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ghost-bee-07 · 2 days ago
(CW: cursing! Probably other things idk what this fic even is yet sooooo)
Chrs: Arataki Itto
Tumblr media
Sick Reader HCs
Tumblr media
Okay so first of all let’s get real, he would not notice you’re sick until you say something about it.
Like seriously, your only chance of having him find out on his own is by fucking puking
Unless one of his gang members points it out to him
“Boss your partner isn’t feeling so well should you really be bringing them bug hunting today?” Typa beat
Once he does however he’s probably freaking the fuck out like full force panicking like how he does with B E A N S
More than likely rushes you to his home cause he forgot that it may have been better to bring you to yours in this situation
Also yes you were carried in his arms or piggybacked, no matter your height or weight, that’s what he did
So you’re just laid down in his bed or on his couch, whichever he decides on first, with him pacing being like “what do I do? I don’t have a degree for this!”
If his freaking out freaks you out any though it’s Mr.Cool-Man, the one and onii once again!
Fr though how quick this man would switch his act- goes from “drink ice coffee, panic attack” to “don’t worry babe, I got this [insert chad face with sunglasses]” in a second
After you figure out how to get his dumbass to get the medicine you need he’s off in a jiffy, leaving you with a cup of water and however many blankets he has in his house
Which is probably a lot, big man needs big blankets, and many of em to satisfy him, so you’re comfy as hell basically, unless you don’t like sweating out your fevers, then you’re in hell
Once he returns he’s carefully reading the instructions on the back of the bottle of medicine he was told he’s supposed to get for fevers and crap
Probably re-read it five times ngl
Then he gives you said medicine, telling you not to act like a child. Even though he’s the big baby around here
After your medicine schedule is all figured out he probably lays down and holds you close to him
Probably pouting and whining like the previously mentioned baby he is
“So you can’t come beetle hunting with me while you have a fever? How’s that any fair?”
He’s probably both really bored and really content cuddling you all day though
He’s also surprisingly good at taking care of you, man gives off bull-in-a-China-shop vibes with his very existence but honestly he’s so gentle and caring with you
Constant cuddles, grabs you whatever you want whenever, gets you food whenever wherever
I mean honestly? Could you find a better partner?
I mean if you want a cleaning malewife I personally would’ve gone for thoma but that’s besides the point, itto’s better at tracking mud into the house than cleaning it up anyways
After you’re all better he’s so happy and ready to drag you back outside again, probably teasing you about how you got a bit pale sitting inside for days
All in all, the one and onii is a great lover, you’re lucky to have him to take care of you, even if he’s acting like a big baby again
A lovable dork, if you will
Tumblr media
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harmony88 · 2 months ago
Hello, my friends. 
It has been a few months since I’ve actively posted on here or on Ao3. I would love to say it’s because I’ve been busy living my life with my husband, traveling, exploring, and making memories that will last a lifetime, but life has a funny way of taking your expectations and sometimes twisting them into a messy trap of pain - the kind that lingers and hurts more than you can even begin to understand. The kind that makes you question what you are doing and who are you are becoming, the kind that challenges you and startles you and is never what you asked for, and this is the first time I’ve tried writing anything in almost three months. 
I want to write about love. 
Not the kind you see on television. Not Rose and the Doctor, no matter how much my heart beats for them and the happily ever after I think they deserve. No, I want to talk about love in its realest, truest, most present form. Love that exists within our plexus, buried within us. Love that is powerful and strong and fights against all odds. 
Love that hurts. 
In early February, my husband, whom I’ve been with for almost a decade and to whom I’d been married to for only three months, left. Out of the blue, completely taken by surprise, suddenly abandoned... I cried harder than I had ever cried before. Words he said that I don’t wish to repeat rang in my ears, and I felt myself stumble and fall with little courage or desire to get back up. He was unhappy (and still is), unable to recognize himself or his wants or desires. He felt disconnected from what we said in our vows, and so much more. 
I was so, so confused. And so, so hurt.  
In the weeks since, I have done nothing but try to hear him. To learn what was bothering him, to understand what he needed and what I could do to help. I began to reflect on my own feelings and unpack patterns in myself that weren’t serving the relationship (or myself, honestly), and for the first time since 2020 I began to navigate and work through all the ways the pandemic shifted my focus and made me feel small and scared. All the ways that contributed to anxiety and unhappiness in my own existence. It’s a work in progress, of course, and I am no where near finished, but I have tried. I have worked to strengthen communication, to be as real and honest and transparent as I could be, but last night he told me he’s changed and he no longer wants to be married. 
Six months ago, I was hemming my wedding dress. 
Expectation is the root of all heartache, so they say, and I am currently mourning in a way that feels impossible to describe. While divorce isn’t something we’re rushing into, it seems to be the inevitable last step of a relationship that I thought was endgame. I mourn him. I mourn the life we shared up until now, I mourn the life I thought we had ahead of us. I mourn our routines, the way we would always wait to eat until the other one was ready, the way we snuggled after a long day and watched New Girl until we fell asleep. The way we supported one another, the way he felt like my biggest cheerleader and the way I was able to boast about him. I mourn the children I thought we would have, and so much more. 
I feel ashamed and embarrassed that I couldn’t make this last... 
There is a part of me that wants to rush into crisis mode and try to piece my life back together as quickly as I can so this pain settles before it has a chance to do lasting damage, but I’m choosing not to. Because love is bigger than just that which you have for a spouse or partner or an imagined future - love is also for yourself. In all my stories on Ao3, there is through line that states “lead with love.” That wasn’t just a thing I said because it fit the genre or sounded pretty - it’s a value of mine I have always tried to live by. To be gracious, to have self compassion, to have a sense of myself that is vivid and strong and knows what she is capable of. Love starts with yourself, and for the first time in a while I’m being forced to face that concept from a new lens - one that could pull me down and swallow me whole if I don’t actively fight against it. I am choosing to let love be my superpower and my strength. 
So that being said, I am taking a step back from writing for the foreseeable future because I need to focus on myself and really let self compassion and love guide me through this time that feels impossible. To let myself not wallow in resentment forever, but appreciate all the things this experience is teaching me, and love and honor and cherish the time my husband and I had together and the person he helped me become, because it really was wonderful. To mourn, and grieve, and weep openly as that person transforms into something new that I can’t quite see. 
Above all else, lead with love even when you feel hateful, and remember that you are worthy. 
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arminocean · a year ago
helllooo i saw the new scenarios you did with admin and iwa where they were insecure that u liked their friends better than them, so could you do the same thing but with erin and jean? fluff endings plz:)
Hello, and sure thing hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day. And I will be doing the normal snk season 1-3 verse since that what I did last time but i can do modern au. Also cool theme.
Tumblr media
now this boy may act all cocky and cool, but come on we know he never been with someone before
So much is going on and he never really had time
well he also kept getting rejected so there is that
but then there was you
Jean has told connie, sasha, and Marco about you multiple times
But since they never met you they kind of didn’t believe him
but Marco believed him since you two talk with each other a lot
So during “Lunch time” you actually sat with Jean friends (why does this sound like we are in high school) 
Anyway you guys talked and got along
but you guys' had to clean because of levi after eating
Conie, sasha, and jean had to clean the halls with other cadets 
While you and Marco had to clean the stables, alone... together
Jean of course trusted both you and Marco 
But you and Marcos personality went well with each other
And you guys being alone together for probly a hour or two didn’t feel right
“Hey earth to Jean are you going to help me clean the shelves i’m too short,” Connie said waving his hand in front of  Jean face
Since multiple cadets were cleaning the halls they finished before the people cleaning the stalls.
Jean went over to where you and Marco was cleaning
“Hey guys are you alm-” Jean stopped just staring at you and Marco laughing together
He had this small smile on his face, walking away not wanting to interrupt you two
Jean usally wouldn't be jealous of you hanging out eith someone unless it is eren
But knowing hoe much nicer marco is kimd of concerned him
This dude is slightly cocky, but still overthinks a little
Also iu nevered laugh like that with him
Yes they do Jean, yes they do
Jen was distracted ft hie thoughts when someone hugged him
"Hm, hey y/n what are you up to," he said
"Well I have to shower, then I have time to spend with you," you said smiling at him
awkward jean activated
But fr he started blushing not knowing why
All his insecureities kind of flew away
"Hey y/n how do you actually feel about me," he said quietly " like im this relationship what do you think of me,"
"Huh well if you are really curious i care very much about you and... Love you," you replied
Jean basically tripped on air since he wasn't really expecting that answer
"Um love you too y/n," Jean said actually calm now
He gave a gentle kiss on your head smiling
Marco DEFINITELY wasn't watching the whole thing
Tumblr media
Okay normally you would know Eren friends before you guys started dating
And you did, except you didn't know armin well
So you and armin made a plan to go hang out with eachother when you guys didn't have anything to do for once
But the thing issssss...
No one told Eren this, and the time you guys were goung to hang out is when he has stable duty
Now it not like you can't hang out with other people. You and Eren just haven't talked for a while cause of an argument
Anyway you and Armin were just sitting outside, talking about random stuff
You guys were actually getting along really well
But you didn't know a sad Eren was watching you two behind a bush
You guys wouldn't of noticed him if he didn't actually fall over and made a bunch of noise
He quickly got up and just awkwardly stared at you two
"Umm hey guys didn't see you guys here, can I talk toy y/n for a second," Eren said passive aggressively
Armin quickly got up saying a quick bye
"What the hell was that about Eren," you said scolding him
"Well I was going to talk about the fight we had, but I didn't know you already found another boyfriend," he said.
"And you know me and Armin got in a fight the other day, is this your way of telling me you hate me cause it sure seems that way," eren shouted
"Eren your overeating me and Armin just wanted to hang out since this is one of the few time both of oir schedule is clear," you said kind of annoyed
"Ohhhhh I guess that make since," Eren said obviously embarrassed
You knew Eren pretty well and could tell he was insecure of Armin for some reason
You were still upset about him get upset like that, but you understanded
You two sat in silence for a while, before Eren started walking away
You quickly grabbed his arm staring at him
You were about to say something when he tightly hugged you
"I'm sorry I love you," was all he said even though it meant a lot
"I love you too Eren."
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itsnathateasy · 9 months ago
I demand a part 2 of the uni exchange!eren right now
(But fr pls don't take this as something rude im just joking but for the love of god please do a part2)
full disclosure, this story wasn't supposed to have a second part BUT i think this is what went down afterwards!
and no worries love, i know you meant good! thanks for clarifying it tho! <3
me: let’s not go overboard with this also me: writes a second part that is longer than its original version :/
read part 1 of the uni exchange student!eren
word count: 689
warnings: none exept for heartache
Tumblr media
it’s been a couple of days since you accidentally met eren on the streets and you can’t shake his lovely memory out of your head, you can’t help but reminisce what you two had and its inevitable ending
not uni exchange student!eren was the same but, of course, there’s no way either of you could know the other person’s feelings and thoughts
you decide to take action by first checking to see if the social media platforms of his still exist and are active
some accounts were deleted but luckily he still had the same phone number so he appeared on a messaging app, a green circle next to his contact
not seeing how or why it’d be weird to talk to him after all these years, you click his contact and start typing
“hi! how are you? i hope everything’s working out for you! i was just wondering, i’m in (name of town) for holiday, any chance you’re around? would love to catch up over a cup of coffee! no pressure ofc! take care! x”
“this is y/n btw, from uni (in case you don’t have my number anymore)”
eren’s face lights up when he sees this notif, he’d never deleted your number, he just never could. the fact that you took the initiative to text him gave him the sign that he needed to reach back
“hello! of course! meet me by the (name of monument) at noon? coffee’s on me!”
you guys do meet a few hours later and it’s WOW
you literally stare at each other for a good while, smiling and giggling at each other
eren touches the back of his neck with his hand, obviously too awkward to say a word
you break the silence with a hug first, before adding “it’s been such a long time, i don’t know where to begin! how was your day?”
your question stirred up some talking while you were walking together to a cafeteria that was close by
he briefed you about finishing his studies, getting his first job that he quitted (because his boss was a dick, he claimed, but you took that with a pinch of salt, knowing it’s eren we’re talking about), he’d been saving for a few years though and started his own business, a small restaurant with dishes from all over the world that he promised to take you the following day
you were skilfully avoiding the subject of relationships, but he brought it up, asking you what your situation was
you’d been in a long, yet toxic relationship that finally took its toll on you. you were now broken up and happy about it, thus gifting yourself a few days off in this beautiful city
he, on the other hand, had been dating this person on and off, for a few years, it was a confusing situation were things weren’t too serious but they also weren’t a friends with benefits thing, he didn’t seem to mind talking about it much tho so he filled you in with how they were, in fact, not at their prime currently
you’d already spent about 4 hours together, mainly catching up and him showing you around town
your catching up session was close to its end and you felt the air between you get awkward again
“so, lunch tomorrow, yeah? would love to have you taste my special dish! took your advice and removed the turmeric too”
“i’ll be there, no doubt!” you said and went in for a hug before saying goodbye
as you both pull away, he pulls you in again and gives you a passionate kiss on the lips
you pull back, startled at what just happened, but kiss him back right after
“i wish i could’ve said goodbye like this before leaving you that day” he mumbled not moving further away from your face
“that was 6 years ago eren, don’t dwell on that” you said, not moving away from his embrace either
“not telling you i love you in person has been haunting me ever since”
“it doesn’t have to anymore” you said before giving him one more kiss
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mychemicalreunionbitch · 3 months ago
hello besties I make good decisions
I'm going to my ex's house for a few days and we've been talking again for a few weeks and I- bruhhhhh I like this mans so much fr, always have
he said that he's missed me for the entire time we've been broken up (almost a full year) and that a bunch of stuff reminded him of me <3
when he rewatched h*rry p*tter he was reminded of me by luna (fr she's my fave character I lover her sm) and so he was thinking about me <3
and also vaguely NSFW but he was only ~active~ with one person in the whole almost year we were apart which tbh is kinda reassuring bc his reputation and the way ppl see him is, not at all how he actually acts but post break up I was really worried that he didn't care or whatever
and we're both just recently graduated and COVID pushed back our graduation formal so that's in a couple weeks and we're both going and aaaa I'm just so excited and down bad
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shachihata · a year ago
rating bsd characters on whether i could beat them in hand-to-hand combat
atsushi: probably not. i think i could take him if he didn’t shift but like. The man is literally a weretiger if he was using his ability i’d be gone. What else do i have to say
ranpo: i think so but just because he'd lose interest really quickly like if i put something sweet in the general vicinity of our fight he'd go for it immediately and i could just tackle him and go from there
kunikida: i think the sheer force of his belief in his ideals would knock me the fuck over even if he didn't have his little poetry diary. i think i could get like a hit or two in on him though. it'd be a fair loss
dazai: deceptively strong. also like, a former mafia member. i think the only way i'd win is if he was letting me win but also i'd place pretty good bets on him letting me win
kenji: r u srs
tanizaki: i could if he wasn't using his abilities but i wouldn't because naomi exists
naomi: see above. tanizaki would beat my ass if i touched her
kyouka: i care about her too much to try to beat her up but also she's a trained assassin and she'd win without breaking a sweat
yosano: i think i have less chance of beating her than kunikida just because unlike kunikida i don't think she'd hold back. yosano would for real like kill me and i'd let her because how dare my hubris actually let me think i have a chance of beating yosano
fukuzawa: he's old but on god have you watched that man fight? i would be on the ground. Amen to this gilf
katai: the man is literally a shut-in redditor. say no more
mori: i would just because i hate him so bad. i think elise would be on my side as well. literally sheer force of will would carry me through this fight
chuuya: on god bro chuuya could do it single-handed and blindfolded i respect chuuya too much to even challenge him. Not a fight i'm willing to take
kouyou: like chuuya, i Do respect this milf, but not enough not to challenge her. i think i could beat her but only if i took her by surprise like if we were in a fair match i think she'd win but i'd put up a good fight
ace: god this guy is fr a stickbug like hello? he is so fucking bougie i would snap him in half without his stupid little gem collars he has Nothing
karma: yeah this is just a normal guy and a normal fight i’d give us equal chances at success
akutagawa: this is contingent on whether i beat dazai earlier or not. if dazai had let me win akutagawa would be too catatonic to even enter the ring. if dazai had beat me akutagawa would also put me in the grave just to prove a point
higuchi: yeah i think so. this would be a fair fight for sure higuchi doesn't seem like the type to bend the rules. if she saw akutagawa on the floor she might try harder to defend his honor but i think it'd still be at least a good 50/50
hirotsu: like fukuzawa, this is a deceptively strong old man. like he leads the black lizards. i don't have a chance
gin: would give me a fighting chance out of mutual respect but i wouldn't beat her. she's too capable for that
tachihara: hmm this one's tough. maybe? like he's a trained hunting dog but also he's holding a LOT back yknow. i think i could win if i played dirty and started waxing philosophical about "who's your real family" before tackling him
kaiji: ok you saw him in the fight with yosano, without his bombs he is Nothing. also though he looks like he would literally launch himself at me like a feral animal. i'd give myself like a 60% chance on this one
yumeno: This Is A Child. not to mention that their ability is scary as fuck. yumeno would be the one challenging Me to the fight and i would let them win without asking any questions
sakunosuke: i wouldn't fight this dilf literally on moral grounds. he would tell me to step up and i would just forfeit the match. sakunosuke come back to me i miss you pspspspsps
ango: corrupt government agent desk worker? sign me up. i think he'd definitely get a few good hits on me but i'd knock him out just on principle alone
fitzgerald: i would win. he might be a capitalist who literally gets his superpowers from spending his money but i have a special ability called "i am communist" and with it i would knock fitzgerald off of that fucking whale a second goddamn time
alcott: once again i would win but morally? imagine the cost.
poe: man maybe the guild just isn't a physically strong team yknow. poe looks like he would fall over in a stiff breeze. Poe looks like i could punch him in the arm as a joke and they would feel it for a month
hawthorne: hawthorne looks like he'd call me a slur and if he wasn't using his ability i would pummel this fuddy duddy bitch to kingdom come
mitchell: same vibes as hawthorne ngl i'm pretty sure i could take her. she's a milf though so i'd give her a fighting chance
steinbeck: i think this would be a fair fight. also though i would let him win because he hasn't been in the manga since chapter fucking 44 and i miss him so fucking bad steinbeck PLEASE come back and beat fitzgerald's ass for me
lovecraft: tentative yes? like he doesn't look very PHYSICALLY strong, it's mostly just his "eldritch being" thing that makes him a threat, right? if i played it dirty and like, distracted him enough so he's comfortable and not in a state where he'd want to activate his powers then i think i could get at least a few good hits in on him
lucy: yeah easy as long as we're not in her room with anne. if she wasn't using her ability i could take her down easy but if she was and i had to deal with anne too? no thanks
melville: this is an old man but i don’t think this is a Deceptively Strong old man like fukuzawa and hirotsu. i would feel bad fighting him because he does seem like he’s just chilling but i’d do it
twain: he’s a sniper. hand-to-hand i’d knock him out. look at the way that fruit wears his shirt i’m winning this one
dostoevsky: fuck this guy i could and would choke him like the kermit meme. anemic rat bastard would die in one hit. i just have to get him started talking about god or humanity or some shit and then i would go in for the kill
pushkin: he’s a coward i just have to look intimidating and i already have a leg up on him i could take him out and i would enjoy it. he ADMITS that he’s not that physically strong. he’s gone
goncharov: simply based on dedication alone i don’t think i could win like... the minute he thinks about dostoevsky he powers up like a super saiyan. i would take great pleasure in fighting him though
mushitaro: yeah he'd be no problem. what is he, a writer?? he looks like he lives at his desk in shrimp posture for like 16 hrs a day i could knock him out
fukuchi: this old man would fucking murder me without blinking and also at this point in the manga i'm pretty sure he's functionally immortal because of "plot" "armor." if i fought him there would be a dramatic scene where i think i'm going to win before he pulls some bullshit like he has a multidimensional punch or something that killed me the day i was born and retconned the whole fight out of existence
gogol: i would win but only on the condition that i convinced him beforehand that "winning" is a social construct that he is falling prey to and his "want" to "win" is really a loss of free choice. this is more of a verbal battle, not a physical one
stoker: he is a head impaled on a sword. next question
sigma: augh. i wouldn't fight sigma they've gone through enough. if i HAD TO i would win but only if there was absolutely nothing on the line like this is just a friendly spar between friends because the minute sigma gets desperate they go bark bark bark feral and that'd lower my chances significantly
teruko: trained soldier. i would lose and she would enjoy sucking every last ounce of youth out of my shriveled body. freak
jouno: he might be blind but his ability would let him sense me from like a mile away and he's obviously pretty capable in an actual fight. i think i could give him a black eye before i went down though
tetchou: physical embodiment of no thoughts, head empty. in a fair fight? no. if i took him by surprise, then proceeded to distract him by talking about his weird habits and gossiping about the latest hunting dog drama while slowly wearing him down? maybe. 8 times out of 10 though he'd beat my ass i think
shibusawa: funniest man on the fucking planet he is NOTHING without his stupid little feminine-trait crystals i would break his nose hands down and everybody will clap
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motelsamndean · a year ago
Any people you would rec to follow? I need more blogs like yours to follow, though I think none will have your flair. I’m in love with your vibe and tags ❤️
Hi sweetheart!!! 💕🥰 Ahhh I see u in my notes all the time ilu so much, fr. Hmm, do u want the wincest or the vibes? Cuz those are two v v diff recc lists. I'll give u the wincest for now, bc I will shout to the sky how much I love these ppl on here (and also don't wanna tag non-spn blogs on here that I take from the vibes for, so if u want that recc list just DM me!) ..... Just a note a few of these blogs aren't crazy active (or active at all) anymore but I'm still soft for them 🥺
@awabubbles is a classic, I have been following Awa for literal yrs, INSANE art and INSANE fic and just overall wonderful vibes (my fave fic is Douglas County and my fave art is a bloody demon Sam that I reblog annually cuz I can't help it)
@zmediaoutlet posts the BEST and LONGEST fic I've ever seen send help. I think my fave is not the good things nor the bad, but I have like half of their fics saved and haven't read a few of their newer ones that look like they have exquisite tags I can't wait to devour. Also posts delicious rare pairs that literally only Z can write
@klowinchester (and her side blog @gothsamwinchester ) is my angel, she has wonderful headcanons and her aesthetic is ON POINT, half my blog is rbs from her and the other half is FOR her, wonderful wonderful
@writinginthesecrettrees is amazing, Kelly has the most delicious icky sticky sweet ideas and I'm a sucker for em till the day I die. Her Henrikson (idk how to spell fucckkk) series is so good, she even had the lil serial killer baby bois kill me and I'm still riding the high from that one.
@alexa-alcantara (and her @alexa-alcantara-wanderlust sideblog) have wonderful vibes and Alexa is such a stickler for classic spn and her posts are the best thing to get me in a samdean loving mood, she just GETS this show ugh
@holdmesamthatwasbeautiful .... Oh god what do I say abt Ninni? She is probably who I emulate the most on here, and I miss her every day. Go read her entire blog, pls, for the love of God. Every tag and snippet and post.
@leonismaior Ruth and Ninni go hand in hand in my mind, and oh god is Ruth's blog a treat forever and ever. She too isn't active any longer, but same as Ninni, go and devour.
@hangsabove ughhhhhhhh this has been some of my favorite spn art for a long time, and I miss seeing Alyx post so much buttttt delicious (multi shipping blog but god is everything beautiful)
@thebratfarrar posts the BEST caps dear god, they have a bunch of series for diff eps and scrolling thru their blog just makes me fall in love w the beauty of this show as well as their immaculate eye
@wincestismyguiltypleasure if you want overly excited crazy dangerous boys this is THE spot to be omg, tags for daysssss and just so wonderful, I could play in the gore of their posts forever and ever
@saintedevote is a wonderful wonderful angel who I will recc forever, such a calming presence on here who I love dearly, her fics are so meticulous and thought out, my fave fic is Nature of Reality, everything is so slow and steady and the build is wonderful
@teensamanddean has the utmost BEST tags in the world fr I would reblog everything they post if I could but that just wouldn't be fair. Best best best vibes forever and ever. If u wanna go tag lurking, start here honey
@haloforsam I /just/ followed them this wk but very very nice spn vibes ugh ugh ugh hello friend, rbs wonderful edits and just has nice vibes
@hunterslullaby I love love love everything they post, such grunge baby vibes full of fire, I'd love to call their blog home. Sooo good, best inspo forever
@universityofwestwincest posts edits that are out of this world, and I could write 100k fic based on their moodboards TMRW if only I was skilled enough, epitome of wonderful weecest
@toforgivedivine has written me the sweetest wincest poetry that I have put up on my walls and read every damn day, ugghhhh so good so good so good
@/wendigowashere was a wonderful artist who's posts you can still see floating around but I am still obsessed with, idk how to find their art now tho cuz they deactivated??
@thefriendlypigeon posts RLY RLY good art, I'm a suck for their big Cas series forever, if I could get a gif stamped behind my eyes.... Lemme tell u, it's either one of theirs or the side eye from Wendigo, fr
@itscrustylipsmcgee has art that I will cry and cry and cry for, there's one of Sam and Dean sketched in white on a black background that I look at AT LEAST once a wk
@stanfordera I just followed this blog too, but it's wonderful grungy vibes I'm obsessed w, I'm sure they'll be showing up in my rbs v v soon
@/lindencypressbirch (@/Linden on ao3) is my fave spn writer, Four Winters annihilates me every time, like cardiac arrest bring me back so I can read their fic again kinda vibes
@/dollylux on ao3 is a GOD WITH A PEN, I want to be buried with a hard copy of Invisible Boy, their fics are wonderful and I cannot get enough
There's a couple blogs I didn't wanna tag cuz idk if they wanna be posted on an spn wincest blog lol but ya..... That abt covers my recc list I think?? Some authors, some artists, some vibes. (If I missed anyone pls let me know and I'll edit I tried to get everyone I think?) I hope you're having a wonderful day tho, thx for asking me this!!!! It's perf, bc it gives u a bit more content now that I'm a lot more inactive on here! 🥰🥰
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charliesradiodemon · 2 years ago
Arranged Marriage (Part 6)
Part 1  Part 5
(Ping reminders for: @ariloucii @wargraymon0709 @in-to–deep @norski28 @the-red-milk @seekerbea @aclusterfuckofeverything If you want a ping reminder, comment, reply or dm me!
I’m amazed with the amount of people who like my fic and honestly I didn’t think this would go far haha Thank you all for your support and contributions for the Charlastor community!
EDIT 3/17/2020: I have rewritten this chapter and will continue to do so with the rest!)
Part 6
Charlie woke feeling incredibly well rested. It may have been due to her emotionally taxing day yesterday, but she somehow slept through the whole night without issue. A part of her felt guilty for how well she slept, but it also made her feel silly for thinking so. 
With a sigh, she turned onto her side as she recounted her day yesterday. Through her painful day, Alastor of all people was there to comfort her in his own strange way. 
He even promised to stay until she fell asleep, just as she had asked. Charlie half expected him to brush her off, especially after his odd reaction to her near-touch. But surprisingly enough he agreed. And as a man of his word, he indeed stayed until she drifted off to sleep. Her face warmed as she also remembered how she’d held onto his hand as he sat beside her. 
It was Saturday, a free day at the hotel, and one of Charlie’s only days off. Saturday was a day for the sinners of the hotel to do as they wished- preferably inside the hotel’s walls. It was a day of self reflection to allow the sinners to pick up their own hobbies and put in their own effort toward redemption. Being in hotel at all times kept them out of trouble and focused on rehabilitation, but they were also allowed to leave and do as they please. 
As for Charlie, she’d use the day to talk to whoever stuck around the hotel and plan the coming week’s activities. At the end of the day she’d normally watch a movie or binge a series with Vaggie, but it might not be the best idea considering the recent events around them. Besides her assumed broken tradition with Vaggie, today should be no different. She’d been living with this schedule for half a year now and she planned to stick to it. 
With a determined huff and and smile, Charlie sat up in bed. But as she did so, she noticed a familiar red figure at the other end of the room and froze. It was Alastor.
“He stayed the night.” Charlie whispered to herself. She scooted off the bed and fixed her nightgown before quietly walking up to the motionless form on her couch.
Sure enough it was Alastor, sitting upright, legs and arms crossed, a small close-lipped smile and his eyes closed. Had she not seen how slowly he breathed, Charlie would have assumed he was awake and waiting. Charlie leaned over and got close. ‘I guess even Alastor needs to sleep.’ She mused in her head. She’d never seen him sleep before and she’d never seen him so still and peaceful either. He was usually bouncing with energy and enthusiasm whenever he was around her.  
“Can I help you Charlie?” Alastor asked suddenly. Alastor’s bright red eyes shot open and stared straight back at the demoness.
“HOLY-“ Charlie jumped back immediately and nearly tripped on the rug, sending her limbs flailing about as she caught herself from tumbling. 
Alastor chuckled and rested his elbow on the armrest. He plopped his head on his open palm and watched Charlie try to calm herself. “Sorry if I startled you sweetheart, but watching people sleep is quite rude you know!” He grinned widely and continued to chuckle.
After collecting herself, Charlie took a few deep breaths to calm herself. “No, I’m sorry. I woke you up and I was… being kinda weird…” she looked away and fiddled with her unkempt hair. The pout on her face made Alastor’s flutter and he nearly forgot where he was for a moment. 
That was, until he took a good look at her hair. “No worries dear. I had a good laugh out of it,” he mused. He then pointed at her hair and raised an eyebrow. “By the way that is a fine nest you have!” Charlie shot him a confused look to be met with a smug grin.
When she turned and walked to her vanity she yelped, “What? How’d it get this bad?” She sat herself down and began running her fingers through her hair to get the tangled mess under control. With her frantic tugging, she kept getting her fingers snagged on the knots. She let out an exasperated sigh, signaling her quick defeat. “I mean it’s never perfect in the morning, but it’s never been this bad before! I need to get Razzle and Dazzle!” She shot up from her stool.
But before she could head for the door, two claw-like hands rested on her shoulders. Looking up in her vanity mirror, she saw Alastor holding her in place. “No need! I can take care of it if you’d like.” he materialized a brush from nowhere and gently pushed her down to sit. Saying nothing, Charlie sat back down and continued to watch him through the mirror. 
He went straight to work once she settled. Instead of going head first with the brush, Alastor set it aside and instead used his fingers to untangle any nasty snags that could get caught in the brush. It was so strange how thoughtful and careful he was as his pointed claws occasionally brushed over her scalp. Charlie even closed her eyes as he worked, clearly enjoying the sensation. 
Once Alastor deemed it satisfactory, he took the brush he’d summoned and gently brushed through her golden locks all while humming. 
Charlie’s butlers Razzle and Dazzle would normally brush Charlie’s long and voluptuous hair, but never had it felt this good. From the soft brushes of her scalp to the gliding of a brush through her hair, Charlie didn’t notice the content smile that graced her face. 
Alastor, however had. He watched the princess’ expression soften through the mirror with amusement. Was she truly this naive? Despite being at the mercy of the Radio Demon, one of the most feared overlords in Hell, she’d put her full trust in him and relaxed into his touch, even. The moment reminded him how just last night she asked him to stay until she fell asleep. It still racked his brain how she could be so at ease with him in the room. But most of all he wondered why exactly he decided to stay by her side the whole night. Or why he volunteered to brush her hair so carefully. 
“You have quite a lot of hair you know,” Alastor joked in an attempt to get his mind off of his confusing thoughts. He’d ponder on it more later, now was just not the time. 
Charlie’s eyes shot open, and Alastor could have sworn his heart skipped a beat at the sight. Even when he attempted to get his mind off of what she did to him, she still somehow managed to get his heart off-beat. So much so Alastor was beginning to think that he was merely experiencing heart palpitations. “You must get it from your mother.” he finished, trying to keep himself calm and collected. Charlie smiled soberly and nodded.
“Yeah, I get that a lot. It’s why I don’t ever wanna cut it, because it reminds me of my mom.” she chuckled and brought her gaze down to the floor, deep in thought. 
What was her mother dong? She still hadn’t called, nor had she picked up any of Charlie’s calls in the past few days. She must have been busy with wedding preparations, but couldn’t she just spare a couple of minutes for her daughter? She’d just gotten engaged! 
With his eyes still fixed on Charlie’s face, Alastor hadn’t realized that he’d thoroughly brushed though the demoness’ hair a while ago. He was so engrossed in the softness of her locks and his heart palpitations, he’d completely lost focus. He stopped brushing, but part of him didn’t want to stop just yet. So instead he started to do something else to Charlie’s hair, which promptly caught her attention. The gentle tugging told Charlie he was probably braiding her hair. “I bet you must be excited to see your mother today.” he commented. 
“Yeah- wait,” she slammed her palms on the table, stood and whipped her head around to face Alastor. The braid that he’d started came undone in the action, but Alastor didn’t care. Not when his fiancee’s beautiful demonic form began to peek out. Alastor’s grin widened in anticipation and his fluttering heart began racing.
“WHAT?” She shrieked, yet Alastor didn’t flinch. Charlie began pacing away from the vanity, muttering wildly with a hand over her mouth. Her wide eyed gaze was fixed on the ground. Alastor couldn’t understand what she was saying but he did notice that her horns were present and her nails seemed longer than usual. He took Charlie’s seat at the vanity and sighed contentedly at the sight of her. He had to admit that she certainly was a belle, but this side of her was a unique sort of beauty that he could appreciate. 
She looked to him pleadingly. “What should I do?” she cried before returning to her frantic pacing.
With a confused yet amused expression, Alastor asked, “Are you not excited to see her?” The demoness snapped her head to look at him once more with her ruby-red eyes. 
However the visible part of her true form retracted as quickly as it appeared with just a blink. Charlie stopped her pacing and sighed. “It’s not that. I just haven’t seen her in a long time and she hasn’t returned any of my calls,” she ran a hand through her hair and shook her head with a groan. “I-I just don’t know what to say to her Al.” 
“Why not just start with a simple ‘hello’?”
Charlie groaned in frustration again. “Come on, be serious!” She turned back around to pace with her hands tangled in her hair.
“Oh I am though,” he stood to full height and walked up to her to grab her by the scruff of her nightgown and effectively stopping her from pacing endlessly again. Once she stilled in his grasp, he released her before continuing, “The reaction to a simple smile and a ‘hello’ tells you everything you need to know about a person! See where you go with it sweetheart. Not to mention your mother would be pleased to see your gorgeous smile.”
Charlie turned and shot him an unsure look. When he didn’t falter from his confidently wide grin, she shrugged. “I guess it’s better than nothing. Thanks for the advice, Al.” she crossed her arms and turned away. The unsure tone of her voice did not comfort Alastor’s inner concern one bit. 
‘Concern? For her?’ He thought. When was the last time he’d felt concerned for anyone? And when was the last time he’d felt the need to truly comfort someone?
Alastor took each of her shoulders in his hands, causing her to look up at him. “Chin up my dear, everything should be going uphill from here on, trust me.” his calm, nearly radio-less voice and his closed lipped smile somehow eased Charlie and she relaxed under his touch. 
A soft, appreciative smile melted onto her face, sending his heart into a beating frenzy.  
He quickly let her go, letting his searing touch linger on her shoulders. “Now, after your little hotel duties, we have to go meet your mother to finish the details!” Alastor said quickly before briskly exiting the room and gently shut the door.
Charlie brought her hand to her shoulder where his hand had lain and felt her heart skip a beat.
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magnoliaxbarnes · 8 months ago
hello hi yes, its me, nika, here you share with you the one, the only, the boring: Magnolia Elisabeth Barnes. I am working on creating lots and lots of things for you to get to know our graceful Lia Barnes here, but in the essence of giving you things to connect to so we can plot, I have compiled the important things you must know about our lovely babe here. (tw: eating disorder)
Tumblr media
b a c k s t o r y
Born into a very traditional, southern family. Socialite mother from Charleston, Political father from Mount Pleasant–it was perfection or bust for them
Lavish childhood–only grew up with the “creme de la creme” of families (her mother’s words, not her’s) and participated in every activity ever created it seemed.
Her mother’s favorite–and the one that would stick–was pageantry. Magnolia would be well accustomed to the scene by an early age.
Magnolia was a very kind and compassionate child, making friends with most everyone she met. She was very determined though, and had a real fear of disappointing others. She was excellent in school and especially loved the English. She had dreamed of going to college to be a writer–a job quickly swept aside by her mother.
For her mother, Magnolia’s only job was to get married, make children and raise them the way she had been raised–perfectly. This put Magnolia under immense pressure as she got into high school.
Her older brother, whom she adored, was completely oblivious to all of this though, as was her father. So while she loved them both dearly, they couldn’t support her when things got bad.
(tw: eating disorder) And they did get bad. During the quarterfinals of Miss Teen American, after an intense few months of training, Magnolia had collapsed during taping–leading the competition, her mother and much of the local town to find out that she had been hiding an eating disorder for months
Her mother was ashamed and to save face, sent her off to London to finish high school instead of getting help. Magnolia opted to stay out there after high school ended, finding a job as a secretary. Eventually, she worked her way up to being the personal assistant of someone very important–a job that would let her travel the world on his behalf. It was also in London she changed her name from Magnolia–a remnant of her past–to Lia, something she had gotten to choose on her own.
(tw: eating disorder) She quite likes her job, though she worries that she’s never truly meeting standards–as a worry she has yet to outgrown from her childhood. She also fears that, since never receiving proper treatment for her eating disorder she will one day lapse into it (though she is working on figuring out how to manage it on the daily)
f a s t  f a ct s
Lia loves people–loves talking to them, meeting them, hearing about their lives. She felt very sheltered growing up, so her new freedom has really allowed her to take advantage of listening to others. In fact, you can often catch her people watching from a local cafe, especially when she’s on business for her boss.
She also has a (maybe unhealthy) love of Target. Please don’t tell her mother.
Speaking of her mother, Lia doesn’t have much contact with her family anymore–mostly her mom and dad. Her brother and her chat occasionally–but he’s busy with his life and as is Lia. But she does relish those conversations especially.
Lia really did love pageant life, though, and often spends time working with local girls as they start their first steps into the world. She sees it as a way to help them see the joy in it, rather than let it become overwhelming like it did for her.
She is looking forward to the day she can have her own dog–not that she can’t yet but she knows that her traveling schedule is a little hectic for one right now. But if she could have one–oh, it’d be a cute cocker spaniel.
And yes, she does have a slightly southern accent–though her years in London made it fade.
p l o t s
Chemistry is always a plus. Never gonna shy away from that one.
FRIENDS! Oh lord give her friends–real, true friends. She hasn’t had many of those.
Clients for her boss–I’d love to plot something around that. Still trying to figure out who her boss is and what he does but clients are fun.
Uhm, honestly really anything. I’m excited to see where this could go!
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mooshs-crack-headcanons · a year ago
Hi! Can I ask some headcanons with Sanji, Zoro, Franky and Robin where they meet a female reader who is a singer, she and Brook are good friends and have had perform together (on the time skip), and later on they find out she actually sings metal or some heavy rock? How would they react? :3
Brook hadn't shut up about you for literal days.
An advertisement for your upcoming concert was plastered all over the World Economy newspapers, your fans littered the streets with fan posters and clad in your merch.
The News coo of the day flew by the Sunny early that morning, the Strawhats after their breakfast off to do their own activities for the day while they traveled for the next island. 
Out on next Brook had been sharing a cup of tea with Robin, him quietly humming Binks sake to himself as he tapped his foot and both skeletal hands cupped his tea.
The News coo flew hovered over him, landing in his afro.
"Why hello, News coo-san." He greeted the bird. 
The News coo chirped in response demanding for its payment.
Out of his pocket the musician pulled out a few berries and dropped it in the small bag around the bird's torso.
The News coo chirped once more in acceptance of the payment before it pulled out a newspaper and plopped it in the skeleton's lap.
Robin next to him smiled at the scene.
In a matter of moments as the bird took back off, Brook picked up the newspaper with interest.
Let's see what was going on in the world.
His eyes (except he has none, Yo ho ho ho!) scanned the headlines.
Nothing really caught his interest.
Until he saw your ad. 
The skeleton absolutely squealed in excitement! So loud in fact it drew the interest of the rest of the crew.
They all gathered around the skeleton concerned, asking him what was the matter.
And so Brook then excitedly told them about you! 
In the two years the Strawhats had separated, you were just an upcoming phenomenon. 
And with Brook also starting out it made sense for the two of you to collab, and you did, many times
He really got into the sound of your voice, how it made the messages of your songs more defined.
Sure, Brook could be a creep sometimes but you liked his skeleton jokes! He was a joy to be around. 
From the sound of your ad, your concert wouldn't be for another two weeks, a perfect amount of time for a visit. So he began to write you a quick letter.
With luck and skill you managed to come onto the Sunny unfollowed. 
It'd look really bad if a celebrity like you were conversing with not just wanted pirates, but ones that had declared war on the World Government itself. 
But fuck the government, right?
Tumblr media
This is Sanji. 
You know what the first interactions going to be like. 
But after all the nosebleeding and swooning over you, did Sanji take a good look at you.
You looked nothing like you did in your ad.
In the ad your face was heavily covered with makeup and your hair was pushed back to the extreme to show off your sharp features. The clothing you wore was heavily leather clad and chains covered your every joint, your expression alone could kill anyone on sight. 
This was definitely not the woman standing before him.
A wide grin spread wide on your face as you conversed with your old skeleton friend. You clothing was lose yet comfortable and your hair carelessly flowed down your shoulders. 
How could a woman look like two completely separate people? 
No, but you still looked hot either way. 
Sanji finally got his answer when Chopper was the one to pipe up and ask what type of music you sang.
Heavy metal. 
Like the type of music with shredding guitars and screamed vocals? 
Something about that awakened something in him he never knew about.
Tumblr media
So what? You're a singer, that's not really a big deal. 
Sure, Brook's music makes him feel relaxed enough to tap his foot while he's looking to take a nap but that doesn't mean anything.
You know what IS a big deal? Swords.
Swords are a big deal. 
What was that? You have an album called The Call of the Righteous Blade?
Okay maybe he's willing to hear you out. 
Late into the evening you arrived Luffy excitedly asked for you to play a song with Brook.
For old times sake you two decided to go for it. 
Brook provided the instrumental with his guitar while you sang a hard melody that popped in your mind. 
Zoro found himself caught on every word, the sound of your voice mystified him. 
Okay, maybe it was a medium sized deal. 
Tumblr media
Sweet, you're a musician?!
He considered himself a patron of the arts as well as being a SUPER cyborg.
From what Brook showed him of your old albums covers he came to the conclusion that heavy metal was your thing.
Franky respected that. 
As well the apocalyptic theme they seemed to heavily themed robots as well as cyborg imagery.
It brought a little tear to his eye. 
The moment you stepped on ship he and Brook were the direct first ones to immediately greet you.
With one look at him your lips gaped like a goldfish before the absolute nerd burst out of you. 
You gasped in awe at his robotic arms. 
Don't get me started how you reacted when you saw his hair change function with his nose.
Honey, the sight of it alone almost made you cream your pants with the full force of NERD.
The whole time you stayed on board a constant smile was on your face as you studied Franky's tech. 
You jokingly suggested about writing a song about his possibly ridiculous struggle of daily life as a cyborg, thinking it would get a giggle out of him.
He only stared back, his face 10000x serious. 
It took you and the Strawhats, who had never seen him this serious before, back.
"It better be called the Ultra SUUUPER life of Cyborg Franky. That's not a suggestion, that's a demand."
Tumblr media
Robin is a woman of many arts.
Her archaeology, her gathered knowledge of history,  her passion to read, her love to draw.
Her enjoyment of music was also one of them.
She was the one to see first handily Brook’s reaction to seeing your ad, so she could tell right off the bat that you and the skeleton were old friends even before Brook explained that to the rest of the crew.
But something else caught her interest when she asked Brook about your songs.
A lot of them seemed to hold interesting hidden meanings to them.
Messages that a ‘higher power’ was holding the ‘truth’ of the voided days from the lower rest of the ‘followers’? Messages that the ‘absuructed past’ was orchestrated with foul intentions of grandeur?
Not only did it seem that you somehow knew that the void century was purposefully covered up by the World Government, but you  seemed to get away with passing along the messages to your audience somehow with them not realising it.
Something made her heart swell by the thoughts of rebellion against the bastards who Buster Called down her island.
When you were asked to perform with Brook by Luffy did she find herself entranced even more than the rest of her crew at your voice.
The thought that your same voice demanding for truth from the World's oppressors really did make her hang onto your every sung word.
Long after you left to go back to traveling to your first concert venues did she find herself humming your song time to time.
Every time, your messages loud and clear in her head.
Tumblr media
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0chexmix0 · 10 months ago
Hello!! Bout time I make a semi intro lol, so here is a small get to know me!!
I'm Chex, but y'all can also call me Jester! I am 17 years old, but will be 18 in a couple of months!
I consider myself an artist, though I have not actually drawn somethin in a while lmao. I also like the play video games and write occasionally! I also cosplay but I don't think I'll be showing off any of my personal stuff on here anytime soon due to being underage and also just self conscious lol
I am a lesbian (atleast I'm p sure!!) and speculating being on the ace spectrum (kinda ironic considering I have kinks, but this is where it starts getting uncomfortable to talk about openly especially considering I'm a minor so I don't really wish to disclose WHY I think I am)
Since this acc is for kink and NSFW shit (and one of my kinks is snez), I'll mention that I usually prefer women sneezing wavs n stuff, though occasionally male sneezes are alright? Idk lol I think it's just the comphet subconsciously trying to attach any sneeze it here's to "this characters sneeze would sound like this!!!" Lmao idk
I like Ho/mes/tuc/k, Dan/ganr/on/pa, SG/T Fr/og, and a few other things (I promise I'm not a problematic tiktok child pls I've been stalkin SFF and Snzblr for a few years now and try to do actual analysis n research of and on characters n plot stories n all that--)
Im not the most active on this acc cause I have a job n have actually finally started hanging out with friends more, but I do try my best!!! I prob won't post much but I'll try to interact a bit!
Uhhh I like making friends? Don't be shy to message me or somethin!! Im a bit new to actually interacting community n all so I'm not sure how to like comfortably hold a conversation (that part isn't exactly new tbh lmao) so if I seem a bit rigid in conversation or iffy pls know I'm trying!!! I'm not used to just talkin bout this stuff lmao.
If anyone wants to roleplay I may be down. Ive been having a huge writers block recently n have some other non-kink rps to respond too but I really wanna get back into it and keep practicing in character writing and not just ocs!! (I do semi-lit to novella if anyone wishes to know lol)
My discord is 🕸️ChexMix💮#0871
I'm always open to talk, though I'm usually more comfy talkin to people around my own age ya know? It gets a bit awkward if you get really into talking about this stuff with someone older than ya lol
I'm one of those people who likes hearing people sneeze n stuff but I'm uncomfy sneezing myself n all. Idk if it's weird or hypocritical but that's my personal preference buuut if anyone wants to talk on discord or Tumblr bout sneezing and maybe do a call I may draw ya somethin if I have the time and motivation in return instead of sneezing 030 (I need to redownload KIK I don't have it anymore since it's got such bad shit round it lmao)
IIIIII think this is all for now I think??? Idk buuut I guess here is the end of my intro!! I hope to be able to finally make friends round my age who I can actually talk to and all that stuff!! Have a great day / night everyone!!!! :DD
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aprilyn-uclusin26 · a year ago
The Ilocos Sur Naturals Beauty
hello everyone its me Aprilyn Uclusin,  Allow me to show you some of the province of Ilocos Sur's natural beauty and wonders. 
Tumblr media
Ilocos Sur was founded by the Spanish conquistador, Juan de Salcedo in 1572. It was formed when the north (now Ilocos Norte) split from the south (Ilocos Sur). At that time it included parts of Abra and the upper half of present-day La Unión.
The province is famed for its diverse culture and history, as well as its heritage sites, adventure parks, and, of course, its cuisine. This time, though, we'll be focusing on the wonderful sites to visit in Ilocos Sur.
1.  Vigan Cathedral
Tumblr media
Another Vigan Ilocos Sur tourist spot to check out is the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Also known as Vigan Cathedral, it is considered a major religious landmark not only of northern Luzon but the country as well. The original structure was built in 1574 with wood and thatch. It was just a mere chapel then. It was only in 1641 when it was turned into a church and was completed in 1800.
The Vigan Cathedral follows a Baroque architectural design that has been modified by Ilocanos to strengthen the structure against earthquakes which is known as “Earthquake Baroque.” Don’t miss this as it is one of the most beautiful Vigan tourist spots.
Earthquake Baroque architecture
2.  Calle Crisologo
Tumblr media
If you want to travel back in time, Calle Crisologo is the best place to be. This tourist spot in Vigan City is a street of old Spanish structures, mostly houses of wealthy families and Filipino-Chinese traders. This is where you’ll see the famous cobblestone streets that represent Vigan’s image.
Must-read: Calle Crisologo: Walking Through A Tale of War and Love
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Cobblestone streets
One of the world’s best preserved Spanish colonial towns
3.  Bantay Church Bell Tower
Tumblr media
The Saint Augustine Parish Church, commonly known as Bantay Church, is a Roman Catholic church in Bantay, Ilocos Sur in the Philippines. The church was dedicated to St. Augustine of Hippo. It is also known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity (Shrine of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad) housing the miraculous image of Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Charity, crowned by the Pope as the patroness of Ilocandia on 12 January 1956.
The old historic belfry of the church known as the Bantay Tower, which served as a watchtower for pirates back in the Spanish colonial era, gave the town its name - bantay (meaning to guard). Established in 1590, the church is one of the oldest in the Ilocos Region
The Bantay Church Bell Tower served as the town’s watchtower in 1591. The magnificent view that this tourist attraction in Ilocos Sur may have been the reason why it was supposedly “Diego and Gabriela Silang’s favorite date spot during the 17th century.”
Located on a hilltop overlooking the province
Perfect for picture-taking
4. Crisologo Museum
Tumblr media
Crisologo Museum is an ancestral home-turned-museum belonging to one of Vigan’s most prominent sons, the late congressman Floro S. Crisologo. His wife, Carmeling, had their home converted in memory of Floro after he was assassinated in Vigan Cathedral.
A cool museum showing memorabilia and some artifacts of Crisologo family
5.  Baluarte Resort and Mini Zoo
Tumblr media
Looking for a tourist spot in Vigan City that kids would love? You’ll never go wrong with Baluarte Resort and Mini Zoo. Just 10 minutes away from Calle Crisologo, Baluarte Resort and Mini Zoo lets you get close to nature’s wonderful creatures from cute little birds to big cats a.k.a. tigers. This Vigan Ilocos tourist spot is also dubbed as the “Home of the Big Cats in Vigan,” as it shelters Bengal tigers, white lions, and leopards.
Related article: Top 10 Vigan Tourist Spots You Should Explore Soon
Close encounter with the animals
Perfect for families with kids
6. Pagburnayan Jar Factory
Tumblr media
When someone gives you a jar from Vigan City, know that it’s of good quality. Among the most famous jar factories in the province is the Pagburnayan Jar Factory. Here they make the jars from a grade-A clay which is abundant in the area.
Pagburnayan, comes from the root word burnay. It refers to the hand-crafted earthenware pots made from Vigan. Bantog clays these are called. They’re dug from the western barangays of the city. I once asked a cuchero who was touring me around where they would get more of these, if supplies ran out. Impossible, he says, they’ve been sourcing their materials from that area since Chinese immigrants came to Vigan City and established the craft.
One of the few authentic jar makers in Vigan
7.  RG Jar Factory
Tumblr media
Another tourist spot in Vigan City that lets you unleash the creativity in you is the RG Jar Factory. Like Pagburnayan, you can also buy jars and pots here and even make your own. The jar makers can demo how it’s done and let you create your own clay pot or jar. The place does not have any entrance fees whatsoever but you could donate any amount, it’s up to you.
Lets you create your own jars
8.  Syquia Mansion Museum
Tumblr media
Want to see how the wealthy lived in the past? Go to Syquia Mansion. Located in Quirino Boulevard, this tourist spot in Vigan City has been decorated with antique furniture, paintings, and exhibits from the time of President Elpidio Quirino, a native of Vigan. The stunning house was owned by Quirino’s wife, who belonged to the affluent Syquia family.
Home to ancient furniture, relics, and paintings
9.  Padre Burgos House
Tumblr media
If you’ve read Philippine history books, you’ll surely be familiar with the three martyr priests during the Spanish times: GomBurZa. Among those three priests lived in Ilocos Sur and that is Padre Jose Burgos. His home is now a famous attraction in Ilocos Sur. Padre Burgos House features different exhibits and a look to the priest’s life.
This museum is the ancestral house and birthplace of priest patriot Fr. Jose Burgos. Known as Padre Burgos House, it is one of the notable historic structures of Vigan, the capital of the province of Ilocos Sur. It is a two-story structure located near the Provincial Capitol and close to St. Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral. It was renovated by the Filipinas Foundation, Inc. and inaugurated on May 3, 1975. In January 1989, a Contract of Lease was executed by the Ilocos Sur Historical and Cultural Foundation, Inc. leasing the memorabilia for 50 years, and turning over the administration to the National Museum.
Showcases various exhibits and collections
Shows how Padre Burgos lived
10.  Plaza Salcedo
Tumblr media
Located between Vigan Cathedral and the Provincial Capitol, Plaza Salcedo is a great spot for picture taking at day and turns to a stage of dancing lights at night. The water in the fountain is always right on cue and dances to the beat of the music. What a sight to catch while munching on the best Vigan empanada. Don’t miss this Vigan Ilocos tourist spot for a fun night!
This is like their version of a mini Luneta Park. Fronting the UNESCO protected Vigan Cathedral , it is flanked by several offices , fast food outlets , shops . It has its own dark history , its own Rizal monument , but gets filled at night with its renowned dancing fountains which is free to the public. For the sake of photo opportunities, just include this in the Vigan itinerary . One of the must see.
Dancing fountains
Near many food stalls
11.  Hidden Garden
Tumblr media
Another attraction in Ilocos Sur that will delight your eyes and tummy is Hidden Garden in Vigan. It’s not just a garden though as there are food stalls and a cafe where you can eat while appreciating the beautiful view. They also sell plants and flowers there.
Lots of souvenir items made from indigenous materials
Very Instagrammable spot
12. Mindoro Beach of Vigan
Tumblr media
Vigan Ilocos Sur tourist spots are not just about historical places and heritage sites but it also takes pride in sites for RnR. One of the best spots is Mindoro Beach that offers a front-facing view of the West Philippine Sea. The sand there is black fine and smooth as powder.
Not too crowded
Perfect place to relax because of the calming ambiance of the beach
13.  Ilocos Sur Adventure Zone
Tumblr media
If you’re looking for some adrenaline rush, add Ilocos Sur Adventure Zone to your Ilocos Sur itinerary. Here you can ride a zip line that  traverses the towns of Santa and Bantay, so you have a perfect view of the Abra River down below as well as the old and new Quirino bridges.
The sports and recreation facility also offers more adrenaline-pumping activities like a giant swing, kayaking, and rock climbing and rappelling at the rocky Banaoang mountains. This is definitely one of the most fun tourist spots in Ilocos Sur that’s hard to miss.
Recreational activities
Perfect for family and friends
14.  Sta. Maria Church
Tumblr media
Most of the famous tourist spots in Ilocos Sur comprises old churches that are definitely worth visiting. Among the notable ones is the Sta. Maria Church. This Santa Maria Ilocos Sur tourist spot is a UNESCO-listed Heritage Site as part of the baroque churches in the country. The Augustinians had this built in the 1760s. This destination is a historical piece that tells a story about the country’s past. You’ll also see its bell tower several meters away from the church which is a layout that is unique to its time.
Features baroque architecture
UNESCO-listed Heritage Site as part of the baroque churches in the Philippines
15.  Candon Church
Tumblr media
Also known as the Saint John of Sahagun Parish Church, Candon Church was constructed with an Earthquake Baroque design like most other churches built hundred years ago.
What makes this Candon City tourist spot fascinating is its four-storey octagonal bell tower that has alternating open and blind apertures, a balustrade and is topped by a campanile. Don’t miss this as it’s one of the must-visit Candon Ilocos Sur tourist spots.
Earthquake Baroque architecture
Octagonal bell tower
16.  Narvacan Church
Tumblr media
Established in 1576, Narvacan Church, also known as Saint Lucy Parish Church, first served as a visita and a first house of worship for the locals. This church stood the test of time and survived many natural calamities and the two World Wars. This Narvacan Ilocos Sur tourist spot is definitely a must-visit.
Known as one of the first seats of Christianity in Ilocos
17.  Sangbay ni Ragsak Falls
Tumblr media
If you want to take a break from the historical places in Vigan Ilocos Sur, refresh yourself by taking a quick dip at the Sangbay ni Ragsak Falls. Its name is an Ilocano term which means “Falls of Happiness.” This 30-meter high Suyo Ilocos Sur tourist spot attracts both local and foreign tourists alike because of its picturesque view even if it’s located in a remote area.
Perfect for a quick dip
Stunning surroundings
18.  Archbishop’s Palace
Tumblr media
Sitting right next to Vigan Cathedral is the Archbishop’s Palace. What makes it interesting is its architectural features that include sliding capiz shell windows, cut-out decorations with flower motifs, and a garden.
This Vigan Ilocos tourist spot miraculously survived the destruction brought by World War II and it is the only surviving example of an 18th century archbishop’s palace in the country.
The only remaining 18th century palace of this kind in the Philippines
Museo Nueva Segovia that is home to a collection of priceless ecclesiastical artifacts and relics from other churches from around the Ilocos region
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starlit-serenade · a year ago
Dance With Me | Chapter 5
Tumblr media
💙 Summary: After visiting the members of ONEUS during their dance practice, you find yourself inspired to learn to dance. You ask your friend Kim Geonhak to teach you.
💙 Chapter 5: 2,242 words
💙 Pairing: Reader x Kim Geonhak (Leedo) / Characters: GenderNeutral!Reader; Kim Geonhak (Leedo); Son Dongju (Xion); Yeo Hwanwoong (Hwanwoong); Lee Keonhee (Keonhee); Lee Seoho (Seoho); Kim Youngjo (Ravn);
💙 Rated: T for some minor swearing / Warnings: Minor Swearing; Jealousy (Later in the fic) / Genre: Fluff; Minor Angst (Later in the fic); Friends-To-Lovers; Happy Ending;
《 Series Masterlist // ONEUS Masterlist // Boy Group Masterlist 》
Tumblr media
You arrive to practice with your mind buzzing. Hwanwoong had texted the Team B party planning group chat that today is the day where you would meet with Team A--Youngjo, Seoho and Keonhee--to finish planning Geonhak's birthday party next week. The meeting is only ten minutes after your practice with Geonhak ends, so you'll have to hurry to the ONEUS dorm after practice.
You open the door, and Geonhak is inside. A song that you don't recognize is playing, and Geonhak is dancing intensely, watching his own movements intensely as he dances this unfamiliar choreo. While the song isn't familiar, you known the voices of ONEUS well enough to guess that this is an upcoming song, or at least a work-in-progress.
Geonhak is so focused on the dance that he doesn't notice that you've walked in. His eyes are so focused on his own body in the mirror that he doesn’t see you enter. You laugh to yourself.
Payback for those times he's come in and watched me dancing without me knowing, you think. You sit down on the ground to stretch silently and watch him, impressed. His voice comes on in the song, and you have to prevent yourself from saying wow out loud. You admire the choreography, the way Geonhak's shoulders move.
Perhaps someday I'll learn this choreography, you think.
The song comes to a close, Geonhak throws his head back in exhaustion. He runs his hand through his hair, breathing heavily as he turns around.
He freezes in his tracks when he sees you sitting on the floor. His eyes widen in surprise, then he looks really shy, then he goes back to his normal self in a matter of seconds. "How long have you been here?"
"A bit. Your part is amazing. Was that the new title track?"
He lets out a chuckle. "Thank you. Yes, that was the new title track, coming out later. Do you like it?"
"I do. It's cool. Your dance is really pretty," you say.
Geonhak looks away from you. "Thanks. Let's finish up stretching, and decide what song you want to try next."
He sits down in front of you and watches you with a smile. His eyes on you make you look down at the floor for some reason. "So what song would you like to learn next? Another ONEUS song?"
You smile. "Of course."
"What songs did you have in mind?"
"I mean. Lit is a fun one. Valkyrie, too. Twilight. Zigzag--"
"You've just named all of our title tracks, Y/Nie!" Geonhak chuckles. "I have an idea. We can go with two songs. We'll spend the first two hours learning the first one, and then the second two learning the second one. How does that sound?"
"That sounds fun."
"Great," Geonhak says, humming. "What two songs would you like to try?"
You think for a long moment. "Can we do Lit?"
Geonhak smiles. "Sure. We'll do Lit first."
"Let's start with the pre-chorus this time," Geonhak says, standing in front of the mirror.
"So you're gonna start with your legs in sort of a front stance, turn all the way to your left and put your arm over your leg with your hand against the outside of your thigh. Like this."
You copy his stance. Arm over leg, facing the left wall. You glance at the mirror and make sure to adjust your knees and position.
"Good. Now, you're gonna twist your body in a loop, lean back, and lower your body to kneel like this with your left arm down--"
You immediately do the move, so you're kneeling like him. This move, you've seen and done so many times that it comes somewhat easier to you. You check the mirror and see that you're correct as he continues to demonstrate.
"--and then straighten your back quickly. Lift your right arm, eolssu, and then your left arm, eolssu."
You follow his demonstration closely, which isn't too hard. This song, you've tried to do in your living room, so while you're not good at it yet, you're certainly familiar with it.
"Good. Now," Geonhak says, "lift your back knee off of the ground. Shift your weight back to face the left side of the room again and now put both of your hands over your thigh in an X. Then lean back, and slide your hands behind your back and down with the beat."
You nod, copying the movements.
After a couple hours of learning the rest of the pre-chorus and the chorus, and after taking a ten minute break, Geonhak starts teaching you Valkyrie, starting with the pre-chorus.
"Face the right wall, and put your hand back like this, palm up. You're going to have your right toes and your left heel facing toward the front of the room and off of the ground, so that your feet are positioned in a V."
You copy him. It takes you a minute to get your feet positioned correctly, but Geonhak waits patiently with a smile on his face.
The end of practice nears, and you and Geonhak sit down to stretch together. You look up from your stretches to smile back at Geonhak, and your eyes land on the clock on the wall behind him.
"Oh, shit," you mutter, quickly getting up from your stretches. You start scooping up your stuff. "I have to go."
"What? So soon?" he asks.
"Yes, Dongju's waiting for me," you say.
You blink, realizing what you said wrong.
"Uh, yeah. Yeah, I have a, uh, a doctor's appointment, and Dongju's taking me."
"Oh." He looks sad. "Take care! See you soon."
As you reach the door, you frown. "Aren't you going to be heading home?" you ask. Geonhak shakes his head.
"No. I have . . . some extra stuff to do."
"Okay. Bye, Geonhak," you say. He smiles softly and waves goodbye. You wave back, before you run down  the hallway to change in the bathroom, before hurrying to the ONEUS dorm for the birthday party preparation meeting.
Tumblr media
You arrive and knock on the door and wait. Dongju opens the door after a moment and smiles.
"Y/N, you're almost late," he whispers.
"I was at practice with Geonhak! I had to change," you explain. Dongju rolls his eyes and drags you inside.
When you had pictured a surprise party meeting, you had imagined that the five members would have set up a space in the bedroom so that it'd be harder for them to be accidentally walked in on by Geonhak. However, they've simply set up at the dining table, Team A on the left and Team B on the right. Youngjo, Seoho and Keonhee are seated on Team A's side, with their phones on the table with notes. Hwanwoong sits on Team B's side with his phone open to the group chat. Dongju sits in the middle chair so you sit on his left, facing Keonhee.
"So," Youngjo says. "We have gathered here today to figure out how we want to celebrate Kim Geonhak's birthday before. We will have opening statements from Team A."
Keonhee opens his phone and clears his throat.
"Our plan for Kim Geonhak's birthday morning includes the following," he says, leaning forward in his chair. "We will spend time at either RBW or the dorm. We'll practice a bit, and then relax."
"Then," Seoho continues, "we will eat lunch at the dorm."
Team B applauds Team A, clapping as Youngjo, Seoho and Keonhee bow before sitting back down.
"That is all Team A has planned," Youngjo says. "We sort of . . . didn't spend as much time on this as you three. Now, Team B, your turn to present your proposal for the afternoon."
Hwanwoong stands up in his chair and clears his throat. "Hello. I am Yeo Hwanwoong of Team B. I am joined, today, by my colleagues Son Dongju and Y/N. Today, we will be presenting our proposal for the afternoon of Kim Geonhak's birthday celebration."
Seoho is laughing in amusement at how seriously Hwanwoong is taking this.
"Our plan includes snacks such as ice cream, sweets, fruits and small meat appetizers," Hwanwoong continues.
"We have multiple afternoon activities planned, including a random play dance, several guess-the-song challenges, and other music and dance related games. We are open for additional suggestions at any time. Then, for dinner, we will go out to that restaurant Geonhak loves so much."
"As for decoration plans," you say, "we propose a silver, gold, black and white color scheme, with streamers and balloons."
Keonhee starts the applause, followed by Seoho, then Youngjo. You, Dongju and Hwanwoong take your seats once again.
"Does anyone have any feedback or questions?" Youngjo asks. Keonhee raises his hand.
"Hwanwoong, what ice cream flavors will there be?" he asks.
"Rainbow Sherbet, Geonhak's favorite," Hwanwoong says. "Don't worry, Keonhee, I know all of ONEUS's favorites. They'll be there."
After questions conclude, you six decide roles for party set-up.
"Dongju, Y/N, can you two be in charge of decorations?" Youngjo asks. You both nod, and Dongju gives Youngjo a thumbs up.
Keonhee ends up in charge of making lunch with Hwanwoong. Seoho is in charge of finding and putting together the activities, and Youngjo ends up in charge of getting snacks. After all of the roles are decided, you all put your hands together.
"1! 2! 3! Let's go!"
As you all start cleaning up, you realize how late it is. The sky is dark, almost black.
"Why hasn't Geonhak come home? Shouldn't he have come sometime during the meeting?" you ask.
"No. He actually has to catch up with some practice choreography," Dongju explains. "He's started staying late for extra practice since he started teaching you."
You blink. "What?"
"Usually, after you head home, Geonhak stays at RBW practicing for hours on the new choreos. Since he spends so much time with you, he has to find extra time to do his own practices. And he also comes in early mornings to prepare for your practices. Has he not told you?"
You shake your head.
Dongju frowns for a bit, confused, before his expression morphs into something like shock or surprise.
"I . . . probably shouldn't have told you that then."
You frown. "What do you mean?"
Dongju waves the question aside. "Don't worry about it. Anyway, you should get some rest. Let me walk you home."
You and Dongju walk home comfortably, like you did with Geonhak a while ago. You think about what Dongju had said. Had Geonhak gone and practiced at RBW after dropping you off at your home? Has he really been coming in extra to catch up with the other members and prepare to help you?
"How's your practice with Geonhak going?" Dongju asks after a while.
"Oh, it's going really well," you say excitedly. "I just finished learning Geonhak's part in A Song Written Easily last practice, so now Geonhak is helping me learn Lit and Valkyrie."
Dongju is smiling widely. "You seem to be enjoying it a lot. Maybe as much as Geonhak is."
"Huh? What do you mean?"
He chuckles. "I know you very well, Y/N. I've known you for years. And I've rarely seen you this excited about something for this long. Often times, when you get excited by a hobby, but then your excitement dies down after a week or two. But it's been several weeks, and you're still smiling like a fool whenever you think about it."
You place your hand on your cheek and realize that they hurt from your smiling so hard and excited chattering about how practice has been.
"Geonhak, on the other hand. You should see him after he comes back to the dorms after practicing with you," Dongju continues. "Or even during our practices before practicing with you. He's always smiling like an idiot on your practice days."
You blink.
"Y/N. How do you feel about Geonhak?" Dongju asks after a moment. You stare at him, unsure of how to answer that question.
"I mean. I like him. He's my friend. He's a good dance teacher. He's kind and sweet and funny, just like the rest of you."
"But do you like him?" Dongju asks, emphasizing the word like.
You frown. "Why would you ask me that?" you ask. You don't have an answer, though. You think back to all of the butterflies that you've had, fluttering about in your stomach for the past few weeks. Maybe you do have an answer.
"Like I said, Y/N. I know you very well. There's definitely something going on in that head of yours, whether you know it or not," he says, poking your head gently. "I've seen you two interact. Just from hearing you talk just now, I can hear that there's something. Even if you don't know it."
You blink. "Dongju, I don't--"
"Oh look, we're here!" He stops, and you realize that you two are, in fact, right outside your door. Dongju smiles at you softly. "Go sleep, Y/N. Get some rest. I'll text you tomorrow to figure out a time to go decoration shopping for Geonhak's birthday, okay?"
You nod. "Okay."
He waves goodbye, and you sigh, watching him leave. As you turn to go inside, you turn over the past few minutes in your head. As you shower and get ready for bed, you continue to consider your feelings.
You don't like Geonhak like that.
Do you?
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A Cup of Tea for Your Jealousy? (Sokka x Reader)
Author’s Note: And here’s fic number two! I decided to go with a Sokka x reader this time since I love my boy Sokka. I have a couple more Sokka and Zuko fics in the work, and I will be writing some Marvel (Peter Parker) and Umbrella Academy (Five & Ben). And now my asks are open! I know I don’t have many followers at the moment but it is open for anyone who would like to request anything or just drop in to chat a bit! Thanks so much!
Summary: An AU where the gaang decides to visit Jet after the war since he almost died trying to protect Aang. Sokka doesn’t like the idea of the reader being around Jet too much.
A Cup of Tea for Your Jealousy?
Sokka x Reader
Word Count: 4,184
Warnings: A little bit of angst? mainly fluff
You sit across from Sokka and Zuko on Appa. Katara and Toph sit next to you while Aang is seated at the reigns.
“Are you serious? We’re going to visit Jet?” Sokka groans, running a hand over his face in annoyance. You roll your eyes.
“For the last time, Sokka, it’s time we forgive him. I mean, we forgave Zuko, didn’t we? And he, arguably, did worse things to us than Jet did,” You say. 
“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that, for my sake,” Zuko pipes up, a half-scowl on his face. You feel the heat rise to your cheeks in embarrassment, you honestly forgot he was sitting there since you were so focused on Sokka.
“Sorry, Zuko, no hard feelings.” You shoot him some finger guns and he just rolls his eyes at you. Katara sighs from next to you.
“I hate to agree, but (Y/n)’s right. He did betray our trust, which was rude, but he also went out of his way to help us in Ba Sing Se.” Katara points out, shrugging her shoulders.
“Not to mention, he did almost die for us.” You cross your arms and stare expectantly at Sokka, a single eyebrow raised waiting for his response.
“Fine! But I’m still not happy about this,” Sokka mumbles the last part of his sentence under his breath and you furrow your brows. 
“Sorry, what was that last part? I didn’t catch what you said.” You put a finger to the tip of your ear, pushing your head out dramatically. 
“Nothing,” Sokka huffs, turning his body around to look forward. You pinch the bridge of your nose in annoyance and exhale loudly. Katara leans over.
“I think he said that he doesn’t like the way Jet looks at you, but don’t quote me on that. I could be wrong,” She whispers, but there’s a small smile on her face. She knows about your crush on her brother, and as bewildered as she was at the thought of anyone liking her brother, she gave you her blessing and is now pushing you to tell him about your feelings. The problem is, you’re never going to do that. There’s no way he likes you back.
You blush at the comment, wishing that he might’ve said that but it’s probably just Katara’s ploy to get you to confess to him. 
“Yeah, right,” You chuckle, looking down at your hands in your lap. 
“No, she’s right. I heard it,” Toph leans over, a mischievous smirk evident on her face. Now you really don’t believe them. Not that Toph doesn’t have good hearing, because it’s quite the opposite, but her smirk always means trouble.
A while later, you finally land in Ba Sing Se where Jet has been holing up with the rest of his freedom fighters. Everyone climbs off of Appa. Once you hit the ground you begin to stretch out your sore limbs from the ride over here.
“You guys have fun seeing that Jet guy. I’m going to go visit my uncle at his tea shop,” Zuko tells you guys, awkwardly shifting weight in his legs.
“What? Why don’t you stay?” You whine, giving him your signature pout. You were good friends with Zuko, so this didn’t surprise him in the least. 
“Nice try, (Y/n), but Jet doesn’t like me very much. Last time we saw each other he tried to get me arrested for being a firebender until I flipped the tables on him and got him arrested instead.” Zuko crosses his arms. You let a small breath out.
“That’s right...yeah, you can go visit Iroh. Tell him we say hi!” You grin, waving to Zuko as he makes his way to his uncle’s place. 
“I think I’m gonna go with Zuko to go see the tea man. He might be able to give me some...words of wisdom, or something. It’ll be nice to stay somewhere in Ba Sing Se that I don’t completely despise. Besides, I don’t even know this Jet guy that well. I was there for the day leading up to his almost-death but that doesn’t mean much for me. I’ll see you guys whenever you’re ready to leave,” Toph says. She turns to walk away and you blink a couple of times before calling out to her as she goes.
“Alright! Bye Toph, we’ll call for you and Zuko when we’re leaving!” You wave. You think you hear her throw back a ‘yeah, whatever’ as she walks off but you can’t be sure.
You turn back around to see a sulking Sokka standing by Appa. You raise an eyebrow at Katara and she shrugs, motioning for you to go talk to him. You make your way over.
“I still can’t believe we’re here,” Sokka mumbles, arms crossed as he leans against Appa’s leg. You giggle as a layer of Appa’s fur sticks to him.
“Sure, Sokka. By the way, it’s shedding season, so you might want to get that washed before you strut around in Appa hair.” You pat his shoulder and turn around, making your way with Katara into a small stone home that you knew to be the freedom fighter’s home. 
“(Y/n)!” Smellerbee punches you in the shoulder upon your arrival. You laugh and rub your shoulder, pretending that it didn’t hurt as much as it did.
“Hey, Smellerbee. Longshot.” You nod to the pair respectively. Longshot nods back, a small smile on his face. 
“C’mon, Jet’s this way.” Smellerbee pulls you and Katara toward a back room where you see Jet laying in bed but sitting up, a wide smile on his face as he sees you and Katara arrive. 
“Look who it is! My two favorite girls.” Jet flashes both of you his signature grin, a piece of wheat sticking out of his mouth. You roll your eyes at his comment.
“Hi, Jet,” You say, giving him a small smile. You walk over and give him a short hug, just long enough for a hello but not too long to mean anything else. Katara does the same.
“How have you been?” Katara asks. Jet looks down at his bandaged torso and shrugs.
“Fine, I guess. A few broken bones, a few cracked ribs, you know, the usual.” He tries his best to grin, but you see it falter. This activates your mom mode. 
“Is there anything we can do to help?” You offer, your eyes softening at his weakened state. You feel in debt to him since he almost died helping Aang, so the least you could do was help him out now.
“I’d actually love a-” Jet’s cut off by Sokka bursting through the door.
“Well, well, well! Look who it is! Good ‘ole Jet, my man. How are you?” Sokka strides in, a tuft of Appa fur still sitting on his shoulder. You pluck it off as he walks past you to give Jet a pat on the head. You know he’s playing up his attitude for you.
“Um, I’m fine-”
“Great! Well, you hear that, guys? He’s fine! Who would’ve known! We can go now,” Sokka grabs your hand and tries to lead you out but you break out of his grip, trying not to blush at the contact while still holding your ground. 
“We’re not leaving, Sokka. We just got here,” You glare at him, turning back around to face Jet, “now, what were you saying?”
Jet’s face lights up.
“I was saying I’d love a cup of tea if you’d make me one.” His smile widens as he catches your eye and winks at you. You feel your face heat up and you nod silently before turning around and making your way to the kitchen. You feel Sokka’s presence behind you as you leave.
“Now you’re making him tea? What’s going on?” He pouts, leaning on the counter beside you. You don’t know what’s gotten into him.
“He’s bedridden and he wants tea. I simply offered to help,” You say briskly, setting the teapot on the burner as you work.
“How long are we staying here?” He groans.
“A few days at least, Sokka. What is up with you right now? Why are you so adamant about leaving?” You frown at him, stopping with the tea for just a moment.
“I just...I don’t know, I don’t like Jet. That’s all,” He lies, looking down at the ground. You grit your teeth and decide to not press the subject. He’ll tell you the real reason if he wants to.
“Yes, well, you’re going to have to suck it up for a few days while we’re here. Then you can continue to not like Jet once we’re gone,” You mutter, finishing the tea. You pour two cups out and pick them up.
“Oh, thanks! Don’t mind if I do-” He goes to pick a teacup from your hand, but you yank it back from him.
“Nope! This one’s mine. Sorry, only nice people get tea.” You scrunch your nose at him. You walk back to Jet’s room and place the tea on his bedside table, taking a seat next to Katara on the foot of the bed as you turn to face Jet. He smiles.
“Thanks, (Y/n/n), you’re the best,” Jet hums as he takes a sip of the tea. You fight off a blush at the nickname. 
Do you like Jet? No, absolutely not. But you can’t help it that you blush whenever people give you any sort of affection. You’re just not used to it, that’s all. 
“I do try.” You chuckle, taking a sip of your tea. 
“Well, I’m going to head to bed since we got here pretty late. I’ll see you two in the morning,” Katara says and gets up. She offers you and Jet both a smile before walking out of the room. You hear a small scuffle outside and two voices until Sokka is suddenly pushed into the room.
“Were you eavesdropping?” You narrow your eyes at him. He straightens up and you see a tint of pink cross his face at the question.
“Uh, no. Just...checking out the house.” He rubs the back of his neck nervously. You glare at him.
“I suggest you check it out somewhere else. I’m getting sick of your behavior right now.” You grimace, throwing an apologetic glance at Jet before shooing an embarrassed Sokka out of the room.
“It’s not your fault, you know. Some guys are like that when they have a crush on a girl,” Jet snorts, setting his tea down. You feel the heat rise to your cheeks again.
“Oh, no. Sokka doesn’t have a crush on me, we’re just best friends,” You laugh nervously, fiddling with your teacup. 
“Whatever you say. I mean, I did say ‘some guys’ so maybe I wasn’t referring to him.” Jet chuckles. You look up at him, wide-eyed. 
“Uhm, haha, yeah. I’ve gotta go to bed now, but...I’ll see you in the morning?” You get up, taking both your teacups. 
“See you in the morning.” He winks at you again and you give him a short smile before walking out of the room. Your face turns sour once you’re out of sight.
What is up with all of his flirting?
The next morning, you roll out of bed and stretch. You trudge downstairs to find Sokka already in the kitchen looking rather chipper. This is unusual considering he hates getting up early.
“Sokka?” You mumble, heading over to the teapot to brew a fresh cup of tea to wake yourself up. Sokka turns around, two cups of tea already in his hand.
“No need, (Y/n), I already brewed us some tea. Here you go, just how you like it,” Sokka says as he hands you a hot cup of tea. You look at him quizzically before taking a sip and sitting down.
“You’re acting weird this morning. What’s wrong?” You take another tentative sip of your tea.
“Wrong? What? Nothing’s wrong, (Y/n), don’t be so paranoid. I’m great. More than great, actually.” Sokka grins widely and finishes his tea. You set yours down on the table.
“Do you know if Jet is up?” You hum, looking over toward his door. From the corner of your eye, you see Sokka’s large smile twitch at the corners.
“Nope, no clue. I’m sure he’s still sleeping. We can get in some quality time before he wakes up, right?” Sokka’s features turn from a painful smile to slightly pleading puppy dog eyes. You’re tempted to say yes when a loud ‘ow’ resonates from Jet’s room. You immediately stand and head his way.
“Jet?” You ask, knocking on the door.
“Come in,” A voice says from inside. You open the door to see Jet leaning against the wall with a pained face. You gasp and go to his side immediately, helping him back into bed as painlessly as possible.
“What were you trying to do?” You ask, inspecting him for any new injuries. Luckily, you don’t find any. 
“I was going to try and brew us a morning cup of tea. I didn’t realize you were already awake, sorry,” Jet’s voice sounds sheepish for once. You smile. 
“It’s okay. Here, I’ll go make you a cup. I already had one this morning.” You get up and make your way to the kitchen again, brushing past a fuming Sokka.
“He’s doing this on purpose,” Sokka hisses as you pass. 
“What happened to being great, hm, Sokka?” You hum, busying yourself around the kitchen. You hear a door slam and you assume he has walked out of the house. At least he won’t bother you with his sour attitude anymore.
A few moments later, you hear shouting in Jet’s room. Confused, you take the teapot off the burner and go to figure out what’s happening. You open the door to see Sokka and Jet engaged in a heated argument.
“Ladies!” You yell, effectively breaking up the argument. The boys go silent, glaring at each other.
“He started it,” Sokka breathes out at last. You narrow your eyes at him.
“What are you two even fighting about?”
“Nothing,” They chime in unison, still glaring at each other.
“Sokka. Outside. Now.” You point to the door with authority, marching outside of it and the house. He follows behind you and you can feel the ‘lost puppy’ vibes radiating off of him. Once the door to the house is closed, you spin around and fix your glare on Sokka. He curls into himself.
“Sorry. I shouldn’t have blown up at him like that,” He mutters, clearly not liking your upset attitude being directed at him. You pinch the bridge of your nose and sigh heavily. 
“You’re right, you shouldn’t have. And why’s that? Because he’s bedridden from almost dying for us!” You growl, not even trying to contain your anger as you rant to Sokka. He lowers his eyes to the ground.
“Yeah, I get that, but it doesn’t excuse what he said,” Sokka huffs, a look of annoyance crossing his face.
“And what would that be?” You cross your arms, looking at Sokka expectantly. He’s silent for a moment as he shifts weight from foot to foot. 
“He made a comment about you that got under my skin,” He murmurs, his voice barely above a whisper. Your features soften slightly at this.
“What’d he say?” You ask, still slightly angry but not as much as before. You’re not quite sure who your anger should be directed at now.
“He said it’s fun to toy with you.” He raises his eyes to look at you. Your eyebrows raise and your eyes go wide as the information sinks in.
“To...toy with me?” You question, brows furrowing. You try to make sense of the phrase, not knowing the context of which it was spoken.
“Yeah, like...like leading you on so you’ll do things for him. Acting as if he likes you because he knows you like him so you’ll obey his every command like some kind of-- like some kind of servant! And you’re spending all of your time with him, too, so that just proves his point. You and I used to hang out all of the time and now these past couple of days all you do is hang out with him and it’s not fair.” Sokka pouts. You frown at the news he just dropped on you.
“Well, for one, this is only our second day here and we got here late last night so it hasn’t even been a couple of days for me to completely ignore you for him. Two...you think I like him? He thinks I like him? Gross! I’ve only been helping him out because he’s bedridden for our sake! I can’t believe he said that about me!” You fume, directing your rage at Jet instead of Sokka now. 
That unbelievable prick.
“Wait, you don’t like him?” Sokka asks. He zoned in on that one fact instead of anything else you said.
“No, of course not. I pitied him,” You say. 
“Yes!” He pumps his fist in the air.
“Uh, I mean...that’s cool, I guess.”
“....Right.” You look at him skeptically.
“So if you don’t like Jet, then who do you like?”
“...No one.”
“Really? No one? I can tell when you’re lying, (Y/n/n),” he scoffs.
“It’s really not that big of a deal--”
“Is it Zuko?”
“Ew, no!” You scrunch up your nose at the thought of liking Zuko. I mean, he’s kind of cute but he’s not Sokka. And he’s kinda rude.
“Then who is it?” 
“Why are you pressuring me to--”
“Because I need to know who to hate!” Sokka blurts out, clamping a hand over his mouth as soon as the words leave him.
“...And why would you hate the person I like?”
“Uhm….No reason,”
“Would you happen to have a crush on me, Sokka?” You muse, a small smile creeping its way onto your face. 
“Pfft, what? No….” He trails off, a tint of pink dusting his cheeks.
“You do, don’t you?” Your small smile starts to break into a wider grin.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He shakes his head in complete denial. You figure there’s only one way to get him to tell the truth.
“Well, it’s okay if you do. You know, I like you, too.” You smile and turn to walk back into the house when he slides in front of you.
“You like me back?” His eyes are wide as he searches your face for answers.
“Aha! You do have a crush on me.” You smirk triumphantly. His face falls.
“Please tell me you didn’t just say that so you could get the truth out of me,” He murmurs. Your smirk drops as you reach for his hand.
“No, of course not, Sokka. I really do like you, and I’d never play such a cruel trick on you,” You coo, intertwining your fingers with his. He looks down at your hand and a smile starts to spread on his face.
“You’re perfect.” He looks up at you, his eyes shining bright as they look into yours. You want to lean in and kiss him but you’re not sure if it’s too early for that, so you opt out this time.
“Aww, no you are. Come on, let’s go show Jet who’s boss,” You giggle, leading Sokka back into the house and pulling him into Jet’s room. Jet watches you walk in, a smirk on his face since he thinks you just got onto Sokka.
“Hey, babe. Back already?” There’s a mischievous glint in his eye that you’re surprised you didn’t catch before.
“First of all, gross. Never call me that again. Second of all, I don’t like you, Jet. You’re stupid to even think that I could. Besides,” you hold up your hand which is currently in Sokka’s tight grip, “I like someone else. A lot.”
Sokka’s cheeks gain another hint of blush as you say this and he glares at Jet with a triumphant smirk resting on his face. 
“So then why did you obey my every command, huh?” Jet raises an eyebrow, clearly not convinced.
“Because I pitied you. You’re pitiful sitting here in your bed all day every day without being able to do anything yourself so I decided to be nice. But now my pity is gone, and so are we. Goodbye, Jet, we’re leaving. Now,” You growl. 
“Really? You’re leaving? I don’t believe you. A moment ago you were groveling at my feet, ready to help me at any given moment. I could’ve said for you to get on your--” Jet doesn’t get to finish as Sokka takes two large strides and punches him in the face mid-sentence. 
“You don’t get to finish that sentence. Treat (Y/n) with the respect she deserves.” Sokka grabs Jet by the collar, raising him to where his face is only inches from his fist again.
“Sokka, that’s enough. Thank you.” You pull him back over to you and he releases his grip on Jet. Jet looks angry, but you’re honestly proud of Sokka for standing up for you, even though you could have done it yourself. It’s nice seeing him have you back.
“No one talks to my girl that way,” He huffs, his hand finding yours again.
“Your girl, hm?” You giggle, pecking his cheek. His face flushes again and you can’t stop smiling. You love making him blush.
“Is that okay?” He asks, looking over at you.
“More than,” You squeeze his hand before turning back to Jet, “we’re leaving now. I never want to see your face again, so don’t bother trying to find us. We came back here because I thought you had changed after you almost died for us, but it seems that you’re still the same manipulative piece of trash you were before the war ended. Good to know,” You hiss, abruptly turning on your heel before walking out of the room with Sokka in tow still holding your hand. You ignore Jet’s protests as you leave.
“That was hot, I could kiss you right now,” Sokka admits once you’re out of the house again. You’re the one to blush this time as you feel the heat rise to your cheeks.
“Really?” You giggle.
“Really.” Sokka turns you around to face him, his face only a few inches from yours. You see his eyes flicker from your gaze to his lips and you do the same.
He reaches up with one hand to brush his knuckles across your cheekbone as the other cups your face. You all-but melt in his hands.
“Then what are you waiting for?” You whisper, not being able to break away from the intensity of his gaze.
Without any hesitance, he leans in and connects your lips. Your eyes flutter shut as you lean into his hand cupping your cheek, your own hands finding their way around his neck. You stay like this for a few moments, relishing in each other’s embrace, before you finally have to pull away for air.
“That was the most amazing kiss ever,” Sokka breathes out, a goofy grin painting his face. You giggle.
“I was just about to say the same,” You murmur, leaning in for another peck on his lips. 
“Holy crap, I told you so!” You hear a shout from behind you. You and Sokka jump, breaking away from each other, as you look to see the owner of the voice. Toph and Zuko are standing behind you guys, eyes wide as they catch you guys making out.
“How did you even know!? You can’t see them!” Zuko gestures to you two.
“I see with my feet, you dunderhead! They were clearly in a kissing embrace.” Toph punches him in the shoulder. Zuko groans in annoyance. 
“What are you two doing back here?” You ask sheepishly, rubbing the back of your neck. 
“Aang and Katara heard arguing earlier and figured that we’d probably be leaving soon. They called for us,” Zuko answers.
“That we did.” Katara appears with Aang from behind Toph and Zuko. You’re fairly certain that she’s smirking the most out of everyone.
“Well! I guess we can go home now!” Sokka slings an arm around your shoulder, walking over to Appa and helping you up onto the saddle before climbing in himself. Everyone chuckles and starts to climb in after you two.
“You know, Sokka,” You murmur once the two of you are sitting alone at the back of the saddle, “this trip may have been a slight disaster on the Jet front, but I’m glad we took it because without it we wouldn’t be together.”
“I guess you’re right,” Sokka looks off into the distance while he thinks, “maybe this trip wasn’t so bad, after all. I did end up with the girl in the end.” 
He gives you a cheesy wink and you laugh.
“Ending up with you was all I ever wanted.” 
“You read my mind.”
And at this moment, you know that this trip was the right move, no matter how awful it may have seemed in the moment.
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eyeslikefoxglove · 2 years ago
Episode 8 - WangXian go on a date & DON’T BLINK
Hello there, welcome to another Untamed commentary. To put everyone in the mood, it is Friday evening, one of those grey rainy days interrupted briefly by by brilliant burst of sunlight. I’m having a snack (chopped mango with yoghurt and a homemade matcha latte with honey), I just washed my hair, I’ve exfoliated, masked and moisturised. And everyone in this household is doing their own thing (napping, watching tv shows, more napping), I’m in a very good mood, so let’s go ahead with episode 8.
I think I’ve never commented on the intro credits before, I’ve seen people say they prefer to skip them because they find them spoilery, which they undoubtedly are. However, besides the absolutely stunning cinematography what I feel they aimed for is confusion. You’ve got this guy who’s kind of dark, but he’s crying and playing the flute, then some people are trying to kill him in some scenes, but in others he’s fighting back to back with the same guys and then there’s black smoke everywhere... I feel that, if I saw the credits I’d be intrigued enough to actively look for the drama and find out what the deal with the guy with the flute is.
And let me repeat something from the previous episode:
DONT FUCKING DO IT. Oh but these three with the bunbuns just melt my heart. STAY WITH THE BUNBUNS FOREVER AND NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN.
JC: gentlemen’s don’t hold bunbuns.
JC: *proceeds to be soft and cute and gentle with the bunbun he’s holding*
Ok but stoic serious no-nonsense LWJ stopping to say goodbye to the bunbuns? That’s fucking adorable.
FR tho, people who are “tough/cold/unapproachable” being super soft with tiny creatures is my damn kryptonite. It’s like, Ben Solo, being a super-beefcake with a lightsaber, a terrible past, too much attitude... and a kitten on his shoulder, I would 100000% ignore the bit where he was a super effective killing machine and go “aww. you like cats!”
As a lover or thunderstorms at night when everything is still and quiet I would’ve stabbed WC up a nostril just on principle, so props to LXC for not murdering that clown. Never mind threatening his baby brother.
Aaaaaand let’s have a moment to admire LWJ/Wang YiBo in blue.
Ok, done.
OH MY GOD. I’d forgotten this bit was in here. So you know when WWX has just caught up with LWJ and he throws him a loquat and complains about LWJ leaving him behind? I love the bit when he’s calling the Lans petty, and LWJ just goes “boring” and sweeps past him with this tiny sassy smirk and leaves WWX fucking processing for a second. I live for that kind of LWJ and that’s partly what my TimeTraveling!LWJ was based on.
WWX: *ties them with magic* isn’t this neat?
LWJ, internally: so he’s a genius dumbass, I’m fucked.
Ok now that we are a bit in I can safely say this is one of my favourite episodes. No, it is not because it is pretty much an episode-long WangXian date. How dare you.
LWJ’s internal monologue: I can’t believe in so in love with this dumbass. I’m moron-sexual the gods help me.
JC being a good bro and JYL being the fucking queen of the universe like she always is.
(Another moment to appreciate LWJ/Wang YiBo in blue)
I feel LWJ’s aversión to crowds on a spiritual level.
I also feel NHS excelling just in what he likes so much. I mean, I was never a terrible student, but looking back at just the last six years in Med School my marks skyrocketed from a passing grade in stuff like physics and biophysics to top marks in things like neurosurgery; just due to the fact that I find neurosurgery way more interesting than physics.
THE PETAL SHOWER SCENE IS STUNNING. Also, if you don’t think WWX already had a crush on LWJ (and I am talking in The Untamed/CQL verse, I know that in the books he still thought he was straight) I’m pretty sure this is filmed just so we’d have visual confirmation that he is indeed crushing so hard. And I still don’t know if NHS is wingmaning or third wheeling. (Both? Both? Both? Both is good.)
I mean, NHS goes onto his “LWJ is stunning” monologue, and then WWX gives him kind of a disbelieving look. BUT THEN, he glances at LWJ (again being showered in flowers bc he wasn’t gorgeous enough on his own) and his face turns considering, he makes a stupid joke, and he goes back to looking at LWJ with the softest smile. I will fight anyone that dares tell me CQL!WWX hasn’t been crushing on LWJ since the Cloud Recesses.
//Sidebar LWJ’s looks adorably in awe at the petal shower this whole time.
Aaaaaand plot happens.
Oooof! The contrast between all the colourful flowers before and the burned blackened garden now. Ooooof.
Ok but that shadow bird is fucking cool and I want one.
WC’s head piece (guan?) makes me think of the Disney designs for Pain and Panic.
I know is wishful thinking, but if I wonder how different things would’ve been if WQ had snapped and offed WC when he was taunting her with the safety of her family.
Can I take a moment to rave about how clever WQ is? I mean, she’s already worried and scared for her family, she had absolutely no warning before JC ran into her and yet she managed to pull off that ruse to warn him about WangXian and NHS being in trouble in what, a few minutes? She’s so cool.
Ok, full disclosure here, I can’t see elderly people being sad, scared or worried, it reminds me of my maternal grandparents whom I adored and I get super sad.
(My dad still has his parents but they are terrible to my mum, dad and me, so they get no sympathy)
Funny story: I almost fell backwards the first time I heard “grandmother” used as a respectful term to an elderly lady back when I was living in Bulgaria (I moved back to Spain like a week ago, I’m over the moon to be home y’all). You don’t do that in Spain, calling someone who’s not your grandma “grandma” is really fucking rude.
Aaaaaand none of these knuckleheads know how to speak with a person in shock. They get a pass because all teens are knuckleheads in some measure but...
But if I heard a terrified lady muttering about soul snatching I’d fuck right off that village tbh. I’d take my chances sleeping in the woods with the roaming serial killers.
[it just started storming, I love this!]
Sure! Let’s stay the night in a cave with a creepy anthropomorphic statue that’s supposed to snatch souls. I’m sure it’ll be ok.
NHS is the only one with a Braincell here. (NHS is my adorable Slytherin son and I love him)
Y’all might not have noticed but I have not I’m not going to comment on the quality of the CGI/special effects/monsters. I’m aware this is a tv show and it doesn’t have the same budget as idk, a Marvel movie. I’m ok with them not being that believable. Same with unbelievable sword moves, I know shit all about sword fighting and even less about xianxia. Y’all might even be lucky enough to avoid my “bodies don’t work that way” rants, because again, everyone has magic, why would medicine be any different.
[brief interlude here, I had to go cat-hunting because we couldn’t find one of the cats, she likes to make a break for it sometimes, it’s a full on thunderstorm outside, almost sundown and she’s solid black. We found her in the basement exploring. Two of the other ones are in the kitchen with my mum and my big scaredy boi is under my bed. Also, this storm just reminded me that my dad is fixing the attic so I can have a “loft” next year when I start my residency and I can’t wait to fall asleep to rain up there.]
What LWJ says: stay alert (in case the statue moves again)
What I hear: Don’t Blink!
Oh come on! Zombies now? Fuck right off, let them sleep!
And that was episode 8! Thank you for reading.
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mattrusso · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Oh hey! It’s [ MATTHEW “MATT” RUSSO. 29. CISMALE. HE/HIM ]. They’ve lived in Silver Lake for 8 YEARS and are originally from JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY. They are a MUSICIAN/SINGER and in their downtime love VISITING MUSEUMS and SMOKING WEED. They look a lot like PENN BADGLEY and live in SILVERWOOD TERRACE.
hello friends my name is dia, i’m stuck here in the cst tz rip, and i finally just gave in and got disney+ so that’s where my life’s at rn!!! matt is a more or less brand new muse so bear w me while i figure him out a little more but below you’ll find some stats, a brief background/bullet intro & some plot ideas at the bottom
full name: matthew walter russo nickname: matt, russo birthday: april 19, 1991 zodiac: aries hometown: jersey city, nj sexuality: pansexual height: 5′11 career: frontman of indie pop band kafkaesque
the band: called kafkaqesque, created by matt and three of his friends back in high school in new jersey. they’re an alternative/indie pop/rock band with a mix of sounds like penn badgley’s actual band mothxr, broken bells, catfish and the bottlemen, tame impala, the 1975, that kind of vibe. matt’s the vocalist and occasionally plays guitar/keyboard etc. they started gaining fame right out of high school in 2010/2011 thanks to a couple of eps and popular singles, and in 2012 their debut album went viral, topped charts, and they blew up. successive albums released in 2014, 2017, and this past january solidified their place near the front of pop culture. they are nowhere near as famous as people like billie, ariana, taylor, harry, etc etc but as far as actual bands go, most people have heard of them even if they don’t actually know their music (and they probably do know a single or two from the radio).
matt was born and raised in newark, new jersey, and his family was a mess. his mom had gone to law school and done relatively well, barely scratched the surface of the profession, and then settled for doing paperwork in a law office once she had matt when she was 29, and then a daughter, matt’s sister, a few years later. his dad did weather on the local news. both were conservative republicans, and neither approved of it when matt’s already rebellious behavior as a child turned into cigarettes and drugs and punk music (and liberal ideologies the horror!!!!!!!!) in his teenage years. to this day it’s never gotten to a point where they don’t talk anymore, but it’s very very tense and ever since matt moved to los angeles 8 years ago, he’s made a point of not seeing them often bc they just try to make him feel guilty for what he’s chosen to do with his life
he’d never enjoyed the whole school thing, so matt really had no problem skipping college altogether to focus on his music, which was already gaining in popularity not six months out of high school. at 20 he and his band, scouted by a label, went to LA to record their first real album, and when it became an instant success they decided to move out there in 2012. aside from touring every other year, he’s been in LA ever since. eight years in and he still hasn’t fully gotten used to the surreality of life in hollywood and he has such a love hate relationship with it
personality etc
matt generally has longer hair and some scruff--the gif i used up top is the mood
he’s a lonely boy. romantically. he’s really close with his band members, they’re his best friends, but relationships are rly hard for him bc being vulnerable is rly hard for him outside of his music
like someone he’s dated for instance is much more likely to hear him finally apologize for something in a song on a new album than in person yfetugdshuja
goes through relationships pretty fast bc of that and is more likely to sleep around but also have more than one fwb situation probably
can usually be found in loose band tees and jeans. he frequently looks unkempt. probably gets dragged for it on the internet
can come across as kind of an arrogant shitbag in interviews and stuff and in his pretentious lyrics but in person he’s actually pretty chill (if chaotic) and makes a point of being really kind to fans, and he generally tries to use his platform to do some good stuff
used to do party drugs a lot more but has cooled down a bit as he’s nearing 30. in his very early 20s (when the band was first taking off) he got a little too into the party drug scene and had a lot of messy relationships and at some point his bandmates got together and were lowkey like yo.....you gotta stop or ur out!!! their 2014 and 2017 albums were probably a little different than the first and this last one bc he was clearly on drugs the whole time but he got a hold of himself and it’s still a thing he struggles with sometimes but he’s generally just smoking a lot of weed now
plot ideas
stans, fans, and people who actively hate him/his band pls thank u !! he can be rly pretentious and superior and annoying lowkey so fr give me ppl who hate him
an ex who broke up with him bc they couldn’t handle the lifestyle, an ex who was just using him for fame, any kind of angsty ex situation revolving around things of that nature
a few rly close friends besides his bandmates
record label ppl, agents, etc etc anyone in that world
a couple cousins or other extended family members would be?? fun?
past hookups/one night stands either on good or bad or awkward terms
people he parties with, people he regularly smokes with, a dealer perhaps 👀
also just any kind of angsty stuff?? fake friends, unrequited feelings either way, exes on rly bad terms, someone who turned him tf down, maybe someone he did dirty once on his way to the spotlight or like someone who has dirt on him?? ANYTHING
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clan-khuleborough · 2 years ago
Happy Danger!Fluffs Day
My veteran buddies in my server know I have been wary of how Ancient Primordial Breeds would be handled since it was first brought up that they would be a tangible thing, and I’m cautiously optimistic still how this is going to go long term... but one thing is very nice: The female Danger!Fluffs look lovely. They are tough yet soft and I find that a comfort and truly enjoyable thing. Also, hi. lol And no, Lydo is not becoming one. Anyone that has seen my old art of him knows that his original/natural Tundra form and his magically evolved self actually coincidentally resemble Gaolers, and have even before they were a thing. lol I did it before it was cool!™ But yes, hello, I still play FR and never left. I just don’t blog anymore because my depression is too severe and ever-present and I can’t handle crowds and high activity anymore. /Stares into space with deadpan expression. Y e
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