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#heat wave
How to Stay Cool Without A/C
A lot of Northerners were very kind during the freeze in Texas this winter with tips on how to stay warm for people who had lost heat. This is an attempt to repay that favor for people in the Pacific Northwest and other northerly locations who are facing dangerous heatwaves without built-in A/C. My qualifications to give this advice are that I was a summer camp attendee and counselor with no A/C for many summers in humid-ass central Texas with highs over 100F basically every day. Hopefully some of it will be of use to somebody who isn’t used to the heat.
1) PUT ICE WATER IN YOUR BODY. Ice water is your best friend and the #1 way to drop your body temp. Drink more than you think you need (like, at least a half-gallon a day and closer to a gallon or more if you have to be outside doing manual work all day) to cool your insides down and stay hydrated. Have some bananas, trail mix, or a sports drink to help replace the electrolytes you’re sweating out and keep you from getting cramps, but try to have most of your fluid intake be water. I used to take a giant water bottle, fill it part way with water, and freeze it on its side so the ice would slowly melt over the course of the day and my water would stay cold longer.
2) PUT ICE WATER ON YOUR BODY. Cold water, ice, or a damp rag on your head and neck, the backs of your knees, the insides of your elbows, and under your armpits will help you cool down the best, because your blood runs close to the surface in those places. Cold packs designed for injuries or lunchboxes, bags of frozen vegetables, etc. can substitute for ice water as well. Even room-temp water will pull heat away from your body better than body-temp sweat will, especially if it’s humid, so if you don’t have enough ice, the sink, bathtub, or hose will do fine. Dipping your feet into cool water helps a ton as well if you have to sit and work and don’t want your clothes to be wet.
3) WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GET SO MUCH ICE?  To make sure you have enough ice to last you the weekend, especially through a potential power failure, I recommend getting a cooler (even one of the cheap styrofoam ones is fine in a pinch) and ~10lbs of ice from the big coolers at most gas stations, drug stores, or grocery stores. Try to do this now, before anybody loses power, and store as much in your freezer as you have space for to keep it from melting. You can use it for drinking or to keep your food cold in a power failure. You can use it for a party later if you don’t end up needing it during the heat wave, but you will probably be very happy you had it.
4) AIR FLOW. Being inside a room with the windows closed is the worst possible place to be if you don’t have A/C, because glass windows create a greenhouse effect and the hot air can’t escape. If at all possible, find a shaded place outside where you can catch any possible breeze. If not, open all your windows and, if it’s safe, doors so you can get a cross-breeze. Hopefully you have window screens to keep pets and kids in and bugs out. If not, you’re gonna have to do your own risk assessment. Fans of all sizes and descriptions are your friend; ceiling fans should be set to spin counterclockwise in summer. Even if you have A/C, finding or making a handheld fan will be worthwhile for when you have to venture outside. If you aren’t in a situation where you need to conserve ice, blowing air over a cooler full of ice will give you a makeshift A/C. 
5) SHADE. You will probably immediately notice that direct sunlight is a miserable place to be when it’s super hot. Find or make a shaded location, and don’t be afraid to move around to avoid the sun as the day goes on. Stay on the shady side of the sidewalk whenever you walk someplace. Try to shade your windows as best you can without obstructing airflow using blinds, curtains, shutters, etc. especially if they’re directly in the path of the sun. Do not be a jerk to your neighbors if their shade solutions are ugly. If you can get a shade for your car windshield, I highly recommend it, as the steering wheel, dashboard, seatbelts, and even seats can quickly become too hot to touch in a sealed car and will hold that heat for a long time.
6) CLOTHING. Light-colored, loose clothing that is as close to 100% cotton or linen as you can find is your friend. It doesn’t necessarily have to be short as long as it’s breathable. You will sweat through anything you wear, so I personally prefer only wearing machine-washable stuff. Sun hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, aloe gel for sunburns, mosquito repellent, anti-chafing supplies, etc are all worth looking into if you aren’t used to spending time in the heat.
7) TIMING. Try to stay out of the sun and avoid doing anything strenuous in the middle of the day when the heat is the worst. If you have a choice, plan to be more active early in the morning and late at night when the temperature is more bearable, and take a break in the middle of the afternoon.
Here’s a graphic from the CDC about how to recognize heat-related illnesses and what to do about them. I will add to this that if it’s hot and you stop sweating, you are getting to a dangerous level of dehydration and need to drink something BEFORE you start having more serious problems.
Tumblr media
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turtlesandfrogs · 3 months ago
Hey, if you're in Washington state (and probably other areas of the west end of the USA, too) you should know that next weekend is supposed to be extremely hot:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Washington Emergency Management Division posted a 📷local alert for the state of Washington. 8h ·
We are about to see some very hot temperatures across the state. The National Weather Service in Seattle is tracking different models that show it could get anywhere from 90 degrees to 105 degrees at SeaTac this weekend. Find your local forecast at Regardless of the exact temperature, it's going to be a hot one. The Weather Office in Spokane also says to expect triple digit temperatures in Eastern Washington and provides more details here: Steps you can take NOW to try and keep your home cool. Do not rely on only a fan as your primary cooling device. Take other steps: > Cover windows with drapes or shades. > Weather-strip doors and windows. > Use window reflectors such as aluminum foil-covered cardboard to reflect heat back outside. > Add insulation to keep the heat out. > Learn to recognize the signs of heat illness. For more information visit: > Find places with air conditioning. Libraries, shopping malls, and community centers can be a cool place to beat the heat. Stay informed and check with local authorities about possible closures prior to going to cooling centers. "
Heat kills, especially in areas not used to really hot weather. Where I live, in western Washington, it is currently forecasted to get up to 103f- most people here do not have air conditioning. Many people do not know how to live with extreme heat- because getting up to 101f is a rare event, much remarked upon.
If you are somewhere that will be experiencing a heatwave, please check in and help with any one you know who maybe at greater risk of death- elderly folks, disabled folks, unhoused folks, etc. Heat, especially in areas unused to it, can kill. I remember a heatwave in the U.K. that killed the elderly, and lots of other people too. Let's try to make that not happen here.
Please do what you can to prepare now. The quote above has some good ideas, and I'll be posting what we're doing tomorrow (hopefully) (I'm thinking space blankets blocking windows, weather stripping the doors, opening the windows at night and closing them before it warms up, etc). Look up ways to cool yourself that are cheap and easy. If it's this hot in June, how hot will it be in July? How many wildfires are going to start this weekend?
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kaijutegu · 3 months ago
How to help your reptiles through a heat wave
If you’re on the west coast of North America right now, you’re melting and your pets are probably just as miserable. Heat stroke can kill herps, and many are a lot more heat-sensitive than you think. Here’s some tips to help stabilize them and keep them cool!
1. Turn off the heat source; however, if you have a herp that you light, remember that they still DO need UV to digest their food and process their vitamins. Consider cycling the UV on and off at more frequent intervals so that it doesn’t heat their cage up too much.
1A.  consider NOT feeding them for a few days. Most reptiles will be absolutely fine with a fast of a few days, and then you can keep the UV off. Is it ideal? No. Will it keep them alive? Possibly. Use your best judgment- you know your animal’s feeding schedule.
2. Provide unlimited fresh water. Even if your animal doesn’t drink from a water dish normally, provide one anyways- they may want to sit in it.
3. Do NOT let your animal have direct contact with ice! However, you can definitely wrap a frozen water bottle in a towel as a cool thing for them to sit upon.
4. Keep your terrarium away from the windows. If you have a basement, maybe put it down there until the heatwave passes. You can also remove them from the terrarium/vivarium/whatever caging you use and put them in a temporary smaller container.
5. Know the signs of heat stroke. Gaping, shaking, staggering, disorientation, falling, or loss of consciousness are all signs of heat stroke in reptiles. Snakes will start corkscrewing or stargazing, and will have a hard time righting themselves. If you see these, call your vet IMMEDIATELY and start cooling them down by gently pouring cool- not cold- cool water over them, starting with their legs. (if they have legs)
5A. I cannot stress how important it is that you do not use water that’s too cold here. It will kill them. Cold water will cause the blood vessels closest to the surface will constrict, drawing blood down into the core of the animal where it will not cool down at all. Cool water will gently lower the temperature of the blood closest to the surface, which will be carried to the brain and other major organs. You must cool them GRADUALLY.
6. Use the glass of your viv as a heat heat exchange. Even if you have PVC or wood, odds are good you have some glass in the doors. Drape wet towels over the glass and point a fan at it. If you don’t have glass, this works... kind of ok with PVC/plastic, but it’s basically useless for wood. 
7. If your animals are outdoors, provide shade and a sprinkler. 
8. In the wild, animals escape the heat by burrowing. Because you have a much smaller environment, you can’t really provide a much cooler soil layer- but you can provide hide box with really wet substrate.
9. Try and get your reptile to drink. Being sprayed with water will stimulate them to drink. If they don’t respond to being sprayed with water, call the vet immediately.
10. Consider getting one of those portable AC units and getting all your herps in one room- the room with the portable AC units. Unfortunately, this might be hard to do because those are sold out in a lot of places.
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dead-dyke · 3 months ago
Saint's Super Sexy Tips to Not Dying in the Heat Wave!
When I moved from Arizona to the PNW, I never expected to deal with temptures in the tripple digits again. But here we are in a heat wave. So have some tips from this heat veteren.
For many people in the PNW this is a very dangerous thing, unlike in the state of AZ, having A/C is not required for something to be considered a habital space, so a lot of appartments and homes are without it - making it all the more likley to leave some people very ill or at worse, dead.
So, on to the tips: (Please note that I have only 6 months of medical training, but a decade of living of AZ - so this isn't medical advice, it's life advice)
When you get inside, you will be tempted to go stright to the fridge and gulp a big glass of water. Do Not Do That. Start with lukewarm water, then move to cold water. Drinking cold water or Ice water when you are overheated is dangerous, it stimulates the vagus nerver which will lower you heart rate and it will send your body into shock - you're not meant to go from super hot to cold, you're body doesn't understand it. This can cause seeing spots, fainting, and vomiting. And when you vomit, you will become even more dehydrated. When your body is cool enough to drink cold water, sip it. Do Not Chug.
Popcicles and Ice chips are your new best friends. Ice cream is your enemy - avoid dairy at all costs, it will make you vomit in the heat, which will make you dehydrated. The more dehydrated you are - the more likley you will end up in the hospital.
Avoid spicy foods. Covet fruits and raw veggies.
If you'de like - have what I refer to as The Cocktail of Life. Water, one to two ice cubes, two shots of pedialyte.
Turn off your PC, move to a laptop or even better a tablet if you need to do work. (I am typing this on my tablet - so ignore spelling erros)
Turn off all the lights, turn off any non-essental electronic, in this situation the only non esential electronic is your phone, any fans, and if you need toi work or be online a tablet/laptop.
Do not use the stove or oven. I repeat, Do NOT Fucking Use your stove or oven. You eat salad and fruit and veggies now. Have a small amount of dairy free yogurt or fruit smoothie without milk. You don't eat meat now, you are a temporory vegitiarian.
Keep yourself in spaces with less people and with less objects, aim for rooms that are mostly empty if you can or are large.
Take short naps - not long ones, set an alarm for an hour at the max. Drink a glass of lukewarm water after every nap (You will be pissing a lot during the heat wave fyi. Also a 'gross' comment, but if your urine is yellow you are not drinking enough water, it should be clear.)
Lay on the ground, heat rises. If you can - sleep on the ground, move your matress to the ground if you have hard flooring and the space.
Try taking off all your beding, leave your boxspring or mattress on and lay under your bed if you have carpeting or a sleeping mat. (I am under my bed typing this.)
Limit your activities, but don't stay in one space all day, try to move somewhere else once an hour, even if it's just rolling to the other side of the room/bed or changing seats.
You might be tempted to use an ice pack. Don't. Instead if you need to, get a cold washcloth and spread it out on your stomach.
make sure your breathing is even, in and out. panting will make it worse, you don't function like a dog
speaking of dogs, keep your animals inside - avoid cuddling them, for both you and their saftey.
Lukewarm showers, after the shower, you can take a cold (not freezing) bath. Don't have a cold bath without having a lukewarm shower first, it's just like the point about drinking water.
Don't drink alchol, avoid smoking (regardless of what you're smoking), if you need to be high becouse this is inssufrable, go for an edible and have a timer on your phone remindsd you to drink every half hour.
Close your blinds and your curtains, but leave your windows open so the heat can escape and you can cathe the breezes.
Stay safe out there. If you start seeing spots, vommiting, are dizzy or have a migrane - call an ambulence or have a friend drive you to the ER. DO NOT DRIVE YOURSELF TO THE ER.
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why-i-love-comics · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Flash #773 - "First Day on the Job" (2021)
written by Jeremy Adams art by Will Conrad & Alex Sinclair
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grufflepuff-writes-stuff · 2 months ago
Summer Heat (Loki/Reader Lullabies #195)
Fandom: Marvel/Avengers
Pairing: Loki/Female Reader
Category: Fluff. Fluff without plot.
Rating: G.
Summary: When your air conditioner breaks down right before the hottest week on record, Loki realizes that he’s got a way to help you out.
Warnings/Notes: I know that I’ve already done a “Loki helps you cool down” Lullaby, and that a lot of other people have also written this kind of story, but...look, it was hot earlier this week, and we only have a window AC unit. Please enjoy the return of Jötunn Loki!
New but Retroactive Reminder for this and all of my fics: I do not, have not, and will not give anyone permission to copy/paste, translate, or otherwise take or modify this story to post it anywhere else. You can find my stories here on Tumblr or under kaeorin on AO3, but nowhere else. This does not apply only to fics which hold this disclaimer--NONE of my works are to be stolen or modified. Additionally, please remember that Liking a post on Tumblr does not increase the author's exposure. I don't run your life, but readers should be reblogging the works they like.
Summer Heat
Tumblr media
As a general rule, Loki had never really been a particular fan of hot weather. He could manage just fine; it just...wasn’t his preference. Summers in Asgard did not get nearly as hot as summers here in Midgard, but even so, he could remember spending those days damp and cranky, sipping cold drinks and trying desperately to cool off in the rivers and lakes.
But here in your home with you, he had to admit that the heat...had a few perks.
Your apartment’s air conditioning unit had held strong throughout the first part of the summer, only to break down on the eve of the hottest week of the year, according to the news you’d read to your landlord over the phone that night. He was unmoved. There was nothing that he could—or would—do in the next few days, so you just had to tough it out. You opened as many of your windows as you could, and gathered up as many of your electric fans as you could,
And then you stripped down. The past few days, you’d been wearing less clothing than perhaps he’d ever seen you wear before—the typical sessions of nudity notwithstanding. Light tank tops that barely skimmed your skin, barely covered your bosom, and certainly did very little to conceal your body from his hungry gaze. Shorts that exposed your thighs to him and allowed him to drink in the sight of you, of your curves and the marvelous expanses of your legs. Sometimes you eschewed shorts altogether in favor of underwear that made only the barest attempt to mimic them—boyshorts, you’d called them, looking charmingly bewildered at the way his eyes raked over you.
For Loki, the only real downside to this situation with your air conditioner was your discomfort. He loved putting his hands on you: pulling you into his chest to crush you in an embrace, lacing his fingers with yours, feeling the weight of you leaning against him as you sat close together on your sofa at night. But, as the temperature inside your home grew, so too did your reluctance to touch him.
“Ugh, I’m all gross, you don’t want to touch me right now,” you’d said that first night when he tried to pull you closer. Of course, that only made him work even harder to prove how ardently he always wanted to touch you. And you, you precious thing, you submitted to his touch for a while, even managing the same sort of peaceful sigh that he could often draw from you, but all too soon, you were pulling away from him again. “I can’t—I’m sorry, Loki, I’m too hot. It’s like I can’t breathe.”
So he allowed you to sit a little further away from him than usual, but you allowed him to keep a tight grip on your hand.
Your discomfort only grew at night. You alternated between sleeping in the nude, to take advantage of what few night breezes might make their way through your windows, and sleeping in the same skimpy clothing you’d taken to wearing, in hopes of catching your sweat before you could soak the sheets beneath you. However you were dressed, he kept an eye on you. One night, you were especially restless. Loki himself was growing uncomfortable. The heat was oppressive, and it was clear that you were not sleeping well. He watched you quietly, wondering to himself if it’d be alright for him to use one of his mother’s sleeping charms to help you sleep better. Maybe not. He preferred to keep things like that to a minimum, or at least to get your permission first.
But… He did have one other trick up his sleeve, so to speak. His other form. His Jötunn form. He turned the idea over and over in his mind, searching for some reason not to use it. Your face was still perfectly etched into his memory: that soft, awestruck expression you’d worn when he finally had the courage to show you who he really was. The tears that filled your eyes but refused to spill over—not tears of terror, but of happiness. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to risk shifting completely. If he did, and if you woke up, he wasn’t sure that he could bear the look of fright that would surely cross your sleep-softened features. But...a little could be alright.
Slowly, carefully, he allowed the glamour to drop from his arm. He watched as his skin darkened, as the ridges slipped up from beneath the Asgardian facade, and closed his hand into a fist as though testing himself. Then, slowly—carefully—he reached out to trail his fingertips along your shoulder. He expected you to flinch away from the sudden chill, or even to startle awake, so when you let out a quiet groan and buried your face against your pillow, it surprised him. Spurred on by your clear appreciation, he drew his fingers down your spine, stopping just above the lovely swell of your bottom. He treasured your breathless moan, and could not hold back his smile as he drew his fingers up your back once more. He heard the way your breathing deepened, noted the way you stopped kicking your feet out from beneath the sheets. You liked this. He spread his fingers out along your skin and allowed his arm to rest against your spine.
Suddenly, sleep felt a million miles away for a brand new reason. Instead, he lay there beside you for most of the night, taking in the sight of his blue skin against your own more...human shade, even as the moonlight made you glow.
In the morning, he awakened before you did, which meant that he had time to make his arm look normal again before you began to stir. The logical part of his brain knew that you weren’t very likely to be shocked to see the blue skin, but he really didn’t care to risk it. As he lay there, lost once again in thoughts of his true origins, he felt you shift beside him. You gave a low groan and then stretched your arms up high above your head, and then turned to bury your face against his shoulder. You weren’t much of a morning person, but all that meant to him was that he got to treasure the moments like this, where you sought to use him to shield you from wakefulness. All too soon, you’d be getting out of bed and going about getting ready for your day, and he was always perfectly happy to have this time with you first thing in the morning. He kissed your forehead and murmured your name in a quiet voice just to feel the way it’d make you shiver.
He let you work for most of the day. Or let you attempt to work, anyway. You did spend more time than usual getting up to stretch and refill your glass of water and maybe stand a little closer than normal to one of your fans, but things were largely peaceful enough. He pretended to work on other things, but mostly he was lost in thought.
He and Thor had both been raised to despise the Frost Giants, to the point that Thor longed to slaughter them before anything else. Hating himself was so deeply ingrained in his psyche that sometimes Loki despaired of ever feeling anything else. He was bloodthirsty. He was demented. If he were to come upon a group of small children out on their own, who had wandered too far from their mothers or who were misbehaving, he’d eat them all up without a second thought. He was scarcely more than a beast, and he brought misfortune and suffering unto anyone who crossed his path.
But he didn’t. Did he?
You made it so much more difficult to accept those bare facts as truth when you looked at him the way you did. You smiled at him, and whispered his name in so sweet a voice, and touched him so carefully—and longingly—that it was hard to reconcile all that with what he’d been taught. When he finally showed you his Jötunn form, you were not horrified. You did not flee in fear or gasp for breath or anything that he’d been taught to expect. Instead, you had gazed at him much the way you always did, but with an added heaviness in your brow because you knew what this meant. You kissed him the same as always. You let him pull you into his lap and hold you close and the color of his skin, or the ridges, or the blood-red hue in his eyes, they did not once make you hesitate. If anything, last night should have been enough to prove to him that you could appreciate his other form, rather than merely tolerate it.
Late in the afternoon, when you finally closed your laptop and pushed it away from you with a sigh, he watched you carefully but kept his thoughts to himself. You offered him a bright (though...tired) smile and refilled your glass of water one more time, this time bringing him some as well. Then you sat down a little closer to him on the sofa—but still not quite close enough to sate his need for you—and rested your head against the back of the couch.
He couldn’t resist. He reached out to caress your cheek. He hadn’t cared much for physical contact before you but, just as you’d changed so much else in his life, you’d changed that, as well. Now it was like he couldn’t get enough of your skin. You groaned at the first contact, but submitted to his touch for a surprisingly long time before halfheartedly turning your head to gaze blearily at him.
“Lo’, please, it’s so hot. I want to take off my skin...”
He forced himself not to laugh, and instead nudged your glass of water to encourage you to take another sip. As you did, he steeled himself for what he was about to offer. What if you said no?
He swallowed and made himself meet your eyes. “Darling, I think I could help you. My— other skin is...cold. Would it help if I touched you as a Frost Giant?”
Eagerness flashed across your face, then, but was quickly overshadowed by your selfless concern for him. Your brow furrowed. “Wait, but… Isn’t your other form more suited for, like, frigidly-cold temperatures? If you switch right now, you’d drop dead from heat stroke in an instant, wouldn’t you?”
This time, he did not fight the laugh that erupted out of him. You precious, darling thing, always so worried about him. He shook his head. “I’m hardly that fragile, I promise. Will you let me worry about that?” A thought occurred to him, then, and he arched an eyebrow at you. “But if you’d rather not have to look upon that face, I could hardly blame—”
But you were on your feet in an instant, scrambling to turn around so you could kneel on the sofa beside him and put your hands on his shoulders. “You know that’s not it! I love that face! I love this face! Loki, I just don’t want you to get hurt.”
He slipped one arm around your back to pull you closer and then tugged you in for a kiss. “I won’t get hurt, my love. If I grow uncomfortable, I promise to let you know right away, alright? Now will you let me look after you for a little while?”
You cupped his cheeks in both of your palms and nodded slowly at him. The last time he’d shown you this side of him, he’d made you close your eyes first. Tonight, he didn’t bother. He allowed the Aesir form to drop away and kept his eyes fixed on your face even as your eyes took in the sight of him. You were smiling, or near enough, anyway, and the sight of you reminded him once again of just how important you were to him. You traced your thumb gently along the new ridges in his face. He would never get over the feeling of that.
“God, Loki, you’re so beautiful like this.” Your voice was a quiet rasp in your throat. Once again, he heard the tears you would not shed in front of him. He closed his eyes when you leaned into him again, expecting you to come in for a kiss, but instead he felt your lips brush against his forehead.
The bridge of his nose.
His cheekbones.
His chin.
He lost it at that, a little, hoisting you into his lap so that you wound up sitting astride him, legs tucked close against the outside of his thighs and your chest against his own. You squealed a little, but he recognized the laughter in the sound too. You just kept showing him that you did not fear him when he was like this. When he gripped the back of your neck—firm enough that you couldn’t squirm away, but gentle enough that he wouldn’t hurt you—and brought your lips down to his own, you allowed him to do it. He felt the way the corners of your mouth curled into a shy smile as he kissed you.
It was true: he wasa little more sensitive to heat in this form. But right now, that only meant that he could feel the incredible warmth of your body as it radiated through your clothing. He could feel every last inch of you against his skin, and it was intoxicating. His free hand, he slipped beneath your shirt so he could caress your back. At first, it made you whimper into his mouth and press even closer to him, but it didn’t take long until you adjusted to the new temperature of his hand and let out a quiet mewl. Fresh heat shot through him at that, but he could not dwell on that right now. That was not what this was about.
When you broke the kiss, you pulled back just far enough to speak, and kept your forehead right there against his own. “Is this okay? Are you still okay? It’s not too hot? Am I squishing you?”
The day you found out what you did to him when you looked at him like that...well, he was done for. Suffice it to say that there was not a single thing he would not do for you if it meant you’d go on looking at him just like that. He smiled. He had to imagine that he looked almost embarrassingly love-struck right now, but perhaps that didn’t matter. You were the only one who could see him, after all, and you looked rather lovestruck yourself. He shook his head and squeezed the back of your neck, then guided your head down to allow you to hide your face against his throat.
“I am a god, pretty girl, and a Frost Giant besides, andI have my dear heart sitting soft and warm in my lap. I’m okay. I’m more than okay. Are youokay?”
Rather than answering with words, you hummed a quiet affirmative before closing your lips around his pulse point and sucking gently.
He tightened his grip around you and let his head lean backwards against the sofa.
Oh, the both of you were absolutely done for.
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dinosaurrainbowstarfish · 3 months ago
Caffeine does not dehydrate you quickly enough to cancel out the effects of the water content in coffee, soda, tea, etc. If you’re staring down deadly heat waves, please drink whatever you will drink the most of slowly--sipping often throughout the day is better than chugging a few glasses of water once you begin to feel thirst (a sign of dehydration). The only thing you should avoid is alcohol.
If you are going to give medical advice regarding high heat, please make sure that it is sound. It is dangerous to tell people to avoid certain liquids, especially liquids that are more likely to be sipped often throughout the day, especially because people in temperate climates who are getting tropical summer temperatures right now are not used to the fact that electrolyte loss from excessive sweating can be dangerous too. Water alone does not hydrate you. If you are drinking tons of plain water without eating anything with it, that is a recipe for electrolyte imbalances that can fuck you up big time. Guess what has water and sodium in it? Soda. Guess what has carbohydrates and proteins and calcium? Iced lattes. If you like water, that’s great! A lot of people do not like and will not drink water, or will chug water a few times a day while sodas and lattes and teas that could save their lives sit abandoned in the fridge because they’ve been convinced that it’s plain water or nothing. Don’t die for diet culture and debunked science. Drink your sodas, teas, coffees, milkshakes, slushies--whatever gets liquid into your body in sippable form, because your body can only process so much liquid at a time--chugging a bunch of water in the morning won’t help you by the afternoon, you’ve got to keep drinking. Also heat stroke can kill you. Heat stroke is a medical emergency. It’s not you being a baby or a wimp, it’s your internal body temperature getting high enough to cook enzymes in your body to the point that they melt out of shape and stop functioning. Heat stroke can kill you quickly, so don’t wait to call an ambulance if you think you or someone else have it. If you suspect heat stroke and you hesitate, you may watch someone die. I know people who have watched a young, healthy relative die of heatstroke while waiting for the ambulance to come, despite everyone involved being accustomed to the heat and having access to air conditioning. When you start to feel like the heat is getting to you, listen to your body and do not push yourself. Pushing yourself is how you die waiting for the ambulance to come.
Soda, tea, coffee, ice cream, and milk are all perfectly good at hydrating you. Please drink whatever you will put in a cup, carry around with you, and sip often throughout the day. Deadly heat waves are not the time to lie to yourself about what liquids you like to put in your body. Deadly heat waves are the time to put those liquids in your body frequently in small sips throughout the day.
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maxmarvel12345 · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Flash Vol. 1 #773 - First Day On the Job (August 17, 2021)
Written by: Jeremy Adams Artist [pencils & inks] by: Will Conrad Colorist by: Alex Sinclair Lettered by: Steve Wands Edited by: Mike Cotton (editor) & Bixie Mathieu (assistant editor) Published by: DC Comics
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389 · 2 months ago
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queenwastaken · 6 months ago
May I request imagine of techno, dream and quackity (Individually) reacting to their crush (the reader) being asked out by another person on the dsmp?
Thank you m'lday/sir
Techno, Dream, and Quackity’s crushes getting asked out by somebody else. (In game) 
masterlist here <3!
Tumblr media
Violence was not always the answer.
Techno gripped his netherite axe in his hand tightly. He rose slowly from his hiding spot near the bushes, where he was sadly watching you and Tommy, looking so happy.  Your hair was shining in the sunlight, both of you were laughing at something Tommy had said. Tommy, the one the that Techno had thought was his friend. The one that had betrayed Techno. The one that has now holding your hand, and showing you his music discs.
Techno turned around. You were happy, and that was all that mattered to him. Even though it wasn’t you that made him happy, he had still never seen you smile that bright. Techno couldn’t make you smile like that, he was all about violence and fighting. Techno went home.
How could someone so amazing, good-looking, and sweet fall for someone like Tubbo?  Yesterday, Tubbo had arranged a big message in the middle of the flower field with orchids, your favorite flower. The message spelled out, “Be my Valantine?”. Hell, he even spelled “Valentine” wrong. But nonetheless, you said yes. After all, it was a sweet gesture. But Dream couldn’t seem to see what you saw in him. He was Dream, the owner of the SMP. He was a god at PVP, he could get you anything you ever wished for, yet you still chose Tubbo, a sweet, stupid child.  Sapnap patted Dream’s shoulder.
“Hey man, I know it’s hard, but-”
“No.” Dream cut him off. “I’m going to show them, both of them, who’s better.”
He felt his heart breaking.
He ripped up all the pictures he had stored in his enderchest, of you, of you and Quackity smiling. He could still vividly remember the night when you were cold and he had given you his jacket, and sang you a song. Little did you know, he had written that song about you, about every inch of you that Quackity had grown to love. He could remember the night he baked you a cake, and you ate it together on the roof, while he told you stories of El Rapids.  But only today, Karl, the one that Quackity had introduced you to, had told you he liked you, and had asked you out to dinner. Not like you and Quackity haven’t done that hundreds of times before.  But he was only your friend. Nothing more. 
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centaurianthropology · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Well, I’m sure Wenatchee was a nice city.
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javipalmerwalkswithme · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
📸Brian Kaminski
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cptsdstudyblr · 3 months ago
how to stay cool in inhumane temperatures
Since it's already gotten above 41°C (105°F) where I live in the subtropics and is going to keep getting hotter and hotter through the summer, here are some simple, easy-to-do ideas to keep cool during the summer. A lot of people will already know this, but for people who have moved out from home recently, didn't grow up somewhere hot, or are in a variety of other situations, this list may be helpful:
Don't run hot appliances. If it's hot out, you can air-dry clothes - you don't need to run the dryer. I try not to use my oven in the summer, and I usually try to only use the stove once a day (if possible). I also always (even in winter, but especially in summer) wash my clothes in cold water. It's better for them, and it doesn't require heating water when it's already hot.
If you have a grill or a way to cook outside, that may be a good option. It keeps the heat generated by cooking outside your home. Otherwise, keep the vent on while you're using your indoor stove to vent the hot air out as much as possible.
In my experience, if you have an air-con, it's probably best to keep your windows closed to keep the cool air in. Otherwise, if you don't have an air-con, open your windows and set up a cross-breeze.
If you have an air-con and are worried about cost, it saves a lot of money to keep it hot in your house during the day and comfortably cool at night. In my experience, turning the air-con on about 2 hours before I go to sleep is enough to cool it down to a more comfortable temperature.
Fans are your best friend. My ceiling fan is on 24/7, and I have several other fans I use as needed. These can also be used in your cross-breeze.
You can put a bowl of ice in front of a fan to blow cold air through your home if necessary.
If the sun is making it hot inside your home, close your blinds and curtains. If you need to keep your windows open for ventilation, close just the blinds/curtains necessary to block the brightest/hottest part of the sunlight.
If you're looking for a new place, pay attention to the amount of summer sun it will get. If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, south-facing windows typically get direct sun through the entire day, east- and west-facing windows get it about half the day, and north-facing windows get no direct sun. If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, reverse the north- and south-facing windows.
If you live somewhere tropical, subtropical, or just humid, and you can afford to, consider investing in a dehumidifier. Only do this if you have an air-con and can keep your windows closed. If your windows are open, there's no point because you'd just be trying to dehumidify the outdoors.
Depending on where you are, it's likely a lot cooler at night and in the early morning. Opening your windows (even with an air-con) at night may help cool your home, and taking advantage of the cooler early morning air will allow you to get outside safely and comfortably.
Even if you still like taking hot showers in the heat, rinse in really cold water when you finish. You'll start from being cool and not from being hot - in the heat, it's easier to warm up than cool down.
If you get too hot, putting ice or cold water on the back of your neck is one of the best ways to cool down. A cold shower can also help.
Staying hydrated is extra important in the heat! Make sure to drink a lot of water and potentially include some electrolyte drinks in the mix. Sodas, coffees, teas, energy drinks, alcohol, etc. dehydrate you so make sure to pair them with water if you still want to drink them.
Adjust your clothing to the weather. Materials like linen and cotton will help keep you cool, as will loose-fitting clothing.
Eat cool and light foods. This sounds obvious, but so many foods are either hot or really heavy and we don't necessarily think about that before choosing our meals.
Of course, sleeping with no blanket (i.e. just a sheet or nothing at all) is the coolest option. However, if you're like me and can't sleep without the weight of a blanket, here are some ideas for how to keep your bedding heat-friendly and sleep-friendly.
Having your body touching a top sheet (rather than a blanket) is much cooler. Even if you sleep under "only" a blanket, using a top sheet under the blanket will help keep you cooler.
When buying bedding, research fabrics. Some fabrics are really hot and some keep you cool. My bedding is linen, and I find that it does a great job keeping me cool. In the (extremely mild and short) winter we have here, I just add a microfiber blanket under my linen cover to keep me warmer.
My cover is a linen duvet cover from IKEA with a really thin duvet inside. IKEA duvets show their temperature rating on the packaging, so I chose one that wouldn't keep me warm at all, and it works pretty well for me, even in the heat. However, I do have a somewhat functional air-con, so this may not apply the same as it would without an air-con.
Sometimes, if I get too hot, I adjust my cover to only cover my lower torso. For me, this provides enough weight to sleep but keeps me a lot cooler.
Sleeping with no pillow also helps keep you cooler, if you can manage the discomfort of getting used to it.
Relevance to my blog: Being too hot affects my mental health, especially because it makes it hard for me to sleep. I'm pretty sure this a common experience, so I'm hopeful that these tips may help someone.
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