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Signs that each batbaby is sleepy

Dick: literally the stop and drop kid. Will curl up and sleep anywhere. Livingroom carpet, on top of the bookcases, empty rooftops, concrete steps outside a warehouse, a metal folding chair, under a random conference table in the watchtower, a corner of the Arkham vent system, ect.

Takes power naps and will sleep through anything.

Jay: the bleary eye rubber. Starts to bodily droop. It starts in his eyes and ends in his shoulders. Literally looks like a marionette with cut strings. Tends to just swing his upper half around. Gets grouchy as hell. Hates trying to rub his eyes through his mask and always takes it off no matter how many times Bruce tells him not to.

Tim: literally always exhausted but there are levels. He’s a mumbler. Starts talking to himself then as he gets tired it progresses to narrating everything he’s doing, and eventually devolves in slurred gibberish. Ignores everything around himself to the point of selective blindness.

Damien: just gets quiet. Talking takes too much effort. Trying to figure out if tim’s insulting him or just talking is too much effort. He’s done with people and will stare off into space unless given direct orders. If he’s really out of it you can ask him a direct question and he’ll think if an answer but forget to say it out loud.

He’s also the same way when he wakes up.

Cass: doesn’t have tells. She just disappears to sleep. No one really knows where she sleeps. She’s just gone. Technically we have no proof she sleeps at all.

Steph: gets cuddly starts leaning in people will sleep on the floorboard. Has no problem curling up in the trunk. She likes sleeping in the car though cause the movement is soothing.

Duke: literally the only normal one. Gets a little slow. Yawns. And excuses himself to go to sleep. The only one who gets eight hours regularly. A truly functional human being.

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After several days of trial and error, I’ve finally settled on Jason’s look for my Beyond Flashpoint AU. Featured also are 13 year old Damian and 19 year old Cass. While there is noticeable overlap, membership in the “Childhood ruined by Ras al’Ghul” club is not a requirement for membership in the “Tormenting Jason Todd” club.

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Tim, running on eleven cups of coffee and several red bulls:*chewing on a pen and scribbling franticly* i crave d e a t h

Kon: i can give you something better to bite ;)

Tim: *head whips sideways* i am trying to study for a test that will happen in less than two hours and you’re trying to flirt with me? Do you want to die???

Kon: carry on then

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Bullshit With The Bats- part 1

Aria and Iris headed further into the theater after paying for their tickets. Aria pulled out her wallet, as Iris put hers away. The cashier waited patiently as the two girls discussed their orders.

“Iris, what do you want? I mean, of course, I want popcorn, but I’m thinking about an Icee.” As they deliberated, a group of four boys stepped up behind them.

“I want popcorn, duh.” Iris turned to the cashier with a small smile. “One large popcorn and two large Icees.”

The cashier nodded, ringing them up, she pulled out the receipt. “Your change is $2.52.” Aria grabbed the change.

“Oh, we could buy an extra popcorn, ” Iris said in awe.

“We could.. or we could split it.”

“Oh true,” Iris commented. 

“It’s exactly even. Here,” She handed her a dollar, a quarter, and a penny. 

 "Oh yay, I’ve always wanted…" 

“A dollar twenty-six!” They finished in unison. The cashier gave a bland smile, and the smallest boy from the group behind them started tapping his foot impatiently.

“Idiots,” Luckily, his complaint didn’t reach their ears. “Shut up, Demon.” another hissed.

As Aria turned, her drink slipped out of her hands, falling onto him. Iris grabbed some paper napkins as Aria showered him in apologies. “I’m so sorry!” She said as she rambled on.

The boy sneered, snatching the napkins from the girl’s hands. “First I find out you both are complete idiots. How am I not surprised at your appalling lack of competence?”

“Damian!” One of the taller boys scolded him.

“Listen here, you little gremlin.” The boy furthest from the little one snickered, as the tallest started laughing. “First of all, we’re not idiots. I dropped my drink on you on accident. It’s a shirt. I think you’ll live.” She remarked dryly, as the boy sputtered in outrage.

“It isn’t so bad, is it? Why don’t we act mature about this,” Iris said, trying to keep a straight face, though she was still snickering over her friend’s remark.

“You act like children.” He spat.

“Sorry, we’re just acting your age.” She shot back. Turning, she picked up the popcorn off the counter.

The tallest snickered a bit more at that, as the oldest of them clamped a hand over his mouth before he could reply. “So sorry, but we should go clean up his shirt!” The boy- Damian, as Iris recalled, was practically screeching and glaring daggers at her best friend as all three boys dragged him off.

Iris narrowed her eyes at them, “Serves that little brat right. Can you believe him?” She asked her friend before tugging her into the theater to watch the movie.

As the end-credit scene finished, Aria turned to her friend. “That was so good! I can’t wait for the next one!”

Iris nodded as they made their way out of the theater. She spotted the group of boys again.

“Well, isn’t this a coincidence,” Iris drawled. 

Damian scoffed, “We ran into each other before, so I’d call it bad luck.”

“Feeling’s mutual, Kiddo.” Aria said, earning a scowl.

The oldest stuck out his hand, stepping in front of the others. He gave them a charming smile. “I’m Dick, and it’s nice to meet you. These are my brothers, Jason, Tim, and the one you talked to earlier is Damian.”

Aria shook it, introducing herself and her friend. “Aria, and this is Iris. Nice to meet you.” She glanced at Damian. “Well, most of you anyway.”

He scoffed at her, looking away.

“Anyway, I think we should get going now,” Iris grabbed Aria’s hand. “Wouldn’t want to keep the 1st grader out past his bedtime.” Tim snickered.

As they walked away, Iris gave a small smirk. “I kinda hope we see them again.”

“Maybe. Dick seemed nice enough. Jason too.”

“You think that about anyone that has your terrible sense of humor.” Iris snorted.

“I’ll have you know, I think my sense of humor is awesome.”

“That’s the problem.”

“Words hurt ‘Ris. Words hurt.”

“You know, I think the tall one likes me, ” Jason stated as they walked away. Damian rolled his eyes, “Of course, they seem to have bad taste.”


Dick shook his head, “Can we not insult each other? More than we already do? Besides, you do realize those girls could have been worse- and really Jason? They seem a bit too young for you.”

“Maybe, but Aria still got you good, Demon.” Tim grinned.

Damian bristled, “She did not.”

“Oh, but she did,” Jason added.

Dick facepalmed, “No one hears me, I swear. Can we please not fight? This was supposed to be a fun bonding experience. No? Okay then.”

“Wait till we tell Steph!” Tim had a twinkle in his eye. “Now what were you gonna say, Dick?” This earned a groan of exhaustion.  

“Nothing Tim. Let’s just go.” He dragged a hand down his face.

“Well, I for one hope we never ever see those disgusting harlots again,” Damian said.

“You’re just mad because someone finally told you off, for once, Gremlin.” Jason teased.

“I will gut you,” Damian said as they got into Dick’s car.


Opening the door to their shared apartment, Aria threw her keys onto the counter and promptly flopped onto the couch. “I’m so glad it’s Friday. No work, and I can finally finish my book.”

“Yeah,” Iris tossed her purse onto the couch, “Don’t forget about that internship thing. You know, it’s finally summer- Let’s go to the pool in the morning?”

Aria waved her hand as she read. “Yeah, sure, that sounds awesome.”

“Whatever, try to actually get some rest.”

“Like that’ll happen.” She snorted.

Co-Creator: @persephonebutkore

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*Jason and Dick were in the car, driving around, and Jason turns on the radio*

Radio, playing violent pornography: Everybody, everybody, everybody livin’ now.

Everybody, everybody, everybody fucks.

Jason, looking at Dick: This is our song.

Tim, in the back seat: I’M RIGHT HERE, YOU GUYS!

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Bless you

*Tim on the cave concentrated on the batcomputer*

Tim : *Sneezes*

Jason *from the stairs*:Bless you

Tim clearly confused: God?



Maggie : I love you, but you should be stopped

Damian: Everyone knows that Todd is way more like the devil though

Dick:Aren’t you goin to stand up yourself?

Jason: Nah, the demon spawn has his point

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Alfred: *Puts band aids on Dick*

Dick: Awe. How come Tim gets a barbie one?

Tim: Hell yea!

Alfred: Cause Jason took the rest of ‘em.

Jason: Haha, fuck you guys!

Tim: Awe, what?

Dick: No fair!

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jason todd
jason todd
jason todd
jason todd

1 jason Todd : luke powell

2 Tim drake : froy gutierrez

3 Bruce Wayne : Michael Fassbender

4 Dick Grayson : francisco lachowski

jason todd

Originally posted by empathists

Or even lorenzo zurzolo for Jason though baby bat is harder to find

jason todd
jason todd

Mattias Inwood also for Dick

jason todd
jason todd
jason todd

Finally Matt Cornett for Damian

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My Complete Batfam (don’t get mad)

Bruce Wayne:


•dad of the family

•late 30s

•tired single dad

•world’s greatest detective

•but can’t figure out how to make Tim go to sleep

Alfred Pennyworth:

•savage butler

•grandpa supreme

•somehow more badass than a family of superheroes

•probably in his 100s

Selina Kyle:


•hot mum

•will protect her kittens with her life

•mid 30s but looks like 25

Kate Kane:


•Batman’s cousin/auntie to the kids

•lesbian as all hell

•loves ghosts


Dick Grayson:


•eldest son

•drama queen

•dating Koriand’r

•actual child in a 27 year old’s body

•not mature enough to be a cop

Jason Todd:

•Robin ||->Red Hood

•22 but acts like a hardened criminal

•bestie is Roy Harper

•sorta died that one time

•gritty and grumpy

•problem child

Tim Drake:

•Robin |||->Red Robin

•hasn’t slept in a month

•biological age: 17

•mental age: 74

•living off coffee

•smarter than all his brothers combined

•works at Wayne Enterprises with his dad

Damian Wayne:

•Robin V

•biological child

•little ball of pent up anger

•danger to everyone

•probably killed a man

•only like 10

•bestie is Jon Kent

Barbara Gordon:


•more like Bruce’s niece

•girl squad ‘Birds of Prey’

•hacking skills to rival Tim

•26 years old

Helena Bertinelli:

•Huntress->Batgirl ||

•also Bruce’s niece

•almost always arguing with Bruce

•besties with Dick

•mid to late 20s

Cassandra Cain:

•Batgirl |||->Blackbat

•Bruce’s only daughter

•can’t speak but can read body language

•just flat out lovely and sweet

•extremely dangerous

•second only to Damian

•19 with a mental age of 50

Stephanie Brown:

•Spoiler->Robin |V->Batgirl |V

•also Bruce’s niece

•dating Tim Drake

•savage as hell


Harper Row:


•kinda like a niece/daughter

•punk af

•more style than the whole family combined


Duke Thomas:



•somehow makes bright yellow look good


Ace & Titus:


•good doggies


•she wears a cape

•original member of Damian’s zoo

Sorry for the long post, here have a Batbrothers picture

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