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lulusplace · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal coming out of his well to shame mankind (but mostly his mother)
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si-snake · 4 days ago
This is why Tío Bruno always looks into the future before babysitting.
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captaintophnoceda · 14 days ago
Bruno when His Rats left him alone in the Walls to go be Camillos backup dancers for We Don't Talk About Bruno
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elliemillah · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Julieta’s kitchen
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Bruno: “hey, remember that time you tripped down the stairs right into Camillo?”
Pepa, very confused and tired: “that never happened, Bruno.”
Bruno, realizing he should really make a journal: “right, well, it’s gonna be funny when it happens-”
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yumbees · 20 days ago
Headcanon...Delores has a deaf daughter later on?
Think about Dolores' daughter
Think about her being born, the pride of her father and mother, wrapped in the softest clothes, showed off to everyone.
Think about her growing as such a good child. They knew she was deaf from a very young age, the family created their own sign language, and it was never an issue.
She was not a quiet girl, with no sense of her own volume. Always singing terrible "songs" and clapping and hitting things together. Dolores loves it. Dolores loves to know that sound can be a comfort, she loves that her daughter is enjoying her life, so different from her own.
Think about her growing up a bit temperamental, a bit Pepa. Think about her coloring her angry feelings on the wall one day, soon to be framed by Abuelo Felix. Think about her dancing in her grandmothers snow, jumping in homemade puddles, screaming red faced to show her disproval. Think about her family being patient and caring and kind, teaching her how to handle her emotions in the healthy way.
Think about her making friends in the village. Her friends have a different sign language for her than her family, which drives everyone insane.
Think about her being thrown around by her Tia Luisa, working in the gardens, magical and non, with her Tia Isabela
Think about her putting on shadow plays with Tio Camilo, going on long walks with Tio Antonio, baking with Nana Julieta, singing with Abuela Pepa
Think about her going on picnics with her papa when she felt sad or upset, think about them inventing new words for what they see, a name for each cloud, a shape for each vibration in the ground
Think about her fifth birthday
No stress. No expectations. Just food, and percussive music, and pretty colors and lights
She touches the door
It glows
Dolores can see (and hear) her feet tap tap tapping Casita's tiles
Think about her taking a deep breath, her eyes wide. The house begins to tremble.
Mirabel, who officiates the ceremonies now, clutches the candle tight, but it burns bright as ever.
She looks up to her Mama and raises her arms, hollering out a sound of joy. Casita rocks, spilling drinks, townspeople cry out, and suddenly everything settles. Earthquake. She runs through the door, stomps a foot on the grass.
Boulders grow through the ground. Mountains surround her. A mile long crack divides her room. She lays on her back, feeling the earth rumble beneath her. She's so happy.
Think about the years to come. Dolores finding her encased in stones when she's upset. The village rocking softly when she's pleased. Her room always changing. Think about Luisa teaching her to climb the rocks safely
Most important
Think about Dolores having a moment with Casita's new door.
"Thank you," she says, a hand on her daughters carving. "For understanding that she does not need to be fixed."
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bonsaiiiiiii · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
made a little something
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left-elbow-blues · 7 days ago
Bruno has fucking freckles. Look at his freckles. Baby freckles. (It also looks like he's wearing eyeliner but we love an edgy baby)
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peaachie · 19 days ago
encanto crossover ships
im here for the inevitable isabela x elsa crossover crackship for blatantly obvious reasons but also consider:
luisa x kronk: now that’s a power couple idc!! luisa seems the type to like himbos as much as dolores does. plus kronk can cook almost as well as her mom. he would adore her, embrace her emotional side and wait on her hand and foot which is exactly what she deserves
mirabel x moana: why? because why not?? both come from tight-knit families & communities they love and have a responsibility to, but still desired more from their life and have a sense of adventure. also close with a lovable outcast that has god-like abilities and a complicated reputation. it’s meant to be 
camilo x violet parr: goofy showoff shapeshifter w/ shy invisible girl that’s secretly a superhero. both are snarky teenagers that are still finding themselves, it’s a fanfic that writes itself. violet’s canon love interest (toby? timmy? who cares) is lame and she’s also the only age appropriate option for camilo from Disney/Pixar films (i know alberto is like 14 but he looks 12 im sorry i dont see it, plus he got luca). they both come from families with powers that serve their communities, i know y’all see the vision
antonio is a child and obviously not interested in romance yet, but could very well be besties with boo from monsters inc who has monster friends or bonnie from toy story who has talking toys. they’d introduce all their little non-human pals to each other and have a great time
bruno x hector rivera:  because you know exactly why, quirky outcasted latino men with tragic pasts and big families they love (and that still love them despite everything),  forged a close bond with a relative that meets them for first time and re-unites the fam again. also consider bruno x linguini from ratatouille even just as bros, because they’re both socially awkward guys that are besties with rats and imagining a convo between them makes me laugh 
i wasn’t gonna add pepa and felix or julieta and agustin to this list because they are already perfect for each other but if you wanna get wild they could swing with the incredibles parents or something, idk. dolores and mariano are also a perfect match but just for the hell of it, dolores x tiana  and mariano x naveen because I think they give similar energy and would all get along well. 
if you have any more crackships and crossover ideas feel free to add them! pro-shippers please keep your incest and pedo ships away from this post 
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fireworkss-exe · 4 days ago
Bruno: HELP! I TOLD JULIETA I’D COOK DINNER TONIGHT BUT I CAN’T COOK! Pepa, pouring milk directly into the cereal bag: And you thought I could help?
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satansgayestspawn · 16 days ago
Camilo’s part in We Don’t Talk About Bruno... In the tune of Low by Flo Rida
Bruno got that seven foot frame (frame!)
rats along his back (’long his back!)
when he calls your name it all will fade to black (eyy)
He sees your dreams (he sees your dreams)
feasts on your screams
wedonttalkabout bru-no no no no no no no
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lulusplace · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
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camiloamor · 19 days ago
i feel like if camilo had the creative freedom to create a username on any platform it’d be something like CamiloCoolGamer1124
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captaintophnoceda · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Poor Luisa :( can't even flirt with a pretty girl without getting called away.
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yokaishinari · 18 days ago
Next to Hernando and Jorge, Bruno has a sexy man persona: he holds a rose in his mouth and has an open shirt. Name's Andrés.
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Bruno, just waking up: “how is Camillo?”
The rest of the family: ????
Bruno realizing Camillo hasn’t been named or born yet: “whoops”
Pepa: “Bruno, you get three seconds before I make you a permanent feature in Casita’s tiles. Start running.”
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yumbees · 22 days ago
seven foot frame, rats along his
wedding day
he calls your name and there wasn't a cloud in the sky no clouds allowed in the sky
he sees your dreams and
my powers would grow like
you telling the story or am i?
oye mariano says it looks like rain
betrothed to another, another
i'm fine, i'm fine, i'm fine
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the-brave-and-the-dumb · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
No clouds allowed in the sky
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starklore · 24 days ago
Okay but during We Don't Talk About Bruno and everyone is like dragging him and talking about the negative prophecies he gave and Isabela is like "he told me I'd have the life of my dreams and would be super powerful" and it's like what does that have to do with anything
Except then we find out Isabela doesn't have the life of her dreams, she's about to marry a guy she has no interest in, is constantly putting her own wants aside in order to be "perfect," and she feels anything but powerful. Even with her literal powers, she's deeply excited when she can make something different that isn't pretty, indicating that prior to that, she's felt unfulfilled with her gift.
In short, everyone else is mad at Bruno because his prophecies about them came true. Isabela is mad because his prophecy about her didn't.
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left-elbow-blues · 8 days ago
Encanto Shitposting #3
This has been said ten billion times by people ten times smarter than me but like yall every think how Bruno was just making observations and got demonized
"That's an unsafe environment for a goldfish, itll suffocate because of a lack of oxygen"
"Hey man you really shouldn't eat that many arepas, if you gain too much weight you're at risk for illness"
"Yknow you have male pattern baldness in your family? You might go bald lol"
And bc its fucking bruno everybody immediately went oooh prediction
When it was a bare minimum observation. Like he could say "huh the clouds look like rain, so many nimbocumuli" and everyone would fucking lose it
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