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(QUIETLY SHOWS UP) whispers if u want more prompts-- 11, 12, 14, 35, 53 (ok to combine) for KAGAHIMUALEX !!!

things you said when you were drunk + things you said when you thought I was asleep + things you said after you kissed me + things you said that made me feel real + things you said in the dark

(prompt me!)

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i’m gonna hit the broadstrokes, bc there’s certainly a lot that i could nitpick if i had the time+inclination to reread & its been a few months since I read it all the way through, but for NOW i’ll just hit some Major Points (under the cut bc i dont like clogging up y’alls dashes with negativity)

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I’m having a very hard time getting through this chapter of my textbook because I keep reading about all the things a manager is supposed to do and an employer is supposed to do and I am filled with rage that I was not treated fairly at most of my jobs. I keep remembering all the shit I was put through and it just makes me so mad that it’s the norm and they can get away with that shit. I was taken advantage of and I am SO angry about it. Managers and employers need to do better. It’s 2020 and this shit is unacceptable. I will NOT put up with this shit anymore and I highly suggest everyone else also have a no bullshit policy because that’s the only way this will stop.

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Sooo I might have hopped onto the genshin train and almost everyone has ticked my list (I’ve got a thing for guys with long hair and girl’s with short hair. I mean, I prefer the opposite (girl = long. boys = short) but if I see a guy that can pull off long hair and likewise, a girl pull off short hair, INSTANT ROCKET IN MY HEART) but there is no content on anyone and pls sir I just want to simp. 

So I’m lowkey wondering if I should go back to writing and opening requests again. I’ll have them open so if you got a genshin request let me know. I probably will only be writing if I get a request but I might drop something over the next week since it’s break time. 

Also, I got a super cute anon msg on me saying lads and I don’t know who they are but I love them. 

Also, also. If any of you are in the NA server and wanna co-op lmk your id. IF YOU HAVE XIAO PLS SIR DONATE I WANT HIM SO BADLY HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. (yes, ik he isn’t out yet) 

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i just finished writing an essay and i still have one more midterm this week but @phqntoms won’t leave me alone (ily) and we keep building these character playlists and Thinking about Things

if i find the time this week you Will get more content from me i Promise

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This blog is dedicated to catering the best (that I can do) Garou HCs, Garou x Readers, SFW & NSFW imagines, matchups and sometimes maybe some artwork of the monster himself!

Requests are open!

  1. Let me tell you, I’m completely empty inside so you can request anything. I really don’t judge. I’m shy and introverted in real life so, this is my place to unwind and do whatever tf I want.
  2. I’ll write for other characters too, but Garou mostly because he’s my main squeeze.
  3. Most of these will be female but I can write gender-neutral because my blog is for everyone.
  4. I doubt any of the OPM characters (safe for a small few) judge you based on your looks, ethnicity, size, gender and overall exterior and I don’t either, so feel free to be yourself!
  5. I do the best I can with so much homework and exams, so a little support is appreciated.
  6. I like to sketch too so you might find some weirdass sketches of Garou and stuff so yeah, be warned!
  7. Thirsts are a thing here so thirst away please.
  8. I write whenever I can so please excuse my tardiness if there is any.

And that concludes it!

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hello!!! it has come to my attention that some people are under the impression that i put my dark content in main tags.

i do not.

i put them under my own tags here on my blog along with trigger warnings. i occasionally use yandere!character x reader tags if i’m not too lazy to type them all out.

the only content i put in the main, searchable tags are my normal smut/angst/fluff requests, headcanons, and fanfics.

most of my dark content requests can be found via searching for “#filled.request” on my blog but beyond that they do not show up in tumblrs tagging systems.

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[Mun’s note: The muse being used here is Liam Hubert from @idv-thespians! I’m sorry for being late and all and this is kinda rushed hajshjshs]

[Liam Hubert experiencing a Traumatic Memory from Louise Beaufort]

‘Hm? What is this?’ The Fallen Star asked himself as his vision was entirely different. Instead of the dark walls of the manor, it was bright and it almost seemed like a place for people of high society. His point of view was coming from… a little girl?

“Mademoiselle Louise?” The 9-year-old noble looked at her butler with nervousness, “Are you alright?” He asked.

'Ah, the fencer was it not? So she was a noble.’ Liam thought as he remembered the survivor’s rumors. Louise was known to be a fearless survivor who was not afraid of facing against the hunters, but had a rather cold and distant personality towards the others. 

That’s what Liam thought at least.

The hunter looked through Louise’s eyes and examined her features in the mirror she was looking at, her hair curled up, minimal makeup on her face, and a frilly blue dress cladded on her. Truly, she was a noble by just the looks of it, Louise was definitely different from when she was a child.

“I’m just… really nervous for my piano recital. All of the other nobles will be there too.” The young noble said quietly. The butler smiled at her, “I’m sure you will do fine, you practiced a lot did you not?”

“Yes, but…” Louise paused and fiddled the hem of her skirt, “My parents… Will they be proud of me?” Liam felt the timidness and nervousness from the girl, he pondered about the past life of the fencer. She seemed so… scared of her own parents.

Through the little girl’s eyes, the hunter saw the butler give her a smile, it was forced but it was needed to encourage the timid noble. “I’m sure they will, mademoiselle.”

'I have a feeling this will not go well.’


Liam’s vision was now set on a stage with a piano in front of him, or rather, in front of Louise. He then saw the people watching her, it must be nobles of her society. Once again, he could feel the nervousness from the young girl and watched the small, shaky hands approach the keys of the piano.

A slow tune with a hint of calmness and happiness was now being played, the Fallen Star recognized the piece was Claire de Lune. Slowly, he felt the nervousness being washed away from the young noble, and instead felt her relax and enjoy playing. 

Liam hummed along the music in his mind, he would commend Louise for playing gracefully if he was actually there. How he is experiencing one of the survivor’s memory, he pushed it away for a while and listened to the little girl playing the piano.

As the final notes are being played, he felt Louise jump in panic. 

She hit the wrong note on the last key.

'Oh no, oh no!’ Liam heard the girl’s distressed thoughts 'Please don’t let anyone notice!’ Louise breathed shakily as she stood up from the chair and bowed. Her audience clapped, it didn’t seem like anyone noticed or dismissed the mistake she had done. Slowly, the hunter watched as his vision was being pierced by two pairs of repulsive eyes that belonged to a couple. 

'They must be her parents… why do they look so disappointed?’ He asked himself, feeling the fear growing within Louise as she walked away from the piano.


“Father, mother, I can explain-!”

“Quiet!” A deep voice boomed out as the young noble whimpered. Liam couldn’t believe at what he was seeing. Ever since everyone left after the recital was over, her parents immediately went to criticize their own daughter. 

Not once did they congratulate her.

“I told you to play this perfectly, did I not? I can’t believe you made us look foolish in front of the other nobles!” Her father continued, the Fallen Star felt the little girl shake in great fear. 

“B-But I practiced everyday Father! It was just a mistake!” The hunter heard her answer fearfully. And then he felt her become stiff.

“Just a mistake? JUST A MISTAKE?!” His voice boomed throughout the room, “We are the noble family of Beaufort! Do you not understand that a mistake can bring disgrace to the family name?!" 

"Honestly Louise, you should have been perfect than the rest of them, your rank is higher than most of them!” Her mother argued, Liam felt their distasteful stares through the little girl’s eyes. 

'These parents… they’re giving her too much pressure at such a young age.’ He thought, but there was nothing he could do. He heard Louise sniffle, and softly apologize.

“I-I’m sorry mother and father…. I’ll do better next time…” Her father let out a 'tsk’ sound. “Not better, young lady. Perfect.” He said darkly, “Everything you do must be perfect, if not,” He paused as he turned away from his daughter, 

“We will not consider you as our daughter.”

He walked away as his wife gave a glare to Louise, “Go to your room and reflect on your mistakes.” She commanded bitterly before following her husband.

’… How could such people be this cruel to their own daughter?’ Liam pondered as he witnessed the episode of the young noble. He watched her break into tears and run off to her room. And then, everything became black.


Boots thudded against the floor as the fencer walked through the hallways until she passed by a room with the door left ajar. Louise heard music coming from it. Curious, she opened the door and saw that it was the music room of the manor. Entering the room, she noticed a tall person playing the old organ. 

Liam felt a presence behind him and turned his head to see the survivor who he had seen a glimpse of her past. “Ah, miss Louise-”

“Just Louise, you don’t have to be so formal.” The fencer cut him off. The Fallen Star sighed silently and smiled, “Louise, what brings you here?”

Louise shifted in her place, she didn’t think about entering the room other than the familiar music that was played by the hunter, “Nothing… it’s just the piece you were playing. Claire de Lune wasn’t it?” She asked.

“That is correct, such a calm and beautiful piece don’t you think?” Liam replied, remembering the younger survivor’s memory. “Would you like to give it a try?” He gestured his hand at the organ, he was curious to see if she knew how to play.

The fencer shook her head in decline, “No, I don’t even know how to play an organ.” She said flatly as she crossed her arms. “But what about a piano?” Liam asked, pressing onto the survivor a little.

He noticed her shoulders become stiff as well as the blue eyes widen. It’s almost as if he was caught knowing her past. “That's…” Louise paused for a bit, “basically the same thing. So no.” She continued, but her voice had a hint of fear in it. With a turn of her heel, she faced away from Liam as she held a shaky breath. The sudden flashback came to her mind and tried to dismiss one of her traumatic childhood memories.

“At least… not anymore.” Louise mumbled and walked away as the Fallen Star watched her exit the room. His smile fell a little, but again, there’s not much he could do, not like he could go back in time and help the poor girl.

But now he learned that Louise was a traumatized person hiding inside a tough shell. Who knows what other traumatic things she had experienced as a child?

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