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I'm hyperfixating a ton on cat genetics rn and my brain is screaming "start a blog to tag all the pretty cat combinations" and that is so much work, brain. Pls chill
(side note but we have got the BASIC genetics for all the living EOTF cats down now and I want MORE)
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Pairing: Steven Grant x reader, slight Marc Spector x reader
Request from anon: Make steven grant cry please while being pegged. :) oh and Marc watching and getting jealous 😁
Warning: E. sub!Steven, pegging, crying during sex, slight exhibitionism, slight humiliation.
a/n: dont mind if i add five kinks to your req
Tumblr media
No one prepared you for how much travel was involved with being a hero.  Dating a hero and well… that number went up.  But, then again, no one was ever really prepared for that kind of thing, right?  If there was a crash course in being a superhero, how would anyone have that key, pivotal moment where you finally understand what it takes to be a hero?
Hero logistics aside, the travel specifically was entirely misleading.  
Everytime you, Marc, and Steven breeze through New York, you often found yourself bitterly staring up at some silly poster or statue or something of an Avenger.  They get to be the hero and they blew through a new tower, compoundーwhatever, almost quarterly.  Or at least, that’s what it felt like.  
Steven has managed to keep his flat in London and Marc had a secret hat trick for finding safehouses in every corner of the world, but nothing quite felt like home.  It would’ve been nice to have a single city to protect, but Konshu’s aspirations were often much bigger than that.  
Exhausting would be putting your situation mildly.  Marc hid it well and perhaps he was so accustomed to the lifestyle that he wasn’t ever truly bothered by it.  Steven made his woes loud and clear, airing his concern for practicality whenever the topic of a motel came into question.
Which, when Marc insisted on yet another cheap motel for your latest run through New York that was so sketchy and unappealing that Steven forcibly fronted with the sole purpose to whine.  You had to agree and rallied for another solution.  
After the job was complete, you would pay for a nice hotel with a view and one of those fancy fridges stocked to the brim with even fancier alcohol.  You had all been working hard and deserved a night to yourselves.  
As it turned out, fancy hotel food and alcohol wasn’t what you needed.  One trip into the city and you were back at the hotel, drinking cheap comfort beer and splitting dinner from a nearby restaurant.  There was a full kitchen and dining table, yet you opted to eat on the floor, sitting cross legged in front of the floor to ceiling window that made up the far side of the room.  The lights of the city glowed as the moon rose into the night sky as you ate and laughed together.  
Soon, your plates were forgotten in the sink and empty beer bottles slowly began to line up, encouraging wandering hands and loose lips.  
Steven was fronting, bare back pressed against the cool glass of the window as you sat perched in his lap, lazily grinding down on his tented erection while you left a trail of love bites across his tanned skin.  He was putty in your hands, breathy moans slipping past his kiss-swollen lips with every new touch.
“Turn around, pretty boy,” you mumbled against his skin, kissing his neck one last time before pushing yourself off of his lap.  Steven groaned at the loss of contact, looking to you for answers with a confused pout on his lips.  “Turn around,” you encouraged.  “I wanna watch you cum on my cock.”  
Steven’s eyes were blown wide by your comment.  “I don’t think…”
He trailed off as you got up from the floor, walking over to one of your travel bags.  It didn’t take much rummaging to find what you were looking for, pulling out a harness and a small bottle of lube.  
“Shit,” Steven mumbled.  “Why do you have that?” his voice was shriller than usual and you weren’t sure if it was due to anticipation or surprise. 
“Are you complaining?”
“No,” Steven shook his head back and forth in wide strides.  “No, definitely not.”  He scrunched his nose and shook his head, still wrapping his head around it.  “Marc,” he began, matter of factly, “packs five different kind of knives and youー”  
“I have a knife bag, too, you know,” you interjected, stepping into your harness.  Steven’s eyes went wide again, watching intently as you grabbed the base of your length.  “I also have fun sex bags.  One of us has to be prepared.”
“Yeah… yeah,” Steven said, not really paying attention to what you were saying.  His eyes trailed up your body and hellーdid he think you were a dream.  He didn’t hesitate when you told him to turn around for a third time.  
“You look so good like this, you know.”  
Kneeling behind Steven, you placed your hand on his ass, kneading the flesh with one hand, nudging his thighs apart with your other.  The glass allowed enough reflection that you could see his expression through it.  Your hand dipped below the waistband of his boxers, teasing the skin of his pelvis with your nails before tugging the material down to his knees.  
“Willing,” you said, wrapping your hand under Steven’s waist to grasp the base of his cock.  His hips bucked into your hand and a clipped gasp left his lips.  
Pulling your hand back, you opened the bottle of lube and poured a generous amount over your fingers.  Steven’s hips jerked when your finger pressed against his entrance, the sudden pressure and temperature catching him off guard.  
Slowly, you worked your finger into him, curling the digit inside his ass as more sweet moans fell from his lips.  Your other hand held his hips steady as you worked another two fingers inside of him, twisting and scissoring them until Steven’s legs began to shake.  
“Do you think you’re ready, love?” you asked, coating your cock with lube. 
Steven let out a shaky breath, his head falling beneath his shoulders.  “Fuck, yes please I’m ready.  Please.”
“Head up, baby boy,” you instructed, lining your tip up with his tight, puffy hole.  “I want to see your reflection.”  Reaching out, your fingers wrapped delicately around his throat, guiding his head back up.
You watched his reflection as your tip breached his entrance, his eyes screwing shut with the initial rush of pain before his expression turned to something lustful and greedy.  His hips pressed back towards yours, sinking down onto your length fully.  
“Look at you,” you cooed, splaying your hand on his back.  “Didn’t know you were this desperate already.”
“Please,” he whined, nearly dropping his head again before remembering your order.  “‘S tight.”
“Good?” you asked, voice softening.  
Steven nodded after a moment.  “Good.  Just… go slow, please.”
“Of course, darling.”
You kept your pace steady and slow for Steven to become accustomed to the stretch.  His hands balled into fists, overwhelmed by the mix of pain, pleasure, and the sheer pressure of it all.  He brought one hand up to the glass, steadying himself as you began to thrust into him at a faster pace.  
“Do you think anyone can see you?”  Threading your hands through his curls, you tugged his hair back, forcing him to look down at the street below.  “Or are we too high up for anyone to see you falling apart on my cock?”  
Tears were pricking at the corner of his eyes as you released his hair.  His cock hung heavy, throbbing and leaking precum from the lack of contact.  Steven clenched around your length, the drag of your cock enough to set every nerve ending alight but not enough to send him over the edge.  
“Please,” he babbled, tears rolling down his cheek.  “Touch me, I am close.”  
He looked up to try and catch your face in the reflection of the window, but found Marc glaring down at him instead.  Steven had felt him watching from the beginning but now he seemed tense, jealous, even?  
“What are you doing?” he asked, although his words sounded mocking.  “Crying for release?  Take charge.” 
Steven knew Marc was probably just as frustrated and needy as he was, but he knew he couldn’t flip the dynamic like Marc was able to.  
Another rush of tears dampened his cheeks as your fingers wrapped around his aching cock, moaning from the burst of pleasure.  
“You are her baby, huh?” Marc mocked.  Steven knew what he was doingー he was trying to get Steven riled enough to either take action or allow Marc control.  
“Pathetic Steven.  Maybe you shouldー”
“No,” he argued, voice weak and thick from crying.  “Keep your mouth shut.”
Steven nearly whimpered when your movements stilled.  
“No, fuck,” he mumbled.  “I wasー Marc, heー”
“What?  Can’t share?”  Running your hands across Steven’s back, you made a point to stare into the glass where you knew he was watching.  “If Marc is going to be mouthy, I’ll just have to punish you on his behalf.”  
“What?” Steven sobbed, his voice catching in his throat.  
And with that, you left his side, leaving him feeling used, empty, and unsatisfied.  
“Wait,” you ordered, your quiet footsteps leaving the room.  
In the silence that followed, Steven glared up at Marc’s reflection.  
It didn’t take you long to return and when you did, you nudged Steven’s foot with your own to signal your presence. 
“Turn around,” you said.  “Stay on your knees.”  
Steven did as he was told, sniffling and wiping his cheeks pathetically in a last ditch effort to save face.  He was at height level with your strap on, which you had  just cleaned.
“Pretty boy,” you cooed, resting your palm against his cheek, brushing a stray tear from his skin.  His eyelashes were heavy and wet with tears, sticking to his rosy cheeks when he closed his eyes to lean into your touch.  “Open your mouth.”
Steven opened his eyes when you retracted your hand, opening his mouth to your waiting cock.  He wrapped his lips around the tip, hallowing his cheeks and sucking at the spongy material.  Your fingers played with his hair as you watched more and more of your length disappear between his pink lips.  A few more tears continued to flow, mixing with his saliva as he made a mess of himself on your cock.  His pupils were blown wide, looking up at you through his dark eyelashes with such desperation that you finally decided to take pity on him.  
“Enough,” you said quietly, pulling away from his mouth.  Steven stretched his jaw and wiped his lips, watching you expectantly.  “How do you want it?”
Steven nearly choked out a laugh at the offer.  “Your hands, shit, anything I don’t care I just want you.”  He didn't care as long as he came.
Kneeling, you joined Steven on the floor and took his heavy cock in your hand.  Gasping at the sensation, Steven nearly collapsed in your arms as you began to pump his length.  Hands grabbed at your body, his fingers gripping into the fat of your waist hard enough to bruise.  He didn’t last long with your ministrations, already sensitive and wound tight from earlier.  
With a quiet groan, his trembling thighs tensed as he came, coating your thighs with his release as you stroked him through his high until he weakly pushed your hand away, whining about overstimulation.  
“Good?” you asked again.  
“Bloody fantastic,” he agreed, pressing a wet kiss to your neck where his head was still buried.  It took some strength, but he managed to pull himself upright to look at you with a loopy, love struck glaze in his eyes.  
You brought your hand to his cheek again, drying his tears with the pad of your thumb.  His eyes were pink and his face was flushed and he absolutely melted under your doting touch.  
“I think we should do this for every mission,” Steven said, thoughtfully, sniffling quietly.  “Marc agrees.”
“Does he?” you laughed, smoothing down Steven’s hair and pressing a kiss to his hairline.  “Bet he likes my hotels now, too, huh?”
Steven nodded, smiling.  “Won’t admit it himself, but yeah.  Oh, he’s going absolutely bonkers.” 
Laughing fondly, you cupped Steven’s cheek in your hand.  “He’ll have his time, don’t worry.”
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I'm feeling a little inspired today so here is another prompt:
Sevika and Reader are and one day coming back home, a cat follow Sevika back home. Obviously Sevika is against it but Reader is able to convince her to keep it till they find someone to take care of the cat, but at the end Sevika got attached to the cat and seems pretty interested to get another one so the first one won't be so lonely.
Tumblr media
SEVIKA x reader
WARNINGS: Gn! Reader, SFW, fluff, some cussing, non-sexual nudity.
Notes: I love this idea sm omg <3
Tumblr media
I stretched my arm across my body, a yawn leaving my mouth as I did so.
Work had been tolling, as always, but Vika and I were finally able to go home.
The large, intimidating woman made sure to wrap her strong arm around my waist as we left. Her touch made me absentmindedly smile, and I felt myself leaning into her embrace.
The streets of Zaun were settling down (as much as Zaun could settle down) for the night. Sketchy people were burrowing back into their shadows, stand owners were shutting down shop, and the sun was setting.
To be honest, this was by far my favorite part of the day. I got to walk home next to my girlfriend, back to the home we shared together. It made the days worth it.
Sevika led us down the narrow alleyway, as that was the quickest way to return home. Must and graffiti could be smelled all around, but if you asked me, I'd say it added to the charm.
After a moment, a large crash could be heard from behind us. Sevika's instincts were quick to kick in as she pushed me behind her before scowling at whatever happened to be behind us.
I huffed out a laugh. A small, calico cat sat in the wake of the crash. It was a bit scruffy and dirty, but I'd expect nothing less.
"Scared of cats, now?" I slyly chided at my visibly tense girlfriend. She sent me a scowl before turning back around. I sent one last look back at the cat before I quickly followed her.
"You know," I started. "I hear cats help with mice." Sevika stopped and sternly glared at me. "Don't start getting any ideas, y/n."
"What are you implying?" I asked. With a gasp, I placed a hand over my chest. "Do you think I'm trying to convince you to let me keep the cat?"
Sevika rolled her eyes and tskd. "Don't play dumb." Sev's head turned to see the cat still following us. I began to push out my lower lip in a pout, but Sevika was quick to shut me down.
"Shoo!" She shouted at the feline. "Mangy thing." I narrowed my eyes at her as the cat began to pounce away. "You didn't have to be so mean."
She gave me a blank stare before continuing on her walk, her hand tugging my waist to follow her.
I heavily sighed as we got closer to the house. A quiet meow captured my attention, and my head swiveled around quickly to see the calico still on our tracks.
"Aww. It followed us, Sev." I bent down and let the small creature sniff my finger. "Get away from it, y/n. You don't know what kind of diseases it has." Her gruff voice was unwavering.
"It'll die out here by itself." I countered. "That's called life." She moved to shoo the cat away once more before I shielded it.
"We have the opportunity to help it." I stood and stared up into her grey eyes. She eyed me up and down before sighing and shutting her eyes.
"Get the damn thing in the house." She gave in and I cheered, picking up the fluffy thing. "I say we name it Fuzzbutt."
"You can call it whatever the hell you want, as long as you know we aren't keeping it."
I turned off the shower faucet and wrapped the soft towel around my body. We had gotten the cat settled in- I had gotten the cat settled in.
Sevika muttered and rolled her eyes the entire time, but I didn't care. She kept saying how it would stink up the house, or how it would shit and piss everywhere.
While that may be true, it hasn't happened yet. There was still hope.
I walked out into the hallway and entered the bedroom, only to see the cat lying comfortably upon Sevika's stomach.
She hadn't noticed me yet, so I leaned against the door frame and folded my arms together. "Replaced me, already?"
Sevika's eyes widened and she shoved the cat off of her like she hadn't even noticed it. "This thing reeks, and it's shedding everywhere. We need to get rid of it." She spoke quickly.
I nodded, unconvinced. "Mhm." One of my eyebrows was raised in suspicion, which caused Sevika to glare at me. "Whatever you say. I'm going to bed, though. It's late and I'm tired." I muttered as I changed.
Sevika huffed in agreement and she flipped the covers over her. I switched off the light and joined her, scooching into her warmth.
It was quiet and exhaustion was taking over my mind until I felt something walking over my side and falling between Sevika and me.
I opened one of my eyes to see the cat nestling against my girlfriend's neck and saw that Vika was letting her do it. Sevika's eyes remained closed as she spoke up. "It caught a mouse while you were in the shower." She cleared her throat as she continued. "I was thinking getting another would really get rid of them all."
I huffed a laugh. "Just ask me if we can get another cat, Sevika."
"I'm just saying. They'd be good to clean up all the vermin. And maybe having two would be good so they could keep each other company."
"I don't like them, y/n, they'd just be a smart investment-"
"Goodnight, Sev."
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Meet Your Match
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dark!Serial!Killer!Ransom Drysdale x F!Reader,
Word Count: 2618
Summary: Despite being a captive, you enjoyed pushing Ransom's button. It was only a matter of time before he pushed back.
Warning: explicit sex, noncon, kidnapping, blackmail, snappy reader, choking, rough sex, degradation, spanking, pain, biting, dirty talk, pet names, cumplay, implied murder, dark fic, 18+, serial killers, teasing, flirting, trapped in house, angry Ransom, fighting, a struggle
A/N: This is Ransom's introduction into the Serial Killer world. Him and Kitten's story doesn't start out as rough as some of our other leading ladies but it doesn't mean it's a sweet story. You can find the other stories in these verse here. Beta'd by the ever supporting and lovely @sparkledfirecrackerker . Thank you love ❤️ All mistakes are still my own.
if you’re a minor, please DNI!
Please do not repost, publish or translate my work. Reblogs and comments are appreciated! Thank you for reading :)
Dividers by the lovely @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Ransom stood outside the gates shutting behind him, breathing the fresh air. It had been a long 3 months inside that prison and he was glad to be out. His jaw clenching as he chewed on the fact that Andy Barber had sent him here. The self-righteous asshole had had it out for him since he had met Ransom’s big brother Steve. Calling Ransom pompous and entitled. 
It was surprising to find out how far Andy was willing to go when Ransom was charged with the disappearance of one of his exes. Ironically it was one of the only exes that Ransom hadn’t killed. Yet somehow he got convicted. 
He never thought he’d miss the sounds of the birds chirping but he took a moment to revel in the sound, taking deep breaths. 
“Looking good, brother.”
Ransom looked up to see Steve push off his Jeep and walked toward him. The two men embraced in a tight hug. “I wouldn’t say good, but relieved is more like it.”
“I bet. Don’t worry man, we got you a nice surprise to get you through this tough time.” The smirk on Steve’s face made Ransom cock an eyebrow, leaning around him to look into the car. “She’s at the house, tied up nicely to a chair. Bucky even put a bow on her.”
Ransom let out a bark of a laugh, slapping Steve’s back. 
“Thank you, brother. Freedom’s never felt sweeter.”
Tumblr media
Ransom was an asshole but you couldn't deny he knew how to appease a woman. It irritated you to know that you were at the mercy of this prick. You should have known that job was too good and extremely sketchy. 
Yet you called the number and met up with Bucky. Everything was going fine and you could hack exactly what he wanted. For the money he offered, you choose to not ask too many questions. But everything went wrong as you rounded the corner from the cafe. When a thick arm wrapped around your throat and you blacked out.
They had given you to Ransom as a gift and still expected you to work for them. They had underestimated your stubbornness. It wasn't the smartest thing for you to do, but it was your only leverage. Apparently, even their resident tech genius couldn't do what you could.
Ransom had tried threatening you, but that only ended in an argument that you won. You didn't understand how he was supposed to be scary. 
That didn't mean he couldn't snap, you knew all about his female track record. And you weren't looking to end up like them.
It was like a game. The back and forth between you two. Ransom seemed to enjoy your sass and your bite. Egging you on and watching you lash out all so he could grab you by your throat and slam you against the wall, fingering you until you were putty.
It frustrated you to be belittled to nothing more than a plaything for this entitled prick. You had the ability to bring down whole governments and hack the world's riches but instead, you were cleaning up the digital messes of serial killers who couldn't do it themselves. Fucking men.
You weren't completely at a disadvantage though. Ransom was fascinated by you. From the way you moved to the way you talked. When you weren't fighting, you noticed the way he watched your lips. You're sure that he had more weaknesses and once you had them on lock, you'd gain the upper hand. Play him the way he played you.
The strange part was he hadn't fucked you yet. With everything you'd heard about Ransom Drysdale, the infamous lady killer, that was the first thing you'd expected of him. For him to pin you down and rut in you like a feral animal. Yet all he'd done was threaten and finger you. It made you antsy, made you want to push his buttons. Maybe the big bad wolf was no more than a puppy. 
Tumblr media
You sat behind your laptop at the counter, watching Ransom pace the living room. He was on the phone, his body tense as he walked. His tone was hushed and you knew you should be focusing on the task at hand but you were curious as to why he looked so pissed.
Quietly shutting your laptop, you slid off your stool. The immaculately designed kitchen was a chef's dream. Too bad you only cooked a few things; you were the furthest thing from a housewife. But you couldn't deny that you enjoyed the luxury. Sure you were gifted to Ransom like a dowry to the highest bidder, but you were smart enough to make the best of it. In fact, you felt like you deserved more and you’d get it…eventually. If only Ransom wasn't such a prick in the process.
Pouring a glass of lemonade that you had made late last night. You headed to the living room, on your way to offer it to Ransom. He had been so excited when he saw you cooking one day, stating that he was so glad to have one that cooked. That maybe he'd be like Andy and get his perfect housewife. Until he realized you only cooked things you liked and took no requests.
What else were you to do when all the doors and windows were fingerprint locked and you couldn't leave. Whatever software he used was so rudimentary, basic even, that hacking wasn't an option as it was completely solid
You plopped down on the couch, holding out the glass for Ransom when he passed by it. As you expected, he snatched it, without so much as a thank you.
"Steve, come on!" Ransom said, "I just want to talk to him."
There was a pause as he listened to the response.
“Motherfucker tried to send me to prison and you're defending him?"
He leaned over the back of the couch above your head. You peeked up at him, from the magazine you were fake reading. The frustration was imminent on his face and you found yourself hating it. Only you were allowed to make him mad.
Wait what? No. Nope. You didn't care. Fuck him. You returned your gaze to the article on the best fall colors for your sign.
“Ask who? Kitten? Oh, she's not gonna help me,” he huffed, his hand trailing down your collarbone, fingers tracing back and forth, making you shiver, “I'm not fucking soft, Steve! I'm just taking my time breaking this one in."
You barked out a laugh. Ransom's hand was quick to cover your mouth, muffling you. But the floodgates opened and you couldn't stop the giggles, your whole body shaking with them. He shifted so his bicep wrapped around your throat. This morphed your giggle into a moan. Both of you froze not expecting this reaction. You tried to hide the fact that you squeezed your thighs together by keeping the magazine on your lap. Ransom let out a shaky breath but kept his hold steady.
“Fine. Think about it and get back to me. Like I said, Steve, I only want to talk to him.” Ransom responded in a clipped tone. He then hung up and tossed the phone down next to you. His arm squeezed you a bit and you barely bit back a moan. "You like that, Kitten? I knew you had claws but this - this is an even more fun discovery."
"Screw you, Drysdale," you said through gritted teeth. The upper hand was supposed to be yours not his. Ransom chuckled, leaning in close.
“Maybe it's time I do. Bet those claws will feel real good on my skin," the last word coming out in a growl. You grabbed onto his forearm, digging your nails into the thick muscled before pushing it off you and getting up. Ransom fell forward, barely steadying himself on the
cushions. He glared at you and you returned his intensity.
"In your dreams. Now excuse me I have to get back to work. Bucky sent over a list of names for me to make disappear," you said, “'Cause I have nothing better to do with my abilities." That you kept under your breath, not wanting Ransom to tell his brother. Fear wasn't a factor but you didn’t need a lecture.
Tumblr media
It was only a week later when Ransom really blew his lid. You were sitting at the island again, wearing leggings and a thin white tank top. Not thinking that Ransom would be home till much later after the rush he left in this morning, you had decided not to wear a bra. The front door opened and shut with a loud slam, jolting you from your focus. It felt smarter to stay put, so you trusted your gut and continued your work.
Ransom looked disheveled when he walked in. His hair rumpled from all the times he seemed to have run his hand through it. Somehow his hole-ridden sweater looked even more worn than usual. Above all else, it was the expression on his face that actually sent a chill up your spine.
His eyes were vacant and cold. His mouth carved into a snarl. His sharp jaw tensed. You felt like if you stayed still, he might not see you. The hope was dead wrong when his eyes immediately zeroed in on you. He narrowed his eyes, charging your way.
"I've had enough," he snarled, “here you are looking like that. Taunting me.”
You made an effort to scramble off the stool before he came close enough. Unfortunately, you had been caught up in how good he looked. Mad that your brain disconnected from your body. That momentary flatter made you easy prey. Ransom caught you by the throat, lifting you up and onto the island. The strength fueled by his anger knocked the breath out of you. And made your pussy clench.
“Ransom, the fuck are you doing?" You spat, clawing at his hand. Next was going to be his face if he didn't wise up. Well, at least your bravery was still intact. 
“Whatever I fucking please, darling. You walk around here, dangling these gorgeous tits in front of me," he grabbed your left breast, roughly kneading, "and expect me not to snap. Well, news flash, Kitten, you're mine and it’s time I claimed it.”
It was terrible that he was right, technically you were his. With no say on your part. He could ruin you and send you to prison or worse kill you. The sheer force of his power was no match to yours. Didn't stop you from trying to get out of it. You bucked up, trying to break his hold. Squirming like your life depended on it. Ransom's hand tightened and he wrangled your hands above your head. Your legs were a different story and you kicked at him constantly.
"Let me go! Fucking prick, I'm not yours!”
Ransom got right in your face, baring his teeth, "Shut up! I'm tired of your sass and I'm taking what’s rightfully mine."
“Fuck you, Ransom." You managed to finally land a hard kick, reveling in his grunt of pain.
“You know what, fine." Ransom released your throat and tore your tank top down the middle in a swift motion. Gathering the scraps, he shoved them into your mouth before you began to protest. He seemed almost entranced for a moment by your chest, palming each one with a level of delicacy. Ignoring your muffled, angry sounds, he took his time running a thumb over your pert nipples.
With an almost pained look, Ransom grabbed your waist and flipped you over. He placed a palm on your back. This pinned you down fully, your legs dangling. Your kicks were less efficient when he pressed his hips to your ass, his erection digging into the soft flesh. You let out an enraged cry, slapping your hands against the wooden counter.
His hand slid up to the back of your neck while he continued to rut against your ass. It felt good and you wanted more but this wasn't how you wanted it. Seemed like you'd gotten too comfortable with a tame Ransom and forgot he could truly be.
“You’re a damn tease, Kitten," Ransom growled. And you’re a fucking monster, you thought. His hand left your neck and you felt him grab the fabric over your ass, yanking it hard. Cold air hit your skin as he tore the leggings wide enough.
You tried to squirm away, only to have him slam his hand down on your back. Air whooshed out of you and you let out a pained cry through the shirt in your mouth. He didn't care, his focus was on one thing. You heard him working his buckle open before his hard length slapped against your ass.
Ransom didn't say another word after that, only hooking a finger beneath your panties and moving them aside. You squeezed your eyes shut, bracing yourself, but nothing could have prepared you for the pain and wide burning stretch of his cock. Ransom’s hips snapped forward, bottoming out in one swift motion, leaving you breathless. The fact that you were already wet was the only thing that helped ease the pain. Not giving you time to adjust, he pulled out and harshly slammed back in.
Your muffled cries mixed with his grunts, echoing through the kitchen. Ransom's pace was harsh and insistent. Borderline brutal. He kept both of his hands on your upper back, not allowing you to move or even breathe properly.
Blacks spots danced in your vision but nothing you did helped. No matter how hard you hit the table, he ignored you. Pummeling into you faster and faster. The counter began to hurt your hips, digging into them. You could feel him pulsing inside you, but couldn't focus on how you felt, the need to breathe was too important.
Ransom let out a choked groan and you felt him pull out before you felt his hot spend patterning your lower back. He released his hold on your back and you pushed up and reached to remove the shirt from your mouth. You hungrily gasped for air, laying still until you heard him leave the room. You began to slide off the counter when he spoke and you froze again.
“Get cleaned up and order us some dinner. I want the remainder of the evening to be pleasant,” Ransorn ordered, "And Kitten, don't test me." He walked out and you sighed in relief, feeling safer now that you were alone.
Getting off the counter, you got a menu from the drawer and gathered your things before you headed quickly to your room. With the door shut securely behind you, the tears began to fall. Your hand wiped at them angrily. You were frustrated and hurt. Like hell, you were going to make him pay for this. More angry tears fell and you quickly ordered the food before heading to the bathroom. 
Double checking that the door was locked tightly behind you, you filled the tub and sank in. Wrapping your arms around yourself, your walls came down and you began to sob, letting the fear and anger wash over you. The pieces would have to be put back up before you left this room but until then you were left to lick your wounds.
Tumblr media
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multi-stann · 11 months ago
More than just my bodyguard- B.B.
a/n-Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m not currently taking requests(i’ll occasionally ask for ideas though!), but i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: Your bodyguard finds it harder to contain his feelings when your heat hits for the first time in a while.
Warnings n stuff: 18+, alpha!bodyguard!bucky, omega!female reader, a/b/o dynamics(my first time writing about this so i’m sorry for any horrendous mistakes), age gap(not specified but significant), both pining, fluff, jealous/possessive alpha bucky, reader goes into heat n it starts bucky’s rut, talks of mating, smut, mentions of masturbation, unprotected sex, not a lot of foreplay, cumming inside, biting/slight marking, ass smacking, rough neck grabbing(not choking), two diff positions(reader presents), knotting, i think that’s it(?) let me know if i missed anything
Bucky didn’t realize it until he had to go with you on your little dates. Even though he stood feet away from you and your dates’ table, he could hear everything that was being said. He could see the way you smiled, or the way your hands moved while you talked passionately about something you loved, Bucky even saw you two sharing dessert at one point....and he hated it. And you were never nervous, ever, and that meant really successful first dates…..well sometimes. Bucky hated that though, he found it even worse when they would be successful. It always makes him think that he’s going to lose you, when in reality he doesn’t have you.
Being your body guard means to protect you, to take care of you, to make sure you’re okay every second of the day. That’s what his job is, especially with you being an omega and your parents being a part of some sketchy shit you aren’t completely aware of- and don’t want to know about-, he needs to protect you. It’s his instinct, but it’s also his job too.
With your parents out of town for a couple of weeks, Bucky is on even more of a high alert, especially when you go out on these dates he dislikes so fucking much. It sucks for Bucky because he’s noticed you’ve began getting a bit more social- nothing wrong with that at all- but you’ve been going out on dates with these alpha boys. He can’t help but feel jealous. He wasn’t supposed to fall for you, just protect you- that was all- but now it’s too late. He feels jealous because he’s so close to you, yet he seems so far from you in a way, and why on earth would you ever go for an older alpha anyways? You want a young alpha, someone more near your age, and Bucky just isn’t that.
So as Bucky watches you talk to your third date of the week, he can’t help but notice how the boy isn’t paying any attention to your rambling. Bucky loves your rambling. Whether it’s about the weather, dogs, a tv show, some new shirt you bought, fuck...even if you started talking about the fiery pits of hell(which he is sure doesn’t exist) he’d listen to every single word. The boys’ eyes wander about from other omegas to betas, all except for you. He’s not paying a bit of attention to you, and it’s making Bucky furious. Bucky’s jaw clenches, his fists remain at his side in tight balls. He stares daggers at the boy who sits in front of you, the one who’s not paying attention to you at all. And Bucky thinks, and he knows, that if he were sitting in that boys place, he’d be paying all of his attention to you and his eyes would never wander. Then, Bucky is pulled from his fury, and he watches the young boy do something absolutely idiotic. He nods at your question, then “accidentally” knocks over his glass into your lap. The cold liquid spills all over your new skirt, and you gasp in shock. Bucky is quick to walk over with a new anger washing over him. People part out of his way, them being immediately intimidated by the angry alpha marching across the room, and he throws down just enough money onto the round table for only your meal, then he grabs your arm, “No more dates with you. Don’t fucking contact her again.” Bucky snarls at the guy, and then pulls you up and out of your chair.
He guides you out of the restaurant door with no protests from you. You’re honestly ready to get home, and change out of the sticky liquid covered clothing you’re wearing. Bucky pulls you over to the black SUV that’s parked right outside of the restaurant, and pops the back door open. He helps you in, without a word, but you know he’s pissed. You can see it all over his face, and if that’s not enough, you can smell the anger rushing through his scent- that familiar scent you smell when your father says something to push his buttons; something kind of like a fire, burning wood-, you don’t need Bucky to give you the reason for his anger either.
Once you both get back to your parents’ house, Bucky of course let’s you go in first. He’s calmed down a bit, but once he sees the ruined skirt you took nearly an hour picking out at the store, he angers again. “Why do you insist on going out on these dates anyways, doll? It’s clear a lot of them don’t know how to treat you.” Bucky’s arms cross over his chest as he leans on the wall- jaw clenched. He watches you head to the kitchen, and he follows because he wants an answer. “I uh....well, to hopefully find someone who’s right for me.” You sound a bit unsure, but what else are you supposed to tell him? That you love him? He’s the one for you? That you want to obey his every command and be his omega and don’t even want to go on these pathetic dates? You’re pretty sure he wouldn’t want someone way younger than him anyways, especially a “bratty, rich” omega. Well, that’s what everyone calls you anyways since your parents throw money around. Bucky, on the other hand, knows you like no other. He knows that’s not who or what you are; and that’s one of the many reasons he adores you(little to your knowledge).
“Uh huh....so how many more douche bags do i have to take you away from before you see that they’re not there to please you or love you, they’re there for the money most of the time?” Bucky admits the truth, and he watches you shift while you stand at the fridge, back facing him. Your scent changes into one of slight nerves- he smells it-, and you stumble over your words as you speak. “I- I know Bucky....i’m just- i’m a hopeless romantic, okay?” You shrug and shut the fridge door, then you walk briskly towards the stairs so you can go up to your room and change out of the ruined clothes you’re in.
Bucky makes his way up behind you after a few minutes of standing stone in the kitchen, surrounded by his own thoughts. When he reaches your bedroom door, he sees that it’s shut. As he expected, of course. He knocks and it takes you a few moments to answer, but it finally swings open. “Yeah?” You ask him while you wipe off your makeup. “Can we talk?” You can see that he now doesn’t have his jacket on, and you can fully see his metal arm. Something that he’s really only comfortable enough doing- having it on display around you and your family- while at your home. Your eyes meet his and your breath hitches in your throat- heart rate speeding up. You nod shyly, then you step back. “What did you wanna talk about?” You ask him as you walk over to your bathroom.
Bucky enters your room, and then shuts the door behind him. God, you know his intoxicating scent is going to be every where in your room, but what’s the use in complaining? Maybe it’ll help you get off tonight. The universe knows you need something.
Bucky then stands near your closed door, admiring your room as he has many times. Then, once he finally registers your question, his heart thumps a little faster. He shouldn’t ask the question he is wanting to, so he swiftly changes his mind. “How many more this week?” You peek your head from your bathroom and eye him cautiously. “Uh....maybe two. I don’t know, might cancel them honestly.” You shrug and then dip your head back into the bathroom so you’re not peering at him from the doorway.
Bucky blows out a puff of air as he looks at your bed. The want he has to lay in it, and leave his scent all over the covers and pillows is strong, but he wields himself back from doing so. “That all you wanted to know?” You walk back in, makeup off, pajamas on, you’re finally comfortable from the nights events. “Yeah, doll. You heading to bed?” Bucky eyes you as you walk over near him, your scent hitting him at full throttle, he has to hold himself back from reaching out and pulling you into him.
“Yeah, just want to sleep it off. I’ll see you in the morning?” You then walk over to your bedroom door, and open it for Bucky. He takes that as a sign to give you some space, so he does, even though the alpha in him wants to stay and make sure you remain safe throughout the night- he’ll do it from down the hallway as usual. “Goodnight, Y/n.” Bucky says to you before he walks out. “Goodnight, Bucky. I’ll let you know if i need anything.” And with that, you shut the door and leave Bucky standing in the hallway of your big house.
You sigh and rub your hand over your face. His scent lingers even though you know he’s walked away now. All you want to do is bury your face into his chest, have his arms wrapped around your body, and feel the heat from his big body radiate onto you. God, the need- the want- you have to just run down the hall and into his room to pounce onto him, kiss him, hug him, love him, fuck him, it’s so strong- but you remain planted in your room.
You soon walk over and away from your door, to get into your bed. The thought of masturbating crosses your mind, but you’re honestly through with the days events. Your day has been pretty shit, and the date topped it all off, so you just want to crash.
Bucky, he locks himself into his room. He huffs out as he walks over to his bathroom. He needs to cleanse himself of your scent if he wants to get some shut eye. He can’t have just your scent around him, he needs you too. Maybe then, after he showers, he can find it in himself to fall asleep in his bed.
A few days later, Bucky awakes in the middle of the night. He’s not sure why until he hears you whimpering. He immediately gets up, scared that you’ve been hurt because the other guards outside didn’t do their job, or that the security alarms hadn’t gone off- every possible bad thought crosses his mind and the image of seeing you hurt…again, flashes through his mind. The alpha in him is telling him to get to you, and fast.
He scrambles to his door and then B-lines for your room, which of course, isn’t but a few doors down from his room. Once he arrives to your door, he hears the noise again. The door looks intact, nothing looks to be wrong, so he knocks. “Y/n? You okay?” His voice comes through the door, startling you as you cradle yourself into a ball on your hot bed.
Your heat is pretty much irregular. It may come one month, but then not come again until three months later. It’s fairly normal, but it frustrates you not knowing when it’ll hit. And now, it’s hit in the middle of the night without a lot of warning for the first time in months. The pains are absolutely absurd, and you feel like you’re going to explode. The heat all over your body has you sweating and the alpha that stands right outside of your locked door, banging and calling out your name, has your inner omega screaming for you to let him in, but you know you can’t. Not when you’re both unmated, it’s not a smart move. “Bucky, i’m- fuck...i’m fine.” You whine out as another sharp pain shoots through your lower abdomen and the heat within your core gets even worse. “I know you’re not, open the door. Or should i bust it down?” You want to say no....to tell him to not come in, because you know what could happen, but you just can’t find the voice to. You literally can’t find the voice to because of the fucking pain you’re in.
And as soon as Bucky opens the door a couple of moments later because of no reply from you, your scent floods his senses. It’s as if he is hit by a fucking bus going full speed, that’s how strong it hits him. “Bucky....” You whine as you clutch onto one of your pillows. Bucky sees how much pain you’re in, and he wants to help you. He knows that if he doesn’t leave, a potential rut might start, and he’s nearly positive that you don’t want him to help you through this. “It hurts...” You rasp out as you shift in your bed trying to get a little comfortable, but it’s not working. Fuck, he wants to help you. “I know, doll. What do you want me to do?” He asks you, just to see if you want him to stay in here with you, or if you want him to leave. “Your rut...it might start.” You fight off the urge to tell him to stay, it’s so unbearably hard and your inner omega is nearly winning you over as the thoughts of him and his body against yours flood in.
Bucky swallows thickly. Half of him was hoping you’d tell him to stay, to make you feel better, but the other half knew you wouldn’t. “Is that what you want? You want me to go?” He asks you as he backs up towards the door- your heat starting to make his mind a little hazy. He can already feel his cock straining against his sleep pants- it’ll only get worse from here if he doesn’t leave. You both know he needs to leave before things get worse, and he needs to leave now. You manage to give him a small nod, then Bucky is trailing back out of the door. His hand grasps the knob, and before he can shut the door, another loud whine comes from you. Damn it, he can’t let you suffer like that. He won’t.
Bucky abruptly slings open the door once again and steps back in- his alpha coming out now. “Omega, i can’t leave you alone, you’re hurting.” His voice is a tad bit deeper when he speaks this time, and it makes your body tense up...in a good way. The door is shut behind him and before either one of you can say another word, he’s on your bed, cradling you in his arms. The physical touch makes you let out a low, satisfied whine. “Tell me to leave again, and i will.” Bucky murmurs, not wanting you to tell him to go. He wants, needs, to help you through this. Even if it’s just this once, but he’ll go if you tell him just once more. “N-no....don’t go. Please?? Help me Bucky.” Your voice is weak as you nuzzle into his neck, scenting him. This is what you’ve always needed, what you’ve always fucking wanted.
His hands are strong on your body, but not overbearing. They keep you held to him, and that- you’re grateful for. “You want me to help you?” His breath grazes your ear and you shiver. “Please?” You whimper when his hand touches your inner thigh. Bucky has been wanting this for so long, and now that you’re finally wanting him to touch you, you’re wanting him to help you, it’s driving him crazy. “Tell me, omega....do you really want this?” “Yes, i do alpha. I’ve wanted you for so long, Bucky, please!” Your arms are around his neck now and you’re looking at him. You’re pleading, begging for him. “I’ll take good care of you, ‘mega. Dreamt of this.”
His lips are then on yours in a heated, rough kiss. His hands are grabbing any part of your body he can reach, and your slick is ruining your pajama shorts. Bucky can feel you soaking through them and he grunts. “Gotta take care of you, omega.” Another pain shoots through you and discomfort comes flooding back when he lays you down, briefly moving his hands so he can strip off his shirt.
Then, once his hands are placed back onto you, your shorts are ripped off of your body along with your shirt. You whimper as the cool air hits in between your thighs, and you close them; or at least try to. But Bucky is quick enough to stop you. “Don’t.” It’s a simple command and you obey it. You separate your legs again, fully this time, giving Bucky a full view of your glistening heat. You hear a low rumble come from his chest as he runs his hands up and down your calves and your thighs. “So beautiful, ‘mega.” You clench around nothing as his gaze worsens your arousal. “Bucky, alpha, please?” You grab his hands and place them on your waist. Bucky nearly lets out a snarl, but you, you let out a small whine.
You keen lightly in need and look up at him. His body towers over yours and you want to feel him against you. You want to breathe in his scent and be surrounded by Bucky. Only Bucky. You want him to fill you up, you need him.
“Promise i’ll make you feel good, as long as you’ll let me.” Bucky grunts out as he pulls his pants down, springing free his cock. You whimper at the sight of his thick length. It’s already dripping, and he’s rock hard. You can only hope you start an accidental rut and he’ll give you his knot like you so terribly need. “Alpha….please, wanna feel you.” You grab his wrists and bring them to your boobs. He gives them a good squeeze and then he slips one of his hands down to your heat. His finger drags itself up through your folds and up to your aching clit. You jolt at the sudden touch and he groans at the feeling of how much slick your heat has made you produce. “God, ‘mega.”
His voice is low as he watches you squirm while he rubs your clit. His other hand stays on your boob, pinching the nipple in between his fingers. You let out low moans of pleasure, finally beginning to feel a bit of that pain subsiding.
“Need you in me, alpha. Please?” You whimper and Bucky nearly goes feral. His cock twitches and when he takes in a breath of air- all he can smell. is. you.
It sends him over his edge and in one swift movement, he’s pushed inside of your cunt. “Fuck, so tight.” He seethes as he stills when you let out a loud whine. “Move, please alpha.” Your hands grab his but he’s quick to pin down your wrists above your head. He leans forward as he pushes further into you and you squeal- arching your back so that your bare chest hits his. “You gonna be a good little omega from now on?” He asks and you just want him to move, so you nod. “Answer me, use your words! Are you gonna stay home, stop going out on those dates, and let me take care of you, my pretty omega?” His nose nudges your hot cheek and you whimper when he gently nibbles at your jaw, “yes, Bucky. Been wanting that for so long. But please fuck me.” Your voice is needy and whiny as you speak, but Bucky loves it.
“You promise?” “Yes, alpha, i do!” You whine and Bucky believes you. “Good, no more dates.” Then he pulls all the way out, before he slams back into you. Your mouth drops open when he begins to keep up the steady pace. His hips repeatedly slam into yours, your legs are spread wide as you let him fuck you senseless. Your swollen clit nudges his pelvic bone with each thrust he gives you, and you feel overwhelmed- but in a good way, because the pain is going away and all you smell is Bucky. His scent is something nearly indescribable and it has your mind slightly hazy. Especially the way he looks on top of you as he deeply fucks into you.
“Alpha!” You moan, and Bucky gently nibbles down where his mark would go if he were to completely bare down onto your skin- not yet though. He wants to take his time, he wants to show you just how much you mean to him- even nearing his rut. “Mine. My ‘mega….only mine.” He grunts against your hot skin and you moan a “yes, only yours” in affirmation for him. His hips never falter or slow down, even when your pussy squeezes around him so tightly. All you can hear is skin slapping, praises, and your moans combined. Your slick that’s covering his cock can be heard too, and you’re so glad that no one else is within the house.
“Fuck…” Bucky grunts out, and his eyes close. He can feel his rut starting, and it’s coming on strong. “What about my knot, ‘mega? Would you take-.” “Yes, alpha, yes! Please, give me your knot.” You beg and Bucky chuckles as he nuzzles his face into your neck. He bites down again, a little harder this time but also in a different place. His lips trail kisses up your neck and your jaw until he reaches your ear. He nuzzles into your neck once more before he whispers in a gruff tone, “present to me like a good omega, then i’ll give you my knot.” He lightly tugs on your earlobe with his teeth then he pulls his cock out of your needy cunt.
You’re quick to obey- but with a whine of the loss of his cock- and you flip over, your ass in the air as you present to him. Bucky wastes no more time after he gives a hard smack to your ass in burying his cock back deep inside of you. You moan loudly and your face gets buried into your sheets and pillows that already distinctively smell of Bucky, now your moans are muffled. “Good little omega.” He growls out as he fucks into you, your body shifting up the bed a bit more every time he rams into you especially hard. Your hands are grasping your sheets as hard as they can and you’re nearly sure that your nails are going to leave holes at some point, but you don’t care. Your parents can throw their money towards new sheets for you.
“Only i get to make you cum, only i get to fuck you. I’m the only one who’s allowed to scent you, mark you, mate you.” His hips and thrusts accentuate his words as he speaks in a low growl, and all you can do is moan and whine from need- and from understanding. This is all you’ve been wanting. You’ve been wanting Bucky behind you, fucking your as hard as he can. You’ve been needing this. The coil in your tummy is starting to form fast with each delicious drag of his thick cock, and you know it’s going to be a good orgasm. It’s been a while since your heat has been, but it’s been nearly as long since you’ve had a good fuck. “Want my knot, ‘mega?” Bucky’s voice is a deep rumble as he speaks, his breath a bit ragged from how hard he’s thrusting.
“Yes! Please, alpha.” You beg, you whine. Your eyes are shut tight as the feeling of overwhelming pleasure is about to rip through you at any moment. Oh, and you can’t fucking wait to cum for Bucky.
Bucky feels his knot forming. He’s close, so close, and he knows that he won’t be able to hold back when he’s there. “Is my omega close? You need to cum, hmm?” He asks, and all you can do is whine. That’s not enough for Bucky and his inner alpha. His hand then runs up your spine and to the back of your neck, then he brings you up off of the bed a bit roughly. A couple of tears fall from your eyes from the pleasure and your body begins to tense as your orgasm approaches even closer. “Yes! Yes! So c-close!” You nearly scream and then you’re suddenly released back down onto the pile of sheets beneath you. “Good girl, ‘mega. Cum for me.” He growls, and you do as he says.
With one last thrust of his head into your g-spot, you cum around him. Your pussy clenches down onto his thick cock, and you hear him groan at the feeling. Your legs shake a bit and you’re nearly screaming into the sheets as you cum around him. It’s even better than Bucky imagined- how tightly you’re squeezing him. The pretty moans you’re letting out as you cum and your body tenses under him. God, he thinks you look so pretty like this but his mind- his alpha- can’t be bothered to tell you that at the moment. Not when he’s so close…..
Not long after, a few more thrusts does him in- and they’re right against your g-spot too. You feel his hot seed spill into you, and his hands form a tight-bruising grip onto your hips as his knot settles in. He’s quick afterwards to adjust the two of you into a more comfortable position- knowing that you’re too tired to even move a muscle-, so that you’re both laying down on your sides and he’s still inside of you- while you two wait for his knot to go down soon.
You can feel his breath on your warm skin as he nuzzles his face into your neck- breathing you in after. You’re both hot and sweaty- you more so than he is due to your heat- but the pain you were experiencing earlier is now gone, but you know it’ll be back within time, and it won’t take that long. “Bucky?” You ask with a small pant of breath. He hums. You gently grab ahold of his hands- vibranium and flesh- that are on your tummy, and you squeeze them. “Thanks, you didn’t have to do all this.” “I wanted to. You have no idea how long i’ve wanted you in my arms like this, y/n.” Bucky mumbles and then places a few slow kisses on your neck. You smile, “this just a one time thing for my heat, or?” You feel Bucky shuffle a bit behind you, and if he could’ve moved to look you directly in the face, he would have. “No, god no. I meant what i said. I want you to be mine. Wanna mate you when you’re ready, want to be the only one who loves you…cares for you.”
You heart beat speeds up, and of course Bucky hears it, but he doesn’t say anything. “Oh, i want the same Bucky. Want you all to myself.” You mumble before you bring his right hand up to your lips and give his hand a kiss. His heart flutters at how soft you are. You’re a dream and he’s lucky to have you. “I’m not ready for this pain to come back though.” You change the subject and he snuggles deeper into you. “I’ll be right here, ‘mega. Right here with you. I’ll keep you nice and full through your heat, keep you close to me.” Bucky replies and you feel butterflies erupt in your tummy. “Wouldn’t want anyone else to keep me full, alpha. Wouldn’t want any other alpha.”
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dontcare77ghk · 11 months ago
Eddie x reader x Venom
Venom thinking.
Venom speaking aloud.
Moving to San Francisco had been a spur of the moment decision. You had only spent a day thinking over the pros and cons before packing up your life and purchasing a bus ticket. 
Realistically, it was one of the dumbest decisions you'd ever made in your life. You spent the first week in the new city living in a motel before finding a lead on an apartment. 
It was a shitty one bedroom, one bathroom apartment in a sketchy neighbourhood, and you loved it.
"Oh shit, motherfucker." You jumped as one of your boxes crashed to the floor. "Son of a bitch." You sighed, kneeling down to pick up the mess.
"Here, let me help." You heard before suddenly someone was kneeling before you, holding a pair of jeans out to you. 
"Thank you." You smiled, taking the denim from him. "But you really don't have to. I've had to clean up plenty of my own messes before." You joked.
"Trust me, so have I." The man cracked a grin. "I'm Eddie. I live in 1404." Eddie introduced himself, holding a hand out towards you.
"Nice to meet you, Eddie. I'm Y/N, moving into 1403." You said, shaking his hand.
"Oh, great. I didn't realize anyone would be moving in already." Eddie mentioned.
"Well, I saw an opening in my price range, so I didn't have much time to wait." You joked. "Were you close with the previous owner?" You asked as the two of you rose to stand.
"Uh, no, not really. The guy was kinda kind of a dick. You don't play guitar, do you?" Eddie asked, causing you to laugh.
"One of those neighbours, huh? No, you won't hear any guitar from me, I promise. Though, if the walls are as thin as I think, you might hear me walking around before the crack of dawn." You told the man. 
"I can live with that. As long as you're okay hearing the same from my side of the hall." Eddie mentioned. 
"I think I can live with that. Maybe I'll invite you over for some hot chocolate one night." You teased.
"Yes," Eddie growled before letting out a series of coughs. "I mean, yeah, that sounds great. You, uh, you need any help moving in?"
"I think I've got it from here. Thanks for your help." You smiled at the man. 
"Yeah, no worries."
"I'll be seeing you around, Eddie." 
"Yeah, we'll, I'll, be seeing you too, Y/N." Eddie waved before rushing into his apartment.
"Not the weirdest neighbour I've had." You shrugged.
It could be said that you were not the most graceful of a person.
It could even be suggested that you were a klutz.
But even you would freely admit that on less than four hours of sleep, you were as graceful as an elephant in a china shop.
"Shit! Fucking a man." You sighed, looking down at the broken mug and shattered plate. "Sorry, nana L/N." You said before kneeling down to pick up the mess.
"Just a sec!" You called before remembering guiltily how thin the walls were. "Oh, shit, sorry, Eddie. I didn't mean to wake you." You promised seeing your neighbour standing in your doorway.
"Trust me, you didn't." Eddie chuckled weakly. "Is everything okay? I heard something crash."
"I mighta dropped my breakfast and ruined some of nanna's dishes." You sighed, looking back at the mess.
"Breakfast? It's two in the morning."
"I got hungry." You shrugged. "And that was the last of my groceries." You realized with a groan.
"Haven't gotten around to shopping yet?" Eddie wondered with a smirk. 
"I haven't even got my bed frame set up yet." You admitted with a blush. "Oh well, I'll go shopping in the morning."
"You know, I got a box of Tater Tots in my freezer just beggin' to be shared," Eddie mentioned before flinching slightly.
"Oh, no, I couldn't put you out like that, Eddie." You frowned.
"You wouldn't be. 'Sides I already offered, and it wouldn't be the best  impression to make on your new neighbour to deny it." Eddie teased.
"Are you sure?"
"N-Yes. Yeah, I'm sure." Eddie coughed.
"Alright, just let me put a sweater on." You told your neighbour.
"Door'll be unlocked. Take your time." Eddie told you with a smile before rushing back towards his apartment. 
Eddie Brock was definitely one of your stranger neighbours, but he was certainly not your worst.
"It's open." You called without looking away from the computer before you.
"You know you should always check who's at the door, right?" Eddie asked, closing the door behind him. "Especially at three in the morning."
"Three-thirty." You corrected as Eddie sat heavily beside you on the couch.
"Not any better, Y/N." Eddie sighed/ "Here, eat this." He said, placing a bag on your lap.
"What is it?" You wondered, still not looking away from your computer.
"Food. You know, the thing you're supposed to eat, but I know you haven't.
 Eddie sassed you. "Seriously, you're startin' to look like a bag o' bones, Y/N."
"When did you become my nanna?" You teased the man.
"When I learnt you're even shitter at takin' care of yourself than I am," Eddie told you.
""If I'd known you were going to judge me so much, I wouldn't have given you  key all those months ago." You groaned loudly.
It had been eight months since you'd moved into your apartment and met Eddie.
The two of you had become fast friends, bonding over your careers, love of food, and your terrible habits of forgetting to take care of yourselves.
"Yeah, well, we, I like to keep my mother hen tendencies on the down-low," Eddie said. "Ruin our, my, reputation otherwise." He joked.
"Sure, sure. Whatever." You rolled your eyes, barely noting Eddie's failed attempts to cover his mistakes.
After knowing Eddie for eight months, you hardly noticed anymore when Eddie referred to himself with multiple pronouns. You simply figured it was a weird quirk.
"Are you going to eat your burger? Don't make me take your computer away." Eddie teased.
"How could you be so cruel? I thought we were friends."  You gasped, mock horrified, before unwrapping your meal. "Oh, fuck. That's what I needed."
"Okay, you velociraptor, calm down. No one going to take it from you."
"I hadn't realized that I was starving." You said, inhaling another large bite.
"When was the last time you ate anything?" Eddie questioned you, his brow furrowing.
"I had a slice of buttered bread about eighteen hours ago. The rest of the loaf was mouldy." You shrugged.
"Christ, Y/N. Do I even want to know when the last time you slept was?"
"With the face, you're giving me probably not."
"You're killing yourself, you know that, right?"
"Slowly but surely. We've all gotta go sometime, Ed." You shrugged.
"Y/N," Eddie lowly said, his blank stare burning a hole into the side of your face.
"I'm not trying to, Eddie. I just don't have time for a sleep schedule or regular meal times. I have things to do." You sighed, putting your burger down to focus on your friend. "And don't pretend you haven't been in my exact place before because I know you have."
"I'm not saying I haven't. But even I know you gotta take breaks. Otherwise, one day you're gonna kneel over." Eddie told you. "And if that happens, we'll have lost our best neighbour." He added, breaking the tension of the room.
"God knows what your next will be like." You teased with a small smile. "But I get your point. I'll take the rest of the night off, scouts honour." You swore.
"It's already four in the morning, Y/N. You'll take the rest of the day off." Eddie gently corrected you.
"Fine, but just this once and only because you got me fries." You told the man. 
"What would you do if I told you we also got you a Pepsi?" Eddie asked, handing you a styrofoam cup.
"Gonna have to marry you now." You said, gulping half the drink down. "Oh, God, sugar. That cured the headache."
"Might not have had much to drink today either." You admitted with a blush. 
"What are we gonna do with you?" Eddie sighed loudly, leaning his head back on your couch.
"You're gonna have to figure that one out yourself."
Non-Reader POV
"She needs to eat more." Venom said once he and Eddie left Y/N to sleep.
"I know that, bud." Eddie sighed, running his fingers through his hair.
"We need to make her eat more. And sleep." Venom continued.
"She's an adult, Vee. And her own person. We can't make her do anything." Eddie pointed out to the symbiote.
Venom didn't respond to Eddie's reasoning except for letting out a discontent growl.
"I know you don't like that, bud, but there's not much we can do."
"We can help." Venom firmly said. "We can protect."
"Yeah, okay, bud. But only as much as Y/N allows us to."
Almost a week after Venom declared his desire to protect and help their neighbour, Eddie awoke to Venom's low voice and the sensation of being poked.
"Eddie," Venom spoke, only for Eddie to groan and stuff his face further into the mattress. "Wake up, Eddie." Venom demanded, poking his host with even more force.
Eddie merely batted a hand at Venom without even raising his head.
"Don't ignore us, Eddie." Venom growled before rolling the two onto the floor.
"What the fuck, Vee!" Eddie yelled, now suddenly wide awake.
"Someone's in the hallway." Venom told his host.
"And you can't check for yourself?" Eddie groaned, pushing himself to his feet.
"They smell distressed. And wrong." 
"Because that makes so much sense," Eddie said under his breath before making his way to the door clad in only his boxers.
Eddie took one glance through the peephole before he was tearing the door open.
"Jesus. Y/N." The man gasped, staring at the woman on the floor in horror.
Y/N was stuck on her side. Her eyes were wild wide open, and trying desperately to focus on her surroundings.
Her face was a mess of stains courtesy of her running makeup, and when she heard Eddie's voice, her tears began to slow.
Help! Protect! Venom began to scream, prompting Eddie into action.
"Alright, Y/N, come on. Let's get you upright, huh?" Eddie rambled quietly as he slowly helped Y/N sit upright before gently helping her to her feet.
"Eddie?" Y/N whimpered as the man lead her into his apartment.
"Right here, Y/N. We're right here." Eddie promised, gently sitting Y/N down on the couch. 
The woman let out a groan before promptly falling onto her side.
"Y/N, can you tell me what happened? I need to know if you need a doctor."
"Went on a date. Editor set me up with him. He put something in my drink?"
"Your date?"
"Hm. Told him I didn't feel well. He took me into the alleyway." Y/N mumbled, pressing her face into the cushions.
"Y/N? Did he? Were you?" Eddie struggled to get the question out over his and Venom's combined rage.
"No. I shoved him over. He hit his head." Y/N said before letting out a loud groan. "I don't feel good. I don't feel good at all." Y/N cried, reaching a hand out blindly for Eddie.
"I'm gonna get you something to drink, sweetheart," Eddie said, gently sitting Y/N upright.
"No, don't go. Don't leave me." Y/N whined.
"I'm not going anywhere," Eddie promised, kneeling in front of the woman. "I'm just getting you something to drink. We need to flush your system, okay? I'm right here."
"Okay," Y/N whispered after a minute, resting her head on the armrest. "I don't know why I even went out." Y/N began to ramble as Eddie filled a glass. "I don't want anyone."
"No one?" Eddie asked as Venom whined sadly. 
"No one but Eddie." Y/N shook her head. "He lives across the hall from me. I like him. Really, really."
"You do?" Eddie questioned in surprise at Y/N's admission.
"Uh-huh. Eddie's sweet, and he's weird. But Eddie's really good to me. I love him." Y/N mumbled, her eyes closing mid-sentence.
"Y/N? Y/N?" Eddie asked, gently shaking the woman.
"She's asleep." Venom told his host. "She smells calmer."
"She said she loved me," Eddie murmured, staring down at the sleeping woman.
"Loves." Venom corrected. "Y/N said she loves us."
"She's been drugged. She can't have meant it." Eddie shook his head as he pulled a blanket over the unconscious woman. 
"She didn't smell like lies." 
"Well, it doesn't matter anyway. Y/N's been through too much shit tonight for me to ask her anything." Eddie shook his head.
"Eddie. Y/N is strong. Do not think her weak so quickly."
"I don't think she's weak." Eddie snapped before letting out a sigh. "Just drop it, Vee. No more tonight. Please?"
"Fine." Venom grumbled. "We're not leaving Y/N. Not tonight, not ever."
"I know, bud. I'm not either."
Reader POV
Your eyes were closed but even shut, you could tell the sun was burning brightly.
A groan escaped your lips as a loud crash echoed in your ears, and you shoved your head further into the pillow it was resting on.
Except it wasn't your pillow that you were laying on. 
It itched against your cheek and didn't smell like your bed. It smelled like,
"Shit, I'm sorry, Y/N," Eddie swore, causing you to squint your eyes open.
Eddie was standing in the threshold of his kitchen, staring at you with worried eyes.
"Eddie?" You croaked, throat drier than the desert. "Why am I on your couch?" You asked, coughing as you sat up.
"Here, drink this." Eddie rushed forward, grabbing a glass off the table and pushing it into your hands. 
"Thanks." You whispered, gulping down half of the liquid. "Eddie, why I am in your apartment?"
"Y/N, what do you remember about last night?" Eddie gently questioned you, causing you to cock your head. 
"Last night?" You wondered aloud before your mind caught up with you. "Oh, God." You whispered, hand flying to cover your mouth in horror.
"Hey, it's alright, Y/N. You're safe with me." Eddie promised. 
"He drugged me, that asshole fucking drugged me." You said, letting out a disbelieving laugh. "He tried to, what a piece of shit." You swore, brushing hair out of your face. "And I, oh God, I," You gasped, staring at Eddie in horror.
"Told me you loved me?" Eddie guessed the cause of your shock.
"Oh shit, I did." You groaned, forcing your head into your hands. "Look, Eddie, please can we just forget anything I said last night. I don't want this to be weird. We can still be neighbours. Just, let's forget the whole thing." You quickly said as you jumped to your feet.
Your head spun at your frantic movements, and you felt your knees began to give.
Before you could hit the floor, arms wrapped around you and held you close.
"Okay, let's sit you down before you whack your head on the floor," Eddie said, helping you sit back down before kneeling in front of you.  
"Eddie, I'm so sorry, really. I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable." You apologized, cheeks burning in shame. "I didn't want to tell you, and certainly not like that."
"Y/N, you're not making me uncomfortable," Eddie promised. "Truth be told, I like you too. But I didn't want to push you, and I don't want to rush you after last night." He admitted.
"Yeah, Y/N." Eddie smiled, tenderly holding your hands in his. "But I can't in good consciousness rush you into anything after last night. Christ, I was so scared you were gonna die on me last night, but I'm not gonna force a relationship onto you."
"You wouldn't be forcing me into anything." You told the man, squeezing his hands tightly.
"All the same, I wouldn't feel good if we took this too fast." Eddie shook his head. "But I want you, I want you so much, so how about we take this slow?"
"And how slow are you proposing, Mr Brock?"
"I could take you out for a couple dates. To a bar, out to eat, usual couple shit like that. And we can stay in and get takeout, and I can show you my favourite movies, and you can show me yours." Eddie suggested.
"We already do that last part." You smiled at the man. 
Yeah, well, now we can say they're dates." Eddie grinned. "And we can talk. Get to know everything about each other before we decide if this is what you want. That sound alright to you?"
"That sounds great to me."
"So, what do you say I order us some breakfast, and we can find some crappy reality show to watch mindlessly?" Eddie pitched to you.
"I'd say you read my mind, Eddie."
"Babe, can you pass me my soda?" Eddie asked, holding one hand out as he continued to type with the other.
"Here, you go." You said, passing the drink over without taking your eyes off the screen before you.
"Thanks, sweetheart." 
It had been four months since you and Eddie agreed to take things slow, and this was one of the best ways you could think of spending your afternoon. 
The two of you silently working away, you on whatever chapter you were working on and Eddie researching away at his newest expose, but sitting with one another.
The two of you would spend many afternoons like this, and you enjoyed the simplicity of the activity.
You weren't sure how long the two of you remained typing away at your respective pieces before Eddie's head suddenly snapped up.
"Eddie?" You asked, looking away from your computer as Eddie glared at the door. "What are you doing?" You questioned before Eddie shushed you.
Before you could ask Eddie why he was shushing you, you heard your front door clicking open.
You stared in shock as a man in a dark hoodie now filled your doorway, a gun clear in his hands.
"Get on the ground!" The man demanded, shutting your door behind him. "Now!" He commanded when neither of you moved.
You quickly pushed your computer to the side before complying with the man's request. 
But Eddie didn't.
Eddie merely moved to stand in front of you before confronting the intruder.
"Kid, why don't you just put that thing down and get out of here?" Eddie asked, crossing his arms.
"Are you fucking deaf? I said, get on the ground! Get down now before I shoot!" The unknown man yelled, waving the gun around unsteadily.
"You really picked the wrong place to rob." Eddie sighed before his skin began to ripple, and he was suddenly gone.
In his place stood the Demon of San Francisco. A creature you'd only paid attention to a handful of times in passing but now had your full attention.
The thief turned pale at the sight of the black beast, but before he could run away, one of the Demon's long arms shot out and clutched him by the neck.
"How dare you come to our nest and threaten our sweetling?" The beast lowly growled, bearing its teeth threateningly.
"Holy shit, I didn't mean to, man! I swear!"
"Not good enough." The Demon hissed before leaning its head back and swallowing the thief whole.
"What. The. Fuck?" You asked as you slowly rose to your feet. The creature turned to face you before bleeding away and revealing Eddie.
"Y/N, I can explain everything." Eddie blurted out, looking incredibly guilty.
"The explanation is that either I'm incredibly sleep-deprived and hallucinating, which we both know is a lie, thanks to your ridiculous sleep schedule, or you're sharing your body with an alien."
"And you're, you're okay with that?" Eddie stammered. "You're not freaking out."
"Eddie, we live in a world of Gods and mutants and whatever the fuck else. This is barely making my top ten strangest days." You deadpanned. "What I do want to know is were you ever gonna tell me?"
"We were. We were gonna sit you down one day and explain everything. Then maybe introduce you to Vee if you didn't run off screaming." Eddie promised. "We wanted to ease you into it."
"So, just to clarify, you don't have multiple personalities because I really was putting my money on it."
"You refer to yourself as 'we' or use 'our', and you talk to yourself more than most people do."
"No, it's just Vee. There's no one else living in here." Eddie swore to you.
"Okay. Cool." You nodded.
"Yeah, cool. So, are you gonna let me meet Vee?" You questioned the man.
"You want to meet him?" Eddie asked, jaw faltering.
"Well, I figure he's his own being, even if he shares your body, and that technically makes him my boyfriend, too, right?" 
"Holy shit, Y/N, I love you." Eddie gasped, jumping forward and cupping your face gently with his hands before smashing his lips to yours.
"I love you, too, you goofball." You smiled once you pulled apart. "Now, c'mon, let me meet Vee properly." You whined, causing Eddie to smile.
A small black head with large white eyes appeared by Eddie's shoulder, connecting to Eddie's body by what almost looked like black cord.
"Hello, sweetling." Vee purred as his face came closer to yours.
"Hi, Vee. It's nice to meet you." You said, bringing your hand up to cup his surprisingly smooth cheek.
"You're not scared?" Venom wondered, tilting his head slightly. 
"No." You answered the being honestly. "If Eddie's let you play hotel with his body, I'm guessing that means your good. And you haven't shown me to be wrong yet." You told Vee.
"Oh, sweetling, we're gonna have fun together." Vee hummed, causing you and Eddie to smile.
"I'm gonna hold you to that. Both of you." You said, looking between the men.
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4dtk · 7 months ago
can i request mafia leader johnny, mean/cold/strict with others, killer brutal with enemies, then with y/n he's like quiet but all soft and loving 🥰
i always get carried away when it’s johnny oops
warnings: mentions of weapons, drugs, use of a gun, killing, johnny is in a sketchy organisation y'all and this is all fiction!!!
johnny leans back into his chair with murder in his eyes, looking down on the bound man who owed him money from over three months ago. even with repeated reminders and threats that involved his family, nothing seemed to bug the little man out of his pursuit for power, status, respect.
he had laughed at the last desire mr. seo wonpil, a person of cabinet, had listed down the first time that he met up with him. it had been a good one year of business: johnny, boss of the NCT organisation, provides a place for mr. seo in cabinet through connections, covering up the unruly things he did as a younger minister, desperate to get a high place in korean government.
in return, mr. seo had to make sure NCT stayed out of cops’ radars, keeping their shipments of weapons and drugs silent and undiscovered.
shame that at least one mr. seo was going to die tonight, and johnny was sure it wasn’t going to be him.
“so, you take our money and you decide to gamble it all the fuck off? what’s worse, at a club which is owned by one of us?” the clacking of his shoes resonate clearly around the room, giving off an eerie feeling that made mr. seo's hair stands on end. “do you think no one fucking recognises you?”
johnny almost spits the last sentence, having had enough of the parliament member that in the next second, there’s the click of his gun, barrel pointed right at the other’s temple. he finds that he doesn’t have much care for the pleas leaving the other’s lips, shaking hands coming into a prayer in hopes that he wouldn’t get killed.
“sure. go gamble, that isn’t my problem, but we had a deal, hm?” the other shakes his head profusely.
with a jerk to his hand, his finger is dangerously close to pulling the trigger, the mechanics of the gun rattling uncomfortably; at least in mr. seo's experience. johnny had no problem with gunshots nor the incomprehensible begging from corrupt people.
a knock snaps him out of his rage to which he rolls his eyes and pockets the gun but not before giving the other a harsh shove as mr. seo falls to the floor.
“what is it now— oh,” the leader swings the door open, ready to reprimand the many workers that devote their loyalty to NCT, but only comes face to face with you.
a smirk spreads onto johnny’s face, along with his hand that immediately brings you closer. under his skin, he can feel the silk of the outfit he’s purchased for you, made by the finest hands that cost a bomb.
peeking your head inside, you shoot mr. seo an unimpressed look, directing your attention back to your boyfriend. “here so early?”
“just wanted to check on you, s’all.” johnny smiles genuinely, now, moved by your care for him that he doesn’t feel like the leader of any organisation at the moment. there’s no weight of having to monitor his clubs and keep his workers in check, just the feeling of being in love like a normal person.
but you just couldn’t stand normal, could you?
johnny kisses hungrily, having been away from you for the whole day that he forgets mr. seo in the room for a minute, drunk on your lips that manage to entice him every single time. your hums are swallowed by the other, pressed flush against his body that that’s all he can focus on.
oxygen is scarce, however, and he has to pull away to admire your features under the dingy lights of the hideout. with a gentle hand to your cheek, he caresses it gently, smile widening when he sees how you lean into his touch with a close to your eyes.
johnny likes to tease you, running a thumb over your lips where his saliva’s mixed with yours, lips already swollen from the single kiss. it seems to go on forever, with you wanting him on you again, but yet again, he has to be interrupted.
in a stupid attempt to escape, mr. seo thrashes on the ground until he’s onto his knees despite his hands being tied. a battle cry, a gunshot rings throughout the office, it all happens too fast that you flinch, only smelling the faint smell of gunpowder a little later on. mr. seo stays crying and wailing on the floor, hand closed around the shot that's gone through his thigh.
“try that shit again and next time i’ll shoot your heart.” it’s terrifying, how johnny switches to a menacing look that sends the other cowering in fear and bleeding out on the carpet below him. you almost consider stepping away to calm your panicking heart but in an instant, johnny is all over you. it makes your heart swell at how worried he is about you, that you can’t help but stifle a smile.
“hey, hey, you okay? i’m sorry i scared you like that, baby.”
he’s trying his best, he really is.
you swallow, “i get it, johnny, ’m fine, i promise.”
“you’re shaking, angel.” johnny is observant when he wants to be, or it could be just the fact that his arm had stayed curled around your waist the whole time that you believe he could turn right around and kill you at any moment.
but he wouldn’t do that. not when he holds you so tenderly and close at night, always wanting to stay in your embrace late into the morning. not when he refuses to go to work as NCT’s leader just because he was feeling domestic that morning. not when all the words murmured to you, both in private and around the other executives, has always been gentle and doting and loving (apart from telling mark to fuck off when he teased the older about being mushy).
with a sad smile, johnny places a kiss onto your forehead—that you reply with a smile of your own—as a reminder that he would never want to see you hurt, bruised or any of the sort. he’s aware that he’s in a dangerous job, and the way you got him hooked was purely coincidental, although his love wasn’t.
he just hoped he let you know enough.
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oh-katsuki · a month ago
enemies to lovers college volleyball star tsukki and cheerleader reader
they cross paths in the gym each morning- fighting over the colleges limited space and equipment-- tsukki can't understand why the REST of the team LIKES reader?? because sure she's pretty or whatever, but she's so stubborn-
they end up at kuroo's party and end up sneaking out together and.... go home together to watch star trek.. they get French fries from a sketchy food truck and pass out in tsukki's dorm room... have a lovely night and have to walk to their practices together in the morning....
tw: smut, alcohol, no dubcon (they’re sober when they fuck), reader is referred to once as a girl but gender neutral pronouns are used otherwise.
tsukishima doesn't get why his team is obsessed with you because god, your personality is insufferable, isn't it? such a know it all, always mouthing off about something. really, kei's always thought cheerleaders were dumb by nature, but you're just... not.
worse yet, he can't really seem to get you out of his mind. your irritating leer that matches his own when you get something you want over him. the way you smile at your friends, how they collect around you like you're magnetic, the way you'll study outside of the gym before practice sometimes, nose buried in a book and your hand dutifully taking down notes.
when he closes his eyes, he sees the curl of your knuckles around a pencil, or the way your laugh rings out of the locker room in a proud and boisterous display of joy. he can see you dancing with your team behind his eyelids, sees the way you look at him, confident and intelligent and cunning. really... he doesn't get how his team could be so obsessed with such an insufferable girl.
they don't even really know you. they'll talk about your ass in your skirt, the way your tits look in your uniform, how you walk and sway your hips when you do. but very rarely will they comment on your sharp intellect, or the way you kiss your teeth when he's gotten to the equipment you were eyeing first, or how competitive you are. he thinks that if they saw all of that, they'd probably understand where his disagreement comes from. because it is disagreement, kei convinces himself of it every time he sees you. nothing more and nothing less than disliking the mouthy cheerleader he shares a gym with.
then, kei goes out on one of those rare nights where he's feeling more social. kuroo had convinced him and though he'd rather spend his time in his dorm instead of standing in a room with a bunch of boisterous, drunk, athletes, he goes anyway. and imagine his surprise to see the book smart cheerleader there, batting off some guy vying for your attention.
"shouldn't you be home studying?" he says, walking over with a red solo cup in his hand, interrupting the convo and shutting it down in the process.
"could say the same to you, four eyes. you obsessed with me or something?" you leer back, words rounded from the liquor in your system but not sloppy. kei doesn't think you could ever be sloppy.
"you're the one always hanging around my gym." he rolls his eyes.
"our gym, beanpole." you correct, lifting your cup to your lips and eyeing his. "i didn't know you drink."
he ignores your correction, glancing to the cup grasped in his slender fingers. "sometimes."
you hum thoughtfully before bouncing off.
it's honestly deplorable the way you gravitate to each other. kei thinks that it must be the liquor. it's making you just a bit prettier, just a bit kinder, just a bit more agreeable. though he realizes on the walk to the food truck that you might have been agreeable the entire time. he finds that you've got a soft spot for the same series, the same nerdy things that he keeps in the back of his brain. that you're mouthy but talk so sweetly about the things you enjoy, rambling through your tipsy stupor about star trek of all things.
kei thinks that maybe, just maybe, his teammates are right about you. even if they don't know you. because he does and he's finding that he's starting to agree with them, though his agreement is far less crude.
if you're surprised, imagine his when he kisses you. swiftly in a moment of silence leaning across the open space to press his heated mouth to yours. but where he expected resistance, you melt into him and his desire comes full-fledged to the front of his mouth, where his tongue slides against yours. after so long lying about his thoughts on you, it only makes sense that when he finally gets a taste, his passion is burning.
it singes across your skin, greedy hands pulling at your hips till you're in his lap, angry, heated kisses. the click and switch of mouths against each other and the sweet gasps out of your familiar mouth, one he's watched spit insults at him for what feels like centuries.
imagine his surprise when he realizes that he is sober, that you are too and this encounter cannot be blamed on alcohol. that he has always had this latent desire born of competition, of admiration for your intellect that matches or even surpasses his, of the peeks of flesh he gets when you dance on the courtside.
and it's certainly not all sweet touches, not all kindness and giving, because you and kei are both far too competitive for that, you want too badly to show the other up. after the hesitance fades, you both are left only with burning desire, the kind that bubbles in your throat and makes you want to scream. and kei's fingers pull at the skin on your hips while you're on top. he bleeds arousal from his chest where you press him down, into the warmth of your cunt, or the spill of his high across your stomach when he finally pins you under him.
there's something so satisfying in fucking you, in sleeping in the same bed after. less satisfying is the walk to the gym the next morning and even then he savors it on his tongue. he savors the looks from his teammates when you duck your head after walking in with him, heat across your cheeks burning so hot that he swears they can feel it. kei does not, however, relish in the questions from his teammates when they ask if he, of all people, bagged that. such a crude way to put it. you're far too smart to be talked about like that and kei values his privacy. but he relishes the taste of his response, the way his mouth forms around the syllables because he knows you'll give a similar one to your friends, cheeky as you are.
"them? have you met them?" peering over his glasses, he'll roll his eyes. "a little too mouthy for me."
and you are mouthy. vocal too. kei knows it.
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twistyprefect · 3 months ago
SKDKKFKKFKFK YYYYESS THAT ROOK ONESHOT WAS SOOO COOL I KEEP REREADING IT THANK YOU SOOO MUCH RLLY you're the first person to actually write my weirdly specific requests so TYYYY so much sorryy if i ask too much take ur time and feel free to ignore this stuffeither way since you already write a lott yeah take care <3<3
I FEEL KINDA BAD REQUESTING SOMETHING ELSE ALREADY SORRY but yeah just something that's been on my mind for a while is like Azul and fem!reader are very very close friends to the point azul even opened up a bit abt his insecurities and stuff so what if reader Somehow convinced him to show his octo mer form (idk how its called sorryy but u get the point) and when he sees him like that she just accidentally blurts out a confession like just a sudden "Gosh you're So Handsome I Love You So Much" how does he react
yeah <3
{HELLO ANON i'm so sorry it took a while to get to this!! this is adorable wlagahrla...i ended up doing x reader headcanons for this one, i hope that's ok!!}
Tumblr media
Accidental Confession from Azul's Crush
Azul had never been super open about himself to anyone outside the Leech twins, and even then it wasn't by choice
when you came into his life, he didn't imagine you'd ever be able to break through his boundaries
yet here he was, pouring his head out about all his insecurities, his need to be the more powerful and talented person in the room stemming from his bullying as a child
you didn't excuse his behavior or sketchy dealings, but you didn't let him wallow in self-hate either
he'd managed to keep his deepest secret, the reason he was bullied in the first place, from you for a bit longer
never telling you exactly why he was bullied, just that he was and that it'd had a life long effect on him
several months into the close friendship, he found himself staring at an older picture of himself; his stupid, ugly octopus form stared back at him almost mockingly, reminding him he'll never truly escape from his past
but he didn't mind as much as he had before, it didn't hurt nearly bad as it had only a half a year beforehand
he decided then and there that he'd open up completely to you, even if it ended up being a mistake; he couldn't live in fear of trusting other people forever
on a nice spring weekend, he'd asked you to accompany him to the Coral Sea for the day
he nervously ran his fingers through his hair, explaining that he hadn't been completely honest with you about his past; "I wanted to show you why I was bullied...please don't freak out." he asked delicately
you nodded in agreement, nervously floating under the waves with him thanks to a potion he'd given you
Azul took a deep breath before allowing the familiar shift to overtake him, his skin tinted black and purple as his eight legs unfurled themselves comfortably
he opened his eyes nervously, his tentacles fidgeting in the water as he awaited your inevitable shock an disgust
he peeks at you only to see your awed expression as your swam around him, giggling and grinning as you took in his true form
"This is so cool!" you exclaimed happily, eyes wide and sparkling with pure adoration as the octomer felt his worry melting away
"You look so handsome and cool...I love you so much!" you gushed without thinking, covering your mouth immediately after realizing what you'd blurted out
Azul felt his heart beat even faster, his cheeks blushing a darker purple as he stared at you
before you could swim away, he grabbed your hand and pulled you closer, resting his other hand on your cheek
"Are..do you mean it? You love me?" he asked anxiously, his eyes scanning over your face for any signs of deception
"Of course I mean it! I've loved you for months...I just didn't want to make it weird."
"Ah...then, would it be weird for me to say I love you as well?" he asked, smiling softly when you grin in response, your arms wrapping around him
in that moment, Azul decided it was worth it to trust in you, even if he wasn't entirely sure what the outcome might be
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scary-lasagna · 7 months ago
EJ scenario with an s/o struggling to focus on their college essay 🥺
Like no I shouldn't be here writing an ask 😂 but I really need this to put my mind at rest😩
If this finds you I wanna thank you💋💋💋 love your work and always excited to see what you put out!
aaa Thank yOU for requesting and liking my work! It means a lot! :]]
Have you finished yet?
"Aren't you supposed to be working?"
Jack was a dear. He was a very sweet entity that was supposed to be the bane of humanity, an evil creature that eats human organs, and an eyeless hellspawn.
But damn.
He's very pesky.
"No, Jack, I'm about to start, though."
Jack paused behind you, in silence, of course. He sniffed casually as he stared towards the glowing screen of your laptop. "You said that 30 minutes ago, [Y/N]. You still haven't started." He loved pointing out the obvious. Especially to solely prod at your patience.
You sighed and leaned back in your chair, puckering your lips with petty intent. "Y e s, I k n o w t h a t."
Jack continued to stare in silence, observing you switching between Tumblr and YouTube, then back to Tumblr to satisfy your need to procrastinate through endless scrolling.
More staring. And more silence ensued. Jack finally turned off your computer like a peeved cat and dragged your chair across the room to your dismay of yelps and whines. Being a 6'0"+ demon with super strength, Jack picked you out of your chair with the ease of one of your schoolwork papers and set your criss cross on the floor.
Jack opened his own laptop on the floor beside you, and closed out of some very sketchy looking website. Not even the good and cool kind of sketchy, but the ad ridden sketchy that makes you feel like you'll get a contagious disease from touching the laptop.
"Here," Jack placed a pillow under your laptop for comfort, along with all of your school work, and grabbed one of your boxes of candy from your desk before sitting down beside you on the floor. "Everytime you write a paragraph, I'll give you a piece of candy."
"Are you trying to good condition me?"
"Maybe. It'll work, though. Humans are very easy to manipulate with sweets. I'll give you some cuddles too, to top it all off." Bless his cold heart. Even if he hated long timed cuddles, he still persevered to give you the love you want and need.
Jack pulled you into his lap, and nuzzled into your neck. The teeth poking your skin may have been a little unsettling when you first started dating, but now it's a known comfort and joy to feel your boyfriend so comfortable with his self that he lets you get a peek of the monster that lies within.
You sighed, looking at the empty document that taunted your very existence. "Alright, fine." You gave him a little headpats, followed by a hair ruffle of his black tainted auburn locks, and started writing.
As you started to write, Jack paid close attention to your essay, giving you pointers towards grammar and rearranging sentences to make them longer. And as promised, he gave you a good reward after every paragraph...until he fell asleep.
Your mouth was already open, expecting the sweet to be shoved in your mouth like earlier. But the quiet purring against your neck let you know that Jack was sound asleep. And judging by the tight hold he had around your waist, you weren't going anywhere anytime soon.
You might as well finish this, considering the anchor that Jack kept on you, even in his sleep. But the cheeky bastard knew what he was doing. Human psychology was a piece of cake, and was surely easy to master. All you need was a little bit of sugar and loving to get your gears turning.
And no doubt when you finish, Jack will tell you how proud of you he is, and shower you with purrs and kisses in front of your finished essay.
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extremelyblackandwhite · 5 months ago
the punchline goes | lee bodecker.
PAIRING: lee bodecker x reader
WARNINGS: age gap (reader is younger than lee), mentions of abortion
A/N: happy new year! hope you guys had a nice holiday period if you celebrate it. enjoy the next chapter !!
previous part / next part
Tumblr media
Lee drove down the street, his eyes both on the road and on her. He couldn’t exactly read her, not tonight, not when she was staring at the road, gripping at the pregnancy test box enough to deform the cardboard box. In his mind, he didn’t know exactly what to think other than his mind was obviously rushing way ahead of the actual events. She could not be pregnant, heck, the amount of times he’d had hope for a kid in the beginning of his first marriage only to be disappointed after couldn’t be counted with two hands. Yet, the idea of having a kid, a baby with her just got him being a young careless man again. The idea of restoring her old place, maybe get some new fences, paint the outside and the inside. Perhaps even setting up a little nursery with some nice new stuff she’d like. Damn, he could have that life, he would love that life; yet, he didn’t know, he didn’t know how she felt or if she was even pregnant.
He drove down the road until a gas station just outside of town. It was far enough no one from Knockemstiff would drive there yet close enough they wouldn’t be driving all night. She let out a shaky breathe, looking to her side to search for some comfort from him. 
    - I don’t wanna go. - she buried her back onto the passenger seat of the cruiser.
    - Baby. - he turned the car off, moving in his seat to look at her. - I know ‘ya scared, baby but if ‘ya pregnant then not doing that test is not gonna chance that. 
    - What if I am pregnant?
    - There ain’t nothing we can’t figure out. - he cupped the side of her face. - I promise it’ll be fine. 
He held her hand, a relaxed face expression as she gathered the courage to get out and do her pregnancy test in a sketchy gas station’s bathroom. What a great story to tell her kid, she thought. Lee exited the car as well, keeping an eye on the weird bathroom while she was in. He popped a cigarette off the box and onto his lips, leaning against his cruiser as he waited. He had no clue how long a pregnancy test took, so he just smoked, watching his surroundings like a watch dog until he noticed a red Corolla. He looked down, he knew that car, he knew the owner. 
    - What the fuck? - he mumbled to himself, throwing the cigarette to the floor to put it out before walking towards the red Corolla. He knocked on the glass before leaning down. - You following me, Jamie?
    - What are you doing with my sister? 
    - Last time I checked she was an adult who didn’t need supervisor from her big brother.
    - Why is she here? Can’t even afford a cheap motel to defile my sister?
    - You shut your mouth. - he gripped the window. - I can still arrest you and make you spend the night in jail. How about that?
    - Why don’t you get into that bathroom? I’m sure she’s waiting for you.
He tried to stay calm, last thing he wanted was to hit or hurt her brother. He didn’t want to but his smug expression, his lack of respect for his sister was getting his blood boiling and it wasn’t until he noticed his fists gripping the collar of Jamie’s shirt that he was past the point of no return. He opened the car door with his photo, dragging Jamie onto the ground, his knuckles white as he attempted to convince himself not to beat this man to a pulp.
     - Lee. - her voice broke him from his anger. He dropped the man to the ground, turning to see her with her arms crossed in a protective manner and the test hanging from her fingers. 
He dusted off his shirt to walk to her, his hand caressing her arm as she rose up the pregnancy test. It was turned towards her, he couldn’t see the result and he couldn’t read it on her face. 
     - What is it, baby?
     - It’s positive. - she turned the test around. - It’s positive, I’m pregnant. 
     - You’re pregnant?
     - Yeah. - she nodded her head before leaning to wrap her arms around him and her head against his chest.
She was going through a mix of emotions. She wasn’t upset she was pregnant, not as upset as she initially thought. Despite it being an unplanned baby probably conceived at Lee’s dirty motel, it was making her happy to know she was pregnant. Perhaps it was the new start she wanted, the family her father had always wanted for her, the start of something of hers and hers only without so many issues in the way. 
She was ready to tell him something other than surprised words when she noticed her brother a few feet away from her. Her grip loosened on Lee, as she moved to get closer to her brother but he merely looked at her with disgust as if she was the scum of the earth. 
    - Jamie, what are you doing here?
    - What are you doing here? - his eyes lowered to the pregnancy test she was still holding before looking back at her. - You’re pregnant?
He spoke lowly as if she were nothing but a child who’d made a mistake on prom night. 
    - Don’t look at me like that.
    - Are you pregnant or not?! - his voice rose as he attempted to tower over her. - Is he the father?
    - What do you think? - she pushed him back. - I don’t need your permission and why are you even here?
    - Clearly I have to keep an eye on you as you seem to have forgotten who you are.
    - And who am I, Jamie? - she crossed her arms. - Am I yours and mom’s safety fund?
    - Don’t talk to me like that.
    - No, you don’t talk to her like that. - Lee extended his arm, making sure he didn’t try to get any closer. - You don’t want any problems with me, boy. 
He looked at the couple in front of them with the same expression he’d given his sister before getting into his car and driving away. Y/N held onto Lee’s side, a look of regret painted in her face as she watched the Corolla disappear into the darkness of the night. 
   - He’s gonna tell my mum. 
   - That little sh ...
   - No. - Y/N stopped him before he could try to pursue him. - Let it be.
   - We can still catch him.
   - She’s gonna find out either way, Lee. I just wanna ... I don’t know, do something normal. I just found out I’m pregnant at a gas station bathroom, I wanna do something normal for once. 
   - Sure, baby. Wanna go grab something to eat?
   - Let’s go to McDonalds, to the drive in?
   - Sure.
Y/N had her hand on her tummy the whole drive, looking at the non existent bump which was sure to grow over the passing months. She didn’t want to think of what awaited her at home, all she wanted to do now was eat the fast food as Lee complained about there being nothing good on the radio. She wondered if he would do the same once the baby was in the backseat. At the same time, she also wondered how long it would take for him to realise that this baby was a one way ticket to being out of his office. She tried not to think of it, not to think of the reputation she was about to gain; yet, as he drove to her home, the reality become much sharper. 
   - Let me go with you.
   - Lee, no.
   - I can help you and I don’t want your desperate of a mother and brother stressing you out. It’s probably not good for the baby.
   - I’m glad you’re worried but this is my family and I have to sort it out. - she opened the door. 
   - I’ll come get you tomorrow.
   - Lee ...
   - We’ll have breakfast. - he interrupted her. - And then we’ll go to a nice jewellery shop so you can chose a ring, alright?
   - Alright. - she leaned through his window to kiss him. - I’ll like a very expensive one.
   - Everything you want, baby.
He waited until she was inside the home to drive away but once she was inside the house, that little happy bubble burst as her mother and brother were waiting by the stairs. She put her jacket on the hanger before walking towards them.
   - I want all of you out of my house by tomorrow. 
   - Y/N, we need to speak about this. - her mother followed her up the stairs.
   - No, we don’t. This is my house, Lee is moving in and I don’t want you or Jamie in my house. 
   - Chubby, I am here to tell you I will help you.
   - Couldn’t stay quiet. - she mumbled to Jamie. - I don’t need help, I’m fine.
   - We can find a nice, discreet clinic to get rid of your problem and it’ll be fine.
   - I am having the baby and I want you out of my house.
   - Do not come crying to me when you become the joke of the town.
   - Trust me, I won’t. 
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pandoraw27 · 10 months ago
Self-Aware: Inazuma
A/n: Welp I finally did it, I might change Kokomi's when we know more about her but anyway please enjoy 😊 Prompt: What if they were self-aware
Tumblr media
Raiden Shogun/ Baal:
Baal has seen many hardships in her long life but never did she even begin to entertain the ridiculous notion of this world being nothing but a means of entertainment to others.
Once she discovers the truth her ambition wavers as she is unsure where to go from here, even if she creates an eternal paradise for the residents of Inazuma what was the point if everything was predetermined anyway.
Then she finds her personal salvation in the form of this player from another world who manages to summon her by chance and soon she finds herself enthralled with you. When she's with you she's not the Raiden Shogun or the Electro Archon, she's just Baal.
And she loves the freedom it brings with every day spent adventuring by your side. It makes sense that some of your other characters would be nervous if not downright antagonistic to her considering her treatment of Inazuma yet she can't find it in herself to care what they think. Why should any of them even matter, the only one she cares for is you.
But then one day she overhears you excitedly exclaiming how much you were looking forward to pulling for that dreaded Sangonomiya Kokomi and that's when it dawned on her. She may be your favourite now but how long until you cast her aside for another and that's one transgression she will never allow.
So she begins her plans anew determined to construct an eternal paradise in Inazuma where she can be by your side with no other distractions to you two. For this, she would spill the blood of these pesky rebels thousands of times over if it means that you only looked at her from now on.
She's the only one you need after all~
Kujuo Sara:
Sara has spent her entire life dedicated to the ideals of the almighty Raiden Shogun yet for once she finds her dedication wavering once she learns that this world is nothing more than a plaything for another universe.
Knowing this she begins to reevaluate everything around her and yet she still finds herself following the Shogun since that's all she's ever known. That same dedication lands her in your party where you send her on petty errands that are far below her position.
For once she doesn't know what to do after being surrounded by notable rebel characters and being forced to leave them be knowing that you were watching them. She hates it initially believing it to be a waste of time but slowly you start the grown on her.
She grew to love the way your eyes sparkled as you took in all the wonders of Inazuma by her side and she found herself wanting to fight to protect that excitement of yours. She finally found someone new to dedicate herself to.
Still Sara can't find it in herself to trust the others your surround yourself with from that sketchy Calvary captain to the bloodthirsty harbinger she just knows that they are trying to corrupt you. She doesn't miss the predatory smirks they have when talking about you and she just knows that she has to act to protect you.
So Sara begs her god to find a way to breach the gaps between worlds in hopes of bringing you to Inazuma where you would be treated nothing short of royalty. Sara began to hunt for parts on Baal's request spending her free time ripping circuits and parts from Ruin guards in desperation knowing that her chance was disappearing.
She couldn't afford to waste any time since those monsters could steal you away from her at a moments notice, which she will never allow to happen.
Sangonomiya Kokomi:
Kokomi was dedicated to her cause with her beliefs being unwavering as she directed the rebels in their efforts to overthrow the Tyrant that was the Raiden Shogun. At first, she did it to protect those who were unable to protect themselves believing that the hydro vision bestowed upon her could serve no finer a purpose.
So to discover that this world was just a game would definitely take a toll on her, not that many would notice. After all not many saw through Kokomi's normally calm facade to her naturally nervous disposition. Then one day she met the traveller from another world who served as your link to this world, initially, she was curious and eager to learn more about this world beyond the game but as she spent more time observing you and your party she became enamoured.
She hates that you would never see Inazuma in person and would be forced to view it through other eyes and that's when she thought, but what if you could. What if she managed to bring you into this world.
Given Kokomi's extensive knowledge she began to construct a portal to another dimension in secret, using many members of the rebel alliance to gather materials for this pet project of her's in hopes of one day bringing you to her.
Then she would no longer have to look through a brief window into a world she could never hope to reach and would be able to feel your warmth in person. You would be all hers forever.
Through this process, she feels that she begins to understand the Raiden Shogun a bit more and her obsession with eternity since there's nothing Kokomi desires more than is an eternity spent by your side.
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class1akids · 2 months ago
BNHA 351 - Thoughts
preliminary ones anyway...
I see people complaining left and right, but what I’ve seen so far is amazing. 
1. The fight looks incredibly raw and emotional...
2. It is narratively coherent, where it’s Touya who demonstrates his father’s moves with his absolutely insane fire-power - that Hell Spider just looks amazing, and we can see how crazy strong he is.
3. I got very emotional about him punching Shouto into a building with a “You won’t become anyone” - which feels like a recall to Shouto’s line about “to become who I want to be”. The visuals are very much like Endeavor vs Hood
Tumblr media
4. Touya’s flashfire is tied to the baggage Endeavor passed down to him - of resentment, jealousy, hatred. Shouto unlocked his flashfire to catch up to his friends, not to be a drag on his team. I think that’s why the title - it’s 2 flashfires but the motivations are very different.
5. Shouto looking EXACTLY like Endeavor down to the flaming chest to explain why he is not like Endeavor (because it’s not about the quirk, it’s not about the moves, it’s not about the clothes, but the mind-set). 
6. Love Shouto’s line about Touya finally watching him. I’ve for long expected that the Shouto vs Touya fight would be like Midoriya vs Todoroki, and phase 1 is Shouto listening to Touya, and phase 2 is for Shouto to get Touya to look at him and consider him as his own person, and not Endeavor’s puppet. Their story started with both Shouto and Touya watching Endeavor
Tumblr media
.. but I think now finally they are ready to watch each other. 
7. Shouto acknowledging that Endeavor wrecked their family and calling Touya out for killing innocent people felt like a good balance for empathy and justice. 
8. Shouto’s new move “Flashfire Fist - Phosphorus” is unique. It’s not made to surpass anyone -  he worked and practiced specifically to deal with Touya. 
I’m very excited what it will do, of course. It feels like it’s something planned from the beginning. My main guess right now that it’s some kind of cooled-down, but highly reactive fire, which can knock Touya out without dealing him further fire damage. 
But ngl, would love if the healing theories would be true. 
I haven’t seen the Endeavor panels yet, and the summary is pretty sketchy (you can tell the TL is not a fan of the Todoroki storyline.) so not going to comment on it. 
I think it’s consistent with Shouto not to throw a tantrum at that stage and to prioritize his father helping Izuku with taking on AFO. 
In any case, obviously, the manga won’t end without a family reunion. My current guess is Shouto and Touya coming to Endeavor, rather than the other way around. Because I feel like it would be cool for the 3 Todorokis to take out AFO together, and that way, we could have literally everyone important to the Todoroki plot in the same battlefield. 
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edeanglory · 3 months ago
i wouldn’t fall for someone i thought wouldn’t misbehave
pairing: sage lesath x gn!reader
synopsis: a look into sage lesath’s heart
genre: introspection (?), romance, hurt/comfort
tw//cw: thoughts of insecurity
notes: pspspspspspssp
Tumblr media
love is a strange thing well beyond sage lesath’s comprehension. he had convinced himself long ago that he wouldn’t find it in sketchy corners of town at night or the boisterous bars reeking of rum and perfume. he doesn’t look for it, doesn’t set out to find it. to him, there are more things worthy of his time to be spent. love will come when fate decides it.
(but when you ask him, he will not deny the presence of the sick voices in his head, telling him that he is unworthy of something so soft, so precious. he is made up of scarred skin, alcohol on lonely nights and corruption eating up his insides. love is gentle touches, soft kisses and endearing words. sage had come to a conclusion, long ago in fact, that love would never come for him)
he finds the closest thing to love in blood, gold and alcohol. the satisfaction of receiving his day’s wage for another dirty job, the metallic tang in his mouth when his target somehow manages to land a straight punch in his face and the pretty, blurred faces of people he meets on drunken nights. but it is not love. sage sets out to find more work and more gold, the wound stings when the adrenaline of the fight wears off, and he leaves the next morning before his bedmate wakes.
(sage might not be deserving of love, but he can hope. cling onto the pieces of a love never complete, never real. but sage is not a liar when it comes to these type of things, especially to himself, so he leaves. it is the only good, genuine thing he can do)
he has long given up hope when the universe blesses (or curses) him with the presence of them. a strange human from another world claiming to be a barista, whatever the hell that is. they’re endearing, amusingly so, and sage finds that he gets a kick out of teasing them, watching their reactions. a pickup line responded with a roll of their eyes. the cunning, flirty touch of his fingers against their skin shot back by a playful jab at his own side.
(sage should have run the moment you smiled at him. he should have known that at that moment, he had already begun falling. when he realises, it is not too late. but sage stays. he swears it is just to see you smile at him one more time, repeats it till he loses count)
the past comes back to haunt him. an old comrade after him for the blood of his best friend on his hands. the growing corruption in his body. the danger of a shadow, someone that they all used to know, after you of all people. sage wishes- he wishes so badly that you would leave. listen to his warnings and just go away. but you don’t. and he hates it. he hates how you almost can hear that tiny voice in his heart, begging for you to stay. hates how you listen.
(sage has been selfish for almost his whole life. you make him a better person, painfully so. he doesn’t find it in himself to run away, to leave first as he had always done. part of him knows you will find him anyway, no matter where he hides. he is grateful, but it also breaks his heart)
sage hates how you love him. soft. caring. tender. it is everything he never knew he wanted, yet everything he knows he is not worthy of. not when it is you. what does he deserve of the person made of an underlying scent of coffee and mischievous smiles, caught between the pages of a borrowed spellbook? you are so bright, so powerful that sage cannot understand it. he cannot understand the way you smile at him over your shoulder, set against the golden horizon of astraea as the sun sets. smiling at him instead of the breathtaking view before you. sage indeed finds it hard to breathe when you look at him like that, as if he’s worthy of a love like yours.
(some nights he wonders why he lets you touch him, when his skin is stained with the blood of many and corrupted with his own magic turning dark. you are the sun and he, the butcher. it is hot when you touch him, bite his skin, kiss his lips. yet he cannot help but purr, relishing in your light. if this what it means to burn, then sage will gladly do so, as if it will let him atone for all his sins in some way.)
sage wishes he learned how to love from a distance. he never did, and perhaps this is why he lets tulsi take his hand one night, guiding him out to the bath doors. let them love you. he wants to ruffle her hair as he had done when they were kids, feels an urge to kiss her forehead like he did when she was just a little baby. instead he just manages a tight smile at her, and she literally kicks his ass in response, sending him tumbling straight through the doors. and to you.
(he loves his family, he realises now. he loves his friends as well. tulsi. anisa. felix. rime too, once. memories of better days. there will be better days in the future, sage thinks as he finds your figure sitting on the edge of the pool, and we can start today.)
you wait for him in the moonlight seeping into the bath, looking as beautiful as ever. sage always knew that, but it still takes his breath away when he actually sees you. silver stars dance in your eyes, kisses of the moon decorating the crown of your messy hair. a king, an angel, a god. it takes every inch of restraint for sage not to kneel for you and worship you like no other. he knows he is uncharacteristically quiet as he gets into the pool, splashing water over himself as he wades over to you. you watch him with that fond smile of yours, eyes shining in love. and for the first time, sage isn’t afraid.
(he isn’t afraid of a lot of things anymore. the dark thoughts do not cross his mind as your arms wrap around his shoulders loosely, his own arm snaking around your waist to hold you close. the burning touch of your fingers as you run your hands over his scars has been reduced to a simple, pleasant warmth. it is more than enough)
“i want to tell you everything,” he whispers against your lips. the confession echoes throughout the bath, but only heard by the both of you. this is the first step. sage watches as your lips pull into a small smile, practically purring as you run a hand through his white hair, smoothening it out of his face.
“take your time,” you tell him, pressing a kiss onto his nose. the action, so tender and soft, almost makes him whimper, “i’ll listen.”
(sage doesn’t understand what love is. perhaps he never will. but he does know that he is in love with you, a fact that will be etched onto stone. and your love makes him brave; brave enough to face his past and move on to a better future, with you and all your family)
a squeeze on his bicep, and another kiss on his lips. the unsaid words linger, a beautiful reassurance. i will be with you, no matter what.
(i love you)
Tumblr media
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saintodo · 6 months ago
I see Toji in your pinned post. Would you happen to have any thirsty thots about him?
thots on toji fushiguro (headcanons)
♡ note: hello my love i do have some thots abt him which ill talk about below. maybe ill talk more abt him at some point
♡ word count: 562 i fink
♡ warnings: fem and masc reader (i don’t think this is gender neutral??), mommy and daddy kink, topping and bottoming, primarily bottom reader, one night stands, public sex/semi-public sex, getting caught while fucking
Tumblr media Tumblr media
first of all, i think toji is SO fucking sexy. gege had no business making him so fine. admittedly, i haven’t even read the manga (yet) so i don’t really have a grasp on his character but i still want him to break my back like a glow stick :/
ok let’s get into thotty thots.
a concept i think of often in relation to toji is him with a sugar mommy or sugar daddy because mans is broke as shit. toji knows he’s attractive and uses his good looks and sculpted physique for monetary gains.
tbh i think toji is the type to call his sugar mommy or sugar daddy by their respective title in bed. not in a mommy or daddy kink way, where toji gets off on calling you that, he’s just a little shit who likes to tease.
he’ll have your legs thrown over the tops of his broad shoulders with your ankles by his ears and mock your inability to form any coherent thoughts.
“mm, what was that mommy? couldn’t quite catch that,” he’ll say. toji will release a hearty chuckle when your attempt to respond to his question is cut off by another moan when he thrusts deep inside of you again.
if you have a daddy kink, boy oh boy is toji a fuckin’ menace. genuinely does not matter if he’s topping or bottoming, he’ll call himself daddy because he knows you get off on it.
you could have him laid out on his back with his knees pressed to his firm chest and he’ll still be acting like a lil shit. “gonna make me a daddy, sweetheart? that’s real cute,” he’ll coo, grinning up at you.
toji is not really a relationship sort of guy (besides the obvious exceptions.) he’s more so of a “hit it and quit it” type of man.
one night stands galore, baby!
he doesn’t invite people back to his place because it’s probably a shithole, so he lets whoever’s been flirting with him all night invite him back to theirs. even though he does go back to people’s homes to fuck them fairly often, toji is more inclined to just fuck wherever they’re already at. in an alleyway outside of the sketchy establishment, in a bar bathroom, in a dark hallway of the club, anywhere like that.
he’s pretty shameless. ok let me rephrase, he is shameless.
he’ll fuck you in a dingy club bathroom with no care for who might overhear you. he’ll probably fuck you harder if someone comes knocking on the door complaining about how they need to piss. toji wants to make it clear that the bathroom is occupied and whoever has come to bother you two needs to fuck off.
he likes to live on the edge of public indecency. he loves the thrill of almost getting caught (or actually getting caught.) it’s fun to him and he gets an adrenaline rush out of it. but if toji actually has feelings for you and the two of you get caught messing around where you’re not supposed to, he makes sure to angle his body so he’s covering yours. his large, broad frame helps to shield your body from prying eyes. he may like to fuck in public spaces, but only toji gets to see how cute your face looks when you come undone on his cock. if anybody comes across you, they should consider themselves lucky that they get to hear the pretty noises of pleasure you make when toji fucks you so well.
Tumblr media
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hyuckilstan · 29 days ago
hi mah bebii, ik that you have been busy with school and personal life and i am missing you so much buttt here i am, and i wanna make a request.
I have been watching nct contents nowadays and fckkk park jisung's been wrecking me so hard 🙈
so, can i please have a fluffy jisung imagine where he tried so hard to learn cooking just so he can give you a sweet date night at your home?
Thank you so much and luv u mah yeosang~ 🥹💗
Tumblr media
Pairing: Park Jisung x gn!reader
Genre: fluff, crack(?)
Warnings: none I could think of
Wc: (idk honestly) words
a/n: HI HII MY WOOYOUNG sorry this took long but I tried my best<333 its so cheesy lmao help-
Tumblr media
“That’s not how you do it!” a high pitched shriek came from the boy who stood behind Jisung, who had been preparing for a date, a surprise one. He told his best friend Chenle that he was planning to cook something special for you for dinner, it was not the most special but the most Jisung could offer.
And of course his friend was bound to be worried (although he showed it in a questionable way), especially since he had to be watched if he had burnt down their dorms even just when he made ramen, so Chenle volunteered to help.
“I- then how-” Jisung asked confused, “Just- go wash these” Chenle told him continuing the work that he gave to Jisung, Jisung simply nods and takes the vegetables, bringing them to the sink.
He pauses for a while though, standing there like a statue, just then Chenle looked back at him, “What’s wrong?” he asks his friend who just froze, “Am I supposed to wash this with dishwasher or...”
Chenle’s eyes widened in a ‘You’ve gotta be kidding me’ expression, and the boy just smiled awkwardly, just as Chenle was about to speak another voice interrupted them.
“Jisungie! I’m home!” it was your voice which startled both the boys, they both walked to the door, seeing you take off your jacket, they just stood there.
“What’re you guys up to?” you asked, they looked at each other than back at you, causing you to raise a brow. “Uh we uh...” Jisung started speaking looking around even though it wasn’t like they were doing anything sketchy.
“I gotta go, bye Y/N! Happy one year anniversary together,” Chenle said rushed, you didn’t bother calling him cause you know he’ll ignore you anyways.
“Hey,” Jisung flashed you a smile which you mirrored, you slowly walked towards him, wrapping your arms around his waist as you snuggled onto his chest, “You’re home early,” Jisung says in his deep voice, which you loved, it gave you some kind of unexplainable peace and warmth.
“Yeah, boss let me go early,” you say and he hums, wrapping his arms around you as well, his nimble fingers raking your hair, “I missed you,” you said and you could hear a small yet low giggle from your boyfriend.
“I missed you too,” he replies and you smile, “What were you doing anyways?” you asked looking up at Jisung whose cheeks were getting pink after the question, “Well I wanted to do something for our special day and-”
Jisung stopped speaking mid-sentence when you started sniffing, “It smells like something is burning,” you say and the tall boy’s eyes widen, “The food!” he shouts breaking the hug, dashing towards the kitchen with you tailing behind him, after turning off the stove he groans, holding his head at disbelief that he forgot about it.
“Babe? What’s wrong- oh-” you said once you saw the cooking disaster, “Don’t tell me you almost just burnt our apartment down,” he slowly turns towards you with an expression that shows awkwardness.
”W-well you see- I just so happened to try to uh...” he starts saying and stops, looking at you, seeing you listen carefully, signalling him to go on.
“Well it’s our one year anniversary of being together and, I wanted to do something special,” he says quietly and sheepishly, avoiding eye contact. After finishing his sentence, there was silence and when he looked up he notices you smiling at him sweetly, as you always have, the tall and shy boy has always been so sweet, tries his best although it may not turn out to be the prettiest.
“Atleast say something?” he looks away, feeling shy under your loving stare, he will never get used to it, the way you look at him as if he is the most special person to exist with so much adoration is something he knows he’ll never get used to yet never get enough of.
You didn’t respond, not verbally, you quietly wrapped your arms around the tall boy’s waist, engulfing him into a warm and tight hug, inhaling his welcoming scent.
“I love you Park Jisung.”
His heart skipped a beat the moment those words came out your mouth, looking up at him, you smiled again, seeing the poor boy red like a tomato, you could even feel his heartbeat beat faster.
“I- I love you too,” he replies facing away to make sure you don’t see the blush on his cheeks, although that had already failed.
“You’re cute,” you giggled, loosening your arms around him, “I appreciate it though Ji, it’s the thought that counts,” you said and he smiles, glad that he met someone so understanding and sweet like you.
“Well now,” you walked away from him, going to the mess in the kitchen, clapping your hands together, “Let’s clean this up, then we can eat ramen and watch a movie okay?” you suggested.
He nods with a smile, walking towards you and looking at you, pulling you into another hug, one which made you the flustered one this time round.
“Thank you Y/N,” he rakes the locks of your hair, his soothing voice filling you with a deep sense of calm.
“I appreciate you so much,” he does and he always will, for always supporting him, always being so open-minded and understanding, and for always being so patient with him.
He sighs out before finishing his entire sentence.
“I love you, and I don’t think I will ever stop.”
Tumblr media
Taglist: @amangooo, @yeo-hehet, @zen626, @hwanchaesong, @yungisstar1117 (lemme know if you wanna be added, removed or if I forgot to add you :3)
Tumblr media
©hyuckilstan. All rights reserved. Please do not plagiarize my works.
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phoenixyfriend · 10 months ago
The Family Tree is... a Disaster
Takes place in the TCW Leverage AU. It does contain a few deviations, namely that the narrative ended up shifting Plo's role in Ahsoka's life, and Ventress's role overall.
This is mostly just dialogue where I outline the fuckery that is the disaster lineage family tree, not actual fic. It stemmed from my incessant need to justify "25yo Obi-Wan somehow got custody of 9yo Anakin without Shmi dying."
Warnings for: canon character death (modernized), canon violence (modernized), and references to Nazis and white supremacists (Palpatine collects WWII weaponry as a parallel to his canon display of Sith artifacts in his office as chancellor, and Ahsoka thinks it's sketchy)
"Okay," Cody says, setting down a glass of whiskey as he drops into the seat across the table. "What the hell is your family tree like?"
Obi-Wan raises an eyebrow, and continues cleaning off the definitely-not-stolen crystal komodo dragon he'd won in today's job. "I beg your pardon?"
"You and Skywalker," Cody says, gesturing between Obi-Wan, who is just sitting there minding his own business, and Anakin, who is across the closed-for-tonight bar and doing something inadvisable on the pool table. "You've said he was your brother, and mentioned raising him, which, sure, I'm over twenty years older than my youngest brother, people take over parenting roles all the time. But you have different last names, have mentioned stepfamilies that the other doesn't have, reference things as 'your aunt, not mine,' and I am just getting... very confused. I figured it was personal and I could leave well enough alone, but considering your older brother almost shot us today--"
"Okay, Xanatos is not my brother," Obi-Wan immediately says. "Just. I just have to stop you right there. Xanatos was a student of my father's for a time, but I promise he's not family. Nobody except maybe Komari would consider him even close, and she doesn't count since she's in prison for life and the farthest thing from stable."
Cody gestures. "That, Obi-Wan. That's what I'm talking about. I don't even know who Komari is."
Obi-Wan purses his lips in a failed attempt to not smile. "Do you actually want the explanation? It's long and unnecessarily complicated."
"So's mine," Cody snorts. Obi-Wan waits, patient and pleasant, and is rewarded when Cody sighs. "Please."
"Of course, my dear. To answer your first question, though, Anakin is my half-brother." With a smile, Obi-Wan digs a piece of paper and a pen from his briefcase. "So, center of the chain: me, my father Qui-Gon, my grandfather Yan, and my great-grandfather Yoda. With me so far?"
"Easy enough. Do you have to go back that far?"
"Great-grandfather Yoda is still alive and regularly escaping the old folks' home to terrorize younger relatives, so yes," Obi-Wan says. "Given that you may just meet a tiny, meddling relative of mine when he's bored, we do in fact have to go back that far."
"...how old is he?"
"We don't know for sure. A hundred and eight-ish is the best guess." Obi-Wan shrugs. "It's not a huge deal, mostly he likes bothering Anakin these days. Anyway, grandfather. Yan Dooku. Inherited a minory duchy from his maternal grandfather decades back. Mostly hangs around there because he's on terrorist watchlists in the States."
"Oh, lovely."
Obi-Wan grins. "Trust me, it gets worse. Anyway, grandfather never actually married, but spent most of his time with his 'best friend' Sifo Dyas, who died about a decade back."
"Well, we know that now, but they got together in the seventies, and this was back when they were both working government jobs, so, you know. It happens."
"Good to know," Cody says. "So, Yoda's kid is Yan, who inherited a title and land from a maternal relative, and had a life partner but never married. With you so far."
"All of Yan's kids were adopted," Obi-Wan continues, sketching out the first branch away from the Yan/Sifo partnership. "Rael was actually grandfather's cousin, maternally, and ended up in his custody after getting orphaned at five. These days, he does most of the stewardship duties at the Serenno Duchy. His daughter Nim is teaching military history at a university in Germany."
Cody nods. "Uncle number one is named Rael, technically your dad's cousin, has a daughter. Got it."
"About a decade after Rael, they adopted my father, Qui-Gon. He and grandfather fought, frequently, but they did care for each other. My father was a botanist, did bio-engineering. We'll get back to him later, because he's where things get complicated." Obi-Wan made sure to leave room around the name. "Just a few years older than me was--is--Komari Vosa. She is... serving a life sentence. I think she fought Jango once."
"She fought my father?"
"To the best of my knowledge, they both almost died, yes," Obi-Wan says. "She's in maximum security these days. She was an assassin. I'll get a call if she breaks out, and I'll let you know along with everyone else."
"Bad news auntie, got it."
"Last adoption, sort of, is Ventress," Obi-Wan finishes off. "A few years younger than me, is technically grandfather's personal assistant and does secretarial work and the like, but we all know he's planning to leave as much of the inheritance to her as he is to the rest of us. She's aggressive and unpleasant, but she takes care of him and hasn't actually threatened to kill any of us yet, so that's fine."
"How'd she join?" Cody asks.
"Ky Narec was a friend of Qui-Gon's; Ventress was his daughter. Ky died a few years after Qui-Gon did, and Ventress was a mess, after." Obi-Wan shrugs and scratches that connection into the little sketch of a family tree as well. "Grandfather offered her a job until she got herself back together, and then she just kind of... stuck around."
"Youngest aunt, more of a cousin." Cody summarizes. "Now we go back to your father?"
"Qui-Gon Jinn was a man of many skills," Obi-Wan says drily. "Adequate birth control was not one of them."
It's almost a pity that Cody wasn't drinking anything, because going by the way he chokes, Obi-Wan's pretty sure the spit take would have been spectacular.
"I'm sorry," Cody says. "Can you repeat that?"
"I was an accident," Obi-Wan says, not even bothering to hide his smile. "So was Anakin."
"So that sounds like... a story."
"It is," Obi-Wan confirms. "My biological mother has never been in the picture. They had a fling, she wasn't sure if she'd want to abort or give me up, just that she wasn't ready to be a parent, and Qui-Gon volunteered to take full custody so she could go back to her life after the birth. I've never met her, but I kept her family name. You can consider her irrelevant beyond that."
Cody nods.
"So, when I was about a year old, Qui-Gon reconnects with an old flame, they get married two years later. Step-mother number one is Tahl. Lovely woman, I absolutely adored her, and she had a daughter, my stepsister, Bant Eerin."
"I met her, right?" Cody asks.
"Yes, she was the doctor who patched up my bullet wound a few months ago," Obi-Wan says. "With the giant glasses that make her look a little fish-eyed."
"She was nice."
"She is," Obi-Wan agrees. "At any rate, that was our family for a while, and then Tahl died when I was fourteen. Bant wanted to go to a magnet school for medical studies, and Qui-Gon's grief was... not optimal for taking care of multiple teenagers, shall we say, so Bant moved in with her paternal uncle, Kit Fisto, and Kit's son Nahdar. He's a marine biologist, incredibly friendly, and has no idea of any of the rest of my side of the family's questionable activities. If you ever meet him, you will pretend that we are a legal firm with a team of security consultants."
Cody raises a brow. Obi-Wan despairs. "Best you could do?"
"We're not that likely to run into him." Obi-Wan draws out a new line. "So, Qui-Gon deals poorly with grief. This is also around the time that Xanatos came around to ruin our lives a little. He was a very rich and unpleasant man, but he's dead as of four hours ago, so you don't have to worry about him. Or his son."
"His son?"
"Anakin handled that," Obi-Wan says. "Thoroughly. Granta Omega is no longer an issue. He's not dead, but... well. Anakin has his ways. Er--I should probably mention Feemor; he was my father's assistant at the university for a long time. Anakin and I still call him our uncle."
"Also a person to avoid mentioning criminal activity to?" Cody prompts.
"Well... no, but only because I don't think he'd care. The man is, forgive me, more of a 'walking sweatervest' than I am. He's a very bland and unassuming man. He once described himself as the background character of the soap opera that is my family's existence."
"Sounds like a charmer."
"Oh, he's very kind and clever, and witty as well. I adore him, and he really is family. He's just also very, very normal. Not boring, but..." Obi-Wan trails off and shrugs helplessly. "He's an editor for an agricultural research journal. Also not someone I anticipate us running into."
"Right, so, Qui-Gon dealing poorly with his grief didn't involve much drinking, but there were a few months of him trying to... lose himself in the pleasures of the flesh?" Obi-Wan tries, and then deflates at the look on Cody's face. "He was slagging around. Shmi got pregnant with Anakin, who was born when I was sixteen. Shared custody at first, Qui-Gon got him weekends and every other holiday, that sort of thing, and then they got married because they actually did like each other well enough, and it was easier on the taxes."
"So Shmi is stepmother number two."
"Shmi is stepmother number two, yes." Obi-Wan sketches in Anakin and Shmi. "About nine and a half years after Anakin was born, Shmi and Qui-Gon were in a car accident with... well, it later turned out it wasn't an accident, there was a hitman called Maul involved, he's actually Ventress's second cousin or something, I don't know. Grandfather handled most of that problem. Qui-Gon died, Shmi was in intensive care, and I got custody of Anakin as his nearest adult relative. We weren't very close before that, because I was off at university by the time he was old enough to form memories, but that changed once he started living with me. I more or less raised him as a single parent from that point."
"This is why he jokes that you're like a father to him."
"Precisely," Obi-Wan says. "Shmi took about a year to recover enough to move again, and grandfather covered the costs. She still had to live with a dedicated carer and attend daily physical therapy. At that physical therapy, she met Cliegg Lars, whose son Owen was also a patient there. They hit it off, and three years later, they married. When Anakin refers to his stepfamily he's talking about the Lars out in Nevada."
"They have a farm. A very, very normal one. We don't drag them into our activities, unless we have an at-risk person who needs a safe house." Obi-Wan pauses, and then decides this really needs to be stressed. "This is important to me and Anakin, that we don't get them involved unless there's absolutely no other choice. Shmi's been through a lot, and the Lars are busy enough running the farm."
"Works for me," Cody says. "We've got enough safe houses that it shouldn't be an issue. I'm guessing this story doesn't end there, though."
Obi-Wan grimaces. "My own love life has been... a bit of a mess."
"I already know about Kryze, at least."
There's that. "I was temporarily engaged to a friend, Siri Tachi, shortly after high school. We were in a relationship, but this was mostly something done to appease a relative of hers that was getting overbearing to the point of absurdity, and she couldn't just cut them off. We broke off the engagement after the relative passed, and we're still friends."
He notes that down, then adds the other embarrassment of his early years. "First marriage was actually a drunken joke between myself and my best friend when we were in college. We got it annulled a few months later because we just didn't have time to drop by the courthouse before then, and he's actually engaged to Asajj now."
"Asajj?" Cody asks, watching in fascination as Obi-Wan tries to mark in both his own short marriage and the newer, long-term engagement without crossing any lines. He settles for just writing the name twice and including an asterisk with 'this is the same person.'
"Ventress," Obi-Wan clarifies. "Yeah, Quinlan's a fun guy. His little sister, Aayla, treats Anakin like a beloved younger cousin."
"Are they also off-limits for criminal activity?"
"No, Aayla's the one that taught Ahsoka how to vent-crawl," Obi-Wan says. "And I'm pretty sure Quinlan has contacts in every major government branch, criminal organization, and Fortune 500 company on the planet. I reach out to them regularly."
"Resources, then."
Obi-Wan nods. "Some time later, I married Satine. We had a son; you've met Korkie. We split due to incompatibility a year and change before Qui-Gon's death. Satine doesn't engage in criminal activity, but Bo-Katan is..."
"I've met Bo-Katan. I know what she's like, Obi. You don't have to explain."
"She works with Maul sometimes."
"...the man who killed your father?"
"Yes. It's all very stupid and convoluted." Obi-Wan still writes her in. "So, that's them. Korkie goes to boarding school, and I try not to involve him in anything. Anakin and Ahsoka like to teach him self-defense and the like, but Satine is adamant that he stay unaware of my less legal dealings until he's an adult."
Cody shrugs. "Makes sense. Is that every--wait, no, Skywalker's married."
Obi-Wan grins. "Yes, and Padme's got twins on the way."
"I was there when he told us," Cody says drily. "He was very loud about it. Okay, how does Ahsoka fit in?"
"Hold on, I forgot Beru," Obi-Wan mutters. "Owen's fiancee. Same rules as the Lars. Okay, you asked about Ahsoka. Right. So. Um."
He dithers. Cody waits for him, and then Obi-Wan just gives up. "Ahsoka, dear, would you like to explain how you joined the family, so to speak?"
Ahsoka looks up from whatever she and the boys are doing--there are multiple beer glasses and straws and duct tape involved, and Obi-Wan doesn't really want to know--and then flips off the table and over to Obi-Wan and Cody. She looks over the family tree chart, and then says, "Oooh, did you tell him about the cult?"
"You were in a cult?" Cody demands.
"No, Komari was. She was head priestess or something. I dunno, it's why she's in prison and stuff."
"I did not tell him about the cult," Obi-Wan mutters, already regretting this. "The Bando Gora aren't a problem anymore. I've already gotten to explaining how you and Anakin know each other."
Ahsoka rolls her eyes, steals his pen, and starts sketching in around Quinlan's name, over by Asajj since Obi-Wan's section is too crowded. "Okay, so, Quinlan's adopted. His dad is Tholme, and Tholme's dad is Plo Koon. Plo Koon is good friends with my Auntie, Shaak Ti, who raised me. They live next door to each other, out in the country, and I'd play in his yard a lot, because he had puppies, and he took me to visit his bees. Whenever Auntie needed a babysitter, she asked Quinlan or Aayla to do it since she knew and trusted them, and Aayla needed pocket money."
"This is so unnecessarily complicated," Cody mutters.
"It is!" Ahsoka chirps. Her grin is far too sharp. "So, this one time, Aayla was watching me when I was fourteen, and she was just helping me with my physics homework. BAM, the door slams open, and in stumbled Skyguy with his arm missing. I've never met him before, and my first introduction is him shortly after he's gotten an unplanned amputation."
Anakin, on the other side of the room, giggles. Obi-Wan just sighs. The Fett brothers appear to be in the land of 'horrified fascination.'
Ahsoka revels in it. "There's blood everywhere, I'm screaming, Aayla's panicking, Anakin's halfway to unconscious and insisting we can't call the hospital, and nobody can get Obi-Wan on the phone. Quinlan's in another country, and Auntie Shaak and Uncle Plo are at a movie, so they've both got their cellphones off. Tholme was faking his death at that point to get away from an incident with the Irish Mob, so we didn't even try him."
"What the actual fuck," Rex breathes.
Ahsoka continues with relish. "We get Bant to pick up, and she's there an hour later with Padme, because Padme knows how to drive the way Skyguy does, and the entire drive there is just Auntie Bant on speakerphone telling Aayla how to stop the bleeding and get him stabilized while Padme's screaming at traffic at the top of her lungs."
"I owe Aayla a fruit basket," Anakin muses aloud. "The anniversary of her saving my life is coming up, it's warranted."
"Five years, baby!" Ahsoka crows. She fist-pumps.
Obi-Wan just drops his head into his hands. "You're killing me, children."
Anakin shrugs, grinning. "You know, I think Fett Senior might have been involved in that fight."
"My shitty dad cut off your arm?" Rex demands.
"No, I think he was busy fighting the Interpol guy," Anakin says. "But he was definitely there. I think. Blood loss kinda got to me after a bit, but I'm pretty sure Jango Fett was there, and also Boba might've been hiding in the getaway car?"
"I need another glass," Cody mutters. He doesn't stand up, though.
"Wait," Rex says. "So who cut off your arm?"
Anakin shrugs with an unsure noise. "Someone tried to convince me it was Grandpa Yan, but he was in the middle of a court case in Italy for some kind of parole violation when it happened, so he had an alibi."
"...did he actually violate parole?" Cody asks, and Obi-Wan thinks he looks like he doesn't know if he actually wants an answer.
Ahsoka shrugs. So does Anakin. Obi-Wan carefully looks at a spot behind Cody, and doesn't explain anything about wine tastings used as covers for illicit arms deals.
"The arm?" Rex prompts, sounding a little desperate to get back to the question he likely thinks is the most important.
"I still say it was Skeevy Sheev," Ahsoka chimes in.
"It wasn't Palpatine," Anakin snaps.
"Your creepy older friend who took you to operas and gives you fancy gifts and knows way too much about swords who was conveniently there to talk to the police and cover for you so you didn't get arrested for getting in the middle of a gang war in the first place, yes," Ahsoka says, dropping into a chair and sighing dramatically. "The guy who definitely hasn't been trying to convince you for a year and change that your wife is cheating on you with your older brother."
"What? He is."
"Anakin," Rex says, "your life sounds like a trainwreck."
"I'm not going to assume a frail, elderly man cut my arm off!" Anakin protests. "Even if he wanted to, he doesn't exactly have the muscle for it!"
"Grandfather's older," Obi-Wan points out, even though he knows it won't help. "And he definitely still could."
"Ha!" Ahsoka shouts.
"He could have hired someone?" Cody suggests. "Doesn't need to do it himself, if he has enough money."
Obi-Wan has a sneaking suspicion that Cody is deliberately stirring the pot as revenge for Anakin sending him eighty-seven cat memes inside an hour during last night's dinner.
"You all suck," Anakin declares. "Also, what the hell do you mean 'knows way too much about swords,' Ahsoka? You know way too much about swords!"
"Yeah, but I'm like ninety-percent sure that his antiques are Prussian and mid-century German military officer dress uniform relics, and pairing that with the Nazi pistols he's got on display--"
"He's just a history buff! And his family's German, of course he prioritizes that region, it's not like he doesn't have Russian or French or English antiques in there too, it's all sides of the war and--"
"I'm just saying he's almost definitely sending me sketchy glances like he thinks I'm planning to steal the silver on the three occasions you've had me with you when you stop by, and I'm pretty sure it's got less to do with my criminal record and more to do with me being, you know, not white."
Anakin looks ready to blow, so Obi-Wan interrupts. "Ahsoka, you were explaining how Anakin passing out on Aayla and scaring us all half to death led to your friendship?"
Ahsoka blinks at him, and then sticks her tongue out at Anakin and turns back to the chart. "So basically, Skyguy had to recuperate in Uncle Plo's living room for a week or two, and I kept showing up to bother him because he was bored and nobody would give him a laptop for 'security reasons,' because he had to lay low and stuff. He made me help him sketch out designs for a prosthesis and do all the writing for the math he had to do for the 3D printer, and we got to chatting."
Ahsoka hops up and back onto a table, legs swinging below her. "I decided he was cool and started following him around while he was getting used to only having one hand, mostly because I was bored. He showed me how to hotwire a car, and explained the best places to put a bug if you were looking to make it sneaky, and he picked my pocket to show off so many times when he was walking around Uncle Plo's house that I made him teach me that, too. And, uh, then Aayla found out and they got into a shouting match about it and decided they both needed to teach me parkour so I could get out of any mess I got myself into, since I was obviously going to follow them into a life of crime."
"And you did," Anakin says, far too proudly. "You're the best thief in this half of the country."
"Only because Aayla moved out east."
Anakin rolls his eyes and pulls Ahsoka into his side, digging his knuckles into her skull. "Best thief! You are the best thief! Be proud of yourself!"
"Let go!"
Obi-Wan sighed heavily and rubbed at his forehead. "Children, please."
"You're not my dad," Ahsoka growls out at him. "Skyguy, I'm going to bite you!"
"Good luck, the only arm you can access is the one that's going to break your teeth."
Ahsoka shrieks in outrage and stomps on Anakin's instep.
It's almost funny, for all that Obi-Wan's seen it play out a million times before, but the really interesting part is seeing Rex's look of fond dismay.
Obi-Wan thinks he might be adding a branch out to the Fetts soon. He's not actually sure if Rex is interested in Anakin or Ahsoka, and he's smack dab between them in age, so that's not a help either, but... well. The expression is familiar enough.
"Please tell me you don't match-make," Cody mutters to him.
"No, I plan to let the pieces fall where they will," Obi-Wan responds, just as low, and far more amused. "I'm simply trying to predict where those landings are to be."
Cody looks at him, and then back at the roughhousing trio, and sighs heavily. "You know, I really didn't think that you technically being minor royalty was going to be the least convoluted thing in your story, Obi-Wan."
He laughs, because it's true. "I'm first in line to inherit the title, since Rael denounced his claim. Nim isn't interested, and Qui-Gon's dead, so... I'm next."
Cody makes a face. "Delightful. I'm guessing that's not a connection we can safely make use of."
"No more than the Kryze or Naberries, I'm afraid." Obi-Wan claps him on the shoulder. "Chin up, I've plenty others in the metaphorical rolodex, all far less legitimate and far more amenable to work with our little outfit."
"Rolodex, really?" Cody snorts. "You're not that old."
Obi-Wan smiles winningly. "You don't know how old I am, Cody. All my IDs are fake."
"Anakin's twenty-four, and you're sixteen years older than him, going by the story you just told me," Cody points out. "I do know how to do basic math, Obi-Wan."
"I had to try," Obi-Wan admits. "I threw a lot of information at you all at once; I'd hoped you missed some of the ages in there."
"I have eight brothers," Cody scoffs. "And literally dozens of cousins, plus niblings, uncles, aunts, and so on. I have experience on this."
"If I asked you to list of the age of every single relative you have, you'd be able to do it?"
"Do you want me to draw a chart? I can draw a chart."
Obi-Wan can't help but laugh. "I'd be delighted, my dear."
Cody rolls his eyes, but Obi-Wan thinks--it's hard to tell in the dimmed lights of the closed bar--that there's a hint of a blush on the man's face. Obi-Wan lets himself slouch to the side, drops his head to rest on one fist, indolent debauchery in every line of his body. Cody does his best to ignore him, but Obi-Wan knows how to smile lazily and blink slowly and draw a man in.
(The whole 'indolent debauchery in every line of his body' phrasing is Anakin's, from back when he was a teenager trying to read highbrow literature to impress a cute girl... and to come up with new insults for his older brother.)
"So," Cody says, with a cough meant to somehow distract Obi-Wan from whatever's showing on the man's face. "Why, uh, why is your grandfather on terrorist watchlists?"
"Well, he didn't initially do anything," Obi-Wan says. "He was just a gay man who didn't hide it quite well enough, and had too much money and too white a face for someone to just call the cops on a faulty report. The Red Scare was technically over by that point, I think, but if a few people made suggestions that he was more loyal to the country that gave him a noble title than to the United States... he received a few warnings, of course, and it could have all blown over..."
"But my grandfather is not a man to do things by halves, and instead decided that if the government was to list him as a threat, then he would oblige and make himself a threat," Obi-Wan finishes. "Living up to their labels, rolling with the assumptions, whatever you'd like to call it. It all irked him, and so he made some incredibly questionable decisions to make the government's lives harder. Some weren't bad, like donating to anti-war foundations that were protesting the Gulf War and the interventions in Yugoslavia, that sort of thing, and some were... nobody really looks well on gunrunning, you know."
"For fuck's sake..."
"Indeed," Obi-Wan chuckles. "Ironically, he has minimal opinion on the optimal form of economics, for all that virulent xenophobia and the remnants of anti-communism were involved in the whole mess. He just wanted to create problems for the people that were causing him problems."
Cody shakes his head. "I want to judge that, but you've met my father."
"Jango Fett is, indeed, also not a man to do things by halves," Obi-Wan agrees, attempting to nod gravely but breaking into a smile at the end. "That man is absurd."
"At least he's not dragging Boba into it anymore," Cody mutters. He drags over the fresh sheet of paper and pen that Obi-Wan offers him. "Okay, right, let's start with Jaster..."
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beoneofus · 2 months ago
headcanon(s): poly! lost boys take y/n out on different dates addition
I feel like david would like dates that are more preserved for just him, and his partner. when it's his turn with y/n on their own date night, I can see him picking places that really wouldn't count as romantic or date worthy, but he'd make the time enjoyable anyway.
• rooftop people watching; taking y/n outside of the boardwalk and into the city, just to find a secluded place on the roof of a sketchy apartment building to watch the people that pass by. he'd make sure it isn't too high up, that way they can watch the person, or people as well. david would make snide comments on their wardrobe, which makes y/n snicker, or tell his significant other just what he can read about that person/those people by looking them over. he wouldn't forget the food though, of course; no date is enjoyable without food.
I don't see dwayne minding what sort of setting the date is in; public or secluded wise. I think he'd much rather prefer a quiet place, or something cliché that humans would often do, but in the end if his partner wanted to do something different, he wouldn't object to it.
• drive in movies; dwayne, like I said before, strikes me as the type to like typical human activities date wise. he has a wild side, sure, but I don't see him as the type to put his significant other in danger if they aren't turned yet. plus, even though he's immortal and enjoys being a vampire, there's still times he'd miss being mundane. drive in movies remind him of that, which is why it'd be one of his favorite date settings. sitting in a car, or in the back of a truck to watch a movie in a lot, with the radio tuned at the perfect volume and sodas and candies beside you both, while occasional comments/laughs are shared is the right idea. he's a sucker for it, and for y/n.
paul strikes me as the type to switch between every type of date setting you can think of; it just depends on his mood, the opinion of y/n, and whether or not he can convince his partner to give into the idea that he throws out if they aren't into it. I think he leans more toward dates that are wild, but the kind of wild that brings joy to a person and helps them let loose. he's a ball of energy, but the good kind, after all.
• late night joyrides ( + pranks ); he definitely would be the type to want to have you on his bike the majority of the time. it isn't just the fact that his partner's body is pressed up against him - it's also the fact that he loves when you feel safe with him enough, to actually ride on the back of his motorcycle. the laughter they bubble out and the happiness in their voice is all he needs to hear, for him to be set on that riding around at night, outside the boardwalk, is his favorite ideal date. on top of that, the two of them will pull pranks too. sometimes paul will pull into a vacant alley or behind something to hide them both so that their less likely at being spotted, other times the two become reckless and start pranking people while driving, - / ex: y/n pulls a pack of boulogne out of their jacket pocket and starts firing slices at strangers they pass / - it sure is fun though, and the night usually ends with them hitting up a fast food joint. once, however, they did end up spending a few hours in jail before paul broke them out.
don't get me wrong, marko definitely is the type to switch between crazy dates and more romantic/cheesy ones, but I think he prefers the more cheesy ones. making his significant other happy will be top on his list, rather than anything else; they are his world after all.
• teaching them how to skateboard; marko is more of the kind of guy that really loves riding his motorcycle and doing much more, off the wall shit, but beings as he lives with dwayne, it's no surprise he learned how to skateboard. plus, he's been around for a while - sticking to the same old tricks gets old after some time. I see him loving the fact that he can teach his partner how to ride a skateboard. he wouldn't get frustrated with how much time it'd actually take, and on top of that, he enjoys overall helping them. guiding y/n onto the board and teaching them how to balance properly would be so entertaining, just for the fact alone that they'll be nervous. he'll walk beside them as they go, at first, but once their distracted enough he'll quietly let go of their hand and watch as they glide down the streets in a wobbly manner. of course though, he's quick to rush to their aid once they realize he's not there anymore and panics, leaving them to fall of the board and get scraped up. marko would love tending to their wounds, it'd remind him that he actually has someone to care for that he loves, and they love him back. it makes him feel special. overall, having time alone with his lover and just doing little things brings him joy, and I'd see the night ending off with him buying them both hot dogs from the stand on the boardwalk.
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youryanderedaddy · a year ago
I had a dream just now that might make a good story. So, I had a virus on my laptop which allowed a hacker to see everything I did on my computer and use my webcam. The hacker ends up falling in love with me after stalking me for a few months and pays for someone on the dark web to kidnap me. It works, and then I wake up tied up in the hacker's arm as he caresses and kisses me. That's pretty much it, good night! 🌙
Yo this is my kink 😳
Also I couldn't not write this for Saeran, ok.
Title: Stranger danger
Tw: nsfw - ish, female reader, masturbation, cyber stalking, hacking, mentions of dark web, very irresponsible online behavior, obsessive behavior, implied kidnapping
Tumblr media
You knew that this was a stupid idea. Lurking on the dark web with almost no protection other than the Tor browser and some free anti-virus program wasn't your best decision, but fuck it if it wasn't entertaining. You had always been drawn to the darker, scarier part of the human mind and this side of the internet proved quite interesting. Your friends always warned you about the dangers that came with looking up shady online searches and sites but everything had been quite peaceful so far. There weren't hackers or murderers on the dark web, the worst you had seen were people selling drugs and weapons for unreasonable prices, along with some questionable fetish porn and the typical popping ads.
Your favorite thing to do while online was chatting. Two weeks ago you had stumbled upon an unusual forum called "Scream buddies" where upon entering you were automatically connected to another random profile. The whole theme of the forum was discussing horror and mondo movies, shockumentaries and overall creepy stuff, your forte. The person you met on there shared a similar fascination with all things dark and gory which soon made talking to them the only thing you were looking forward upon opening the site.
You didn't know much about the guy behind the profile yet, except that he was a young man. His icon showed an eye so green it emited with the neon pigment and his username was just as mysterious - BlueRose7. You enjoyed chatting with him about your hobby but the thing you liked the most was undressing him little by little, metaphorically so, by getting pieces of information about his life. It started small - his favorite food, favorite book, favorite game, but the moment you tried digging deeper and asked whether he had siblings or not, the man simply disappeared for the next few days. You quickly realized just what type of topics you needed to avoid to keep your new friend from leaving. Family, childhood memories and work matters were out of the picture.
The stranger wasn't fair, not really. He didn't show you vulnerability and kept his secrecy while demanding to know everything there was to know about you. For the longest time you didn't want to answer just to stay on a equal footing, just to show him how frustrating it was, but there was something about the man that drew you in. He was magnetic, clever and witty, if a bit pessimistic and dark at times. You couldn't help telling him everything he wanted to hear - what your job was, whether you were single or not, all that jazz. In your defense, BlueRose7 actually listened to your stories, took your problems seriously and provided solutions, which despite being too extreme and overprotective at times (upon hearing that your bestfriend talked behind your back he offered to "take care" of her), were comforting. It was nice to have someone caring around even if you met him on a sketchy website.
Meanwhile your personal life wasn't going too great. You had to balance between attending college, working long shifts as a waitress and meeting your friends from time to time which was draining. On top of all there was a weird virus on your computer which resulted in the camera turning on and off and the most random times of the day - while you were studying, watching TV, or in some cases, fully naked and ready to take a bath. You didn't think much of it though, with all the illegal movies and games you downloaded along with the dark web lurking it was more than expected for your laptop to behave weirdly. You didn't even mention it to your friend from the IT major because you knew that he'd force you to delete Tor and put an end to your internet adventures.
One time you were particularly bored after several long lectures and you were laying in bed, the camera turned on once again. It was a hot afternoon and you were wearing boyshorts and a loose T- shirt with nothing underneath it, you were home alone so there was no need. The bright red spot was twinking like a recorder, the light reflecting in your eyes, when a silly little idea came to your mind. You slid your hand under your blouse and lifted the fabric up, exposing your breasts to the laptop, your nipples hardening due to the sudden coldness, becoming pink and stiff in seconds. You played with for a few minutes, pinching and pulling the buds gently, moaning softly into the pleasant sensation. Soon you could feel yourself getting wet, and slowly, teasingly, removed your shorts and panties. You smiled at the camera, biting your lip provocatively, imagining you were a camgirl performing for her desperate little fanboys and fangirls. The thought alone was enough to make you spread your legs wide and slip two fingers into your throbbing cunt, using the wetness to push deeper. You used your other hand to stroke your clit and whimpered wantonly, your face red, your neck sweaty and your heart pumping fast from the adrenaline. You were quickly reaching your orgasm and your mind wondered to the boy you were talking to in the forum. You wondered how he looked like, how his body was built, whether he was a sweet sensual lover or a rough mean one. Fucked up as it was, you pictured the man as one of your most loyal viewers, watching all of your streams with a fist around his thick vock and an excited grin on his face. He would comment things like "you look so beautiful like this" or perhaps even "pretty little slut" after tipping you enough to last you a week. Soon all the mental stimulation sent you over the edge and you came with a loud cry full of pleasure. Well, this felt good.
After your "performance" was over the camera was magically turned off, which may have caused some concerns if you weren't too busy feeling embarrassed and dirty about the unhinged fantasy you had just had, and with a person you knew nothing about. You managed to calm down though - it wasn't nothing more than a fun pastime, a naughty thought that would never become the reality. You would never actually meet BlueRose7, right? There was nothing to worry about, so you just went on with your day.
You had some dinner afterwards and decided to have an early night as you already felt full and tired. You put on your favoruite pajamas and laid in bed, staring at the ceiling until you fell into deep dreamless sleep.
You woke up due to a weird noise. You could hear someone's heavy breathing right next to your ear, someone's grabby hands were wrapped tightly against your body, trapping you between the wall and their hard chest. You had only a few seconds to scream before the intruder's palm covered your mouth.
"Shhh." The man whispered softly and stroked your hair like you were a doll he was playing with. "Don't scream or I'll be forced to hurt you, flower. I have a gun." His voice sounded deep and rough but this didn't stop you from thrashing and turning on your side until you came face to face with the man. It was dark in the room and you couldn't exactly see all his features but his enchanting green eyes would forever be burned into your memory - they seemed dashing, hypnotizing. You couldn't utter a word.
"It's me, the person you've been talking to all these months. I came to take you home" He spoke out suddenly, the line of his mouth twisting into a smile or a smirk, you couldn't quite tell. You shook your head no, tears threatening to spill all over your cheeks from the fear. It couldn't be him, the man would never do that to you. Or would he? With what little information you knew, you couldn't really tell. His hold finally loosen, seeing you quiet like that.
"Let me go, please." You begged, pushing at his shoulders weakly since you were still sleepy, groggy and tired. "I don't know you." You said, hoping this would remind the stranger you weren't friends, lovers or anything that gave him the right to be so close to you, to touch you so intimately. Unfortunately, this only seemed to amuse him and he chucked darkly as he pulled your hair away to place a small chaste kiss on your neck.
"But I know you, flower." Your supposed online friend replied shortly after, his eyes full of malice. "And your little show today makes me think you want to know me too." He added in a low tone, licking his lips before smashing them on yours, forcing his tongue deep into your mouth just to hear your whines and protests. Then it hit you. The camera, the virus, the questions. He had watched you, he knew where you worked, where you lived and studied, everything. You had told him after all.
The hacker thought you looked so adorable right now, figuring things out, helpless, confused, regretful and most of all, weak. You were so weak and careless, and he loved you for it. It reminded him of himself before life screwed him over.
You wouldn't be in this position, underneath him, if you had just told someone about your laptop virus and the bad guy you had encountered online. But Saeran couldn't say he wasn't glad your self-preservation instincts were so very broken and dysfunctional. He wouldn't meet you otherwise. "I need you, princess. That's why I'll take you to Paradise." These were the final words you heard before you felt lightheaded and sleepy again, your last memory a pair of green mint eyes.
You really shouldn't have trusted strangers on the internet.
Tumblr media
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phantasmiafxndom · 2 months ago
Just an Idea but like, Requesting for Muzan Headcanons of him with his Looks that he oh so prides himself in getting thrown in the Demon sexual trafficking ring! I mean, Who would reject such an elegant and haughty thing that holds himself with his chin up and back upright? I'm sure that some people, particularly higher ups because even though its sketchy, we all know he would be one expensive bitch to use, continuing on, They would absolutely Love to break him down to nothing but an obedient pet.
Basically, May i request of headcanons about Sexually Trafficked!Muzan? Like, what is he like? What is his life in the ring like? How Expensive he would be to be rented? How do staffs take care of him? Is he more of a Sexual pleasure or a Trophy pet type of demon? I would just love to rent him out and dress him like a doll and have him look pretty <3
Thank you for reading, Your Sadistic stories will forever live in my Dreams, Thank you for writing them, You're a Devil sent and we love you for it <33
Delightful~ XD That'd be quite the fate for such a prideful demon to wind up in... I'm sure he'd thoroughly despise it~
. . .
• In terms of who's allowed to use him, Muzan is expensive. As the most high-value demon of them all, his price isn't cheap. That's likely why he was put to this use, in the first place— his owners knew they could make so much off selling him out, the profit was simply irresistible. And as much as he resents the entire situation, Muzan does have some small measure of pride in the fact that he's still the most valuable. That kind of thing is all he really has left, so he clings to even such a tiny scrap of his old dignity.
• However, because of his beyond-impressive regeneration abilities, the people who pay in full are allowed to do some downright horrible things. Sex and violence go hand in hand for people who want to experience such a powerful demon under their control, and as such, Muzan is used to his clients torturing him more often than not. Since he'll heal, it doesn't matter, does it? His owners see no problem in putting him through nightmarish levels of pain and suffering because of how well he'll heal from them, and how quickly. That part is far from pleasant.
• And yet, they do maintain him perfectly. Muzan's delicate, refined looks are an essential part of his value, so he's quite well cared for. Physically, he doesn't want for much of anything. He's fed well enough to look good, always kept clean, and his appearance is carefully minded without fail. It's almost worse that way. Despite such a cushy life, for the most part, he's still brutalized every time a client comes for him— and that constant shift in treatment is a shock to his system every time it happens.
• His shapeshifting abilities are absolutely something people take advantage of. Whether a client wants a man, a woman, or any set of parts, Muzan can be forced to accommodate. He's made to change his body to suit the whims of whoever rents him out, which really doesn't do his mental state any good. Beyond the fact that he starts to see himself as more of an object than a person, it takes away some form of his sense of self. He's no longer the feared lord of demons; he's just a toy for humans to use as they please, and he's suffering more than he ever has.
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