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馃摳 juliamusij
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Snuggles & Cats
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Ready to be snuggled at any given time. 馃挄
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It鈥檚 pouring outside and I don鈥檛 have to go out today, so I鈥檓 going to be home all day in comfy clothes, listening to the rain. 馃導
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My dream is to live like a Beatrix Potter character
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Was thinking about you
When the 鈥淟overs鈥 card fell out of my tarot deck 馃挮
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YES DADDY馃サ鉂わ笍鈥嶐煍ヰ煂桂煉. (Follow the link in my bio for more )馃槝鉂わ笍鈥嶐煍ヰ煠.
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this is old but I dead ass never have clothes on @ home 馃槵
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The sapphic urge to buy comfy bralettes for your girlfriend in a non-sexual way but also in a totally sexual way
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New year. New nails. New lounge set. New colour combination 馃挌馃
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馃摳 egorchernovv
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My hair is at such an annoying length right now. This calls for kitty ears.
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How scrumptious 馃巹鈽曪笍馃崻
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come get cozy with me?
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Cozy space
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-Cosy rainy day with my cat-
Here鈥檚 the digital version! I鈥檓 so in love with the colours and the atmosphere :))
Click for better quality :3
Creds to @qinni
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aphrodite-would-be-proud 11 months ago
馃暞Anon said: hi sweetheart 馃晩 can you write about armin having a quiet night with the reader? something like wearing comfy pajamas, fairy lights, cute little candles, incense, soft songs and maybe some reading? and they just cuddling? 馃ズ i think about that whenever i go to sleep and do all of the above, but i'm just by myself lmao anyways, thank you so much 馃尭 (btw i'm the anon who asked you about the armin x painter!reader 馃ズ hello 馃ズ i just love how you write can we be friends please) 馃暞
Quiet night with Armin
{ Armin x Reader | tw:none | sleep help, comfort, fluff | modern }
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{ "Twilight, Valley of the Genesee" 1865 by Samuel Colman 1832 - 1920 }
Shimmering golden hues weaved across pastel blue walls in the form of strings, crossing the bookshelf before making a turn at the plants corner, illuminating the room with a soft warm glow.
Your head rested against the satin pillow, just right above Armin's shoulder, close enough that you can see the rise and fall of his chest with every breath. The ends of his hair ghosting over your cheek whenever he leaned to tell a particular clever line of the book he's been reading to you.
You can't exactly remember the name of it, but you can clearly recall his excited smile this morning when showing it to you.
"It's one of my favourites" he said, "the last time i got to reread it was in high-school, has it really been that long?" And that's all you can remember from the conversation before it got sidetracked by him asking if you had lunch yet.
There's definitely something to be said about rereading a book over and over again, a sense of familiarity, an attachment to the characters, plot and world setting. It's almost magic how quickly your comfort book, show or movie can turn a horrible day into a nice one, making it the silver lining.
Looking at the way Armin would pause for a second after some lines, or chuckle at random scenes, like it's an inside joke between him and his mind, you can tell he's definitely recalling some good memories.
Just like how he's adding to his list of comfort memories by sharing this experience with you, he wants you to be a part of this silly book he once picked up as a child and continued to revisit every few years.
You glance at the remaining pages, just as he flips another one to start anew. You've already finished a third of the book, only a quarter remaining.
It's not that you're getting impatient, but it's more that the soft blanket draped over you, the warmth of Armin's body pressed next to yours and the sound of his voice, are all luring you into a hazy cloudy state where your eyelids feel too heavy and turning your head to check the clock seems too exhausting.
How long has it been? since you curled up against him right after you went to put your empty hot chocolate mugs in the sink.
You don't have the heart to tell him that your brain stopped registering the words he's saying and instead listens to the tone of his soft-spoken voice and reacts accordingly. Stealing another glance at the remaining pages, you notice a few missing, okay good, just a few more. You can hold on right?
Forcing your eyes open, you suppress a yawn threatening to rise before curling even closer to his shoulder, face against his neck, hand over his chest.
Instead of focusing on his calming heartbeat, you try to focus your attention on different things, like the smell of snowdrops flowers filling the room from the scented incense sitting on the nightstand.聽
Snowdrops, the milky bell-like flowers who befriended the cold harsh snow herself.
An ancient German tale that Armin told you, on one early spring morning. When the universe was just in bloom, as the earth shaped its form and the plants dressed themselves, when the god in the heavens above just created snow, she was told to go seek her colours from the flowers below.
She came with her request, but the flowers turned their heads, refusing to acknowledge her for she is the reason for the harsh weather, deeming their life spans short, overzealous and jealous, protecting their colours from the merciless lady snow.聽
She was left all alone, friendliness, colourless with no love or sympathy from a soul.
Except for one, came knocking on her door, head bowed down and humbly offered to share. Snowdrops were the flowers that warmed the snow's heart, and so white was the colour in which snow was known.
Snow made a vow, to always protect her one and only friend, even from her own self. Under her watchful gaze, snowdrops were gifted with warmth that let them be the first flowers to bloom when winter bid her goodbyes as spring was arriving soon.
You've never seen snowdrops the same since, their delicate and shy nature standing out between all the proud flowers, you even suggested planting some to Armin.
"...but sweetheart" you remember him saying with a frown, " snowdrops are poisonous."
Yeah, and so getting their scented incense was the second best option available.
You hear the sound of another page being turned, fewer left to go, just hold on a bit longer.
Wondering the room with your eyes, your gaze fell on the straw sunhat hanging from the on the back of a chair. It's Armin's favourite, he'd always wear it when the sun was particularly bright that day.
you remember him saying it was a gift from his grandpa when he was a child.
His grandpa...didn't you visit his farm a few months ago?
...yeah you did, you can recall clearly, how you were:
Squinting your eyes to avoid the bright sun, you wiped the sweat collecting on your forehead before leaning your head back against the wooden wall. The occasional passing cool breeze distracting you from the dryness in your throat, even after moving to sit in the shade your skin still felt too hot.
The grassy fields in front stretched wide before ending in white pained fences, where the crops patches for vegetables started.
The sudden gentle waves of cool air against your skin made you glance to the side, where Armin was fanning you with his hat, while holding a tray with two ice filled lemonades in his other hand.
"Are you sure you don't want to go inside?" He said, sitting next to you before handing you the cold drink, "you've already done a lot, I'll do take care of the rest."
You've been helping Armin with the farm work since sunrise, feeding the animals together and watering the crops, saying you're exhausted from the scorching hot sun was an underestimation.
And yet, somehow Armin seems unaffected. Not a sign of being bothered as he sat there next to you with his rolled up sleeves and cuffed pants, the slight flushing to his face was the only thing he got from the sun.
"Yeah, I need to lay down a bit." You remember saying, after emptying your drink in one go.
"If that's the case then-" setting the tray aside, Armin patted his lap while looking at you, "Come here."
Too tired to protest, you layed your head on his thigh, feeling your back stretching and the cool air from his fanning was already making you feel better.
"You know, there's a story my grandpa used to tell me about the sun."
An Australian folklore, about a time when the earth was merged in absolute Darkness, when even the stars refused to light up the sky.
Eternal darkness was the fate of humanity, as people were spent their lives carrying torches to light up their way.
Gnowee was an alone mother in a forsaken world, left to fend for her little son. Each day while he slept safely, she'd venture into the the fields in search for plants or seeds. Knowing very well that's it's a matter of life and death if she couldn't come back with something edible.
Each day she'd come with whatever she could find, feeding it to her son even if it meant sleeping on an empty stomach.
But with food scarce and the abyss looming at every corner, things were harder each day.
One day after rocking her child to sleep, she quietly left with her torch to dig for yams she saw on her way last time. Retracting her footsteps, it was a long journey but she knew it'd be worth it.
And so she walked and walked till she reached the place, began digging the ground but dirt and mud was all that she could find. But she couldn't just go back to her son empty handed, and so she wandered far.
She wandered so far in fact that she reached the end, not the end of her journey but the end of the earth itself.
Somehow, in someway she managed to pass from under it, her will for her son to live another day far greater that anything, and so she emerged from the other side.
The void.
Where nothingness lived.
Looking at the vast empty space, she didn't know where she was, the line between the ground and walls was so blurred that she thought she's floating.
Panic and dread filled her mind as she raised her torch higher and higher, attempting to clear a path for her to see. For she had to go back to her son, all alone sleeping by himself.
Climbing the sky was her only solution, as she wondered the world, unknowingly lighting up a path with her as she went.
"And so the Sun Goddess wonders the sky above, in search for her son." Armin told you that day, before offering you his own lemonade to drink because he was still worried about you.
You can't recall how that day ended, you think you might have fell asleep on his lap right after.
The fairylights on the wall reminded you of the clear stars sky you've seen while on the farm, his grandfather was a really sweet guy too.
With your mind still coulded in drowsiness, your hearing was also delayed apparently, since you just noticed the book in Armin's hold was closed with him staring at you with a smile instead.
Moving so he could set the book on the nightstand, Armin turned towards you before pulling you closer to him, making sure the covers don't slip off of you. He cupped your face, stroking your cheek with love in his eyes.
"I'm sorry baby, did I take too long?" He said, glancing at the clock behind you answered his question.聽
You shook your head, murmuring a slurred "it's alright."聽
Posture visibly relaxing, he gave your cheek a small kiss before resting too on the pillow next to you, a yawn escaping him.
With half closed eyes, you saw him cuddling close to your chest, features softening as he bid you goodnight. Your hand moved to stroke his hair just like he always liked, lacing your fingers through the soft strands you closed your eyes too.聽
Warmth took over you, the feeling of his soft breath near your neck, the comfortable weight of his arms around you, the slow ticking of the clock, it all rocked you to sleep as you happily gave in.
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