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Originally shot by Dr. Randle Stewart, an Australian psychiatrist, whilst on honeymoon in Tasmania, these 18 seconds of combined footage show the last captive thylacine in the world.
Commonly referred to as “Benjamin”, the individual lived at the now-abandoned Beaumaris Zoo from the early 1930s to his death in September of 1936, incidentally the same year thylacines were granted official protection by the Australian government.
The footage, shot in 1931, had been considered lost since the late 1970s.
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Y sí, sucedió: después de tantos años de idas y vueltas en nuestra historia, llegó el "adiós", acompañado de un punto final, dando a entender que todo había terminado para siempre.
Adiós, y tú también cuídate mucho.
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In meinen Gedanken ist ein riesengroßes Chaos und ich weiß nicht wie ich es aufräumen soll.
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Por un lado quiere usted cumplir sus sueños y por el otro te quieres quitar la vida ¿como es eso?
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banner soon
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Pov a guy who keeps trying to scamper back onto the hermitcraft server
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Response and Evidence that MatPat plagiarized off of me (Th3Pooka is also on my side :])
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EX is a Victim of Jeff the Minion's Midas Curse (1010-1013)
EX's Eyes Glowing White is Jeff's Influence (1016-1019)
Wormman is a Trapped Heart (in.the tags of the art)
EX (and Pooka) Lore Iceberg
Waspsuma Explanation (1021)
Evil Xisuma's Origin (CarnEVIL 1, not 350)
Tumblr media
Evil's Fault Discussion
"HermitCraft CarnEVIL 1 - Removed Dialouge"
APX (April Fools/Apathetic/806 Xisuma) is Hels!X
NPG is Hels!Grian + How Jeff Works
Playlist of Relevant Eps
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Tumblr media
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[ The antlers of a Schomburgk’s deer, photographed in Laos in 1991 by Laurent Chazée. ]
“After the wild population died out from overhunting in 1932, the last known Schomburgk’s deer died in captivity six years later. Or so we thought. A trucker in Laos found a set of antlers, seemingly in fresh condition, in the early 1990s. He then gave the antlers to a shop in the northern Laos province of Phongsali.
In February 1991, United Nations agronomist Laurent Chazée photographed the antlers. Galbreath and his collaborator G.B. Schroering recently analyzed the antlers’ physical condition in those photos. Based on the widely spreading, basket-shaped, hyper-branched structure of the antlers, the team determined the antlers belonged to a Schomburgk’s deer. (Other Asian deer’s antlers do not have the same signature basket shape.)
Galbreath also confirmed that the antlers were fresh when photographed in 1991. The antlers — spotted with dark red to reddish-brown dried blood — had been excised from the deer’s head. The color of the blood and condition of the exposed bone marrow offered clues into the antlers’ age.”
- Excerpt from “Evidence suggests rare deer lived 50 years beyond ‘extinction’” by Amanda Morris.
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My current boyfriend met my ex and as they were getting along, they started saying the same things and making the same expressions at me. Eventually my current boyfriend asked me why I broke up with my previous boyfriend.
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Tom is your ex. Need I say more for making a request?
You needn't anon. I understood the assignment.(hopefully) I'm running on 3 cups of coffee and a whole ton of insomnia so this is very messy and not proof-read at all. Enjoy!
Inadequate Festivities
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Pairing: Tom Riddle x gn!reader En bref: Tom is over you. He was never in love with you in the first place, you were a mistake, an experiment...right?
Tom has always been observant, he looked and he listened and when it was his turn to glimmer in the light of attention, he would bask in it. But he wanted more attention, more and more and more of it until he was overflowing, until it drained him back to his dark, lonely corners.
Tom liked any type of attention.
He smiles, politely nodding along to Slughorn's rant about the time he saved the infirmary from being blown up by a brewing Skele-Gro potion.
"Dangerous stuff, Anjelicas, dangerous indeed. But of course, a bit of frog brain saved the day!" Slughorn brings his drink to his lips joyously.
"Quite genius sir." Tom locks his fingers behind his back, he had already overheard this story while Slughorn was announcing it to Nott. There's a silent tug of irk at his fingers, why would Slughorn tell Nott before telling Tom? "I believe if it wasn't for your immediate reaction and rational solution, we would be buried deep in the bits of the hospital wing rather than enjoying such festivities."
Slughorn bursts into another excited ramble about how good mannered Tom is. Tom's attention however, has settled on the sight of the box of the sweets (Crystallized Pineapples) he has bought sitting snugly at the top of the pile of Slughorn's gifts. His smile widens.
But then it slips right off because his heedless gaze has landed on you.
Tom does indeed like any type of attention. Except yours.
Tom hasn't had many affairs in the past. He never saw the appeal of jumping around or romance in general. You however, you were a problem.
Especially with the fight you'd put up about a few weeks ago.
"This was a mistake." Tom had muttered uninterestedly after your angry outburst. "I clearly misinterpreted your entire persona." You stared at him, mouth agape.
"That's all? That's all you have to say?" You scoffed, shaking your head and scrunching your nose in disbelief.
"Yes." He blinked up at you, your shoulders had fallen into a state of defeat and there was a gleam of a tear at the end of your eyes, though perhaps that was a trick of the light.
"So that's all I was? A mistake?"
"I'd rather call it an experiment."
Tom hadn't seen you afterwards, a few weeks of spotting you hanging off the halfwit boy, Charles, and your other friend who he had never bothered paying much mind to.
It hadn't been much of a hardship, you weren't that boldened in his daily routines in the few months of your courting.
Perhaps sometimes at night, while he laid awake with a book in his hand, he would await the timid, drowsy voice, demanding that he read aloud. But by midnight he'd look around his cold dorm room, the snoring boys around him coming into full focus and he'd realize that the demand would never come and that'd be the end of it.
Tom looks back at his glass, realizing that Slughorn is no longer in front of him, his eyes settle back on you again. Pesky little things.
You're still talking to the halfwit, smiling at him brightly and clinking your glass to his and you wouldn't even make a good pair with that Charles boy.
Tom's eyes narrow. What does he care anyway?
He tears his gaze onto the glimmer of his polished shoes, but now his ears are picking up on your loud laughter.
He hasn't heard that in a while.
All the better it's not like it's much of a pleasant sound.
Tom turns back to the table full of gifts, eyeing the pineapples.
If you were around you'd make sure to remind him of how obsequiously he was kissing Slughorn's ass.
Yes, well you're not.
Tom takes another sip.
This is ridiculous, it's obviously the tire of the day's hardships taking over his mind to make such...useless thoughts appear in his head. He'll be all well by tomorrow. Hopefully.
Tom's head snaps around because there's a scrap of chairs and you're bidding farewell to Slughorn politely and you don't even look Tom's way.
But now you're walking away, you're leaving Slughorn's stupid party with the loggerhead and Merlin's knickers, you're holding his hand.
Tom blinks stupidly at the door where you have just disappeared into and it takes all of a few seconds before he's standing up, rage thudding through his veins and a bizarre sentiment numbing his muscles. And there is one single thought in his head as he walks past Slughorn's curious gaze hastily.
Tom does indeed like any type of attention. Except yours. Because he doesn't like you or the unconditional attention you give (gave) him.
He needs it.
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Se vuoi bene ad una persona la proteggi da tutto.
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Ich habe so Angst dass wir uns wieder fremd werden..
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Ma kicsit meghalok, de kelek holnap, eltelt ezer hónap, felriadok még mindig álmodok rólad.
Bsw — Mióta elhagytál
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so i read Mumbo Jumbo’s No Good Very Bad Week (also known as This is About a Stuffed Bird by @theminecraftbee ) recently
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