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puffinmix · 3 minutes ago
NOO they filmed the sapnap meetup BUT ITS GONE???? We ain’t winning this week man
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puffinmix · 7 minutes ago
Dream in a suit FaceTiming sapnap and giving him a tour??? Excuse me?
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livielu98 · 12 minutes ago
Don't Fight the Feeling and Mid-year Favorites
The 34th Episode of my Kpop Podcast SOCS
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netheritedream · 14 minutes ago
when he was sixteen years old dream sent letters to publishers telling them about the book he’d written and now he’s twenty one and one of the most famous minecraft players in the world partly because he has an smp named after him which he’s poured his heart into making as great a space for creative storytelling as possible . something about that is very important
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jokesprobably · 15 minutes ago
Meet the Terrestrial Gods Cast!
Hello hello one and all! We’re Jokes Probably and we’re making a ttrpg podcast set in the Stars Without Number system :) I know that this is slightly out of order since we’ve posted up through episode 5 already, but hey, better late than never! So let’s introduce everyone to the characters that you’ll be following through our story...
In the distant future, on a planet in a completely different solar system in a different galaxy there is a city dedicated to art and enjoyment. Hedonistic lifestyles are the norm there, and one could thank the influence of the Church of Plethos for that. And it is here within a sect of that church that we meet our heroes: Cousins, Cinnia and Heilari.
Cinnia is a guardian and warrior for the sect. She spends her days protecting her church and city from the shadow goblin infestations and spends her nights partying with her friends. Ever the optimist, many consider her to be a light of hope and selfless devotion in a city where most only look after their own desires. But with the shadow goblin population inexplicably on the rise, Cinnia has to figure out what’s going on before too many get hurt...
Heilari is an enigma in many ways. Newer to the sect compared to Cinnia, it’s unclear exactly what or how much she believes in their teachings. One thing is certain though, she has no trouble following the church’s tenet of “pursue your pleasure”. Med student by day and raver by night, Heilari dances through many circles and always seems to know someone wherever she finds herself. However when fellow party-goers start dying, Heilari can’t just sit back and do nothing...
Be sure to give us a listen! You can find Terrestrial Gods on most podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spreaker, and Google Podcasts (as well as a bunch of others). We’re just starting out so it’d be great if you could listen and give us a comment (leaving a review or reach out to us on here). You can also reach out to us on twitter @jokesprobably​ as well. And if you’re really enjoying the podcast so far be sure to check us out on Patreon and consider supporting if you’re able. We’ve got some fun ideas for the different tier rewards!
Tumblr media
-Mod Lis
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bastardbvby · 17 minutes ago
okay but one of my favorite things about dream is how much faith he has in his own abilities like the confidence you have to have to send out letters to publishing companies when you’re only sixteen years old is astounding and i love how he’s always willing to continuously try and share his content with the public even if it doesn’t always work out
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sinterclown · 20 minutes ago
The Deca Tapes podcast is so cool! I don't remember the last time I was that gripped by a story, so well put together
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eggimmunity · 23 minutes ago
Dream’s merch podcast—
ugh this is so longgggg. I’ll be updating it as it goes ig.
-he doesn’t have anyone muted in twitter bc he doesn’t know how to do that
-he likes pickles (his mom makes homemade ones)
-sapnap has seen his feet
-he likes black olives (me too !!)
-he’s not actually connors dad
-what’s his favorite Disney princess? he doesn’t know.
-he doesn’t have a phone case (omg)
-he has dropped his (caseless) phone from his ear (so like 6ft) in a parking garage and it didn’t break. wow how impressive. /s
-he has 6 fingers /s (probably,,,,) “what, do you guys not?”
-do he and sap have nicknames for each other? no. but Dream sarcastically said that he calls sap “nicky poo”
-milk or cereal first? “cereal obviously.”
-call him nick or sap? “nick most of the time.”
-dream car? “one that gets me from point a to point b consistently.”
-he’s fixed his sleep schedule
-mr beast owes him a Tesla.
-overall he thinks he’s an analytical thinker, but he’s proud of his creativity.
-OH MY FUCKING GOD. “Haha people are comparing George to Shawn Mendez and *I* used to do that!!”
-what’s patches doing? “what do you want me to say? oh she’s at the store she’ll be coming back soon?”
-swam recently, thinks it’s relaxing. swim pog.
-wants to do a thing where he gives away defect merch in Orlando for like an event, but hasn’t really done anything cuz COVID.
-gives extra merch stuff to charity
-he’s talking ab Percy Jackson. pj bitch. HE STILL HAS THE BOOKS?? oh my god. he wants to sign them and give them away ughhhhhhhh.
-can you see how much my tone has shifted since he mentioned George for no reason? yeah I’m tired of him now. this is passive agressive.
-he’s talking about books. I don’t know about books so all of this is flying over my head.
-read all the time. mans likes his books.
-he had a privileged background and apparently had (“I wouldn’t call it a library” BITCH WHAT ELSE!?!?) I gUESS A ROOM JUST FULL OF BOOKS?? cuz “I wouldn’t call it a library” sure, green boy.
-has the Harry Potter books (“obviously.”?? why obviously??)
-bookworm. nerd.
-read 250 books in a year at some point (maybe??? I’m getting conflicted info here.)
-Legends series is one of his favorites (don’t know what that is but ok.)
-read twilight LOL
-he’s still talking about books. I still don’t understand half the shit he’s talking ab 👍
-does not have glasses (bummer)
-hasn’t read a book for like two years. (READ SOMETHING IF U LOVED IT SO MUCH WHAT THE HELL GUY )
-wrote one full book (with “a lot of pages”) when he was 16/17. “It’s probably terrible”
-started writing another one (has a folder for it just called book , weirdo.) it doesn’t have page numbers. it’s in word pad and is trying to see how many words it has.
-it has 76,000 words. (write a fic,, lol.)
-I wish he’d outright say how many books he’s written because that would make things a LOT EASIER >:( /hj
-he’s laughing too it’s oka
-plot?? : kid in a cell with other kids. spooky.
-has a world building document, not for anything in particular.
-there’s an unfinished sequel to the first book he wrote?
-found a publishing letter he’d send to get his book published when he was 16 (he didn’t even remember he did that.)
-I’m laughing again ahahaha
-“what a nerd. L.” agree
-“as you can tell I was always incredibly cool, and not a nerd. ever.”
-last edit date 2016 for what he’s looking at- he would’ve been 16.
-did he use wattpad? no.
-he’s just reading. cool.
-he’s laughing.
-okay now he’s cringing. “this is so stupid.” he says under his breath.
-took inspiration from a James Patterson book called “witches and wizards” apparently
-oh my god he wants to publish it. but he also doesn’t want to,,, that’s probably for the best.
-used to video all with sap, even before YouTube. rip George ig.
-conflicting memory. apparently was wearing a suit and face timing sap while giving him some kind of tour. weirdo.
-drista is not taller than sapnap but it’s close apparently. “she’s like 5’7 or something.” damn, queen shit. Also the coolest info to come from this podcast. drista is very tall.
-filmed when his and sap met but it’s just gone apparently??? what the shit.
-will film when he meet George probably.
-is pretty sure he’ll meet George this year! :D!! 95% certainty. the extra 5% doubt is restrictions/visa issue (which he finds unlikely.)
-does say “see u later boi.” to sapnap the sk8er boi.
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tma-thoughts · 32 minutes ago
Watching Loki as a Norse Pagan is both very fun and very weird because the Marvel Aesir are so different from the original mythology
Like apparently in Marvel, Thor, Loki, and Hel are all siblings. In the original mythology, though, Loki is Odin's sworn blood brother and Thor is Odin's son, which would make Loki Thor's uncle. And then Hel is one of Loki's children, which would make Hel and Thor cousins
Also apparently Slepnir exists in the MCU, so fun fact: MCU Loki has given birth to a horse
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lvjyjrwii · 37 minutes ago
bc theyre almost at 100k im obligated to say this
Just Roll With It (or JRWI) is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast featuring Slimecicle, GrizzlyPlays, Condifiction, BizlyChannel, and TripleMcWheatie available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, and Podbean. You can support their Patreon here:
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lvjyjrwii · 37 minutes ago
hey dsmp tumblr you guys know that goopy fella that you all grew attatched to bc you miss ghostbur? great news, charlie slimecicle plays a somewhat similar character on his hit podcast just roll with it, along with grizzlyplays, condifiction, and bizlychannel. subscribe. theyre almost at 100k and it's pride month so if you dont subscribe im calling homophobia (i am gay and i want u 2)
thank u for ur contribution x
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Tumblr media
Download Monument Techno Podcast 301 - Simone Bauer for free now!
Artist: Show: Monument Techno Podcast 301 – Simone Bauer Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz Genre: Techno Source: RSS
Listen or download more Monument Techno Podcast episodes HERE
Monument Techno Podcast 301 – Simone Bauer Tracklist
Simone Bauer invokes primal instinct in Monument Techno Podcast 301 with a journey of pulsing drums, deep rhythm, and experimental design.
Blòt Heathen – The Great Crossing Acuba Replica – Of Thightening Sotus – Haze Ghost Warrior – Hidden Dimension Shifted – Natural Elevation Fearful, Mtwn – Shallow Grave Es.tereo – Drifter Dub Ghost Warrior – They Live Clarity – Tendrils Smistah – 2020 tpsb – Dream Houses of the Global North DYL, DB1 – ECOU #4 Big Hands – Calix’s Head Projekt22 & Deaf Ray – Seek Assistance Azu Tiwaline feat. Cinna Peyghamy – Magnetic Service Pessimist – The Woods Visages – Dark Guru Seefeel – Tied Toma Kami – E-ache Kombé – Translucent Dub Sigha – Alpha DB1 – Point One Sciama – Abtruser Azu Tiwaline – Tight Wind ft. Cinna Peyghamy Fearful, Mtwn – A Murder Of Crows Mick Woods – Didgeridon’t Atom™ – Metacycle Stenny – In A Distant Light Simone Giudice – Intimo
The podcast Monument Techno Podcast is embedded on this page from an open RSS feed. All files, descriptions, artwork and other metadata from the RSS-feed is the property of the podcast owner and not affiliated with or endorsed by
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bare1yart · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Three doodles of Grizzop and Hamid from RQG. The first is a fully coloured pen drawing of Grizzop, a grey-skinned goblin with a thin tail standing with one hand on his hip and the other clenched in a fist. He has a nervous and surprised expression on his face.
The second is a pencil doodle of Hamid, a round-faced egyptian halfling. He's clutching at his arm with a dragony hand with a distressed expression on his face, shouting: "A Dragon?!"
The last drawing is of Hamid, but as a small dragon. He's crouched low to the ground, short wings outstretched, breathing fire and growling angrily. End ID]
Guess who just listened to RQG 80! Take some doodles I've made (and please no spoilers in the tags!)
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notafraidofredyellowandblue · 48 minutes ago
Flake's podcast - Certain harmonic sequences
published on 2021-06-09, and it was on the broadcasting schedule for Radio Eins, so this appears to be a new one
Music talk this time (even though "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture") and few anecdotes, but if you like Flake's musical taste (like me), there is a lot to enjoy. (If you happen to like 'Fly Robin fly' by the Bee Gees...well.. Flake doesn't 😁 )
Paul gets the odd mention, just casually, not surprising when you consider that a lot Flake's musical life has had Paul involved in some way or other (old musical-married couple indeed 💜), at abt. 0h55.30 Flake and Paul's 'other current' band (because they were never dismantled officially) 'Die Magdalene Keibel Combo' is played with a mix of 'Shout' by Tears for Fears (the original he plays before it), 'Rock me Amadeus' by Falco and 'Der Blonde Hans (von der Reeperbahn)' by Hannes Kröger.
Flake loves Die Magdalene a lot for their energy (though bassplaying and singing leave 'room for improvement'). For this particular song they mixed these songs to show people that loads of songs consist of the same chords, and tried to do a little bit of education for the audience (Flake mentions Paul grew up in a teachers' household).
Right at the very end Flake plays 'Schlaflied' by The Inchtabokatables, which is Oliver Riedel's old band (although this song is from their first album 'Inchtomanie' when Olli hadn't joined the band yet), an interesting song, and i can well imagine Olli playing songs like these, also foreshadowing later Rammstein songs with heavy Olli involvement like 'Seemann' and 'Diamant'.
Throughout the podcast Flake muses about themes for future podcasts like Flying, Granddad (Opa), Last-songs-on-albums and several others, so I hope we'll have loads more podcasts to enjoy in the future 💜
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teosupdates · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Instagram Story posts from @machotaildrop (Corey Adams, Director) and @rasmussteinfoss (Crew member)
Different angles of a blue front door with mannequins sitting on either side. Corey Adams’ post has text that reads: “Day 24. Final day of shooting. @oddfellowspictures The Edge of Sleep”
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nerdysk8s · 56 minutes ago
I think it's universal that existential crises and philosophical breakthroughs happen on the night shift.
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myfunkybdaytv · an hour ago
Things Fall Apart "The More You Look" Podcast S2 E24
Things Fall Apart “The More You Look” Podcast S2 E24
Things Fall Apart “The More You Look” Podcast S2 E24 (more…)
Tumblr media
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