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  1. Loki has way too many issues to work through to throw romance into the mix right now. He doesn’t even really know what a healthy friendship actually looks like, let alone a healthy romance.
  2. Six episodes is not enough time to develop a relationship without making it feel random and rushed. Especially for someone with as many trust issues as Loki and especially when there are already so many other plot points I want to see them actually wrap up (whether I think they will or not is another story, but I digress).
  3. Have y'all seen most of Marvel’s romantic subplots? Why would anyone wish that shit on Loki? Has the man not suffered enough?

Obviously, everyone is going to have and is entitled to have their own opinions about what they want to see in the series. And I can even see the appeal of wanting to see Loki in a relationship, both because it would be nice to see him legitimately happy for a change and because living vicariously is a thing. Lol But I’ve seen a lot of people clamouring for a love interest in the series and these are just some reasons I personally am opposed to such a thing.

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Just popping in to 1) say I hope everyone is okay and healthy; 2) mention that my job will most likely transition to online next week, so I may be back around; and 3) ask if anyone knows the tea on the Loki series. Has filming shut down? Is Tom still in Atlanta? I haven’t really been able to find anything and I’m just really curious. 

Stay safe, everyone. 💚💚💚


Originally posted by damonandelena

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It’s so frustrating. This fandom is the one good thing in my life. I’m not about to leave it because I still love the Loki that was and don’t feel like I’ve come anywhere near the end of exploring his character within the content we already have. But it’s still painful to not be able to summon up any sort of excitement while the majority of the fandom, even many who say they have low expectations for the series, are out here going crazy. I don’t begrudge them their happiness at all; it’s just very isolating. It’s lonely out here.

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So apparently there’s discourse over the Loki tv series having a main cast? Wow, it’s almost as if other main characters aren’t needed to push a story along. What? Did y'all think Loki was gonna be in his show alone? Also, if by now you don’t trust that he can do the damn thing in his own show without being “overshadowed” by other characters, then I don’t know what to tell you.

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I mean, there’s no denying that Tom Hiddleston and Gugu Mbatha-Raw look good next to each other, and based on the small interactions we’ve seen between them in the past, they have good chemistry. We still can’t say for sure what her role is, but I really am hoping she’s playing Loki’s love interest.

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