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8. Leave it Alone- Hayley Williams

27. Creepin’- Hayley Williams

47. New Love Cassette- Angel Olsen

61. Cherry Flavoured- The Neighbourhood

Lol y’all I PROMISE I listen to more than just Hayley Williams she’s not even in my top 5 artists of the year but anyways

Send me some numbers and I’ll tell you what song they are on my Spotify wrapped!

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1. Simmer-Hayley Williams

99. Saw you in a dream- The Japanese House

Send me some numbers 1-100 and I’ll tell u what song they are on my Spotify wrapped!

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Thank you!! I’m so sorry he’s acting up x( you can still grind for him, op 😼😼 AND I’M SORRY AGAIN FOR ADDING INSULT TO INJURY diluc is being a bitch ik *throws him out*

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I don’t have my carrd formatting memorized but I think you have to adjust the sizes of your container, the text box and image accordingly so they can all fit right next to each other. The container has to be wide enough for those two elements to fit side by side wwww

If it’s purely a mobile display issue, then you can scroll to the bottom of the editing page so you can adjust how your stuff looks like in mobile qwq

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Hi!! Hmm, I honestly think writing gi is easy bc everyone’s character stories + additional info are readily available if you’ve levelled up their friendship enough. And if you haven’t, the people in charge of their wiki pages are really diligent with the updating them!

There really is no proper way to write for any fandom, but learning more abt the lore surrounding each character is a good starting point d(^_^o)

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