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#JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Whoa, you’re a witch?! Can’t you just make the makeup put itself on, then? I’ve heard that’s advanced stuff, though…

I like to play around with makeup sometimes, but it tends to end up looking… drag queen-y if I do it myself. I need someone more tasteful to do it. The problem is, I don’t know anybody tasteful… So I just try to play it safe and only put on a teeeeeensy bit of eyeshadow and eyeliner regularly. And lip gloss. Never forget the lip gloss.

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im cringe so i made a part 4 oc

i dont have a name for HER yet but her stand (whose design is subject to change) is Elastica. it works like extra stretchy elastic/rubber, so it can strech its arms out and shit, and its hard to take her down bc she can basically swing the energy back at you like when you snap a rubber band, but her “villian of the week weakness” is it loses all combat potency in high temperatures.

after she moves to morioh, she hears josuke is strong and has suspicious abilities, so she picks a fight with him, but much like okuyasu she loses bc shes a little too impulsive and tries to fight him on a day where the weather was forecasted to get real hot, so once the sun got high enough she just kinda flops to the ground. the upside to this weakness is she can stretch farther in the heat, just cant fight

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Thinking about Ghiaccio and how deliciously melancholic his second Stand ability is.

Like, obviously I know it’s supposed to be the version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps that The Beatles did, but the Santana version? With the added effect of complete and utter failure to comprehend how someone could have been subjected to so much pain that they don’t even know that they have been diverted, perverted, inverted and no one told them that it happened to them?

It honestly makes me think about Ghiaccio more as a character outside of just a surface layer of unhinged, screaming cat man. Stands and abilities are formed out of a very latent desire of the user’s soul.

So what was in Ghiaccio’s soul that pulled out such a sad and yearning Stand?

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I don’t live under a rock!! Of course I’ve played Pokemon! The graphics in Colosseum are awesome, and I think Jirachi is my new favorite Pokemon. The anime and the games are all great, but really, I’m always just excited to see the next movie. Especially Musashi and Kojiro’s scenes!

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I had a dream where the new meme was images of the really messed up shit that happened in Jonathan’s life but with really crude 5th grade stuff on top of it in impact font

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it feels weird to like something a normal amount. i like jjba enough to pick up an episode over lunch or after work sometimes but not enough to binge watch it. is this mental health

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- Obviously immediately figured that something wasn’t quite…right about the newly joined member. Sure, they were strong, determined and followed orders just well but they’d always ask all sorts of weird questions such as if they could “have a bite” whilst pointing to a literal lamp or doing questionable actions like drizzling tomato sauce on top of ice cream.

- At first he didn’t give it much mind since Narancia and Mista exist so IT SURELY COULDN’T GET WORSE THAN THAT, RIGHT?? W r o n g. One night Bruno just wanted a goddamn glass of water but instead found said teammate squatting in front of the freezer eating literal ice cold beans and holy shit why is their form so distorted and immaterial??? He wasn’t even shocked he was just like…w o a h

- Bruno walked out without another word and the next morning casually brought it up towards them as if just asking about the weather. The teammate, obviously busted, told the man that what he saw was, indeed, their true form and Bruno just had to tell them that he was onto them for quite a while; basically waiting for an opportunity to spot their true nature. Afterwards they both acted as if nothing happened in the first place and they asked Bruno if he wanted some frozen beans as well. The man politely declined.


- He is THE cryptid so it is to be expected that he quickly sensed the v i b e s emanating from the new member. Like, if Bruno’s senses were sharp Risotto is like…mf cryptid hunter solely bc he’s basically a cryptid living inside a giant ass human body. I mean, no wonder he’s T H A T huge y'know??

- Either way, not once did he question their weird ass ways of going around things/speaking and equally as b i z a r r e habits of drinking soda mixed with milk or hanging from chandeliers (even if it absolutely pissed Prosciutto and Ghiaccio off all the while it greatly amused Formaggio and Illuso, Pesci being straight up mf terrified) and patiently waited for them to out themselves whenever they so desired.

- Proudly watches from afar as they boldly tear through enemies using their actual, true form that he finds absolutely fascinating, mind you. That’s how it all happened in actuality: Risotto saw them fight and once he approached them the teammate realized they haven’t switched back to their human form. The cryptid was ready to bail when Risotto calmly reassured them that he already figured them out and that they’re possibly the best member he’s ever had the luxury of recruiting. From that day on these two became ultimate besties. Get it king ig🙄🙄

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This model takes a minute to load, but she’ll load in!

Like the Valentines Theme model pack I made, the skirt isn’t the best, but is still usable! (Is this the Valentine Model curse??) If you use her for motion data, be prepared for alot of upskirts… that’s a short skirt with floppy type physics. XD

Remaking my oc Sakura in TDA format from her original Rondline format, her first release is a Valentines themed nurse model! Enjoy the witchy!

Background pose by Angela-16

Stage, as always, is by TOUKO-P

In my opinion, she looks best with self shadow and edge line off, though I understand if you wanna leave it on due to how pale she is.


Base + Eye texture: CytrynaCAmmd and TDA

Underwear: MijumaruNr1

Face: TDA and Joshu0a926__c

Blood for one of her expressions: NiShiGara and jingleriot

Hair: Montecore Kasen

Hair texture + Braid: Tehrainbowllama

Skin spas: ZinniaE

Stocking and Eyeshadow texture: UtauRueCross

Ring: AmiAmy111

Shoes and glasses: NCsoft|Tencent and MirelHelly

Outfit + Hat + Earrings: artimiss1238

Sakura flowers: 水道屋

Extra expressions: MonoCereal

Nail texture: svettal and TDA


Credit me

Redistribution is fine as long as you don’t take credit, you credit me, and you don’t make money off the model!

Do not take parts! I paid for this outfit!

You can edit ONLY if she remains the same character

No R18

Download as usual is in my deviantart gallery! As always, if you need a direct link, just ask me!

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Pairing: Leone Abbacchio x Reader

Warnings: yandere-ish Abbacchio, obsession, stalking, mentions of violence, allusion to kidnapping and forced marriage.

Words: 5445.

Summary: You needed to call him, you told yourself firmly and grabbed the phone, trying to stay determined. You needed to at least figure out if Abbacchio were alive and well. In the end, nobody forced you to tell him he had a son in that very moment, right? You’d tell him if he proved he deserved to know.


Holding a crumpled piece of paper with Libeccio’s number on it in your hand, you looked at the phone in front of you and sighed, unsure what to do. You’d heard Abbacchio was seen in that restaurant multiple times, so there really was a chance of you finally finding him, but you didn’t know if you needed it that desperately. You knew what he had been through, and you doubted there was anything left of the man you loved once. But then you glanced at the photo of you little son on your desk and thought that your child deserved to have a chance to know his father - that is, if Leone would be willing to see his own child. Otherwise you’d have to come up with some sad story of your lovely boyfriend dying before he could get to know his son just like your mother advised you multiple times.

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Dio x reader fics where reader isn’t interested in Dio but Dio can’t handle it and continues to pursue anyway give me life.

Link them to me. Please. No wattpad

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DIO from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is going to super hell for gay crimes and making anon question their sexuality!!!

requested by: Anonymous

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