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#blue flowers

Good Afternoon and Happy Saturday! It’s been another cold, grey, rainy day here. Yesterday was just a tease of the spring weather to come!

I hope you’ve had a beautiful day!

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#dat7up8 #handmade #artforsale please send me orders thank you! What a time in #myrtlebeach I would #appreciate large orders, thanks, _ #dontgiveup and remember proverb 24:16 , I live it to tell it but I do feel for those in a #struggle , makes me want to #focus on #positivity and the good things in the world.

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Puma Blue wird die Veröffentlichung seines Debütalbums “In Praise Of Shadows” mit einer einmaligen Live-Perforance feiern! “A Late Night Special” wird im Battersea Arts Centre in London gemeinsam mit einer achtköpfigen Band aufgezeichnet und am Donnerstag, den 11. Februar 2021 um 22.00 Uhr gestreamt! Tickets.

Die Live-Performance steht unter der Regie von CHILD, die zuvor bereits visuelle Projekte für Robyn, The xx und Richard Russell inszenierten.

It felt like a really powerful space for the album to exist in”, so Puma Blue. “I was just drawn back to the idea of coming to a place of acceptance with the darker things in your past and recognising them as an important part of your present self.”

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east and south with blood pouring down your mouth

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A drawing depicting forget-me-not inflorescence, made with soft pastels, on recycled paper.

Original available on my Etsy


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