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#bookworm problems
paperfury · 9 months ago
due to personal reasons I will need to own a library filled with, at least, all of the books and it will have a secret door that leads to even more books. please respect my wishes at this time
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the-oddest-inkling · 4 months ago
When I enter a bookstore
My heart: 
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My Bank Account: 
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shortace · 3 months ago
I don't understand how I have about 500 books but can't find one I feel like reading right now.
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ninja-muse · a month ago
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Vacation is wrapping up! Just a couple more nights until I’m back to work. It’s been pretty smoky this last week, so I’ve gotten a lot of reading done. Had to borrow this off my dad because I finished everything I brought with me!
(And of course on vacation one must have breakfast pie.😁)
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the-chosen-half-of-one · 10 months ago
My hobbies include: Longingly looking at books I can’t afford
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godzilla-reads · 4 months ago
The feeling of betrayal when you're reading a book and LOVING it and then find out it's the author's only book.
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im-someone-i-guess · 4 months ago
some of y'all have never experienced the pain of being forced to buy a different edition of the next book in the series and it shows
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plaggscamembert1 · 14 days ago
*Ash after reading a bad book
Ash: I hate half-assed books! You either give me the full ass or no ass at all !
Eiji: You've been hanging out with Shorter way too much.
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paperfury · 8 months ago
“I’m a mood reader!”
what people think it means: i can only read books im in the mood for what it actually means: what even is my mood
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shortace · 8 months ago
Do you ever read a book and then immediately want to re-read it?
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softforkanej · 4 months ago
yeah therapy is nice but rereading your comfort book is a lot faster and cheaper!
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whofuckinknowsbro · 8 months ago
Do y'all ever start reading a book and it's like really good so you don't want it to end, but at the same time you really just want it to be over because there's so many other books you really want to start reading?? Because that's my constant fucking mood
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princessofbookaholics · 4 months ago
Bookworm Problems #34
me at 3 am: worst decision I ever made was I'll just read one more chapter
also me:
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im-someone-i-guess · 3 months ago
crying at 4am because of a book has become my personality
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