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satisfactoryanswer123 · 7 months ago
The Space Travel Conundrum
Thinking long term space travel is very interesting and will provide us with a ton of knowledge and an age of exploration but....also wondering if all the energy and money being spent on space could be better used to eliminate extreme poverty, hunger, and mitigate climate change before it completely destroys our planet
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quentinquaadgras · 2 years ago
242 --- Big Friendly Rocket
Tumblr media
What a time to be alive, the first space tourism trip is currently being engineered by SpaceX. It doesn’t stop there. They also want to set-up a human colony on Mars within the next decade. In order to do this, SpaceX is developing a Big Friendly Rocket (BFR).  It is a large multistage reusable rocket that can carry 100 tons to orbit. The craft can launch itself off the surface of Mars but in order to do this, it needs a full tank of fuel --- it needs to refuel on the red planet.
Tumblr media
The plan is to begin by sending robots to Mars, they will set-up a rocket fuel factory capable of refueling the subsequent manned missions so that return trips are possible. Whoever is living on a martian colony will spend most of the time inside as it is not feasible to Terraform the planet. Even if plants started growing on Mars (there is carbon dioxide), it would take tens of thousand years for there to be oxygen levels to be high enough for people to breath outside.
Tumblr media
Hopefully one day anti-gravity technology will be discovered that will make lift-off easier because to be honest, spewing hot gases out of the end of a giant tube seems like such a primitive way to launch a spacecraft.
But. It’s a good start. Let’s become an interplanetary species!
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Earth is an extinction factory, that's how you were made.  Leaving earth is how an intelligent species prevents its own extinction.  If we spent half as much preventing our extinction as we spend on fighting each other, we'd be a multiplanet species by now and we'd be looking into how we become multistellar.  Yellowstone could blow at any time, or some nutjob with an overblown perception of his own importance will push the nuclear button.  If we don't have a self sustaining colony off of the earth by then, there will be no one left to argue about whether or not the effort to teach ourselves how to leave earth was worth it.
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notanastrologer · a month ago
Compilation of astro notes 10
Writer's note: Since Saturn is being so reluctant to be written about, here's notes to keep you occupied.
Also since it was raining here, I might as well went with this theme.
Take what resonates.
All work of @notanastrologer.
Do not copy, translate or plagiarize
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🦚 Sign in the 8th house(D1/d9) and rulership sign and planets there can give you an idea of how your spouse would look like. Since 2nd house rules face. And 8th house is 2nd from 7th house.
🦚 Ketu conjunct Atmakaraka in birth chart, is an indication of one having to control the bad tendencies/energy of the Atmakaraka planet tremendously and learning to control that energy is an even significant or atleast one of the soul purposes Or lessons to be learnt. For example- for someone who’s Atmakaraka is Mars, Mars negative tendencies is usually, aggression, harsh sppech, impulsiveness, arrogance, stubbornness, control issues etc. And these were probably carried from the past life time and has a karmic account pertaining to that very lifetime which needs to be balanced this lifetime by not indulging with the very same bad side of that planet.
🦚 7th lord in 7th can give you a feeling of “home away from home” from your spouse. Similiarly for 11th lord in 7th can make one think of their friends as a more safe space and a family away from family. This can as well translate into more of a feeling, like 7th lord in 7th may look for a spouse that is indeed their safe space and their “home”.
🦚 9th lord in 7th,9th,12th can indicate a master’s or PhD from a foreign country. Check this for 9th lord of D1 in D1 and D24 chart.
🦚 Planets in 7th will tell what you may be “famous for”. Malefic planets can make you more of a infamous scene.
🦚 2nd house signifies death of first marriage, 9th house signifies death of second marriage.
🦚 8th lord in 2nd (western or sidereal) can expose you to some dark/dirty/hidden secrets of your own family.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🦚 Rahu in 11th can give you a child that has an out of the box thinking/has different unique interests/ has a unique and different kind of intelligence. Much like Einstein.
🦚 Rahu in 11th, (according to bhavat bhavam, is the 5th house from 7th house and shows the romance/love of your spouse) can give a very romantic partner who is most likely to be a hopeless romantic, or obsessed with love.
🦚 Rahu in 11th also makes one likely to travel a lot, unless some counter acting element is present. Why? Due its aspect on 3rd and 7th house, which 3rd house is house of short term travel, and 7th house is also a house of travel being directly opposite house of self (1st).
🦚 Rahu transits in sign of your 11th house can bring major unexpected changes in your work and job. Can go from a promotion to even being fired. 11th house is 2nd from 10th which rules longevity of the career.
🦚 4th lord transiting 8th house can give heart problems and even heart surgeries for some.
🦚 5th house from your ketu shows where is your curiosity is.
Ketu in 1st- arts, music, gaining knowledge in general
Ketu in 2nd- health, body, diseases, work
Ketu in 3rd- relationships, entrepreneurship, law, justice, philanthropy
Ketu in 4th - bones, body, death, after life, the befores and afters of life
Ketu in 5th - travelling, philosophy, life, Spirituality
🦚 You are likely to dominate in areas the house opposite Mars represents. Example- Mars in 1st, you are more dominating in matters of marriage and partnerships, Mars in 2nd, likely to dominate intimate matters with spouse, you know what that means, more dominant hold over finances, Mars in 3rd, likely to dominate in areas related to Spirituality and philosophy, kind of like a superiority complex in these areas. Etc.
🦚 Many Doctors dealing in cosmetology, that is plastic surgery, facial changes, or even body or whatever many may have a Ashwini nakshatra in it’s moon or 6th/10th/2nd house rulers in this nakshatra. ( Idk who has use for this but yes).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🦚 8th lord in Bharani nakshatra may experience some really wierd sex acts in their life, exciting you could say. If the lord is unafflicted this means great pleasure in sex.
🦚 Rohini moon ATTRACT attention. Period. These can be in the form of jealousy or even just admiration. They may be quintessentially pretty or have unique features that make them attract attention. This is feminine in nature. The attractiveness. The gentle and soft kind.
🦚 4th lord or planets in 4th house if in ardra nakshatra, these can bring unpleasant experiences to family and childhood in general.
🦚 Similiarly 7th lord or planets in 7th house if in ardra nakshatra, can bring some unpleasant experiences through marriage, the severity depends. If 7th house in general has benefic/friendly aspects or disposition of planet in question is strong, affects may not be as major.
🦚 2nd house can potentially tell what causes the break in first marriage since 2nd house is 8th from 7th house which is the house of first marriage. Which is also why second marriage can be seeing from second house. And 9th tells break in second marriage. And hence is house of third Marriage and hence forth for others.
🦚 Karakamsa basically shows your desires. 7th house can show what you desire in a partner. 10th house shows what you really want and desire out of your career. Example- Libra in 7th of karakamsa can show desire to have a spouse that’s balanced and someone who stands for justice. Libra/Venus in 10th can show the desire to have a career that you can creatively express yourself.
🦚 Ketu aur Jupiter in 8th in D-24 chart (vedic) or association with 8th lord of D24 chart can indicate somone that goes on to learn occult, astrology, tarot and divination practices.
🦚 Mars in 6th may bruise easily, if aspected by sun, elbows and knee bruises is common.
🦚 ADVANCE VEDIC: Whichever sign holds the highest value for Moon in ashtakvarga table, is the sign, some significant person in your life will have as their moon or ascendant. One may gain well from such people. Could be spouse, best friend, parents, child etc.
🦚 Jupiter’s aspect on the ascendant or Jupiter in 1st has a tendency to not much acknowledge their tragedies or trauma. They have a “so what” attitude towards certain traumatic/unpleasant life themes, which normally is a big deal and is not "normal" in course of life. The “so what” doesn’t come out of arrogance it’s more of a normal belief arising from optimistic outlook on life in general, like “it’s alright it happened but I can’t cry on it forever”.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🦚 Afflicted/underdeveloped moon has a tendency to wallow in self pity and/or self blame, if confronted with something related to their behaviour, may develop a more closed off, defensive mechanism to fight off others, not wanting to be vulnerable like this. They can infact use personal trauma to justify behaviour.
🦚 Sun in 6th gains pride over defeating it’s enemies, either through arguments, competition or anything. This makes them hella competitive as well, sometimes to an annoying degree.
🦚 Sun in 1st likes to have the upper hand when it comes to partnerships and relationships, they want to be the one calling the shots.
🦚 Sun in 5th wants to call the shots with friends and in social circles.
🦚 An underdeveloped sun in 7th person shouldnt go into partnerships, unless they have had some shadow work done related to their ego and pride. Because sun is debilitated in 7th house, this can cause damage to partnerships if shadow work isnt done.
🦚 Moon in 12th may find emotional stability in foreign lands and foreign people if unafflicted.
🦚 Moon in 12th can also suffer from frequent creative blocks and may have difficulty with children because 5th house is 6th from this moon placement.
🦚 Moon in 11th may often look for comfort and happiness away from home or has a perception of not being able to find happiness and comfort in their native land or even within their home.
🦚 Moon in Scorpio in whichever house denotes a sudden change in that house themes which will have a dramatic effect on the native’s mind. This can be like an upheaval moment or on the other hand reform one overall greatly. Moon is debilitated in Scorpio which is why strong/positively aspected moon has to be present for the native to tackle it. For example- Saturn positively aspecting this scorpio moon can help provide some ground and structure for the native to manage emotions well. Example- Scorpio moon in 8th can have health scares potentially life damaging which can cause a change in mindset and perspective or death of someone close can cause some adverse effect on the mental make up of this person.
🦚 Your very close friends can have the sign of your 2nd house, planets in 2nd house, exalted/debilitated signs of these planets, exalted/debilitated signs of 2nd ruler and sign of the 2nd ruler. (Vedic).
🦚 Mercury in Ashwini may be one of those people that says anything anywhere even is it’s appropriate, but they are also the kind to say out loud things other may be thinking but won’t say.
🦚When planets are transitioning through Bharani Nakshatra, it may be a good time to conceive.
Tumblr media
© @notanastrologer all rights reserved 2021
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angelvibezluv · 4 months ago
Thoughts on planets in the 12th house
Tumblr media
Sun in 12th Looking at the world from a distance. You enjoy solitude. Away from society and within your imagination. You can see the bigger picture. You act upon your dreams to turn them into a reality. But at times you procrastinate as you tend to dream the whole day away. As you catch yourself drifting off too far, you find that you have to ground yourself back into this reality. Back into society. You may feel as if others have forgotten who you are or as if they don’t even know who you are. You feel alienated. Maybe you can’t, but everyone can see that you come up with the best creative ideas. You are a true artist. You are compromising and you accept those you feel for. Those who are alone and have no place to go. But you can have a hard time seeing things for what they are. Or you just don’t want to accept things for what they are. You may try to convince and lie to yourself often. Try not to hide yourself too much. You deserve to be seen.
・゜. ✭・. .・✫・. ゜. ・。.
Moon in 12th Your dreams are everything to you. Similar to Sun in 12th you like to disappear and spend time alone. You may like to sleep the day away because you rather be in that world. A world that isn’t like this one. A world where everything you desire comes true when you close your eyes. Though your internal realm manifests in the physical way faster than the rest. You are a daydreamer. You may feel as if you’re already living within your fantasy. A place where you feel most comfortable. You may have many dreams of your past experiences. They seem familiar. Like you’ve already lived through them before. You feel extremely connected to them. Unrealistic but intuitive. You may feel as if you have a hidden psychic ability. You are sensitive to energies so you must be careful with those you surround yourself with. Remember to protect your own energy.
・゜. ✭・. .・✫・. ゜. ・。.
Mercury in 12th You like to communicate your thoughts through art. Writing and drawing. You speak slow. Almost as if you’re pondering on your thoughts as you speak. Trying to think of the wisest thing to say. You take your time. You give great advice because you think of what’s best for everyone. Keeping in mind that others have their own thoughts and feelings as well. Though at times you may have clouded judgement. Finding it hard to think clearly. The emotions and feelings of others influence your own thoughts. You can confuse yourself easily. Losing your train of thought. Thinking of one thing and forgetting it soon after. “I feel like...” is something you say a lot. Going on and and until you decide not to share your thoughts longer. Keeping them a secret.
・゜. ✭・. .・✫・. ゜. ・。.
Venus in 12th You are the romanticizer. You have many romantic fantasies. Dreaming of the perfect significant other. You long for this love to come true. Dissvoling the boundaries of this physical realm. You feel deeply connected to those you value in your life. Staring them deep into their eyes as you create an unspoken connection. A spiritual connection. You are naturally gifted with creative skills. Feeling pleasure when creating art and diving into your imagination. You attract a lot of secret admirers. You seem to be out of reach so they watch you from the shadows. Becareful with showing compassion to everyone you meet. Your way of self care is isolating yourself from there rest of the world to self reflect. Though it can get lonely, especially when it comes to relationships. But once you do find yourself a love interest you keep them a secret. You don’t feel the need to show them off to the world.
・゜. ✭・. .・✫・. ゜. ・。.
Mars in 12th You attack your dreams with force and passion. You are full of vitality but you can be unaware this. You are restless as your passion knows no bounds. You want to do as much as possible. But you tend to drain yourself out easily. Finding yourself needing excessive amounts of rest. You have a this sex appeal that you may be unaware of. Fierce, confident and dominating. But you can be impatient, and forceful. You may try to avoid conflict but you are braver and stronger than you think. So protective, finding yourself defending others without a thought. But you mustn’t let these energies to control you. Your impulsive decisions can get you into a lot of trouble. A lot of sexual fantasies and scenarios happen in that head of yours. You may have a lot of hidden enemies lurking in the shadows. Those looking for an argument. It’s seems like they want to challenge you and poke at your weak spots.
・゜. ✭・. .・✫・. ゜. ・。.
Jupiter in 12th You are highly spiritual or extremely religious. Interested in connecting with with whatever you believe in. You are attracted towards esoteric and taboo things. Tarot cards, astrology, and maybe even witchcraft. You want to learn and experience it all. Your private space may be filled with incense, candles and crystals. You are so wise and some may even call you physic. Collecting information from your dreams and adding your own meanings and reasonings. Your empathy is out of this world and you have so much to give. You may enjoy charity work and giving back to others. Though you rather remain anonymous for these selfless acts for kindness. At times you can get lost in your own world. As you tend to overdue it. You love to travel to wherever your mind takes you.
・゜. ✭・. .・✫・. ゜. ・。.
Saturn in 12th You may have felt like you missed out on the unicorns and rainbows in the earlier years of your life. As if your innocence was taken away. Growing up you felt as if you were more mature than the rest. As if you were extremely aware for your own age. You may have been restricted from anything that had to do with spirituality. Not being allowed participate in occult like things. You take your dreams seriously and you work hard to achieve them. Though there can be delays and road blocks. Although things may not always go your way you are highly creative. Never doubt yourself. Eventually all your hard work will pay off and your dreams will come true. You are so imaginative, and always working on your creative skills. You will be able to benefit greatly from your skills one day. You might even profit off them.. ✨
・゜. ✭・. .・✫・. ゜. ・。.
Uranus in 12th You have the wildest and craziest dreams. They’re always a good story to tell. They can be confusing and chaotic. Your ideas tend to be misunderstood by others. Ideas that only makes sense to you. At times you may feel as if you have this psychic ability to see the future. Having many prophetic dreams. You are insightful and your intuition is heightened. Your imagination is out of the ordinary. Out of this world. Very different from the rest. You may have been called weird, but soon enough you became an inspiration. Others followed in your foot steps. Admiring your creativity, wishing they could be as skilled as you. You are extremely influential. You’re always one step ahead. Living an unconventional life as a traveller, artist or writer. Living in your own realm of reality, as if you’re not even here.
・゜. ✭・. .・✫・. ゜. ・。.
Neptune in 12th You seem to be living in this.. eternal dream state. You are incredibly intuitive and sensitive to the energies around you. You can always feel when something is off. Your dreams may be foggy and you can forget them quickly so writing them down in a dream journal can be extremely beneficial. You may not find interest in daily routines. Your mind wonders off quite often. Way too often. Constantly zoning out and finding it difficult to stay focused. Grounding yourself will be extremely important. As well as finding creative outlets to channel your imagination and to keep yourself busy.
・゜. ✭・. .・✫・. ゜. ・。.
Pluto in 12th You feel you must dig into your own darkness so that you can come out strong enough to help others. You give others this sense of power that intimidates them. You can sense their energies. Especially negative ones. You go through many transformations on your own. Once you come out of hiding everyone will notice your dramatic changes. Though you can be prone to addictions as you may find it hard to deal this darkness. You may be afraid of it. The power and intensity within you. So you conceal them. You may have many dark thoughts and scary dreams. You’re always staring into the abyss.
・゜. ✭・. .・✫・. ゜. ・。.
𐐪𐑂 love, angel 𐐪𐑂
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capricores · 4 months ago
✨ the signs and work (careers, needs in workplace, work-mindset, etc)
♡ check your sun, mars, ascendant, midheaven and sixth house signs. keep in mind your entire chart, especially planets in the sixth/tenth house can hugely change the expression of this. sagittarius mars + midheavens tend to hate routine, but if you have a taurus sun/moon, you’re likely to prefer routine and be more comfortable with it. the aspects to these planets and your midheaven/ascendant can entirely change things too. this is a general post. 
i also recommend checking the position of your midheaven ruler and the sign/house it is in (ruler of the midheaven is simply the planet that rules the signs of your midheaven: sun=leo, moon=cancer, mercury=gemini/virgo, venus=libra/taurus, mars=aries/scorpio, jupiter=sagittarius/pisces, saturn=capricorn/aquarius, neptune=pisces, uranus=aquarius, pluto=scorpio). so if you have a gemini midheaven, look to what sign your mercury is in and read for that as well.
reasons for choosing these placements: sixth house represents routine, habits and service; it will more-so highlight how you feel about and approach day-to-day work and serving others. midheaven is your ideal career and ambitions in the workplace; it’s also your image while at work. ascendant + sun both blend together to create one’s general temperament and personality; as well as outlook on life. these two placements highlight hobbies, desires, wants; and therefore influence career needs and work habits. mars is your drive, ambition, energy, etc; therefore showing up in the workplace strongly.
bite-sized version (see the read more for full sign explanations)
aries: careers that allow independence and decision-making. careers in the outdoors. high-energy, physical careers; careers that allow them to use their hands. entrepreneurship is ideal as they like to have complete control over their projects and schedules. jobs with competitive factors will be most motivating to them. they do really well in high-stress careers that require fast-action. sales, any sort of business ventures, management, directing, athletics, construction, welding, etc.
taurus: careers that offer consistency, stability and security. careers that allow for independence. entrepreneurship; taureans aren’t good at taking orders. anything involving the environment, animals, or children. coffee shops, bakeries, childcare, environmental activism, tree nursery staff, animal rescue, etc. taurus placements hold high levels of creativity and are very good at curating styles that appeal to wide varieties: therefore design (fashion, interior - even food/graphic design) based careers are ideal.
gemini: intellectual stimulation, flexibility and frequent change are absolute requirements in gemini careers. without frequent mental stimulation, gemini placements get anxious and want to quit. it’s hard for them to stick to jobs that don’t offer lots of change, variety and difficulties. engineering, computer programming, math-based careers, etc. geminis are excellent communicators are thrive in careers involving writing, public speaking, sales, etc. the environment and people gemini works with are as important as the job itself for them. gemini needs to do multiple things at once; careers involving multi-tasking are essential. routine, predictable careers are the enemy.
cancer: cancers need stability and control in their career. they’re very nostalgic and can often be seen carrying on family businesses or pursuing careers influenced by their families. research & history based careers are great for cancers (historian, librarian, scientific research, detective, etc). cancers do well connecting with others; careers that allow genuine interaction are great (psychologist, social worker, human resources, etc). careers that allow them control. the environment of a cancer’s work space is extremely important: they usually do best working at home. careers relating to food. careers connecting to childcare.
leo: careers need to allow them recognition and praise; attention via career is important (social media, tv personalities, etc). careers that allow a creative outlet with high-energy; but still offer stability and consistency. competitive environments are best for leo. working with children, athletic coaching, fashion, sales, marketing, and so forth are all great paths. management positions or running their own business is ideal for leos who don’t take well to criticism or direction. leos love being social and enjoy careers that give them a social outlet. analytical careers pair surprisingly well with leo; i’ve noticed they’re often drawn to and successful with paths relating to computer science & engineering.
virgo: similar to gemini, careers that are fast-paced and challenging are essential. mental stimulation is an absolute must, and the most important factor for a virgo. careers revolving around healing, health and nutrition fit well with virgo. working with animals and the environment. analytical, logic-forward careers that requirement complex solutions and quick thinking. careers involving communication, especially written, are ideal. virgos are excellent with small details and do well with careers that focus on these. writing, computer programming, chemistry, engineering, teaching, vet tech, dietician, doctor, surgeon, etc.
libra: careers heavily connected to aesthetics: libras require beauty in every aspect of life, especially career (fashion, interior & graphic design; any art-related field; music, etc). careers loaded with social interactions, libras get drained and bored in a career that’s isolating and lonely. ilbras are charming and do well in positions like sales that utilize this charm for personal gain. careers that require a strong sense of justice and morals (law, judge, detective, managerial positions, etc).
scorpio: competitive, target based careers that give them power. behind-the-scenes careers that give them recognition but still allows their privacy. creative -heavy careers such as writing, art, fashion. careers connecting to the occult (ie: astrology/divination). careers that allow them to utilize their unmatchable investigation skills (detective, lawyer, scientist, etc). careers that give them flexibility, yet stability; the only change they want to experience at work is self-controlled. scorpios prefer to work alone than in groups; careers of solitude or ones that allow them to control others are best.
sagittarius: careers that allow them to channel their natural educator & humanitarian role (teacher, philosopher, lawyer, philanthropist, etc). careers that allow them to travel as part of their job (pilot, travel guide, trip planner, translator, etc). careers with huge amount of flexibility, frequent change; careers that give them independence and allow for constant growth, learning and expansion. they never want to be fully “comfortable”. athletic, physical careers; careers in the outdoors (ie: athletic coach, sports teams, etc). 
capricorn: careers that allow for complete autonomy and control. entrepreneurship was made for capricorns. careers that promise stability, security, and a laid-out climb to the top. careers heavily based in logic & analyzing; finance-based careers are also ideal. financial analysis, architecture, CFO positions, etc. working with animals and being connected to the earth are beneficial. management positions are ideal, although capricorns tend to do everything themselves regardless of who’s working for them. careers that involve a lot of careful planning and thinking ahead; routine.
aquarius: careers involving music and/or art (nearly every aqua placement i meet is talented in + passionate about some artistic outlet, channelling these interests into careers is beneficial). careers involving technology, science, and lots of analyzing/logic. computer science, engineering, mathematician, data analyst, etc. careers that give them longer periods of isolation with healthy amounts of socialization in between; they require a good balance. careers that give them independence, yet structure; careers that change on their own terms only. 
pisces: careers with complete flexibility: routines, heavy structure and similar are the enemy. careers that allow a channel for healing and/or spirituality (divination, astrology, nutrition, psychology, etc). careers relating to philosophy, humanitarianism, teaching; much like sagittarius - anything that allows frequent growth and expansion. careers heavy with travel and new experiences. careers that allow a creative outlet are best for pisces (design, photography, filmography, music), they also do well in social based careers such as being influencers or tv stars. avoid careers with rough environments as they’re the sign most likely to absorb negative energies.
♡ mutable signs (pisces, sagittarius, gemini, virgo):
these signs have busy minds. they always need to be moving, and require constant mental stimulation. work without mental stimulation will quite literally drive them up the wall. if their work traps them into non-challenging (gemini/virgo) or routine (pisces/sagittarius) environments, they’ll not only want to quit, but likely be negatively impacted in terms of energy and mental health. if you have strong mutable placements, it’s important for you to find a flexible and stimulating career; a career with a lot of socializing is often preferable as well. they require lots of encouragement and praise in their work to stay committed and on-track.
the ideal careers for mutable signs are ones that allow for stimulation and change (virgo is more comfortable with routine, gemini is *okay* with routine; but both requirement frequent challenges in the workplace to stay satisfied, they need to be “solving” things). mutable signs don’t mind working behind the scenes, or under the direction of someone else, so long as they’re in an exciting environment that allows them to fully utilize their wit, creativity and quick problem solving skills. 
it’s very important for mutable signs to become friends with those in their workplace (especially pisces and gemini placement individuals). because of their constant need for mental (and also social) stimulation, it’s vital for them to be able to form friendships (not necessarily deep/close friendships, but at least surface level) in the workplace and have a frequent social outlet while working. mutable signs are also extremely susceptible to their environment and those around them (as are the water signs), so a toxic workplace will have a significantly harsher impact on their well-being than other signs would experience. their mental and physical health can both be immensely affected when they’re in toxic environments around toxic people (of course this is true for anyone, but mutables are drained by this on a whole other level). mutable signs can easily love a job they would normally hate, if the environment is positive and fun for them; and vice versa.
✧ sagittarius and pisces: no matter how much these two signs love their job, they will still hate their job. pisces and sagittarians tend to hate work. this isn’t because they’re lazy, or incapable of putting in hard work; because they’re more than capable, and do it frequently. but to them, work, especially routine work (nine to fives, forty hours a week, etc), limit them. pisces and sagittarius share jupiter as their ruler; jupiter is all about expansion, growth and freedom. these signs hate being boxed in and tied down. they require living lives that allow for frequent growth. namely, pisces and sagittarius love to always be learning and bettering themselves, especially spiritually and philosophically. if they’re stuck in a career that limits their expansion; or lacks “abundance” when it comes to choices and growth, they’ll be extremely unsatisfied.
pisces and sagittarians are free spirits, and these placements (especially in the personal planets and as ascendant) love physical change; aka traveling. a job that allows them to travel, especially to other countries/long distances, will be ideal and fulfilling for them. creative outlets, educational paths, or any career relating to spirituality, philosophy or similar will be best for them. pisces do really well in careers related to healing and helping; sagittarians do really well in careers related to teaching. sagittarians, being fire signs, also require careers that keep them relatively physically active.
some suggested careers (pisces, sagittarius): travel-related (flight attendant, trip planner, etc), translation/interpretation, photography, arts, astrology, divination, food (chef, front of house, etc), teaching, medicine (namely naturopaths, nutrition, etc), motivational / public speaking, philanthropy 
✧ geminis and virgos: being mercury-ruled, these two signs need intellectual stimulation more than anyone else. they do not do well in monotonous or “easy/simple” jobs. although these two signs might not be as bothered by routine as their fellow mutable signs, they instead require a constantly challenging and stimulating environment. fast-paced, high-stress careers where they’re able to problem-solve and think on their feet are best for these two signs. although they have to be careful of overly stressful jobs and burning themselves out, due to their tendencies of overthinking, nervousness and how easily stressed they can get. it’s best for them to work in challenging environments, with kind and encouraging management, as to avoid any possible burnout or anxiety in the workplace.
again, thanks to their mercury influence, these signs have a way with words. anyone with strong gemini or virgo placements is bound to be great when it comes to writing and/or speaking. being an author is something those with either of these placements would really excel at. also, working in sales (mainly with gemini, virgo shyness and hermit habits may put them off of this career lol) is something gemini & virgo THRIVE in. they’re very good at speaking to others and swaying their opinions, so closing deals with people is a very easy and satisfying thing for them to do.
some suggested careers (gemini, virgo): computer science/technology fields, detective work, writing, research-based fields, nutrition/dietetics (virgo), sales (gemini), something with a lot of public speaking (but this likely freaks them out and makes them nervous- they are amazing at it though), event planning
some mutable careers (all/mixed): teaching, international relations, politics (sagittarius and gemini), music (pisces especially), comedy (gemini and sagittarius), marketing & sales, law, medical fields (virgo and pisces), travel & tourism, librarians/working in bookstores
♡ cardinal signs (aries, cancer, libra, capricorn):
these signs thrive most placed in roles of leadership and entrepreneurship. directing others and having control over their own actions and projects is most satisfying for these individuals. cancers and libras don’t mind working under the control of others, capricorn and aries do not do well in situations controlled or directed by others. however, capricorns and aries can handle working under others as long as they have a means for doing so (ie: they have some power over others at the same time, they’re awaiting a promotion, etc).
these signs are ambitious, initiators, and go-getters. they are the ones with the big ideas and the detailed plans of how things will go. they enjoy motivating others and seeing others succeed, so they make for wonderful managers. managerial positions are great for these signs, since they can struggle a bit with following through/staying on task, having a role where they create the ideas/tasks and have someone else finish it is more ideal.
✧ aries and capricorn: these signs, far more than other cardinals, really do better working alone or in positions of power. entrepreneurship is more ideal for these two than probably any other sign. additionally, both aries and capricorn are very connected to the physical realm. aries does really well in physically-active careers (manual labor, athletics, etc), and they also really love the outdoors. capricorn, being so connected to the earth, also loves any sort of outdoors/earth-connected career. jobs that allow them to be outside in nature, or directly working with nature, will do them both great.
these two signs are very good at managing and directing, however their styles can be a little harsh. they also tend to have the attitude where they’d rather do everything themselves so that it’s done “right”. because of this, it’s best for them to work independently at their own business, or to have someone working as a buffer of communication between them and employees when it comes to instructing and critiquing. they do, however, do very well as trainers, since they’re very to-the-point and enjoy allowing others to shadow them/vice versa. being trainers allows them to let out their overly picky/specific side for the better.
these two especially thrive in any career that allows them to showcase their straight-forward and analytical natures. fields such as law, are so amazing for both of these signs. aries loves the challenge of a field like law, and probably enjoys the ability to “argue” for work. capricorn’s interest will be held by the analytical, research based aspects of law, as well as the ability to “argue” for work. both signs enjoy being right, competitiveness, and independence, so fields similar to law are perfect. 
both signs can also handle high-stress and high-pressure environments with ease, quite possibly more than any other signs. they also need frequent challenge and competitiveness in careers, so any sort of job that hits these requirements would be best. if they don’t feel as if they’re climbing a ladder, or achieving a visible, measurable level of success (ie: hitting/exceeding targets), they won’t feel fulfilled.
some suggested careers (aries, capricorn): entrepreneurship, instructing/coaching (athletics, etc), athletics (aries), project managers/management in general, conservationists, lawyers, food service, finance/accounting, any analytical/logic-based careers (capricorn), architecture, computer programming, sales (aries; they have the energy + charisma for this), marketing, real estate (aries), physical therapy, chiropractor, personal trainer (aries)
✧ cancer and libra: one important thing to mention for these two signs is they require a comfortable, positive work sign; almost to the extent that mutable signs do. their work environments have to be comfort zones, much like their homes, or they’ll struggle a lot in their career despite how much they enjoy the job itself. the people they work with and space they work in are extremely important to them. if they work from home, it’s vital they have a comfortable, well-decorated home office in order to be fully productive and in their “zones”.
these two signs have a very unique way of managing. they’re very good at getting people to do things, without realizing they’ve been influenced to do something. both of these signs can get along with nearly anyone, and have very warm, nurturing natures; which makes them highly successful in roles ranging from management to sales and anything of the likes. their social skills are impressive, as are their problem-solving skills, which makes them well-suited for fields like human resources, law (mainly libra), psychology, social work, etc. both do well in customer service and marketing because of their people skills.
the difference between these two lies in their public preferences. libra is a very public sign, and also the sign of justice. journalist, social media influencer/tv personality, publicist, judge/lawyer, and fashion design are some potential careers that align well with libra’s needs for recognition and admiration. on the other hand, cancer much prefers a more private life, although still enjoys (genuine) interaction with others. due to their nurturing personalities and creativity, cancers thrive in careers relating to medicine, food, design (especially interior, architecture, etc - anything related to the home as cancer is the sign connected with the *home*), and so forth.
these two signs are also highly creative and thrive in roles that allow for this expression. libra specifically thrives in fields like fashion or graphic design, cancer thrives in fields like interior design or baking/cooking. 
some suggested careers (cancer, libra): law (libra), fashion (libra), interior design, graphic design (libra), childcare (cancer), psychology, social work, medicine (cancer), chef/baker/similar (cancer), real estate, sales & marketing (libra), journalist (libra), publicist (libra), architect (cancer), customer service, social media (influencer, marketing, etc), acting, game design/development (cancers especially - they seem to be so good with video games)
some cardinal careers (all/mixed): entrepreneurship, design, development & research, finance/accounting, architecture, lawyers, judges, detectives (especially libra & cancer), real estate, sales & marketing, management, human resources (cancer/libra)
♡ fixed signs (taurus, leo, scorpio, aquarius):
these signs do best in positions of total autonomy. working under the discretion of others is not ideal for these individuals. with creative minds and a need for independence and power; these individuals also tend to do best in fields relating to art, or creation of some sort. aquarius and taurus can handle working under others without much power, but leo and scorpio do not do well when given directions (they can handle it, but they don’t like it). it’s against fixed sign nature to follow orders. however, fixed signs do generally enjoy routine, so they won’t mind working under someone if it provides them consistency and stability. they might even skip on desired promotions, new/better job opportunities and more due to their fears/dislike of change (especially taurus).
fixed signs have this unmatchable resilience when it comes to work. these are the people that will easily put in 70+ hours a week with minimal complaints. they’re excellent at following through with things and sticking to their jobs/tasks, even when they hate them. fixed signs are also the only modality that’s consistent and excellent with following through. these signs have a bit of trouble getting started, though, and often need a push and help to get things going. 
leo and taurus need stability and consistency in their career, whatever it may end up being. these two do not do well with change; and don’t usually like jobs that require them to frequently adapt or start new routines. aquarius and scorpio on the other hand, thrive within change; and are more than used to adapting to sudden, significant changes. these two, however, still prefer a more stable routine; as they tend to fear/dislike change that is not self-inflicted. the biggest things for fixed signs are stable, consistent careers. they also need careers that allow them power and individualism. aquarius and leo specifically need careers that allow them to “show off” or get recognition, preferably from a larger audience.
scorpios & leos thrive with incentives and praise, so careers that offer bonus pays, targets, and promotions with set goals will motivate them a lot more in work. any sort of competitive work will get those two signs going. aquarians however are more indifferent to these things, they tend to be more detached with the material benefits of work. taureans usually dislike these types of careers, they want work with consistency: consistent pay, consistent hours, etc.
✧ leo and aquarius: these signs require attention and recognition for their work more than anyone. they’ll do behind the scenes work if they need to, but generally they enjoy being the center of other’s attentions (aquarius won’t admit this though). these two signs have very unique ideas, and are bustling with creativity. more than anything, they need a career that allows creative expression and individuality. they don’t do well being boxed in and restricted in their endeavors. most of all, these two need careers that are challenging, consistent yet flexible, and allow both social and creative outlets. 
aquarius is the sign relating to technology, so of course they will naturally thrive in technology-related careers. aquarians have busy minds and the patience to work out complex problems; so a career in computer programming, or something similar, would do them well. graphic design and architecture are two other careers that come to mind. engineering (but something more like music engineering, that allows them that creative outlet) is another great choice. aquarians are also humanitarians at heart, so charity-related careers, or careers of similar nature (ie: social worker) would be great for them. careers with a lot of either problem-solving/complex issues, humanitarian causes, or music/art are best for aquarians.
leos are natural born entertainers and story-tellers. they also can fit well into many social environments, and are so naturally charming it’s easy for them to get on anyone’s good side. because of this, any social-heavy career is great for them (motivational speaking, writing, acting, sales, marketing, etc). leos also have big hearts and tend to love children and/or animals, so i always recommend childcare or animal care to these types of leos. at the end of the day, despite leo’s need to be independent/not heavily controlled at work, they do love that social interaction that can come with working. leos are also bursting with creativity, and tend to have affinities with art, so any art-field is a great career selection for them. as a fire sign, leos also thrive in physically-active careers (athletics, manual labor, etc) that keep them up and moving.
some suggested careers (leo, aquarius): music (especially aqua), fashion-related fields; especially design, ANY sort of artistic field (design, painting, acting, etc), childcare (leo), marketing, sales, engineering, charitable organizations (aquarius), computer programming/science (aquarius), writing (leo), social media (marketing, management, influencer)
✧ scorpio and taurus: these signs don’t mind being behind the scenes, so long as they still have significant power in their work environment and control over themselves. overall, they’d typically rather work for themselves than someone else, they truly hate answering to others and generally don’t like being disturbed/overly social at work (it drains them, and they usually find it annoying/disrupts their work flow). i suggest more independent-work type of careers for these signs, or careers that allow them to instruct others on what to do, not the other way around.
both signs are very intense and investigative, and once they start something they have a laser-like focus that will help them see through a project to the end. scorpios specifically need careers that allow THEM flexibility and the ability to enact change when they see fit. taureans, however, need careers with minimal change, including self-inflicted. taurus requires stability and consistency more than any other sign in the zodiac, especially at work. 
taureans have a very nurturing energy, including at work, and they have a natural connection to the earth/environment. because of this, i always see taureans fitting so well into careers involving the environment (think anything from environmental law to conservationist to florist, etc). personally, both taurus and scorpio i can see running adorable little flower shops, crystal shops or cafes and it would be too perfect for them. these two signs are usually bookworms too so i feel like working in a bookstore would be so perfect for them both. scorpios really do need that power and slight competition in work. they need to be challenged more than any of the other fixed signs, or they will get extremely bored. i often find scorpios thrive most in unfamiliar environments, so sudden switches in work may be a comforting thing for them.
some suggested careers (scorpio, taurus): investigator/detective (scorpio), research-based fields (scorpio), interior design, fashion, food-related field (taurus), childcare (taurus), architecture, divination + astrology (scorpio), office jobs (taurus - but more a WFH environment), work from home jobs in general (they don’t like leaving the house), working with animals/rescuing, environmental law (taurus), law (scorpio), environmental activism (taurus), conservationist (taurus), librarian/bookstore jobs
some ideal fixed careers (all/mixed): tattoo artist (this career always comes to mind with scorpio/taurus especially), design, any sort of arts-related career, managerial roles, entrepreneurship, athletic instructor/similar (leo & taurus), farming (taurus & leo), florist/anything working with plants (taurus & scorpio), childcare (leo & taurus), competitive environments (leo & scorpio)
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nasa · 10 months ago
Tomorrow’s Technology on the Space Station Today
Tablets, smart appliances, and other technologies that are an indispensable part of daily life are no longer state-of-the-art compared to the research and technology development going on over our heads. As we celebrate 20 years of humans continuously living and working in space aboard the International Space Station, we’re recapping some of the out-of-this-world tech development and research being done on the orbiting lab too.
Our Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) helps redefine state-of-the-art tech for living and working in space. Here are 10 technologies tried and tested on the space station with helping hands from its astronaut occupants over the years.
1. Astronaut Wanna-Bees
Astronauts on the space station are responsible for everything from conducting science experiments and deploying satellites to tracking inventory and cleaning. While all are necessary, the crew can delegate some jobs to the newest robotic inhabitants – Astrobees.
These cube-shaped robots can work independently or in tandem, carrying out research activities. Once they prove themselves, the bots will take on some of the more time-consuming tasks, such as monitoring the status of dozens of experiments. The three robots – named Bumble, Honey, and Queen – can operate autonomously following a programmed set of instructions or controlled remotely. Each uses cameras for navigation, fans for propulsion, and a rechargeable battery for power. The robots also have a perching arm that lets them grip handrails or hold items. These free-flying helpers take advantage of another STMD technology called Gecko Grippers that “stick” to any surface.
2. Getting a Grip in Microgravity
We wanted to develop tools for grabbing space junk, and something strong and super-sticky is necessary to collect the diverse material orbiting Earth. So, engineers studied the gecko lizard, perhaps the most efficient “grabber” on this planet. Millions of extremely fine hairs on the bottom of their feet make an incredible amount of contact with surfaces so the gecko can hold onto anything. That inspired our engineers to create a similar material.
Now the Gecko Gripper made by OnRobot is sold on the commercial market, supporting industrial activities such as materials handling and assembly. The NASA gecko adhesive gripper that’s being tested in microgravity on the Astrobee robots was fabricated on Earth. But other small plastic parts can now be manufactured in space.
Tumblr media
3. Make It, or Don’t Take It
Frequent resupply trips from Earth to the Moon, Mars, and other solar system bodies are simply not realistic. In order to become truly Earth-independent and increase sustainability, we had to come up with ways to manufacture supplies on demand.
Tumblr media
A demonstration of the first 3D printer in space was tested on the space station in 2014, proving it worked in microgravity. This paved the way for the first commercial 3D printer in space, which is operated by Made In Space. It has successfully produced more than 150 parts since its activation in 2016. Designs for tools, parts, and many other objects are transmitted to the station by the company, which also oversees the print jobs. Different kinds of plastic filaments use heat and pressure in a process that’s similar to the way a hot glue gun works. The molten material is precisely deposited using a back-and-forth motion until the part forms. The next logical step for efficient 3D printing was using recycled plastics to create needed objects.
4. The Nine Lives of Plastic
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To help fragile technology survive launch and keep food safe for consumption, NASA employs a lot of single-use plastics. That material is a valuable resource, so we are developing a number of ways to repurpose it. The Refabricator, delivered to the station in 2018, is designed to reuse everything from plastic bags to packing foam. The waste plastic is super-heated and transformed into the feedstock for its built-in 3D printer. The filament can be used repeatedly: a 3D-printed wrench that’s no longer needed can be dropped into the machine and used to make any one of the pre-programmed objects, such as a spoon. The dorm-fridge-sized machine created by Tethers Unlimited Inc. successfully manufactured its first object, but the technology experienced some issues in the bonding process likely due to microgravity’s effect on the materials. Thus, the Refabricator continues to undergo additional testing to perfect its performance.
5. Speed Metal
Tumblr media
An upcoming hardware test on the station will try out a new kind of 3D printer. The on-demand digital manufacturing technology is capable of using different kinds of materials, including plastic and metals, to create new parts. We commissioned TechShot Inc. to build the hardware to fabricate objects made from aerospace-grade metals and electronics. On Earth, FabLab has already demonstrated its ability to manufacture strong, complex metal tools and other items. The unit includes a metal additive manufacturing process, furnace, and endmill for post-processing. It also has built-in monitoring for in-process inspection. When the FabLab is installed on the space station, it will be remotely operated by controllers on Earth. Right now, another printer created by the same company is doing a different kind of 3D printing on station.
6. A Doctor’s BFF
Today scientists are also learning to 3D print living tissues. However, the force of gravity on this planet makes it hard to print cells that maintain their shape. So on Earth, scientists use scaffolding to help keep the printed structures from collapsing.
Tumblr media
The 3D BioFabrication Facility (BFF) created by TechShot Inc. could provide researchers a gamechanger that sidesteps the need to use scaffolds by bioprinting in microgravity. This first American bioprinter in space uses bio-inks that contain adult human cells along with a cell-culturing system to strengthen the tissue over time. Eventually, that means that these manufactured tissues will keep their shape once returned to Earth’s gravity! While the road to bioprinting human organs is likely still many years away, these efforts on the space station may move us closer to that much-needed capability for the more than 100,000 people on the wait list for organ transplant.
7. Growing Vitamins
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Conditions in space are hard on the human body, and they also can be punishing on food. Regular deliveries of food to the space station refresh the supply of nutritious meals for astronauts. But prepackaged food stored on the Moon or sent to Mars in advance of astronauts could lose some nutritional value over time.
That’s why the BioNutrients experiment is underway. Two different strains of baker’s yeast which are engineered to produce essential nutrients on demand are being checked for shelf life in orbit. Samples of the yeast are being stored at room temperature aboard the space station and then are activated at different intervals, frozen, and returned to Earth for evaluation. These tests will allow scientists to check how long their specially-engineered microbes can be stored on the shelf, while still supplying fresh nutrients that humans need to stay healthy in space. Such microbes must be able to be stored for months, even years, to support the longer durations of exploration missions. If successful, these space-adapted organisms could also be engineered for the potential production of medicines. Similar organisms used in this system could provide fresh foods like yogurt or kefir on demand. Although designed for space, this system also could help provide nutrition for people in remote areas of our planet.
8. Rough and Ready
Everything from paints and container seals to switches and thermal protection systems must withstand the punishing environment of space. Atomic oxygen, charged-particle radiation, collisions with meteoroids and space debris, and temperature extremes (all combined with the vacuum) are just some conditions that are only found in space. Not all of these can be replicated on Earth. In 2001, we addressed this testing problem with the Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE). Technologists can send small samples of just about any technology or material into low-Earth orbit for six months or more. Mounted to the exterior of the space station, MISSE has tested more than 4,000 materials. More sophisticated hardware developed over time now supports automatic monitoring that sends photos and data back to researchers on Earth. Renamed the MISSE Flight Facility, this permanent external platform is now owned and operated by the small business, Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance LLC. The woman-owned company is developing two similar platforms for testing materials and technologies on the lunar surface.
Tumblr media
9. Parachuting to Earth
Tumblr media
Small satellites could provide a cheaper, faster way to deliver small payloads to Earth from the space station. To do just that, the Technology Education Satellite, or TechEdSat, develops the essential technologies with a series of CubeSats built by college students in partnership with NASA. In 2017, TechEdSat-6 deployed from the station, equipped with a custom-built parachute called exo-brake to see if a controlled de-orbit was possible. After popping out of the back of the CubeSat, struts and flexible cords warped the parachute like a wing to control the direction in which it travelled. The exo-brake uses atmospheric drag to steer a small satellite toward a designated landing site. The most recent mission in the series, TechEdSat-10, was deployed from the station in July with an improved version of an exo-brake. The CubeSat is actively being navigated to the target entry point in the vicinity of the NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia.
10. X-ray Vision for a Galactic Position System
Independent navigation for spacecraft in deep space is challenging because objects move rapidly and the distances between are measured in millions of miles, not the mere thousands of miles we’re used to on Earth. From a mission perched on the outside of the station, we were able to prove that X-rays from pulsars could be helpful. A number of spinning neutron stars consistently emit pulsating beams of X-rays, like the rotating beacon of a lighthouse. Because the rapid pulsations of light are extremely regular, they can provide the precise timing required to measure distances.
The Station Explorer for X-Ray Timing and Navigation (SEXTANT) demonstration conducted on the space station in 2017 successfully measured pulsar data and used navigation algorithms to locate the station as it moved in its orbit. The washing machine-sized hardware, which also produced new neutron star science via the Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER), can now be miniaturized to develop detectors and other hardware to make pulsar-based navigation available for use on future spacecraft.
Tumblr media
As NASA continues to identify challenges and problems for upcoming deep space missions such as Artemis, human on Mars, and exploring distant moons such as Titan, STMD will continue to further technology development on the space station and Earth.
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saintzjenx · 8 months ago
Astro Insight-
Random Observations✨
hey guys! this is my 829393 time attempting to write a random astrology observation:)! I'm open to any constructive criticism and would love to hear your thoughts on these! just for reference, i'm a cancer sun (10H), pisces moon(7H) with leo rising along with gemini mercury(10H), leo venus(12H) and cancer mars(11H).
Tumblr media
1. You should always check your parents charts and your family's chart in general! Often times there will be similarities between either
the elements: often times, you can look at the parents chart to vaguely predict their children's placements, in the case of elements, i observe that we should always check their 5fth house(rules children)
the modalities, the house and the signs: this is really hard to notice but once you did its hard to go back. for example, my mom and dad both has mutable sun but my dad has a fixed moon and fixed rising while my mom has a mutable moon and fixed rising. my brother and i who are both cardinal sun, are similar at first glance but when you really take a look at us we're extremely different. he has a cardinal dominant chart with an exception of his mercury in virgo, which conjuncts my mom's mars, opposes my dad's mars. me, however, has a fixed rising in leo similar to my mom and my dad's moon, a pisces moon which conjuncts my dad's mars and opposes my mom's mars. the craziest thing is, i am a cancer sun/mars while my brother has a cancer moon/rising, can you guess whats our parents venus are? yup, cancer.
^ I also notice that siblings usually share either very similar houses or completely polarized. I have a 10th house stellium, with two 11th(fixed) house placements while my brother has a 4th house stellium with a two 2nd house (fixed)placements. It is just so interesting haha
the degrees of your chart can be used to compare next to your parents too! For example Kim Kardashian, has Sun in 28° degree in 11th house. 28° is a Cancer degree. It is the degree which represents the household name. In Kim's case, the Sun (represents the Father, inheritance from Father). Kim's father is Robert Kardashian, a famous lawyer. She also has 28° in her Pisces Moon, which means her mother, Kris Jenner is also a well-known household name. Even Kim's MC is placed at 28° in Virgo right next to her Jupiter. It is truly fascinating to read her chart as an astrologer! ( source: Mikaila Simone )
2. People are often vibe well with others from the same modality/elements.
I honestly thought for the longest time about how on earth would my ex's, who is an Aquarius sun with Scorpio moon was able to put up with my Cancer sun Pisces moon. But then it all makes sense as in his chart theres a balance between Cardinal and Fixed energy and the same goes for me. Our Venuses are both fixed signs (opposition: Leo-Aqua) and our mercury and mars are in the same element and modality , air and cardinal.
This is especially true for friend groups. Fixed dominant people often surrounds themself with fixed energy, they like people who are similar to them in values but different way of portraying it. Cardinal people enjoys this dynamic too but not so much as fixed as Cardinal energy is somtimes prone to being overbearing. Mutable energy is the most flexible, they're able to vibe with most people but often times still find gravitate towards one another like magnets! Take a look at your own friend group and let me know what you think:)
3. Scorpio/8H/Pluto energy are not for everyone.
I have seen most people oversexualize Scorpio and the 8th house. I personally think while Scorpio is very sensual, there are so much more to them.
On the surface they can be very intense when you first meet them, esp true for Scorpio moon/rising/dom or Harsh Pluto aspects to personal planets/asc. But once again, they are still a water sign. There are this deep transformative aura to them and it can intimidate a lot of people!
Scorpio moon/ harsh Pluto aspects to the Moon, is a lot to handle. The person who has this placement may or may not have a parent who was emotionally available for them one day and wasn't on another day, the parent was unreliable in this sense. They had to learn to grow up fairly young and to bottle up their emotions. Thats why these people crave intimacy yet fear them DEEPLY in the same time. They'd expect you open up to them FIRST and once they decided you're worthy of their loyalty, they'll let you in and possibly love you harder than anyone ever did and if their other planets arent too damaged, they will never truly stop loving you.
4. The Libra Rising's myth
People often associate Libra Rising as the most beautiful rising physically. This is true in some cases as Libra = harmony, beauty, balance hence enhancing one's symmetry or their outer self's ability to balance. Scientifically, human are proven to be attracted to symmetry faces. Objectively, for me the true beauty of Libra Rising does not lie only in the physical realm but more so in their aura.
Libra Risings are amazingly sociable but, only when they WANT too. Most Libra Risings I know were once bullied as sometimes people can view their fairness and manners as superficial.
Libra Risings often times look for people who can stir their balanced world up, to awake that fire in them, hence explaining their Aries DC(7H). They crave the intensity and the raw kind of love. Most Libra Risings I know once decided to settle down, after some time adjusting, despite being a serial daters before, will actually be able to stay in a relationship for a long time. But only once they found someone who they deemed as compatible.
Most Libra Risings grew up in a very strict home (4H in Capricorn) where the values were fixed and they were introduced to certain standards, this is why they're so good at socializing and balancing. It is because they were forced to find the middle ground when the were little, to put on a mask to please their family. HOWEVER, they can be the biggest free spirit once they left their home, they're open to learning new things and won't hesitate to travel, they can be the type to change dramatically after leaving their hometown too!
5. The myth surrounding Aquarius placements
This one was the funniest to make! As a Cancer sun, the amount of Aquarius energy around me is insane. This may be due to my tropical Leo Rising or my sidereal Aquarius moon or my 11H placements, nevertheless I do find myself around a lot of Aqua sun/moon/rising/dom!
Aquarius placements are greatly misunderstood! They're portrayed as the quirky one, the "outsiders", the cold hearted people, the mentally in Mars typa people. While they can be haha but they are also the most compassionate beings. Aqua Risings for example, with their 4th House in Taurus, are extremely fixed people!!! To surprise most people, Aqua Rising need routines, order to feel like their homelife is in order. Eventually, they do want to settle down as they're very traditional (4H) in that sense, once they're financially comfortable (Taurus).
Aquarius Moon. need. time. alone. When they said they need their space, assure them you'll always be there for them and retreat. Do not push their buttons. These people grew up with a very emotionally volatile parent. They may have a relationship with one parent better than the others. Growing up they were encouraged to success academically (Aquarius) and may have a strange relationship with their parents, not traditional in some way. These people can seem spacey, but they're very affectionate deep down.
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witchcraft-paganism · 7 months ago
The Classic Planets in Witchcraft
Tumblr media
The Classical Planets. They are known as such because they can be identified without at telescope and because they have been known since time immorial. In the order that we shall look at these, they are the Sun, The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.
To begin with, we start with the Sun. The Sun may be the most important planet of all. It provides life to the Earth. Without its warmth and light, life would not have evolved. It is energizing and stimulating. Without its gravity we would be flying uncontrolled through space. The Sun is a masculine, father figure, and as such it rules all things of growth and prosperity. It governs health, vitality, personal fulfilment, energy, essential principles, authority, command, rank, offices, titles and achievements. Identity and the capacity for experience. It is also a protective energy, as it is the protective father. The Sun is associated with Sundays, so any actions involved with these situations falls under the realm of the Sun. Magically, the Sun energy is used for works involving happiness, prosperity, leadership, joy, healing, protection, power, ego, authority figures, fathers and husbands.
Next is the Moon. The Moon embodies the primary feminine principle, and refers to women in general. As a feminine energy, it is receptive as it receives the light of the Sun and directs it back to Earth. It controls the tides and all things that move in tides like the emotions. The Moon is always changing and fluctuates. It refers to things such as instincts, moods, feelings, habits, the subconscious, tides phases, reflexes and reflections, alterations and receptivity. The Moon rules needs, desires, personal interests, magnetism, liquids, impressionability, fertility and growth. The day of the Moon is Monday. Magically, the energy of the Moon is used for matters of the subconscious, healing, emotions, love, instincts, spirituality, children, small animals, women’s mysteries, the female side of the human personality, mothers, sisters, female partners and wives.
The third planet we are looking at is Mars. Named after the Roman god of war, it is also known as the Lesser Malefic. It is an active, fiery energy. Unlike the fiery energy of the Sun, Mars is typically thought of as more destructive than growing. It is a planet of sudden, forceful and disruptive energy. This energy can be used either violently and destructively or with valor and fortitude. Mars governs desires, sexual energies, focused energies, dynamic action, animal nature. force, power, strife, strain, adversity, work, achievement, competition and death. It also rules weapons, war, accidents, violence, surgery, tools, iron and steel. The day for working with Mars is Tuesday. Magical uses for Mars include issues of war, lust, violence, fast action, victory over enemies or obstacles, strength, endurance, leadership, independence and physical competitions.
Next on our list of planets is Mercury. Mercury is named for the swift Roman messenger god. As such it governs all forms of communication. Mercury was also the physician of the gods, so healing is also a characteristic of Mercury. The airy energy of Mercury is rapid, unpredictable and explosive. Mercury governs reason, intellect, rationalization, awareness, perceptions, opinions, transmission, words, speaking, writing, mailings and means of expression. It also deals with family, children, siblings, social contacts, day-to-day activities, travel and transportation. Wednesday is the day of Mercury. Magically, Mercury is used for works involving mental issues, learning, higher education, addictions, communications, travel, young people, messages, perception, self-expression, artists, poets and writers.
Fifth on our list of planets is Jupiter. Jupiter was the Roman king of the gods. It is sometimes called the Greater Benefic. Jupiter is the lawmaker, judge and benefactor of mankind. Jupiter rules leisure time, wealth, growth, prosperity, opportunity, assimilation, indulgence, optimism, big business, morality, the higher (abstract) mind, higher education, philosophy and luck. Jupiter’s energy is orderly and efficient, and fosters growth and increase. Jupiter, as lawmaker and judge, also governs legal matters. Thursday is the day of Jupiter. Magically, you would use Jupiter for works of growth, expansion, prosperity, money, business, and attracting more than what you have.
The sixth planet is Venus. It is the Planet of Love, named after the Roman goddess. It is also known as the Lesser Benefic. It has a mild and harmonious energy. Venus governs pleasure, natural love, sensuality sociability, attraction, interaction, art, music, poetry, drama, song, culture, beauty, possessions, jewelry, candy, sentiments, color, marriage and unions. Venus is used for magic involving love, peace, beauty, gentleness, women’s problems, healing, protection, lovers, ease, pleasure and affairs.
The seventh and final planet is Saturn. It was named after the Roman god of agriculture. It was also known as the Greater Malefic. Saturn is the taskmaster of the horoscope. Its energy is slow and enduring. Saturn rules organization, discipline, responsibility, structure, goals, career opportunities, limitations, conservatism, crystalized focus, restrictions, delays, theories, orthodoxy, tradition, depth, time, patience, truth, wisdom, aging and solidification. Magic involving overcoming limitations, the elderly, endings, deaths, blocks, constrictions and those restricting you are under the authority of Saturn.
Of course, these lists are by no means complete. But they will serve you in learning the energies of the planets. You can put together further correspondences based off of these lists. Also, as you can see there is some overlap in the energies of the planets. Look at all of the qualities of a planet when choosing the correct one for your undertakings.
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rahuvian · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Welcome to another part of this series, I will explain regarding one of the many divisional charts in Vedic Astrology which is the D10 or Dasamsa Chart. You can check out my previous post of this series regarding the Navamsa/D9 Chart. This will be a lengthy post so take your time to find a comfortable space or a time that you’re flexible with to read this. Enjoy! 💗🎀
A person's profession or career is an extremely significant aspect of their life. We're all curious about what we'll do with our lives. Astrology will help you predict your future career. By analysing your horoscope, you will learn when you will get a job, what kind of job is best for you, and so on. In astrology, the tenth house from the ascendant represents a career. You will learn a lot about your future by taking a look at your 10th house, planets in the 10th house, and 10th Lord.
In astrology, there are two types of charts: the main birth chart, also known as the D1/Rasi chart, and divisional chart, also known as purpose chart. The D1/Rasi Chart contains data on every aspect of our lives. From the D1/Rasi Chart, you will learn about marriage, work, education, and health. However, if you want to learn more about a specific aspect of life, check the divisional chart. The intent chart for a career is the D10/Dasamsa Chart.
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The D10 chart is a divisional chart, which means that the Rashi is divided into ten sections. Dasamsa refers to the 10th division or Dasam Amsa. The Dasamsa chart is created when a Rashi is divided into ten sections and a divisional chart is created. The D10 chart is a divisional chart that is created for the main birth chart, also known as the D1. Each part has a three-degree angle.
We can get information about our occupation and profession from the D10 chart. How much successful we’ll be? Whether we’ll be successful or otherwise. If that's the case, when do we expect that to happen? What is the most likely career for us to succeed in, and what is the most likely profession for us? When will we be able to get a job, whether it is a government or private job, and whether it will be in a foreign or native land? The answers to all career and profession-related questions can be found in the D10 chart.
After analysing the D1 chart and the D10 chart, you will have a good overview of your career path and professional life. The D10 and D9 charts are linked to significant events in our lives that are connected to the materialistic universe. The D9, D10, and D1 charts are the most critical charts in terms of material gain, professional achievement, and financial success.
The D10 chart represents all of the work or karma you can do in this life. Karma has nothing to do with the work you're doing. For instance, let’s assume that you're a prosecutor. So you don't just go to court. Politics and social work are two fields in which you can be involved. Your efforts will help the society. Other than legal activities, you will be involved in a variety of activities. Much of this is karma. The D10 chart contains all of this information. So, based on a thorough examination of the D10 chart, not only your job or profession, but also other aspects of your life can be predicted.
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Let's look at the important houses in the D10 chart. The D10 Lagna, or the first house, comes first. Then there's the 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses. Artha Trikona refers to these three houses. These houses will tell us what we will do for a living and how we will do it. Since the D10 chart is linked to a person's career. 2nd and 6th houses and the 10th house in D10 is very significant, along with the 1st house or the D10 Lagna.
Houses in the D10 Chart
The 1st House or Lagna of the D10 Chart — This house demonstrates our ability to perform karmas. The entire chart would be weakened if the ascendant lord is afflicted. Planets in the 1st house of D10 chart can affect our career or professional life greatly. It will shape the career in accordance with its importance.
The 2nd House of the D10 Chart — This house is about communication, family, and finances, among other things. The second house also represents our morals or the type of work we do. Suppose you have malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn in the 2nd place, then you can do the kind of work which is not permissible in the society. However, if you have planets such as Jupiter or Venus, you will not be doing such work.
The 3rd House of the D10 Chart — This house is all about bravery, fast travel, and change, etc. The 3rd house is associated with job transfers, job changes, and travel. If the 3rd house or 3rd Lord is well positioned in the D10 chart, or in good combination with the 10th house or 10th Lord, it indicates your writing capabilities. Profession related to the field of writing, such as poets, authors, and editors.
The 4th house of the D10 Chart — Happiness rules the fourth house. How satisfied you are with your job. 4th house reflects your image in your workplace. It's very good for your appearance and reputation at work if your 4th house has unafflicted and solid Moon, Jupiter, and Venus.
The 5th House of the D10 Chart — Our superiors, creative works, and intelligence are represented by the 5th house in the D10 chart. Different planets being placed in this house and also the rashi/signs it is in needed to be checked for further in depth analysis of the 5th house or the D10 Chart.
The 6th House of the D10 Chart — 6th house is the house of employment, enemy, challenges, fitting job and complexities. It's very good if the 6th house has malefic planets like the Sun, Mars, and Saturn. It will assist you in overcoming obstacles and challenges.
The 7th House of the D10 Chart — The house of Business is represented by the 7th house. If your 7th house is strong in your D10 chart or is linked to the 10th Lord, it will lead you to the world of business. Many people are often seen to come in business after job (which is the 6th house) The seventh house is the fourth house from fourth house. If you have benefic planets in your 7th house, it is good for your professional reputation and work travel.
The 8th House of the D10 Chart — This is the most enigmatic house amongst other houses. Suddenness, Delay, Obstacles, and all kinds of negative stuff are all represented in the 8th house. However, keep in mind that the 8th house is the 11th from the 10th, and the 8th house in the D10 chart indicates the type of delays and transformation you will face. It can also give you a sudden boost in your professional life if it is solid or well-disposed.
The 9th House of the D10 Chart — This house represents your luck or fortune, as well as your boss or higher authority. If the Lord of the Lagna in the D10 chart is put in the 9th house, The majority of the time, you are self-employed and dislike working for others.
The 10th house of the D10 Chart — You may have your career or karma depending on the importance of the planets in the D10 chart. If the tenth house is unoccupied, the tenth Lord will grant you profession. It is connected to the house it is located in or the planet it is associated with. The performance you will have in your professional life will be determined by the 10th house in your D10 chart.
The 11th House of the D10 Chart — Gain and social circle are represented by the 11th house. The 11th house represents your professional achievement, financial benefit, and assistance from your social circle or relatives.
The 12th House of the D10 Chart — The house of Loss is located in the 12th house. It also denotes a foreign countries that you will be travelling to. If the 12th Lord is connected to the 10th Lord in the 10th house, the 1st Lord of the Lagna Lord, you will be able to find work in a foreign country and earn a good living. So, these are the positions of the 12th houses, which vary slightly from those of D1 chart.
This post is becoming a lil lengthy for one to read so I’m ending it here. I will be continuing to talk about The Significance of Signs/Rashis & Planets being placed in the D10 Chart in the future hence stay tuned for more content! 💗🎀
Xoxo, rahuvian.
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