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hey i’m gonna look for some of this on my own but if anyone has any resources on anti-psychiatry/critiques of psychiatry (particularly anti-depressants) i’d really appreciate it, even if you can just share the title :-) i read a couple posts about it and was intrigued and i’m on meds but it hasn’t felt right for a while so i’d like to learn more. thank u!!

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I just finished my EOR psychiatry exam a few days ago, through Zoom. So that officially marks the end of our psychiatry rotation. It was supposed to be a 8 week rotation but ended at 6 weeks due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19. Before I go into that stressful situation, thought it would be nice to reflect on my psychiatric rotation experience so far. 

I honestly went into psychiatry, feeling a little apprehensive. I was afraid that I was going to be emotionally drained due to the various kinds of patients that I will meet. We all know and have heard of loved ones who struggle with mental illnesses, so I was afraid this might make me more emotional that I had anticipated. But to be honest, I actually had a great time during my rotation and it wasn’t as upsetting as I thought it might be. The doctors were lovely and I got so much clinical exposure from meeting various patients. My general psychiatry rotation lasted for 5 weeks and before my specialist rotation could begin, we were asked to stop visiting the hospital, for our own safety. It was awful because I was really looking forward to my specialist rotation, in forensic psychiatry. But of course, safety always comes first and certain things can’t be avoided.  

For me, the main takeaway from this rotation would be that mental health shouldn’t be taken lightly and we should all have more conversations about it. In high school, I remember getting so many lessons on time management and prioritizing work, but there wasn’t a single lesson which I can remember, being taught about mental illnesses, and what we can do as a friend to help a loved one who might be or is suffering from one. We were never taught what we can do if we suspect that a friend might be suicidal. These are difficult but very important conversations to have because in reality, most of us do not know how to approach those kind of situations. We have to start young so that we can slowly remove the stigma that surrounds mental disorders. I believe that as a society, we have a duty to look out for each other, and for us to be able to do that properly, we have to educated on the various issues that can affect us individuals. And to always remember the quote below. 

“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle“ - Plato

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Therapist 1: You've been through trauma
Therapist 2: Yeah, looks like trauma
Parents: Yeah, we tried to make life less crazy but life legit just wanted to traumatise you
Random People at School: Damn are you ok???
Me: But it wasn't "real" trauma, y'know
Everyone: Damn she's right. Pathetic ass bitch
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The craziest thing about being forced to stay in quarantine during a pandemic is not loneliness - you can expect that - but the complete subversion of priorities and perspectives. 

First of all, it is very interesting the fact that the majority of people switched from a regular and basal emotion pathway to danger emotional reactions: running towards supermarkets trying to get as much food as possible, or pharmacies to get as much gloves and masks as possible. 

Another interesting immediate change that happened was the movement of people around the country (unluckily, because this behavior contributed to the spread of the virus): when the first news about the mandatory quarantine arrived, thousands of southern Italians living in the North, decided immediately to move back to the South, to reach their families, to spend this scary and difficult moment with their relatives and the beloved ones. 

So, basically, the subversion of the social order, with mandatory quarantine, and the disorientation and anguish that it created, made people behave towards assuring themselves essential things: food, protections, and being close to their families.

When reality loses meaning, a terrible and unacceptable feeling of anguish and disorientation comes and it is so strong and unmanageable that exceptional reactions and defense mechanisms are required, like going back to the family, buying tons of food; this is what happened as consequence of the pandemic. 

The same process happens during the begin of a psychotic episode: the only difference is that every step and feeling is stronger and with different exceptional reactions and defense mechanisms like delusions and hallucinations, whose purpose is to save the person from the anguish of a changed and unknown reality, exactly like having tons of food saved or our beloved next to us.

There’s madness within each of us. Watch out!

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Don’t obsess #coronavirus in your #relationships and private life

Family Marriage #CouplesCounselor #ProfDrEkremÇulfa stated that it is important to take precise precautions for the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak, but they should not be made unreasonable obsessions.
Family Marriage Couple Consultant Prof Dr Ekrem Çulfa, in his statement, addressed the importance of combating Kovid-19 with individual measures, hygiene and cleanliness.
“For the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, it is very important to take individual measures meticulously, but they should not be made unreasonable obsessions.” used expressions.
Stating that something should be too extreme and force the logic in the middle in order to call a problem “obsession disease”, Family Marriage Couple Consultant Prof Dr Ekrem Çulfa said, “It is very necessary to wash our hands carefully in this period. It is necessary not to start washing hands again. It may be necessary to clean the instruments we use in disinfectant, but it should be done once and to limit it. When it goes to extreme, this situation turns into obsession. found the assessment.
#Family #Marriage #CouplesConsultant Prof #DrEkremÇulfa pointed out that the patients diagnosed during this period should continue their #medications and treatments and said:“If they have been given an assignment to do about this process,they should do it. They should not put themselves into a more extreme care than anyone else. A normal level of cleanliness will be enough. Anyone can easily understand that #meticulousness has become an obsession. sometimes they may be effective, but they may already realize from their behavior and attitudes that this is irrational, excessive and unnecessary cleaning. When this is noticed, they should try to reduce it, if they cannot do so, they should consult a #psychiatrist. they can apply to #psychiatry and put themselves in order. ”
“We live in a large country, seeing cases should not be abnormal.”
Stating that some of those who had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) disease in the current process also took the event to the extreme. Dr. Family Marriage Couple Consultant Prof Dr #EkremÇulfa 📠+905447243650 (Psikolog 0544 7243650)

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Buonasera gente, vi piace l'horror? E il genere psicologico? Che ne pensate di Silent hill?



Good evening folks, do you like horror? And the psychological gender? What do you think of Silent hill? -Jack

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