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Yesterday’s swim fit
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Ciyas by @agodth or @glacia-posts
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Full House 30 - “Garden”
This came out a bit more bittersweet than I planned
CW: Pet whump, multiple whumpees, caretaker new master, force-feeding mention.
There were two bromeliads on the youngest's window, as he did not join the others in the garden. Between the bromeliads was one of Beige’s aloe vera, so it was like —Beige liked to think— a small part of the outside inside the room.
Purple and Pink put their in the living room, it was —Purple was sure— bad behavior, but the opportunity of putting green things around the room he is in the most is too good to let pass.
Night put his outside, in a spot he can always watch when on guard, and Day's was inside his room by the window.
The pets weren't sure where Master's was, maybe in his room? Must be since no one could see it around.
Master Eri said that they could use the garden —a small, stair-like thing with three "steps", each one was in truth a wooden box full of black earth— as they wished, and that he would plant his other one later.
“So…” Day started, he was talking really often lately, not only the whispers to Night from time to time, not only the little warning of what he heard to Beige so he could do something about it, he was truly talking.
Night —as always— had a theory of the reason, he said the pets always used every little time they could to talk to each other, to warn each other, because they needed to in order to survive, and now every time they are alone and out of the earshot of Master they talked, he also said —while putting a lot of emphasis in how this must be a trap and how bad Master is— that there are less warning now, less perceived dangers, and more time together, so the pets still talk, but now they can talk about things other than a way to stay alive.
“Where is he now?” Day asked in a low voice, carefully digging a small hole in the soft soil, taking way more time than needed.
“W-w-with the boy,” Pink told, Master had entered the bedroom right after he left, which was scary but fast.
“Doing what?” Night asked, not caring about hiding the anger in his voice at first, but being more careful after Pink flinched. He had planted his snake plant in a couple of seconds as soon as he arrived and was now stabbing the soil with a plastic shovel, “We shouldn’t let Sir Eri stay with him.”
“We are pets, we can’t tell Master what to do,” Purple said, his voice trained but with a drop of warning.
“We can if we try, people are idiots anyway.”
“Night,” Day scolded, looking from one side to another, “Enough.”
Night tsked his tongue, he kept stabbing the soil, but now with a slightly shivering hand.
“What if-” Beige started, tracing his fingers on his aloe vera, “He said he won’t- won’t hurt us so what if-”
“Nope,” Night cut, “He is human, so he is bad.”
“I… I don’t want to to badmouth him but please Beige, don’t… don’t create hope,” Day said, voice full of worry and sadness.
Beige glanced at the lapdogs, Pink shook his head and Purple swallowed hard, avoiding eye contact.
“Y-you… you must be right,” he said, heart racing, he didn’t want to say that he won’t be able to steal things with the way Master is organized, he didn't say he can't help the way he did anymore, it would make the others scared, and he certainly wouldn’t say what he thinks Master’s identity is, he wants to be sure before telling such scary news.
The “garden” —it was kinda hard to see the five plants in there as a garden— was all planted already, but Master had yet to come to plant his, which wasn’t too bad, it was the end of the afternoon, the area was shadowed and the day wasn’t hot.
The lapdogs appreciated the sunlight and outside air, most of the time they must stay pretty and kneel in the living room, looking down rather than out the window.
Beige also enjoyed the time out; an allowed time to rest, near most of the other pets. He felt less lonely, even if just for a while.
“I didn't talk to him yet,” Purple admitted when the talk moved back to Little One, “Master never said I could go there.”
He also didn't say you couldn't do it. Night thought, but he knew that permissions must be clearly stated. “You want to?”
“I don’t want him to think I don’t want to meet him,” Purple said, the only time he had seen him was when he was punished in The Room, back then, the boy was unconscious and Purple was too scared and in too much pain to really pay attention to him. “But… but I’m not allowed.”
The other pets silently agreed, it isn’t because everyone is being bad that Purple needs to misbehave too.
“Is he… eating?” Day asked, Beige just shook his head.
Pink swallowed hard before speaking, “What is… what is the problem with with food? I know he doesn’t- he can’t eat, but why?”
Beige, Day and Night glanced at each other uncomfortable, “It’s…” Night started when the other stayed in silence, “... there is this… this funnel and Day hold him and I… I force the the food down and…” he was looking down guiltily, “He used to to throw up so… so there was a gag, and he he couldn’t… anymore, but he tries so…”
“Sorry, I I shouldn’t asked I-”
They all kept silent for a long time after that, just looking down at the ground. The only sound was coming from Night still stabbing the soil with the shovel.
“Oh!” Beige said, “I I almost almost forgot to to tell, he doesn’t he doesn’t like touching he he hates it, since since always.”
Pink looked up, “T-this explains why he backs away when I touch the bed… thank you I’ll I’ll keep this in mind.”
They all wanted to ask how things would be from now, but neither of them would be able to answer, and talking about it would only scare them, so they tried to simply enjoy the little current piece instead of thinking about the uncertain future.
Master came after a while, he praised everyone, gave pets to everyone, and planted his small succulent in a corner, as if he didn’t want it to mix with the pet’s plants, “It’s getting late,” he said, “Let’s come back inside, I made dinner today.”
Beige glanced up, but before he could beg for forgiveness Master told him that it was okay, he patted him once more and they all came back inside. Master was nice once again, as all the days before that, and the pets were just actively killing any hope threatening to grow, and trying to keep these nice moments in their memory because they know it won’t last long.
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Happiness is…the smell of earth after rain…
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LEWIS TAN will play Tolya Yul-Bataar.
ANNA LEONG BROPHY will play Tamar Kir-Bataar.
PATRICK GIBSON will play Nikolai Lantsov.
JACK WOLFE will play Wylan Hendriks.
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We do not see that the character of every day as identical.
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The Prague Astronomical Clock (1410) in Prague's Old Town Square.
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Earth, Day and Night
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I’m waiting for you, I’m waiting for the evening calm, I’m waiting for our time, the oblique light, this pause between day and night. Peace will come, surely. But I can imagine no other peace than that of our two bodies bound together, of our gaze given over to each other - I have no other homeland but you.
Albert Camus to Maria Casarès, Correspondance, July 17, 1949 [#71]
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Kısa vadede kötüler, sonunda daima iyiler kazanır..
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Slowly, with many lost days, I come back to life. x
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