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#obey me Solomon time
cherryjkj · 8 days ago
All Angels who sin will eventually fall.
F*ck it I can't write but here is the main part of the story between my oc and Solomon that I wanted to share.
Bit of backround I'm assuming Solomon was born around the biblical era so I'm gonna be using a few references like the tower of babel to push the story forward.
TW: Choking, Corruption transformation, Sick motives, Revenge
"Well I have finally done it, I have found your weakness Angel"
Solomon remarks as he holds in his hands a Golden luminescent liquid in a glass bottle shaped like a quartz gem.
"I must admit though using a potion to delay the effects of your eventual transformation is impressive to say the least, but I know it wasn't you who made this potion. It could have never been you, even back're knowledge on magic was not vast enough."
"Tell me s-something I don't know bastard"
Estella coughs out as she holds her side bleeding from the random yet timed encounter with the white haired sorcerer.
"If I was in a better mood I would maybe entertain myself in this moment but I'm just here to settle the score"
Solomon sneers as he holds Estella in a choke hold
" We both know what you did and the consequences that came from it, so all I want to know is why...................." "Why did you involve my parents in your stupid little experiment? What was your sick deranged reason for getting my entire village involved in building the tower of Babel?!"
He lets go of her throat finally giving her the opportunity to breathe.
"I-it.................................was God's Will" she speaks out in a hoarse voice, her expression had pain written all over her face yet her eyes, deep in there he could see the sick look in her eye that he saw that very day when the tower came crashing down.
"Gods that case"
He breaks the glass bottle in his hand letting the golden liquid drip from his clenched fist onto the floor watching as the being in front of him goes ballistic as she tries to ingest the remaining liquid.
She screeches out as she writhes on the ground in the fetal position as her body immediately starts to shift from the angel form she has carried with her from birth to a form with two large horns being accompanied by smaller ones, and a long black dragon like tail.
"A form truly fitting for the creature that lurks within don't you think?" Solomon jests after he gains a sick yet justified sense of satisfaction.
All Estella could do was sneer in response.
"If the devildom wasn't so civilized I would kill you right now, but I also know that I would make a certain demoness very upset, so I bid you adieu Estella. Maybe later down the line we might be able to put all of this behind us for good but as for now, I suggest you tend to you're wounds"
Solomon says as he leaves the fallen angels room through the balcony where he came through in the first place, returning to purgatory hall as if nothing happened.
All the new demon could do in the moment was sob until she was immediately checked on by her mistress.
Ok I actually had fun writing this tbh, I think it came out ok, much better than what I tried to write, but let me know what you think of it!
BTW this is gonna be Estellas New demon form (made it via picrew and edited it in fire alpaca)
Tumblr media
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entitledgods · 10 days ago
(Yandere Solomon + yandere reader)
You seriously thought I wouldn’t escape? Hah, looks like that arrogance finally got the best of you. I was waiting and waiting for this day, though I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off, honestly...
You were too confident, and now you’re the one helplessly shackled to the wall. Isn’t that fun? Perhaps I should perform those little experiments on you too. For now though... mm, you can choose what game we play.
Ah- but I wouldn’t fight back if I were you. This is my favourite knife... I’d hate to get it dirty, so watch yourself.
Arrogance, really? What makes you think I didn't want this to happen, to free you and let you have your way with me like this? Yes, this is entertaining, so very interesting. There were many experiments I put used on you, why don't you try to remember the first one and go down the list. Lets see how well you can recreate my masterpieces. Go on, you have the floor.
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solomonish · 21 days ago
If you’re up for it, “spontaneously deciding to paint their spare room on a Sunday”, with Solomon perhaps?
Ficlet Requests!
Omg......anything for u 🥺🥺 hehe Domestic Solomon is the BEST i have like fifty different headcanons for what it would be like and all of them are so much fun. Love him. 💕 thank you for stopping by!
Spontaneously deciding to paint their spare room on a Sunday - Solomon
Tumblr media
"Are we even allowed to do this?" You asked, looking up at Solomon from where you sat cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by paint chips. Solomon didn't look back at you, instead standing in the middle of the room and surveying the area with his hands on his hips.
"I am not bound by the rules of this world," He murmured, half joking.
"Maybe, but I am and my name is on the lease." At that, he finally looked at you. Though you knew this back-and-forth was just for play, you couldn't help but be bothered by how good he was at appearing so casually condescending.
"Way to take the fun out of this," Solomon answered in a tone that told you he just barely stopped himself from sticking out his tongue.
"Now you know how it feels when you tell me I can't touch the mystical creatures we always come across."
"I only do that when your life is at risk!"
"And now my security deposit is at risk, which feels like basically the same thing." Hefting yourself up from the ground, you planted a sharp jab of your finger on his side and smiled triumphantly when he yelped. "Have we even decided on a color? I still think the sorcerer's study should be fuchsia."
He looked on the floor, already pre-emptively covered in plastic, before picking up a shade of dark purple. "How about this?"
Taking the paint chipped in your hands, you flipped it around to look at the blank side as if there was a better option on the back. There wasn't, and you knew he had his heart set on painting the spare room - which really worked as a study of sorts, since the two of you never had guests - a deep, dark, terrible plum. Knowing Solomon, he probably just picked the color with the forethought of throwing a dart at a map and traveling where it landed.
But hey, what did you care? It was just a room.
"Alright, but let's go fast. We're burning daylight!"
As you skipped ahead of him, you knew he was secretly relieved that you were on his side.
Solomon was wise beyond his years, even taking into account the fact that he had many of them beneath his belt. He was also a quick learner, and anything he hadn't learned yet took hardly any time to master. It was admiral, really, and his sharp mind was one of the most attractive things about him.
But taking into account his cooking and the uneven way he was painting the wall, you were beginning to think he was just bad at all forms of household labor.
You looked up from your spot crouching near the door frame to see Solomon struggling with the paint roller. For a moment, you thought you'd leave him be and finish your job painting along the outlines, which you did - only to see Solomon still having problems. You didn't mind a few roller marks or an uneven paint job, but you knew Solomon wanted to do the job right. Grunting as you stood, you grabbed the second roller and tapped on his shoulder.
"Mind if I give you a few tips?" You asked, switching rollers with him as he nodded. Solomon watched you as you painted one solid stripe and rolled the roller back over it, spreading the paint over the section expertly. When he took the roller back from you, you noticed how he looked at it suspiciously, as if it had chosen to work for you and not for him.
"What, did you do this for a living before the exchange program?" He asked. You only shrugged in response before starting on your own wall.
"I've helped a few people. One of the first times I painted a wall, I loaded the rollers with way too much paint and the drip marks at the bottom dried on."
"Really?" You turned and watched him resume painting, motions much smoother than before (albeit still a bit clumsy). You hummed in response, deciding not to tell him that you were just a child at the time.
You were beginning to realize that it was always the smallest things that seemed to be sore spots for Solomon, so you were glad to see he was in a better mood.
As the sun slipped beneath the horizon, darkening the shadows already stretching into your plastic-covered room, you and Solomon finished up the paint job in easy companionship. At some point, when the conversation ran out, you turned your phone on and spent your time dancing around Solomon, convincing him to at least sing along to some of the words. Each time you nearly slipped on the plastic underfoot, you could hear Solomon's quiet singing interrupted by a giggle that almost sounded boyish.
It suited him, you decided. He could be anything he wanted to be, and when he wanted to do something were glad to see him enjoy himself.
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knifenice · 24 days ago
[Sneakily flips your magic wand the other way around while you're not looking] Mr. Solomon Sir can I have that spell of un-peen? 🥺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Nice try. I’m not a fool, I wouldn’t fall for something that simple.”
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midnight-dome · 28 days ago
op... i would do anything for the smallest crumb of solomon and a nonbinary and/or ace mc... <3
hi lovely <3 i hope you are doing okay. you deserve every content in the world and i’m proud i can contribute a little bit to that. know that you are worthy of all the love and affection in the world and i hope this little piece makes you feel exactly that way <3
mc coming out as asexual to solomon
Tumblr media
"I'm asexual."
You involuntarily hold your breath as soon as the words leave your lips. Sitting across from your boyfriend you stare directly at him, bracing yourself for whatever reaction Solomon is going to have. With him being several centuries old you are unsure of what to expect, a tiny voice inside you screaming that he wouldn't understand. Or maybe he would. Maybe he would and maybe he would leave you. He would realize there was nothing for him to gain from this relationship and you are already halfway there to accept that outcome, when he suddenly cradles your hands in his.
"MC." You jump slightly, too lost in your own thoughts to be prepared for him to suddenly move in closer. "Thank you for telling me." He smiles at you and your first instinct is to be on guard, your brain trying to process the words that just left his mouth. "I'm sure that wasn't easy to do, so thank you for telling me."
"You- what?" Pausing for a moment, you search his face for any hint of confusion, any hint of rejection, but you find nothing. Instead he smiles at you, affection clear in his eyes, and chuckles softly at your obvious surprise.
"Ah. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh, but you look adorable with wide eyes like that," he apologizes and a more serious expression takes over his face as he searches for the right words to say. "I understand why this frightens you. More so does it hurt me that you even have to be afraid of my reaction, but there's nothing you have to be scared of." You're still staring at him, his hand moving to cup both of your cheeks and holding you like the most precious human.
"I have lived for so long, I saw all kinds of different sexual attractions or lack thereof. Even if I didn't, it wouldn't change a thing about how I feel for you." His voice leaves no doubt inside your mind that he means every word he says. "My love for you will never be dependent on something like that. Wether or not we are able to have sex is only such a small part of our relationship and it does not matter to me. The only thing I care about is being at your side and I'm so lucky to be able to do that."
Your vision starts to blurry, emotions taking over as tears begin to drip down your cheeks. However you expected this conversation to go, you never would've thought to feel the way you do right now. You feel loved. Cherished. Understood. At home. There was nothing for you to be afraid of.
Arms wrap around you and pull you into a hug, keeping you safe against Solomon as you are able to let go of the tension that kept your body hostage. Relief washes over you as you sob into his chest, clinging to him like he is your lifeline, while he soothes you by gently stroking your head. He whispers more confessions of love, words only reserved for your ears, because if there is anything Solomon can be sure of it's his devotion for you. For the rest of his life he is going to make sure that there is something you can be sure of despite anything else. That you are deserving of all the love in the world.
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blue-temperature · a month ago
[ESP] Obey Me! — Part-Time JOBS —
Tumblr media
/¡\ Advertencia: Esta traducción, al igual que las próximas tendrán solo las opciones que yo elegí mientras jugaba. Si quieren que agregue todas las opciones y sus respuestas, dejen un comentario aquí en Tumblr o en mi cuenta de Twitter /!\
Demonios en Acción
— Belphegor: *bostezo*... Tan cansado... Hey, MC, sé mi compañera de sueño.
— Asmodeus: Qué mal. MC está por ayudarme a repujar mis cutículas.
[ Una siesta contigo será agradable, Belphie. ] [ Puedo ayudarte con tus uñas, Asmo. ] ✓ [ Prefiero hacer cualquier otra cosa. ]
— Asmodeus: Gracias, cariño. Aquí está mi mejor lima. Hazlas brillar. Lo haré contigo después, MC.
— Leviathan: Oh, casi lo olvido. MC, envíame tu AP una vez que entres al juego.
— Mammon: Yo, MC, dame ese agua. Estoy seco aquí.
[ Enviar AP. ] [ Aquí tienes, Mammon. ] ✓ [ ¡Háganlo ustedes mismos! ]
— Mammon: ¡Gracias!
— Satan: MC, ¿Podrías regresar este libro a la biblioteca por mí?
— Beelzebub: MC, *masticar* *masticar* ... *eructar* ...Lo siento pero, ¿Podrías abrir este paquete? Mis dedos están muy grasosos...
[ Seguro, lo dejaré en la biblioteca luego. ] [ Dámelo. Lo abriré. ] ✓ [ Lean mis labios: NO. ]
— Beelzebub: Ah, gracias. *masticar* *masticar*... Hombre, esta cosa es adictiva... *masticar*...
— Lucifer: ¡Termínenlo, todos ustedes! La pereza aquí ha alcanzado niveles inaceptables últimamente. Le han estado pidiendo a MC cada pequeña cosa... Están perdiendo la habilidad de hacer las cosas por ustedes mismos. Y tú, MC, estás constantemente mimándolos.
— Mammon: Hey, vamos, relájate, ¿Sí? Un favor aquí y allá no es un gran problema.
— Lucifer: ...Entiendo perfectamente que las palabras por sí solas no conseguirán transmitir mi punto. Por lo tanto, tengo algo más en mi mente. Ahora, si me disculpan.
— Mammon: Yeesh, ¿Qué es lo que tiene en los calzones?
— Leviathan: ¿A qué crees que se refiere con tener algo más en la mente?
— Belphegor: Meh... Probablemente no es la gran cosa.
Tumblr media
— Diavolo: Bienvenidos, todos y cada uno.
— Mammon: ¿Convocados por el mismísimo Señor Diavolo? Realmente tengo un mal presentimiento sobre esto. ¡Aunque, lo que es peor... que esos tipos están aquí también!
— Luke: Hey, ¡Yo tampoco estoy feliz! ¡¿Por qué siempre soy arrastrado a estas cosas...?!
— Asmodeus: Entonces, ¿Por qué nos llamó aquí?
— Diavolo: Lucifer vino a verme ayer con una propuesta bastante interesante.
[ ¿Planes para la siguiente fiesta? ] [ ¿Un esquema de sobre cómo hacerse rico rápidamente? ] [ ¿Nuevas camas para los dormitorios? ] ✓
— Belphegor: Las suaves y mullidas son buenas, pero recomiendo encarecidamente colchones de apoyo para un sueño más reparador.
— Diavolo: ¿Es eso? Puede que tenga que mirar eso.
— Lucifer: No, no vinimos aquí a hablar sobre camas. Guarden esa discusión para después. Todos ustedes han estado inaceptablemente perezosos últimamente.
— Diavolo: Entonces, Lucifer me convenció para declarar esta semana “La Semana de Agradecimiento a los Trabajadores”.
— Belphegor: ¿Sin preguntarnos primero? Vamos...
— Beelzebub: ¿Agradecimiento a los trabajadores...? ¿Eso significa darles rosquillas?
— Satan: No todo es sobre comida, Beel. Significa agradecerles por su duro trabajo.
— Diavolo: Precisamente. ¡Y la mejor manera de mostrar apreciación es caminar una milla en sus zapatos!
— Leviathan: ¡Um, no! ¡No soy una célula, así que no pueden hacerme trabajar!
— Lucifer: ¿Célula? ¿De qué estás hablando?
— Leviathan: Espera, ¿Quieren decir que no han visto Cells Working Overtime? ¡Ese anime es legendario!
— Mammon: Nos pagarán por esto, ¿No?
— Diavolo: Es trabajo voluntario, por supuesto. Estaremos mostrando nuestro aprecio, después de todo.
— Mammon: ¡No puedes (estar hablando) en serio! ¡Y un demonio que voy a trabajar gratis!
— Lucifer: Has tenido montones de trabajos de medio tiempo antes, ¿No?
— Mammon: ¡Sí, para tener en mis manos algunos fríos y duros Grimm! ¡No voy a trabajar si no hay nada para mí!
— Lucifer: Si no quieres participar, entonces tendré que congelar tu tarjeta de crédito...permanentemente.
— Mammon: Entonces, ¿Dónde? ¡Para todo lo que necesiten, soy su chico! ¡SÓLO DÍGANLO!
— Lucifer: Eso está mejor.
— Solomon: ¿Pero por qué hemos sido arrastrados a esto...?
— Simeon: Bueno, suena divertido, ¿No lo crees?
Tumblr media
— Diavolo: Aquí hay una lista de opciones para ustedes. Por favor, escojan un trabajo que les gustaría hacer.
— Asmodeus: ¡Ah, qué suerte! Majolish está aquí. Sé a donde voy.
— Diavolo: Oh, estás excluido de la lista de Majolish, Asmodeus.
— Asmodeus: ¡¿Quéee?! ¡¿Por qué?!
— Diavolo: El punto del ejercicio es probar algo nuevo. Por favor, elije otro trabajo.
— Asmodeus: Aww...
— Simeon: ¿Has decidido qué te gustaría hacer, MC?
[ No quiero trabajar. ] [ ¡Todos esos se ven divertidos! No puedo decidir... ] ✓
— Simeon: ¡Sé a lo que te refieres! Hay tantas cosas que me gustaría probar.
— Diavolo: En ese caso, puedes visitar varios lugares de trabajo en el curso de esta semana, MC. Imagino que eso también ayudará a los demás a estar motivados.
— Mammon: ¡Espera! Todos estaremos haciendo esto, ¿Cierto?
— Lucifer: Sí, ¿Qué hay con eso?
— Mammon: Eso significa que tú también, ¿Cierto, Lucifer?
— Lucifer: ¿Qué? Tonterías.
[ ¡Eso no es justo! ] [ ¿No sería más divertido con todos? ] ✓
— Diavolo: Hmm... Sí, tienes un excelente punto, MC.
— Lucifer: No me gusta a donde van las cosas...
— Diavolo: Está decidido. Lucifer, Barbatos, por favor hagan selecciones también.
— Lucifer: ¿Qu—...? Esto no es lo que habíamos discutido.
— Diavolo: Creo que sería una experiencia beneficiosa para ti también.
— Lucifer: ¿Vas a estar de acuerdo con esto, Barbatos?
— Barbatos: Sí, se me anticipó este cambio de eventos.
— Diavolo: Tengo asuntos que atender y, por lo tanto, no puedo participar yo mismo... Tan decepcionante como esto es, espero ver los frutos de su labor. Por favor, hagan su elección para mañana. Haré los arreglos necesarios.
— Lucifer: Debí haber visto esto venir...
Tumblr media
— Barbatos: Aunque esperaba esto, se siente extraño estar lejos del Joven Señor por un período extendido de tiempo.
— Lucifer: Puedes regresar al Castillo del Señor Demonio tan pronto como el trabajo termine.
— Mammon: Entonces, ¿Realmente vamos a trabajar como bomberos?
— Lucifer: Aparentemente... Aunque es difícil creer que una departamento de bomberos tome a aficionados. En todo caso, estaré mirando para asegurarme de que no te escabullas antes, Mammon.
[ Mantendré un ojo en él también. ] ✓ [ Mammon encontrará una manera para no esforzarse. ]
— Lucifer: (Es) muy apreciado, MC.
— Mammon: ¡Vamos, ustedes dos! Tenga algo de fe, ¿Sí?
— Barbatos: En algún sentido, ellos tienen gran fe de que intentarás escabullirte del trabajo. Comenzaremos con entrenamiento básico.
— Barbatos: El primer ejercicio es derribar esos objetivos con forma de fuego utilizando esta manguera contra incendios. Es una habilidad importante para cuando extinguir llamas con magia no es una opción. MC. Tú y yo trabajaremos juntos para este primer intento. ¿Estás lista? ¡Ah, eso no es bueno MC! Es peligroso acercarse a las llamas. Mantén una distancia segura y pon los pies firmemente en una postura amplia. Sostén la manguera así... De acuerdo, estoy abriendo la válvula. La presión del agua es bastante considerable, así que asegúrate de mantener un fuerte agarre... ¡Ahora!
— Barbatos: Perfecto.
[ Es gracias a ti por tus claras instrucciones. ] ✓ [ No fue tan difícil. ]
— Barbatos: Yo simplemente proporcioné un pequeño consejo. Tú fuiste quien lo logró, MC.
Tumblr media
— Lucifer: Siguiente, estaremos simulando un incendio en un gran edificio. Usaremos esta manguera para extinguir el fuego en la segunda planta. Apuntaré la manguera, así que dame apoyo de respaldo, MC.
[ ¡Lo tengo! ] ✓ [ Yo quería apuntar la manguera... ]
— Lucifer: Ese es el espíritu. Sé que puedo confiar en ti. ¿Lista? ¡Estoy abriendo la válvula!
— Lucifer: MC, mantén la manguera bajo control.
[ ¡Lo estoy (haciendo)! ] [ ¿Cómo estás tan calmado? ] ✓
— Lucifer: ¿Qué bien haría entrar en pánico en esta situación? Aún tienes mucho que aprender, MC. ¡Suficiente! ¡Cierra la válvula! ...Eso tomó más de lo que esperaba, pero lo hiciste decentemente, MC.
[ Lo haré mejor la próxima vez. ] ✓ [ ¿”Decentemente”? ]
— Lucifer: Mantén esa mentalidad. Un solo descuido durante una emergencia real puede ser letal.
Tumblr media
— Mammon: ¡Demonios, sí! ¡Ahora puedes entrenar conmigo! Veamos... “MC está atrapada en un edificio en llamas.” “Realiza un rescate escalando la cuerda y entrando por la ventana...”. Bien. ¡Qué fácil! Te sacaré de ahí en cinco segundos. ¡Solo espera!
[ (Ser) demasiado confiado conduce a la falla, ¿Sabes? ] ✓ [ Creo que puedes hacerlo en tres. ]
— Mammon: Vamos. ¡La palabra “fallar” no está en mi vocabulario! Ahora, ve allá y prepárate. ¡Estaré justo ahí!
— Mammon: ¡Heeey! ¡MC! ¿Puedes escucharme? ¡Cuenta hacia atrás! Tres, dos uno... ¡VAMOS! ¡AQUÍ VOOOY!
— Lucifer: Mira, Mammon. Esta ventana está en llamas y por lo tanto no se puede pasar.
— Mammon: ¡¿Qué demonios?! ¡No vi ninguna regla sobre eso!
— Lucifer: Esta es una simulación realista de un incendio real.
— Mammon: Bien... Sólo patearé la pared, saltar por encima y continuar escalando. ¡Rwaaahhh!
— Lucifer: ¿Oh? Impresionante...
— Barbatos: Me temo que esa no es una opción. Las llamas han alcanzado este sitio también.
— Mammon: ¡No voy a volver a caer de nuevo! ¡Rwaaagh! ¡Nadie se meterá en mi camino! ¡Maldición! ¡Lo hice! ¿Qué te dije?
[ Eres bastante bueno cuando realmente lo intentas. ] [ ¡Eso fue tan genial! ] ✓
— Mammon: ¡Maldición! ¿Quién te crees que soy? ¡El Gran Mammon, ese soy! ¡Pero espera hasta ver lo que puedo hacer una situación real!
— Lucifer: Bueno, solo estamos entrenando hoy.
— Mammon: ¡¿Quéee?! ¡¿Por qué?!
— Lucifer: Los aficionados no están permitidos en una escena real de fuego, obviamente.
— Barbatos: En efecto, es es demasiado peligroso. Enfoquémonos en entrenar por hoy.
— Mammon: ¡Maldición! ¡¿Cómo MC va a verme en acción ahora?!
Tumblr media
— Luke: ¡MC! ¡Te hemos estado esperando! ¡Vamos a trabajar para Akuzon hoy!
— Beelzebub: Cuento contigo, MC.
— Satan: Creo que encontrarás este trabaja algo demandante físicamente, pero demos lo mejor de nosotros. De acuerdo. Todos a su correo. Buena suerte.
— Luke: MC, me ayudarás embalando primero. Espera un segundo. Traeré la carga.
[ Puedo hacerlo. ] ✓ [ No la tires. ]
— Luke: ¡E-Estoy bien! Esto no es nada... ¡Lo tengo! Fiu... ¡Bien! Ahora guardarla. No te olvides del envoltorio de burbujas.
— Luke: Oh, MC. Pon una capa extra de cinta en la parte de arriba o eso se saldrá. S-Será mejor que lo hagas un poco más fuerte.
[ Estás realmente metido en esto, ¿No es así? ] [ Realmente eres de ayuda. ] ✓
— Luke: ¡¿Lo soy?! B-Bueno, este es mi segundo día de trabajo. ¡Pregúntame cualquier cosa! ¡Bien, a la siguiente!
Tumblr media
— Satan: Ah, MC. Supongo que has venido a ayudar. Puede que no tengamos que hacer trabajo físico aquí, pero no significa que sea fácil. En Ayuda al Cliente, es nuestro trabajo responder correos y llamadas telefónicas.
[ Estoy dispuesta a hacer cualquier trabajo. ] ✓ [ Entonces, ¿Quejas del cliente...? ]
— Satan: Esa es una actitud excelente. Pero también es importante decir si te sientes incómoda con algo. ¿Puedo pedirte que trabajes con los correos? El manual está justo aquí. Pregúntame si algo no está claro.
— Satan: Hola, usted ha llamado al servicio de ayuda al cliente de Akuzon. El que habla es Satan. Sí, sí... ¿Y no ha llegado? Entiendo la situación. Deme sólo un momento para revisar nuestro registro... ...Gracias por su paciencia. El envío fue procesado y confirmado... Sí, sí... Ya veo... Me encargaré de ello inmediatamente. Gracias por llamar al servicio de ayuda al cliente de Akuzon. Fiu...
[ Estoy impresionada de que pudieras aguantar eso. ] ✓ [ ¡¿Cómo estás tan calmado?! ]
— Satan: Oh, estoy estresado, créeme. Aún así, ha sido una experiencia valiosa el aprender cómo se siente (estar) en este lado de la línea. Puedes apostar que seré mucho más considerado la próxima vez que haga una llamada al servicio al cliente. Además, he descubierto que puedo manejar incluso las quejas más irrazonables. Asumo que es porque vivo con un montón de individuos poco razonables. ¿Quién hubiera pensado que esa habilidad sería útil en el trabajo?
Tumblr media
— Beelzebub: De acuerdo. Es momento de hacer algunas entregas. Estas cajas son bastante pesadas. ¿Crees que puedes llevarlas?
[ ¡Por supuesto! ] [ Daré lo mejor de mí. ] ✓
— Beelzebub: Suena bien. Tengo tu espalda. Este área tiene colinas escalonadas y calles estrechas, así que tendremos que entregar estos a pie. Tú toma esa, MC. Sígueme. ...Doblamos aquí.  Entonces arriba de esta colina... ...¿Aguantas, MC?
[ ¡Sip! ¡Sin problemas! ] [ Ya estoy exhausta... ] ✓
— Beelzebub: Ya me lo imaginaba. Aquí, dame ese paquete. Tomaré el resto. Tú lleva el papeleo, ¿Bien? Podría acostumbrarme a este trabajo, honestamente. Es un buen ejercicio y, he descubierto muchos restaurantes nuevos. Además, puedo parar por bocadillos en el camino.
[ ¿Eso está permitido? ] [ Es perfecto para ti, Beel. ] ✓
— Beelzebub: Sí, probablemente podría hacerlo a tiempo completo.
Tumblr media
— Simeon: ¡Ah, MC! Estaremos trabajando juntos hoy.
— Solomon: Estás en pie todo el día, pero es más difícil de lo que parece.
— Leviathan: ¡MC, estás aquíii! ¡Este lugar es el infierno viviente! ¡Todo es tan ostentoso! ¡Mis ojos! ¡Mis ojos!
— Solomon: Vamos, Leviathan. Es momento de los simulacros de interacción con clientes.
— Leviathan: ¡Ugghhhh! ¡Espera, ESPERA! ¡Déjame hablar con MC solo un poco más! ¡ALIVIAME! 
— Simeon: Entonces, la primera cosa que necesitamos hacer es configurar la pantalla frontal. Aquí hay superiores, inferiores* y accesorios para elegir, pero tenemos que incorporar las últimas tendencias también. Incidentalmente, el púrpura es tendencia en Devildom en este momento. ¿En qué crees que deberíamos usar púrpura en la pantalla?
[ Superiores. ] [ Inferiores. ] [ Accesorios. ] ✓
— Simeon: Sí, una pieza de joya bien colocada puede hacer diferencia en un atuendo. Es complicado, pero démosle una oportunidad. Ahora, si emparejamos esto con eso... Y movemos esto aquí... ¿Bien...? ¿Qué piensas?
[ ¡Usaría eso! ] [ ¡Tu sentido de la moda es increíble! ] ✓
— Simeon: ¿Eso crees? Estoy feliz de que te guste. Espero que se venda. Ahora, entonces, es momento de abrir.
Tumblr media
— Solomon: MC, ven por aquí, por favor. Esas estanterías necesitan algo de atención. Mira. Un cliente obviamente pasó y los dejó por ahí. Necesitan ser doblados y colgados de nuevo. Oh y no te olvides de re-abastecer.
[ Este realmente aburrido. ] [ ¡Bien, daré lo mejor de mí! ] ✓
— Solomon: Gran actitud, MC. De hecho, tengo ganas de esforzarme más yo mismo. Aunque estar sobre mis pies todo el día es más cansador de lo que anticipé... Aparentemente trabajar en (una tienda de) ropa no es todo brillo y glamour. De acuerdo, sígueme a la sala de almacenamiento. Necesitamos conseguir más productos en el piso de ventas.
— Solomon: Fiu. Eso tomó un tiempo. Aquí, ten una bebida. ¿Estás decepcionada con todo el trabajo servil?
[ Se podría decir eso. ] [ Es divertido de alguna manera. ] ✓
— Solomon: Disfrutas casi cualquier cosa, ¿No? Esa es una de tus características más encantadoras. Bien, se terminó el descanso. Volvamos a trabajar.
Tumblr media
— Leviathan: Aah... El trabajo de trastienda es mucho mejor... Solo quiero hacer inventario todo el día. No sé cómo manejar el hablar con clientes, MC. ¡Cuando estoy comprando, odio cuando los asistentes de ventas intentan entablar una conversación! ¡Ese es el por qué solo compro en línea! ¡Estos días puedes crear un avatar con tus medidas e intentar hacer algo virtualmente! No estoy hecho para el piso de ventas, ¡¿Así que por qué estaría atorado aquí?! ¡Alguien explíquemelo en tres palabras o menos! Me inscribí para algo más, pero el Señor Diavolo me forzó a hacer esto...
[ No te preocupes. ] [ Es una oportunidad para superar tu timidez. ] ✓
— Leviathan: Ngh... si lo pones así, entonces me siento incluso menos motivado... Dime, MC, ¿Podrías interpretar a un cliente para mí? Necesito practicar. Seré el empleado, así que solo actúa natural. ¿Lista? Mngh... ¿Te gusta esa camisa? Tengo una yo mismo, incluso.
[ Deja una a un lado para mí, por favor. ] [ ¿Qué color va conmigo? ] ✓
— Leviathan: Déjame ver... Creo que el púrpura es el color para ti. ¡En realidad, obtuvimos esta ayer! ¡Esta es la última tendencia de la temporada! ¿Qué piensas? ¡Vaya, es tan tú! No, um.... Quiero decir, te sienta muy bien. Hm... Creo que comienzo agarrarle la mano a esto. ¡Gracias, MC!
Tumblr media
— Asmodeus: ¡MC! ¡Estás aquí, querida! Finalmente seremos compañeros de trabajo.
— Belphegor: Supongo que eso significa que es nuestro último día de trabajo.
— Asmodeus: Todo fue más rápido de lo que pensé. Quiero decir, fue horrible al principio...
— Belphegor: Pero resultó ser... no lo sé, ¿Divertido?
[ ¡¿Ustedes dos se divirtieron?! ] [ Trabajar no es tan malo, ¿No es así? ] ✓
— Asmodeus: Soy reacio a admitirlo pero... algo de ello fue interesante.
— Belphegor: Aunque tengo que decir que, hemos estado tan ocupados que he dormido como un muerto después de llegar a casa cada día.
— Asmodeus: Y mi pobre piel se ha puesto tan áspera...
[ ¡Esa es la prueba de que han estado trabajando duro! ] ✓ [ Los prefiero de la manera en que siempre son. ]
— Belphegor: Prueba de que he trabajado duro, ¿Huh? Podría hacerlo sin ese tipo de prueba. Bueno, será mejor que comencemos.
— Asmodeus: ¿Serías (tan) amable y darme una mano?
Tumblr media
— Asmodeus: Primero de todo, necesitamos ordenar el correo por sobres y postales y luego por dirección. Este estante está marcado con códigos de área, así que por favor, lee con cuidado y ponlos en los cubículos correctos.
[ Parece difícil. ] [ Me gusta ordenar. ] ✓
— Asmodeus: ¡Entonces tienes suerte, querida, porque hay una pila entera de cartas y postales con tu nombre en ellas! ¡Sírvete con las mías, también! ❤ ...Este trabajo puede ser algo divertido, ¿No crees? Puedes leer las postales, manejar sobres gruesos... Te hace preguntarte sobre quién los escribió y por qué. Espera... ¿Acabo de decir eso? Raro.
[ Ese es un sentimiento conmovedor, en realidad. ] ✓ [ Eso no sonó como el Asmo que conozco... ]
— Asmodeus: Jeje, solo sabía que entenderías a dónde estaba yendo, MC. Hablando en serio, este trabajo es horrorosamente mundano. ¿Yo, trabajando es una oficina de correos? Absurdo... ¡El trabajo de la tienda de ropa estaba JUSTO AHÍ! Me enfurecí por completo al principio. Pero, he pensado en ello. Se siente como si valiera la pena hacer este trabajo, ¿Sabes? ¡Argh! ¡Ahí voy de nuevo! ¡Volverse un respetable miembro de la sociedad... de Devildom! Cuando esto termine, necesito volver a ser mi amado yo TAN RÁPIDO COMO SEA POSIBLE. ¡Después de todo, es mi hermoso rostro el que hizo todos enamorarse en primer lugar! 
Tumblr media
— Belphegor: Podría ser que te entreguen el correo. Usualmente solo vamos por alrededor en bicicletas. Probablemente no conozcas las calles, así que sígueme. La ruta comienza con esta casa. Ah, aquí hay algunos correos para la próxima puerta. Ve a ponerlo en el buzón. Te veré cruzando la calle cuando termines.
[ Estás bastante motivado, Belphie. ] ✓ [ Pareces divertirte. ]
— Belphegor: ¿Eso crees? No siento nada diferente... ¿Huh? ¿Lo estoy intentando sin darme cuenta? ¿Estoy enfermo...? Algunas veces, cuando estoy fuera entregando cartas de esta manera, la gente me agradece. Nunca ha habido tanta gente agradecida conmigo antes, así que... ...Supongo que lo disfruto.
[ Has crecido, Belphie. ] ✓ [ ¿Te estás sonrojando? ]
— Belphegor: Crecido, ¿Huh...? No siento ninguna diferencia. ...Pero, eso está bien. De acuerdo, para la siguiente calle... ...¿Hm? ¿Qué es esa conmoción en la calle principal...?
Tumblr media
— Belphegor: ¡¿Qué demonios?! ¡¿Un incendio?!
— Asmodeus: ¡MC! ¡Belphie! ¡Gracias a Dios que están a salvo!
— Satan: ¡Chicos!
— Belphie: ¡Beel, Satan! Y Luke también...
— Satan: El fuego estaba justo en mi ruta de entregas.
— Luke: ¡Todos están entrando en pánico! ¡¿Qué sucede?!
[ ¡¿Qu-Qu-Qué debemos hacer?! ] [ Tenemos que mantener la calma. ] ✓
— Luke: T-Tienes razón... ¡Siempre eres tan genial y tranquila, MC!
— Asmodeus: Hay un incendio masivo allí, por lo que parece.
— Beelzebub: Y las chispas están volando por todos lados y comenzando pequeños incendios...
— Satan: Esto no es bueno. Hay una comunidad de demonios que son sensibles al fuego viviendo en la base de la colina.
— Belphegor: Entonces, depende de nosotros ponerlos a salvo.
— Luke: ¡Sí! ¡Conocemos todas las calles después de hacer esas entregas!
— Beelzebub: Llevaré a los demonios más lentos. Vamos.
[ ¡Son tan admirables! ] ✓ [ ¡Ayudaré también! ]
— Asmodeus: No es broma, es como si no fuéramos nosotros...
— Belphegor: Pero probablemente este no es el mejor momento para discutirlo.
— Luke: S-Soy un ángel, ¡¿Recuerdan?! Ellos pueden ser demonios pero... ¡Yo tengo que ayudarlos!
Tumblr media
— Beelzebub: ¡Por este camino! ¡Rápido! ¡MC, no caigas detrás!
— ???: ¡No empujen! ¡Mantengan la calma y sigan nuestras direcciones!
— Leviathan: ...¿Huh? ¡MC! ¡Estoy feliz de verte! ¡La tienda usa su megáfono para ventas, pero la estamos usando para dirigir a las personas a (un lugar) seguro!
— Solomon: Escuchamos que estabas en la oficina de correo hoy, así que estábamos preocupados.
— Simeon: Íbamos a ir a verte después de que las cosas se calmaran, pero... ...Ahora que sabemos que estás a salvo, podemos seguir ayudando con la evacuación.
— Solomon: ¿Hm...? ¡Mira hacia allí! ¡Esos ciudadanos están atrapados!
[ ¡Yo iré! ] ✓ [ ¡¿Qué debemos hacer?! ]
— Solomon: ¡Espera, MC!
— Leviathan: Woa, woa... ¡Eso es demasiado peligroso!
— Simeon: ¿Estás bien, MC? Qué alivio... Los ciudadanos están a salvo también.
— Solomon: MC, vamos a quedarnos aquí y a ayudar. Por favor, dirige a esas personas a un lugar seguro.
— Leviathan: Iré contigo, MC. ¡Vamos!
— Simeon: ¡Cuento contigo, Leviathan!
— Leviathan: *jadeo* *jadeo* Ugh... ¡Mierda! ¡No hay manera de pasar por esta calle con todo el humo! ¿Qué hacemos? Podría invocar a Lotan, pero toda la ciudad podría ser arrastrada al mar.
— ???: ¡Rwaaargh! ¡Coman esto, LLAAAAMAS!
— Mammon: Parece que lo hicimos en tiempo.
— Barbatos: ¿Estás lastimada, MC?
— Mammon: ¡Jeh! ¡Pequeñas fogatas como estas no son rivales para el Gran Mammon!
[ ¡Eso fue tan genial! ] ✓ [ ¡No seas tan engreído! ]
— Mammon: Jeje. ¡Ahora somos bomberos establecidos!
— Lucifer: Ahora es tu oportunidad. Ve.
— Barbatos: Y tengan cuidado.
— Mammon: ¡Lo tenemos!
Tumblr media
— Leviathan: ...Parece que hemos conseguido salvar a todos.
— Beelzebub: ¡MC! ¡Ahí estás! Me preocupé tanto después de que nos separamos.
— Solomon: Qué alivio. Estaba empezando a pensar en que algo te había pasado.
— Luke: ¡MC! ¡Gracias a Dios!
— Leviathan: Parece que todos están sanas y a salvo.
[ Estaba preocupada por ti también. ] [ Sabía que estarían bien. ] ✓
— Satan: Bueno, todos podemos usar magia por si todo empeoraba.
— Simeon: Aunque Diavolo estaría furioso si se destruyera la ciudad.
— Mammon: ¡Salgan del camino! ¡El bombero superior de Devildom está aquí!
— Lucifer: Detén a tu ego.
— Satan: Si solo Lucifer se hubiera incendiado...
— Lucifer: Tomaría más que un gran incendio para dañarme.
— Barbatos: Estoy feliz de ver que todos ustedes están en buen estado.
— Asmodeus: Todos están aquí ahora.
— Lucifer: Todos los demonios locales han sido evacuados con seguridad y contabilizados.
— Belphegor: ¿Huh...?
— Satan: ¿Aplausos?
— Leviathan: ¡¿E-Están ellos...agradeciéndonos...?!
[ ¡Esta es la primera vez para todos! ] ✓ [Me gustaría agradecerles también. ]
— Lucifer: En efecto, un milagro.
Tumblr media
— Diavolo: En verdad, he estado mirándolos en secreto durante toda la semana pasada... ¡Y debo decir, que su desempeño fue espectacular!
— Lucifer: Así que, ese era el “asunto” que tenías que atender.
— Diavolo: Si fuera a observarlos abiertamente, ustedes solo trabajaría duro mientras yo miro, ¿Si?
— Lucifer: Podrías haberme informado, al menos.
— Diavolo: ¿Dónde está la diversión así? Con eso dicho, todos ustedes parecen haber madurado durante la semana pasada. ¿Lo han notado?
[ ¡Tienes razón! ] ✓ [ ¿En serio...? ]
— Mammon: ¿Eso crees? ¿Algo es diferente?
— Satan: Hmm. No puedo decirlo.
— Diavolo: No, es entendible que no puedan verlo, pero les aseguro que los demás pueden. Claramente han crecido a través de sus experiencias de trabajo. Como prueba de ello, recibí esto de la cabeza del departamento de bomberos. Es una carta escrita a puño y letra de gratitud por sus rápidas y diligentes acciones que salvaron la vida de los ciudadanos de Devildom.
— Lucifer: ¿Una carta de gratitud...? ¿Para nosotros?
[ Debido a que trabajaron tan duro. ] ✓ [ No lo merecemos. ]
— Leviathan: Bueno, era eso o morir, así que...
— Mammon: ¡Todos sabemos que fui el más épico!
— Diavolo: Lucifer, por favor, acepta esta carta en nombre de todos aquí. Creo que significará mucho para ellos. Estoy tan feliz de que organizáramos este evento.
— Lucifer: ...Y ojalá, los haya curado de su pereza también.
Tumblr media
Unos días después.
— Asmodeus: *suspiro* Oh, maldita sea... ¡Mi piel es un completo desastre! ¡MC, masajea esta crema en mí! ¿Cómo maneja la gente hermosa mantener una piel preciosa y trabajar? ¿Es magia?
— Leviathan: ¡Oh, MC! ¡Tengo una misión! ¡Entra y ayúdame!
— Belphegor: MC, necesito tu regazo...
— Mammon: MC, pásame mi D.D.D., ¿Si?
— Beelzebub: *masticar* *masticar*... *tragar* ¡Guh! ¡MC...! Comida atorada...en mi garganta... ¡Jugo, por favor!
— Satan: ...¿Soy el único que está experimentando un déjà vu?
[ ¡Esperen chicos, uno a la vez! ] [ Volvimos al punto de partida. ] ✓
— Satan: Entonces, ¿No solo soy yo? Estaba preocupado por un segundo.
— Lucifer: ¡¿Ya se han olvidado de sus experiencias de trabajo?!
[ Todo fue inútil. ] ✓ [ Me gustaría pensar que han cambiado un poco. ]
— Asmodeus: Bueno, las personas no cambian tan fácil...
— Mammon: ¡Demonios, sí! ¡ ¡Estoy haciendo banco en el casino hoy! ¡Puedo sentirlo!
— Satan: Mantén esas declaraciones para ti misma.
— Asmodeus: Es oficial, romper en sudor en el trabajo no es para mí. Mi piel no puede manejarlo.
— Leviathan: ¡Solo voy a refugiarme en mi habitación por siempre!
— Lucifer: *suspiro*... No hay cura para ellos, ¿No...?
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! Theory Time ! (! Spoilers !)
Yeah Solomon in lesson 46-12 that he HAD someone he loved but it wasn’t mutual ? So Solomon loved that person but they didn’t ? Maybe it’s stupid theory but what if Solomon was a FRIEND of the man Lilith fell in love with? You know they were three best friends at first then Solomon and that man fell in love with Lilith but Lilith choose that man and Solomon cared about both of them and he wanted them to be happy with eachother so he let them. (of course he was sad). He didn’t even confess his true feelings to Lilith because he didn’t want to  destroy their friendship.Then his friend fell ill, Lilith died at war. Maybe he was trying to heal his friend himself?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Another :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Maybe he summoned Barbatos to help him heal his friend ? Solomon back then valued his friend and love.
And another thing I like to think and that is his hair weren’t always white. Maybe they were black, brown ? You know he’s very VERY very old so maybe how did he age so his hair just turned white?
Now that flower Solomon is holding in his new card animation :
I think it’s carnation.
Tumblr media
Meaning of flower:  Love, purity, good luck fascination and distincion
When were are at it...
Does Simeon, Luke and Solomon know that MC is Lilith’s descendant ?
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lookabarbatossimp · a month ago
Obey Me || N/SFW Prompt Requests [CLOSED]
closed for the time being!
i’m unsure what to write so i’m going to take a few requests. i have a list of prompts and you can select 1-3 numbers and 1-2 Obey Me characters (Luke is off limits). the character will be the one to saying the quote. i will close requests when i reach a certain number.
ex. 69, 420 with Mammon and Levi
the reader will be gender neutral. i will either leave the reader’s body unspecified or have two separate writings for AFAB and AMAB. they/them pronouns will be used. any pet names will be used as a gender neutral term (ex. slut, whore).
content warning: degradation 
18+ only! if i find out that you’re a minor, i will block you and redirect you to my SFW page! i trust that everyone sending requests is 18 and up. 
1. “Don’t make a sound, you hear me?”
2. “Don’t speak. Take your clothes off.”
3. “Oh, you like it when I touch you right there.”
4. “Beg for it.”
5. “Be a good little whore for me.”
6. “Take it like the good little slut you are.”
7. “You’re already so hard/wet and I’ve barely done anything.”
8. “Louder. Let everyone know how much of a slut you are.”
9. “Touch yourself, but don’t you dare fucking come.”
10. “Keep your eyes on the mirror while I fuck you.”
11. “You thought I was done with you?”
12. “I said, on your knees.”
13. “I’m going to fuck that attitude out of you.”
14. “That’s it, baby. Keep doing that.”
15. “Come all over my face.”
16. “That was so fucking hot.”
17. “Last warning.”
18. “This little hole is mine, you got that?”
19. “Don’t cover your face, darling. I wanna see you when you come.”
20. “How naughty. You take my dick so well.”
21. “Harder. Please!”
22. “Please! Fuck me until I can’t come anymore!”
23. “I need you so badly.”
24. “Please. I’ll be a good boy for you.”
25. “Make me.”
26. “I bet you can’t make me come.”
27. “Please, give me your cum.”
28. “I’ve had better.”
29. “Right there. Touch me right there.”
30. “Please, I wanna come so bad.”
31. “Ah, you feel so good.”
32. ““I’m going to fuck the attitude out of you (mocking tone)” try me.”
33. “What if someone sees/hears us?”
34. “No, I don’t think I will.”
35. “Fuck me harder. I can take it.”
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mvmmoney · a month ago
Tumblr media
solomon spicy thoughts have entered the chat!!!
this came to me in a fever dream and I typed as fast as I could. I have no context for this, just straight up h hours with my favorite evil wizard overlord.
🔞 if under 18 🔞 do not interact 🔞
tw // sub!mc, light choking, nb!mc (they/them pronouns)
"So what's this potion do exactly, Solomon?" MC watched the sorcerer pour a lilac colored fluid into a small glass, notes of honeysuckle releasing into the air as he did so.
He finished his pour before answering, making sure the measurements were precise. "I suppose it's more or less what you could call a truth serum. Though it's far less potent and doesn't make you divulge the truth inexplicably. More courage to live in ones own truth freely, without feeling hesitating factors like shame, or fear." He placed the glass in MC's hand and shrugged, a response to MC's raised brow. "A witch I know has taken in a human apprentice, but she suspects he's sharing her craft with those who oppose her. I owed her a favor from long ago that has now been payed, well, depending." His hands motioned to the sweet smelling drink MC held. Solomon had assured them all previous tests went without a hitch; after a moment of contemplation, MC nodded their head. "Alright then, bottoms up."
There was nothing at first, just the scent honeysuckle and rain. It was calming, or maybe that was the potion at work, MC couldn't really tell. Solomon was standing in front of them, eyes focused and sharp. "Okay, you should be feeling more or less at ease right about now, would you say that's true?"
MC nodded. Ah, it’s the potion then.
"Good. Let's give it a test. Do you enjoy your time here in the realm of demons?"
"Sure do," answered MC, a grin on their face, "that's an easy one."
"Fair enough," Solomon agreed. He gestured over to a large couch that looked like something Belphie would have loved to sleep on. "Shall we?" He asked. MC headed in the living area’s direction, walking past him in the process. Being near him like this, even for a second, had always stirred something in MC. Neither of them had made advances towards each other before, but MC had sure thought about it once...and then maybe more than once. They wondered if Solomon had thought the same. 
He asked the next question as they sat down adjacent from each other. "Describe to me what it feels like to make a pact with a demon."
MC closed their eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling his minty scent. They felt goosebumps raise up on their arms. "Feels like...feels like power. Feels ancient and alive." MC opened their eyes, a little in awe of their own answer. It had been impossible to describe before, but now the adjectives they needed were clear as day. Solomon looked pleased, "Couldn't have said it better myself."
He looked down and noticed the glass still in MC's hand. "Let me take that. You've done me quite the honor in proving the effects of my gift, I could at the very least be an attentive host." His hand brushed against MC's as they handed him the empty cup. It felt like fire as it lingered on MC's skin. They clasped their hands together in response, bringing them to their chest.
Solomon immediately looked from the glass to their hands. "What is it? Are you alright?"
MC nodded, though their brows were still pulled together in slight confusion. "I'm fine. It's just, hand feels warm, specifically where you touched it."
Solomon cocked his head to the side, curious. "Where I touched it? Are you in pain?" MC shook their head. He put the glass to the side and reached for MC's hands. They let Solomon take them in his own gentle grasp, the same tantalizing burn tingling their skin again. MC shuddered, unable to stop a fluttering feeling growing in their stomach; it slowly radiating throughout their entire body.
The man in front of them was still closely inspecting their hand. "There doesn't seem to be any physical marks. A warm feeling you say? Are you feeling it now?"
MC nodded, though now it was a lot more than a warm feeling isolated to their hands. For the past couple seconds they hadn't been able to focus on much other than Solomon's lips. Their cheeks felt hot.
Solomon placed his finger under MC’s chin, lifting their face slightly to meet his gaze. MC's heartbeat sped up. "This is a little unusual, I must admit, but not entirely unpredictable. Tell me, what are you thinking, right now?" 
Though MC felt their face flush, the truth flowed right out of them, no hesitation. "I can't stop thinking about kissing you. And about how I want your lips on my neck."
Solomon's eyes tightened, though nothing else about his body language betrayed him. "Ah, I see." He dropped his hand, but not his eyes. “Must be a side effect," he said finally. His voice was careful, they could hear the restraint underneath the coolness of it all. 
“I wouldn’t say it’s entirely all the potion,” MC protested with ease. They leaned toward him, a dangerous feeling building within them, “and according to you, all powerful man, I wouldn’t have been able to say that if it wasn’t the truth.” MC felt smug and confident — and they liked it.
A smirk formed in the corner of Solomon’s mouth as he mirrored MC’s movement. “I suppose not.” Neither of them moved for a moment, tension building with every passing second. MC’s heart was beating loud in their ears, sure that Solomon could hear it too. They had been here before in fantasy, but hadn’t realized how badly they truly wanted this until now, him inches away. 
MC felt charged, like they could take on the world - or rather one of the most powerful men in it. They closed the distance between them, drifting their lips to his and stopping just as they brushed against each other. “MC...” Solomon trailed off in a cautioning voice, though he didn't back away. Then his lips were on theirs. Slow and gentle kisses began to shift into a passionate dance between their mouths. Each of their breaths coming more and more jagged as their lust for each other was winning against the need for air. MC moved forward, pushing him back slightly to make way for them to straddle him. Solomon was happy to oblige, his hands finding their waist. 
The energy flowing between the two was electric. MC began rocking their hips on top of him, feeling his growing bulge between their legs. His kissing became more and more aggressive in response. Small moans escaping each of them as their hands explored each other. Solomon pulled away from MC, looking up at them above him, “You don’t know what you’re doing to me,” he warned. MC smiled, reaching down to the mound in his pants, “No, I think I do.” They kissed him again, tongues eager to be tangled once more. 
Solomon placed his hands under MC and in one swooping motion, Solomon had them underneath him. He pinned their arms above their head, one hand holding both their wrists. He was stronger than MC had imagined. They were aching for him.
"I can't say I haven't thought about you like this before. It doesn't take an elixir for me to admit that." His hand ran across their chest and over their mound. MC whimpered. "Speaking of which," he continued, leaning down to whisper in MC's ear, "what would you like for me to do to you?"
MC shuddered as they felt his breath move from their earlobe down to their neck. His playful kisses and bites made MC's nipples hard. "I want you to touch me," they breathed. He was kissing their chest when he mumbled, "Where?" He was teasing them and they both loved it.
MC bucked their hips in response to his question. "There, please..." they pleaded. He looked up at them and smiled. His free hand moved down MC's stomach and into the waistline of their bottoms, stopping right above their most sensitive area. He held their gaze, "How badly do you want me to touch you?"
MC sucked in a sharp breath, their desire for him overwhelming them. He had them in the palm of his hand and he knew it. The cocky bastard. They wanted to smack that smug look right off his face, and then ride it.
"Please, Solomon. I need you to put your hands on me, please." They pouted their lips at him. “Very well,” he said, finally plunging his hand lower. He rubbed them, up and down, up and down; slowly picking up his pace with each stroke. Their chest heaved as their breathing became more and more erratic. Their moans filled the air as they squirmed underneath Solomon's grasp. "How does that feel?"
MC grinded against him, "S-so g-goooood." If he kept this up they were going to cum soon, their orgasm already building. As if hearing their thoughts, Solomon suddenly pulled his hand from their pants. "Not yet, MC," he said with a devilish grin. He let go of MC's wrist to sit up on his knees. He pulled his shirt off his body and undid the buckle of his pants, which he fell out of immediately; his member hard and dripping with precum. MC starred at it, wanting nothing more than for him to slam himself inside them until they forgot their name.
MC was pulling their shirt off up over their head when they felt Solomon tug down on their pants, removing them in mere seconds. Climbing back over them, Solomon moved one hand to around MC's neck, and the other around his shaft, rubbing his tip at MC's hole. "Tell me, do you want me to fuck you like the slut you're acting like?"
"Yes, yes please. Please Solomon..." 
He pushed slightly at MC's entry, "Beg me." His voice mischievous, full of lust.
MC whined in anticipation. "Please fuck me, I want—I need you inside me.” They pushed their opening against him. “Please, please. I need to be fucked. I need it, I need you. I’ve wanted this for so long. I want your cock stuffed inside me, please give it to me Solomon, please, please, please, please...” They trailed off as his grip around their neck tightened. 
"Good," he cood, "you make a good little fucktoy." He waited only a second before he slammed into MC all at once, they gasped as his balls slapped against them. MC squeezed tightly around him as he pulled out slowly before slamming into them again. They arched their back and moaned as he rocked his hips, thrusting in and out of MC’s dripping hole. They could feel him stuffing them completely, their entire body in ecstasy. They clenched around him.
“That’s right,” Solomon said between huffs, “Take it all you cum slut.” MC growled in pleasure at his words. It was as if time stood still, the outside world ceased to exist. It was just them, bodies tangled together, skin slick with sweat. 
MC wrapped their legs around him then, allowing Solomon to pull MC up and onto him as he fell backwards into a reclined position. He dug his fingers into MC’s hips and they gripped his silver hair. He pushed and pulled their hips as they rode him, bitting their chest in the process; marks sure to be seen in the morning.
"Solomon, S-Solomon," they moaned, "I'm so close, please make me cum. Please l-let me cum for y-you. Fuck!" MC could feel their legs begin to shake as they bounced on his cock. Their body longing for release.
Solomon had that same cocky smile on his lips as he looked MC in the eyes. "You think you've deserved that, pet?"
"Yes, yes please!"
"You want to cum all over my cock?" He asked, voice deep with desire.
MC's body was on fire. Pulsing with every word he spoke. "Yes! Yes!"
"Yes, what?" He teased.
"Yes I want to cum...cum all over y-your cock! Please! Please let me cum!! Solomon please!!" MC's breathing was heavy, sure to explode any second now.
Solomon's eyes were wild, MC could feel his heart pounding in his chest, he was right at the edge as well. "I love hearing you beg. Do it then, cum for me MC, look me in the eyes and cum for me," he demanded. They locked eyes, it taking only seconds before MC's body released with a force they hadn't known was possible. They cried out sounds of pleasure as every single one of their nerves fired at once. "That's right. Don't you dare look away," he said as he hovered MC above him, pounding away at their hole. "Cum on my cock, cum with me still inside you...fuck!"
As they convulsed in their extended orgasm, they felt Solomon's seed fill them up. Their eyes hungry for each other as they came together.
Finally they collapsed into each other, unmoving as both of them caught their breath. It was Solomon who regained motion in his limbs first, carefully sliding out of MC as they lay on top of him. MC could feel his load slowly drip out of them and onto him, neither of them cared.
"Well," he said, kissing the top of their head, "Remind me to call on you for help with all my future potions, will you?" A small giggle escaped MC's lips, "Give me ten minutes, then let's try the next one."
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solomonish · a month ago
might use an idea like this in a fic, BUT
Solomon taking MC somewhere in the Devildom (maybe not one of the seven circles but somewhere on the outskirts of town where there isn’t much civilization) for a magic thing and it’s like. they have to do a lot of maneuvering like if they were in a temple with booby traps or something and all that
but he doesn’t tell the brothers where they’re going and they have to figure it out themselves
except by the time they do and quit fighting amongst themselves to go and help MC, MC is already at the door with naught but a few scratches
and ALL of the brothers go into that “crazy dad with shotgun talking ot his daughter’s homecoming date” mode
a few things i think they’d say:
Levi, originally unconcerned once he saw MC safe at home: LOLOL it’s like he took them to a haunted house except their lives were in actual peril!! [thinks for a second] fair! how could solomon have thought of that to get them close??? I already played a super similar horror game with them? was the simulated fear not enough??
Asmodeus: oooo, was that your ulterior motive solomon? tell me MC, did solomon have a case of wandering eyes - or hands? it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened-
Mammon: h-hey! who do you think you are, gamblin’ their life like that! listen MC, if he ever tries to get you alone again, just call on me and I’ll teach him a lesson! (anyone: if you were there you would’ve left mc screaming) SHUT UP
MC, holding a Devildom plant: i just.......needed something like mint.....
Lucifer tries to ground both of them, realizes he has no power over lucifer, banishes him from the house, realizes neither MC nor Solomon will listen to him, and just sighs.
I fic format this would be funny but in THIS format it at least helps me get an idea of how some of them would react
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sophieoflhant · a month ago
Tumblr media
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