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#Jiang Yanli

It’s funny, Jiang Cheng thinks, how easy it is for some to pretend like nothing happened. To forget.

Through the years many people praised his great memory. What would they say if he said he hates it? That for him it is more of a curse, than a gift? Ungrateful, he thinks. Can’t appreciate anything.

He remembers the night he met Wei Wuxian in vivid detail. The dirty clothes he was wearing, the shaky hands and wet cheeks. He remembers, when father took his digs and when he run through the woods to look for the other boy.

He remembers every word his mother said to him and every silence from his father.

Every praise a-jie gave Wei Wuxian and every time Nie Huaisang told him he should be more fun.

He remembers the three months looking for Wei Wuxian with Lan Wangji.

Remembers the cold grounds and caves and rooms at inns that were never comfortable enough.

Remembers Lan Wangji’s warm body curled around his, and his lips softer than he expected touching Jiang Cheng’s.

Remembers how they would spend their nights talking instead of sleeping.

Remembers the last time they did, before everything went to shit. Or, well, a bigger shit than it was.

Remembers how a-jie’s last smile was at Wei Wuxian, her eyes never meeting Jiang Cheng’s.

Remembers the look in Wei Wuxian’s eyes when he let go and Lan Wangji’s scream.

Remembers the years and years of leading a sect and taking care of a child, a teen.

The first time Jin Ling doesn’t accept an invite to Lotus Pier and is seen in the presence of the Yiling Patrirch and his group of juniors.

He remembers everything and he hates it.

“You have a great memory, A-Cheng!” He remembers his sister saying years ago, when he was no taller than her waist.

He wishes he didn’t.

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Let’s hope on the MDZS character train

I love most of the characters the intensity of my colouring indicates how much love I have for them.

Wen ning is a baby who could do no wrong and must be protected at all times

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Yeah, that’s a good point. In both cases they’re telling WWX, who is defending himself, to stop fighting first instead of suggesting that maybe the attackers should stand down instead of antagonizing him. And JYL at least should know better; JZX has no reason to trust WWX, but JYL does. Again it’s that thing of… trying to deal with the immediate situation, but not trying to deal with the underlying issue and so in practice pretty much just kicking the can further down the road. I’m willing to cut JYL some slack for going to Nightless City (her husband had just died and the sects were planning to kill her brother, she wouldn’t have been thinking clearly, although I do not forgive CQL for making a point of showing her having a sword and going to cultivator lessons and then still having her run out onto a battlefield unarmed and get cut down immediately, at least let her get overwhelmed while fighting, come on), but yeah, her telling WWX to stop first when the sects were actively trying to kill him and his only way of keeping himself and the people under his protection alive was to prove he was too big a threat to provoke unnecessarily instead of appealing to her brother (who is a sect leader and who JYL still trusts to side with WWX) or the Lans (at least one of whom she knows does want her brother safe) is… certainly something. It’s this thing where even counting all of the people of the sects who genuinely wanted WWX safe, only LWJ really considered that maybe instead of telling him to stop defending himself and instead throw himself and the Wen remnants to the mercy of the people who had been actively targeting pretty much from the moment he was no longer useful to them wasn’t going to help him. At least when LWJ said “Come back to Gusu with me” he meant “Let me personally help and protect you” instead of “If you stop fighting and obediently let yourself be imprisoned I might be able to help”, especially since the latter comes from people who only might be able to help because their political power is limited and dependant on others. But it’s no wonder WWX took it as the latter, given that’s… really the only offer of help he gets from anyone else. 

JZX and JYL both meant well, I don’t want to deny that or understate how willing they were to take risks for WWX’s sake (or for JYL’s sake through WWX in JZX’s case), but… yeah, they both greatly misunderstood the situation. And again, it comes close to that line between neutrality and wrongdoing; while neither of them meant to, I’d argue that even though they were defending WWX they weren’t really on his side the way LWJ is? They weren’t going to let him get killed by mob justice, but they did want him to hand himself over to the justice of the people who created this situation to begin with, which is… better, for sure, but still not great, and let’s be honest was extremely likely to still end with WWX dead, just with a smaller overall death toll on the sects’ side. I’m sure they intended to defend him as best they could, but… well, with two great sect leaders calling for his head and the other two prepared to side with their peers over WWX based on lack of evidence to the contrary and the minor sect leaders just following the leader, a sect heir and his wife wouldn’t have actually been able to do much. Basically they both meant well but made entirely the wrong call in trying to defuse the situation by treating WWX like the aggressor (and so in practice kind of accidentally siding with the sects); while JYL’s death was the result of someone else attacking (and so entirely dependant on the sects listening to her if she told them to stand down, which isn’t guaranteed), I’d argue that there’s a fair chance that if JZX had told JZXun and his lot to back off first even if it did come to a fight there was a much higher possibility that WN would’ve seen him as an ally and not an enemy. Not guaranteed by any stretch, but… a chance.

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It’s a very… naïve outlook, I think. For lack of a better word. JYL was convinced that as long as her family was together everything would work out okay… and never seemed to notice that her brothers’ relationship had started falling apart long before her family was separated. You’re right, she does seem to take quite heavily after her father; she’ll step in if something is actively happening right in front of her, but she’s not super fussed about underlying causes or power imbalances or anything like that. She does mean well, but… well, she doesn’t generally take the time to figure out whether there’s an actual Correct Side to take in favour of assuming that neutrality is automatically the best decision. Which is probably in large part due to growing up with YZY; staunch neutrality was often the only choice she could make without making things worse, so naturally that’s her default. But it being understandable doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt people in the long run.

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Yeah, it’s a good way of putting it. JYL’s whole thing is like… it’s very much a situation where love ends up causing more problems than it solves? Like, JYL loves WWX and wants what’s best for him but she also loves JC, and it never seems to occur to her that she’s in a situation where supporting one means not supporting the other. Basically she’s so determined to be the neutral party that she remains neutral even when neutrality is itself picking a side, and she never seems to realise that she has reached that point where not picking a side is picking a side. And while she isn’t meaning to hurt WWX, she does a lot more harm to him by forcing this sort of uneasy peace that shatters the moment an actual crisis comes up than she would have by actually picking a side and sticking with it. And of course acting like both sides were as bad as each other for sure contributed to WWX thinking that he was as much to blame for things going wrong as JC was; that belief didn’t last once he started spending time with LWJ, but it was a thing. Like… I keep coming back to that scene in CQL where JC threatens WWX with a dog and WWX is clearly genuinely frightened and JYL laughs. Imagine growing up in an environment where the person you love most and who cares about you and wants you to be happy more than anyone else in your home environment sees you being threatened with your literal worst fear and treats it like a joke. You wouldn’t feel like you could say anything, because if it was serious they wouldn’t be laughing, right? It raises the question of just how much of JC’s behaviour might have been mitigated if JYL had made it clear that that wasn’t okay and led WWX to understand that he shouldn’t have to put up with it if it hurt or upset him; naturally JC’s shittiness isn’t JYL’s fault, but seeing her laughing at JC treating WWX’s fear as something to be used for a cheap joke at WWX’s expense when she knows how serious that fear is… Well, it doesn’t exactly paint JYL in the best light.

…You know, thinking about it there’s a fair chance that JYL’s neutrality actually did more harm to JC and WWX’s relationship than good, in the long run. I mean, if she’d fully acknowledged that things between WWX and JC really weren’t healthy and forced them to discuss that and come to terms with it and find a way to deal with that, even if the end result was WWX leaving Lotus Pier entirely and them not interacting all that often at least it would all be out in the open. I don’t doubt that part of the reason WWX held on as long as he did was because JYL wanted him to. If she had said “No, this isn’t okay, you can’t treat our brother like this”… even if JC hadn’t listened to her and tried to do better it would be something that had been discussed, and if he kept treating WWX poorly even after JYL intervened WWX would know that this wasn’t an accident or a failure to properly communicate but an active decision on JC’s part, especially since JC wouldn’t continue to behave like that around JYL. Basically pushing her brothers to act like everything was fine between them because she didn’t want to have to pick a side was, while understandable, not exactly a good call from a “wanting a healthy relationship” position. Even if things hadn’t gone the way they did, I don’t doubt for a second that as soon as JYL left to get married and wasn’t around enforcing the peace all the time JC and WWX’s relationship would deteriorate rapidly, because “playing nice so our sister doesn’t worry” meant that they had nothing keeping them playing nice (for a given value of nice on JC’s side) once she left.

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To be entirely fair, WWX is hiding how bad his situation is, but. yeah. Is she… surprised? to find that the guy living on a corpse mountain with the sects baying for his blood is in danger? JYL doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the danger WWX faces within her family, but that doesn’t make her completely oblivious!

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I suspect part of the reason why JYL’s flaws in particular aren’t mentioned are because her main failing in the story is not stopping JC from being a dick and we couldn’t possibly acknowledge that JC did things he should have been stopped from doing. But yeah, these characters aren’t just sacrificial lambs thrown onto the altar to fuck up WWX’s life? They’re characters, and that means that they do have flaws. And with JYL in particular there seems to be this sense of… flattening the character into just this perfect angel? And that’s not accurate. In both cases their actions do contribute both to the tragedies of WWX’s first life and to their own deaths (more in JZX’s case than JYL’s but still), and it would be more interesting to have more discussion of that instead of acting like their deaths were entirely on other peoples’ shoulders and nothing to do with their own decisions..

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Initiative pt 2 - ao3 or tumblr pt 1

It was just typical of his brother, Nie Huaisang thought. He finally, finally, finally found a girl that might suit him, agreed to marry her, and then he spent all his time worrying about…saber.


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Yong Ge sounds so happy but the lyrics are so sad and I have a love-hate relationship with it.

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Feely juniors thoughts: lsz had gotten to eat yanli’s lotus mom love soup while jl never did

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My version would have it be Jiang Yanli instead of Mo Xuanyu. She would sneak out to visit him in order to get away from her parents arguing and became as close as siblings. She betrays him in order to gain Jin Guangshen’s approval to marry his son and Wei Wuxian curses Jin Ling in revenge.

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Oh, absolutely. JZX picks a side too quickly; JYL picks a side too slowly. They both mean well, but their refusal to get information before acting or act on the information they have (respectively) gets people hurt or killed. And of course that includes them; if JZX had gotten the full story before stepping in odds are WN wouldn’t have ended up attacking him, and if JYL had defended WWX from the start events may well have unfolded in a way that didn’t end with her death.

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