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#the assassins blade
aelin-and-feyre · 3 years ago
Very Unfriendly Reminder
Lysandra's virginity was bought by Arobynn Hamel
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something-called-sno · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
The Asterion horses, Kasida and Hisli.
“It’s an Asterion horse, “ Ansel breathed, her red-brown eyes growing huge.
The horse was pitch black, with dark eyes that bored into Celaenas own. She’d heard of Asterion horses, of course. The most ancient breed of horse in Erilea. Legend claimed that the fae had made them from the four winds- spirit from the north, strength from the south, speed from the east, and wisdom from the west, all rolled into the slender-snouted, high tailed, lovely creature that stood before them. “Her name is Hisli.” And that one Kasida– it means drinker of the wind.” Kasida’s name was fitting. The slender mare was a dapple gray, with a sea foam white mane and thunder cloud coat.”
Oh man, this was so much fun to paint. HORSIES FOREVER. <3
Reblogs appreciated more than likes! please! Check out “My fan Art” for more.
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Sam Cortland - Headcanon
Imagine that Sam Cortland never died. Instead, beaten just to the brink of death and into a deep state of unconsciousness. 
Imagine Arobynn Hamel coming into his room on the day he wakes, a menacing look on his face as he points his finger towards Sam, blaming him for the death of Celaena Sardothien, murdered by Rourke Farran after Sam’s failed attempt to kill Ioan Jayne. 
Imagine Arobynn showing him a body on a slate. Blonde hair bloody and face so beaten up you can barely tell who it used to be. 
Imagine Sam believing Arobynn that it was Celaena who was on that slate. Celaena who died. Celaena who was tortured. Celaena who he lost. 
Imagine Sam leaving Erilea believing Celaena was dead and gone.
Imagine Sam Cortland living far from Erilea when he hears of the return of the Queen of Terrasen. 
Imagine Sam remembering Celaena and so he leaves for Erilea once more, to help fight for the place that she used to be from. 
Imagine Sam finally returning to Erilea and realizing who the Queen there had been so much talk about was. 
Imagine the tears on Sam’s face as he realizes that Celaena never died, and that she was not Celaena, but the Queen of Terrasen. 
Imagine Sam finding out what Aelin went through in the salt mines, in Rifthold and what Arobynn put her through.
Imagine Sam finding out who this famed fae Prince Rowan Whitethorn was to Aelin. 
Imagine Sam feeling heartbroken and sad for the love he was so selfishly torn from.
Imagine him feeling proud and happy for Aelin despite everything that happened. 
Imagine him traveling to Terrasen, to the court of Aelin Ashryver Galathynius and for Aelin not to be Aelin. 
Imagine the choked sound that Lysandra would make as she sees Sam Cortland but can’t tell him who she really is and where Aelin is. 
Imagine Sam Cortland being alive but not understanding why Aelin  would be so distant with him, not knowing that its not Aelin who is standing in front of him, but Lysandra because Aelin Ashryver Galathynius has been imprisoned once more inside an iron coffin. 
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aelin-and-feyre · 3 years ago
Friendly Reminder
The entire time Arobynn had been punishing Celaena and making Sam watch, Sam had been screaming 'I'll kill you!' again and again and it had taken three other full grown assassins to restrain him from doing just that.
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aedicn · 4 years ago
Friendly reminder
“Sam” in Croatian means “alone” and every time his name pops up I remember his lone and abandoned and unvisited grave and then I basically die a little bit
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aelin-and-feyre · 3 years ago
The Spidersilk Merchant
Let’s talk real quick about this guy, remember him? He was in The Assassin’s Blade, in The Assassin and the Desert novella. He and Celaena had a quick conversation and at the end of it, he gave her the six-by-six piece of spidersilk that later ended up saving Sam’s life.
Here’s what we know about him from the novella:
He was in his mid-twenties but looked like mid-forties
Heading to the Southern Continent to sell his wares (hundreds of yards of spidersilk) to the people down there
Lost twenty years of his youth to obtain the spidersilk
learned from a witch that the only way to retrieve those years would be for the spider who took them to be killed
asked Celaena to kill the spider for him
knows that Celaena is an assassin from Rifthold under Arobynn Hamel but doesn’t know her name
Last words after he hands her the spidersilk:
Tumblr media
Then, we (allegedly) hear about him again in Heir of Fire when Manon visits the Stygian Spiders:
Tumblr media
From this, we can assume that she is talking about the same merchant, and so we know a couple new things:
He is a shapeshifter
If he went to the Southern Continent, he regained his magic because the king’s spell did not reach there
Manon later kills the spider so we can also assume that he regained his youth
He probably believes that the assassin he had met killed the spider and believes he may be indebted to her
Thus, here is my theory: Chaol will stumble upon the merchant in the Southern Continent, learn that he is a shapeshifter, and convince him to join Aelin’s cause in some way, shape, or form (no pun intended) and then they’ll have two shapeshifters fighting for Terrasen, which could be incredibly useful. 
What do you think?
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aedicn · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Ansel smiled, a winning grin. “Half of them are on their way there now. Ready to join with Terrasen. The country of my friend Celaena Sardothien, who did not forget it, even when she was in the Red Desert; and who did not stop looking north every night that we could see the stars. There was no greater gift I could offer to repay her than saving the kingdom she did not forget.”
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dappercolour · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
“‘Please,’ Sam begged as he beat and yanked on the grate, then tried to wedge another dagger under the lid. 'Please don’t.’ She knew he wasn’t speaking to her. The water hit her neck. 'Please,’ Sam moaned, his fingers now touching hers. She’d have one last breath. Her last words. 'Take my body home to Terrasen, Sam,’ she whispered. And with a gasping breath, she went under.’”
One of the most heart wrenching scenes in the Assassin’s Blade!! I just had to draw it
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togincorrectquotes · 3 years ago
Rolfe: You’re kind of annoying.
Aelin: Kind of? Kind of??? Excuse me. Excuse you. I am fully annoying. I am very annoying. There’s nothing half-assed, half-hearted “kind of” about it.
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