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void-voyage · a month ago
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[ID: quote retweet by JehadAbusalim: “Here’s how in less than half a century “Canada Park” was built on the lands of Yalu’s neighboring village, Imwas. The first photo shows the village before it was destroyed: fast forward 21 years, the entire village was green-washed”. Adds before and after pictures of Imwas’ village as described, some ruins remain in accordance to the buildings from the first picture from 1958, they are completely surrounded by trees.
Original tweet by yalawiya: “Canada Park is one of many examples of Israeli greenwashing, where it claims be environmentalist in order to obscure the settler-colonial violence its military used to empty Palestinian lan, planting foreign trees in the place of razed Palestinian homes.” it ends with a link to /End ID ]
thread by JehadAbusalim, expanding on yalawiya’s thread
Mohammed El-Kurd expands on the inherent harm a colonizer’s institution causes on the people it’s ethnically cleansing.
#savesilwan #savesheikhjarrah #savebeita #savelifta
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violetsandshrikes · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Support #ProtectPūtiki here - petition and gofundme available!
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whatevergreen · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
The Occupation of Alcatraz 1969-1970
From top:
- A group of Native Americans including Timm Williams (in headdress) of the Yurok tribe, on one of the trips to Alcatraz Island, c1969. Ralph Crane.
- Games outside the prison wall, with the sign altered from “United States Property” to “United Indian Property.” November 26, 1969. AP photo.
- Occupants cook and eat outside of the Alcatraz Cell Block, 1970 University of Illinois.
- John Trudell, a Sioux activist, looks out across San Francisco Bay from a tipi (aka tepee or teepee) on Alcatraz Island, 1969. AP photo.
- Another view of the tipi, looking towards the Golden Gate. 1970.
- Left to right, Richard Oakes, Earl Livermore, and Al Miller, leaders of the American Indian Movement hold a press conference at Alcatraz on December 24, 1969.
Richard Oakes and others photographed in the Exercise Yard on Alcatraz Island, in November 1970, Kent Blansett.
Alcatraz island was the location of a fort and military prison established during the 1850s, and later the infamous Alcatraz jail from 1934 until its closure in 1963.
Some years after its abandonment, over 120 Native Americans and other supporters siezed and occupied the vacated island from November 20 1969 until June 1971, seeking to reclaim it as indigenous land in accordance with treaties made between the US government and Native Americans. Alcatraz was part of the traditional territory of the coastal Ohlone, Ramaytush and Miwok peoples.
During the occupation period, it is estimated that over 10,000 indigenous people from across North America and beyond spent some time at the island to support the movement. The Black Panthers also provided assistance during the initial move to secure the island.
The group was led by a young former ironworker and Akwesasne Mohawk called Richard Oakes, who was a student at San Francisco State College. Also by LaNada Means, a student at Berkeley who was a Shoshone/Bannock citizen from the Fort Hall Reservation in Idaho, and who had come to San Francisco as part of the Bureau of Indian Affair’s (BIA) inept relocation programme. They were leaders of the newly formed organisation, Indians of All Tribes (IAT). Another notable figure was the Sioux actor/poet John Trudell who later went on to lead the American Indian Movement (AIM).
They and others within the core of the group were also accompanied by their families.
Tumblr media
Above: Activists view the main cell block, November 1969. AP photo.
Through the technical assistance of the occupiers and support from donors, IAT set about restoring water, sanitation and electricity to the former prison.
IAT created its own Bureau of Caucasian Affairs, requiring all whites to register with the bureau before setting foot on the island. It also staged a mock trial to hold the federal government responsible for past and contemporary injustices.
The occupation, though unsuccessful in restoring the land to Native Americans, did succeed in bringing together many of the indigenous (and non-indigenous) peoples in a common cause, and raised global awareness of the still unresolved issues: the theft from and the neglect, abuse, and racial discrimination against Native peoples.
Tumblr media
Above: Some of the community gathered in the prison yard, November 26, 1969 Robert W. Klein/AP photo
After the end of the Alcatraz occupation, Richard Oakes and others of IAT organised several further occupations or takeovers. Many of them were successful. The takeover of Fort Lawton, a military base in Seattle that had been declared surplus property, led to the creation of the Daybreak Star Indian Center. The occupation of a former US Army communications centre in northern California resulted in the site being turned into a Tribal college, or D-Q University.
The occupation also encouraged indigenous movements across the world, from Mexico and Norway to Australia, to continue or revive their fights against discrimination and colonization.
Tumblr media
Above: John Trudell on Alcatraz during the occupation with his family: his then-wife, Fenicia Ordóñez; Tara Trudell (left) and Mari Oja (right). At the time, Ms. Ordóñez was pregnant with the couple’s son, Wovoka, who was born on the island on July 20, 1970. Bengt af Geijerstam.
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wondersmith-and-sons · 2 months ago
the netherlands’ signer coming from former dutch colony Suriname and singing about rebellion, resistance and oppression in his own language that was brutally supressed by the dutch colonisers is the vibe i am here for, and it’s the polar opposite vibe of isr**l’s fuckery
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michaelgovehateblog · 20 days ago
I understand hating England, I really really do, but it's baffling to see people complaining about England winning specifically commenting on England being colonisers,,,,, because it's the euros. Almost every single country is a coloniser
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lgbtmazight · a month ago
"To sit in the comfort and safety of the West and condemn acts of armed resistance that the Palestinians choose to carry out – always at great risk to their lives – is a deeply chauvinistic position. It must be stated plainly: it is not the place of those who choose to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians from afar to then try and dictate how they should wage the anti-colonial struggle that, as Frantz Fanon believed, is necessary to maintain their humanity and dignity, and ultimately to achieve their liberation. Those who are not under brutal military occupation or refugees from ethnic cleansing have no right to judge the manner in which those who are choose to confront their colonisers. Indeed, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian cause is ultimately meaningless if that support dissipates the moment that the Palestinians resist their oppression with anything more than rocks and can no longer be portrayed as courageous, photogenic, but ultimately powerless, victims. ‘Does the world expect us to offer ourselves up as polite, willing and well-mannered sacrifices, who are murdered without raising a single objection?’ Yahya al-Sinwar, Hamas’ leader in Gaza, recently asked rhetorically. ‘This is not possible. No, we have decided to defend our people with whatever strength we have been given.’"
– Louis Allday, The Palestinians’ Inalienable Right to Resist
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imanes · 2 days ago
A new phenomenon emerged after George Floyd, that of the anti-racism reading list: compilations of books and authors and media intended to serve as guides for white people wanting to educate themselves about anti-Black racism. Spanning genre and form and era, I understood both the logic and the appeal. There is a belief in some quarters that racism is simply a matter of ignorance, and that everyone can therefore be educated out of it (which I suppose is easier to stomach than the idea that racism might be something more conscious, or deliberate). And so the work of the anti-racism reading list begins, like a counter-missionary attempting to decolonise what was previously colonised. There is of course much to be gained from white people more fully understanding the history and intricacies and complex topography of racism, but I often worry that the exercise of anti-racism reading encourages white people to satify - even exhaust - themselves with swotting up on the semantics of the struggle, without necessarily translating that knowledge into real-world action. It's relatively easy to be a theoretical anti-racist. Writing for The Atlantic, Saida Grundy observes that consciousness-raising through anti-racist reading often constitutes 'mere filibustering - white people learning about their privilege and power without ever having to sacrifice either', that it can actually undermine progress 'by presenting increased knowledge as the balm for centuries of abuse', and that 'literature and dialogue cannot supplant restorative social policies and laws, organisational change, and structural redress'.  In presenting these lists as the solution to racism, there is a danger that an academic understanding of racism becomes the end goal, rather than anything more substantive or action-focused.
Whites: On Race and Other Falsehoods by Otegha Uwagba
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witchyangela · 2 months ago
Did you know?
The Cullens actually represent the seven deadly sins 😳
Alice - greed
Rosalie - wrath
Carlisle - coloniser
Esme - wine mom
Emmett - Himbo
Jasper - Racist
Edward - incel
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michichi69 · 14 days ago
Can we get an historic australia? 👀 Your art is so neat
Tumblr media
Here’s 1967 Jack for you anon 😘
Some history behind the 1967 Referendum
The May 27 referendum in 1967 allowed the constitution to change to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the census (therefore the population) and for the Commonwealth to make laws pertaining to them. Whilst there had been campaigns in previous years to do this, this was the first time it was successful with 90.77% voting yes. Before this, states created their own policies pertaining to Indigenous people meaning oppression and control of Indigenous people was at large, an example of this being the Stolen Generations essentially created from these state policies. Whilst the removal of Indigenous children wouldn’t be officially abolished until 1969 and the many more issues that affected/affects Indigenous people after carried on, the referendum was a historic milestone in the fight for Indigenous rights in Australia. The referendum paved the way for future legislation (i.e. land rights) and a push towards equity for Indigenous people in many areas of life (i.e. healthcare and education).
Send me an art request and I’ll get around to it 👀
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netheritedream · 13 days ago
Hi!! I'm glad you're doing okay !! <3
I haven't seen your twt thread that you got witch hunted for (you could have posted it here and I might just he stupid lmao) if you're comfy could you post it here? I would to read your based take :)
hi anon!! you can find the link to the thread here but i also just screenshot it for convenience’ sake ^_^
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank you 😭😭 his tl may be calling me white and racist but thankfully i know he isn’t dumb enough to take that at face value 😁
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ritualpurposes · 2 months ago
Archaeology in the UK is under attack
Three Universities in the last two months ( Leicester, Chester and Sheffield) have anounced major cuts to their departments, and in Sheffield’s case proposed completely closing the department. Sheffield’s department in particular is a very well renowned department, and the research conducted there has very much changed the face of archaeology. My own reasearch would not be possible without methodologies pioneeered there. Meanwhile the government is trying to scrap the current planning laws which mean archaeological survey must be carried out as part of the development process. Without these laws it will be perfectly legal to destroy the enviroment (historic and otherwise).  The cynic in me notes this is all happening while there is a push againt historical research that contradicts the narrative of British Greatness, I.E the idea that colonisation and the Empire are things to be proud of (instead of you know, really horrible things that fucked up large portions of the world). History is political, and the Tories have stated many a time that any heritage reasearch that doesn’t tow the party line is ‘rewriting history’ and ‘ disloyal to the nation’. 
Control of information is an important part of controling the national narative. The past is messy and complicated and diverse, and a far cry from the uniform white supremecist paradice the far right like to pretend it is. Archaeology is one of the best ways of getting at the truth of the matter and disproving the false nationalist narratives these people like to spin. Don’t let archaeology be a casualty of the Torries destructive agenda. Ways to fight back  (Copied from the BAJR page) Letter template to the Sheffield University Executive Board regarding the Department of Archaeology
Ensuring the protection of archaeology for future generations within Planning for the Future
Petitions: Save Archaeology & Heritage at the University of Chester!
Save Sheffield’s Archaeology Department
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justslowlywritingitall · 19 days ago
god i love writing in no caps the sheer chaos and lawlessness of it all like a silent rebellion against english and grammar and colonisation my mother tongue never held the concept of capital letters and i bleed for it inside blood blossoming between ribs a language undying bringing shame to those who speak nothing but it oh how i love the way the words just roll off your tongue easy and complicated rolled into a neat combo of look at us we're here where no one expected us to be after they crushed us stood on our backs and pounded us into the ground we survived and now we're thriving
written 24/2/20
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homo-sex-shoe-whale · 3 months ago
So when you say white American, does that mean all of North America white people? Or just the country of the USA? I’m asking completely honestly and out of wanting to know more, I myself am Canadian and am wondering if I’d fall under the term gringo, since I still come from a primarily white mostly English-speaking country.
Chill white Canadians and chill white Americans are Gringo Lite. Conservative white Canadians are Gringo Standard. Conservative white Americans are Gringo Premium.
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yours-sincerelyy · 2 months ago
It’s always “I stand with Israel” and not “Free Israel” because there’s nothing to free in Israel. Israel is doing the colonising, the killing, the oppressing. Israel has all the political support and resources it needs to perform these crimes.
And it’s always “Free Palestine”, because Palestine is being ethnically cleansed, Palestine is suffering from genocide at the hands of Israel. Palestine has no support or protection from other governments. Palestine is bleeding and it does not have the resources to heal nor protect itself.
Free Palestine.
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teashoesandhair · 3 months ago
I really want a scifi film all about humankind’s race to colonise Mars, and it’s all super high tech and high concept and the budget is like $800,000,000, and the protagonist is a weightlifting scientist with an IQ of 160, played by Matt Damon, and he keeps on gritting his jaw and saying things like “this is humanity’s final frontier; we live fruitfully on Mars, or we rot into mediocrity here on Earth,” and “mankind doesn’t have a future here. We’re too tied to our past. Our godforsaken roots are turning to ash in this soil. Mars is our only hope,” and everyone around him nods sombrely and sometimes claps, and there’s loads of scenes of him rejecting his wife’s affection in order to look at flight reports and do complicated algebra on product placement iPads, and so she leaves him, and he sheds a single tear as she says things like “it’s you, Matt Damon. There’s no room left in your heart for anything but the red planet,” and it’s scored with really inspirational music and there’s loads of lens flares and everything is very silver, and then the final scene is just Matt Damon stepping onto Mars and taking a manly lungful of synthetic oxygen, and he starts to say something like “at last, we turn the page on humanity’s next Genesis,” and then this really quiet but obviously irritated voice just says “piss off, we were here first!” from out of frame, and Matt Damon gets really apologetic and he’s like “oh, shit, sorry, didn’t realise this place was occupied. I’ll just... uh, I guess I’ll just leave?” and then it fades to black as he really dejectedly gets back into his space shuttle and fucks off.
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dancefloors · 2 months ago
After reading a lot of history, i realised that the only good thing about the british is Harry Styles.
hundreds of years of colonisation just so that british slut could roll around the beach with some fruit
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bodycountgame · 24 days ago
secret kisses with charlie from the prompt list? 👀💜
secret kisses + charlie
“If we get caught…” Charlie whispers, breath hot against your neck as he searches for any reason that you might both turn around and leave.
“It’ll be bad,” you conclude for him, gripping the sides of his t-shirt to pull him closer. He sucks in a sharp breath as his body comes flush with yours.
“Really bad.”
Charlie’s nose brushes yours as what little resolve he has begins to crumble.
You press kisses along his jawline and roll his earlobe between your teeth, relishing in the low hum that escapes his lips and the way his arms tighten around your back.
“World ending, really,” you smirk, pulling back to meet his gaze, eyes shining even in the low light. Charlie shifts in place, squaring his hips with yours as his uncertain expression is replaced with a mischievous grin.
“You know, I’ve never really been that attached to the world anyway. Only a matter of time til we colonise Mars, right?”
Then he kisses you, and if there’s ever been a kiss that would make the end of the world feel totally worth it, it’s got to be this one. Or the next one. Or the next. Or, really, any of the many that follow.
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hurricanewindattack · a month ago
Human Rights? In F1?
(or, the inherent but legitimate what-aboutism of human rights issues in host nations taken to its logical extreme)
I see a lot of cool (usually white) people consistently criticize the fact that F1 races in certain countries which have Human Rights issues. I recently saw people celebrate Turkey's exclusion on these grounds, and am now hearing of second-hand accords of people celebrating Singapore's exclusion on similar grounds. That these countries are exclusively non-European and non-white is something that never dawns on them. So while HRC or whatnot might continue to pad their reputations as spotless nations, at least as ones that have no standing issues, here is a compilation of some human rights in the countries that are going through with their races:
A disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list, and as such is off the top of my head, so do chime in to add to this or correct me in the comments/reblogs/asks!
Bahrain grand prix (Bahrain)
Active, oil-funded, religiously motivated monarchy. Negligible rights to protest, abysmal record on LGBTQ rights. Slave state built on the backs of uncompensated foreign workers.
Gran Premio Dell'emilia Romagna, Gran Premio D’italia (Italy)
Turns back immigrants from horrendously dysfunctional African states it colonised way back when, letting them die at sea in their makeshift dinghies. Struggles with mafia (not very representative of the real situation, ignore)
Grande Premio De Portugal (Portugal)
Yet to pay reparations for colonizing, enslaving, and destroying the lives and culture of the people of several nations, including Brazil.
Gran Premio De España (Spain)
Yet to pay reparations for colonizing, enslaving, and destroying the lives and culture of most of South America. Violently suppressing Catalan independence movements.
Grand Prix De Monaco (Monaco)
Is a gambling den and tax haven for the world's richest. Does not recognize LGBTQ marriage, or the existence of trans people legally.
Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Azerbaijan)
Active, oil-funded dictatorship with limited press freedom and right to protest. Negligible LGBTQ Rights.
Grand Prix de France (France)
Oppresses Muslim people by forcing them to abandon their religious traditions in the name of secularism. Still runs neo-colonial projects in North Africa. Has an age of consent of fifteen. FIFTEEN.
Großer Preis Von Österreich, Großer Preis der Steiermark (Austria)
Has issues with the rights of racial minorities. Police accountability is somewhat low. Violence against women has also been on the rise.
British Grand Prix (Britain)
Yet to pay reparations to half the fucking world for colonizing, enslaving, and destroying their lives and culture. Proudly displays literally stolen artefacts in museums and will not return them, including a fucking diamond that is in the queen's collection. Is a monarchy in 2021. Has highly classist society. Has become highly transphobic. Passed a law to restrict rights to protest.
Magyar Nagydíj (Hungary)
Functionally a dictatorship, with limited press freedom and right to protest. Actively vilifying LGBTQ people for the government's failures, making the country increasingly uninhabitable for them.
Belgian Grand Prix (Belgium)
Yet to pay reparations for colonizing, enslaving, and destroying the lives and culture of the people of Congo. Hands, feet, ears you name it were cut off of enslaved people who did not meet production quotas.
Grote Prijs van Nederland (Netherlands)
Yet to pay reparations for colonizing, enslaving, and destroying the lives and culture of the people of several nations, including Indonesia.
Gran-Pri Rossii (Russia)
Mafia state run by Vladimir Putin and his cronies, with limited press freedom and right to protest. Actively vilifying LGBTQ people for the government's failures, making the country increasingly uninhabitable for them.
Nihon guranpuri (Japan)
Very limited reparations to the people of Korea and China, who faced brutal oppression and mental/physical/sexual torture at the hands of the Japanese army, on par with the level of Nazi Germany. The age of consent is thirteen. THIRTEEN.
United States Grand Prix (USA)
Hoo boy, where do I begin? Limited recognition for the rights of indigenous groups. Persistent history of racial abuse against the black minority across several dimensions. Puts immigrant children in cages. Limited abortion rights. No universal, affordable, healthcare system. Yet to pay reparations for colonizing, enslaving, and destroying the lives and culture of the people in several nations in Latin America, the Middle East and Indo-China, among other areas. Grand daddy and global maintainer of capitalism, a highly destructive and exploitative system.
Gran Premio De La Ciudad De México (Mexico)
Is a cartel nation - literally run by a government that is in cahoots with mafia, leading to devastating loss of life for its citizens. The family of their own driver, Sergio Perez, almost fell victim to the same.
Grande Prêmio De São Paulo (Brazil)
Limited recognition for the rights of indigenous groups, burning the world's lungs (and their home) for farm land. Took a hands off approach to the pandemic, leading to devastating loss of life.
Australian Grand Prix (Australia)
Limited recognition for the rights of indegenous groups, and ran concentration camps/brainwash camps for their children until very recently (still does? Idk). Has not paid reparations, naturally, to either its own indigenous people or those of the countries it colonised, like East Timor. Funds fossil fuel projects that destroy a large amount of indigenous and natural heritage.
Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (Saudi Arabia)
Active religiously motivated monarchy. Negligible rights to protest, abysmal record on LGBTQ, women's rights. Slave state built on the backs of uncompensated foreign workers.
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (UAE)
Active, oil-funded, religiously motivated monarchy. Negligible rights to protest, abysmal record on LGBTQ rights. Slave state built on the backs of uncompensated foreign workers.
Moral of the story: If we are outraged that human rights abuses are happening in one nation, we must be outraged that they are happening in the ones we like too. Yes, even if their populations are mostly white. Sports events don't do much to whitewash the reputations of these governments in my opinion, the people who know usually know regardless. A more constructive way to channel your anger is to donate to their movements, instead of complaining that they get to have an F1 race at home.
PS: If you believe that reparations are not deserved by the people of colonized nations, kindly fuck yourself with a cheese grater.
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