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#studying for grades

So I submitted a conservation case study last Friday and I’ve been really nervous about what mark I’d get. The marks were uploaded and I got 82% which is such a relief because then I’m still on a high distinction for at least one class! 
My goal for the end of the semester is to have only high distinctions and distinctions. I know that’s quite high to aim for but I told myself I’d only go into honours if I was on track to receive a first-class degree. 

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during calculus we used trickle down economics as an example for some of our work in slopes and curves, making comprehensive deductions of the behavior of value in the business world - among other topics like medical crisis and tracking vaccines production. I still have those notes.

the reasons trickle economics does NOT work, is because you need individuals who are willing to pay out to stimulate the economy. What many people arguing in politics have observed, is that these individuals don’t like to spend money. On anything. And likewise, you need to evaluate where the money is spent on.

So, you think these individuals want to spend money in the American economy, or in land, so that businesses boom. People have jobs, are getting paid, and those workers in turn have money to spend in America. But that’s not what happens. Of course. Business outsource for human labor and resources, overseas, 


there you go. The 1% not only horde money, but they seek other corners and cuts, to insure they are squeezing every bit of copper from the cog in the machine.

Working class believe tax breaks for the 1% is good for the economy, because of this imaginary concept, this fantasy, called trickle down economics. 


any baseline economists knows this. Every politician knows its a ridiculous concept. But working class Americans believe that its their duty to protect the elite, because they make the jobs.


You want to hate immigrants when they come into the country, you think they stole ALL THE JOBS FROM YOU SPECIFICALLY. Naw fam. That business, that global conglomerate found some a group of people out of the States, who can do the job just fine. If you want that job, you might want to migrate somewhere.

Kind of hard to that right now, though. Cause there are few countries taking Americans right now, since we’re plague bearers. 

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To The Most Amazing Angel I Know

Sweetheart, you have always been the very best friend to me right from the day we met. I may lack the right words to let you know how much you mean to me, how important you are to me, and how dear I hold you to my heart. But, there are certain things I want you to know, that you are the only one I have always loved since we met, that your love is the best thing that has ever happened to me in life, that I will always love you from the very depth of my heart, and even if we have misunderstandings and quarrel at times, there’s nothing that can ever cause me to give up on our relationship. I want you to be mine forever, and I will always treat you like the best that you are. I love you beyond words, dear. Hangouts:-

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25/03/2020, days of productivity: 07/100

I had to work again today and I was actually quite sore of yesterday.. I’m glad I that have a day off tomorrow so I can focus on school again..

Yesterday update:

So yesterday I did finally finish chapter 3, and in stead of chapter 4 I started chapter 6… That’s where we are in class right now and I have some deadlines due to friday about it.. 

Today’s goals:

  • (work)
  • continue reading chapter 6 of food nutrients
  • watching recorded online classes
  • fysics chapter one: newtons laws
  • fysics chapter two: freaking electricity???????????

Today I’m quite tired.. I had to get up early and I’m not used to that so my concentration is really low… I want to pull of some Newton and even some electricity but I’m just not sure if I even can this evening… My brain is just not logical.. If I need to pull of even a little bit of rational thinking I’m quite concerned if my brain is going to implode.. not explode, then I might get an EUREKA moment and even those are to much for me to handle!





(me losing my mind right now I’m sorry)


Originally posted by animatedtext

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The Depth Of My Love For You

There’s this thing that holds my heart down whenever I think about you, I would have called it love, but it’s more than just love, and Words lack a name for it. Indeed, I am glad that you are my own, and I am yours, true soul mates we shall always be to each other. In times of challenges, know that I am always here to lend a helping hand. In tough times, know that I will always have your back to protect. No matter how tough the situation gets, know that you will always have my shoulder to lean on. All these, because I love you from the very depth of my heart, and there’s nothing I can not do to always keep us together. With you, I feel happy that I have someone to call my very own, someone that has shown me what it means to be loved with all sincerity from the heart. In turn, I will prioritize your happiness in my life, as we go through life’s journey together, holding each other’s hands, with love as the sole connector of our bond.🌹🌹

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Awesome Money Worksheets 1st Grade by My Study Buddy Teachers Pay Teachers

Money Worksheets 1st Grade by My Study Buddy  Teachers Pay Teachers

Money Rupiah Worksheet - With regards to you wanting to set goals for yourself right now there are several ways in which this could be done. A person could of course just think about setting them. Nevertheless if you really need to make certain you achieve your own goals then using goal setting Money Rupiah Worksheet should be considered.

Allow me to explain exactly why using a setting targets worksheet can assist you to achieve what you want. Imagine for any moment trying to modify the wheel on the car if you have not got a jack or a tyre iron in order to do so. Without these types of tools you would possess to look elsewhere for help in carrying out what exactly is actually a pretty simple task. Similarly without the right kind goal setting Money Rupiah Worksheet attaining your goal becomes a great deal harder.

Great Indonesian Rupiah Currency Spotlight: History, Design, CAD to IDR

Money Worksheets 1st Grade by My Study Buddy  Teachers Pay Teachers

Without the right type of goal setting tools worksheet template then the task associated with putting down in terms what you want to achieve much more difficult. Simply by having a template guiding you the worksheet this makes it much simpler so that you can focus and obtain clear on your goals. As soon as you know very well what you want after that you continue to follow the steps in the worksheet to achieve your targets. They are really powerful tools plus should be applied in each goal setting exercise.

Within Microsoft Excel, you avoid have to create each worksheet yourself. There is a set of preset template designed and saved in Ms Excel. When you open up a brand new worksheet, as a Microsoft Excel newbie, it is somewhat scary in order to have a blank worksheet and you also don’t know what to do with it. You can find almost every single solution you need, invoice, billing statement, personal monthly budget, sales report, time credit card, blood pressure tracker, expense report, loan amortization plus so on. You could even find more through the Microsoft online.

Amazing Money Printable Worksheets

Money Worksheets 1st Grade by My Study Buddy  Teachers Pay Teachers

Let’s go through the actions about how you could find the templates attached to your own computer. All you possess to do is click on Office Button and after that follow by selecting Brand new. The New Workbook home windows will appear, and you will see a set of workbook which includes templates that will you are looking for.

The list of template may vary from one Microsoft Excel to another, but fundamentally, you find the window is the particular same. There are two panes, in the left; you will find a set of template categories. In the right panes, you will observe the content of every category, on which you will find your brand new template from.

Generally there are five major classes, namely Blank and recent, Installed Template, My Themes, New from Existing plus Microsoft Office Online, in this session, we are going to concentrate on three of them, that is Blank and Recent, Installed Template and Microsoft Office Online.

Amazing Currency Conversions by HolyheadSchool Teaching Resources

Money Worksheets 1st Grade by My Study Buddy  Teachers Pay Teachers

If you Google the internet for “dreamlining worksheet” you will find practically several sites to explore the dreamlining worksheet. So is usually it worth the time and effort to complete the particular dreamlining worksheet? After reading through and then completing the particular dreamlining worksheet for personally, I can honestly say, ABSOLUTELY! When you have got completed the worksheet you will find a direction to travel in to achieve all your dreams. I think this is the best method to finally live the life of your dreams! It is a location to record everything you want to do, be and have over the next 12 months. In case you do this every single year, ABSOLUTELY! Hopefully your own dreams will extend far beyond a year for this will become a life-style that will lead to the lifestyle you want for your life.

Your dreamline will report what you would actually do everyday with your life if you got all the money a person could ever want. Should your dreamline be quickly attainable? NO. Your dreamline should be unrealistic to become useable. DREAM… big desires, little dreams, whatever your passions are, dream them. Do not put limitations about what you dream. This is the worthwhile purpose of the dreamline worksheet.

Think about this believed. If you woke upward one morning, went on the internet to pay some expenses and found your bank account was showing 100 million dollars. My very first reaction would be, “no way”. The second action would certainly be to call the particular bank. Allow us to suppose the bank was correct. Exactly what would you do? Do you have a plan? How would you spend your days? These are the questions that can be answered by completing the dreamlining worksheet.

Best Money Book Activity, Money Worksheet, Money Posters Songs Money worksheets, Money book

Money Worksheets 1st Grade by My Study Buddy  Teachers Pay Teachers

Having an invoice template plays an important role. Specifically you need to choose the one which can cover the needs you have and allow you to get the work done effectively. It really is an essential tool a person can use most of the time and you should pick the one that has the features you need.

Most folks use an invoice template for stand out. The simple formatting makes it an easy task to put it to use and when you know how to use excel, you will not really face any problem since the environment will be the same. For example, replacing defaults, lining, format, text positioning or moving and joining cells follows the actual same procedure. However, if you are a new user, there are some simple points you have to verify before you begin work. First associated with all you need to know that the worksheet is protected. This gives security against possible accidental rewrites or moderations. You are able to change this default and unprotect the worksheet based on the make use of you are going to do. The second important point you can do will be to take the time to personalize the worksheet. You may put your profile information, your address or your own company logo. This may sound trivial, but it is important as possible differentiate your product and also end up being able to provide a few information.

Here you are at our site, content above Money Worksheets 1st Grade by My Study Buddy Teachers Pay Teachers published . At this time we are delighted to declare we have found an extremely interesting content to be pointed out, namely Indonesian Rupiah Currency Spotlight: History, Design, CAD to IDR Most people trying to find information about Money Printable Worksheets and certainly one of these is you, is not it?


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I am going to post my days of productivity post later today so keep tuned for that but for now I’m going back to the challenge :)

Question 2: How are you being taught your lessons? (google classroom, teams etc.)

I actually haven’t got a lot of lessons anymore, a few teachers are trying to record the powerpoint with voice-over but for the most part I’m on my own. Trough the 10.000 mails they send I need to figure out what I should learn on my own and what they are planning on teaching again… I also have some practical classes and those teachers themselves have no idea how they should fix the problem… But yeah for now I’ll just keep studying what they tell me and uploading all the assignments that they give and hopefully some better solution comes across

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22/03/2020, days of productivity: 04/100

I thought I deserved a break from the early mornings of studying so I turned of all my alarms and slept trough the noon. It felt so great, but now I’m stressing over my homework and the hours of delay I have…

Yesterday update:

explaining to the bf how he should make a schedule aaaaand it took way longer then I expected because he just wouldn’t listen. I kept telling him how I made mine and asked what he wanted to be in his and he just kept working on his other stuff so I simply hung up on his call and went to sleep.

Today’s goals: 

  • AGAIN read chapter 3 of food nutrients
  • AGAIN turning in my essay of microbiology
  • proof-reading boyfriend’s second chapter of his essay (his writing truly sucks)
  • cooking dinner for cooking class
  • watching recorded online classes from chemistry
  • finishing my essay of my used superfoods (cooking class)
  • preparing for my next online cooking class

If I can find the time to finish all of this tasks before 10pm I’m going to add one more, I know today is not a late night study or even a early morning study so my motivation is going to slack a bit.. I just hope my stress level is going to keep my going!

Lots of love you guys, keep the studying going!

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Eurydice and Poseidon for the asks!- 🍑❤

eurydice: what’s something you regret?

Not to be too depressing, but I really wish that I had studied harder for my final exams and got better grades. I know I did alright and I still got into the uni I wanted to go to, and things have worked out okay, but just for personal satisfaction I really wish I had managed to do better. It wasn’t a great time, and studying was very difficult, but I wish I could have had a better go at it. 

poseidon: do you prefer the ocean or land?

I will always pick the ocean. There’s a reason why I’m a marine bio student. I just love the open expanse of water with nothing else in sight. There’s something very relaxing about feeling so small and surrounded by the sea. 

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Day 32/100 days of productivity

Today’s Achievements:

  • Revised macronutrients for food
  • Reviewed and made flashcards of the medicine section for history
  • Started a maths paper
  • Made pasta (since all the shops are out…)
  • Tidied my room
  • Made carbonara for tea (minus the bacon)

I did well today, right now I’m struggling for motivation since GCSEs got cancelled and I don’t even know how they’ll decide our grades… oh well, I might take a break for a couple of days anyways. I’m in quarantine so I might relax and try to learn some French or Japanese instead of my GCSE Spanish.

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I was going to be really productive and until last wednesday I was coming on strong but then out of nowhere school canceled, my schooldietician appointment was set earlier so I was late to that too.. then my dad got sick and was so scared of corona he wouldn’t let me in the house, I stayed with my boyfriend but then his grandmother got sick and we still don’t know what she has… yesterday my psychologist canceled and now I have to go to work so much more then I intended (I work at a grocery so stocking it is) and the whole country went into lockdown 2 hours ago… Yet my school keeps giving me appointments and essays to write so I get so stressed I don’t want to do anything else then cry! If I just see my books on the table I start shaking uncontrollably! I have absolutely no idea what the hell I should be doing! My whole routine is just messed up and I just can’t handle it! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH

just a small update… I probably failed the march challenge AND the 100 days of productivity challenge even tho I can start that one again I don’t know if I want to… Every time I look at the challenges I always see so perfect grades and perfect notes and perfect stationary’s and the only thing I can think about is that none of my notes etc look like that! I know it’s possible but I want to put more time in me actually studying than let it look like I’ve studied hard but I’ve been taking pics for a whole hour…

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