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neon-ufo · a day ago
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some finale redraws, making it look like a speedrun
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porunareff · 2 days ago
Chapter 2 of Crazy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak has now been fan-translated! Available to read here!
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highdio · 2 days ago
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Name a more iconic duo
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norue67 · 2 days ago
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Joseph and Suzi domestic life This was my piece for JJBA food zine. (They’re holding leftover sales till Jan 31!)
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therandomninjakitty · 2 days ago
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Stand Master: Doja Cat. Stand: Say So
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chalroe · 2 days ago
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stand destroying local mans cool guy aura every single time it appears
[ID: a digital drawing of jotaro kujo and star platinum from jojo's bizarre adventure. jotaro is glaring down on us while star behind him is waving excitedly and grinning from ear to ear.
jotaro is a tall, muscular, japanese-american man with light skin, black short hair and blue eyes. he is wearing a white coat and hat which has 3 anchors stiched on it and is smoothly blending into his hair. underneath is a black turtleneck and purple belt across his chest. he has big golden pins on his hat and turtleneck with a hand on it and also has small golden earrings.
star platinum is a ridiculously muscular stand with bright purple skin, some blue highlights and golden highlights on their chin and chest. they have long black hair floating upwards in the air. they're wearing a white scarf with matching long gloves and a loincloth, a golden headband and matching shoulder plates.
around them is a translucent pink aura and around that a couple of stars colored in pink, blue and yellow. end ID.]
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ligerbombz · 10 hours ago
Narancia tries to impress Trish with his vast array of knowledge. ie that one sopranos scene that made me ugly laugh😭
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lynnariaa · 2 days ago
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trish is from sardinia so i drew her in some of their more traditional clothing !
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caterpie · a day ago
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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (1989)
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unidot · 2 days ago
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mamas boy
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blatterburystreet · 2 days ago
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Because guardian angels don’t always have wings. Sometimes they have a colt, a half-smoked cigar in their mouth and the wedding ring of their dead husband hanging around their neck.
from yeehawgust day 11, Wild Hare and cjcweek day 4, Ring.
This time the spaghetti western reference is the "duck, you su***r" line from Giù la Testa ( A Fistfull of Dynamite) 
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porunareff · 2 days ago
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A look at the amazing inside and outside set decorations for the current JoJo x niko and... pop up event in Shanghai
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highdio · 17 hours ago
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Eternal icon, the resolve to play Jolyne Kujo.
"Through my portrayal of Jolyne Kujo, I want to convey that she's also my hero. That is, to convey the image of Jolyne I had when I first met her:  a tough, passionate, fierce and independent woman. Inspired by the anime 'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean,' I want to grow stronger and stronger with Jolyne, so that even those who are new to Jojo World can feel her wonderfulness."
Ai Fairouz, SPUR Magazine March 2022.
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lalil · 2 days ago
Thanks to the last post (which I loved it).
What about nsfw headcanons of how the crusaders and Josuke do oral sex on their fem!reader? And in which do they do it?
I-I mean-
Awn darling, thanks for keeping sending requests, I really appreciate them!💜✨ And yea, I also liked the last crusaders nsfw post🤭😳
As the request itself implies, this is, obviously, a NSFW
Pls, remember that all the characters are +18, cuz all of this occur AFTER the Crusaders arc and Diamond is Unbreakable arc
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Oooooh he is a total jerk! Jotaro just LOVES to provoke you!
Send you over the edge even without getting your panties off.
Plays with your nipples to get you more wet.
Lightly bit your clit, this always makes you shiver.
Loves to do it when you're layed; he hold your thighs, wich allows him to pull you closer whenever he wants.
Usually it starts with him , innocently, stroking your legs, but then he realizes how hot and soft your skin feels...Up we go! :D
Soon enough he is spreading your legs open.
Loves to lick your clit and taste your sweetness.He wants to see your clit aching for him.
His hands doesn't leave your waists for nothing in this world.
Likes to do it while you are sitting in a chair or in the bed.
Is a HONOR for him to be able to go down on you.
He was kissing you playfully, then suddenly, an breathtaking one. He knows how to get you horny.
He start by licking your neck, then your breasts, then your belly, then your clit.
Suddenly you are on the top of him, well, sitting on his face to be more precise.
This man loves to feel your juicy pussy leaking on his mouth while squish your butt and hear your moans.
He was asked to do it, omg, is this really okay? He really can go down on you?
He passionately kiss you while putting your pantie down.
Plays with your clit just in the right way while put his tongue inside you.
Really likes how you taste, likes to do it when you are front layed, he want to see every expression you will make.
Poor man, he is shy about how wet you already are just for the kiss he gave you.
Old Joseph
Actually very talented, will make you cum in sequence.
It started with you showing him your new skirt, he playfully pulled it up to "see the details" but, well, you are without panties...
Joseph cannot control himself after seeing that pretty image
Lay you down no matter where you two are at and start squishing your legs and licking them.
Will take his time pressing a little your clit and going up and down with his tongue on your entrance, is like he is preparing you for something...😳
Oh God this IS happening, he will go down on you!
Make sure that you are 100% comfy with that.
Lay you down and put your legs on his shoulders and softly kiss them, they're so hot and soft around his face...GOD YOU ARE SO-😫
Will bit your clit and slowly insert a finger on you. During all the prosses he looking at your face with that pretty blue eyes, what makes a shiver go down your spine...Soon, he feels your legs shaking, he knows you're on the edge.
You're already so wet for him...He put his tongue inside you, your taste is divine, he really wants you to cum in his mouth.
Crusaders BONUS! :D
Bro, wtf?🤨📸
Seriously Crusaders BONUS! :D
Dio (cuz I'm in the mood for a vamp daddy-)
He wants to enter your room and already see your legs wide open, just waiting for him to eat your pretty little pussy.
Are you on period? Oh, that's a bonus for him.
Dirty talk all the way, he knows that it turns you on, he can tell by the way you are leaking on him.
Likes to do it while you are all fours, so he can spank your pretty butt.
Won't stop after you orgasm, 'cause now you are ready for the real thing😏
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joestar-jobros · 16 hours ago
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Team Bucciarati.
Art by @ yoshiko_arts on Instagram .
✔ Posted with permission of the artist. Please don't edit or remove the caption.
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3u7 · a day ago
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joestarryskies · a day ago
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Will never be over how cool the Justice visuals are in the ova.
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canchuonsstuff · 2 days ago
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Jolyne wants ice cream and Jotaro wants to pass his classes 🤷‍♂️ who wins ??
Pt 2
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shitonshitonthatshit · 8 months ago
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Makes my heart flutter
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porunareff · a day ago
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Part 6 necklace pendant replica (includes the photo of Jotaro and his ex-wife for some reason??) and earrings by Bandai Fashion.
Pre-orders: Jan 19th to Feb 16th, 2022 Estimated shipping date: March, 2022 Price: 11,000¥ each Details and pre-orders here!
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