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I’m tired of bein’ poor and even worse I’m black

My stomach hurts, so I’m lookin’ for a purse to snatch

Cops give a damn about a negro

Pull the trigger, kill a nigga, he’s a hero

Give the crack to the kids who the hell cares

One less hungry mouth on the welfare

First ship ‘em dope and let 'em deal the brothers

Give 'em guns, step back, watch 'em kill each other

It’s time to fight back that’s what Huey said

Two shots in the dark, now Huey’s dead

I got love for my brother but we can never go nowhere

Unless we share with each other

We gotta start makin’ changes

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° 。 ☾ ➺ BILLIE MIKAELSON secret has changed to Billie was in a car accident a few weeks ago after falling asleep at the wheel with the kids in the car and her son was badly injured and was in a coma for two days but she lied to the cops and said someone cut her off and she swerved to miss them and lost control of the car.  

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These are depressing times, with COVID-19 being stuck inside a home for months, and now injustices being exposed. With many tweets, reblogs, stories that talk about these injustices, my mind goes from rage, hurt, helplessness, and then back to rage. This circle continues every minute of the day and it is getting worse day by day.

With this frustration I’ve seen some, actually quite many “fans” calling out Taylor, for keeping “silence” at these times in her SNS.

Despite understanding the reason and the anger behind your disappointment, I believe there is anger that might be channeled at a false image.

This is not to disrespect anyone’s feelings, rather for us to take a step back and really think about what is real, and what can be done.

I really have to say, as a fan of her music, I don’t think she owes us anything. I’ve been awakened by her songs, felt joy, immense amount of comfort from her songs and when I paid for it, I paid because I benefited non materialistically so much more from her art. Not to mention the many more awakenings of the advocating for equality, the voice for rights, and also of a sense of comfort knowing I’m not alone through my own struggles which I will immensely be grateful for. She is already my inspiration for all these changes that I’ve come through with and for that I will always have respect, admiration and be a fan.

 And it ends there. I do not expect her to be the hero of our generation, I do not expect her to save us from political injustice, I do not expect her to pave the way for equal rights. I believe that is something that I cannot ask her to do, it is not within our rights to force her to be our “leader” just because she has a huge following. This is not a condition held against her as a fan.

In these saddening times, it seems we are looking for someone to save the world. Much like the heroic movies we watch on Marvel, we expect our next superheroine/hero to come save us. But we know better than that, and that superheroes are not our reality but only a manifestation of our hopes and desires. The REALITY is, it is US the PEOPLE, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US in families, schools, communities, neighborhoods, and across lands that make CHANGES in our reality. In other words, Taylor Swift is not our heroine, and she can never be. She may be the culmination of our desires and wishes, as we have dreamed, but she is not the fictional character that we make up in Marvel movies. What she actually does, her pure value as an artist I believe (and in fact is already doing more than any other public figure), is in helping us grow our desires, and inspire us to change OUR reality through her songs, and her art. And I am grateful for what she is doing. For that I respect her so much, as an artist, an activist, and a writer.

BUT again, she is just an individual when it comes to society, just as much any sort of celebrity is. There is loss in cultivating an atmosphere of putting celebrities into a heroic figure pedestal when in reality there can be no such thing. She is not the HEROINE once again. WE ARE. What we have to remember is she nudged us, including herself as individuals to push our buttons and be bolder, courageous but she does not owe us in becoming a heroine herself. It is a ridiculous and flawed concept to expect her to be the one and put her on a judging ground when there is no such thing as a heroine. This is not a part I expect from her as a fan, and neither is her becoming the actual “heroine” herself.

Instead of wandering on tumblr posts, twitter condemning celebrities, artists and etc for not doing enough, energy should be channeled toward empowering each other, every single individual whether it be you yourself, your friend, your family, your enemy, and even your celebrity. We are all just individuals, but when we stand together our wishes will be realized just like in the movies. So please, do not expect a heroic figure in the public eye to suddenly solve a problem, or even condemn them to do “more”. If they haven’t done anything, yes, we should take it to judgment. BUT if they have spoken out, whichever way and use whichever methods and amount to support the movement, judgment should be stopped. Public should not expect a single individual to live up to a heroic standard. There is really nothing significant to come from this action as they will never be heroes or heroines. They are only individuals. The best action is to instead, speak and empower each other every day and talk to individuals and utilize the pure value of artists in favor of making real changes. If a musician has spoken out, blast your speakers and sing Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Price, or The Archer to empower yourself in your reality. If a writer has written a great article about issues, read them to be empowered and pull that energy into our real lives to talk to each other, educate one another, and do whatever method is available out there whether it be a physical protest, a post on the internet, or just talking to people around you. There is so much to gain from channeling the anger into the right direction, which will ultimately change the reality. Calling out celebrities, or public figures is important when they haven’t done ANYTHING, but judging them for their methods, and extent has no significant gain because once again, they will not be our heroes and heroines. Change is in all single individuals that will talk, create movement, and vote.

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Let’s start with a hot topic: me exercising. Yeah! Well I did 20 minutes of working out but I didn’t really have a dance session today which I regret by now but yeah I had no motivation.

Food. Let’s just skip the part. I don’t know how to eat healthy for lunch. My breakfast was really healthy but yeah that’s sadly just one meal.

You will hear from me tomorrow.

Bye bye

~a messy girl~

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