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We did it! The energy pile worked! We’re landing smack in the center of the mysterious Blue Area! And there’s the reason it photographs blue! There’s a long-dead city below us! The remains of some ancient civilization! Man isn’t first on the moon!

Fantastic Four Vol 1 13: “The Red Ghost And His Indescribable Super-Apes!”

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The sliding timescale holds in this regard – Johnny met a majority of Marvel’s foundational Silver Age superheroes, like the Hulk, the founding Avengers, Daredevil, Spider-Man, etc, when he was about 16. There have been a couple of attempts to retcon it so that he was older when he got his powers in 616 but none of them have ever held. I think part of this is that it’s fairly essential for Johnny’s 616 characterization that he did come into superheroing very young and that he was very much the only (confirmed) young teenager in a group of adults. You have figures like Rick Jones and Peter Parker as teens in the landscape as well but I would argue Rick’s status as an orphan who had to take care of himself because no one else would gives him a maturity earlier in life than Johnny, and with Peter – I think it’s fair to suggest that several people suspected/knew Peter was a teenager but Spider-Man’s anonymity and loner status granted him a sort of reprieve from being judged long term for his youthfulness, and Peter is someone else who was forced to grow up fast, having to be Aunt May’s caretaker when she’s ill, having to earn the family money, etc. Plus at an established 5′10″ at the beginning of his career, it’s unlikely he physically appeared childish in a full body costume. I think it was easy, barring a certain amount of interaction with Peter that screamed “obnoxious teen” in the early days, to mistake him for an adult. You also have the X-Men, but they’re very much their own group comprised of teenagers, with a certain amount of distance from the rest of the world. So Johnny is really the “baby” figure – he’s the one most in the public eye while simultaneously the one most capable of being able to cling to some remnants of childhood, because unlike Peter, he’s with other people on a team, and unlike the X-Men, he’s with adults who feel a familial sense of responsibility towards him. So you have this really interesting space with Johnny where he’s kind of the only former teen superhero of his age group who’s position in the landscape allowed him to have at least lingering remnants of a childhood after he got his powers. On paper that’s a good thing, but I think it’s also been a disadvantage in how people treat Johnny even long after he stopped being a teenager.  

And I definitely do think that’s something we see in the canon landscape and in how other characters treat Johnny. This is a big component in the fact that a lot of other heroes don’t take Johnny seriously. Johnny, for all his accomplishments in the field, tends to be viewed as immature and irresponsible, someone who’d rather be joking around than saving the day, and I do think that’s something that comes from the fact that a lot of these people first encountered him as a teenager and, from the outside view of the Fantastic Four’s dynamic, a sheltered, spoiled one at that. I think there’s always going to be a view of Johnny as someone who hasn’t earned his powers, who is a show-off with them, who takes nothing seriously, who is honestly childish. Who, despite the enormous capacity for his powers to be destructive and the incredible amount of control we as readers know Johnny possesses, is not someone to be viewed as a genuine threat or asset. It’s not something that I think we necessarily need to see more of, because it’s very much already there in a lot of the text when you see how other characters who aren’t in the Fantastic Four (and who aren’t Spider-Man) interact with and treat Johnny. 

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on another note can we talk about how peter was the first person he saw when he got back from the negative zone, and how peter was the first embrace from someone johnny cared about in two very long and very violent years

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Sometimes I think about the fact that Peter Parker 1) somehow knew that Johnny Storm would be at a party 2) had the forethought “I need to go to this party and fight him so he can’t be around girls anymore” and 3) followed through with this plan as if it were some kind of heterosexual concoction.

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so i’ve been waiting to answer this and one other spideytorch fic rec until i had actually READ more, and now……. i think i can answer this briefly. these are my CURRENT favs! please do drop more recs for all of us (but especially me because they’re taking over my life)

“chicken soup for the superhero soul” - traincat (half of this list will be traincat i’m warning you now and im just not apologizing)

this one is precious. it’s so sweet and lovely.

“satellite call” - traincat

this fic… i read it last night and it opened a chasm in my chest. it destroyed me. the pain!! the comfort!! unbelievable. so excellent.

“a melody that’s calling your name” - gleesquid

this was such an interesting trope and so funny?? so well done?? this peter is so nuanced and complex and i love him.

“i came in from the outside, burnt out from the joyride” - perissologist

this fic DESTROYED me. so much ouchies. so much kisses.

“lightning in a bottle” - groo-ock

the light of my life. the lamp of my soul. this fic is chefs kiss perfection. i live and die for it.

“in the city of blinding lights” - seek-rest

frankly there are only two chapters of this written and yet im wholly obsessed. it’s a devil wears Prada au, and if that doesn’t convince you idk what will

“tales from the back pages” series - traincat

this soulmate au…. OUCH! i love it. so much love.

“river eyes” - perissologist

i cannot say enough good about this fic.

and, because i can’t help it and i’m an ass, i’ll link my own here as well – “a little something sweet,” aka the chef au no one asked for and i delivered anyway.

if anyone has spideytorch proMPT REQUESTS i will take them and spit something out fdghjkksddgfjh

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Was going through my procreate saves and found these two disaster bois.  Fixed up the extremely bright colors I put on here at first for some reason and doin’ a repost because I still like this.  

This is Peter’s VERY SECRET body pillow because let’s face it….Johnny WOULD have sexy pillow cases made of him and Peter WOULD have gone out in dark shades and a baseball cap to buy one on the dl. 

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Say Something


Originally posted by nochillsteve-archived

Pairing: Johnny “Human Torch” StormxBlack Reader

⚠️: Maybe a teensie tiny bit of angst, fluff

“Hey Sue, I got the study results for Reed but his office is locked. Could you hand them to him for me? I have to meet someone in a few minutes,” you ask, slightly losing your balance from the stack of papers against your chest paired with your platform wedge sandals.

“Yea sure, I’ll give it to him when he comes back,” she smiles taking the stack from you. “And might I add you look so cute!”

“Whoa whoa whoa, and where are you going?”

Of course the night wouldn’t be complete without you running into Johnny.

Not exactly a couple but also more than friends, you guys had been playing with that line for a while now and you were getting tired. With each goodnight text and playful second glance, you thought maybe you guys would soon make things official.

But in typical Johnny Storm fashion, he’d bring a new fling to the Baxter building trying to impress her with a tour and leave you heartbroken feeling like a clown. Being disappointed one too many times, you finally decided to stop waiting and move on with your life.

Yeah it hurt, but constantly feeling as if you were left on the sideline without even a second thought hurt you more.

Arms crossed as he leans against the doorframe with signature smirk on his face, he eyes you up and down making you roll your eyes.

“Nowhere you need to worry your little mind about,” you sarcastically smile. “Thanks Sue, I’ll see you later.”

Watching you walk past, he finds himself mesmerized by everything from your sweet perfume to the way your skin glowed against your floral off the shoulder dress. Then again when wasn’t he entranced by you? He knew he wasn’t the type to openly express it in some grand, romantic way, but at least once a day he couldn’t stop the smile he’d get seeing you writing some formula on the whiteboard and occasionally pushing your glasses higher on your nose as you discussed science with Reed.

Never had Johnny experienced such strong feelings for someone like this before, which scared him more than any villain could.

“Need me to get a bucket for your drool?,” Sue asks peeking over her glasses as Johnny rolls his eyes.

“Seriously though, where’s she going?”

“And why do you need to know? Is someone jealous?”

“No, I’m just…curious,” he shrugs walking up to stand in front of her desk.

“Yea sure,” she laughs going back to the computer screens in front of her. Hearing footsteps on the white tile floors, he turns to see Reed solely focused on the phone in his hands as he enters the lab and sparking an idea.

“Well I’m about to head out, do you want me to give this to Reed since it’s on my way? He just got back.”

“Sure if you want to, thanks,” she smiles as he picks up the stack walking out the door and leaving her with a smile.

“I hope Reed knows to keep quiet,” Sue whispers to herself shaking her head as she watches the two men interact.

“Hey Y/N left these for you. She would’ve given them to you herself but she was running late.”

“Oh thank you,” he smiles skimming through the first few pages.

“Big night for her huh?”

“Yea she’s been so excited for a while now. I hope everything goes well.”

“Me too. Oh that reminds me, she said she’d bring you back something as an apology for not being able to go through that, uh, stuff with you,” he adds leaning against the metal table behind him.

“That’s nice of her but Pho really isn’t a favorite of mine,” he answers still looking at the paper in his hands.

“So that’s where she went,” Johnny speaks under his breath, devious smile on his lips as Reed finally looks up from his work.

“Did you say something?”

“Oh no, I was just thinking out loud really. Hey I’m heading out for a while, maybe try to give that brain a rest yeah?”

Whistling as he enters the golden elevator, he twirls the keys to his red corvette around his index finger; for the first time in his life excited to get a bowl of Pho.


“No way that happened!,” you laughed along with your guest, hand covering your mouth as a drop of water fell from your closed eyes.

“Yep! I still have the scars to prove it.”

Since you both sat down, it seems that all either of you did after every story was laugh and joke around. At first, you kinda felt bad thinking you might be a disturbance because of the noise, but the more you talked the less you cared what others thought and just wanted to enjoy your time out with him.

Using your chopsticks to gather some of the contents in your bowl before placing it in your mouth, a looming figure overhead nearly makes you choke as soon as you hear his voice.

“Y/N?! What are the odds that we both meet here tonight!” Pulling up a chair, he sits at the table before sticking his hand out towards the stranger in front of you. “Johnny Storm.”

“Um Cole Jones, nice to meet you,” he hesitantly shakes his hand confusedly looking at you.

“I’m sorry Cole, Johnny is a friend from work.”

“Yea really close work friends,” he smiles looking at you.

“Mmm that’s a bit of a stretch, especially with how I’m feeling at this moment,” you reply through your forced smile trying not to make a scene. “What are you doing here?”

“Uhh…to get something to eat duh.”

“You don’t even like Pho.”

“Nonsense I eat it all the time!”

“Hi can I get anybody anything?,” the waitress smiles looking between the three of you.

“Yea can I get what she has?”

“But without mushrooms please?,” you add giving her his menu as she nods before leaving towards the back.

“Aww you remembered I’m allergic to mushrooms,” he cockily smiles leaning back in his chair with hand over his heart.

“Yes and you’re making me wish I hadn’t.”

“Do you guys need a minute or something? Because I can step outside,” Cole asks still confused on what exactly was going on to which you and Johnny both quickly replied no.

“Yea everything’s fine! And what about you guys? How long has uh this been going on?,” Johnny asks crossing his arms on the table.

“This isn’t a date,” you frustratedly sigh rubbing your temple and hoping a giant hole would open somewhere that he would have to go investigate.

“Woww that bad huh? Hey don’t feel bad bud it’s not your fault she’s been spoiled with higher quality.”

Kicking him under the table and making him yelp in pain, Cole scoots his chair back before standing and collecting his things.

“Okayyy you know what? Clearly you guys have some issues you need to work through so I’m gonna head to the bar to get the bill then head out. I’ll talk to you later love.”

“I’m so so sorry about this, I promise to make it up to you,” you whisper with an apologetic smile as you give him a hug. Directing a head nod in Johnny’s direction, he flashes a fake smile before rolling his eyes as soon as Cole was no longer in view.

“You know, for people who aren’t dating it’s strange to hear couple nicknames like that.”

“And for someone who shouldn’t be in my business here you are. Who told you where I was?”

“Hey it’s like I said I came here to eat, it’s highly coincidental we met,” he shrugs taking a bite of his food.

Not caring that you were in public, you grab his ear pulling him along as he continuously “ow’s” behind you.

“Um is everything ok?,” the waitress asks looking equal parts concerned and amused at the sight in front of her.

“Yea it’s fine, and thank you for everything the food was really good.”

“’re welcome,” she replies as you walk out with your “plus one” and all eyes on the both of you.

“Jeez don’t rip it off!”

“How could you embarrass me like that?! Seriously what is wrong with you?!,” you shout, words echoing off the parking garage walls.

“Nothing! I told you-,”

“Don’t lie to me!”

Looking into your frustrated dark brown eyes, a long sigh escapes his pink lips while he leans against your car with arms crossed over his chest.

“Fine, I got jealous ok? The moment I walked in and saw you both laughing and having fun I wanted to stop it there I admitted it,” he explains making you laugh in disbelief.

“So you can go be with any woman you want without even a second thought, yet the moment I go out that’s when you apparently have some sort of feelings for me?! You really are that full of yourself.”

“Listen I know I-,”

“No don’t try to excuse your way out of this like you do everything else! Do you know how long I waited to finally be chosen by you to only continuously get pushed to the back?!” Eyes burning as angry tears forced their way down your face, you quickly knock away his hand trying to wipe them for you. “I’m not some toy you pick up when you want to play and put back when your done. Your other girls might’ve been okay with that, but I’m not.”

“You’re right.”


“I said you’re right,” he softly chuckles at your shocked reaction. “To string you along while still going out with other girls was wrong and I’m sorry.”

Shifting from one foot to the other, his hand runs over his head as he lets out a breath. “Y/N I’m in love with you, have been since we started hanging out really. But I know how I am and that you deserve someone so much better so that’s where the girls came in. It sounds dumb, but I figured you would see that too and then both of us would move on like it was nothing. Only no matter how much I tried all I wanted was you.”

“And no this isn’t me trying to make more excuses or soften you up with lines. I’m telling you where my head was and is and how instead of just telling you how I felt, I made things 10 times worse which definitely sounds like me.”

Silence falling over the both of you, you wipe your face getting out your last few sniffles before looking down at your feet.

“You’re right, you aren’t the best person for me,” you finally speak. “You’re reckless, have selfish tendencies, and honestly sometimes I wonder if you even have a brain.”

“Ouch, but I deserve that,” he replies looking away until he feels your cool hands on the sides of his face.

“But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want you too.” Johnny’s icy blue eyes light up as he smiles hearing those words from your mouth. Taking your hands in his, he moves them to wrap around his abdomen while he embraces you, kissing your temple.

“That also doesn’t mean that you’re completely forgiven,” you add looking up at him. “Saying it is one thing, but you have to show me that you really want this Johnny because I swear if you play anymore games-,”

Unable to finish your sentence, you feel his soft lips crash onto yours while his thumbs gently graze your cheeks. Your heart races the deeper the kiss gets and your knees feel like they won’t last much longer making you grab onto his white tee shirt.

“That is part of my promise to you, Y/N, that there won’t be anymore games or immature stunts like tonight. This is gonna sound super cliche but you’re the only one for me and I will do whatever I can everyday to prove that to you,” he smiles, thumb now grazing over your lips. “So what are you gonna say to Cole?”

“Oh about that, Cole is my cousin. He’s in town for a few days before his next assignment and he wanted to hang out,” you giggle watching him hang his head as he laughs at himself.

“I really am an idiot huh?”

“No, not a total one. You just might want to get all the facts before trying to ruin someone’s night again,” you laugh pecking his lips.

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