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Sideways - floorcoasterIn_Dreams - M, 11 chapters - Hermione wakes up and nothing she knows is the same. In the war-torn ruins of London, she runs into the last person she expected, and together they have to solve the mysteries that surround them. And, somehow, fight to get back home. Dramione.

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Umbitch: Boys and Girls are not permitted to 8 inches from each other.

The entire Hogwarts:*laughs in gay*

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The concept of Harry Potter houses is so dumb. Like no Dumbledore, you should not put all they ‘brave’ kids in the same room for 7 years, they’ll set themselves on fire.

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How unfortunate. 

I do believe the Ministry knows something. I would imagine the records would be kept there, rather than with Dumbledore, but then again, the man is odd. 

Your cat? Well, certainly. If the cat cannot find anything, I can perhaps be willing to access the Ministry records for you. You would owe me a favor, of course. But I believe you will find me a reasonable man. 

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And thats everything you need to know about Merope Riddle,
Ok...And how is this gonna help me kill Voldemort?
Ughhh idk?
Look Harry all I know is that Grindlewald is HOT now get out there and find the Horcrux's!
Well what are you waiting for?
Ok sir!
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The American

Pairings: Fred Weasley x Slytherin!Reader , George Weasley x Slytherin!Reader

Summary: A new transfer student entrances the twins, perhaps a little too much.

Word Count: 2.5 k 

Warnings: Umbridge (I feel like that’s enough said for that one), anxiety mentions, swearing (light. maybe one f-bomb), Ron being a lil prejudiced against Slytherins

A/N: I took a small liberty with the last name just to help the story flow better, so I’m sorry if that’s upsetting. I am also apologizing ahead of time if I wrote the twins ooc, it’s my first time writing a fic for them! [Not beta read, any mistakes are mine and mine alone]


Originally posted by writingissatansworstnightma-blog

You took a breath, hands smoothing down the sides of your skirt, twisting nervously in the folds. You could do this. Nerves ran throughout your body, making it feel like it was humming with energy as you shifted on your feet. You could do this. The professor next you, McGonagall if you remembered correctly, placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. You forced a small smile, turning your face back to the set of great wooden doors in front of you. You could barely hear a thing that was being said, you just knew that you would be introduced after the new teacher and then sorted into your house.

“In other news,” a voice raised from behind the doors and you looked up sharply. “We have a transfer student joining us this term. We have decided that it would be best for everyone if her sorting ceremony were as public as the first years, so please. Join me in welcoming Y/N Jones.”

The hand left your shoulder and you looked up, taking in another nervous breath as you watched McGonagall place her hand on one of the doors, nodding to you to motion that it was time before pushing the doors open. You forced your face to remain neutral, and straightened your back as you walked alone up to the Headmaster in the front of the room.

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so, I’ve been rereading/watching Harry Potter (the franchise that shaped my youth) and I just had a thought: Hagrid should’ve died instead of Sirius.

Now I know that this idea is


But hear me out.

  1. This would have been so beneficial to Harry’s character. We all know that Harry Potter is low-key a jerk and nobody really likes him, this would have made everyone like him because we feel TERRIBLE for him. I understand that we already feel bad because of all the pain he went through, but this would’ve been the final nail in the coffin
  2. It would have really gotten the “War is Devastating” point across that J.K Rowling really likes. We see this mostly in Deathly Hallows, but it would have been INCREDIBLY AMPLIFIED if we lost Hagrid, the man who just really wanted to keep his dragon
  3. It could lead to some cool plot stuff! Who’s gonna be the new Keeper of The Keys? How does Dumbledore and McGonagall handle this? How does Fang feel?
  4. WE! COULD! HAVE! SEEN! THE! ADVENTURES! OF! DADFOOT! need I say anything else
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Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the idiots house. Knock knock.
Who’s there?
The chicken.
I will not punt you on one condition.
Go tell that joke to Snape.
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Watch “Exploring Harry & Dumbledore’s Relationship” on YouTube

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DA WAND SCENEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Look for the ones who dont know what i mean or the ones who havent seen tha Harry Potter movies, there is this scene on the half-blood prince, after Dumbledore death, when everyone just rise their wands to the air and perform lumos to comember him, and for some reason it always made me cry, of course, i havent seen the movie in a while but i remember that feeling.

(after i drew this my sister came up to me, in tears, cause today was the 5th death anniversary of Alan Rickman and I didn’t knew when i did this, and she saw my drawing and break down harder, what should I suppose to do? HELP)


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im feeling a very specific emotion that i have only felt in very specific situations for very specific people and it’s extremely violent and graphic and pouring it into words isnt exactly what someone would call healthy

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So, don’t get me wrong - we all know Harry has a tendency to um… well occasionally be a tad dense and unobservant. But his complete and utter lack of shock at TaLkInG pOrTrAiTs and MOVING STAIRCASES is a new low.

But whilst I wouldn’t put it past Harry to gorge himself on so much food at the feast that his brain’s blood supply is literally non-existent as it all rushes to help with digestion, no one seems shocked by the ✨magic✨ all around.

And remember the terrified reaction to the ghosts calmly chatting to each other before the feast (even the kids raised by wizards were taken aback) - two translucent people talking is horrific, but yes of COURSE standing on a staircase that starts moving is fiiiiiinnnneee.

What if it was just too much effort dealing with the first years? How many 11yr olds were too scared to go to sleep because “THEY TALKED. TO. A. P.O.R.T.R.A.I.T. WHICH SWUNG OPEN TO GET US IN HERE. AND THEN THE STAIRS VANISHED INTO A SLIDE WHEN THAT KID GOT LEFT AND RIGHT MIXED UP. WHAT IS THIS PLACE??!!! I WANNA GO HOME”

Drugging them so everything is easy to accept, would just be soooo much simpler. It wouldn’t be Dumbledore’s craziest decision ever…..

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I can hear Dumbeldore now.
“Oh I’m sorry, did….didyou defeat Grindelwald? That’s right. You didn’t. I did. I’m the boss. The macdaddy. I’ll do whatever the f*ck I like” 😂 *smirks in Gryffindor*

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