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#the assassins blade

Anyone else have a love-hate relationship with Sarah J Maas’s books? Like, I like them but I don’t Love them. They are entertaining and annoying at the same time. She can write some great plots but also her writing style bothers me. Am I the only one?

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The Assassin’s Blade Thoughts

Wow. I finished the book but oh my god. I’m glad I paused the timeline to jump back and see that before moving on in the series but I really want to destroy Arobynn Hamel. I mean I know the guys King of the Assassins and all but Sam of all people?? he didn’t deserve that at all and I understand Celaena’s feelings over the situation a lot better after reading what happened.

And now I’ve gotta move on to Queen of Shadows and after the ending of Heir of Fire??? i just know in my bones that was not the worst ending of the series to come and that’s saying something considering what the king did to Dorian and Sorcha… Uh Oh™️

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The Assassin’s Blade Thoughts

I finished the Assassin and the Underworld novella and all it did was make me love Sam and Celaena more and hate hate hate Arobynn even more than I already had… not quite sure about Lysandra yet—kinda annoyed with her but could be from Celaena’s warped perspective on her but either way having already read Throne of Glass through Heir of Fire and knowing what’s coming next in this novella… well I didn’t quite believe anyone when they said this would be an emotional series but I was seriously mistaken so whoops

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The Assassin’s Blade Thoughts

I finished The Assassin and the Healer and The Assassin and the Desert and all first of all I love these little novellas, getting to Celaena better and see how she was before Endovier is really fun. Also, Yrene is cool af and the Mute Master ??? I love him so so much—I don’t even know why tbh

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Lysandra from the Throne of Glass series by @sjmaas

You and I are nothing but beasts wearing human skins.

Don’t repost without credit

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fast car, either the remix or the original is SUCH an arobynn x celaena song. it really hits on the fact that arobynn is essentially unlovable, even if he desires love. i just — some times i cry about arobynn hamel and the surrogate father he could have been ok? arobynn raised celaena and she still overcame everything he did to her. arobynn might be a jerk but his potential for being a really powerful force of love was undeniably one of the saddest parts of TAB/TOG. he could have been an asshole with a heart of gold.  

these are the lyrics i’m thinking of… 

You got a fast car
I got a job that pays all our bills
You stay out drinking late at the bar
See more of your friends than you do of your kids
I’d always hoped for better
Thought maybe together you and me would find it
I got no plans, I ain’t going nowhere
So take your fast car and keep on driving

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Very popular opinion: Sam Cortland did not deserve that 😭😭

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so i decided to read the assasin’s blade before finally getting to kingdom of ash because i was like ‘ah yes lets get to see what these old characters that keep showing up are about before i plunge into the abyss of despair that the finale is going to be’ but let me tell yoU I DID NOT EXPECT IT TO BREAK MY HEART WORSE THAN FUCKING EMPIRE OF STORMS SARAH J MAAS WHAT ARE YOU DOING

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Here’s my theory about the and of assassins blade. OK, it’s more wishful thinking but I can’t handle Sam and Celaena not being two happy murder muffins.

So in Terrasen there was an orphan girl, Celaena Sardothien. She looked like Aelin, enough to draw attention. The royal family feared she would end up as a courtisan when she’s older because people would pay handsomely for a princess look-alike.

The royal family took her in and when politics became uncertain they altered her looks with magic so she didn’t just look like Aelin, she became the exact same as her. When magic was banned she was stuck in her disguise.

The girls became friends. Learning each other’s character so they could switch if the royal family thought something would be to dangerous to risk their only heir.

Remember when Arobynn told Sam to ask Celaena about the day he found her? That was because he found two girls that day.

He kept Aelin hidden. She got the same training as Celaena, but there was no way he would risk Aelins live by sending her to assassinate someone.

He kept her close, using hidden passages in the assassins keep. But the girls where still very good in switching. So good that Arobynn had no idea.

Aelin was still living in the assassins keep. Mastering the hidden passages. She found out Arobynn would have Sam killed and keep Celaena with him, rather than letting them escape.

Aelin was furious. Arobynn and Celaena where the only people she cared about, and the betrayel was horrible. She went to find Sam and explained everything.

Aelin found a local low life who had roughly the same hair color and height as same. He was a drunk and a thief. Sam felt horrible about tricking the guy in to being tortured and killed, but Aelin didn’t care. She only thought about getting them out.

Sam went home, to Celaena and told her about their plan. Celaena played the part flawlessly. Arobynn couldn’t recognize ‘Sam’ after the torture, but seeing her reaction he was sure everything went as he wanted.

The day Celaena went to get her revenge, the girls switched places for the last time. The goodbye was bitter sweet. They couldn’t ever reach out to each other again. Celaena and Sam had to board the boat to the southern continent.

Aelin didn’t know Arobynn planned on capturing her and sending her to Endovier. But when she found out she gladly went without revealing her true face. Arobynn would go looking for Aelin with all he knew about her in mind when he found out she was gone. He wouldn’t be looking for Celaena and Sam. They would be safe.

Aelin would hide in plain sight, pretending to be Celaena in Endovier. It was the least she could do for the girl who had became her sister.

After everything, when magic came back Celaena and Sam came to Terrasen. Celaena had her own face back. Her hair slightly darker, and her eyes completely blue. They have a good live on the Southern continent. They have a bar and teach girls self defense.

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I’m at the last part of assassins blade and I’m just not ready for the heartbreak. Can we get SJM to write another very tiny story where Celaena and Sam run away together and live out their lives happy, and Aelin just switched places with Celaena?

Because I really need Celaena and Sam to be happy OK?

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The first thing Celaena ever said to Dorian is that she has no name.

My mind is blown yall

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not me actually liking the last part of The Assassins blade….. but of fucking course it has to be the saddest part of it…. why. You actually don’t understand how much I wanted to scream and throw the book across the room. BUT i’m in school and I cant act like a crazy book lady right now… but i texted my mom about my feelings so that helps…  but she’ll probably just say sorry… 

edit: she said “sorry for your loss”…. gee thanks mom

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the way yrene compared celaena to a god,,,,, yes girl I completely agree

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