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#rwby volume 5

Can we just take a moment and appreciate that RoseGarden officially has irrefutable evidence that at least one party likes the other? 🌹❤️💚🧡🖤🌲

I mean, for years, we’ve hoped, speculated, and fantasized this ship becoming canon…


And every season…


We’ve gotten tiny crumbs…


That maybe, perhaps, something could eventually spark between the two…


And finally, we got this:


“The Blush” TM

I don’t care what you say or think about RoseGarden, but I believe this to be rock-hard evidence that Oscar likes Ruby. And I hope that she’ll reciprocate the feelings soon. 😌🙏🏻 But patience is a virtue with these two.

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Loved it!! After volume 4 was (understandably) a bit slower-paced, I didn’t expect things to get intense and serious this quickly, but I’m glad they did! I have so many thoughts I wanted to write down, so here we go:

[There will be spoilers for RWBY up to Volume 5 in this post (duh). Please don’t leave spoilers for anything after Volume 5 on this post, otherwise I will block you.]

- I have to say, I definitely liked Cinder more when she wasn’t talking. During Volume 4, I kind of started feeling bad for her on some level, but then she got better and started being her old condescending, power-hungry self and I was like… nevermind, I hate you again.

- Qrow being super drunk when he first brings Oscar home was absolutely hilarious.

- Yang is SO COOL. Have I mentioned that she’s so cool? Like wow, I wish I was that cool! The bike, the new (amazing) outfit, the way she just punched that creepy guy and walked right up to her mom’s bandit camp making demands of her – she’s so cool and I’m here for it.

- Yang and Weiss’ reunion was so sweet! 😭 I was waiting for literally any of Team RWBY’s members to reunite and that got me right in the feels! (Also, I loved the whole “Wait, your mom kidnapped me?” “Wait, you kidnapped her?” exchange - brilliant 😂.)

- Ruby’s reunion with Yang and Weiss was so sweet, too! 😭 Tears were definitely shed over reunions in this volume! And it was so nice to finally have most of Team RWBY and what’s left of Team JNPR back together and see them bond and catch up with each other 😭. Found family back together! It’s what they deserve!

- Yang being so angry at Blake for leaving makes perfect sense, imo, especially considering her own abandonment issues. And even more so considering that she lost that arm while protecting Blake. Also, I don’t think it’s reading too much into it to say that Yang and Blake’s interactions and their storyline together have had romantic undertones since volume 2. (And no, I’m not just saying that because I ship Bumbleby; it’s the other way around – I ship Bumbleby because those romantic undertones were there in the first place.) So yeah, Yang always tried to help and support Blake, lost an arm protecting her from her abusive ex, and then Blake just left – I get why Yang’s hurt and angry. And that moment where she goes from complaining about how she just wants to be there for Blake, before finally admitting “What if I needed her there for me?” - that’s a really good moment for Yang, even beyond the romantic subtext. It’s nice to see Yang admit that she also wants someone else to be there for her, that she wants to receive that same love and care in return.

- I also want to point out that it’s nice to see how far Weiss has come since volume one. She really took a level in kindness and became a lot more mature, to the point where she’s now giving Yang relationship advice. It’s really nice to see.

- Ruby’s talk with Oscar about Penny and Pyrrha really got me teary eyed.

- I wasn’t that fond of Sun at first, but he had some really great moments in this volume, so he’s starting to grow on me now. I still don’t ship him with Blake, but their friendship is sweet.

- And now, let’s talk about THE standout character of the whole volume for me: ILIA!! Holy hell, I love everything about her! You know how some characters grow on you over time, and then there are those characters that you see one episode with and they just become instant favourites? That second one was Ilia for me. I watched Blake’s character short before Volume 5 and the moment I heard her backstory she jumped right to the top of my favourite character list without question AND I started shipping her and Blake right away. (Yes, I love Bumbleby and all, but I’m a multishipper. I’m perfectly capable of equally loving two ships that contradict each other.)

- It’s just – Ilia and Blake’s dynamic got me hooked! Not to compare everything to my OTP (Catra and Adora from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power), but let me quickly make this comparison: Two girls who grew up together, were both members of a certain evil organization until one of them left it and the other didn’t, now they’re on opposing sides and have to fight each other, but they still clearly care about each other. Plus, there are confirmed romantic feelings from at least one side there. I know many people (including myself) have compared Bumbleby to Catradora before – because you’ve got one blonde jock and one catgirl – but when it comes to the dynamic and the backstory, Blake and Ilia (what’s that ship called? Catmeleon, I think?) resemble Catradora even more. And it’s just the kind of dynamic I’m weak for.

(Honestly, it’s kind of funny how predictable I am both when it comes to favourite characters and favourite ships. My sister, who got me into both She-Ra and RWBY, took one look at Catra years ago and immediately predicted that I would love her. And when she first saw Ilia, she also immediately knew she’d be one of my favourites. Basically, my sister once described my “type” of favourite characters as “troubled, cute and gay” and that pretty much sums it up.)

- Speaking of troubled, cute, and gay: I’m glad RWBY finally has some CANON LGBT representation! Hell yes for that! Honestly, I interpreted Ilia’s feelings for Blake as romantic right away, but I wondered if it was just bait or my usual tendency to see romantic undertones in any interaction between two girls. But then that “I wanted you to look at me that way” line happened and… WOW. Yes. Amazing, talented, brilliant, never been done before, showstopping, incredible. I’m 100% sold on both the ship and Ilia as a character.

(One more thing before I change topics: I try to keep these posts positive and not get into discourse too much (since I’ve heard there was (is?) a lot of discourse in the RWBY fandom – but I took just one look into the tag for Volume 5 and immediately saw people arguing that Ilia’s not good representation because she’s a villain. And I just want to quickly address why that’s nonsense, in my opinion (and before you ask, yes I am a lesbian myself): First of all, she’s not even a full-blown villain. She’s clearly shown as confused and misguided from the beginning. And her feelings for Blake are never portrayed as a negative thing. She also has a redemption literally two episodes after being revealed to be queer. And in general, I don’t think queer villains are necessarily a bad thing and I’m tired of queer characters not being allowed to be flawed. How come straight characters get to just exist, but any queer character better be a shining beacon of morality or else they’re bad representation? I agree that RWBY should introduce more queer characters to balance things out a bit, but I wouldn’t say Ilia was bad representation by herself, since she’s a character I think we’re meant to have sympathy for.

- Now I just hope that future volumes of RWBY don’t pull a Bury Your Gays and kill Ilia off… I’d really hate that. (No spoilers on this post, please!)

- The entire fight at the Belladonnas’ house had me so on edge the whole time. I thought someone (most likely one or both of Blake’s parents) was going to die any second. Basically, the ending of volume 3 burned me and now I constantly expect characters to die. I’m glad it all (mostly) turned out well!

- Blake’s speech to the Faunus might have made me a bit emotional. That was a really great moment for her.

- And then there were those final episodes… WOW. Like I said, I really didn’t expect everything to go down so quickly (or for the ending to be that happy – like I said, volume 3 burned me.)

- Jaune unlocking his semblance was nice! And I’m proud of myself for having correctly predicted that he’d have some sort of healing powers. (I was waiting for him to unlock some healing semblance back when Qrow got injured in Volume 4 – I’m glad it finally happened!)

- I was worried about Weiss for a second, then I realized there’s no way she can die since I’ve already seen pictures of her outfit in later volumes. (Plus, I’m pretty sure if a main character had died, I’d have been unable to completely avoid spoilers about it. So those 4 are pretty much the only ones I’m not that worried about.)

- Raven is a really cool and interesting character, but an awful person. (I got so angry at her when she blasted Ruby after Ruby was just so nice to her*. How dare you, lady?) I love her design, though!

[*EDIT: I just rewatched it and realized that it was Cinder who blasted Ruby, Raven just created the portal. Point still stands, tough.]

- The plot twist of who the Spring Maiden really is was EPIC. Really loved that reveal! (And I honestly didn’t see it coming.) Though I have to say, I feel really bad for Vernal, and for the previous Spring Maiden.

- The Cinder VS Raven fight was absolutely epic and just stunning to watch visually. I was wondering if we’d ever get a maiden vs maiden battle, and that scene more than delivered! And while I don’t particularly like either of them, I was definitely rooting for Raven in that fight.

- I’m not sure if Cinder really died there. If so, I’m honestly not too sad about it, but I would be disappointed because I kind of expected her to become a more interesting character later on. After Volume 4, I expected at least a bit of growth there or something that would make her more interesting. And I’m not talking about a redemption, just to be clear! I just think the potential to make her more interesting as a villain was there, and if they just killed her off it’s kind of wasted now and she stayed a very flat character until the end. But I guess we’ll see.

- Raven and Yang’s confrontation was pretty intense. I liked that Raven finally had to admit that she’s afraid and doing all of this just to protect herself, and the contrast to Yang, who is also scared but still does what she thinks is right. And the fact that Raven was willing to let Yang have the relic despite the danger that would put her in – mom of the year indeed 🙄.

- Blake and the other Faunus are the real MVPs of the battle, tbh. The fact that they just completely stopped Adam and the White Fang by sheer numbers and didn’t even give them the chance to attack anyone? God tier stuff. And when Blake’s mom came in with the police? 10/10, we stan.

- Also, Blake telling Adam she’s not there for him? Hell yes, girl! I love how she’s taking power away from her abuser by showing she isn’t doing any of this for him. Really nice.

- Yang and Blake’s reunion in the last episode was super nice. I like how there was so much attention on that reunion in particular. And while I’m glad Yang wasn’t too angry at Blake and it makes for a nice happy ending, I still hope there’s a scene next volume where Blake properly apologizes to Yang for leaving and explains her side of things. And then, they should get together and live happily ever after and have lots of kittens. I mean, what?

- And finally, all of Team RWBY is back together! And they’ll have a lot to catch each other up on. Blake doesn’t even know about the maidens, the relics and Salem yet, while the rest didn’t even know about the White Fang attack. Also, I want Blake to introduce the others to Ilia and to her parents.

I really loved this volume. Lots of action, lots of really sweet moments, lots of epic fights and cool plot twists. I find it hard to rank them, but this might have been my favourite volume yet (volume 3 was also really good, though).

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Every time RWBY gets a bit to sad and serious I think about these two and there lovely plant

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Volume 5 intro analysis:


So right off the bat, we bring up Ruby’s biggest character flaw.

I mentioned earlier, that the heroes saw their world as a fairy tale where they could easily beat their issues. Their illusion has been shattered, but they obviously hope they can recover that world. Ruby’s greatest strength is hope. But that comes with a fatal flaw: she doesn’t process her issues, she compartmentalizes them and pushes forward. Ruby is essentially misinterpreting the concept of moving forward.

It isn’t about shoving everything else aside and ignoring what your trauma is doing to you. It’s about letting yourself feel that defeat, because you’re human and of course it hurts, and there’s nothing wrong with that… but that it’s important to get back up once you can, and keep going. Essentially, this is something Yang used to do, too, but she has since learned to stop.

This line hilights that. Ruby wants to believe that if she keeps fighting and blowing past what this fight is doing to her, this fairy tale world can come back. It was there, it’s just not here now, but if we win, we can get it back.

Of course, the fairy tale world was a lie. Roman got captured, they stopped the Breach, they stopped the dust robbery, etc, but it was all a higher plan of Salem’s. Their victories were really just setbacks to the powerful villains.

It shows in Ruby’s interactions this volume. I don’t like saying she’s naive, that’s not accurate. She is hopeful, incredibly hopeful, and she does understand that this world has dark moments that are terrifying, but she strives to fight those moments, with the hopes that she can defeat them for good. We see this when Lionheart lays the trap and Ruby buys it, hook, line, and sinker, while Qrow and Ozpin are skeptical. Ruby wants to recover the world of the earlier volumes where evil can be definitively stopped, and she is slowly learning that that isn’t possible, not the way she wants it. And that is a really painful thing to learn. In volume 8 we see that she’s starting to buckle under the pressure, because she hasn’t let herself take a break. She needs to lean on those around her, just as they lean on her.




At the time of this volume, this just seems like fear that maybe their enemy is too strong, but it’s a weird line at the time. Qrow is facing setbacks but overall, he doesn’t have any reason to believe his overall goal is unachievable… yet

Then, next volume, he learns. He learns Salem can’t be killed.

How could Ozpin not tell him this?

His faith in Ozpin is strong. This line isn’t relevant now, it’s foreshadowing volume 6. When he learns what Oz knows, it destroys his faith in him. He hits his lowest point at the time in volume 6, and it is because of this.


Again, foreshadowing.

Impossoble odds? Boy you got no clue.

Messing with gods?

You have no idea man

And also, Oscar being put in the middle of everyone and being pointed at sure looks worse now, after we see how Qrow and JNR react in v6.


More lightning, but who does it refer to this time?

“Send in your grimm, tear off our limbs, strike me with bolts of lightning, I won’t die”

Hazel, didn’t Gretchen get killed in a grimm attack? And you prefer LIGHTNING dust? How about that.


More foreshadowing. Again, at this point, Oscar is the only main character that truly feels the weight of the conflict. He hasn’t ever seen something this bad, so it’s a lot for him to process. Everyone else just survived the Fall of Beacon and immense personal tragedy, and so all things considered, by comparison things look bright right now. There are dark moments but everyone reunites. So why all the mentions of unwinnable, unachievable conflict? Because that’s about to be their reality. Next volume they shatter the concept of optimism the heroes have been trying so hard to build up again for the last few months, and it hurts.

Again, more in a rb because picture limit.

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What is it with Lightning and storm symbolism in RWBY? I really wanna know.


They REALLY like referencing storms and lightning.

Also, dreams and flowers come up a lot too, but ill screenshot those references some other time.

In some instances lightning sounds like its talking about the strength of the heroes (we are lightning), other times it refers seemingly to danger (a storm is growing deadly, strike me with bolts of lightning)

Stubbornness (the lightning doesnt take advice from anyone)

And miraculous hope? (Always hoping that a lightning bolt is gonna save you from this gravity)

The only thing I see in common is power, but I’m curious to see if someone else has an idea.

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So back in Volume 7, a whole lot of people were freaking out about ‘Volume 3 parallels’ and how ‘it’s the Fall of Beacon all over again!’.

But even moreso than the Volume 3 parallels last volume, this volume I’ve been noticing a LOT of parallels to Volume 5. And not just a general ‘feel’ either, I mean there are quite a few story beats so far in Volume 8 that either directly parallel or directly contrast events in Volume 5.

-For most of this Volume, Team RWBY has been split 3 to 1, much like they were in Volume 5. The only difference is that it’s YANG who’s the one split off instead of Blake.

-Ruby, Weiss and Blake are spending much of the volume holed up in a house much as Ruby, Weiss and Yang spent much of volume 5 holed up in a house.

-Episode 5 of both volumes feature Ruby giving an inspiring speech. In volume 5 it was to Oscar, and in Volume 8 it’s to the whole damn world.

-Ruby and Blake have a meaningful, intimate conversation where Blake encourages Ruby, much like Weiss and Yang had volume 5. And BOTH these conversations just happened to occur in Episode 8 of their volumes.

-While they don’t quite line up as well, Emerald joining the good guys this volume happens just an episode off from when Ilia switched sides back in Volume 5.

Additionally, I feel like the whole Solitas Arc has in some ways played out like a kind of ‘reversal’ of the Anima Arc. Consider that Volume 7 has Team RWBY together all the way through like they were in Volume 6, while the first episode of Volume 8 sees a member of the team split off, just as the last episode of Volume 5 saw the last stray member of the Team return.

Heck, Ruby, Weiss and Blake arrive at the Schnee manor in Episode 4 of Volume 8. Ruby, Weiss and Yang departed their house in Mistral in the forth episode from the end of Volume 5.

Where is all this leading? Not sure. We’ve got direct parallels, contrasting parallels and reversal parallels all happening at once this Volume. That being said, I imagine we can get some ideas.

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Just having a Pinehead crack moment:






*adorable teenage farm boi noises*

Someone tell me I’m wrong, I dare you.

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I think I finally put my finger on why the assumption that Yang never told anyone Raven’s the Spring Maiden annoys me off so much.

It completely disregards everyone else’s intelligence.

Like. Just from what she told Qrow when she handed the relic off:

Qrow: What happened?

Yang: I don’t know exactly. When I got down there, Cinder was gone, and Vernal was dead.

Qrow: And Raven?

Yang: Gone.

Just from that, it’s easy to guess that Raven is the Spring Maiden.

Because if Vernal is dead, then there’s a different Spring Maiden. And if Cinder had become the Spring Maiden, she would taken the relic and come upstairs, victorious, and proceeded to murder Ruby. Instead she’s gone, meaning she was killed, incapacitated, or forced to retreat.

And since the Vault had to have been opened after Cinder was knocked out (otherwise Yang wouldn’t have been able to get the relic) it had to be Raven. She was close with Vernal, so even if not everyone made the decoy connection it would still be an easy conclusion to draw. Raven was a formidable fighter, had a rocky alliance with Cinder that could have easily been broken (Cinder practically told them as much at the start of the fight), and would have been willing to kill/injure to stay alive. Raven is the only other person there, and you can’t win a 1v1 against a Maiden if you don’t have magic yourself. And if everyone else is now gone and Yang still got the relic, then it had to be Raven.

(From there it’s easy to make the decoy connection as well, since Raven is certainly too old to become a maiden now, but not everyone probably wanted to think about that. There’s no real benefit to knowing it anyway.)

So, yeah. Assuming no one in the main cast found out Raven is the Spring Maiden assumes the rest of the cast are idiots who can’t read between the lines. As for why they didn’t talk about it onscreen, Raven is a sensitive topic for Yang and Qrow, and since they have no way of reaching out to her there’s no benefit to having that conversation.

I was in part frustrated because it was always such a Bad Faith argument, but it’s nice to know why it was so frustrating to hear.

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But on this blog we believe in Cinder outfit supremacy. ALL of her outfits are AMAZING


Like you have her classic outfit, iconic and instantly recognizable


I don’t even NEED to be a fashion gay to know that this dress is GORGEOUS


Even in a casual outfit she’s serving looks


Her volume 3 flashback outfit is pretty similar to her classic outfit but different enough to recognize that it is, in fact, a different outfit lol.


Edit again: I forgot this snatched red absolute FIT. Not an actual PART of the outfit, but look at that smirk. She knows she looks good 😊


She can even pull off just… a cloak lol.


And, last but not least, her outfits from her past. Just look at the first picture she looks so cute ^_^ you just wanna give her a hug :3 and the second one her outfits are usually dark colors, it’s cool to see her in pure white and still rock it 😗

Edit: I committed a CRIME not including her Atlas outfit ._.


I don’t even have to say anything just… look at it and absorb it.

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Yes, RvB: Zero and RWBY V5 are both “Exposition Dumps and Fight Scenes, the Show”, but the difference is that V5′s examples of both are coherent. 

Not necessarily amazing, but coherent. 

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Okay so more RWBY rewatch thoughts: if Lionheart is the cowardly lion, Ironwood is the tin man with no heart,,,,, does that mean the Headmaster of shade is gonna be a himbo???? Are we gonna get the scarecrow with no brain???? Shade reveal in volume 9 please

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My love, my darling, my DEAREST Cinder. I love her to bits as I’ve said many times :3……… But she does not need, want, or deserve a redemption arc 😊 Like she just…… doesn’t. I mean… I would be tentatively optimistic if they DID try to go that route. It’d depend on how they do it. Because she’s just not a good person. She’s a rotten person actually. But one of the reasons I DO love her is BECAUSE she’s such a rotten bitch and just owns it ^_^ Like she’s manipulator, a liar, and a murderer. And like… Horrible qualities, qualities shared with a character that I hate named Adam Taurus, but the difference between Cinder and Adam is how they act.

I could get more into that but not right now 😗. So anyway as your local Cinder Stan I’ll go on record as saying Cinder deserves e v e r y t h i n g coming to her and more 😊. Every defeat, every blast of silver eyes or Maiden powers, she deserves it. Cinder isn’t like say the always mentioned king of redemption arcs Zuko from ATLA. SIMILAR to Zuko, we DO get scenes of Cinder when she isn’t on her mission(s). But the difference between Zuko’s scenes and Cinder’s, is Zuko’s scenes endear us to him. We see that Zuko is actually an awkward dork. We got REASONS for why he does the things he does. They may not excuse his actions, but they shed light on why he’s doing them.

But Cinder… we STILL don’t know her backstory before she met Salem. And every scene with her has us just… hate her more .-. Cinder doesn’t deserve a


moment because she hasn’t earned it ._. If Cinder showed her face in front of RWBYJNR she would IMMEDIATELY get killed .-. So… As a lover of this wonderful bitch named Cinder…. kill her ☺️ I mean I don’t WANT her to die. But she deserves to

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I would like to talk about our Spring Maiden Raven Branwen :3 I…. Very much like Raven. Is she a good sister? No. Is she good mother? Hell no. Is she a good wife? … You get the point. She’s NOT a good person… But my favorite character is Cinder so we’ve established…….. Being a bad person is a plus in my book 😊

BUT I think that, unlike Cinder, Raven could be redeemed. Because we saw in volume 5 that she’s not JUST this bad person she has feelings. She showed remorse for leaving Yang during her conversation with her and even cried during their conversation. And it’s shown she went back to talk to Tai, though whether or not Tai LET her talk is still unknown at the moment. But hell, the fact that she DID go back to Tai says a lot because Qrow said that she never even sees HIM, and Yang said that Raven never stopped by… obviously. So the fact that she DID, for lack of better words, make herself known? That SEEMS like a big deal no?

And honestly? I DO hope that Raven redeems herself and, maybe, joins the fight against Salem eventually. If she did, they’d have TWO Maidens on their side, assuming nothing happens to Penny this volume. And Raven beat Cinder once, she can do it again especially now that Cinder is more… unhinged. Another thing, I DO think Yang has an understanding of Raven. Because she didn’t tell anyone that Raven is the Maiden. And Yang DOES know that Raven is the Maiden because as soon as she got down there, one of her first questions was “Did you kill her?” referring to the previous maiden, which even if she did think it was Vernal, still stands. The fact that Yang didn’t immediately spill her identity shows, perhaps, some trust. Some trust that Raven MIGHT do the right thing. And I dunno. I think she will do the right thing.

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“Everyone was watching. Every house in every kingdom saw that poor girl ripped to pieces.” -Lionheart (RWBY vol 5 ep 1 “Welcome to Haven”)
A little expression practice feat Ruby
Expression reference from RWBY volume 5 episode 1: Welcome to Haven. Specifically the scene Lionheart mentions Pennys cruel death that triggered the Fall of Beacon.
It’s the way I forgot this scene happened until last night when People on twitter mentioned it. Love how I repressed it cause of how much it hurt when I first watched it :D.
Exposing my inconsistant art style ahahha.

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