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#incorrect red queen quotes
caloresthrone · 12 hours ago
Evangeline: I know you think my judgment’s clouded because I like Elane a little bit.
Ptolemus: You doodled your wedding invitation.
Evangeline: No, that’s our joint tombstone.
Ptolemus: My mistake.
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Evangeline: There's something wrong, but I can't put finger on it.
Evangeline: *glaces at Elane*
Evangeline: I wish I could put my finger on it.
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Mare: You have to clean your room, it's all messy!
Cameron: It's not messy, It's called aesthetically putting my things in the corner.
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Evangeline: Do you know what your dress and your boyfriend have in common?
Elane: What?
Evangeline: You'd be better without them.
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Mare: Can you keep a secret?
Farley: Do you know anything about my life?
Mare: No, I do not. Good point.
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incorrectyj · a day ago
roy: you ever see something that just changes your life?
oliver: i saw you!
roy: that’s sweet and all but i was talking about this picture lian drew of artemis as a chicken
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caloresthrone · 2 days ago
Cal: I sort of did something and I need some advice, but I don’t want a lot of judgment and criticism.
Evangeline: And you came to me?
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Gisa is a Cottagecore Bisexual
 I know Maven is a bi icon but can we appreciate Gisa for a moment? She worked as a dressmaker to finance her family, had her hand crushed, embroidered frags for the Scarlet Guard, sewed all of Barrow family’s ballgowns with embroidered flower designs (by hand) and also managed to do MATCHING PINK DRESSES TO USE WITH HER GIRLFRIEND?!! 
 Gisa finished that series living a cottagecore dream with a girlfriend and everyone is sleeping on that.
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Okay hear me out: Maven might be a bitch, but he still a bisexual icon.
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Welcome to the Red Queen fandom,
here we have: people that still crying over the morally gray guy’s death, people wanting the badass lesbian to step on them and the people that melt over the funny good boys.
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There are two kinds of people in the Red Queen fandom: The ones that would die for Maven and the ones that would die for Evangeline.
 But if you search deep enough, you’ll also find the ones that would die for Cal and Kilorn because they love a charismatic boy.
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caloresthrone · 4 days ago
Evangeline: I prevented a murder today.
Elane: Oh that’s great! How did you do it?
Evangeline: Self control.
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caloresthrone · 7 days ago
Cal: I’ve created a list of all the possible places where Maven could’ve taken Mare
Kilorn: this is a blank piece of paper
Cal, tearing up: I have no idea where she is
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caloresthrone · 9 days ago
Kilorn, with great delight: Oh Cal is gonna hate this.
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caloresthrone · 11 days ago
Farley: Shade and I are so in sync that we finish each other’s...
Shade: *staring off into the distance*
Farley: S...
Shade, snapping back: Somebody once told me-
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Mare: Why did Juliet kill herself?!
Cal: Romeo was her one true love, without him she was incomplete.
Mare *growling*: I can tell this was written by a man. Stupid men.
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afanpage4books · 18 days ago
Evangeline: When life gets you down, remember the three “G’s”
Evangeline: You can be stressed and depressed but at least you’ll be fabulously dressed.
Mare: Literally none of those things begin with G.
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Evangeline: Don’t change the subject.
Elane: What’s The sudject?
Evangeline: Me.
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