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the-spinner-rack · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Destroy Him! (by John Byrne from Fantastic Four #250, 1983)
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blueberriesnfandoms · 4 months ago
The Jewish Skrull discourse
Teddy, the Emperor of the Skrull-Kree alliance, was wed to his Prince Consort and Court Sorcerer in a traditional Jewish ceremony. Historically, when prominent figures show interest in a religion like that, the religion tends to become more popular in their territories (even if sometimes, not by the locals’ choice... setting that aside for now).
This is interesting because the Skrulls are highly religious people, and the odds of them at least being curious by the religion their Emperor at least partakes in, and the Prince Consort actively practices, is pretty high. Which made me think of all sorts of curious questions they might have to deal with.
Is shapeshifting allowed on the Shabbat?
If you shift into a form that has no head, are you still obligated to wear a head cover?
How do you establish Kosher-ness for flora and fauna who don’t exist on Earth, and might not be judgeable under the established criteria?
Tagging @ardatli and @geekgirl101 for relevance and expansion of this thought experiment
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towritecomicsonherarms · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Black Panther Vol 4 #39
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mozzzz05 · 4 months ago
Questions after watching WandaVision that I desperately need answers to:
Where the fUCK did white Vision go? Like hon, where did u bugger off to? Like, will we see him again?
Why is he white tho? Too... tell the difference?
Will we see Darcy again? Plz say yes, I love her.
What is the deal with the skrulls??? First ffh, now wandavision? What the fudgecakes is going here? Are they just living as normal people now or??? Also why is Nick Fury in space?
Who tHE FUCK IS RALPH BOHNER? IS HE PETER MAXIMOFF? I NEED IT TO BE PETER MAXIMOFF PLZZZZ MARVEL. Why does he have speedy powers if he is not Peter? anD WhY diD MaRveL caSt EVAN PETERS IF HeS not!?
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amarriageoftrueminds · 3 months ago
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be-gay-do-heists · 2 months ago
underrated superpower of hardison has got to be like. the insane research skills. accumulating niche talents and expertise in whatever he wants to. this man looked at his hyperfocus and went “i can use this power..... for good”
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its-tortle · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
4.5k - Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Fix-It, Post-TFATWS, Angst with a Happy Ending, Getting Together
for the lovely @nadiasna7​, who requested it and unlocked 4.5k in me <3
Sam says something in return, but Bucky isn’t really listening anymore. His heartbeat pounds in his ears as he stares through the wall of the two way mirror. The rest of the room becomes a static fog.
Because there, in an interrogation room on the other side of the glass, is Steve. Or someone who looks like him at least.
He’s sitting on a steel chair, wringing his hands on the table with his leg bouncing up and down in a nervous tic. He looks impatient, almost angry, and unsure. His hair is longer than it was when he stepped on that damn platform, and his stubble is coming in, but he looks like Steve right down to his crooked nose and the freckle on his left cheek. He doesn’t have his shield.
Bucky’s heart stutters, once, twice, to where he’s not sure it’s following any rhythm at all.
the post fatws endgame fix-it we all deserve
read on ao3
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amarriageoftrueminds · 25 days ago
Some thoughts on Steve’s vision from Age of Ultron
for me the significance is: 
1) we're inside Steve's head and yet he looks Surprised that Peggy is there.
2) Peggy’s misty-eyed obliviousness while Bucky is distressingly absent & people are suffering = the plot of CATWS.
3) all the other visions show truths the people fear/dislike about themselves 
(because the script is stupid and sexist, Nat’s vision shows that she thinks having a hysterectomy makes her a monster; whatever Bruce sees also turns him into a monster; Thor is told he’s nothing but a Destroyer; and even Tony’s self-imposed nightmare is that he’ll let everyone down.) 
It follows that Steve’s vision also shows something he dislikes or fears is true of himself, something he would consider monstrous. 
4) The eerie combination of warzone and dance hall imagery is supposed to suggest a fear of PTSD. But it can’t be that Steve fears he has PTSD since he has no symptoms; this was Ultron just being a dick, projecting Tony’s insecurity about his PTSD onto Steve, just like Tony does himself, and Wanda -- overhearing that conversation -- went for similar imagery. 
But it's far more likely for someone with Steve’s conscience, who has recently undergone the events of TWS, to be suffering Survivors' Guilt over Bucky. (But they can’t actually show Bucky, just like they can’t show Loki, because SebStan couldn’t make it; so instead they have miscellaneous injured soldiers as his stand-ins.) Steve once wanted 'family & stability', but this vision shows it's now tainted by the guilt of knowing he would be 'dancing with Peggy' (who is disinterested and oblivious to his misgivings) while his friends & fellow soldiers (like Bucky) are suffering. 
5) I guess what I'm saying is: Steve not happy poncing round the Stark Expo while people are laying down their lives = Steve not happy poncing round a dance hall while evil triumphs in the shadows. 
6) Both Thor & Steve's visions are of them at parties they’re supposed to be enjoying, but feeling dissatisfied; Thor is told he's a destroyer, by an omniscient friend; Steve is told 'you don't want to worry about suffering soldiers, just ignore it, be like this instead.' Neither he nor Thor want to be That Guy. 
7) TWS shows that Steve is bored, not happy, living a sedate life in DC ... until he's given a new crusade to go off on. Because, as both Sam and Nat show, it's having friends around him, and something right to fight for, which makes him happy. Not the white picket fence life. (Nat points out how strangely chipper he is once they find out about Hydra; Sam asks what makes him happy and is himself the answer: Steve looks the happiest while chatting to a friend.) Having a woman in his life romantically is never framed as the key to his happiness. But Bucky is. 
8) On the two canon occasions Steve was shown around a literal white picket fence life - at Clint's farm and at Tony's cabin - he looked completely disinterested in it, even a little dissatisfied. No wistful melancholy air, no envy, no 'gee I wish I had this.' He just went off to rip logs apart with his bare frickin hands, while Tony needled him about how he didn’t seem very disturbed by his vision. 
Yeah no wonder, because he’s still trapped in it; in that dissatisfying schmaltzy nightmare scenario where he’s stuck on the idyllic farm while Ultron is out there unchallenged; stuck managing the Avengers through a fuckup when he could be out there finding Bucky with his friend Sam. 
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snibbits · a month ago
Tumblr media
Marvel Pride 2021, Day 28: XAVIN Raising money for LGTBQ+ charities (Half of the profits will go to Mermaids and Switchboard MERCH Hi-res, unwatermarked image for sale (DM me here if interested) (For more, my PATREON)
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takisayswhat · 4 months ago
Look at them Ewing is gonna serve in Guardians I just know it!! Also the fact Super Skrull seems to be taking commands from Billy & not Teddy OMG they really are royalty!! Sidenote who the fuck is attacking them!!??
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marvellegends · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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