylittledarkgirl @vansmaybeonthewall @jae-writes-fanfiction

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Just gonna make another post to hide the last post so I still have friends

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