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dontmindanna · 29 days ago
Camilo: you spent all your money on THIS?
Bruno putting tiny raincoats on his rats: they go outside, they need them
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isabellalvr · a month ago
could you write camilio x mom friend that he has a crush on?? like she has a backpack she carries around with stuff people might need ??
camilio crushing on the mom friend.
he likes being babied.
i said what i said 
he loves how you just come over and help his family with cooking or even bring pastries.
you ask them if they drank water almost everyday, they sometimes forgets to do that.
he scratched his arm on a branch and was so dramatic about it so you gave in and looked for a band aid in your bag 😟
he literally knew he was in love after you gave him a headpat.
he absolutely melted.
you always have little candies and snacks in your bag !!
gets so flustered whenever you cheer them on because ughhh your cute asf.
isabella makes fun of them saying its more like your babysitting him instead of hanging out with him 💀.   
LOVES how caring you are. especially with their little brother <3
your pretty much the only person that has complete control over him.
one stern look from you and he stops the shit he’s about pull LMAO
he’s so defensive of you, someone could say something that isn’t even a insult and they’re going into protect mode 😭 it’s really sweet tho
he’s still figuring himself out so whenever he’s stressed about that or something your always there to tell them “your enough and you have plenty of time to figure yourself out :)”.
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esmiblood90irisglimmer · a month ago
Villain Bruno AU Headcanons
((I haven't seen the movie the yet but I have seen some spoilers but yeah couldn't help myself))
Left the town after deciding that enough and enough for being blame for something that isn't his fault
Actually 7ft tall
Learning black magic. Where his sand also become black
His song probably would be "In the dark of the night"
Has Girlboss of a wife
Marry his wife who is also the daughter of the rival of the Madrigal family. Along with being Pepa childhood rival. Out of spite and pure love as well
Not very close with his mother. Kinda distance with his sisters
Change his last name also out of a spite but also giving himself a fresh start
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OKAY SO for Encanto, the family member's powers are actually representation of dysfunctional family archetypes, which is represented in their powers
First, we have Abuela. She "runs this show". With her powers and such and being the "Protector of the family", Abuela is the matriarch of the family. This means her responsibility is to keep everyone under control and make sure everything is in line. This can be seen how she treats her family. She often criticizes Pepa for having a cloud that even is just for herself, dismisses Mirabel when she even tries to speak up about herself/ talk about any familial issues (I.E. the Castia starting to fall apart). She reassures the community that the "Madrigal gift is alive and well" in order to keep the peace with the family. Now, due to her trauma of both losing her husband and simultaneously becoming a fairly large community's leader, it's a burden she's been carrying on for a while and that feeling has resulted in Abuela believing that if the façade isn't kept up, people will realize how inadequate of a leader she is, even if she's been ruling for over 5 decades.
With the younger and older generation, we can actually where the dysfunctional archetypes start to get in play.
For example, Julieta and Isabela. Both of them are the oldest child, therefore for Isabela and at some point Julieta, they were consider the "golden child" for a while. In Julieta's case, the magic of healing people of food can be considered the first gift that can actually help people (Pepa's powers could accidently injure someone while Bruno's power started to turn the family against him). Since Julieta's power could help the community, Abuela probably put the most focus on her as to make sure she could feed the community and therefore heal them everyday. As this progressed, it probably caused her to dismissed Bruno and especially Pepa. This is obvious in how her tone with Pepa is much more aggressive ("Pepa, you have a cloud on you!) while Julieta can actually managed to talk to Abuela ("Just please be nice to Mirabel"). With such a constant stream of work and taking care of her kids, Julieta was never allowed to actually expressed herself as remember, she always had to be there to take care of the community. So, she took on "The Caretaker" role. She's often the face of the family currently and as such, is able to make sure the community doesn't realize that there's nothing wrong with the family.
Isabela was about to go on this path as well. Her gift of making flowers meant she could beautify the town and give it a much more aesthetically pleasing look, therefore convincing the community to stay. Plus, looking like a young Abuela, having charm to her, AND Mariano looking almost identical to Pedro, Abuela realized that Isabela and Mariano marrying means she could live out her and Pedro's marriage through them, down to having kids of their own. In fact, she was so focus on that fact, she couldn't see that Isabela was fake smiling through it all, and even the mention of kids caused a shock expression to her face that didn't look good. It was only when she admits that Mariano wasn't for her that she realized she can have an identity of her own.
This leads me to Pepa and Dolores, both the second oldest. In Pepa's case, due to her high emotions, which probably caused huge weather changes to happen in the community, Abuela didn't want Pepa to accidentally destroy or even hurt the people in the community. So, she will often criticize Pepa for even showing off a cloud that was for her own (I.E. a cloud appearing cause she couldn't find Antonio).
For Dolores, seeing that she had advanced hearing meant that she knows practically everyone's secret in the community and in her own family. However, probably seeing how Pepa was treated for being highly emotional and how Isabela was the only one getting attention from Abuela, Dolores learned that she shouldn't express any emotion or she would face the consequence of them being shut down.
They both represent "The Lost Child". They often go under the radar because their powers, as they were perceived, has no significance in helping the community and are forced to watch from the sidelines and Abuela and the rest of the community praise their older siblings.
Luisa falls under the "The Lost Child" category but in a much different way. While Pepa and Dolores have accepted their fate as the family members no one really acknowledges, Luisa often times pushes herself to the limit. We see her always carrying around heavy animals and buildings in order to serve the community. This has lead her to get a slight upgrade as Abuela often calls her by name in order to help the villagers needs. As a result, Luisa feels she NEEDS to continue this role. If she doesn't, then who can people go to in a crisis? Being the muscle in the family mean she has to absorb the troubles they face and make sure no one suffers the same fate like she believe she has.
Before we get to the final two, I'll do brief paragraphs on the rest of the family.
Camilo is obviously "The Family Mascot" He "won't stop till he makes you smile today" is demonstrated on how his lines are very much humor based and will often try to make the villagers (shifting to them to get them to a good mood) and his family (turning into Felix in order to encourage Antonio's gift ceremony). However, it isn't until the end that we see him. Camilo probably doesn't even know who he is but that doesn't matter because he wants the villagers to be happy and laughing at him all day.
Antonio, with just getting his power, is the only one who doesn't fit into the archetype yet. With that being said, his very cuddly nature and need for physical affection means that he's vulnerable to be told to "man up" as, excluding Camilo, is the only biological male relative in the family, so it's possible that Abuela wants him to be "Strong and manly" in order to make sure no one takes advantage of him. However, that will leave down a path of "The Lost Child" where he feels like he either has to sit in the sidelines or take the burden on and make sure no one gets hurt. That's possible why talking to animals is his gift: animals are predictable and can give him the love he desires without worrying about whether or not they'll turn on him.
Finally, we get to the black sheeps: Bruno and Mirabel.
Bruno, as described in a book desorption, was probably was the golden child along side Julieta. His gift of telling the future was seen as entertaining and delightful to the community as his gift can be seen as helpful in preparing the community for anything, positive or negative. However, the community started to notice thar Bruno's predictions were starting to get more and more negative (pets death, lost of figure, lost of hair). Instead of realizing that Bruno was being the messenger and he wasn't at fault, they instead turned against him because his "bad omens", even though Bruno wasn't at fault. Abuela, however, felt as though Bruno should be hidden away from the public eye as if Bruno kept this up, the madrigals would be seen in less of a "perfect" light. So, when Bruno went off, it was easy for Abuela to not talk about him as it made sure the community can stay comforted and know that someone who was giving them horrible news won't be there and they don't know about their future. This is where Bruno became the first black sheep.
Mirabel is the second black sheep, but not just any black sheep. Though with no powers, Mirabel's constantly trying to help the community, whether that be entertaining the kids or setting up decorations for the party. Abuela and to an extent at the rest of the family, is shocked by this. For the first time, a black sheep of the family isn't ashamed that she doesn't have a gift (or at least on the outside she doesn't show it) and is actually ready to give it her all. While this was disapproving at first, especially to Abuela, Mirabel's being unashamed of not having powers is what helps Abuela realized that a gift shouldn't be what a person is define as; it should be how they can help others and express themselves is what matters.
TL;DR: Mirabel shakes up the family dynamic and helps Abuela realized that they were thinking all wrong about how the gift should be seen.
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simswrapped · 15 days ago
Encanto Sims 4 Challenge
This is the Encanto ten generations sims 4 challenge. It’s designed to be a spellcaster generation challenge, but it’s not difficult to either supplement another occult, or to ignore it entirely if you don’t have the right game pack or just don’t want to use spellcasters. It is mostly there for story anyway. The occult status of your spouse is optional as well, but the important thing is that all your heirs are spellcasters (Except for Mirabel)
While some of the terms may be gendered in the challenge description (Mother, father, Grandmother, sister, ect) your sims can be any gender, it has no relevance to the challenge.
Gen One-Abuela Alma
“In our darkest moments we were given a miracle.” You’ve lost so much in your life, and you're scared of losing more, so you hold on tight to your three children. When you find a way to give your children magical gifts you grab onto it as tightly as you hold everything in life. But when you hold on too tightly everything you love slips through your grasp like sand, and your children start to leave. You pray that you can mend your relationships before it’s too late.
-Start with a married couple
-Have one set of triplets, then have your spouse die off while the children are still babies
-Have a memorial in your house to honor your late spouse.
-Turn each of your children into an occult sim, with at least one being a spellcaster
-Have the ‘Successful Lineage' aspiration
-Have the ‘Perfectionist’ Trait
Gen Two-Julieta
“I healed you with the love I have for my daughter.” You took after your grandmother when it came to your family originated nature, but you have a far more gentle way of raising your children. You love all of them, with all your heart. While a bit chaotic, you wouldn’t have it any other way. At least, not until the youngest slips through your grasp.
-Be a spellcaster
-Marry a clumsy sim
-Complete the Master Chef aspiration
-Master the cooking and either the barking or gourmet cooking skill
-Have a positive relationship with all your children
Gen Three-Pepa
“Great! Now I’m thundering.” People have always found you as ‘emotional’ and ‘irrational’ which simply isn’t the case. You know that you have a bit of a hard time keeping a lid on your emotions, but at least you’re honest! You know everyone else is just as emotional as you, they’re just better at hiding it.
-Be a spellcaster
-Have one of the ‘emotional’ traits (Cheerful, Gloomy, or Hot-headed)
-Purchase all six of the weather traits from seasons
-Get married in a storm (If you wed)
-Have three children
-At some point have a negative relationship with your heir, but mend it when you both are older
Gen Four-Bruno
“My gift wasn’t helping the family, but I love my family.” It’s hard to explain yourself to others, always has been. Despite your best efforts, and your ability to look into the future, people either don’t believe you or hate you. It’s caused you to become isolated and alone. You love your family with all your heart, but fear they don’t love you back. Still, you are loyal to a fault, and refuse to abandon them.
-Be a spellcaster
-Have the Good, Erratic, and Paranoid trait
-Run away from your house and live only with pets (Optional) Every single pet must be named ‘Rat’
-Master one creative skill
-Have only one child and never marry
-Reconnect with your family after the birth of your child
Gen Five-Dolores
“It’s a heavy lift with a gift so humbling.” Your father gave you a name that means tragedy. You’re not sure if he did that on purpose because he saw your future, but you’ve always found it fitting. Especially after you fell in love with your cousin's fiance. Of course you’d never dare make a move and interrupt their happiness, so you’re forced to languish in unhappiness. But then they call it off, giving you the chance to make your move and seize the happiness you’ve always wanted. 
-Be a spellcaster
-Have the Family-Oriented trait
-Master the dancing and singing skill
-Fall in love with someone else's fiance
-Marry them after they break up or divorece
-Have five babies
-(Optional) Have a name with either an ‘ironic’ or ‘tragic’ meaning
Gen Six-Isabela
“He told me that my powers would grow like the grapes that thrive on the vines.” You were always the perfect golden child, the princess of the family, positively royal. You weren’t unhappy with that, but there was always so much stress on your shoulders. It was overwhelming at times, and you started to get anxious if things didn’t go perfectly. Still, the appearance of perfection is often more important than the actual thing,  and far easier to maintain.
-Be a spellcaster
-Gain at least one level of fame, and a positive reputation 
-Become a spellcaster virtuoso
-Master the gardening skill
-Leave a sim at the altar
-Have a negative relationship with all of your non-spellcaster sibling
Gen Seven-Luisa
“Give it to your sister and never wonder if the same pressure would have pulled you under.” The need for perfection that your mother always held was stressful and quite the burden. While she was admired for her charisma and grace you were always admired about your strength, though that strength comes from fear. Fear that you won’t be able to protect your family, and fear that something will hurt everyone you love.
-Be a spellcaster
-Master the Bodybuilder aspiration
-Have the athletic and bro traits
-Earn the ‘responsible’ trait
-Have a part time job as a teen
-Always have a job. Never take a day off (Within reason) until you are an adult
-Have no negative relationships with any of your family numbers
Gen Eight-Camilo
“Isabela, your boyfriend is here!” Hey, you’re a fun guy, cheerful, easygoing, and you love to make people laugh. While not blind to the stress your family is constantly under you do your best to keep it from bringing you down. It doesn’t always work, but you do your best to make people smile.
-Be a spellcaster
-Have the goofball trait
-Master the Friend of the World aspiration 
-Master the comedy and mischief skill
-Be best friends with the past heir
Gen Nine-Antonio
“I wish you could have a door.” Something about a carefree parent made your childhood happy and filled with joy. Considered the baby of the family you were spoiled and managed to get away with anything, though you never abused those powers. The worst you ever did were a few pranks here and there, but honestly you’re sweet to a fault sometimes.
-Be a spellcaster
-Be the youngest of all your siblings
-Complete the Friend Of The Animals aspiration
-Have at least one animal related trait
-Run a vet clinic
Gen Ten-Mirabel
“Gift or no gift, I’m just as special as the rest of my family.” There have been nine generations of spellcasters before you, but you were never given the same gift. No one is certain why, but you’re completely powerless. Despite the assurances of your parents, it’s hard not to think of yourself as useless sometimes. Still, despite your lack of powers, you do what you can even if it never seems like enough.
-You can’t be a spellcaster, or become a spellcaster later in life
-Master the knitting and crocheting skill
-Have the Creative trait
-Join the Interior Designer career or the Style Influancer career
-Have a positive relationship with both of your parents and any 
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koolaidcrush · 24 days ago
Not to get all critical of my own community here but some of y’all (esp white/non latino lgbt folks) only liked encanto for the music and potential lgbt headcanons and it’s showing in really ugly ways.
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thatbrunetteimbecile · 28 days ago
Madrigal Men <3
That’s it. Love em.
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ryn-stabby · 9 days ago
Everyone is like "Oh Camilio must have felt so bad when Mirabel called Dolores her favorite cousin"
But like
Mirabel very specifically said OLDER cousin
This might sound like semantics, but like, her and Camilio are the same age. They're both fifteen.
Sure Camilio might be older by a couple of months, but would you really refer to someone your same age as being 'older?'
From Mirabels perspective Dolores is her only older cousin
She said "My favorite older cousin" BECAUSE DOLORES IS HER ONLY OLDER COUSIN GUYS!
I just find it funny really
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ashley-jones · 29 days ago
Bruno Madrigal's Daughter
Warnings: Child neglect, mental abuse, spell casting, cursing, injury, blood, mention of long term depression,
Pronouns used: She/Her
Name used - Elisa Madrigal
Songs used:
Tired of Me - Karina Grace
Unfair - The Neighborhood
Tumblr media
After questioning everyone about Bruno, Maribel only got the same answer over and over.
"We don't talk about Bruno."
Finally Luisa recommended her to go to one person. Her older cousin, Elisa, Bruno's daughter. She was 16, and never left her tower that stood tall beside Bruno's. The door that led to the tower glowed differently than the others, it was a laced red instead of gold. Casita had no control inside her room like it didn't inside of Bruno's.
Knocking on the door twice, no answer. So Maribel slowly pushed the door open, purple and red shimmering brightly through the large space. Symbols could be seen engraved along the walls and floors. The walls where covered in book cases with thousands to millions of books sitting neatly and in alphabetical order.
"Maribel." a soft voice spoke. Elisa sat in front of a fire with a book on her lap. A blindfold covering her eyes, having been placed their by Abuela herself. The younger never understood how her cousin could read while blindfolded but never questioned it during their short visits. "I wanna talk about Tio Bruno." she quickly said.
"We don't about him." Elisa suddenly spoke. Shutting her book she placed it on the table and standing to her full height. She was the same height as Maribel, her fingers wrapping around the blindfold pulling it from her eyes. A beautiful glistening of purple could be seen through purple curls. "I really need to know about Bruno!" the girl quickly said.
Elisa sighed quietly noticing the green glow coming from her cousins bag. "Miel.. We do not talk about Pa- Bruno.." Elisa softly replied. "Abuela is calling for you. Don't stay long." she quietly stated. Walking away, with a wave her hand the fire went out leaving the room in colors of red and purple.
Maribel wanted to talk more, try to convince her cousin to talk, but Alma's voice made her stop and leave slowly. Elisa hasn't lived the best life either, having been pushed away and locked away in her room during the 10 years of Bruno's disappearance. Her mother died a few years after her birth, she was a foreigner visiting in hopes of living out the last few years of her life peacefully.
She had a very powerful and dangerous gift, and Abuela was scared of it just like she was of Bruno's. The power to control everything with a simple spell would be something most would be jealous of, but instead people feared it. They feared someone being more powerful than them.
Maribel bursted through the door once more, causing Elisa to turn quickly. Letting out a Yelp when the girl grabbed her arm and dragged her out and down the steps of Casita. "You'll join us! If we're having a value to the family then you need to be there!" Maribel happily said. "Inviting the witch to dinner? Thats new for Maribel.." Isabella whispered. Deloris looked at her cousin with wide eyes, then towards her other cousin with a big smile.
"Elisa.." Abuela spoke. The spell caster flinched slightly at the voice, purple eyes shifting back towards the older woman. "Hi." she coldly spoke. "Maribel you should know better. Elisa wants nothing to do with this family. That is why she stays in that room of hers." Alma harshly spoke. Eyes darkening behind hair, the red lined room darkening as well. Untangling her arm from her cousins grasp and pushing past her, disappearing back to her room. The door slamming echoed through the whole house, the loud sound causing the whole family to flinch.
(Art by jaimehihi)
Tumblr media
After the destruction of dinner, Maribel followed after the rats that carried the green gems, they ran towards the portrait that was pinned beside Elisa's room. "Elisa!!" Maribel called out. The witch opened the door looking at the girl, then towards the portrait that was pushed open like a door. "Please come with me.." she whispered. "Are you insane?" she called out. "Come on!" she yelled.
Elisa cursed before stepping through after her cousin. She pulled the hood of her cloak up, the portrait shutting behind her. Cracks formed along the stoned walls, the rat could be seen running forward, the two girls beginning to follow. But Elisa pulled Maribel away quickly, eyes glowing brightly. Lightening flashed showing off a cloaked figure, Maribel gasping. The two quickly ran off the running form, jumping and ducking through the floorboards.
"Maribel stop!" Elisa yelled. The older slid and grabbed her cousin before she fell through a hole. Maribel sighed in relief before nodding towards her older cousin, both of them stepping back. Maribel went first since she was more determined. But she slipped causing Elisa to yell. "Maribel!" she gasped. She went to jump over to catch the younger, but a hand shot out and caught the younger from falling.
"You're very sweaty.." the male awkwardly spoke. But the floorboards broke causing him to fall, A spell slipping from Elisa lifting both of them back up. Maribel looked towards her cousin who was still standing on the other side, hood fallen to her shoulders. She looked like she had so much to say to Bruno, but she didn't. This look of anger, pain, and exhaustion crossed over her before stepping back and turning away. Pulling her hood up over her head, she disappeared, the painting hitting the wall.
'Elisa..' Maribel thought.
"I will never be good enough for you.. None of us will ever be good enough for you!" Maribel bursted.
"This family is breaking because of you!" she yelled at Alma.
"The miracle is breaking because of you!!" she added.
Cracks formed, then finally the floor split open. Roofing beginning to collapse. The family yelled to leave, but Mirabel went up after the candle. Casita lowering one of the banisters for her to use as a ladder, while the flooring began pushing her family out no matter how Julieta tried to run after her daughter.
Bruno placed the bucket on top of his head smashing through the wall and tumbling down the hill. Maribel looked down at her tio, before reaching forward moving the candle back until she was able to grab it. Falling, Casita quickly made passage for her to safely hit the ground. Covering her and protecting her, but a scream echoed through the night air.
"Elisa.." Pepa whispered.
Rooms shattered and ruined, a book case sitting on top of the teenager. Fingers trying to push it off, pain covering her whole body. Head falling back as it pushed into her stomach whimpers filing from her throat. Blood seeped from where the bookshelf landed against her stomach, the jagged edges cutting her the thick junction of her thigh.
"Elisa!!" Luisa and Fèlix yelled. The family quickly ran over towards her, trying to push the bookshelf up. It weighed a ton, most likely crushing the teenage girls ribs and legs. She just let her head fall back, head leaning to the side, fingers sliding from the oak. A single tear fell down her cheek as she looked at her father's terrified expression. She wanted to talk but her lungs wouldn't let her.
The townspeople came running to help, the bookshelf was soon lifted enough for the family to pull the girl free. Breath filled her whole body, before leaning over coughing, blood spitting up and hitting the ground. Her black bodysuit was ripped along the stomach, cloak torn in half, the purple and red cloth sliced beneath the shelf.
She was lifted and removed from the destruction, her own blood staining her lips. Maribel was gone when she was placed on the ground, Abuela being no where in sight either. Elisa just let her head slide against the wall she was against, allowing her eyes to close. Blood dripping down her chin staining her skin. If she had her powers her body would heal on its own, but without them she was useless, which was pathetic in her mind.
One of the village medicals lifted her and escorted her to a safer area in hopes of giving her a little bit of medical treatment. She had cracked ribs, and her left leg was all cut up with blood smearing across it. Blood was filling her lungs, which was causing the constant coughing up blood. She was laid on her side, a bowel beside her to catch the blood.
Brown hair sank to it's beautiful violent purple, cuts healing beneath bandages. Ripped body suit sewing together and forming back to one, cloak flowing out beneath her, red lining shimmering brightly. Chest rising and lowering allowing her to take a full intake of breath. Eyes opened glowing purple, hands slowly pushing herself up off the medic table.
Stepping outside she took notice of Casita sitting tall once more. She walked towards the home, a and over her stomach, ribs healing slowly allowing the cartilage to form together to crisp and tighten the bones. "Elisa..!" Deloris called out. The whole family and the town looked towards the last member of the family. Alma walked down the steps slowly looking at the young girl.
Elisa flinched when her Abuela touched her cheek, a gasp leaving her when the older woman hugged her. Her arms shot up not knowing what to do, eyes widened in surprise. "Lo siento mucho por el dolor que te he causado" she whispered. Elisa didn't hug back, and Alma respected that. The young Madrigal deserved so much more than just an 'I'm sorry' and the whole family knew that.
Julieta touched her nieces cheek smiling softly. "Are you okay miel..?" she whispered. "I'm okay.. Just soar.." the younger answered. "And tired.." she added.
Being led inside, Casita made Elisa sit down on the steps, waving the floor panels at her. Bruno sat down beside her looking ahead, neither saying anything. "You look like her." he suddenly spoke. "Height, eyes, nose, hair everything.." he whispered. Elisa's looked up towards a portrait of her màma, purple eyes shimmering brightly.
"I never actually met her." Elisa finally spoke. "I was still a baby when she died. And still a kid when you left." she slowly added. "I can't imagine how alone you where.. It's my fault." he softly spoke. "You get use to it. Instead I was never actually alone. As I got older ravens began forming throughout my tower and would just fly around.. Never shut up." she softly joked. She tried so hard to keep a smile but it faded as quick as it had appeared.
Elisa hated how easily the family could smile and laugh. Why could she? Well she knew why she couldn't. Slowly she pushed herself up, hissing in pain. If it weren't for Casita she would have fallen right back down. Turning she made her way up the stairs, legs leading her towards her room. Opening the door and entering allowing it to shut behind her.
There was many things her power could heal. But emotion was not one of those things. There was a lot of things that made her the way she was, made her emotions a wreck and hard to handle.
Her mother's death.
Her father's departure of the family.
The dangers of her ability.
The disappointment from her Abuela.
The hatred that comes from Pepa and Isabella.
The feeling of not being good enough.
The list could go on and on with endless passages and waterfalls of tears. Unlocking the cloak from her shoulders she set it across her reading chair, the fire lighting creating a calming crackling sound. The Ravens flowing across the air, wings flapping and letting out crows. Laying down, blue sheets wrapping around her tightly, body shifting to it's side and falling asleep.
Coming to terms with the family was going to be difficult. Not just her, but for everyone. It would take a lot to forgive certain things said or done. A miracle will never truly fill the cracks that form inside the Madrigal family. No matter how happy, or how many smiles pass through; the past will always still be there.
And sometimes, there is no escaping the past.
Tumblr media
Lo siento mucho por el dolor que te he causado (I'm so sorry for what I have done to you)
Miel (Honey)
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i--metamorphic--i · 8 days ago
Ok so spoilers if ya haven't watched Encanto yet,
So basically I had this weird dream about Encanto right? It's all weird and hazy and I dont know much and I dont feel like researching stuff so eh, but im going to string it together that it makes...at least a story so hang with me
So it all started when Mirabel was born, and for some odd reason she was born with pitch-black hair and red eyes (idk) and Alma had this beef with her because of it, Alma thought that Mirabel was this demon child or bad luck but she kept that to herself and tried to ignore those feeling right? so time skips to where she's 5 and it's the day where she is supposed to get her gift right? So after Mirabel touched the door and it disappeared everyone is freaking out and Alma forces Bruno to see the future and stuff and when he sees it (Mirabel in front of the broken casita, you know) he tries to break it but alma already took it and now she's freaking out. She's showing everyone yelling and calling Mirabel a demon child and stuff (yeah Alma was a bitch in my dream). The villagers are freaking out and getting pissed so they are surrounding mirabel ready to kill (idk why. It was scary) so Bruno just grabs mirabel and bolts out of the place, casita of course helping along the way, so Bruno is inside the walls with a sobbing mirabel who thinks she's a monster. So Bruno is trying to figure out a solution on what the fuck to do. Because he can't talk to the villagers because they are crazy, he can't talk to his family because Alma probably already convinced them that mirabel is a monster and that it's brunos fault (idk again), so when its night time Bruno sneaks to his room and walks in but here's the thing. His room is completely different! Instead of a sandy horror show, it's... It's a field with a huge pond or lake im the middle filled with fish, and a small island with a huge tree on it. And the field was surrounded by a forest (yeah wasn't joking when I said it was huge), before he walked in Dolores was right behind him. Bruno was scared she was going to snitch but instead Dolores gave him a lot of seeds (like farming seeds) and smiled walking away. So Bruno went inside his room and closed the door, another time skip and mirabel is 15 now. Bruno boarded up the door and covered it in bushes, he also made a little farmland with fruits and veggies he also made fishing poles. Life is great but mirabel is lonely so she tries to talk to him about her old life but he avoids those conversations. meanwhile, Camilo (who is a cunt for some reason) is hanging out with some friends, so they all think it's a funny idea to go into Bruno's room and idk cause chaos? So they break down the boards and somehow manage to get it. But they are surprise to see how the room is and even more surprised to see Bruno and mirabel! So them being the little shits they are they harassed Bruno and mirabel and destroyed everything, after that they went out and told EVERYONE that Bruno and mirabel were there! So the family is going up there but mirabel and Bruno bolted, they packed whatever they could and ran. But casita won't let them leave, and at the same time casita is giving Bruno and mirabel and the rest of the family some space, Alma is talking shit again but then Bruno fucking explodes on her. Like he's pissed and yelling at her about...everything and saying she was the one fucking up the miracle and she just looks down in shame. The rest of the family is just looking down in shame as well for not saying something. Mirabel's mother hugs mirabel and she just whispers "im sorry for never being there" and the family is just apologizing and hugging and my dream ends
So yeah that's my dream of encanto, idk I thought it was cool and seeing Bruno as a farmer was something! I hope you enjoyed because I did lmao
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atomic-bomn · 16 days ago
Just watched encanto
Pretty cool
Somewhat predictable
Songs were... Ok
Camilio is my favorite
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dontmindanna · a month ago
The only thing I hate about Camilo is his five and a half minutes of screen time
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veryberryghoul · a month ago
Mirabel: I accidentally poisoned someone’s drink, but I forgot which one.
Dolores: What?
Camilo: The fuck?
Isabela: With the way this dinner’s going, I hope it’s mine.
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manyothermusingsofmine · a month ago
Camilo: So what’s your plan for getting past the family? Bruno: Live bait. Camilo: Good plan.... Hey! Bruno: Come on, Camilo, you have to create a distraction. Camilo:  What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?!
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isascactus · a day ago
Hii 💕 I was wonder in if you could do some hc where how would the encanto cousin react when their s/o falls asleep on them. (Ps: your blog is looking great btw, keep up the work)
thanks so much! i think this request is adorable
warnings: none
my requests are currently closed for now as i try to get through the ones I have now
How The Encanto Cousin’s Would React To Their s/o Falling Asleep On Them
Tumblr media
(gif not mine)
ok so
lets say you guys were at your secret spot
which was on a hill that was kinda hidden
you two were laying on a blanket as the summer sun shone down on the two of you
and you were just talking about anything and everything
enjoying each other’s presence 
and you were getting sleepy
and eventually the sleep took over
so you fell asleep while you laid on him
he didn’t notice at first
he kept talking until he looked down at you
his face softened when he saw the sight
your head was laying on his chest
and you were snuggled up to him, an arm lazily thrown over his stomach
a smile graced his lips
he thought it was the cutest thing
camilo loved that you loved him enough to fall asleep on him
he would softly kiss you on the forehead
“I love you mi vida”
he might even fall asleep too
he would totally tell pepa or felix after because he was excited about it
Tumblr media
(gif not mine)
omg this sweet girl
i love her so much
you two were just relaxing together
dolores needed her time to relax sometimes
things got very overwhelming for her really easily
so she needed times like this
sometimes you two wouldn’t even talk
you would sit or lay somewhere together
so it took her awhile to realize that you had fallen asleep
when she noticed she was so happy omg
she would snuggle up to you a little more
and place a kiss on your cheek
you 100% probably ended up staying the night 
she couldn’t dare wake you up
you were just so adorable
dolores loves you so much
Tumblr media
(gif not mine)
she’d be really happy
just like aww
she would rest her head on top of yours 
and hum quietly to herself
she’d be as still as possible as to not wake you up
its time like this that she loved the most
the smaller moments truly meant the most
she didn’t need any big fancy date
isa just needed you to be in each other’s arms
she’d be pretty mad if someone woke you up or intrude on your moment
isabela would probably tell them off for it
Tumblr media
(gif not mine)
luisa would cry
like it felt so personal and special to her
she would hold on to you tightly
and if anyone dare wake you up or bother you she’d be really upset
luisa would probably threaten the person but not do anything
Tumblr media
(gif not mine)
this baby is so adorable
mira would be so excited abt it
and so happy
and super giggly
would totally just scoop you up more into her arms
and just snuggle into you even more
she would be very frowny and sad if someone had woken you up
but she’d get over it quick enough to catch up with whatever you were doing now
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jkmooneclipsesun · 17 days ago
Camilio reaction to hearing his siblings has known/meet Bruno before him.
Tumblr media
Camilio: “Sooo…? We’re gonna talk about Bruno?”
Antonio: “That’s Bruno!”
Camilio is like, why do you know that?! You wasn’t even born when he disappeared!
Tumblr media
Dolores: “Yo, i knew he never left, i heard him every day!”
Camilio: “AW! You too?! Say has Mirabel taken my place as your sibling or was there just no more room for members in the secret, “we know about tio Bruno” club?
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weirdalsochaotic · 11 days ago
why do people ship the encanto family members with each other
why people
if i saw my brother i would punch him in the fuckin face
people who ship madrigal members with each other deserve to go to hell
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another-suffering-artist · 6 days ago
Encanto thoughts #2
In Bruno's vision for Isabella he says her power will grow "like the grapes that thrive on the vine". It's a plant without flowers. Anyone else think he was trying to give her a hint?
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ryn-stabby · 25 days ago
I still find it super funny that Camilio said Bruno had a "Seven foot frame" not just because it's inaccurate, but also because Bruno is like tiny.
He's shorter than literally every adult in his family. Both his sisters are like a head taller than him, his neices tower over him, and even him mother is clearly larger.
Hell the only people his isn't talker than is Mirabel (Who after looking at her parents will probably have another growth spurt) Camilio himself (Yeah he might be stuck at that height, but he could grow) and Antonio (A literally five year old)
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ehhhandy · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
“BOO! Did I scare ya?? Huh, huh?”
Hooray! I finished drawing Camilio Madrigal! Aka, the little shapeshifter prankster! I actually tried drawing him this time, it was not easy, cause I had to use this reference, reference fo memes, I actually used a real photo for his skin color:
Tumblr media
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