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Maybe a name change would be beneficial, but considering people, even renowned psychiatrists have yet to let go of the term “sociopath” and the fact that people still use the word “psychopath” as a label, I deem it likely that an additional name would only stirr more confusion, which is not something anyone, especially newly diagnosed people need.

The bigger problem with researching aspd is that all bigger studies that have been done so far took a high percentage if not all their participants from prisons.

It seems ridiculous especially when it comes to developing a therapy that helps the patient cope, to work only on the basis of people who have already displayed traits that lead them to end up in prison, be it a lack of control, intellect or different social background than most people with aspd who are in therapy and therefore most often not in prison.

It also leads to a stigma within the therapists. And the researchers who speak about aspd in ted talks etc. are often those who have had direct interactions with the more “dangerous group” of people with aspd and are therefore strongly biased against people with said personality disorder.

Imagine all studies concerning teaching people how to navigate a road safely would be done using only those who drove so recklessly that they ended behind bars for their behaviour?

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With memory and processing issues from psychosis you get to stay younger longer in your head. You have the experience of things more than once as if it’s the first time you do.

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My nightly clozapine has kicked in and I feel like I’m melting into my couch. Everything is a struggle to focus on because of my brain aching and straining for sleep. Shortly from now I’m going to go to bed to put my CPAP mask on. I’m going to sleep for the night to be refreshed in the morning (which has only been a recent thing for me after years of restlessness). Right now I feel revitalized from my anxiety and departed from all unnecessary thinking in my head. I’m completely comfortable. Right now is the epitome of relaxation.

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A really interesting TedTalk explaining why mental health care is important and why we need to #endthestigma, especially during a pandemic (even though the video is pre- COVID).

If you are struggling with mental health, know that I understand and I am here with you. It has been hell at times, but you are not alone. ❤️

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I was always a little insecure about relationships. Because I had self-esteem complexes, got out of psychiatry for a year and worried about my illnesses. Besides, my teeth are not the most beautiful. (fear of the doc)
Over the years I haven’t thought about relationships and love anymore, I’ve finished with the subject. the last time i thought about a relationship, my best friend’s brother was her boyfriend. but that too was just sponging. I walked around with shorts and a short top, heavily make up. i was 14. it was summer and her birthday, so it was practically planned. but my other best friend actually got together with him on the same day. at first I was pissed off and scratched, but then it was okay. only after 2 years did I reveal to her how angry and jealous I was. of course i didn’t mention a word on that birthday. on monday morning my classmate calls me a slut because im wearing an hotpants and short top. that hurts me really bad. i was so young. 

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I appreciate recent years that there’s been a lot more awareness raised surrounding mental illness/disorders as well as autism and other developmental disabilities. But sometimes I can’t help but feel a little bit frustrated about all the misconceptions and stigma when it comes to what I have, Bipolar Disorder.

I have some things I want to get off my chest. I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of negative stigma when I try to discuss it with less informed neurotypical people.

What’s impacted me the most is when people try to tell me how I should handle it and cope. I get judged for being medicated, and I get invalidated when I try to explain that in my personal case I need it in order to function and frankly, to stay alive- because unmedicated and untreated my brain and my body are set to self destruct.

At one point I was trying a drug that wasn’t quite right for me, I was looking for answers because it wasn’t working. And so I listened to neurotypical people who weren’t informed or qualified since I was losing trust in psychiatrists because at the time I couldn’t find one that specialized in treating children and teenagers with mental disorders. I bought into the stigma and the narrative that all pharmaceuticals for psychiatric treatment are a scam, that you don’t need them. That you should just be yourself and practice self care and mindfulness instead.

Well, I was already hypomanic at the time, and I was convinced that my diagnosis was wrong and instead it was a problem with my character, who I was as a person. I needed to be more disciplined. I was extremely self critical and self loathing. I was certain that I was just doing everything wrong. I was relying on artificial things that hadn’t been working which must mean that the real problem was myself.

I quit cold turkey and tried following all these suggestions and it went horribly. It sent me into the worst episode of my life, my deepest darkest spiral because it was a self defeating cycle. The more I tried and it wasn’t working the more hopeless and self loathing I got.

Well long story short I was thankfully able to claw my way out of that hole with some help and I finally did find a good psychiatrist and a medication that worked for and has made my life and coping so much easier to manage.

With all that backstory out of the way, I still get flak for being treated with medication. One of the things that I try to explain to people that sometimes helps them understand is the physiological symptoms that accompany my disorder. There are a range of cognitive deficits and neurological impairments that come with it.

With severe depression comes migraines, joint pain, muscle aches and fatigue. Poor coordination and mild loss of motor functions i.e “psychomotor retardation.” It has weakened my immune system in some instances. In manic episodes I’ve experienced auditory hallucinations. Lack of comprehension. Impaired judgment. Impulsivity. Volatility. Among other things.

I wish in addition to spreading awareness that we would also make it a point to tackle misconceptions and provide more information so people could better understand and sympathize.

Please don’t misconstrue though I’m not trying to advocate medication as an end all be all solution because it is definitely not the right choice for everyone. Everyone experiences mental illness differently, so what works for one person may not work for another.

I just wanted to share my thoughts and experience because of the stigma that was harmful to me personally.

If you are medicated, if it does help you function and you feel like you need it in order to get through your life, then don’t let people tell you there is something wrong with you or your choice.

It doesn’t make you weak. It doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. It doesn’t make you a lesser person because others can get by without it.

If it is helpful, then you did make the right choice and that means you are strong. You are making an effort to better yourself and your life.

You’re surviving and you are living. And you are valid.

And that’s all I wanted to say.

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 Just like any other detrimental medical condition, mental illness is still an illness.

For many with mental illness, medication is necessary, just like it would be for a diabetic taking insulin.

For some individuals with mental illness, medication is needed for survival.

For others, like those who have mild to moderate depression, anxiety, or ADHD, medication can help ease symptoms, so they can function normally.

Having a regular therapy while also taking your medication can be really helpful and improve one’s mental health condition.

For consultation and professional management, kindly call +918208823838or visit

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Slavoj Zizek
Lacan’s point is precisely that when father no longer plays this role of authority which prohibits, but nonetheless leaves you open space for small transgressions and so on. Then you get something much more horrible,  You get the post modern permissive father who no longer prohibits enjoyment but is actually imposing it on you. You know the style of  'sex is healthy’ ‘did you do it?’ 'where are the girls?’ 'are you a man?’, which I think is something much more terrifying. It’s the way to render you impotent.
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if youve had extensive experience in mental health programs and psychiatric institutions, you probably have dealt with changes in diagnoses, conflicting diagnoses, different medications, medications that dont work, medications that work but only at a deep cost to the self, etc. so why is so much of the discourse on mental health thats become prevalent recently (especially with covid impacting mental health) focused on following diagnostic criteria, determining what specific oppressions people face and what terminology they can or cant use based on diagnostic criteria, and in general maintaining rigid definitions of mental illness and its causes while claiming to be bringing awareness to it? ive noticed that most discussions on mental health and most progressive-ish education on mental health (ig infographics for example) take a current and very neoliberal version of medical knowledge to be unchanging and scientifically proven. the ‘mental health activism’ thats emerged only builds around these frameworks without questioning their legitimacy, telling the viewer what you should/shouldnt say to someone with ___ disorder, why you should support people who do ____, why certain language is dehumanizing for people with ____ diagnoses. and what does “support” even mean in that context? my life would not change that much if people decided to start “supporting” me for minor habits i have or stopped using ableist language. what is more dehumanizing to me is the real way ive been treated in medical institutions, by my school, by being shuffled through different psychiatrists and treatments for years. its very weird that so much focus is on amending individual action while reifying a very medicalized and simplistic view of mental illness, and advocating capitalist treatment as the solution, with this notion that if we just destigmatize therapy and medication enough mental illness will cease to be a problem. and honestly this has spilled over into popular culture just given the prevalence of  “take your meds” memes and shit. 

we know that many mental illnesses are not actually that distinct from each other, we know that many diagnoses have only recently been created, we know that many are specific to historic context, we also know that patients’ symptoms will start conforming more to dsm standards of symptoms after they get diagnosed– obviously none of these categories are neutral or innate, and the relation between doctor and patient, or between medical knowledge and patient, is reciprocal. but recognizing this complicates the causes and prospective treatments of mental illness, in ways that i think are honestly uncomfortable for many people. obviously therapy, medication, and general mindfulness shit can be immensely helpful, but primarily so we can be ‘helped’ enough to sufficiently participate in the labor market. and in mental health ‘activism’ few people want to talk about the deadening effect mood stabilizers and antipsychotics have on many people, that the process of ‘healing’ is often also one of loss, loss of the parts of self that must be chemically subsumed in order to properly function in capitalist society. im not anti-medication or anti-therapy but i think were frequently put into situations where the only choice– if we want to keep going on and living with a degree of free will and sanity– is to comply. that demonstrates a much larger issue with the way we treat health and the psyche under capitalism, and the way mental illness has been constructed and treated in the west, which will never be solved by any of these liberal individualistic health initiatives

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Understand that a panic attack cannot and will not cause you any harm or any of the following, even though you may fear it will happen. Panic attacks do not cause:

1.Heart attacks

2.Mental illness

3.Respiratory failure



6.Loss of balance

7.Loss of bodily control



Panic attack symptoms have never harmed anyone. Each of these fears are completely imaginary because you simply haven’t understood what is happening to your body, the bodily changes feel so intense, and the symptoms have often occurred for no apparent reason. Panic attacks can even wake you up out of your sleep.

Understand that panic attacks are a normal bodily response to perceived danger which occur even though there is no real danger in the situation. This response is commonly referred to as the stress response or the fight and flight response and has

great survival value in that it prepares our body to either fight or flee a dangerous situation. #anxiety #panicattack #panic #psychiatristinnagpur #psychiatrist #nagpur #anxietyhelp

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A brazen contract with a God I signed
A golden contract with the wide skies
I was a knot - all tense and tied up

And I came happily undone
and it feels this twitch is the toll
Hey you fucker! Whoever you are
I am neutering you, I am keeping you down
I’m marching for the Sun
Was it Prometheus or was it God?
I paid the price full for those
hidden magic pills
This is the small penalty for being free
Dystonia - for a perfect fit

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