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#min yoongi scenarios
breakiebunny · 10 days ago
Jeon Husband|JJK
Tumblr media
One shot 
summary: Marriage is supposed to be based on truth and love but yours was nothing of that sort, just a compromise, just a contract, what happens when you tell your husband you no longer want any part of this?
genre: Angst, fluff, smut. CEO Jungkook 
pairing: Jungkook x female reader (min yoongi in a special appearance)
warnings: Angst, mentions of cheating, contract marriage, mild obssesion, switch Jungkook, oral sex (f. receiving), fingering(mirror), thigh riding, over stimulation, biting, Jungkook definitely has a wife kink and is emotionally constipated.
words: 8.7K
Here you were at a party you didn’t care for with a man who didn’t care for you, even though you two have been married for a year, your marriage was nothing more than a plot set by both of your families to unite their businesses, having children in that mess of a mix meant that their business is safe and that they are entangled together whether they like it or not because both families will be bound together by their beloved children. You and your husband Jeon Jungkook didn’t exactly saw eye to eye, before you two were married you didn’t even look each other`s way not out of hatred or anything but simply because you both didn’t have any interest in each other and after getting married it was the same, he had told you on the first night of the marriage that this is not something he ever wanted not with you in particular but just in general, you were no different you agreed with him on the spot, congratulated him on the merging of both of your businesses and wished him good luck.
“My bags? Do you know where they are?” you ask, wanting to get out of the rib crushing wedding dress.  
“Um yeah, I think they`re in my closet, sorry Mother wouldn’t listen to me” Jungkook cleared his throat.
“No, It`s fine, I`ve also been instructed to be an obedient and good wife to you" you chuckle humorless. What a mess of a marriage already. Marriages are supposed to be based on love and truth what you two have done is nothing but a contract, a contract for your parents.  You walk towards his walk in closet and see familiar bags stacked in one corner, you take your pink silk pajamas. Reaching for the zipper of your dress you can`t even fold your arms behind your back because of the tightness of the dress.
“Um hey Jungkook? Sorry for the newlywed cliché but I can`t reach my zipper, do you mind?” you say sheepishly.
He chuckles, white button up already taken out of the black pants, cuffs open, tie loose. Man sure was attractive. He walks towards you by the closet door.
“How did they even put you in this thing?”  He stands behind you, honestly concerned for the well being of your ribs.
“They sew it on me” you say casually.
“What?!?” he exclaims, deep voice a little squeaky and you let out a laugh “Joking” Jungkook sighs, well he would have to get used to that. He reaches for the zipper and easily pulls it down just above your ass, revealing the expanse of your smooth back, suddenly you could breath better.
“Thank you Jeon husband” you sigh thankful, saying his last name like a brand name which was the whole point of this marriage.
“You`re welcome Y/L/N wife” he says a little weirded out you are sure of it, but that was the point of this whole relationship: just name tags no love.
You gulp down your sixth champagne flute of the evening, a little buzz can get you through the night for sure. You saw couples all over each other, hands touching suggestively, whispering things into each other`s ears, eying each other`s clothing, one guy had the audacity to wink at his date/wife whatever behind you and here you were in your thigh high slit red silk dress, a delicate diamond necklace, hair done by the Gods, red lips with no one to acknowledge that. You dear husband was busy sweet talking with the members of the board, kissing their wives hands telling them how beautiful they look instead of you. You roll your eyes at the sight of him when a tall, buff and absolutely gorgeous man approaches you.
“Good evening Y/N” the guy greets in his hot, deep voice.
“Yoongi!” you reach for a hug, yoongi and you went to college together and fooled around a bit nothing serious, his family was also your family`s business acquaintances.
“So happy to see you after like forever” he takes your hand straight to his plump lips, pressing his lips to the back of it looking directly in your eyes. You shift a little.
“You`re such a flirt yoongi, haven’t changed one bit” you pry your hand from his grasp.
“That`s because you broke my heart and got married to like the hottest topic of the town” yoongi puts a hand on his chest, wiping a fake tear.
“Yup, one year” you smile half heartedly, wiggling your ring finger in his face.
“I`ll still wait for you” He sighs.
“Well my guy I think you`ll have to dry out waiting then, right baby?” you hear Jungkook coming up to your side, hand on your bare waist pecking your hot cheek lingering there for a second.
“Right” you smile a practiced smile, the big hand on your waist felt like it was gonna burn a hole in the skin.
“Nice to meet you Mr. Jeon” yoongi extends his hand with a smile.
“I don’t think I can say it`s nice to meet a man who's trying to steal my wife” Jungkook laughs a little, he`s the only one who found it funny, you look at him, eyes telling him to stop.
“Ah, we were just messing Mr. Jeon, Y/N and I are really good friends” yoongi pulls his extended hand back.
“Don’t mind him Yoon, he`s got a special sense of humor, took me quite a bit time to get it” you reach out to pat his forearm quickly.
“Yeah I can tell” Yoongi smiles.
“I`m deeply sorry if I have offended you in some way” Jungkook blinks, what a fake asshole you think.
“Oh no no absolutely not but I do have to get back to something important, Y/n meet later?” He looks at you.
“Of course” you smile genuinely at him. “See you Yoongi”  you both say your goodbyes and he heads out.
“What the fuck was that?” you hiss at Jungkook, the moment yoongi is out of sight, his hand not wavering from your waist.
“Not now” he whispers simply, forcing the hand on your waist to make you face him, face inches away.
“People are watching baby, put on a show for me yeah?” he licks his lips, looking down at yours.
“That`all you care about right? People?” you felt your eyes sting. The champagne, the disgustingly sweet couples making you sensitive. He doesn’t say anything instead, presses his lips on your painted red ones, you angle your head to deepen the kiss and his hands move to your lower back pulling you flush against his body while yours hook around his neck. When the kiss is broken due to lack of oxygen, his lips are stained with your red lipstick, yours badly smudged. You two look at each other for a while, breathing on each other`s faces. After that Jungkook didn’t leave you alone for the night.
You come back home, entering before Jungkook, going to your shared bedroom, no magic happens there. You slept on the same bed because come on you both were adults but the small space was wider than a separate room. Jungkook hears the bedroom door slam, he follows you behind. You are already grabbing your pajamas and toiletry bag ready to head out when he grabs your wrist in his huge hand.
“Where`re you going?” He asks calm and collected as always.
“There`re no people here Jeon husband, you can stop pretending now” you try to yank your wrist away from his hold.
“What`s this about Y/N?” He asks with a sigh still not letting your wrist.
“Oh wow, you`re really gonna ask me this? After a goddamn year? After you embarrass me in front of my friend?” you stop your struggle.
“Oh so this is about that guy what was his name?” he pretends to think, free hand massaging his temple.
“Yoongi, his name is yoongi and it’s not about him Jungkook! But who am I kidding, it was never even about us” you yank your hand away with one swift move.
“All I did was what we have done since the day we got married, people were looking at my wife get so cheerful with another man then she`s ever been with her own husband!” he yells and you remember you forgot your make up wipes so you head to the dresser.
“Can you be honest? At least with yourself? When have we acted like we`re comfortable around each other? When have you stayed by my side because you wanted to? You always come to kiss me or touch me so that the newspapers get a good angle of us” you were on the verge of tears, your voice shaking.
“I`m tired Jungkook, I really am” you brush a tear away from your cheek. “I`m tired of being your trophy wife, I thought we would get along, hell even fall in love but what do I know?” you dab the makeup wipe under your eyes where your mascara was running down your cheeks.
“I can`t do this anymore, I feel so left out and alone, no one deserves this” the alcohol in your system was making you a little extra sensitive. Jungkook comes behind you and you stare at him through the mirror.
“I`m sorry for making you feel this way” he whispers in your ear pulling you back into him
“I don’t want to impose myself on you Jungkook, I`m gonna talk to Dad…” you say looking at him lowering his head into the nape of your neck, moving your hair to the side. You feel his hot breath on your warm skin making you shiver
“Ssshh” he says and starts peppering sweet kisses all over your neck while reaching for your necklace, trying to undo the hook and when he couldn’t do it, he simply yanked it out of your neck.
“Jungkook what the hell?” you squeak.
“It was getting in the way” he mumbles, lips pressed against your nape.
“But, that…that was my anniversary gift” you whisper holding onto the broken necklace.
“I`ll get you another one” he smiles at the thought of you holding his gift so close to your heart, he goes for your zipper and pulls it down with one swift movement and the thin spaghetti straps fall down your shoulder but you swiftly hold on to the dress around your chest.
“W-what are you doing? Are you drunk?” you ask, feeling your heart in your throat.
“Why, do I have to be drunk to touch my wife?” he slurs against your neck, licking a bold wet stripe against the side of it. The air hits the wet area forming goose bumps in its wake, Jungkook snakes one hand around your waist to make sure you don’t move and moves the other to the deep slit on your left thigh, massaging over the smooth skin, large hand moving up to your hip bone and down to your knee cap. Your breathing was irregular, it was getting rather hard to breathe you look into the mirror to see Jungkook already staring at you.
“So sensitive” he coos in your ear and you let out a whine, chest heaving, hands clutching the silky fabric of the dress on your breasts, your hands being the only thing keeping the dress up.
“What a-re yo-u doing?” you sigh a whisper, head lolling back onto Jungkook`s shoulder. This kind of attention was something you were deprived of for the last year. You were a young woman with needs both affection wise and sexual.
“Touching my wife” he says casually as he moves his hand under the slit, long fingers brushing over the lace of your panties.
“You looked so good today, did I tell you that?” he bites down on your shoulder making you jump with a cry but the hand around your waist kept you intact with him.
“Yes, w-hen we were…leaving ahh” he bites on the side of your neck now.
“What`s gotten into you?” you turn your head to see him, he has his head rested on the round of your shoulder, eyes dark, lips red.
“I`m showing you that I care about you, will you let me do that sweetheart?” Jungkook moves your panties to the side and skims his middle finger over your labia, making you flinch.
“I…but you don’t c-care about me-ee” you breathe, head back on his shoulder.
“Sshh just enjoy, you deserve it beautiful” he starts to rub your clit and you squeal under his touch, you haven’t been touched by someone else in over a year. It was you and your hand or a vibrator you keep in another room of course.
“Oh Jungkook please” you buck your hips into his hand, desperate for more.
“I got you”  he breaches your entrance with his middle finger making you hiss at the stretch.
“I didn’t know my wife`s pussy was this tight” he kisses you cheek, while pumping his finger in you.
“Ohhhh please” you whine, you don’t even know what you`re begging for, ass pressed into his clothed cock.
“You think you can take another finger Y/L/N wife” he teases, tattooed hand around your stomach, rubbing soothingly.
You nod rapidly. Desperate was the perfect word for you right now.
“This isn’t your stupid vibrator gorgeous, use your voice as much as you want, no need to hold back” he bites your other shoulder and you let out a loud moan, the biting sting adding to the pleasure between your legs. The fact that he knew about your vibrator and how you struggled to keep quiet was making you dizzy.
“Spread you legs” he instructs and you obey him, he adds his ring finger into you hole, the stretch delicious.
“Sweet girl you can barely take two of my fingers, how would you take this big cock?” he licks your ear as he pumps his fingers in you.
“But you have your whole life to get used to it so I think you`ll be fine” he takes out his fingers and slaps your pussy making you cry, tears forming in your eyes. “Nghhhh” you breathe, you turn your head lazily to see Jungkook licking his tattooed fingers with a groan. “So sweet, I`ve been missing out” he moves his hand to hold your dress up revealing your ruined red lace panties sticking to the side of your pussy, you try to squeeze your legs together, feeling a little insecure as he was watching you like this for the first time.
“Nuh uh, no hiding” Jungkook slaps your pussy again.
“Look at yourself while I fuck you with my fingers okay?” he sucks on your neck and adds his fingers into you again. “Ohh ahhh ahhh” you whine at the pleasure running through your bones. Lifting your head up to see yourself in the mirror, the hot hunk of a man behind you, his big tattoo decorated hand around your stomach half of your dress under that hand allowing him the full vision of his fingers pumping in your hole, his lips sucking into your neck moving to your shoulder from time to time and you spot a faint bite mark on your left shoulder, hair in a mess and pulled to the right shoulder, your red lipstick was smudged all over your lips, faint red pigment there and the mascara was definitely not water proof as it was streaming down your face with your tears of pleasure, hands clutching the dress over your breasts.
“Look at you, so pretty, such a pretty mess” he angles his hand so that his thumb is brushing against your clit making you squeal in excitement.
“Is my gorgeous wife gonna make a mess on my fingers?” Jungkook asks, hand on your stomach rubbing soothing circles on your lower stomach.
“Ahhh unghhh ohhh!” shame was long gone at this point. “Yes yes please don’t stop Jungkook please!” you cry through gritted teeth and he speeds up, fingers knuckles deep in your pussy, the gold wedding band shining on his ring finger. Something about the sight was turning you on even more.
“You got so wet, what happened pretty girl?” he looks at you through the mirror as if reading your thoughts, your eyes glued on his fingers inside you.
“Oh” it dawns on him. “My wife likes to see her husband stretching out her tight little pussy with his ring on” he grins all evil and cocky, the only thing you can do is bite your lip at the dirty talking, hooded eyes still fixed on the sight, the band in your stomach tightening.
“Oh oh Jungkook! I`m coming ahh please” you squirm under his mercy.
“Yeah? Come for me beautiful, show me how much you like my fingers” he encourages kissing over the bite marks on your shoulder.
“Ahh ahh ughhh…coming!” you scream one last time and come all over his fingers, he pumps you through the orgasm, you hiss when the sensitivity hits, he retracts his fingers from your pussy, hand still holding onto your stomach as you fell forward head down, in complete euphoria.
“You did so good, come on” he makes you walk towards the bathroom, your hands were weak now so he pried the dress from your hold, you didn’t have the energy to argue, this was your first another person induced orgasm in a long time and that shit was hot and intense.
“What about you?” you whisper, looking down at the growing tent in his pants.
“Don’t worry about me, rest” he smiles, putting the pajama shirt on you not looking down. You choose not to argue, sleep taking over your senses. You wash your face and head to bed, going all the way across the hall to another room was not possible with your jelly legs now, and maybe that was Jungkook`s plan. He didn’t know if he loved you but he definitely liked you, you never used your “I`m the wife” card on him to get something out of him, you were financially independent but in relationships you were poor, you were needy and watching you break down tonight, his heart was feeling uneasy, maybe it was because you were never like this you were always so optimistic and bright about everything, always encouraging him to get through these parties together, if he had a problem with any presentation or a project you always helped him first rather than focusing on your own work. Jungkook comes out of the bathroom, hair wet after the shower to see you already fast asleep face turned towards his side. He gets under the sheets, the distance between you two was still evident but he could not let you go that was for sure, it was like he was used to you, hooked on your presence like it was some drug and today when you said you were tired and ready to talk to your parents, he was shook to the core, there`s no way you can leave him you will not, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself? It was not love definitely no but it was something, something in him that tells him to keep you close all the time. He was scared for himself today, when he saw Yoongi`s arm around the skin of your back, you giggling so freely with me. It made him see red, no one was looking at you, he lied. He just wanted to get there and yank you away from the charming  man. Is this obsession? He doesn’t know but one thing is for sure he can`t let you go, so he decided to be a little nice to you, his naturally cold vibes were hurtful to you and he noticed that today, but he was willing to change…for you.
Next morning when he wakes, your side of the bed is empty, he tenses again. What if you`re mad about last night? What if you left never to come back? He gets up, puts on his robe and heads straight downstairs, he searches for you in your other room, in the living room and lets out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding when he saw you in the kitchen in front of the coffee machine, hair in a messy bun deep in thoughts. He clears his throat and you jump a little, thought train wrecking.
“Good morning” you mumble, looking down avoiding his eyes.
“Good morning” He greets with a small smile.
“Coffee?” you ask him softly and he nods and you turn to the coffee machine, you fill his cup and place it on the counter near him, still not looking his way.
“What`s wrong?” Jungkook asks brows furrowed.
“I`m sorry for last night, I was drunk and I just said some stupid things, things that don’t mean anything not in our case” you explode finally. “I`m also sorry for making you think like you owe me something and made you do what…you did.” Your cheeks were turning a dark shade of pink.
“You didn’t make me do anything Y/N, I did it myself and I do not regret it if that`s what`s worrying you, it was nothing too serious” Jungkook says taking a sip of his coffee, you coffee always hits different he insisted one day to watch you make him a coffee, you did nothing special but the coffee tasted a lot different than he makes it.
“Of course it was nothing serious” what he said broke your heart and the little ray of hope that he might see you as his actual wife and love you even was gone behind dark clouds. Jeon Jungkook could never love you and you were falling in a way that you knew would be heart wrenching as time goes by especially with him around. Jungkook repeated what he had said in his head, and mentally slapped himself on the face. You stupid motherfucker! He screamed internally.
“It`s not what I…” he reaches for you but you move away.
“Jungkook we both know that this relationship is nothing serious so you don’t have to sugarcoat it, I get it and I`m working on freeing both of us don’t worry” You were glad that you managed to say this sentence out loud without your voice shaking.
“Freeing? What do you mean?” Jungkook says, heart a little uneasy.
“I`m going to talk to Dad today that we both cannot do this anymore, we`re both young, have dreams and of course do not fit in each other`s lives so we need to end this whole drama” You say while washing your cup. Jungkook feels his eye twitch at your words.
“What? I never said that! You cannot make things up and say that I said them” he felt like a five year on a playground, he probably looked like one too. Soft bed hair, cheeks puffy, lips pouty
“Actions speak louder than words don’t they Jeon husband?” you chuckle half heartedly.
“You can`t do this and you know it, your dad will never let you do this, he`ll kick you out of Y/L/N industries” Jungkook sighs, thinking he finally has a valid point, stupid boy still thinks this will make you stay instead of just saying that he needs you here with him…always and forever.
“I know and I don’t care anymore” you say putting the cup in the cupboard.
“I can`t live my life in hell for materialistic things Jungkook, I might have mentioned it before but I`M FUCKING TIRED!” you breathe. “Thanks for worrying about me though” you smile sarcastically at him.
He strides towards you caging you between the counter and him.
“I will not let you, you hear me, I will destroy Y/L/N industries if you leave this house and…break the contract” Jungkook whispers, round eyes wide and a little crazy.
“It`s low Jungkook , even for you but like I said I.don`” you grit your teeth and push him away from you and heading upstairs leaving him with a beating heart and an ache he couldn’t really decipher.
It`s been a week since the kitchen conversation, you have been sleeping in the other room, which you used as your work place. You and Jungkook ran into each other obviously because you lived in the same house but never really exchanged any words and you were glad about it, because you were afraid if he ever tries to tell you to stay with his round cheeks and big eyes, you would melt like butter in a hot pan and give in like you always do when it comes to him. Tonight was the little fundraising event for a small business setup you were trying to start on your own, of course as a business woman you had to have a plan B at the ready before you break the news to you parents and they kick you out of the industry resulting in you ending up on the streets. You put on your navy blue gown with a plunging back, your signature red lips were done and so were you. You step down the stairs to see Jungkook entering the house. He stills when he saw you coming, mouth agape a little. You don’t pay him any mind and go to grab your car keys from the coffee table.
“Can I ask where are you headed?” he asks a little curious, why were you dressed so nicely? Where are you going without him?
“If I say no, would you stop asking?” you roll your eyes.
“No” he says simply and you giggle. Music to his ears after a week.
“Yoongi is helping me setting up a small business, a solo venture and there`s an event” you say fixing your earring, you didn’t know why you brought up Yoongi, knowing he didn’t like the guy the petty part of you wanted to get a reaction out of him.
“Yoongi? It`s that motherfucker filling your head with all these stupid thoughts right? Is it about him? You want to leave me for him?” Jungkook throws his car keys on the glass table with a clank.
“I don’t need to explain anything to you Jungkook , not anymore so you can think whatever bullshit you want to think” you were annoyed, how dare he think that you would leave him for another man. You storm out of the house as fast as you can in your heels.
The event was nothing too special, just Yoongi and his business people you didn’t know, he kept introducing you to these people letting them know about your textile venture and letting you know about their businesses. Your brain was giving up on you, starting a business was a lot hard than working for your parents` business, you grab a flute from the waiter`s tray when you saw Jungkook in the corner of the hall, talking to a tall, gorgeous blonde, he kisses her hand and locks eyes with you across the hall. You turn away quickly.
“Thought I`d support you.” Jungkook`s voice rang behind you and suddenly you felt like drinking something ten times stronger than champagne.
“Thank you for the thought, how sweet.” You smile a practiced smile and you see him waving to the blonde who was heading out.
“Already getting over me Jeon Husband?” you smirk, taking a sip of your champagne.
“I could ask you the same question Y/L/N wife” he gestures to Yoongi. You scoff and turn away from him, not wanting to hear his bullshit again. He grabs your wrist again and you look up at him.
“Let me go, I`m not here as your trophy wife” you hiss.
“I know and I`m not trying to make you one, where is this coming from?” he narrows his eyes at you.
“Nowhere, and you always made sure that I knew I was nothing more than your trophy wife so please don’t act so innocent” You take your wrist out of his hand and head towards Yoongi who was talking to a group of people, he greeted you with a smile and a hand on your shoulder as he was introducing you to some new people. Jungkook felt his throat constrict.
The event was coming to an end and you were happy about how it went, your business will open smoothly with all the funds raised tonight and the sponsors were willing to sponsor.
“Hey Y/N we did great today!” Yoongi grins, pulling you in a hug jumping with excitement.
“I know! It`s all thanks to you Yoon” you jump back with him.
“What do you say we celebrate? Me and my friends are heading out, wanna join?” Yoongi asks breaking away from you. You were tempted at the idea, it would allow you stay away from Jungkook and drink away your failed marriage. But before you could say anything you feel two tattooed arms snake around your waist, a head rests on your shoulder.
“Babe ready to leave?” Jungkook asks kissing your cheek.
“Um…I” you freeze at the sudden PDA.
“Hey Yoongi, mind if I take my wife home now, she`ll never last longer in these heels” he chuckles holding you close to his hip.
“I don’t…” you start.
“And you forgot about our movie night baby” another kiss is pressed to your cheek.
“Yeah no worries man” Yoongi smiles, not knowing Jungkook`s real thoughts about him or even if he does because of his cold attitude, he was kind enough to never respond.
“Good night Yoongi” Jungkook says lacing your fingers with yours.
“Good night Yoongi” you say softly.
“Good night” Yoongi waves and you two walk towards Jungkook`s car, you untangle your fingers from his hand.
“I have my own car” you say taking out your car keys from your clutch.
“I`ll have the driver pick it up tomorrow, let`s go” Jungkook says going in for your hand again.
“You go ahead, I`ll be right behind you” you take a step back.
“Don’t make me carry you to the car Y/N you know I will, you want the whole street or your dear friend Yoongi see that, cause I will like that a lot actually.” He smirks cockily, face inches away from yours.
You huff and follow him to his car.
“Just so you know I`m not afraid of you bunny boy, I just don’t want to create a scene” you say arms folded on your chest and his chest rumbles with laughter.
“Oh I know you`re not afraid of anything” He grins and starts the car. You looked out of the window the whole time, familiar scenery on your way home. When he stops the car, you take off your heels and walk towards the house looking for a place to lay down, these heels were evil. You throw yourself on the comfy couch in your living room, rubbing your eyes with both of your hands not caring about the mascara anymore, when you feel a hand on your foot, you peek through your fingers to see Jungkook placing both of your legs in his lap, rubbing soothing circles around the ankles.
“Oh no, you don’t have to do that?” you try to take your legs off from his lap, but then again he`s Jeon Jungkook his grip is not painful but strong enough to keep your legs on his lap.
“I want to, relax now” He says softly, voice almost cute. You put your head back on the cushion, and he stretches your toes, the stretch easing the tension in your foot then moves to massage the sole of your foot so slowly that you fear you might doze off like this. It was so relaxing; he repeated the same process on your other foot. You eyes shoot open when he starts to lift up your dress.
“Jungkook” you warn.
“Calm down” His gaze was fixed on your legs, soft hands massaging the expanse of them, thumb rubbing circles in the calves easing the knots there.
“It`s okay I`m relaxed n-now” you take advantage of his hypnotic stare on your legs and sit up.
“Are you mad that I showed up at your event?” He asks, his voice doesn’t hold that energy that it usually holds.
“What? Not at all, you can go wherever you want Jungkook, I`ve never asked and now well…I`m losing the “Official” right to ask you about anything anyways.” You chuckle making the quote signs with your fingers.
“Y/N about that, I don’t want to get…divorced” he says looking down at his hands.
“Jungkook, if you`re worried about my parents backing away from their deal, I can assure you that they won`t I won`t let them, your business will be fine, I promise you, but I can`t live like this anymore and you can`t too. I hope when we get divorced on papers, you can live your life a little instead of just worrying for your company, you deserve it too.” You put your hand on his shoulder, rubbing a little.
“I don’t want to do it alone” he says voice still low.
“You won`t be Kook, you know how many girls sent daggers my way this past year when they saw me clinging to your hip” you move a strand of his long hair out of his face and behind his pierced ear. He looks at your face, you were so pretty his heart was breaking and hearing you talk about your departure from his life was making him want to cry his eyes out in the corner.
“Don’t worry, you`re just afraid of this lifestyle change, I know you. And of course you`ll miss my coffee and our weekend cook offs.” You say noticing his sad eyes, red veins popping in the whites, your own heart was shattering at the sight, his eyes looked hopeless and dead for the first since you met him, the endless black galaxy in them no longer shining. You get up before you break “Come on let`s go to bed, you have a meeting tomorrow with the board members remember?” you face palm yourself, a week without talking to each other and still you knew all about his schedule, he doesn’t move but you run upstairs, heels in your hand. You close the bedroom door behind you, tears threatening to fall down from your eyes but you blink them back, releasing your hair from the bun, you massage your scalp, take a quick shower and change into a comfy shirt and cotton shorts. You were about to apply lotion on your face when the bedroom door fly opens, hitting the wall at the impact, you jump, the lotion bottle falling on the ground.
“YOU ARE WRONG I AM NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING AND I WILL NOT MISS YOUR STUPID COFFEE!” Jungkook screams at the top of his lungs, eyes frantic and now wet.
“Okay Jungkook please calm down you`ll hurt your throat” you say picking up the lotion bottle.
“Why are you even in my room huh? You want to leave so bad but you`re still in OUR room?” He chuckles bitterly.
“Um…yeah you`re right, I`m sorry” you were on the verge of tears so you walk towards the door before he notices, when you were near the door you hear it slam shut on your face, the next you are turned around and pressed against it.
“No please don’t go, don’t leave please.” Jungkook hugs you tightly, his head in the crook of your neck.
“Ssshh” you rub his nape as he sniffles into your neck. After five minutes he breaks the hug, doe eyes red, pretty eyelashes wet with tears. You hear your phone ring, he turns to grab it for you from the dresser, he looks at the screen and chuckles bitterly, eyes hardening.
“It all started when you met this asshole, isn’t it?” he turns the screen towards you, caller ID Yoongi was blaring.
“Jung…” you feel tears well up in your eyes.
“DON’T JUNGKOOK ME, DON’T YOU DARE!” he throws your phone against a wall, the device turning into a million little pieces at once.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? WHY ARE YOU SO CONFUSING?” you scream back at him, your patience wearing thin.
“My problem? So nice of you ask, MY PROBLEM IS THAT MY FUCKING WIFE IS LEAVING ME FOR HER FORMER FLING THAT`S MY FUCKING PROBLEM Y/N” he takes a step towards you.
“I…” he softens.
“You never cared about this marriage or for me more than a business partner then why are you making me the bad guy here?” you cry uncontrollably now.
“You want to tell the world I cheated on you, so you get all the sympathies” you sniffle.
“No Y/N I would never do that” he encases you in his arm, hand in your hair as you cry in his black button up.
“Then, why are you being like this?” your voice is mumbles against his chest.
“I`m…sorry I`m so so sorry, I don’t know but since the day you told me about getting a divorce, I don’t feel good about anything, I feel confused and and…just lost.” He tightens his arms around you.
“But why? Isn’t this what you always wanted on our first night you told me that marriage is something you never wanted then why are you hurting yourself and me like this Jungkook? Look at you” you cup his cheek, and he leans into your touch, hand coming up to grab your wrist so you don’t move your hand.
“I know what I said, it was true at that time, but now I don’t know Y/N I really don’t know what`s happening I`ve never been like this before” he sighs, eyes still closed. “But the thought of you going away from my life makes it hard for me to breathe, I know it sounds crazy and it is but it`s the truth, I don’t know what to do when you tell me that we will be separated” his round eyes are wet again.
“Don’t do this Jungkook, not now please” you feel your bottom lip tremble.
“Please Y/N, can`t you give me a chance to treat you like you deserve, I`ve taken you and your presence for granted please let me make this right” Jungkook your cheeks with both of his hands, thumbs brushing the tears away.
“J-jungkook I don’t know if I`ll be able to survive if one day you wake up and decide, all of this, this second chance was a mistake.” You hiccup on tears.
“I`m not certain about anything in life Y/N but I`m sure about one thing…marrying you was not will not be a mistake. I`ve realized this now, I`ve realized how much you mean to me. It may not be love I don’t know what that feels like but it`s a start, a start for us…together.” He caresses your cheek, thumb rubbing the apple of the cheek.
“I`m so weak for your eyes you little shit, I guess I was just looking for an excuse, waiting for you call me back” you smile a little looking down at your feet.
“Is that a yes?” Jungkook hooks a finger under your chin making you look up at him.
“My answer is always a yes to you Kook, I don’t even know why but it just is” you blink at him and he beams for the first time that evening, nose scrunching, eyes turning into crescents in true Jungkook manner.
“Can I…kiss you?” he asks a little breathless gaze flickering to your lips.
“Yes please” you sigh already closing your eyes, Jungkook doesn’t waste a second and leans down pressing his lips to yours, the small peck soon turning deep when he tilts his head to go deeper, his tongue poking your lips to ask for a permission and you grant it, opening your mouth a little for his tongue to breach your lips, he sucked your tongue into his mouth and you let out a moan which made him smile against your lips. He was too much for you right now so back away, wiping the drool from the corner of your mouth. You look at Jungkook already looking at you, eyes turned dark, pouty lips wet and red, his black button up was a little scrunched and had a wet patch on the chest where you kept crying.
“You look so good right now, I can eat you so please go to sleep” Jungkook breathes, chest heaving his eyes locked on your lips.
“Then…do it” you whisper, avoiding eye contact, his doe eyes were not soft right now and you felt naked under his gaze.
“Don’t tempt me sweetheart” he groans, hand brushing back his hair in frustration.
“It was a genuine offer but hey it’s okay if you don’t want to, no pressure” you tease him turning on your heels you knew him enough to know he wanted it, smirking to yourself hoping he can`t see the horns growing out of your head.
“Hey wait wait” he leaps towards you back hugging you. “Trust me I`m dying to darling, but I don’t want you to think I`m…that…what I said was just my dick talking” his voice was low again and you deflate.
“I would never think that Jungkook, I trust you enough” you coo turning in his arms.
“I`m your wife right? You can do anything you want with me” you whisper in his ear holding him close, the night after the party one week ago, you had the faintest idea that Jungkook might have a wife kink and hearing him let out a low groan when you called yourself his wife proved you right.
“Do you want to fuck your wife hm bunny?” you massage his nape, he lets out a moan while nodding against your shoulder.
“Do you want to see her come on your fingers again baby?” you whisper in his ear and he whines. “Ye-ss I do” you start kissing the side of his neck, occasionally letting your tongue to lick at a soft spot making him flinch.
“Poor baby so tense and sorry, want me to take care of you hmm?” You make him look at you, his eyes were hooded, mouth agape as he nods his head rapidly.
“I will take care of you my dear husband, I will fuck you so good that you will never want to leave” you make him sit on the edge of the bed, kneeling in front of him, he watches you as you loosen his tie and unbutton his shirt.
“Is this okay?” you ask him. “Yes” he breathes leaning on his hands.
You start peppering his stomach with small kisses, his abs tensing at the contact of your soft lips, he lets out a loud moan when you reach his nipple, licking it you suck on it.
“Ahh Y/N please” he squeaks as you keep sucking on his sensitive bud. You push him back on the bed and get rid of your shirt, Jungkook looks at your naked chest, wanting to touch the soft flesh, knead them in his hands.
“I`m gonna ride your thigh okay?” you tell him with a new surge of confidence; you wiggle out of your shorts and unbuckle his belt, sliding the black pants down to his ankles. He reaches to grab your breast but you slap his hand away, he backs away with a flinch.
“Uh uh no touching, you`ve been so mean to me” you pout and straddle his thick thigh, rigid muscles tightening when your already drenched pussy slides on it. You let out a sigh when your clit rubs against his skin, the friction delicious.
“Please, wanna touch you” Jungkook whines, eyes locked on your pussy sliding up and down on his thigh.
“No” you felt evil for not letting him do what he wants, he looked so fucked out already, so needy and adorable. You ride his thigh with a little speed now. “Ohh ahh baby, your thigh feels so good”
“I can…make you feel even better, let me touch” he claws at the sheets on his side.
“Ahh, unnhghhh, gonna come ah” you go crazy on his thigh using it to chase your high, index and middle finger rubbing circles on your clit. Jungkook watches in awe, you looked so hot while using him for your own pleasure and his boxers were getting painfully tight at the sight of your breasts bouncing up and down with you. You lean forward, hands pressed on his stomach as you come down from your high.
“Had your fun? Now it’s my turn” Jungkook's voice was no longer whiny and before you could even look up at his face he flips you over to the end of the bed, your back hits the soft mattress with a shriek.
“Not so sharp now huh honey” he hisses and bites down on your bottom lip, making you moan in pleasure. You see him grab his tie next to your head, hold both of your hands together, put the tie around them and tighten the knot just enough to bind your hands together.
”Sorry” you squeak.
“Oh baby it’s too late for that now” he chuckles darkly, while kissing on your chest, kneading a breast in his hand, biting and licking at the other, your hands ached to tangle themselves into his dark curls but the bind didn’t allow it. “Ahhh please Jungkook” you whine in frustration.
“So impatient, you should’ve thought about this when you were having fun on my thigh, not letting me touch. Such a cruel wife” he bites at your collarbone making you buck your hips into him.
“Now I`m gonna eat your little cunt and you`ll keep your eyes on me okay? will you be a good girl and do that for me?” He caresses your cheek, smiling when you nod. He trails his kisses from your Iips, down to your throat, both of your breasts and your stomach. You watch his every move with anticipation, veins vibrating with excitement. He licks over your labia and you squirm, hands tied in front of you. You sigh looking up at the ceiling. Jungkook bites down at your inner thigh.
“Hey eyes on me” he pouts and you giggle not being able to resist his cuteness even in this state.
You watch as he licks your clit, “Ohh yes” you breathe, spreading your legs, eyes threatening to roll back, he looks at you, eyes dark and hooded. His tongue goes down to your hole, licking into it.
“Ahh ummmm Jungkook” you moan, wanting to push him further into your pussy but the damned tie around your wrists was not letting you. You try to reach for his head anyways but he looks up.
“You want me to tie you to the bed?” he runs his middle finger over your folds.
”Mmmm” you let out a muffled sound.
“You would like that wouldn’t you dirty girl?” he smirks, easing two fingers into you.
“We have our whole life to try out all your dirty fantasies baby, let`s not rush hm?” he coos, pumping his fingers into you making you a moaning mess. He gets back to your pussy, licking again while pumping his fingers into your hole.
“J-jungkook I… fuck…coming” you convulse.
“On my tongue” he says looking up before diving back deeper into your pussy, gathering your arousal on his long tongue.
“Ahh ahh shhittt ohh” you release all over his tongue while he licks you to the verge of over stimulation.
“Ah hurts” you cry.
“Sorry gorgeous, but you taste so damn good, can`t beleive I`ve been missing out on this delicacy” he kisses your thighs, chin and lips still smothered in your arousal.
“Please” you sit up offering your tied hands to him and he unties the tie, rubbing soothingly on your irritated wrists.
“Let me make you feel good now” you get on your knees reaching for his boxers, they looked like a painful restraint now.
“I would love that but right now I want to be inside you please” He holds your hand on the band of his boxers.
“You can wake me up with the little sucky sucky though don’t worry” he winks at you and you slap his arm.
“Dork” you snort.
“Let`s see what you say when you`ll be crying on this dork`s cock” he pushes you back on the mattress adjusting the pillows under your head.
“Comfortable?” he smiles massaging your knee caps.
“Very” you grin, already on a high from your two orgasms. He slides down his boxers, and you see the glory of his stunning length, a little intimidating standing against his stomach, head weeping and angry.
“I don’t think I have condoms.” He says a little worried that you might back out.
“It`s okay, I take birth control for my period cramps” you smile, lacing your fingers with his. He lets out a relieved sigh.
“Thank God, I thought I was gonna get cock blocked again” he laughs and you snicker.
He leans in to kiss your lips, sweet and delicate, his hand going down to guide his cock to your entrance. When you feel the head going in, it feels foreign for sure, you gasp when he forces more of his length into your tight entrance. Both of your mouths open in a silent scream, you both let out a moan in unison when he is all the way in.
“How are you still so tight?” he grits his teeth looking down at where you two are connected, you just moan in response reaching for his shoulders to grab on to.
“Can I move? Please tell me to move ahh” Jungkook was losing himself, eyes shut tight, hands on either side of your head.
“M-ove please” You cry, eyes clouded with tears. He ruts his hips into you making you claw on his shoulders with a wail.
“Ssh it`ll feel good in a sec baby” he wipes the tears away from your face, and picks up his pace.
“Look at my pretty little wife taking my cock so well, your tiny pussy is made for this cock only baby” he grunts pace not slowing.
“MMmmhhhh Jungkook AHH!” you couldn’t help the sounds coming out of your mouth.
“So pretty, so perfect” he leans down to bite your chin.
“And all mine right? Tell me you`re mine and mine forever” he kisses your cheeks, still pounding into you.
“Yours...yours since day one” you breath out and feel him grin against your cheek.
“Wanna show you off to the world, wanna fuck you in front of that asshole” he bucks his hip a little harder at that.
“Ahh ohhh Baby, wan….ohshit….no one but you…only you” you say, tears falling down your eyes, head in the clouds.
“That`s right my pretty, that`s right” he encourages.
“I wanna be…with you too…always” he says looking into your eyes, hand massaging your temple.
“Hmmmm” you cry, head lolling back into the pillow. "Oh my god, you feel so good, so tight!!" He groans.
“Jungkook I`m…I`m close uhhhh” you cry, thank God you didn’t have any servants  working tonight or else it would be an embarrassing morning. Jungkook reaches his hand down and rubs tight circles on your already abused clit.
“Ahhhohhhhh yes yes yes fuck yes ahh” you wrap your arms around his neck as he brings you to your third orgasm, after exactly three thrusts you feel him shoot his hot arousal into you, crying into your neck."I got you, let go baby" you rub his back. Jungkook falls limp on you crushing you under his body.
“Hey I`m the one who had three orgasms sir” you brush the back of his head with a drunk smile.
“I`m sure I had the best one” he kisses your shoulder.
“I`m hungry” you say
“Well, I`ve something for you…” Jungkook starts with a smirk.
“No more of your stupid sex jokes please, sucky sucky was enough” you run your hand soothingly on his back.
“Hey!” he bites down on your shoulder and you both laugh.
“Let`s order fried chicken?” you say
“And beer?” he completes.
“Already going strong with this second chance baby” you kiss his cheek.
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thebangtancloud-blog · 6 days ago
When he's been distant- Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
"Jungkook..." He heard a soft voice call out to him. Looking up from his phone, he briefly caught your loving gaze before nodding, turning his attention back to the bright screen in front of him.
"I miss you," you whined, and he smiled softly at the way he could almost hear the pout in your voice.
"I'm right here," he chuckled.
"You're too far away," you complained from the opposite end of the couch. "Come closer to me."
A few hours ago, you showed up at Jungkook's place, uninvited, to say the least. He rarely came over to your home, and the last time he did, it was to pick up his headphones that he had forgotten. Despite meeting out for occasional lunches, and going over to spend time with him and the boys after practice, you barely got much time alone with him. And now that you did, he had his attention elsewhere.
"I'm playing a game babe," he responded, eyes not leaving his phone.
You huffed, looking down at your lap and pouting slightly. You wanted to sit glued to him, the way you used to before, you wanted to lean into him and relax into his embrace. You missed the feeling of his arms around you.
Jungkook wasn't a big fan of PDA. During the initial days of your relationship, he would constantly hug you and kiss your cheek, but upon getting easily embarrassed when the boys would tease him, he stopped and decided to save these acts of love and affection for when you two were alone, or at least had some sort of privacy.
You crawled over towards him, plopping down right next to his legs and laying your head on his stomach. Tilting your head up, you giggled at him. "Hi."
He looked down at you, grinning and lowering his hand to pat your head. "Hi."
When he turned back to his phone, you grumbled loudly, shaking his thigh impatiently. "Pay attention to meeeee," you whined, your voice dragging out.
"Give me a second, let me just finish this," he quickly sat up, pushing your hand off. He sat straight, now holding his phone in both his hands, elbows on his knees while his brows furrowed in concentration.
You stayed silent for a few moments before pushing yourself up as well, scooting a little closer to him. You wrapped an arm around his biceps, laying your head against him and waiting for him to finish.
His scent filled your nostrils, and you breathed in deeply, your body leaning closer into his warmth. It had been so long since you fallen asleep next to him, let alone share an intimate moment with the man of your dreams. He tried his best, and there was no denying that, but the past few weeks it felt like Jungkook seemed to find more and more things to do instead of spending quality time with his girlfriend.
You remembered how he sat down on the floor with you the last time he visited, eating the food that he brought along with him before lying down flat on his back, letting out a loud, melodramatic yawn. He vaguely recalled the day's events to you, before he turned on his side and fell asleep, right there on the floor. That night was the first time you began to notice the little differences.
Even though he was with you, his mind was somewhere else. Even though he spoke with you, his words were not directed to you. He only told you stories of the boys, his day at work, the new dance moves he'd learned and what not. What you did notice was that he never spoke about you. He didn't tell you how beautiful he thought you looked, he didn't ask you about your day, he never told you how much he missed you.
Your heart felt heavy that night when you realised it had been so long since he told you that he loved you. Despite everything, you lifted his head to place a pillow under it, leaning down to place a lingering kiss to his temple, telling him how much you loved him in a soft whisper.
Your thoughts had consumed you so much that you barely noticed your heavy eyelids beginning to droop. Just when you allowed yourself to fall into a sweet slumber, you felt Jungkook's arm shift from under you. He moved carefully, so as to not wake you up, slowly getting up from the couch. He placed your head behind, moving your hair away from your face and behind your ear. Slipping his phone into the pocket of his sweatpants, he stretched his arms above his head, a tiny squeak leaving his lips.
Before he could move away, you reached forward and grabbed his wrist, pulling him down onto you. He stumbled slightly, arms falling on either side of your head, pushing into the softness of the couch to hold himself up. His eyes widened in surprise, clearly not expecting you to be awake. You peered up at him, smiling softly.
"I said I missed you." You repeated your words from a while ago.
He gulped, looking down at you with unfocused eyes. The sun was beginning to set, and the room began to glow a beautiful shade of gold, a soft breeze from the windows making you feel light and happy. You found the atmosphere incredibly romantic and relaxing and your heart rate picked up, not wanting to lose this opportunity to get closer to Jungkook.
"And I said I was right here." He whispered, his voice unsteady.
"But you are too far away," you repeated again, your fingers reaching for the hem of his black T-shirt to pull him closer to you. His eyes closed for a moment, involuntarily leaning into you. Raising your arms further, you held the back of his head with your fingers, inching his head closer to yours.
Your lips brushed against his, a spark igniting within your chest before you heart him inhale sharply, his eyes opening in panic. His hands pushed himself up and he took a step away from the couch, blinking a few times and shoving his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants.
"Umm...I- I'll be right back." He stammered, walking into the kitchen. You sat back, confused and hurt, your cheeks still hot. You lifted your finger to trace the area where his lips touched you, the skin burning as if it was set on fire.
You stood up from the couch and followed Jungkook, watching him nervously pull out a bottle of cold water from the refrigerator, leaning against the counter while he quenched his thirst.
You took small steps towards him, stopping when you stood right in front of his muscular body. Crossing your arms across your chest, you took a minute to take in his appearance. His shoulders seemed to have broadened quite a bit, and the T-shirt that he wore fit just right against his toned body. His brown hair fell in gentle waves over his forehead, and you resisted the urge to run your fingers through them. It had been so long, was all you could think. You missed him terribly, yet what surprised you the most was the hesitance that was clearly visible in his eyes.
Normally, when the two of you would be alone, he would want to stay connected to you in some way or the other. He'd either hold your hand, or play with the material of your pants, or run his fingers over your skin, tracing various patterns onto them. He wouldn't give you a chance to ask you for a kiss, blessing you with the glorious softness of his lips when he pressed them against yours. He just knew what you wanted, what you needed, and he never kept you waiting.
But today was different. Yesterday was different. The past few weeks have been different. You could see him holding back, yet the efforts that he made to cover up his distance, to make it seem as though everything was normal didn't go unnoticed by you. And it made you feel hurt, you couldn't come up with a logical reasoning to explain his behavior.
He stood against the kitchen counter in front of you, his gorgeous brown orbs desperately searching for places to look at, so that he could avoid your gaze as you studied him.
"Jungkook?" He looked up instantly, large doe eyes making your heart flutter. You took a step towards him, freezing instantly when you saw him visibly push himself back against the counter, away from you. Your breath caught in your throat.
"Am I making you uncomfortable?" You spoke slowly, afraid of his response.
He shook his head after a moment of hesitation. A moment too long. You raised your hand, placing it gingerly on his forearm, swallowing down the pain when you felt his whole body tense under your touch. You let go of him, taking a few steps away from the man who seemed nothing but uncomfortable in your presence.
"Did I...did I do something wrong?" Your voice came out higher that you wanted it to, making it sound as though you were on the verge of tears. Which you definitely were.
He shook his head again, rubbing his sweaty palms against his pants. The last time he was this nervous around you was when he first met you, when he didn't know how to approach you, when he didn't know what to say. And it seemed as though he felt the exact same way in this moment.
"No no, you didn't." He tried to reassure you.
"Are you sure?" you pushed again.
"Yes." he answered quickly, too quickly.
You raised your eyebrows suspiciously, pointing towards his frame.
"Then why are you so nervous? The last time you were this nervous was when we first met. Are you falling in love with me all over again?" you joked, a bland chuckle leaving his lips at your comment.
"No, it's not that."
"You're not falling in love with me?" you teased, yet the fear that laced your words made you feel sick to the stomach. "Do you not love me?" The words left your mouth before you could think rationally, your mouth going dry once your ears heard yourself speak.
He blinked. Once, twice. His eyes twitched as if he had woken up from a daydream, his mouth opening to speak, but closing after a moment when he couldn't find the words.
Your heart nearly stopped, eyes widening ever so slightly. They immediately welled up with tears, yet you fought hard to hold them back. "You don't love me anymore?" a whisper of disbelief was all you could manage to produce.
"I do, I do," he stumbled over his words, hands reaching out for you, but stopping in mid-air, his fingers curling into a fist.
'Why is he holding back?' you heard the cry of your heart.
"I did something wrong didn't I?" He winced at the pain evident on your face, shaking his head in denial.
"You didn't, please stop sayin-"
"Then tell me what's wrong!" You exploded with a guttural cry, a single tear escaping the corner of your eye and falling onto the floor. His eyes followed the path, staring at the wet spot as his heart began to thump against his chest.
"Nothing is wrong." Wow. Jungkook mentally facepalmed at how unbelievable he sounded.
You groaned in frustration, turning around and balling your fists, rubbing them vigorously against your tear-filled eyes. You felt so weak, crying made you feel so weak. Yet what hurt you the most was that you were feeling the weakest you've ever felt in front of the man who had always been your strength.
"How can you say 'nothing is wrong' Jungkook? I'm not blind, you know? I've seen the way you subtly brush me off, only inviting me over when we have company. You never even come home! I don't even remember the last time you held me, the last time you kissed me. And it's been so long since you told me that you-" you stopped yourself, your palm flying to your chest in a failed attempt to control your emotions. You didn't want to complete your sentence, considering the way he hesitated to answer you when you asked him if he still loved you. The colour from your face drained at the realization.
"You don't even love me anymore." you finished, mustering up the courage to look him dead in the eyes.
"(Y/n)!" he gasped, reaching you in a single stride and grasping your face in his large palms. "How can you say that?" he whispered, eyes glassy with tears.
"I think you've fallen out of love with me." you stated, inhaling sharply when he pulled you into him, your chin hitting his shoulder.
"Don't you dare," he warned. "Don't you dare say that again."
"Then why?" you cried, grabbing fistfuls of his T-shirt and sobbing softly into the curve of his collarbone. "Why have you been so distant? Did you find someone else? Did you get enough of me already?"
His hissed, pulling you away and shaking you by your shoulders.
"Stop, stop it okay?" he tried to appear stern, yet his voice sounded more desperate and pained.
Your head dropped down, hands raising to cover your eyes as you broke down. "I've missed you so much, and I feel like you haven't missed me at all." You mumbled, voice muffled by your tears and rapid gasps for air.
"(Y/n)..." he sighed, pulling you towards him again, a little softly this time. You raised your fist to strike his back.
"Stop calling me that! You used to never call me by my name. It used to be 'baby' and 'Jagiya'," you whined, hitting him again when you heard him chuckle softly into your hair.
"I'm sorry Jagiya," he tightened his grip around you.
"Let's go and sit, we can talk about this okay?" He tried to walk you two out of the kitchen with you still in his arms, but you shrugged him off, reaching for his hands and looking up into his eyes with a wide and expectant look.
"Have you not missed me?" you inquired. "You didn't even want to kiss me. I can't believe you." you pouted.
"I wanted to, I just-" he ran his fingers through his hair, shutting his eyes as he tried to gather his thoughts.
"Let's sit and talk." he decided, grabbing your wrist and pulling you into the lounge before you could stop him. He made you sit on the couch, taking his righteous place right next to you, turning to face you while holding your hands in his. He let out a shaky breath and looked up at you, his eyes filled with unshed tears.
"I have missed you so, so much." He began, his thumb carressing your skin carefully. He searched your eyes, desperate to make sure you knew he was being genuine.
"I'm sorry I made you think otherwise, I just-" he coughed, trying to cover up the sob that was pleading to escape his lips. He cleared his throat and looked away, lips trembling.
"I've been so, I don't's just-" he struggled, turning his head towards lap to hide his face from you.
"Jungkook..." You whispered to make him look at you, leaning closer to wrap your arms around his shoulders. He melted into your embrace, his fingers slipping into the belt loops of your pant. He exhaled loudly, the tears that he managed to keep at bay finally flowing freely. Only he knew how much he missed you, how much he wanted to lay in your arms and just escape from all the troubles that he fought with everyday.
His shoulders were heavy with burdens that he faced alone, burdens that he didn't let you know about. It dawned on him in that moment just how difficult it was to keep it away from you, when you were right there, by his side. He felt guilty to let you even come to the conclusion that he didn't love you anymore. In that moment when you questioned him, he was simply shocked beyond measure, and couldn't bring his mind around the fact that you had really asked him such an absurd question. But then again, he himself knew how long it had been since he told you, since he showed you, just how much he loved you.
"I've been feeling so insecure," he muttered through gritted teeth, chest heaving everytime a sob racked through his body.
"Why baby?" You spoke gently, rubbing your arms over his back in a comforting manner. There were tears flowing from your eyes as well, the feeling of Jungkook crying in your arms scaring you. You'd never seen him so weak, so vulnerable, so broken.
He shook his head and slipped one hand across your back, pulling you even closer to him.
"I can't believe I made you feel like I don't love you anymore. I love you, I love you so much it hurts," he cried into your shoulder.
A tiny smile grew on your lips, your heart melting at the words you had been dying to hear for so long.
"And I love you more."
He pulled back immediately, holding your face in his hands and intently studying your features.
"Do you believe me?" His words were so quiet, so fearful, so genuine. Tears were still escaping his eyes, rolling down his cheek and collecting near under his jaw. You reached up and wiped them away, letting your fingers linger on his skin as you spoke, "I do."
He nodded, almost as if he was reassuring himself that things would finally be okay again. He wanted to tell you everything, he wanted to let go of the weight he found too heavy to carry any longer. But he didn't know how, he didn't know where to begin.
He stayed quiet for a few minutes, occasionally running his fingers across your cheek, drawing circles on the material of your jeans, lacing his fingers with yours in a firm grip before repeating it all over again.
"I don't know where to start," he admitted, feeling ashamed. You caught his hand, squeezing it lightly, smiling up at him.
"It's okay. You don't need to say anything just yet." Your voice was soft, gently, careful, as if you were dealing with a new born baby, tending to his needs and making sure nothing would hurt him.
"I want to, I have to get this off of my chest. I can't carry this any more." He sighed, wiping away the last of his tears with the back of his hand. "No pressures, my love. Take your time."
He gazed up at your face, unable to understand how blessed he was. Despite how much he pushed you away, you were still here with him, comforting him. Jungkook made a promise to himself to never make you feel so dejected and lonely.
"I love you." He confessed, eyes glazing over with tears again.
"And I love you more." You confirmed, leaning forward to kiss the tip of his nose. He blinked a few times, deciding that he had held himself back long enough. Jungkook's fingers slipped into your hair, gripping your jaw with his palm and pulling your face towards him, leaning forward to meet your lips halfway. The suddenness of his movement caused him to only catch the side of your upper lip, pulling back and laughing softly. "Sorry,"
"Lack of practice?" You teased him, giggling under your breath.
He hummed in response, beaming down at you.
"Come here," he whispered, pulling you towards him again, this time his plump lips perfectly fitting into the dip of your own. He sighed softly when your hands snaked around his neck, leaning up on your knees to move closer into him. His heart fluttered when he heard a soft moan leave you mouth, tightening his grip on you. Yet, when he felt a pressure on his cheek, he pulled back in shock to see that you were crying softly into the kiss.
"Baby...don't cry, please." He begged, his eyes wide and innocent.
You shook your head and wiped your eyes. "I didn't mean to cry, it's just been so long since we've kissed," you laughed lightly.
He pouted, feeling the guilt increase within him. He kept you waiting too long.
"I will make it up to you." He promised, leaning forward in a swift motion to place a lingering kiss to your lips.
After a warm cup of coffee, Jungkook and you sat snuggled on the couch, his legs spread out and head resting on the armrest while you lay next to him, your arms wrapped around his stomach. He would often bend to kiss your hair, his fingers playing with the shirt that you were wearing. His fingers would occasionally slip under the fabric to carress the skin of your back, absentmindedly drawing circles and hearts over it.
This was your Jungkook. This was the man who you had fallen in love with. This was the man whom you missed so terribly. Words didn't have to be spoke while the two of you enjoyed in each others embrace. He held you close to his heart, all the worries of the world seemingly small in comparison to the peace he felt with you in his arms. And for you? You were on top of the world.
You didn't push him to talk about his distant behaviour, neither did you demand an explanation. You gave him his time, constantly letting him know through your touch that you were there.
Several hours passed, the sun had set and the only light in the room was from the kitchen, a dull glow just enough for you to make out the shadows of your lovers face. Neither of you were in a hurry to end the night, simply enjoying the happiness that you both had been deprived of. Simply loving each other.
"(Y/n)?" He whispered quietly, being careful not to startle you.
"Hmm?" You shifted in his arms, moving your head up to face him.
"I love you." His serious tone made you giggle.
"I love you more."
"And I love you the most." He responded quickly.
You snuggled your nose into his neck, smiling happily. You raised your hand to his biceps, rubbing your thumb gently across his skin.
"I'm ashamed to tell you why I behaved the way I did." He admitted, his voice wavering.
You frowned, pushing yourself up so that your arms rested on his chest, giving you a better view of his face. "Why baby?"
His eyes travelled to the window, fixing his gaze on the moon, taking in a deep breath in an attempt to collect and segregate his thoughts.
"A few weeks ago, when the boys and me were practicing, I was fooling around with Jimin. We were acting like kids basically, but Hoseok hyung kept getting irritated that we were not being serious. To get me to stop, he told me something about you." He tried to explaining, and you could see his eyes gloss over with tears. You felt a pinch in your heart, raising your hand to gently touch the skin under his eyes.
"He said- he told me that...he told me that he couldn't understand how you fell in love with someone so immature." Jungkook's voice cracked slightly. You gasped, your eyes widening in surprise. "Why would he-" he cut you off with a shake of his head, patting your hip slightly.
"Let me complete."
"Okay," you frowned, lowering your head to lay it against his shoulder.
"It didn't really affect me that much initially, but then Jin hyung cracked a joke after that, something along the lines of you needing someone more mature like Namjoon hyung. Everyone laughed along to the joke, and I did too. But for some reason I felt so insecure when he said that." He pouted, pulling you closer to him, placing his cheek flat against the top of your head.
"That night when I came to your place, you were talking to Namjoon hyung about something weirdly philosophical, you were so serious about it and Namjoon hyung seemed to know everything about what you were saying. I was really upset that I didn't know anything about something you were so passionate about," Jungkook sighed.
"...when I sat down to think about it, I was somewhat convinced that you deserved someone better, someone more mature than me. I thought you'd eventually realise that too, and that thought broke my heart. Everytime I spent time with you, there was this nudging pain in my gut, the guilt that I couldn't be what you needed me to be. So I started spending lesser time with you. It hurt me so much, I wanted nothing more than to jump on you and kiss the hell out of you." He giggled softly, twisting his head to kiss your lips.
"I'm sorry Jagiya. I shouldn't have done what I did. I never saw how much it was affecting you, how much it was hurting you as well. Without even knowing, I deprived you of so much of love that you deserved to be showered with every single moment." A tear escaped his right eye and your hand flew up to catch it in time.
You moved up a little to kiss the side of his eye, letting your lips linger there. You began to kiss every inch of his face, lacing your fingers with his and bringing it up to your mouth, kissing each of his knuckles, his fingertips and then his palm, moving it to place it against your cheek.
"Namjoon may be smart, he may have known what I was talking about. But only you know how to love me the way I need to be loved Kookie. Only you know how to make my heart skip a beat, and only you can satisfy me. Only you can kiss me just right, your hands are the only hands that fit with mine like a puzzle piece. You're also the only one that I want to love." Your words were gentle, soft, loving.
He began to cry softly, covering his eyes with his hand. "I'm sorry."
"It's okay baby, we're fine now. It's all fine now. Don't dwell on it." You hugged him close to you, your heart swelling at the way he opened up to you. He nodded, sitting up with you in his arms. You moved your legs so that you were sitting on his lap, your thighs on either side of his. He burried his head into your neck, his lips brushing across your skin, your breath hitching at the contact.
"I love you so much." He mumbled. "I'm never letting you go, never." Jungkook promised you, his voice quiet and afraid.
"I know baby, I love you more."
He pulled away, holding your face in his hands, his lips pursed into a pout.
"Let me love you more." His big doe eyes were pleading with yours. You giggled again, holding his face the same way he did.
Tumblr media
This turned out to be way longer than I thought it would! Do you guys have any requests? Send them to me, I'll try my best to write one for you!!
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ladyartemesia · 11 months ago
The Mark of Yun-Ki
Tumblr media
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Hybrid/ABO AU  • Royalty AU • Fantasy AU • Daechwita AU
Summary: For a thousand years the tiger god Yun-Ki has marked the heirs of the Min Empire and thus only a marked heir can inherit the throne. When the beautiful daughter of the Min Emperor’s loyal warlord rescues a mysterious tiger hybrid from the imperial prison, she unleashes a secret that the throne would kill to protect. The young emperor claims to be the chosen heir... but who really bears the Mark of Yun-Ki?
Word Count: 8600
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: ABO/Hybrid sexual dynamics and mating, claiming/marking/biting, explicit sexual content, impreg, a brief mention of slavery, rut/heat sex
Content Notes: All flashback scenes are in italics. In this universe, being a hybrid has a distinctly spiritual/mystical connotation. 
Tumblr media
Acknowledgements: This story was not easy to write, but... in spite of the (or perhaps because of it) I have never been prouder of anything I have ever written. It was definitely a new type of challenge and it took multiple people who are extremely special to me to bring it to life. 
To @ppersonna (Lindy) and @taetaewonderland​ (Donna) ... You are truly beautiful souls. You encouraged me relentlessly, let me bounce ideas off of you, and continue to be such wonderful friends. You filled in the gap every time i doubted myself. You never let me think less of myself. I adore you. Thank you so very much. Truly.
To @lemonjoonah (Lemon) and @xjoonchildx ...You saved this story. I grew frustrated with it so many times and you never ceased to provide brilliant insight into JUST what I needed to add or take away to really bring this world to life. You are lovely friends and the time you spent helping me build (and rebuild) this story have made it truly sparkle. Thank you for your care and fabulous friendship.
To @underthejoon (Fal) ... You were a clear voice of wisdom and support when I began to face some significant challenges both online and in the real world. Your insight and advice have given me a much needed perspective time and again. Thank you for listening when I needed you. Thank you for supporting me when I struggled to write. And - most of all - thank you for you friendship. 
To my Angels in the BTS SMUT HUB... So many of you gave me ideas about this story and encouraged me to keep writing. When I really struggled, you sent me countless messages of support and love. You are truly my people and my heart is so full of affection for you. 
Tumblr media
“Why is he blindfolded?”
The guard beside you shifted uncomfortably. 
“The Emperor ordered that his eyes be covered at all times.”
Your gaze traveled covertly over your surroundings, assessing the dimly lit chamber with practiced disdain. 
“Leave us.” 
“My lady, I cannot-”
“Do you know who I am, soldier?”
Your voice slashed through the air like an icy whip. 
“Y-yes, my la-”
“Then you know it is unwise to displease my family.” One jeweled hand came to rest dramatically on your chest. “Your daughter is not yet fifteen would be such a pity to orphan one so young.”
The soldier bowed almost too quickly. 
“I will be outside, my lady-” he bowed again and again as he backed toward the door, “I meant no disrespect-”
It slammed shut. 
Then you were alone… save for the notorious prisoner bound and blindfolded in the cell before you. 
He was clearly aware of your presence, but made no move or sound of acknowledgement, not even when your footsteps brought you to the very edge of his enclosure. 
“Prisoner AG-D2... name unknown... crime unknown...” your hand travelled up to your hair to withdraw a long silver pin, “no date of birth, no date of arrest...”
The prisoner jerked suddenly when the sound of your pin tripping the cell’s iron lock reached his unnaturally sensitive ears. 
His nostrils flared as an almost familiar scent - buried beneath a decade of fury and fear - curled through him. 
“Who are you?” he demanded.
The words were more of a growl than a question, but the only answer he received was the sound of his cell door creaking open. 
“Why are you here?” he tried again. 
Lonely silence greeted his query and he wondered idly if you meant to intimidate him. 
It will take more than that, pet. 
“I am here to tell you a story...”
The prisoner barked out an empty laugh at your strange reply.
“I love a good story,” he whispered bitterly. The corner of your mouth twitched a bit at his spirit. 
His clothes were worn, but well cared for and the body beneath them was sleek and strong. 
Wrists bound together, eyes covered… but still every inch the proud warrior. 
This was not a man accustomed to being bound. 
“You were not raised like the rest of our people... The tales of our customs and our gods were - deliberately - never taught to you...But it is past time that you knew of them.”
He grinned, granting you a wicked flash of razor sharp fangs.
“Are all the Emperor’s prisoners tortured with fairytales?”
“Charming,” you snorted, dragging a small stool from the corner of his cell. The prisoner’s ears flicked curiously at the sound.
“Aren’t you afraid of me, storyteller? What if I’ve been imprisoned for devouring beautiful women like yourself?”
You shook your head in amusement as you settled onto the stool.
“Have you devoured many beautiful women then?”
“Oh absolutely-” his grin took on a decidedly sinful slant, “but I doubt that’s why I’m here.”
Strange fluttering erupted in your chest at his words.
You resolutely ignored it. 
“Then why are you here?”
The prisoner was silent as he considered whether or not to be honest with you... In the end, it didn’t really matter one way or the other. 
“I don’t know,” he whispered, “I was told the Emperor himself gave the order... I was never told why.”
Your fingernails dug painfully into the palm of your hand, but you offered no other outward reaction to his words.
“And what do you know of the current Min Emperor?”
“Not much... Stories say he is young and handsome with the temper of a demon… And his people endure it because he is the favorite of an ancient god.”
Your jaw clenched.
“That is correct. Our citizens are privileged to serve and obey the Emperor because the great tiger god Yun-Ki has chosen the House of Min as his sacred bloodline. It is believed that the Mins are descended from Yun-Ki himself...”
“How ironic,” the prisoner scoffed, “considering that the Mins despise hybrids. They claim we are the unnatural children of the spirit realm and the earth. Surely they would be ashamed to be the product of such… blasphemy.”
Feminine laughter filled the air. 
It had been so long since the bound man had heard anything so beautiful. The ache it stirred in him was nearly as foreign as the sound itself. 
“Yes it does seem rather hypocritical... especially in light of the events which bring me here.”
Your scent was stronger now. It tugged at the edges of his mind in broken pictures and flashes of sunshine. He knew it...
But he could not recognize it. 
Nor could he explain the heat it began to stir in him. 
“Yun-Ki’s chosen heir bears his sacred mark … Every child of the emperor’s seed is checked for it the moment they are born. And no concubine or wife of the emperor is ever so exalted as the one who produces a marked heir... except of course, the mother of our current emperor.”
The prisoner leaned forward, fascinated in spite of the strange circumstances.
“The dowager empress is widely revered. I may not know your fairytales, but a hybrid’s ears are better than most. My guards speak of her often.”
You nodded.
“The dowager is indeed very highly regarded… though she is not the emperor’s true mother.”
“Madam…” he shook his head. “What nonsense is this? And how could it possibly affect me?”
You chuckled softly and the small hairs on the back of his arms rose up in response. 
“Patience, prisoner, the truth I offer you is worth more than both our lives.”
“The fine jewelry I hear clinking around your neck is worth more than my life, lady,” he hissed. “Speak your peace and spare me these cryptic declarations.”
It took every ounce of self-control you possessed not to flick him right in his arrogant nose. 
“As you wish,” you replied tightly (and with heavily affected sweetness). “The story begins with our current emperor’s father. The old emperor was a man of warfare and when his spies discovered that the Prince of neighboring PyonKang planned to invade our territory, he marched his armies in and occupied the small kingdom without mercy…” You paused here significantly. “He even took the Prince’s sister as his war prize.”
The prisoner snorted. 
“Did he know what she was?” He smiled coldly. “The royals of PyongKang do not share your nation’s distaste for hybrids or the pleasures of mating with one-”
There was a sharp spike in your scent when he spoke the words; a darker - richer essence than the one he detected earlier, but this time he had no trouble identifying it. 
Blood churned chaotically beneath his skin, rushing to answer your body’s unspoken request. His mind clouded suddenly and for a moment…
He could almost taste you. 
This is dangerous. 
The fabric of your gown rustled as you shifted uncomfortably in your seat - driven to relieve some of the unexpected pressure in your core. 
“He did not know. The lady bore no hybrid indicators. So the emperor assumed - quite incorrectly - that she was not a hybrid.” 
“I’ve heard of such things…” he sighed, sifting through his memory till he found what he was looking for. “A physician I met in Eastern Wei discovered that some hybrids manifest internally. They retain the outer shell of a human, but their inner parts reveal the truth.” His head tilted as he recalled the old doctor’s exact words. “The face of man could hide the heart of a snake.”
You drew your lip between your teeth and nibbled it nervously. 
“You are correct. Except, in the case of the emperor’s war prize concubine, the face of a beautiful woman hid the heart of a tiger.”
The man before you scrambled to his feet in a move so sudden and unexpected, you nearly cried out. 
“You mean to tell me that the current Min Emperor is a tiger hybrid? Surely I would have heard of it. The world would have heard of it.”
You drew a deep breath - almost as if to brace yourself for the words you planned to speak.
The prisoner’s eyes were covered, but he could still make out shapes and shadows through the rough cloth. Your shadow seemed unnaturally still. When you spoke again, your tone was softer and the sound of it resonated deep within him like the bells of the old temple near his childhood home. 
“The princess of PyongKang became pregnant and gave birth to twin boys. The younger was strong and pale - gifted with the strange golden hair so many of the Min bloodline seem to possess. But his elder brother...”
Your hands opened and closed reflexively in your lap as you worked to calm your pounding pulse. 
“... The elder brother’s hybrid heritage was quite evident.”
You moved then, advancing slowly and carefully until you stood before the prisoner face to face. Your scent swelled erotically with every step until it wrapped around him like a velvet vice. The urge to lean into it - into you - was nearly unbearable. 
“One of the twins bore the tiger god’s mark... but not the one who sits on the throne now.”
Your hand stretched slowly toward the edge of the prisoner’s blindfold. 
“The old emperor executed his hybrid concubine immediately, yet even he was not bold enough to kill Yun-Ki’s chosen heir...”
Your fingers hovered a hairsbreadth from his skin. Once you touched him, everything would change. The truth you chased for eleven years would be within your grasp. 
“He sent the child to a poor family of fox hybrids who worked and lived on the estate of his most loyal warlord. The boy was never to know what he was… who he was...”
You could almost feel the moment he grasped the implication of your words. The subtle bond that always hummed strangely between you remained strong despite the years of separation. 
“The warlord had a daughter who loved to ride her horse near the lake.” Your voice trembled ever so slightly as you continued. “One day the horse was startled by a snake and it threw her into the water...”
A single tear wet his blindfold as the alluring tendrils of your scent merged chaotically with the treasured echoes in his mind. 
“Tiger hybrids hate the water,” you whispered, gently drawing the cloth up over his head, “but you dove in to save me anyways.”
Your lungs and throat burned from coughing out the water you swallowed, yet the pain was far preferable to the finality of drowning. The heavy fabric of your gown weighed you down as soon as your body crashed into the lake. 
Death reached for you, but the strange boy cradling you tightly to his chest had pulled you back before you were lost to its embrace.
“Little one, can you hear me?”
His eyes scanned frantically over your small drenched form for signs of serious injury, but you were completely distracted from your almost untimely end by the two feline ears twitching conspicuously amid the boy’s sodden curls. 
“You’re… You’re a cat!”
The boy’s jaw dropped open indignantly. 
“I’m a tiger hybrid! Not a cat.” He shook his head irritably. “Have you never seen a hybrid before?”
“I’ve only heard of hybrids. I’ve never really seen one-”
Your fingers itched to touch the soft fur of his ears and you stretched forward almost absently to do so till he lashed out and snatched your wandering hand. 
“What are you doing?!” 
“Oh… I was going you?” you murmured sheepishly, prompting an irritable growl from the boy. 
“Little One, you do not pet tigers.”
He stood to his feet abruptly, dumping you into a soggy heap in the process. It took considerable effort for you to pull yourself upright while wearing four layers of thoroughly soaked cloth, but you eventually managed to regain your bearings and scramble after him. 
“Wait! Come back please I EEP-” 
The water dripping off your dress made the grass rather slippery… Both legs flew out from under you and, for the second time in less than a minute, you found yourself flat on your back. 
After a few moments of gazing miserably into the sky, a familiar face hovered over yours. 
“What a strange girl you are, Little One.”
You grinned.
“What is your name, tiger?”
He sighed deeply and held his hand out to pull you up. 
“I’m Yoongi.”
“Hello, Yoongi.” You tried to manage a proper bow, but only ended up losing your balance again. Yoongi grabbed your sleeve just in time to prevent you from crashing face first at his feet. 
“You’re completely hopeless,” he chuckled, endeared in spite of himself. 
Then you smiled. 
It was a fierce, blinding thing and Yoongi became aware of a subtle yet profound shift deep within the recess of his soul; something his primal half recognized immediately, but his human mind could not begin to comprehend. 
“No one’s ever said that to me before, even though I know they all think it.”
“And why is that?”
You shrugged. 
“They are probably afraid of my father.”
Yoongi’s eyebrows raised in alarm. 
“You’re the warlord’s daughter?!”
“Yes,” you replied with all the haughtiness a ten-year old could muster, “and I’m quite used to getting what I want.”
Yoongi felt a grin tug at the corner of his mouth. You were such an adorable little brat. 
“And what is it you’re wanting now, Little One?”
You nibbled your lip for a moment, suddenly shy before the handsome hybrid boy whose beautiful feline eyes danced with unconcealed mirth. 
“I want you to be my friend.”
Thirteen years later, those same golden eyes locked with yours as a strangled sob bubbled up from the back of his throat. 
“Little One?” his face lit suddenly with pure joy “ it you?”
You surged toward him then, unable to hold back another moment. The impact sent you both crashing against the wall and down to the floor in a sobbing heap. 
Tears poured over the front of your dress from where his head was buried into your shoulder. 
“How did you find me?”
“I told you I would,” you laughed as you fumbled with the ropes around his hands.
“You were a twelve-year old girl. Forgive me if I wasn’t overflowing with confidence.”
“Your mistake.”
Yoongi grinned. 
“Still a brat I see.”
“Always,” you grunted, finally tugging his hands free.  
He wasted no time gathering you in his arms and you melted happily into him, letting his deep purr rumble up against your cheek as it had when he held you all those years ago. 
Suddenly he drew back, wrapping his hands around your shoulders to steady you in the wake of his withdrawal. 
“Why would you tell me such a preposterous lie before revealing yourself? You shouldn't even speak such things aloud. I have no idea why I’m here - let alone how you got to me but-”
Your finger pressed against his lips to silence him. 
“It may be preposterous, but the story I’ve told you is no lie,” you whispered, “and there is more - though it will not be easy to hear.”
Yoongi’s gaze wandered over your face again, drinking in every feature. You were such an awkward child, yet your fierce spirit made you beautiful to him even then. 
You were his best friend.
The woman in his arms, however, was a far cry from his childhood playmate. Your lush curves pressed against him in ways that were distinctly un-friendly. 
He cleared his throat, dragging his thoughts away from the temptation you presented.
“Tell me... please.”
“Yoongi...The mark of the tiger god is a slash from his claw - directly over the eye. It is a symbol of his influence on the vision and perspective of the emperor.”  
Yoongi’s fingers lifted to trace the long scar over his right eye almost absently. 
A scar he never remembered earning. 
“You cannot mean...”
He searched your features frantically for any hint of deception. But there was none.
“When your father lay on his deathbed, he called your brother to him and revealed the truth... Though I think the prince already suspected that his mark was not genuine. It was burned onto him as an infant. He uses make-up to make it appear smooth and dark like his father’s... like yours.”
Yoongi’s jaw clenched in fury as he gestured to the scar, “So this is why they came for me?! Why they dragged me away that day?!”
Your fingers tightened their hold on him as the terrible memory resurfaced. 
Two years after he fished you from the lake, Yoongi remained your constant companion. He was much taller than you now and, at fifteen, his form and face began to show hints of the man he would become. 
You however, had barely grown an inch and were still a harrowing challenge to your small army of exasperated caretakers, many of whom were profoundly relieved when you slipped away to cause mischief with your best friend. 
Yoongi was teaching you how to build a rabbit trap near the old temple ruins when a sound like thunder shook the ground beneath your feet.
“That’s strange…” he muttered, scanning the clear skies overhead, “it does not look like a storm-”
Your startled gasp cut him off abruptly and Yoongi turned to discover that the roar he had mistaken for thunder was actually the pounding of horse hooves galloping toward you both. 
“Get behind me!” he shouted, baring his teeth in a menacing snarl. 
But there were far too many of them. 
You had fought back - desperately holding on to his hand until one of soldiers struck you... and even then you chased the horses for near a mile screaming the same words over and over.
“I’ll find you, Yoongi! I’m coming! I promise I’ll find you! Yoongi!... Yoongi!”
“They were your brother’s soldiers. He ordered them to kill you... but they were also reluctant to harm the marked heir. So they sold you to a merchant guild in Eastern Wei and told your brother you were dead.”
Yoongi was silent for a long time, letting the truth of his birth settle within him. The pain in his chest grew till it was nearly palpable; so heavy and bitter he could almost touch it in the air around him.
“All this because I am a hybrid? My own family would murder me to keep my tainted blood a secret?”
“Technically, your brother is a hybrid as well. He has been careful thus far not to leave any concubine with child, lest the truth be revealed.”
Yoongi snorted.
“How will he sire an heir?”
“I believe he was working on a solution to that particular problem when he discovered that you were…less dead than he originally thought.”
“But… how? The merchants trained me as a warrior to protect their investments. I travelled and fought through most of Wei and Song… I did not return to Min territory till the day his men ambushed our shipment…” He shook his head incredulously. “At the time it seemed so strange; they left a hundred pounds of silver, and took only me.” 
You sighed. 
“One of the soldiers who kidnapped you from my father’s lands foolishly attempted to blackmail the Emperor with the revelation of your continued existence.”
“That is… shockingly stupid.”
“Indeed. Your brother stabbed him through the heart and tortured the others till they revealed your fate. After that... it was only a matter of time.”
You reached forward to brush a stray lock of hair from his face. Warm fingers suddenly closed over your hand, keeping it in place as Yoongi pressed his forehead to your palm. 
“...And how did you find me?” he asked softly, letting his lips graze the sensitive skin of your wrist. Your pulse scattered against his mouth, stirring a primal satisfaction deep within him. 
“I-... I searched for years, bribing and bullying my way to the truth of your identity. When I received word that the Emperor discovered your whereabouts and intended to kill you himself, I knew he would bring you here…” you grinned, “so I paid off half the prison for the privilege of your company.” 
Strange heat spiraled out from every place his skin met yours. You were starting to forget some very important information.
“We must leave soon. Money can only buy so much indulgence.”
Yoongi nodded and pulled you to your feet, brushing dust and hay from your skirt as you steadied yourself. 
“I have two horses waiting for us at the south entrance of the fortress. I’ve mapped out the best path- oh-”
You were almost to the door when his hand wrapped around your waist, drawing you to him till every inch of your back pressed against his chest.
“Someone is coming,” he hissed.
You barely found the presence of mind to nod. Your body was on fire. Yoongi’s grip tightened as the footsteps in the hall grew louder. 
You knew he would be handsome, (he and his brother looked so alike) but you were unprepared for the sheer magnetism a fully grown Yoongi possessed. He was mesmerizing even with his eyes covered and his hands bound.
With his body flush against your own, he was devastating. 
The door handle shook.
“Get behind me,” Yoongi growled.
And then something happened.
Something you were not expecting at all.
Claws sprang out from each of his fingertips. The sharp points of his fangs doubled in length.
His shoulders and jaw elongated and a chilling snarl split the air around you..
And for the briefest instant - it was as if the earth ceased to turn on its axis.
A spirit shifter. 
They were rare - beyond rare - not one in a hundred thousand hybrids had the gift. Legends and stories claimed that a chosen few possessed the ability to channel their qi directly into their animal spirit and embody it physically.
To witness a spirit shift was incredible in and of itself.
But when he shifted-
The door opened and the same guard you sent away earlier walked back through...
And promptly fell to his knees.
“Please Great Father, I have served you well all my days. Have mercy!”
Yoongi drew back in confusion and turned to you, but you were still in complete shock and in no position to explain -  so he was forced to improvise.
“I- I... shall of course be merciful.”
It took a moment to regain your senses, but it was immediately apparent that the poor guard had the same realization you did in light of Yoongi’s transformation.
“Sir,” your voice only shook a little when you found it again, “you will clear the passage to the South Gate immediately, and then you will go home, take your daughter and any coin you have and disappear.... Am I understood?”
“Yes,” the guard sobbed as he stumbled back blindly. 
Yoongi’s claws and fangs began to retract. There was the faintest sound of bone and sinew shifting as the rest of his body returned to normal.
“....Great Father?” he whispered. 
It was a strange, softly spoken question - one you yourself could not quite comprehend the answer to.
“Our people have countless… images...idols - paintings of tiger god Yun-Ki, the Great Father of our nation. They are in every house, every street… His face and form are everywhere. And you...- when you channeled your tiger spirit and shifted-” 
The words caught in your throat, you were almost afraid to speak them.
“Yoongi...You are his exact likeness.
Tumblr media
It was raining the day you and Yoongi discovered the old smuggler caves near the coastal border of your father’s estate.
A weak spot in the cavern roof had washed away and he’d fallen through…
“Yoongi! Merciful gods! Can you hear me!”
Yoongi groaned and shook himself to clear the shock of his sudden descent.
“I’m alright, Little One! Just-”  he hissed as another dull wave of pain twisted though his leg “- just a little sore.” 
“What can you see!”
Yoong smirked. Always the curious little tigress. 
His nose twitched as he inhaled stale air 
“I think it’s a...tunnel of some sort… but - there’s an old torch here.” His cat eyes shone eerily from the depths of the cave when he turned up to look at you. “Toss me your flint.”
Yoongi’s sight worked well in the dark, but yours was still hopelessly human. A few strikes of flint later, however, and the torch blazed to life, revealing long passages in either direction. 
“These are not natural formations,” he observed, running his hand along the obvious tool marks in the wall. 
“You mean someone dug them - like pirates?!” 
It was impossible to hide the thrill in your voice. Yoongi snorted.
A right proper little lady, you were.
“How will you find a husband if you only get excited about pirates and smuggler caves?”
“Why would I want a husband who didn’t get excited about pirates and smuggler caves? He’d be a wicked bore.”
“Listen I hate to shatter all your romantic daydreams, Little One, but most men are wicked bores, women too if I’m being honest,” his mind suddenly flashed back to the pretty young maid who kissed him and let him run his hands over her soft curves behind the stables last week “-though they certainly have their moments.”
He sighed and made his way back to the sink hole where you were poking your head down expectantly.
“I suppose you mean to jump down here then.”
You grinned.
“What a clever kitty.”
Yoongi’s eyes narrowed in disgust. 
“Call me a ‘clever kitty’ again and I’ll let the ground kiss your bratty arse.”
“Nonsense,” you laughed - jumping without hesitation into his waiting arms. “You’ll always catch me.”
He pulled you close when the weight of your body fell against his - just as he had a hundred times before - yet this time something felt… strangely different. The laughter and unshakeable trust in your gaze was suddenly enough to leave him breathless, and - for a moment... it was as if nothing existed beyond the feel of your warmth on his skin.
“Yes,’ he whispered, letting his hold on you tighten ever so slightly, “...always.” 
The network of tunnels and rooms hewn into the rock stretched for miles beneath the surface and it took months of mapping and marking for you to navigate them with ease.
Yoongi was not surprised that you brought him here…
It was your secret place; a haven where you played as children. 
His gaze lingered briefly on the feminine swells of your breast. 
You were not children anymore.
He cleared his throat, forcing his eyes away from your exquisite body to take in the space around him. 
The old caves were a bit... cozier than he remembered. 
There were food stores, a weapons cache of fine blades, two bedrooms, and even a library.
“You’ve been … busy,” he observed. 
“I knew I’d find you eventually...” You began to light the other oil lamps around the room, filling the previously dark cavern with a warm glow. “So I took the liberty of transforming it into a proper hideout.”
“It’s strange…” he murmured, meeting your gaze at last, “I spent so many nights wishing I was here - wishing I could see you just one more time… and now I am here - and you’re here,” his gaze drifted absently over your form once again, “yet I am at a loss for words.” 
But it was more than that...
Something had begun to stir in him, something dark and primal and he knew in his bones it was all to do with you. The longer he was in your presence - the longer he inhaled your scent - the more persistent it became. 
“How long have you been able to channel into a spirit shift?”
Yoongi chuckled.
“And there it is.”
“I think I’ve shown admirable restraint.”
“Far more than I would have guessed.”
Your mouth dropped open in mock indignation.
“Is this how you treat your beloved childhood friend and dashing rescuer?”
He grinned.
“Gods I missed you, Little One.” 
“Good,” you said. Then you raised your eyebrows expectantly and Yoongi smothered another laugh.”
It was comforting to know that some things would never change.
“I was ten the first time it happened. I didn’t know what it was. I was... frightened by it - so I didn’t tell anyone.” He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “I thought they’d say a demon had possessed me or some other nonsense. But - a few years after I was sold - I heard a storyteller speak of spirit shifting so I started to collect old scrolls about it and…” 
He shrugged nonchalantly and your jaw dropped.
“You taught yourself how to spirit shift?!”
“Are you impressed?”
You bit your lip, letting your eyes wander over the sharp planes of his jaw and the strong lines of corded muscle flexing beneath his thin cotton tunic. He was a wiry youth when the soldiers tore him from your arms, but he had returned as a man whose mere presence was enough to unravel you. 
Lazy heat slowly uncurled deep in your belly. You blushed and looked away, wondering at the bold turn of your thoughts. Yoongi continued to quietly take in his new accommodations until your voice broke the silence. 
“I’m sure you have many questions.”
“I do - though… I am not sure I want the answers.”
Your lips tilted in a playful smile. It was infinitely more lethal than one you frequently unleashed as a child, yet the warmth blooming in his chest was the same. 
“What happens now?” he whispered, drawing strength from the silent encouragement you offered. 
“That all depends on what you choose to do with your newfound freedom.”
Your fingers came up to unlace the ties of your cloak, sending a fresh wave of your fragrance in his direction. Every time he breathed it in, the high became stronger, more potent. His hands dug ruthlessly into the chair beneath him as you continued, oblivious to the havoc you were creating. 
“My father has quietly begun gathering supporters in your name. Years ago he was ordered to hide you, but he was never told why…” 
This is madness.
His body was beginning to ache. He struggled to make sense of your words through the thickening  a haze of tormented desire. It felt like the cruelest twist of fate. For years he longed to be close to you, but now he was - for the sake of his sanity - desperate to get as far away as possible. 
“... He began to suspect the truth the day we snuck into the wine cellar and I dared you to jump into his meditation pond.”
Yoongi winced, momentarily distracted by the memory. 
“You promised he was still on campaign! Imagine my surprise when the General Jung dragged me out of that wretched water by my neck scruff.”
The indignant look on his face was so endearing - so utterly Yoongi -
“I was clearly mistaken,” you managed to snort before laughter overwhelmed you both. 
The moment provided some much needed clarity.
Get a hold of yourself. Remember who she is - what she means to you...
What she has always meant to you. 
“No matter the circumstances of your first meeting, Father is devout in his allegiance to Yun-Ki. He credits his success in battle to his divine favor. He would never betray the true heir.”
Emotions too numerous and unpleasant to name swirled uneasily in Yoongi’s chest at your words. He felt each syllable burn heavily within him like molten lead. 
“But why risk this? A revolution means bloodshed - chaos. I have no desire to bring suffering to our people.”
Your gaze locked with his as he spoke - triggering a spike of awareness so sharp that he was forced to turn away… Whether to hide his own uncertainty or to escape your effect on him, he did not know.
“Your brother is running the country into the ground,” you whispered finally. “Our people are already suffering. He is not fit to be emperor. My father and many others believe you are the answer to our prayers.”
Yoongi was silent for a long time. 
“What if they’re wrong? What could I possibly know about ruling a nation? I was a shameful secret for my first fifteen years and a merchant slave for the last eleven - and now-” he faced you again with a bitter scoff,  “ I am nothing…”
Fury propelled you up out of the chair and across the room to him in seconds. 
“Those were circumstances thrust upon you through no fault of your own. They are not what you are.”
Your hand reached forward tentatively to trace his scar and he froze- letting the strange magic of your touch wash over him.
“You have been tested by these challenges again and again and you have prevailed… You wore the mark before your soul and body were one. The trials may have given you the strength to claim your throne, but you were born worthy of it.” 
Strong fingers wrapped around your wrist before you could pull away. Golden eyes locked with yours and your heart stuttered painfully in your chest as he pressed into your palm. 
Yoongi tried to ignore the fire kindling beneath his skin, even as his instincts raged to debauch you, he had pushed back. 
Until now. 
You were too close - the pull was too strong…  and he was helpless as one thought - one word overpowered his senses, burning the wavering threads of resistance in a blistering wave of desire. 
“Do you know why I did not recognize you at first -  in the prison?”
Your breath trembled as his mouth brushed across your pulse. 
“Th-the blindfold?”
He shook his head. 
“I would not need my eyes to see you. I knew the pattern of your scent better than I knew my own.”
Your tongue darted out to wet your lips and Yoongi growled, twisting your body till your back slammed against his chest. 
“Did you never wonder why you always lost at hide and seek?” 
The heat of his breath danced over the delicate shell of your ear, sending shivers down your spine. 
“I always assumed you were cheating.” 
Yoongi grinned wickedly. 
“The scent of a woman is deeper - richer - than the scent of a girl. It shifts and twists into something irresistible - something that lures her mate like a fly to a spider’s web.” His lips ran idly down the side of your neck. “If he breathes it in, he’ll never escape it.”
Every word he spoke curled through your senses like sips of the sweetest wine. Your eyes fluttered shut as an unfamiliar emptiness began to throb in your core. 
“Yoongi?” you whimpered. 
“The woman who walked into that cell did not smell like the impish hellion from my childhood.”  He nuzzled gently into your nape and inhaled with a decadent shudder. “She smelled like a temptress from my darkest fantasies.”
Then he nipped harshly at the base of your neck and you cried out - only to moan in artless pleasure when he soothed the hurt with his tongue. 
Many of the pinch-faced matrons your father forced to “mentor” you in lady-like behavior over the years had offered dire warnings regarding the dangers of allowing any man close enough to touch - but they never mentioned the hunger; the aching need that shot through you at the slightest contact- 
Perhaps the matrons were right all along…
Desire drenched the soft folds of your womanhood in a slippery heat. Yoongi’s arms wrapped around your body; the warmth of his chest spread across your shoulders - and it all felt perfectly - deliciously - dangerous. 
To resist was pointless.
You had always belonged to him. 
A hand came up to grip your jaw, titling it so your lips were almost against his. For a moment his gaze simply traced over the contours of your face while his breath mingled intimately with yours. 
“You’re so beautiful, Little One.”
He spoke it softly and with such conviction, almost like a prayer. 
Merciful gods. 
You would give this man anything he asked for. 
Yoongi lowered his forehead gently against yours in another attempt to calm the frenzied need pumping through his system. 
“You don’t know what you’ve done to me,” he groaned, “what you’re still doing to me.”
“What have I done?”
Your voice was so innocent, so adorably confused, yet the sound of it only drove him closer to oblivion. 
“You’ve triggered my rut, you terrible brat,” he snarled. 
“I - I don’t understand-,” you stuttered. 
“It means that all I want - all I can think about - is parting your sweet thighs and burying myself here-” his hand snapped forward to cup you directly through your dress and you gasped as a sharp bolt of pleasure tore through you, “in this rebellious little cunt.”
The sensation was merciless - almost brutal - in its intensity; a heavenly sort of hell that found you grasping his wrist and grinding into his palm for relief. 
“Yoongi,” you whimpered, melting against him helplessly. For one glorious instant you felt his fingers move in tandem with you body-
Then he wrenched himself away with a furious growl and you nearly wept in frustration. 
“Run,” he hissed. 
He was on the other side of the room now, hands gripping into the small writing table with such force that you could hear the wood begin to splinter. 
“I have a minute of clarity left - maybe less. You have to go - take the horses-”
“But-” you started forward and he snarled, baring his teeth in a manner that would have terrified anyone else.
“Now, woman!”
Your jaw clenched and Yoongi almost laughed. 
Ever the stubborn little tigress.  
“Please,” he whispered desperately. 
A flash of hurt shone in your eyes for a split second before you closed them, dropping your head in defeat. 
“...Will you let him have me as well as your throne then?” 
Yoongi froze.
“What... did you just say?” 
Each word was spoken carefully in a tone you had never heard from him before. Golden fire flashed dangerously in his gaze. 
“Your brother has sent me an official proposal of marriage, offering to make me the empress in exchange for my father's loyalty.” You drew a deep breath and met his gaze again with quiet determination. “He suspects that our family is aware of his secret… I believe he intends to present the first non-hybrid child I bear him as the true heir.”
The words hung suspended in the air between you for the space of a single moment and then-
You were hoisted up against a wall with Yoongi’s mouth crushed ruthlessly into your own. 
“Never,” he growled, dragging his teeth down over your jaw. “You will never belong to him.”
His claws sliced into the fabric of your gown - tearing it from your body like damp paper till you were clad in nothing but a thin linen underslip. The heavy scent of your arousal flooded his senses, further inflaming his need. 
“You are mine.” 
“Yes - gods yes,” you breathed, latching onto his shoulders as he ravished your neck. Your body burned with want and his touch was the only balm. 
Yoongi’s hands gripped into the soft flesh of your thighs, wrapping them around his waist as he hauled you over to a small cot in the corner of the room. His mouth latched on to your nipple and he sucked it noisily right through the cloth till it clung wet and transparent against your breast. 
Your fingers curled into his hair, tugging and coaxing him in mindless delight. You wanted him everywhere, needed to feel his skin against yours. Eleven years of desperate longing poured out of your body in broken moans as his hands explored you with bold intent. 
“Please,” you begged, clawing at the ties of his tunic till it fell away from him entirely.
His was magnificent, all sleek lines and defined muscle, reminiscent of his feline nature. A collection of wicked looking scars marked his light golden skin and your heart broke anew for the boy who endured such savagery. 
“Don’t look so sad, Little One,” he purred, licking into your mouth, “they are my trophies.” 
“And am I your prize?” you whispered, untying his pants while he palmed your breasts greedily.
“Nothing so trivial.” He drew the shell of your ear in between his teeth. “You are the sword my hand,” his fingers fisted into the last scrap of fabric separating your body from his and rent it in half, “the arrow in my bow...” 
You gasped when he gripped the curve of your backside and ground your aching core against his thigh.
“The only goddess I ever prayed to.”
The delicious friction arched your body into his like a marionette. His chest rumbled in satisfaction as he pressed you back into the blankets to mouth a line of red marks down over your chest and torso till he reached your sopping center. 
“What a pretty little hole,” he murmured, inhaling deeply. His finger brushed over your swollen flesh and you whimpered, clenching desperately around nothing. 
You were near delirious with a want you didn’t fully comprehend, craving a fulfillment you had never experienced and could not find the words to ask for. 
But Yoongi understood the fire clawing through your body, even if you did not. 
“Does it ache, Little One?” he crooned, letting his lips skim your entrance with each word. “So wet and empty…” 
Then he pressed a lewd open-mouthed kiss over your trembling mound and you nearly fell apart right there. 
“Such a needy pussy,” he sighed, plunging his tongue deeper into the recess of your body till you were writhing uncontrollably. 
You were wholly unfamiliar (and frankly surprised) by this wickedly intimate act, but the bold heat of his gaze latching on to yours as he feasted on the sweetness between your legs was instantly addictive. Your head fell back in mindless pleasure as you rode his mouth with wanton desperation.  
It was filthy - scandalous - 
Gods, you never wanted it to end. 
Another messy wave of arousal bloomed from your core and Yoongi felt himself grow painfully harder in response. 
The beast in him raged to simply claim you - to ram your virgin pussy down over his cock till your belly was swollen with his seed, yet even as the demands of his rut became nearly unbearable, he fought to hold back. 
You had waited eleven years for him to be your first - your only. Unless he took care to stretch you beforehand, it would hurt. 
But heavens help him you smelled so good and you tasted even better. 
He would not last much longer. 
Your eyes flew open as Yoongi slid two fingers into your wet channel. It burned a little at first, but when they curved into a spot you didn’t even know existed, you threw your head back and screamed. 
Yoongi bore down on your thighs to keep them in place as he suckled your clit and worked his fingers in your soaked cunt. A foreign tightness pooled deliciously in your belly until he abruptly withdrew and you whined pitifully at the loss. 
“No- no please - I need-”
But you were cut off when Yoongi flipped you on your stomach and yanked your hips up -  propping you on your knees with your face pressed into the mattress. 
“I know what you need, Little One,” he panted, driving his fingers back into your heat from a new angle that felt even deeper. 
“Yoongi,” his name poured out of you repeatedly as you gripped into the sheets and sobbed in delight. 
“This pretty little cunt is mine,” he hissed, smacking his hand down on your ass to drive home his point. 
“Your pleasure is mine.” His thumb rubbed over your sensitive nub with renewed intent as the wet sounds of your desire echoed through the chamber. Then his fingers pulled back again - only to be replaced by the hard length of his cock sliding through your folds to coat itself in slick. 
“Your child will be the true heir,” Yoongi pressed the thick tip of his shaft to your entrance, “because it will be mine.” 
Then he surged forward, burying himself to the hilt in one exquisite thrust. 
Pain and euphoria shot through your system in equal parts as Yoongi pulled out and slammed in again, setting a punishing pace right from the start. 
“Oh my gods,” he gasped, throwing his head back in primal abandon as your walls clamped around him, “-so tight.” 
Your body submitted wantonly to his onslaught. Yes, there was pain, but there was also so much pleasure - you could no longer separate one from the other. 
You wanted all of it; everything he could give you.
His hands gripped your hips as he pounded into you. The sounds your mouth and pussy made were gloriously obscene; a raunchy chorus of wet smacks and lewd wails that he would close his eyes and savor if he wasn’t utterly mesmerized by the sight of his hardness ramming into your greedy hole again and again. 
“That’s it, Little One, you take me so well.” 
Yoongi pulled you back against his chest with your body still fully impaled on his cock. You barely had time to process the change before he began thrusting into you from a new angle, leaning forward to taste your mouth once more. His hand lightly gripped your neck while he kissed you - savoring each soft whimper against his lips. 
The warmth of him behind you - around you - was intoxicating. He was unnaturally strong and he ravished your willing body like an animal, yet you had never felt more safe - more cared for…
More complete. 
His free hand came up to squeeze and smack your breasts while he whispered pretty, dirty praises against your skin. 
“Look at you, Little One,” he panted, “falling apart like this on my cock.”
Teeth began to scrape significantly at the apex of your neck and shoulder and something hot and wonderful bloomed in your chest. That area was sacred to hybrids and he kept coming back to it. 
You unconsciously clenched tighter around him and he hissed in pleasure. 
“What would your father say if he knew, huh?” 
His hand shot down to smack your clit and you gasped. 
“If he knew you let a beast like me have you -  that you opened your legs and let me fill this fertile pussy?”
The pace of his thrusts increased and you found yourself hurtling closer toward that elusive razor sharp edge. You were going to break apart and there would be no putting you back together. 
“Will Daddy still support me when he finds out what I’ve done to his precious little girl?” Yoongi growled in your ear. 
“Yoongi please I’m - ahhh AH - please-”
Gods you were so close.
“They’ll all know,” he vowed. “When you’re swollen and heavy with my cubs - then your father, my brother - any man or woman who looks on you will know that you’re mine.”
“Yes! Yoongi-” 
“You want that, Little One? You want me to breed you?”
You nodded furiously and Yoongi slapped your tits sharply. 
“Then say it,” he snarled. 
“Breed me, Min Yoongi!” you begged, using his true name for the first time in his life. “Show them all who I belong to.”
A gutteral roar filled the cavern as Yoongi tangled his fingers in your hair and yanked your neck back, exposing the glistening column of your throat and shoulder to his fiery golden gaze. 
“So be it,” he swore, licking a long stripe over your neck as you shivered in anticipation.”
You knew the ritual; the final step in a claiming, when you would bind together, heart, body and soul. 
“I will be your mate,” his lips dragged over your skin one final time, “ and you will be my empress.” 
The moment his fangs pierced your skin you shattered, clamping down on him like a vice. Yoongi followed soon after, flooding your womb with his seed as he called your name into the night. 
Tumblr media
The next few hours were the most intimate of your life... 
Yoongi whispered soft words of adoration across your skin as he gently cleaned you with his mouth and the rags you stored in the cave. 
You had never felt so utterly wonderful. 
Or so completely spent. 
Exhaustion pulled you into a heavy slumber and you awoke sometime later to Yoongi licking tenderly at the claiming mark on your neck. 
“Does it hurt?” he asked after you hummed and burrowed deeper into his arms. 
“No… it’s just sensitive…”
Comfortable silence stretched between you for several minutes before Yoongi spoke. 
“You know,” he coughed sheepishly, “when I imagined meeting you again, I can’t say this is how I saw it playing out.”
“Oh? You didn’t predict that I would be irresistible and that you would have no choice but to succumb to my charms?” You grinned. “How incredibly short-sighted of you.”
Yoongi laughed and reached down to playfully swat your backside.
“Heavens no, you unspeakable little brat. You were still a child when we separated...” He sighed, letting his hand curl idly into your hair while he sifted through the memories. “As I grew older... I would often think of you - perhaps try to picture what you might look like - what you might be doing...”
The answer left your lips before you could stop it. 
“I was looking for you. I was always looking for you.” 
A familiar purr rumbled up from his chest and you pressed eagerly into the sound. 
“I did not foresee this either…” you whispered, “and yet… I am not surprised by it.” Your fingers wandered to trace mindless patterns accross his skin. “Is that strange?”
He shook his head. 
“Our bond was always there. The mark is simply a seal - a completion.” 
“Did you know all along, then?”
Yoongi was silent for several moments as he searched within himself for the answer. 
“I think… on some level I did. We were just so very young… But I was always drawn to you.” 
His hands drifted up to cup the sides of your face, letting his forehead rest against your own as he spoke.
“When they ripped you from my arms, I felt as if they had ripped away a piece of my soul.” He drew in a deep unsteady breath. “And now - for the first time in eleven years… I feel truly whole.” 
You kissed him then. 
It was not a fierce kiss of passion like the many you shared in the heat of your tempestuous lovemaking...
It was a soft brush of lips that offered sweetness and devotion in exchange for the bitterness of the past. Tears and quiet laughter echoed intimately between you as the years of separation and pain faded away... 
Until only one question remained. 
“...So what will you do now?”
Tumblr media
The stories spread from village to village like flood waters in a rising tide. 
Yun-Ki himself had come down from the heavens to reclaim his throne.
He rode at the head of a massive force with his heavily pregnant mate and the great warlord, General Jung, at his side. 
His numbers grew daily with no bloodshed as town upon town surrendered and welcomed him. 
After all…
Who would raise their hand against Yun-Ki?
The cheers of the people swelled to a deafening roar as he climbed the palace stairs, walking boldly past the imperial guards who fell to their knees in his wake. 
The man upon the throne rose with fear and fury in his eyes as the truth he fought so long to destroy finally stood before him... 
“Hello, Brother.”
Tumblr media
Endnote: Thank you so much for reading my story. If you enjoyed it even just a little bit, please tell me! I promise I treasure each word of feedback like gold. I worked so hard on it, but beautiful feedback is a priceless reward. 
Ask My Muse: Feel free to ask any of my characters from this work any questions you might have. Send in an ask to hear their side of the story!
Tumblr media
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thebangtancloud-blog · 11 days ago
You get into a dangerous situation after a serious argument- Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
"It's okay hyung, don't think about it so much. Just focus on the concert." Jimin tried to uplift Yoongi's spirits. He just shrugged and walked away from the rest of the group, his first balling up in anger.
The argument was inevitable, and the boys knew that. The days of irritation, the snarky remarks, the obvious looks of disgust on either ones faces, it all led to the major dispute between Yoongi and you.
For some reason, when Taehyung introduced you to the boys as a close 'non-celebrity' friend, clearly indicating that he didn't want the public knowing about you, there was a certain someone who seemed to dislike you from the very beginning. Greeting you with a blank face and a curt nod, Yoongi didn't even bother to share small talk between the two of you. You found that extremely strange and slightly hurtful, yet when you questioned Taehyung about it, he reassured you that Yoongi tends appear hard and emotionless towards strangers, asking you to wait patiently for his elder brother to come around and open up to you.
But that never happened.
Eventually Taehyung gave up trying to convince you, he himself getting frustrated at Yoongi's rude behavior. Yoongi never went out of the way to insult you, but he made it known to everyone that he clearly disliked you.
You tried to suppress it, swallowing down the tears whenever he would snicker under his breath every time you shared something, ignoring the way your heart dropped whenever he would abruptly get up and occupy himself with something when you would try to strike a conversation with him. You tried your best.
But you just couldn't take it anymore. The hurt slowly turned into anger, the pain turned into ego, and the comments that you shared turned more and more bitter.
The boys, being the sweethearts they were, always tried to keep you two apart to avoid awkward situation, making you feel at home whenever things got rough between the two of you.
Taehyung however, made his disapproval known to everyone, including Yoongi. He felt incredibly guilty that his friend was being treated this way, especially by one of his members. A huge argument took place between the two of them a few weeks ago, Taehyung spilling out his anger and trying his best to defend you, yet Yoongi had the last word by snapping calmly, making sure you were listening to him carefully when he said, "I just don't like her," while pointing a finger straight at your face. Taehyung would have blown up, if it wasn't for you pulling his hand back and assuring him that he didn't need to fight anymore.
But his comment still hurt you. It still made you cry, it made you wonder what was so bad about yourself that he hated you so passionately the way that he did. You concealed this pain too. You let it build up to the brim until the night of their concert.
Sensing the urge to let out your anger, you initially refused when the boys asked you to come to their concert, telling them that you didn't have a good feeling about it. But they still insisted, telling you that it was their last concert in Seoul, persuading you into being a part of their beautiful night. Taehyung pleaded with you as well, something rare ever since you and Yoongi were on each others blacklist. He never forced you to go anywhere where Yoongi would be, yet that night, Taehyung personally came up to you, asking you to come to their concert. So of course, you agreed.
You really shouldn't have, but you agreed.
For the majority of the argument, you kept silent, quietly listening to the insults that he hurled at you. He picked on everything, as if he knew exactly what made you feel insecure, as if he knew just the right points to touch and nerves to press. He made you feel so small, he made sure you understood how unlikable you were, and when he finally said something he really shouldn't have, it was as if a switch within you flipped.
You didn't even notice how fast your hand raised to slap him across his face, the stinging pins and needles on your fingertips telling you loud and clear, 'That's right, I just slapped him.'
The entire room fell eerily silent, yet what surprised you the most was the silence that came from the man you just slapped. He didn't say a word, his eyes were focused on the spot it landed on when his head snapped to the side. His fingers lay against the sore skin that you had attacked, letting out a shaky breath.
Taehyung said nothing as well, standing next to you, staring at his brother in disbelief. Initially, he wanted to be the one to deliver a punch when he heard Yoongi say, "You're not even a true friend to Taehyung! You're just using him." But he was completely taken aback when you beat him to it. Even though superficially Taehyung felt happy that you finally silenced the man who disrespected you so brutally, deep down, Taehyung couldn't help by feel a pinch to his heart when he looked at his hyung's face.
The mix of emotions occupied his mind to such an extent that he barely noticed you slip out of the room, the bang of the door seeming to bring everyone back to their senses.
After a long moment of an awkward silence, the voice of their leader guided them gently.
"Pull it together guys, we have a stadium full of our fans who have worked so hard to see us today. I know the timing was horrible, but let's put away this situation for the time being and focus on the task at hand." Wise words came out of Namjoon's mouth, something you had always looked up to.
Taehyung wordlessly walked towards a table, grabbing a cold bottle of water to calm himself down. He wanted to talk to his hyung, but he needed to speak with you first. Given the situation, he couldn't leave the arena and run after you, so he pulled his phone out to send you a text.
Taehyung: I'm so sorry that happened. Please come back, it's not safe for you to leave right now. Just text me back as soon as you see this.
Yoongi on the other hand, sat quietly on a small bench, hands still carressing the sore spot on his cheek. He knew he shouldn't have pushed you so far, he knew he said something that he shouldn't have. He felt deserving of the slap that he had received in front of everyone.
Suddenly he couldn't remember why he hated you so much. He tried hard to think, his thoughts wandering back to the initial days when he was introduced to you, yet he couldn't find a reason. He couldn't find anything against you, so why did he behave that way? He didn't know.
Shrugging it off, Jimin stayed near his hyung, keeping an eye out for him. Yoongi was usually good at handling such situations, but getting slapped in front of people he worked with was something he never had to deal with before. When they got the final call, everyone took their places, but Yoongi noticed that Taehyung had traded places with Hoseok, so that he was the furthest away from him. He sighed, pushing it to the back of his head. "I'll deal with this later."
The concert went on with ease, the boys dancing and singing their hearts out, never missing a moment to thank their fans for every single things they've been through together. Nevertheless, Jimin followed Taehyung wherever he went, while Hoseok did the same with Yoongi, making sure they were fine and occasionally placing a comforting hand on the others back.
Running off the stage, the staff members immediately surrounded the boys, wiping off their sweat and removing their jackets. Taehyung moved away swiftly and made a beeline towards the corner of the room again, pulling out his phone to see if you had replied. You hadn't.
He frowned in concern, his heart skipping a beat. Deep down the pit in his gut seemed to hurt him, telling him that something was wrong. He had no reason to believe so, but he felt uneasy.
Before he could place the bottle to his lips, his phone vibrated in his palm, startling him.
"(Y/n)? Where are you? Can you come back here? It's not safe out ther-" his words were cut off by a low voice on the other side of the phone. A voice that was too low to be yours. A voice that belonged to a male.
"Uh- I'm sorry. I picked up this phone. This lady, she's kind of, um...she passed out in the middle of the road. Thankfully I got to her in time, there was a bike that could've-" Taehyung felt his heart stop, his ears ringing.
"Taehyung-ah, what happened?" Jimin inquired, coming towards the younger boy after noticing the way his face paled.
"Is she okay?" Taehyung whispered into the phone.
"She's with me, I took her to the side-"
"I asked you if she is okay! Answer me!" Taehyung's voice boomed, the room falling silent instantly. The boys walked towards him, huddling around him. But Yoongi watched from a distance, his breath catching in his throat.
"I don't know! She hasn't woken up yet, I think she hit her head pretty hard." The boy struggled to speak, his voice cracking.
"Then call an ambulance you idiot! Where are you right now? Tell me!" He growled, getting impatient.
"I did, I called them, they'll be here soon. I'm near this- ugh! I don't know! I think you should just reach the hospital." The stranger gasped in exasperation, the line going dead a few seconds later. Taehyung moved the phone to his face, staring at it in disbelief.
"This idiot! He cut the phone!"
"Taehyung calm down and tell us what happened." Namjoon spoke up, grabbing onto his shoulders firmly.
"(Y/n), she passed out, on the road. The guy is so stupid, he can't take care of her. I need to go there right now. He said she might have hit her head too hard. She shouldn't have left, she-" Taehyung abruptly stopped, his head snapping towards Yoongi, who stood a few feet away with wide eyes.
"This is all because of you." He accused, hands trembling with anger.
"She's in danger because of you! If you didn't tell her all those horrible things, she wouldn't have left. She would've been safe!"
"Taehyung calm down-"
"NO!" He shouted, pushing away Jimin's hands that tried to hold him back. He began taking taking long strides towards Yoongi, stopping inches away from him, standing tall and towering over him.
"Hyung," he began, his voice dangerously low.
"If anything happens to her, I will never be able to forgive you." his voice shook with fear.
Yoongi remained silent, swallowing thickly. He didn't know what to do. He didn't particularly share a good relationship with you to be worried about you, but watching the younger boy tremble with concern and fear spoke volumes about how much you meant to him.
The guilt suddenly skyrocketed, he noticed. He suddenly wished he never told you those things before you left. He wished somebody had stopped you before you left. He wished you would be safe and well. And needless to say, he wished he never hated you.
Tumblr media
My first Yoongi imagine!!
This will include a part 2 for sure, which explains your side of the story, and of course a fluffy ending. Unless you guys want something else?
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smuttyassholes · 3 years ago
Take It
Tumblr media
Request: A Yoongi scenario where he comes out of the shower just when you enter the room and some really passionate hot sex happens. (Including a lot of fingering)
Rated : M
You were blindfolded, the only sound you could hear was how wet you were while Yoongi rapidly shoved his fingers in and out of you. Your hands that were tied to the bed were trying desperately to get free, but to no avail.
“Yo-Yoongi” You whined, he knew you loved touching him, but he loved seeing you so needy for him. He hummed in response, adding his thumb to the mix by placing it on your throbbing clit, causing you to jolt at the sudden feeling, your high coming close, but you knew better than to just let it happen.
“Hmm, are you close? You’re clenching.” You could practically see the smirk he had. “Do you get off on my fingers that bad?” He cooed. “I should’ve known. You always get so worked up over them.” He said, curling them to meet your sweet spot. “Tell me how much you love them, and you can cum.” He whispered, watching how you bit your lip.
“Fuck, I lo-”
“Y/n.” Yoongi said lightly shaking you and smirking down at you.
“Y’know, if I was that good last night, you could’ve just asked for another round.” He chuckled, watching as you stared at him in confusion, silently hoping he couldn’t read minds.
“You kept whining my name, flattering, really, but I’d prefer you to be awake when you say my name.” He winked, and you closed your eyes, trying to turn around, only to be stopped by his hand finding purchase on your bare waist. “What’d you dream about?” He bit his lip.
You swallowed thickly, laughing nervously. “Nothing, really.” You shook your head, focusing your eyes on the bridge of his nose so you weren’t looking him in the eye.
“Y/n” He chuckled, “If I trail my hand down between those pretty little thighs, and find out you’re lying, you’re in for a hell of a day, so you better fess up.” He said. “You know you’re a bad liar.”
“It was about you.” You blurted out.
“Well obviously.” He scoffed.
“Can you shut up? I’m trying to talk.” You bit back.
“Talk back again, see what happens.” His tone changed and you nodded.
“And your hands. Fingers specifically.” You looked away, and his hands moved to your hip, giving a gentle squeeze.
“What about my fingers.” He whispered.
“What else?” You grumbled, and he squeezed harder.
“I wanna hear you say it.”
“You were fingering me. While I was blindfolded. And tied to the bed. Lots of dirty talk.” You spoke in small sentences, but they seemed to suffice as Yoongi’s hold loosened.
“Was that so hard?” He cooed, and all you did was glare. “If you want that dream to come true, you better change that attitude.”
“How can I change it. You know I’m not good at expressing shit.” You grumbled, rolling over so you were facing opposite of him, feeling shy, but he only pulled you into him, moving your hair so he could press kisses on your neck.
“And you know I normally don’t ask.” He said between kisses “But it’s a dream, and you were whining and squirming in your sleep. Sorry, I’m not a mind reader.” He bit your neck, the same spot he bit the night before. “How about I make it up to you?” He whispered, his hand trailing over your thigh, to your inner thigh.
“Yes, please.” You sighed as his hands continued to linger on your inner thigh.
“Then spread your legs for me.” His breath fanning your ear, before he bit your lobe, his hands sliding to your slit, a finger running up and down, collecting your juices. “Must’ve been a nice dream. You’re nice and wet for me, like the good little slut you are.”
You whined as his fingers made contact with your clit every time his finger went up, but it wasn’t enough, so you bucked your hips into his hand.
“You can try all you want, but I’m not gonna listen to you. I’m in charge here.” He whispered, ignoring your whimper. “Don’t complain. You know you love being teased and treated like this. Let me have my fun.”
You bit your lip and threw your head back into his shoulder, which also gave him better access to your neck, while he slipped two fingers inside of you, using his thumb to add pressure to your clit, smirking against your neck when you squirmed around.
“Such a good girl for me.” He praised seductively. “I love when you squirm around, unable to do anything but just take what I give you.”
“Fuck, Yoongi, please.” You whimpered, but he stopped, leaving you to whine at the loss.
“As much as I want to keep going, your alarm’s going off.” He chuckled.
You hadn’t even heard it. You were so caught up in Yoongi and his actions, that you didn’t realize your alarm was going off on the counter.
“Wouldn’t want you to be late for class.” He said, getting off the bed, and putting his clothes on.
“You look beat. Didn’t sleep much last night?” Your friend asked, handing you your usual coffee as she took the seat next to you, other students coming in at random times.
“Kinda.” You sighed.
“You’re a terrible liar, Y/n.” Your friend laughed.
You threw your head on the table. “He left me hanging.” You nearly cried.
“What? Are you talking about Yoongi?”
You nodded the best you could with your head on the table. “He didn’t finish what he started.” You said, trying to be as discrete as you could about the situation.
“Then do the same to him.” She said nonchalantly.
“I don’t think I can.” You grumbled.
“And why not?” She asked as if it were completely stupid.
“I’m not really used to taking charge?” You shrugged your shoulders, moving to sit up straight.
“Really? You’re so bitchy though.” She questioned.
“Just because I have an attitude doesn’t mean I’m dominant, Moe.” You bit back.
“See! There’s the attitude. Just make it sexual.” She smiled.
“That makes no sense. At all.” Your tone unamused.
“Fine then. Deal with your blue balls.” She laughed. “But don’t let it distract you, I have no idea what we’re doing in this class.” She whispered as the professor walked in, and announced the discussion for the day.
The day went by excruciatingly slow, and the ache between your legs only grew as the seconds passed, causing you to become extremely irritated. What right did Yoongi have to do this to you? It’s not like you pissed him off recently. He had no business putting you through this shit.
With that thought in mind, you thought about what Moe said as you walked back to your apartment. Could you really take charge? It seemed easier said than done and you weren’t sure if Yoongi could take orders.
By the time you got home, you unlocked the door, hearing the water running and you wondered if Yoongi even left. Or maybe he did and you forgot to lock the door because he didn’t have a key to your place.
The fact that he stayed lessened your anger, but not fully. You slammed the door as hard as you could and threw your laptop bag on the couch. In the midst of all the noise you were trying to make, you didn’t hear the water turn off, and you were greeted with Yoongi’s wet form when you walked into your room, only a loosely hanging towel on his hip. You swallowed thickly. No harm in trying, right?
“What the fuck was that this morning?” You snapped at him, surprised your voice was actually steady.
“I told you, I didn’t want you to be late. And don’t get an attitude.” He said, taking his hand and running his slim fingers through his wet locks.
“I think I have the right to have an attitude, so don’t start with your bullshit rules. You owe me at least that.” You grumbled, walking to your closet to change.
“Bullshit rules?” He laughed. “They don’t seem to be bullshit since you follow them so well.” His words made your hands stop. You didn’t think this far. Shit.
“Maybe I only follow them to humor you.” ‘Wow, great response, Y/n.’ You winced, glad that he couldn’t see you.
“Humor me? Really? You’re trying to tell me you aren’t submissive by nature?” You could hear the smirk in his voice, and you pulled out a tank top, taking your shirt off, and changing.
“It’s not like you’ve given me a chance to show you otherwise.” You grumbled. ‘Fuck, Y/n, you aren’t thinking. Why the fuck would you say that. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fu-’
”Then show me how dominant you can be.” He smiled, sitting on the bed, the light making the water droplets more visible and you swallowed.
‘Shit’ “Fine.” You said, making your way over to him, and sitting on his lap, your bare thighs barely touching his waist as your skirt lifted, Yoongi moving his hands to touch them but you swatted him away. “No touching until I say so.” You whispered, moving your hands so they were on his shoulders, and leaning in to press kisses on his neck.
The groan he released was encouragement to step it up, starting to nibble at the soft flesh, biting down close to his jugular.
“Fuck, y/n.” He groaned loudly, hands grabbing at the sheets below him as you sucked on the spot you had previously bit down on, and started grinding your hips against his growing bulge.
“Faster.” He winced.
“I don’t really feel like it.” You giggled. “I like to take things slow.”
“If that were true you wouldn’t love fucking me so much.” He groaned, his hips bucking up to meet your hips, a surprised moan falling off your lips.
“You sure aren’t taking control now.” He licked his lips, bucking his hips up again. “What happened to my confident little kitty?” He looked up at you innocently.
‘Why the fuck did you think you could do this?’ You cursed yourself as you felt the heat creep up on your cheeks, you hips faltering slightly.
“W-well you’re supposed to listen to me and not do anything” You whined.
“And you’re supposed to put me in my place if I don’t listen.” He grabbed your hips so you were completely still, his slightly wet hands making your tank top stick to you. “Now, you can either lay on this bed like the good girl you are, and let me show you who’s really in charge, or I can make you.” He whispered, pulling you into him.
“That’s not how this was supposed to go.” You grumbled, trying to pull yourself away from his embrace.
“And how was it supposed to go, kitten.” He cocked a brow. “You know I don’t like to play silly little games.” He said, a hand moving to grab your arm so he could turn you around so you underneath him, taking his towel off in the process as he leaned over you, his arm supporting him.
“Payback for this morning.” You huffed out, turning your head to the side and crossing your arms.
“So you thought you could just grow a dominant bone in like six hours?” He chuckled. “If it made you that mad, I’ll make it up to you.” He smiled. “After I put you back in your place.”
“No, make it up to me now. I’ve been needy all day, you don’t get to just keep fucking with m-” You were cut off by Yoongi shoving his hand up your skirt to cup your soaked core.
“God, you really were hot and bothered all day, weren’t you?” He smirk, rubbing his palm against you. “Did you get this wet thinking about me?” You bit your lip, not wanting to give in. “Words, kitten.” He growled, adding more pressure.
“Y-Yes.” You sighed at the contact, bucking against his hand.
“What were you thinking about?”
“Your fingers.” You closed your eyes “Inside me”
“Hmm, just my fingers?” He said, moving your panties to the side so he could rub small circles on your clit, causing you to moan in relief.
“And your dick, fuck, just do something, please” You whined, but he continued his slow torture.
“See? Doesn’t this fit you better?” He smiled, watching you squirm as his fingers rubbed faster. “Underneath me, pleading for me to take care of you.” He paused as he pushed a finger in, then a second when he found you were wet enough. “Because I think it fits you better.” He said as he curled his fingers inside you, watching your back arch off the bed.
“Please, don’t tease.”
“Why not kitten? You just tried to, why can’t I?” His fingers going picking up the pace.
“I-I’m sorry. Please, I was wrong, just fuck me.” You moaned.
“Oh, don’t worry kitten, I will.” He said, putting his thumb on your clit to rub harshly. “But you have to cum for me first.”
You threw your head back. He would go for over stimulation. You shook your head. “But I don’t wanna cum from your fingers.” You tried, feeling the knot in your stomach start to form. “I want to cum on your cock.” You were silently begging that he’d give in.
“How can I deny my kitten when she asks so nicely?” He smiled, slipping his fingers out of you slowly, but you knew there was something else he was planning. “All fours.”
Once you had turned around, you heard a shuffle behind you and soon felt Yoongi behind you, pulling your panties down to your knees, and then rubbing his tip running up and down your slit.
“Fuck” You sighed, pushing your hips back against him, getting a slap to your thigh in return.
“Always so impatient.” He sighed, pushing his tip in, but not moving, causing a pathetic whine to fall from your lips.
“Fine, you wanna call shots, fuck yourself.” You could hear the smirk in his voice.
You stayed silent as you moved back against him, moaning at the feeling of him finally filling you, and though it took you a minute, you set a good pace.
“Go faster.”
“What if I don’t want to?” You licked your lips, slowing your pace, but the sudden confidence you gained was gone when Yoongi thrusted into you suddenly.
“Then I can just do this.” He said, placing a hand on your upper back to push you into the mattress, getting a better angle to fuck into you. “It’s cute. That little confident attitude of yours.” He panted out. “But it’s more cute to see your face down for me.” He groaned, setting a faster pace.
You were about to comeback with something but head a familiar buzzing behind you. Well fuck.
“How about we see how confident you can get?”
You didn’t have time to respond before he pushed the vibrator against your clit, watching as your body reacted almost immediately, and how your pussy clenched around him at the contact.
“You’re not playing fair.” You moaned weakly, too overwhelmed by the addition of pleasure.
“Who said I had to?” He rolled his hips. “You’re mine to use. There is no fair.” He chuckled. “And I don’t believe you don’t love this. You say one thing, but your body says another.”
You whimpered. “Y-Yoongi” You felt the knot again.
“Go ahead and cum, kitten.” He said, starting to pound into you. The only sounds in the room being drowned out by your increase in volume.
“Oh fuck.” You arched your back, and Yoongi trailed his hand from your upper back to your hair, yanking it back, so your head was leaned back, and he leaned over you.
“This is where you belong. Right here, taking what’s given to you. Who said you could switch those roles? Huh?” He growled in your ear and you felt the knot getting closer to busting. “You like when I put you in your place, don’t you? That’s why you had your little failed attempt at taking control. You just wanted me to remind you.”
“Yes, fuck!” You screamed as you came, but Yoongi just chuckled into your ear.
“I want one more out of you.” Was all he said, before pushing you back into the mattress, and moving his hand to your hip so he could push you back against him. The feeling of him and the vibrator making you cry out.
“Yoongi. Fuck, I can’t.” You tried squirming away, the burning sensation becoming too much
“I know you can.” He panted, pulling against him so you couldn’t move. “Just one more, you can do it.” He groaned, gripping your hips tighter.
You bit your lip as you felt your second orgasm coming, and you whined.
“Just let it go, baby, don’t even try to hold it.”
The word “baby” was your downfall. The word was rarely used between the two of you, and it’s unfamiliarity brought you over the edge, yours triggering Yoongi’s and he stilled while he came, dropping the vibrator on the bed.
You both stayed still, trying to get your breathing back to normal, and once you had, he pulled out, and turned the vibrator off, watching your legs as they gave out as soon as he pulled away from you. He smirked and went to the restroom to get a hand towel.
“Roll over,” He said. Once you had, he took off your panties and placed the towel over your sex, and you flinched, still too sensitive. “Just let me clean you, I’ll be quick. I know you hate feeling dirty.”
You sighed and let him clean you up regardless of how uncomfortable it was, and he threw the small towel on the floor where his was before getting in the bed and pulling the covers over you both.
“You know, this is really unfair.” He sighed.
“What’s unfair.”
“I’m naked and you’re still clothed.” He grumbled.
- asshole 4
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jungkookssistan · 2 years ago
Mafia!Yandere BTS REACTION: you’re scared  ☾
The request: Hi, Can I request a bts Mafia au reaction where you are terrified of guns and killing even though he is in the Mafia? Thank you!💜💜
Sorry I didn’t write requests nor reactions for awhile 😢 I don’t really like this either, so i’m sorry 
☾ ☾ ☾
Kim Seokjin:
Because Jin seek perfection between him and you, he never really waved his gun against your face, if we’re being honest, with the time flowing you had almost forgotten what his job really was.
But no matter the perfect image he had created for both of you, it really wasn’t that case the night when Jin appeared with blood on his white shirt and, of course, a gun in his hands.
“I’m home Jagi” he happily yelled walking towards you, the metallic pistol almost reflecting the room lights.
You felt clammy and there was the glisten of a cold sweat forming on your skin. He stood in front of you with a frown growing on his face. His fingertips softly touched your forehead, wiping away the drops.
“Are you sick?”
Instead of answering a whimper escaped your lips as you felt the gun press against your thigh. Jin followed your sight before gasping loudly throwing the gun away and pulling you into a tight hug.
“Ah jagi, my sweetheart, you have nothing to be afraid of, as long as you wait for me to come back every day, I will never hurt you”.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi:
Yoongi truly lived a life of Hannah Montana, inside your house he would was your sweetheart boyfriend, outside the house a coldhearted murder.
His work was never a real problem, you never asked, he never talked. That was the perfect balance both of you enjoyed, until that day when for an unknown reason Yoongi had decided you were a target of someone else.
“Just hold it firmly and try not to jump too much when you fire it” he murmured, his hands pressed to yours as you held the gun in your hands.
You couldn’t help but feel shaky, the fear was rushing through your veins as if it was another form of blood.
“Hey hey, eyes on the target, you don’t want to accidentally shoot yourself” he taught gently tugging your head up.
You focused your attention towards the target, but you just couldn’t let yourself put pressure to the target. You fell down on your knees with tears running down your cheeks.
“I can’t do it, just take it away” you cried, hiding yourself in the crook of Yoongi’s neck.
“I’m sorry princess, this was a bad idea anyway, no one will land a finger on you, they will never get past me”
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok:
It was truly conflicting to try and imagine Hoseok as a member of one of the biggest mafias.
One, he was definition of sun and happiness.
Two, he would cling to you for his dearest life whenever you would watch a horror movie.
But life isn’t a movie and Hoseok would do anything to save you.
With trembling hands you stood in the middle of a room that once were pure white, but now was covered in dark red and sticky liquid.
There laid five expressionless men who rested on a pool of mild cerise substance.
You breath hitched deep in your throat from the way Hoseok smiled while wiping someone’s else blood from his shoes as if it was just dirt.
“H-hoseok” shutting your eyes you managed to whisper.
Like waking from some kind of trance Hoseok rushed to you pulling you into a hug.
“I’m sorry you had to witness it, but they have know what happens when they dare to mess with you”
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon:
You knew he was trained not to cry, not to feel anything when killing someone and you knew it wasn’t the real him. But the image kept coming back to you, the empty and shallow look he had in his eyes when he killed a young male with bare hands.
It haunted you.
The two of you sat eating dinner, well really he was the only one eating, you were afraid you’d puke your guts out if you tried to swallow anything. Your eyes kept following his hands, the hands of a murderer.
Suddenly he stopped eating, his full attention on you, the uncomfortable silence crept on you and you couldn’t help but cut it.
“Don’t kill me” you whispered.
For a moment he looked confused but soon he was next to you, the strong aura around him made your stomach lurch and heart to ache.
He cupped your face and lifted your chin up.
“You know I would never do that, I love you too much” he said kissing your forehead softly, deep down making plans how to keep you away from witnessing anything like that again.
Tumblr media
Park Jimin:
You’ve seen Jimin being mad before, you’ve seen a lot of people being mad before and you yourself have been mad before, it was just another form of emotions, but there was no doubt when Jimin was angry, boy was he angry.
Jimin barged into your apartment, his eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, hard. His customary warmth was gone, his whole ‘mochi’ self was long vanished in the thin air.
You didn’t want to seem scared because that would only make him more angry or that’s what you thought, but the moment the words slipped from his lips about how he couldn’t kill a man because his children show up and he didn’t want to deal with the mess of three people, you couldn’t help but grip your book tighter to the point where your knuckles turned white, you could even feel the tears appear in the corners of your eyes.
“Princess?” Jimin asked once he noticed the state you were in.
“D-don’t come closer to me” you managed to mumble, still trying to make your breath steady.
Jimin froze, he hated when he was the reason of your anxiety.
“You saw his children and you didn’t kill him just because of the mess? Jimin that’s j-just monstrous”.
Jimin’s face softened and he kneeled down to you before letting his head rest on your lap.
“Don’t say that, princess, I’m not a monster, I just want to protect you” and as crazy as it sounds, you knew he wasn’t one.
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung:
For the past week both of your emotions were on high alert with him being constantly anxious about leaving you and whenever you asked him why didn’t he just take you with him, he’d just casually laugh. That irritated you the most, him acting as if you were a child.
There was no surprise that by the end of the week both of you were screaming.
“Stop acting like I’m a four year old! I’m not weak” you shouted trying to prove your point.
But he just laughed, the laughter evaporating from his eyes as he walked towards you.
Your breath hitched as he took a gun out of his pocket before pushing it into your hands. You were too scared to notice the safety lock being pulled on.
“W-hat?” you almost cussed at your shaky voice, weren’t you trying to prove that you were not scared or weak?
“If you want to go with me, show me you can protect yourself” he said looking you straight in the eyes.
“I wouldn’t need to protect myself Tae, when I’m with you, I’m safe” lowering your head you mumbled.
The rage from his eyes were gone and it was filled with pure love once again.
“Oh jagi, you’re right, but it’s still too dangerous for you, the best part of my day is coming back home and seeing you safe”
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook:
Jungkook was a stubborn protective boyfriend, he would call you every hour to check in if you were safe and alive. So sometimes he was quite a challenge to deal with, although most of the times your arguments would end up in hot make out sessions.
Jungkook wraps his arms around from behind, His right hand drops to your thigh, pulling up the skirt that hangs so loose just above your knees. He turns you around and you tumble to the couch, his eyes searching yours.
His head moves around to your left ear and he whispers what he’s going to do next. But suddenly all the lust from you vanishes and you push him away when you feel something hard push against your thigh and it’s definitely not the bulge growing in his pants, rather a gun.
Noticing the fear growing in your eyes he kisses your nose before taking out the metallic tool and putting it on your table.
“Really?” you ask still a little shaky, but there’s slight playfulness in your voice.
Jungkook whines getting up and taking the gun away from your eyes.
“You know you don’t have to scared of me, right?” he asks turning around and grins once he sees you nodding.
You know.
Tumblr media
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warmau · 4 years ago
hkjfkndzx I really liked the enemies to lovers one !!!!!! can we get on for yoongi ?
you work at a coffee shop that’s pretty popular and tbh you’re a good barista,,,,,,like you’re nice and you wish everyone a great day,,,,,but you do have ONE pet peeve 
and that pet peeve is people who talk on the phone while they’re ordering,,,,,just because,,,,,,,it’s rude
like how are you supposed to catch their order in between a bunch of conversation that has nothing to do with you???
but thankfully, most people either put the phone down or excuse themselves from the line if they have a call
except,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,min yoongi
the first time he stopped by the cafe he was mumbling low into his phone, telling someone named hoseok that he didn’t know where jungkook was - he wasn’t his dad
and you’d been like ok,,,that sounds kinda serious a missing friend so you thought he’d just step to the side
BUT ,,,,,, he  didn’t
he stood there taking before glancing up at you with the most apathetic look in his eyes and going “well, aren’t you going to ask me what i want?”
you’d sort of stuttered in response because,,,,,what?
but snapping out of it you picked up a cup and went “what will you have?”
but,,,,,he’d just went back to whispering on his phone and if it weren’t for your boss standing five feet away at the latte machine you might have crushed the cup in your hand out of frustration
long story short he’d given you a bleak ‘iced whatever but not vanilla’ and you’d grumbled to yourself that that wasn’t an order
but the line was getting long and begrudgingly you just caved and said “ok, your name?”
with that he’d stepped to the side and you,,,,,,holding the sharpie marker in your hand began to write ‘y-,,,,,,,,yoongus’
and you didn’t know WHY you wrote something that ridiculous. but you did
but it looked like he never noticed because the next day you saw him again,,,,,,,texting this time and saying iced whatever and you,,,,,,,couldn’t stop yourself at this point
for the next two weeks it was just you misspelling his name every way possible; “moongi, yongs, yams, yoonlee, yahoo, yuckngi, yesterday, goongi, yoyo, etc”
and him either not caring or not noticing because he’d come in,,,,,,and even when the other barista would call out ‘yams’ he’d be like ‘mine’ and leave
not sparring ONE glance back at you
until,,,,,,one day he came in and to your shock,,,,,,he wasn’t on his phone
instead he’d strolled up to the counter 20min before closing and you’d sighed getting your sharpie ready to write something that definitely wasn’t yoongi
when he motioned to the cup and was like “get it right this time.”
crinkling your nose you murmured that oh,,,,he finally noticed
and yoongi, without looking at you went “of course i did, here im going to spell it to you get ready”
biting back the urge to tell him that you very well knew how to spell his freaking name you waited
until yoongi’s eyes dropped from the menu and met yours,,,,,a small smile on his face
(that you had to admit was cuter than you expected it to be,,,,,,,,,,,anyway)
and he repeats a list of numbers and you’re like ???? is this some kind of joke because of how ive kept misspelling ur name????? are u giving me your name in some kind of scientific code?????
yoongi shakes his head at your expression and goes “it’s my number.”
shocked,,,,,,you feel the sharpie fall out of your hand and you’re like “w-why your number????” 
yoongi tilts his head and goes “only people im dating can call me yongs, yams, or yahoo.”
and with that he turns to leave but stops at the door and goes “this place closes in five right, ill wait and we can go get dinner together - on me.”
and as you watch the door close behind him,,,,,you blink and feel your heart speed up in your chest and you’re like no no no i cant like him he’s,,,,he’s,,,,,,,,
but also,,,after your shift you see him,,,, leaning against the side of the building,,,,,and your heart speeds up again and ok dammit u might just wanna see where this goes,,,,,,with yongs- i mean yoongi 
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lolbtsaus · 3 years ago
Some real cute Yoongi moments
Mint!Yoongi was a soft Yoongi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pretty sure this is just the faded version of the blue from DNA but i’m cOUNTING IT AS MINT IT’S CLOSE ENOUGH FOR MY HEART
Tumblr media
Yoongi in glasses:((
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also his smile:(((((((((
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When he got all shy:((((((((((((((((((((
Tumblr media
Who you fighting:((
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When he holds hands with the boys and does the interlocking fingers thing:((
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also this gif:((
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When he becomes the dog:(((((
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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smaubts · a year ago
Tumblr media
“me? In love with you? maybe. don't you dare tell anyone”
Tumblr media
genre: sm au; crack au; enemies to lovers au; slight angst
pairing: min yoongi x reader
summary: yoongi and y/n hate each other, at least that's what they tell everyone. when unexpected events occur they begin to realise that maybe the real cause for all the hate is because it's a way to hide the feelings they won't admit.
Tumblr media
— m a s t e r l i s t
part one. unlimited clown
part two. min yoongi??
part three. hateful behaviour
part four. don't know her
part five. ugly facts
part six. no head no thoughts
part seven. forced friendship
part eight. enemies only
part nine. spiders can grow
part ten. run fast
part eleven. poison me
part twelve. jealous min
part thirteen. no one knOWS
part fourteen. don't tell
part fifteen. fake laugh
part sixteen. HE KISSED HER??
part seventeen. playing games
part eighteen. obviously jealous
part nineteen. big sized child
part twenty. fake dating
part twenty one. big lie
part twenty two. small brain
part twenty three. together??
part twenty four. drunk confession
part twenty five. MY bed
part twenty six. defend yourself
part twenty seven. obvious lie
part twenty eight. VOMIT
part twenty nine. speechless
part thirty. cried a bit
part thirty one. god im in lovE
Tumblr media
thank you for reading!
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kkookies · 3 years ago
surprise → min yoongi (2)
⤷ fake texts; yoongi thinks you’re cheating on him with hoseok, your best friend
pairing / min yoongi x reader
fluff / angst / smut
warnings / i think there is some strong language?
| pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 [final] |
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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baehyukng · 3 years ago
Hey amazing person! Do you mind doing one as how you think min yoongi would be as you boyfriend?
Tumblr media
⇾ Min Yoongi, the sweetest boyfriend alive (he’s boyfriend material af, don’t even @ me)
⇾ Yoongi seems like the type to give everything to their s/o
⇾ I feel like even though Yoongi strikes me as the type to hate skinship when it comes to his s/o he’s extremely cuddly and clingy
⇾ He’d kiss his s/o whenever he’d get the chance
⇾ soft knuckle kisses
⇾ gentle kisses on his s/o’s nose when he cuddles them
⇾ k i s s e s
⇾ he’d probably spoil his s/o other and take them on sweet little dates everywhere
⇾ coffee shop dates!!
⇾ he loves leaving his s/o in a blushing and flustered mess
⇾ one day when he’s in his studio, he’ll write a song for his s/o and the other members will tease him about it because it’s sappy and corny but his s/o absolutely loves it
⇾ in the bedroom, I bet he’s no different
⇾ he makes sure that his s/o is getting the utmost pleasure and love from him
⇾ passionate sex
⇾ his fingers roaming over his s/o’s body, tracing over every dip and curve
⇾ he loves the soft little moans and whimpers that escape his s/o’s lips. It lets him know what kind of effect he has on them
⇾ r o u g h   s e x
⇾ don’t get me wrong, Yoongi can be a slow and passionate lover, but then he can also be hard and rough
⇾ Yoongi’s probably some sort of sex god when it comes down to it
⇾ an actual dom if you ask me
⇾ acts super cocky and smug when the members ask why his s/o has big angry purple marks across their neck and collarbone
⇾ the same thing happens when his make-up artists look at him with disappointed and unamused faces because of all the love bites and hickeys that his s/o left on his neck
⇾ he’d be such a whipped and cute boyfriend, honestly. Whoever ends up with Min Yoongi will be super lucky ♡°◌̊
Masterlists: BTS  // ASTRO
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hobidreams · a year ago
Moonlit Throne | Masterlist
Tumblr media
“do you... trust me?” it’s a low whisper, soft lips pressed against the stuttering pulse in your throat. but you think, or maybe you hope, the implications are trying to delve much deeper into your heart. regardless, your answer has never wavered. 
pairing: joseon king!yoongi x reader genre: smut, angst, fluff parts posted: 36/~45 words: 50.6k/? contains: drabble series, historical au, royal au, the very definition of “it’s complicated,” inspired by daechwita. a/n: please pay attention to the dates, but read in the order that the drabbles are listed, not in chronological!
historical context/references. | fic playlist.
Tumblr media
february 1869 {m} - your king takes care of you and his business, no matter who is watching.
april 1869 {m} - the night brings with it the moon, rippling waters, and truths silenced with his mouth hot on your skin.
november 1857 - you meet for the first time as children, caught in the crossfire of hatred.
march 1858 - a visitor you never expected; a day you will never forget.
june 1868 - but trust is a fickle, fragile thing.
august 1868 - the gilded throne is, above all, lonely.
october 1868 - it’s a fine line between fear and respect.
november 1868 {m} - you’ve always been his, haven’t you?
december 1868 {m} - just how much would you give up for him?
may 1861 - here, the world vanishes and you are unafraid to dream, to want.
october 1864 - but nothing gold can stay.
interlude: september 1865 - yet, even the darkest night must break to dawn.
october 1865 - you never thought you would smile like this again, but here you are. and here he is, by your side.
october 1866 - the coming winter promises to be harsh and unrelenting.
trivia: december 1866 - some truths are easier expressed through ink.
january 1867 - the crown is far heavier than the weight of its gold.
interlude: february 1867 - he is king -- whether or not he wants to be.
march 1867 - she is beautiful in ways you could never be.
may 1867 - how much can you allow yourself to want?
may 1869 {m} - just this once, you let yourself be a little braver.
june 1869 {m} - you’ve never been able to hide from him.
july 1869 - does some part of him still remember the smiles you once shared?
august 1869 - too much (or just enough?) is exposed in the sunlight.
trivia: september 1869 - a small happiness.
october 1869 - have you been mistaken all along?
november 1869 - to remember what has been lost; to protect what still remains.
december 1869 - the aftermath: quiet, laced with a raw truth.
january 1870 - what can you do? what power do you have?
february 1870 - the throne demands so much. is the king prepared to give?
march 1870 - the coming of spring ushers in so much.
interlude: april 1870 - how much does he really know?
trivia: june 1870 - a hastily scribbled letter the sender wishes he did not have to write.
july 1870 - and yet-- it is not the same. he is not the same.
interlude: july 1867 - to be in power is to protect.
september 1870 - this precious night, lit by lamplight is, at least, enough.
winter 1870-1871 - time continues to slip on -- blissfully, mercilessly, endlessly.
summer 1871 - coming soon!
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