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#grass type

Don’t get me wrong, Rayquaza is one of my favorite legendaries, and I get the ground/water/sky & behemoth/leviathan/ziz themes it has going for alongside Groudon and Kyogre…….. but…

Does anyone else think… that it would have been more fitting to the themes of those games… to have the mediator between the Ground pokemon and the Water pokemon….. be a Grass type instead?

You know, plants needing both ground and water in balance to exist? And having their conflict be solved by creating and protecting something together instead of by summoning an even stronger entity to intimidate them?

I just think it was a missed opportunity, especially considering how long we had to wait for a grass legendary.

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Today I met a Bulbasaur! He’s a really cool Pokémon! He kinda reminds me of a frog :-)

Do you have a favorite Pokémon? I don’t know if I have a favorite, but Registeel is a robot just like me, so I guess it would be mean of me not to like them :-)

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My sister got Pokémon Sword recently, and we’ve both been having so much fun with it! I even ordered Shield recently, so we can work on completing the Pokédex. She originally caught a Bounsweet to have as a grass type attacker, but she ended up sticking around and becoming part of her permanent party! All of Bounsweet’s evolutions are super cute, and I plan on drawing them all later. I started with Tsareena for now, and I plan on coloring this soon!

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It’s important to appreciate reverse holos too. It’s not all about the gold and full arts out here yo. Accelgor is one of those pokemon I was never into until I got him in Pokemon Go. I named it Celsius on there…not sure why but I think it fits.

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