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Daken is 5′9 167 lbs.  Johnny Storm is 5′10 170 lbs. 

1 inch. 3 lbs. 

….. Mind BLOWN. 

Now Daken would be even angrier if Johnny were to tease his height (which is something I thought would be funny) 

(This is just what I was able to turn up with a google search, I didn’t go comic book diving for this one. ) 

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*sends you Johnny Storm, flame retardant (non-asbestos) prophylactics, burn cream, and birthday well-wishes*

I will be sure to put all of these supplies to good, and probably slightly unsafe, uses.


Originally posted by avengerscompound

(Thank you for the birthday wishes! Ilu 💜💜💜)

(I’m also 2/3rds of the way into a super strong 24oz bottle of beer, so do with that what you will. Hooray for quarantine birthdays!)

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Well, here we go! My first attempt at getting back into writing. I’m not overly happy with it, but at least it’s a start. Please feel free to send me prompts so I can continue to get back into this passion :) 

Contains: Spideytorch, smut, language, tumblr references, and Coronavirus quarantine.

Well, self-quarantining was going great.

“You’re a lying, cheating, piece of shit! You’re not the man I fell in love with!” Johnny shouted, eyes flashing and fists blazing.

“Then we’ll break up, but the Statue of Liberty is my place!” Peter yelled back angrily. Reed slid the Monopoly board away.

“Yeah, I think we should stop playing now…” he muttered, quick to escape the room before things exploded.

It would have been nice if that was the extent of it, but unfortunately, being stuck together 24/7 was enough to drive anyone a little crazy.

“Where are you going now?” Johnny asked in annoyance.

“Patrolling,” was Peter’s simple answer, and Johnny had to resist the urge to roll his eyes.

“We’re supposed to be self-quarantining, and besides, there’s no crime right now,” the blonde said through clenched teeth. Peter snorted.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen the posters ‘Due to Coronavirus, no crime allowed at this time.’ I’m sure that nice suggestion will give murderers pause. Seriously, plenty of criminals will take advantage of people’s panic at a time like this! I have to make sure that doesn’t happen. Besides, I’ll still be social distancing when I swing through the city and stay on rooftops to look out,” he reasoned, pulling the mask over his face.

“See you when I get home, hot stuff.” And with that, he was out the window, and Johnny grumbled, sitting down to watch a movie alone because he was following the CDC recommendations.

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Hi skygem, I gotta ask: have you read this one spideytorch fic called "regular miracles, just like you"? because if you haven't, I think maybe you'd like it! (and if u have, then -- yay, I'm so glad, it's such a good fic)

regular miracles, just like you

ohh!! i haven’t read it, but it looks really good! i’m not reading much fic recently because i’m in a bit of a mood, but once i do, i’ll definitely check it out, because it looks right up my alley!

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Title: The Power of Instagram (and a well timed thirst trap) 
Length: 10.6k
Summary: Peter lets himself get peer pressured by MJ and Harry into starting an Instagram account for Spidey. And then by Johnny into posting a thirst trap on it. Which leads to him realizing that maybe he’s been flirting with Johnny this whole time? Because maybe he has a crush on Johnny?Peter misses the simple days when all he had to worry about was Doc Ock and math homework.
Ship: Spideytorch (Peter Parker/Johnny Storm) 
Link Here 

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the mood board is made by me

I wrote this to the Muskan’s 500 Followers Writing Challenge by @thebookwormslytherin

I rewatched Fantastic Four movies two days ago, then got here and kinda understood that there’s definitely not enough fan-fiction about Johnny Storm. So here you are. I hope it will be quite entertaining for you, guys.

Pairing: Johnny Storm x Reader

Words: ~1220

Warnings: a couple of bad words, but nothing more I guess

“Hey, Y/N, your turn.” said Alicia “What would you bring with you, if you were put on a deserted island?”

“What a question is that? Come on…” you looked around, all the guys were there –  the Fantastic Four and you BFF, who happened to be dating Ben and thus, drugging you into that superheroes-in-tights band.

“Hmm… I don’t know… Let me think for a sec.” you started to sort through your options. “ It’s not what, it’s rather who… I’d take Johnny with me…” you said nonchalantly and the younger Storm almost fell from the chair he was sitting on.

“Oh, man… Me?” he looked right at you with that cocky grin plastered on his face.

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Besides, I’ve got my own methods…and I don’t have to stop for red lights.

Have fun, Johnny.

Don’t come home too late, dear.

Now why did you have to say that, honey? Your kid brother’s old enough to take care of himself.

Fantastic Four Vol 1 164: "The Crusader Syndrome!“

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