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yk when you don’t know shit cuz like same

anyone wanna do my bio hw for me


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Forget me | K.M

summary: in a need of protecting you Kol made you forget him, not knowing if he could ever make you remember

warnings: stalker vibes from Kol, implied smut

word count: 1k

a/n: this is the longest thing i have ever written, it took me four days. Is it possible to be in love with a fic?


“Please don’t do this” Your tears were already rolling down your cheeks at the realization of what was to come.  

“I’m sorry, baby, I don’t have a choice” Kol’s hands were sat firmly on your cheeks, wiping away the tears as they came.  

“We can fight like we’ve done before” You tried so desperately to offer a solution, just so you wouldn’t forget your one true love, but it was inevitable. “I have to do this, I love you so much, please never forget that”

Kol’s eyes stared back into your own, your hands on top of his and your bodies close together. “When you leave, you will forget all about me, you will forget meeting me and my family, you will forget the world of the supernatural and all of our memories until I say remember. Now go”

You had walked away from Kol, only him seeing your back now. a tear rolled down his cheek at knowing you wouldn’t remember him loving you. “I love you so much” he whispered just before you walked out of the door and into your new life.

2 years later

The music was so loud you thought your ears were going to start bleeding, you felt so uncomfortable at this party that your friends had forced you to go to. also forcing you to wear a black dress that showed a little cleavage, which you hated.

You had your arms crossed over your body as you walked out of the party, catching some boys’ attention but hopefully not your friends, knowing they would drag you back in.  

Your hair was blowing back at the slight breeze of the wind as you were walking home, you would send a message to your friends that you felt sick and left, not that they would care.  

You fished for the keys that were in your bag, as you pulled them out you felt eyes on you, you did a quick scan of your surroundings but found nothing. You entered the keys into the keyhole, forgetting about your suspicion of someone being nearby.  

1 week later

Your first suspicions of someone watching you- only one week ago- seemed accurate. You no longer felt safe anywhere, in your own home or when you went out. Grocery shopping was an outrage now, you had downloaded a fake call app, you could call your friends but they were always busy, pretending to talk to someone gave you a sense of comfort.

You could have gone to the police, but feeling too guilty to do so you decided against it, you were sure they had better things to do than support your suspicions.  

Instead, you opted for a night in, your favourite movie and chocolates had called you two hours ago, you obliged.  

Now, you were in your comfiest of clothing due to it being a cold night, staring out into the street on your balcony. You felt uncomfortable- just like all those other times- feeling like someone was watching you. Instead of backing down and going inside, you opted to look into the darkness below, it was a very quiet night, not that many people around.

You had almost decided to go inside, but just then your eyes caught sight of a dark silhouette, it was most likely the most stupid mistake you could have made in that situation, but clearly, you weren’t in a right state of mind.  

Before you knew it you were rushing out of your apartment, down the stairs, and outside. You weren’t sure what you were hoping for, the person to say sorry, maybe, all you know is that you had a longing to know who this person is.

Your bare feet made contact with the pavement, every step taking your closer to the silhouette that was stood beside the tree across the street. Due to how close you where, you could now tell it was a man, brown hair as what you could see in the darkness, what did unsettle you though was how his back was facing you.  

Once you got close enough you decided to make your presence known, it was too late to back out now. “Excuse me, who the hell are you” It was not like you to talk with such distaste, but lately you were just fed up.  

The man had slowly started turning around, once you saw his face it made you feel something, you weren’t sure what, but it was certainly something. “I’m sorry, darling. But I’m not sure what you mean” the smirk on his face told you he was lying.

“I don’t care for your games, I just need you to stop following me, you’re making me feel uncomfortable” Once you said those last words something changed in his facial expression, it seemed he cared all of a sudden.  

“I’m sorry, darling I never meant for you to feel uncomfortable” He started with a genuine smile, before stepping forward “but can I just do one thing” Your bodies were so close now, despite feeling uncomfortable before, you didn’t feel it now. His hands slowly rose and he placed them on your cheeks, with anybody else you would have pushed them off you and call them a creep, but without meaning to, you got lost in his eyes, the feeling of wanting more bubbling in you.

“You can now remember every memory I took from you” You had blinked once, yet it changed your life. Things were not as they seemed and you wanted to run away from it all but then you realized your one true love was in front of you.

You quickly pulled him in for a hug, his arms sneaking around your waist. “I can’t believe you made me forget” you pulled back from him, your hands on his shoulders and his on your waist, “I am so mad at you” Despite your words saying one thing your tears said another, with Kols to match.

“I’m so mad at me too,” Kol said with nothing but the truth. Needing his love so bad, you brought yourself forward, bringing your lips to his, them melding together like two pieces in a puzzle.  

In just a minute you were whisked away with the force of vampire speed, back to your home where you spent all night making passionate love with your boyfriend, not planning to forget anything else anytime soon.

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blood. klaus mikaelson

word count: 2159

warnings: mention of blood and tiny bit of swearing

requested: nope

plot: you and klaus butt heads until you.. don’t

a/n: this has been sitting around for ages, i wrote it months and months ago but i really like it and hopefully you do to! i have so many imagines already written (for everyone except oscar i’m afraid which is why the requests take so long) and waiting to be posted! so will probs be posting quite a bit for the time being. anyway, hope u enjoy!


“oh,” you stopped. your eyes followed from his head to his toes, you’d never seen so much blood. klaus stopped before he could bump into you. he wasn’t expecting to see you before he’d cleaned himself up. his mouth opened as if he was going to say something, but nothing came out.


Originally posted by multi-fandom-imagines8

“hey,” you mumbled, trying to ease any tension.

you hadn’t seen klaus since you argued a couple hours ago. you were living with the mikaelson’s while you were in town, you had known them for a pretty long time, they were always very accommodating whenever you needed it. you first met in mystic falls when you were young, and caught up with the salvatores. klaus had taken a liking to you, and you became fast friends despite his gruesome reputation.

but since he uprooted his family to new orleans, you didn’t see him as much as you wanted to.

you’d been arguing about nothing. you’d be out late the night before with kol drinking, and you had an unfortunate encounter with another vampire. kol handled of course, but not before you received some bumps and bruises. but you were fine, you didn’t think it was a big enough deal to tell klaus. but he did, apparently. he was pretty mad at you when you tried to argue it was none of his business whether you were safe or not. and klaus stormed out and you hadn’t seen him since.

you knew klaus liked to let off a little steam, but he looked like he’d been up to much worse.

he didn’t look so angry anymore, he looked tired.

“is—is that your blood?” your head tilted slightly. you almost wanted it to be his blood, because you certainly didn’t want it to be anyone else’s. you weren’t scared of klaus, he’d never done anything to warrant you being scared of him. you’d heard stories, mainly from damon and stefan, but you never really paid attention. klaus was nice to you, so it didn’t matter to you how he used to behave.

klaus glanced down at his hands, soaked in blood, along with his shirt and his neck and his face. “no,” he gulped. “this happens to be the blood of your enemies.”

your furrowed your brows. “my enemies? i don’t think i have any enemies.”

“that man,” klaus spoke again. “the one that tried to harm you just last night. he was a part of a bigger group, preying on drunk, human girls. i took care of them.”

your mouth hung open slightly. klaus looked away, he couldn’t bear another argument with you about his murderous tendencies or his uncontrollable temper. he was sick of you looking at him like that, like he had two heads.

“oh,” you were confused. klaus was mad at you the last time you saw him, and now he comes home telling you he’s taken care of your enemies. “uh— i guess they deserved what they got.”

klaus nodded. “if you don’t mind, love, i’m going to clean myself up,” he motioned to move past you, and you stepped out of his way, your mind was all over the place.

“wait,” you grabbed his hand before he walked away. you quickly pulled away when he turned around, noticing the blood transferred now onto your fingers. you always hated the smell of blood. you pushed the thought aside. “are you still mad at me?”

he furrowed his brows. “no,” he shook his head. “it wasn’t your fault. those men were pigs.”

you nodded, recalling what had occurred with the man the night before. you’d only lost kol for a split second. “right,” you felt a twinge where the cut on your temple lay, your mind wandered. klaus noticed your lack of concentration.

“i was mad at myself,” he admitted. his eyes were locked on you, boring into you. “i try to keep you safe. and you got hurt.”

you shook your head, adjusting your attention to klaus’s face again. “you weren’t to know,” you shrugged. you noticed klaus’s eyes drifting from your eyes, to the cut on your forehead. you lifted your hand and touched the sore, scrunching up your nose a little. “it’s not even that bad,” you shrugged. klaus wasn’t comforted by any of this though. “kol found me before things got too messed up.”

“my stupid little brother should never have left your side,” klaus snapped.

“klaus, come on,” you pleaded. you couldn’t get into this with him again. you couldn’t handle him when he was angry, he was unreasonable. “if it wasn’t for your stupid little brother i’d probably be dead in an alleyway somewhere—”

“enough,” he stopped you.

“i’m just saying,” you sighed, getting nowhere once again with klaus. he was so stubborn and angry all the time. “maybe you should just go take a shower.”

his jaw clenched, taking one last look at you before turning away again and heading to take a shower as you suggested.

you knocked gently. “hey,” pushing the door open that led to his bedroom, you saw him sat in his armchair, a drink in his hand. “sorry to interrupt.”

he shook his head. “you’re not,” he gulped what was left in his glass, before standing to meet you at his door. “what?” he frowned when you looked down at your feet. “what’s wrong?”

“nothing,” you shook your head quickly after hearing the urgency in his voice. you ran your fingers through your hair, pulling at the ends like you did when you were uncomfortable. “i just wanted to apologise.”

“apologise?” he repeated. “to me?”

“yes— obviously to you,” your eyes met with his. he looked calmer than he had done in a while. you sighed. “i was being rude earlier, and i never thanked you for looking out for me.”

klaus glanced away for a second. “you don’t need to explain yourself to me.”

“i know. but still,” you shrugged. “i’m sorry.”

he paused before he answered again. “don’t be. we both spoke without thinking.”

you nodded. you wanted to tell him. you weren’t sure whether it was the way he was looking at you, or how he’d behaved in the past twenty four hours, or if it was just you overthinking again. you opened your mouth to speak but thought against it. you didn’t want to open a can of worms. if klaus wanted to cross that bridge with you, you were sure he would’ve done it already.

“ok,” you mumbled instead of what you really wanted to say. you took a step back. “i’m gonna go now.”

“you sure?” klaus wore a slight smile. he always knew when you were holding your tongue. but this time, it was better for the both of you if you held your tongue. “you sure you don’t want to confess your undying love for me while we’re at it?” he was joking, but it still caught you off guard. clearly your face showed it. “kidding, love.”

you let out a strained bout of laughter, taking a couple steps further back so you could leave his room. “good one,” was all you could think of to say. “see ya’,” you turned to leave quickly before this got any more uncomfortable, but when you did, klaus was standing in front of you again. startled, you hit his chest. “i hate it when you speed around like that.”

“what just happened?” he queried, his eyebrows furrowed with a small confused smile on his lips. you tried to walk around him but he stopped you. his hand touched your waist and you pulled away. he frowned.

“i don’t wanna talk about it right now,” you admitted.

“wait,” he pleaded, standing in your way when you tried to move around him again. he really didn’t understand half the things you did. he wanted you to be able to talk to him. “is this because of that joke?”

“leave it alone, klaus,” you huffed.

of course you had feelings for him. it was impossible not to. but he definitely didn’t need to know about it. you two were good as friends, and if he’d ever felt the same way towards you he surely would’ve said something before now. so there was no need to get into it with him. it would only mess things up.

“what? did you actually want to confess your undying love for me? it was a joke, love,” he let out a short laugh, confused by the way you were acting so suddenly towards him. then the thought occurred to him. “oh.”

“yeah,” you looked away from him for a second, sighing when he backed up. he hadn’t expected this from you. you knew he would react like this, which is exactly why you hadn’t planned on telling him.

oh,” he repeated.

“hey,” you frowned, shaking your head. “don’t worry about it. i know you’re a loner type and i also know you don’t feel that way about me. so, don’t worry,” it killed you to say it but you knew it was true. you told yourself the same thing every time you felt yourself feel things for him. it was your way of talking yourself out of it. though it hadn’t worked so far.

“wait— i—” it was the first time you’d actually seen klaus speechless. he really had no clue. “you fancy me?” he let out a choked laugh.

“alright,” you scoffed. “no need to be mean about it,” you really couldn’t see what he was thinking. he looked like a mixture of emotions.

“no,” he shook his head. “i always thought you indifferent,” he wore a teasing smile on his lips now, one you’d seen many times before. “i always thought you had a thing for my little brother.”

“kol?” you frowned, letting out a small laugh. “ew, no.”

“interesting,” he was trying to process it. you continued to wear a frown, you didn’t know where he was going with any of this.

“i’m gonna go before you make fun of me anymore,” you moved around him, but he grabbed your wrist before you got far. you groaned. “klaus, what? you’ve had your fun with it, but it’s really just mean to tease me about it.”

he shook his head with that same small smile. “i’ve always fancied you, love.”

your face softened, klaus melted watching you react to his words. your hands fell to your side. "don’t tease me.”

“i promise you, i’m not.”

“what?” you stated, rather than questioning. you shook your head. it was your turn to be stunned now. you never expected this from him. you dreamt of him feeling this same, but you’d always convinced yourself he never would. “i never thought you’d feel the same. klaus, your the most self-isolating person i’ve ever met. you could’ve hinted something to me so i’d know.”

“sorry,” he snorted. “i thought murdering a group of men for bothering you was hint enough.”

you opened your mouth but closed it again quickly. “yeah,” you nodded. “i guess you’re right. i just didn’t see it.”

“are we all up to speed now?” he checked. you smiled softly, nodding.

“i guess so,” you didn’t know how to act now.

“good. can i kiss you now?” you nodded, freezing once klaus wasted no time in stepping closer to you. his hands cupped your face, his lips pressing to yours. you gasped softly, your hands moving to his shirt, you fisted the material and pulled him closer to you, deepening the kiss. he backed you up until you hit a wall, his hands moving to either side of your head. you moaned softly, your hands moving to his shoulders, gripping them tight to hold yourself up.

finally you pulled away to catch a breath, klaus moving his lips to your neck, where he peppered you with kisses. your chest was moving up and down pretty fast, the smile on your face growing.

you ran your fingers through his hair. “i wish i’d slipped up sooner, holy shit,” you laughed, his face moving back up to yours and kissing your lips once more sweetly.

he hummed contently, a smirk on his lips. you took him all in. “i could get used to this.”

“you,” his hands slipped onto your waist, pinning you against the wall. “are beautiful,” his fingers slipping under your shirt, running across your skin. “i don’t think i’ve met anyone who puts up with me quite like you do.”

you laughed, rolling your eyes. “yeah, you’re kind of a handful,” he squeezed your sides, causing you to squeal. he laughed, enjoying this side of you so much more already.

“watch it,” he teased.

“kidding,” you muttered, you leaned forward slightly, your lips almost touching his. “i wouldn’t have you any other way.”

klaus was in disbelief that someone could be so perfect. you knew him inside and out and you were still completely here for him. he loved you for it.

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12 Facts About the “Originals” We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Top 12 Facts About #TheOriginals TV show that you probably didn’t know!

Warning! Some spoilers for all seasons ahead.
You might think you’ve read everything there is to read about CW’s show, the “Originals.” I thought I did! With that in mind, I dare you to read this list. Did you know that one member of the cast was supposed to be killed off at the end of one season, but was saved by the furious outcry of (not the fans!) but the writers? Did you know that one member…


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If Ester was powerful enough to create all the vampires, why couldn’t she just resurrect her son??

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AU of Defined by the Past


Where Kayla finds a family by finding someone with a past similar as hers.

Hope Marshall will open the doors of family love to this girl and will finally find how natural is to love unconditionally.


Available in Wattpad. @Deya0302

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Me, everytime I see Elijah in season 1


Me, everytime I see Elijah in season 5

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~ Niklaus Mikaelson lockscreens~

-like/reblog if you save 

- don't repost my work without crediting

What lockscreens should i do next?

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No, No, nope no just no!

This might be the scariest article title i have scene since Endgame predictions. if you hurt my Mikaelson child i will give up. Congratulations Legacies you might make me give up earlier than freaking Riverdale. It doesn’t seem possible that i would give up on Legacies earlier than i would give up on Riverdale after the freaking nun cult.

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Safe | K.M

Summary: getting kidnapped was not on your to do list, but it was on your captors

warnings: kidnapping. being tied up. 

word count: 522

a/n: please do not read this if you’re not comfortable with the warnings. i am sorry this is short, but please, enjoy!


You are just a human, it’s an easy task to kidnap you for leverage. Although it was easy, not that many enemies even thought of it, too busy planning the demise of the Mikaelsons.

Many does not mean all.

You slowly began opening your heavy eyes. You could already feel the restraints on your wrists and ankles. Your eyes ached and your mouth was probably the driest it ever has been.

This was your first chance to look around, and you took it. The room was dark and looked as if it were made for torturing and kidnapping exactly. It reminded you of the Salvatore cellar.

You shook those thoughts out of your mind, not wanting to think about your old friend hurting you.

2 minutes past of you trying to loosen the restraints, and that’s when your captor decided to make an entrance. The door slowly opened as if to create the element of surprise.

Despite the darkness of the room, you could see the shiny red hair that was glowing even in the darkness. You could see the pale skin, the slight smirk and the walk as if she owned everyone and everything.

“Hello my little y/n” her strong accent flew around the room, clear and loud.

You wanted to talk, say something mean or ask why you were here, but your dry through was deceiving you. “Don’t want to talk?” Your captor said while leaning up against a wall, “then I will. This has nothing to do with you.”

You looked at her right in the eye as if to prove your not scared, but if she could hear your heart rate, and your confident that she could, you would be proved wrong.

“I want the Mikaelsons to pay, and if taking their special human will-“ before the redhead could finish something stopped her.

You looked at the body and then up to your savior, Kol Mikaelson, or precisely, the heart in his hand.

“Hey, baby,” Kol said, anger still clear in his voice.

As he was untying the restraints you could see his clenched jaw and the brooding frown beautifully placed on his face.

You let out a little hmm and with it a smile, still afraid to talk. It reminded you of those times when you were nervous to say here to the register in class in case your voice cracked.

Kol carefully picked you up as if he was trying not to break you while giving you a sweet kiss on your forehead.

He sped home that night and took care of you, he gently put you to bed, got you some food and water. His continuous sorry left his mouth until you was asleep.

As you lay asleep, your head nuzzled into Kols chest with his arms carefully wrapped around you, Kol made a vow to himself. “I promise you I will never let anyone hurt you again. No one is ever going to hurt my girl again.”

Although you couldn’t hear his words, you subconsciously smiled and if possible nuzzled more into your amazing boyfriend’s chest, knowing this is where you will be most safe.

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A Esposa Do Híbrido Original (on Wattpad) ʲᵃ́ ᵖᵃʳᵒᵘ ᵖʳᵃ ᵖᵉⁿˢᵃʳ ˢᵉ ᵏˡᵃᵘˢ ᵐⁱᵏᵃᵉˡˢᵒⁿ ᵗⁱᵛᵉˢˢᵉ ᵘᵐᵃ ᵉˢᵖᵒˢᵃ? ᵉ ˢᵉ ᵉˡᵃ ᶠᵒˢˢᵉ ᵘᵐᵃ ᵇʳᵘˣᵃ ᵒʳⁱᵍⁱⁿᵃˡ? ᵖʳᵃ ᵈᵉˢᶜᵒᵇʳⁱʳ ᵐᵃⁱˢ ᵗᵉʳᵃ́ ᵠᵘᵉ ˡᵉʳ?

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