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#no one can talk to me right now embarrassing for me to become obsessed with this show
tojisblunt · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
OVERSTIMULATION HCS — genshin edition.
Tumblr media
hcs — original, not requested.
AUTHOR’S NOTE. my first genshin work... hehe im so very excited to get back into the writing game ^_^
CHARACTERS. diluc, dainsleif, zhongli, xiao.
+ includes. overstimulation (duh...), daddy kink, size kink, squirting, multiple orgasms, fingering, slapping, mean!xiao, praise, edging
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he overstimulates you because he’s not even aware of it in the first place.
diluc is a certified himbo, i swear. he loves u so much and would do anything for your pleasure.
but the thing is.......he’s too focused to realized that you’ve been doing nothing but cumming.
he only realizes once you squirt all over him, your cream soaking his digits and your cum bleeding through the sheets.
“d-diluc!” you squeal, back arching and hips shooting forward into his fingers as he continues to move them around inside of your weeping cunt. diluc’s other hand is focused on your tits while his dick is standing up proud, the red tip angry from how horny he was.
he just wants you to cum on his fingers before he makes you cum again and again on his cock, but poor little diluc; he’s far too focused on your pretty tits to notice that you’ve cum a long time ago.
“baby,” you cry, putting your hand over your mouth to muffle the embarrassing sounds leaving your lips as you feel his finger tips graze against your favorite spots. his palm is catching your clit every time his hand creates a motion, and it makes your legs quiver and the knot in your stomach to tighten.
“just cum, baby, it’s okay.” diluc reassures you, and you want to smack him. he’s been spewing bullshit about wanting you to cum when you’ve been doing that this whole time.
“i-i can’t!” you sob, head thrown back when he stops thrusting his fingers for a second, opting to grind the pads of his finger tips against your g-spot. it sends electricity through your body, and you can’t help but tighten around his fingers, body quivering as you experience a body-wracking orgasm.
you’re crying underneath him, eyes widening as you unconsciously spread your legs further open, feeling your orgasm drag out for much longer than planned.
you curse, squirting all over your boyfriend’s fingers and abdomen, thrashing your head side to side from the overwhelming feeling of a mind numbing orgasm that you just experienced.
“oh.” diluc stills, realization hitting him as he processes what just happened. “sorry,” he says sheepishly, and you roll your eyes. he cleans off your cum from his fingers, bringing your body closer to his lower half as he lines up his cock against your pussy.
“what are you—?!”
“—who said i was done?”
he’s gonna be the death of you.
likes to do it because you look so pretty crying underneath him.
and also because he’s a service dom who’ll do anything for you to be happy in his sheets :P
loves to edge you tho... it makes your orgasms make you really sensitive after and he just loves the reactions.
tbh everything u do is attractive to him but if ur extra sensitive? u become a lot cuter to him.
“s-sen..” you blabber, and your boyfriend simply does nothing but looks up at you, keeping his eyes focused on your face to watch for any hints of uncomfortableness on your end.
“repeat that?” he asks, slamming his hips against yours purposefully, hoping to get a reaction out of you; in which, he does. dainsleif knows you too well, your body included. he knows where to hit it to get a certain reaction out of you.
“too sensitive!” you cry out in response to his thrust, feeling your thoughts swirl around as dainsleif begins thrusting into you slowly, before his rhythm speeds up. “no, no, no, no...” you trail off, mind going blank as your brains get fucked out of you.
“you can take it,” he says, soothing his hands over your stomach to reassure you that he’s still there. “my good girl, you look so pretty like this.” he smiles, face showing nothing but complete adoration for you as you cry beneath him, legs spread and cunt almost red from the abuse it’s taken from his edging.
no matter how much you want to finally cum, the stinging that you feel as he rocks his hips against yours is so good yet so painful that you’re not sure what to tell him. he’s been edging you for so long that you’re not even sure if you really did cum.
dainsleif knows how sensitive you get every time he stops his thrusting to edge you. the cries that leave your lips once he begins thrusting again, it’s all so good. but, as he watches you babble incoherent words, he decided that it was enough.
after all, nothing beats the sight of you cumming all over his fat cock.
LET ME TELL YALL ABOUT HIS BIG ASS DICK. (i would know i experienced it first hand)
dear gawd this man has such a size kink... thousands of years of struggling to find someone that would take his cock properly is finally catching up to him!!!!!
because now he found a cute lil plaything such as yourself who gets off on the fact that his dick cant fit easily
and the amount of times he’s made you cum before being fully in... it’s embarrassing but did you expect any less from a dragon?
“daddy!” you gasp, feeling his fat cock throbbing against your sensitive walls. even after years of experience in bed with your boyfriend, zhongli, your poor little cunt still struggles to take his much bigger cock.
you don’t complain, however, no matter how much your pussy hurts the next day from the stretching it received the previous night. no, how could you complain when he makes you feel so good?
“hm?” zhongli hums, keeping his grip on your thighs strong so he has control of how spread out you are for him. using that fact to his advantage, he brings your thighs further apart, cock twitching at the sounds of your mewls from the feeling of his cock hitting deeper.
“f-feels...i feel so good, daddy...” you sniffle, bringing your hand to his abdomen to rub on it, just for your own satisfaction of having your hands on him 24/7. you’re obsessed with having zhongli’s skin against yours, and he finds it so adorable the way you depend on his touch.
“yeah?” he quips, slowly grinding his pelvis against your sensitive clit, causing your mewls to transition to slightly louder moans. he takes note of how sensitive you can get sometimes, which is why he’s careful with exactly where he’s hitting his cock, but his cock is just too big that he sometimes accidentally (more like purposefully) grazes it against your g-spot.
he feels it before his brain could process your loud cries of pleasure. “i’m cumming, fuck! oh fuck!” you gasp, hands gripping the sheets and back arching as you cum hard all over your boyfriend’s cock.
he quickly puts his thumb on your clit, rubbing gentle circles on it to help ride out your orgasm, and you’re crying from the overwhelming feeling of his hands on your clit. your legs are shaking, and your moans have grown too loud, forcing you to cover your mouth in a desperate attempt to keep the maids from hearing you.
“daddy, please,” you sniffle, mind blank from how fucked out you already are. zhongli smiles, caressing the side of your face before he brings your legs over his shoulders, loving the wide eyed reaction that you gave him.
“you can take more, right darling?” he smirks, doing a few experimental thrusts against your sensitive pussy. but before you could even process anything, you’re cumming all over his cock for the second time.
does it purely bc he loves it when ur crying like a dumb little whore
he just loves to fuck u into oblivion so ur rendered speechless :blushes:
degrades u whenever u cry bc of overstimulation, but gets so soft when u apologize for cumming too much :( i love him..
“nngh!” you bite your lips the hardest you could, eyebrows furrowing as you throw your head back. your eyes are rolling to the back of your head, and the continuous trembles that are going through your body right now has your boyfriend holding onto you to support.
he keeps his eyes locked on your cunt, eyes scanning the way you wrap around his cock perfectly, cream soaking his dick as you cum over and over on his cock. you’re too overstimulated at this point, one simple move from him can have you cumming again.
“you don’t stop do you?” he teases, and you wiggle your hips in place in response to the proud smirk adorning on his face. “feel good?” he asks when he notices that your panting has calmed.
you nod, still lost for words as your brain is jumbled from the numerous orgasms your boyfriend was so considerate to give.
he ghostly leaves his thumb resting on your throbbing clit, ignoring the small whines that leave your lips in reaction. he then brings your legs over his shoulders with his free hand, and you can’t do anything but just give him a hesitant look.
“what?” he asks, leaning down and placing both hands on either side of your head. “don’t you cream so nice and hard like this? hm?” his vulgar words bring arousal to your hot cunt, enough arousal where your hips jumped from the sudden stimulation it brought to your clit.
“daddy...” you sniffle, feeling his cock throb inside your awaiting cunt. he gives you a single glance before thrusting hard once against your hips. hard enough that it would be pleasurable for the both of you.
“you talk too much,” xiao sighs, and you squirm, impatience settling in your bones. “quit it.” he grunts, lifting his hand to land a quick slap on your face, causing you to gasp.
“no, fuck!” you cry, hands immediately rushing to his arms for support as your body trembles underneath his, cunt completely losing it on his cock.
xiao swallows, head going light from the intense arousal that he’s feeling as he watches you cum just from him slapping you.
if overstimulation can get you to cum this easy, then you better be sure as hell that he’s going to fuck you insanely stupid every time.
Tumblr media
copyright © tojisblunt. do not plagiarize, modify, or repost.
Tumblr media
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sodium-noodlez · a month ago
Gojo x F!Reader
Summary: In which you decided to turn the tables on your boyfriend, Gojo Satoru 
Warnings: Teasing, fingering, phone sex, rough sex, cream pie, over stimulation, spanking, degradation 
Tumblr media
When it came to teasing in your relationship, Gojo was relentless. 
Of course, you had some idea of what you were getting into when you decided to date the cocky white haired sorcerer. It wasn't as if you were entirely new to Gojo’s antics. Since you had known him, you were always Gojo’s favorite victim, after all you made it easy too; being that you were almost 9 inches shorter than him and incredibly prone to embarrassment. 
Except, since the two of you got together, it has gotten more.... aggressive. Annoying jokes about your height turned into slapping your ass while Nanami was talking to you or slightly lifting up your skirt just to ‘see what color panties his little cupcake was wearing’. You dreaded getting text messages from Gojo when you were in public, like the ones describing how badly he wanted to see your mouth stuffed with his cock, spit and cum dribbling from your lips as fucks your pretty throat. The type of text messages he knows makes your thighs clench together with arousal and breathing become heavier with lust.
But it's not like Gojo’s to blame. It's something about the way you stiffen when you feel his hands dance along the inside of your thigh when the two of you are at a restaurant. Or it could be the way you stutter and turn into a submissive pile of goo, practically puddy in Gojo’s hands when his fingers arch in your tight cunny to hit that ‘oh so good’ spot, that he craves.
And every time you let him. You let your boyfriend torture you with embarrassment because he knows how obsessed you are with him, and why wouldnt you be? He is the Gojo satrou after all.
Needless to say, it's enough to make you mad. Why is it that you’re the only one in the relationship being tortured? You were by no means dominant in the bedroom, and it wasn't a matter of wanting to change that power dynamic and try something new. You loved to be taken care of, especially since Gojo was just so fucking good at it. Like some sixth sense, Gojo always, always knew just the right ways to make your toes curl with pleasure, or the perfect angle to hit you that you could only dream of hitting with your fingers. But of course, Gojo never used his knowledge for the greater good, like when he traces you soaking slit and purposefully misses your clit, or when he thrusts extra slow just to make you whine and beg for him to fuck you harder. 
No, what you wanted was to see him to be the one to go crazy with pure unadulterated want for you. You wanted him to be the one going stir crazy instead of you this time. Call it karma maybe, you were only doing what you’d been shown, and when it comes to teasing, you were taught by the very best.
You knew how out of character it was for you to be the provocative one. You even shocked yourself that you actually went through with it when you found yourself sitting in front of the mirror, watching the flash to your phone go off. 
Your hands trembled as your thumb hovered over the blue send button, and you bit your lip anxiously. Was this a stupid plan that was bound to have its grave repercussions? Probably. Actually scratch that, the answer was definitely. You huffed and took a deep breath before gathering the courage to press the send button. You watched the thin blue bar on the top under Gojo’s contact name quickly move to the other side of the screen and disappear, proof that your message was delivered and that there was no way backing out now. 
“For the 6th time Gojo, this isn't something you can avoid, the higher ups will be after my ass-”
“Right right right and it's my job to be a responsible adult yeah yeah, but could you repeat what you want me to do again? Sorry but I lost interest at the ‘when you opened your mouth to speak about the higher ups’ part”
A sly smirk spread across Gojo’s face, and if it wasn't for his infinity, Iori would’ve decked the man right there and then. 
“Just. Fucking. Sign. The. Report.” Iori seethed and slammed the pile of papers on the desk that Gojo had his feet propped up on, nonchalantly relaxing in the chair behind it, hands behind his head. His day had been nothing but boring, and though it seemed like he was looking at Iori due to his blind fold, Gojo was actually staring at the ticking hand of the clock behind her that hung on the wall of the teachers lounge.
 “Is there anything at all that even interests you in the slightest? Or are you just too immature to ever care about anything.” Iori complained as she moved towards the door to leave Gojo alone in the vacant lounge.
“Oh, there are some things~” Gojos voice trailed off and Iori didn't even need to look behind her as she slammed the door to know his lips were curved into a shit eating smile. Just as the door slammed shut, Gojo felt his something buzz in the pocket of his black pants and with one hand he slipped the phone out of his pocket. 
“Speaking of....” Gojo mumbled and he quirked an eyebrow in curiosity when his eyes fell on the name of the contact who sent the message. He took his long legs off of the desk and placed back onto the floor, slightly arching his back to get a better look at the notification. 
1 Image attachment [6:34 PM]
With the pad of his thumb, Gojo lifted up the side of his blind fold so one of his heavenly sapphire sky blue eyes poked out in order to get a clearer view. Then, he watched as three dots appeared in grey bubble, which quickly disappeared and was replaced with a message
I miss u <3  [6:34 PM]
 The moment he clicked on the image, a wild cocky grin grew on his face.
You sat on the floor in front of a mirror, legs splayed in a w shape as a child would. You were wearing one of Gojo’s light grey T-shirts which was clearly too big on you; the material hanging from your body and exposing one of your bare shoulders. The cloth dipped perfectly around your curves, showing the outline of your breasts and due to its thinness, Gojo could even clearly see your hard nipples poking out in tiny little peaks.The rest of the fabric pooled over your hips, just barely covering your cunt. 
Gojos fingers immediately go to work typing out a message. After he sent it, he leaned back on his chair to watch your text bubble appear and disappear in amusement. Gojo’s hand moved so it slightly hovered over his clothed crotched which hid his growing erection.
Gojo: Oh? Getting confident are we?
You: Why? Do you not like it?🥺
Oh Gojo liked it. Even more, he loved it. The 4 screenshots he already took was proof of that. In fact, it was already added to his album of other more special pictures he had of you. 
Gojo: Of course I do pretty girl, I just didnt think you had it in you
Gojo: In fact cupcake, I have an idea~
Gojo: Why dont you show me how much you miss your boyfriend? 
Gojo chuckled how your text bubble immediately disappeared, and any notice that there was a sign of life on the other end vanished as his phone grew silent. That was ok though, Gojo expected this, that's why he said it. There was just something about reminding you who was in charge that gave Gojo joy.  He applauded you for your effort though. As far as your little confidence streak went, he didn't think it would take him long to stomp on it right in its tracks. 
Now what he didn’t expect, was for you for the text message that followed.
Ok :)
1 Video attachment [6:40 PM]
Thank god Gojo was in a room alone because he never bothered to check the fact that his volume was on full, and the moment he pressed play, your needy whines and the wet clicking sound of your arousal filled the room.
Gojos eyes widened and his hand subconsciously flew to his crotch to palm his fully hard dick trapped in his pants. The entire video was only three seconds, not nearly enough to satisfy his appetite but enough to ignite his craving.
 He watched the way your pretty little fingers disappeared into your cunt and how you slowly humped your hand and you started to rub your clit. Oooh Gojo could do so much better, he knows he could, he could make you cum in half the time if he wanted to and fill you up more than you tiny fingers could ever hope to achieve. After the video ended, he immediately played it again, taking in the way you whined his name, the ‘pap pap pap’ of your palm against your clit and the deep blush that painted your cheeks. And when the video finished he played it again. And again. And again. And again. 
Gojo didn't realize how many minutes had passed he had spent palming his crotch while watching the video on repeat until he received another text from you
I feel so empty without daddys cock :((
Wanna see and hear you satoruuu🥺
Fuck, you couldve said less, Gojo already was on it, locking the door to the teachers lounge and making his way over to the brown couch that sat in opposite from the desk. Who cares if he was going to stain the cushions, he’ll just get one of the first years to clean it up and say he spilled his coffee creamer. Even better, he could get you to clean it, ah that did sound better, he’ll settle for that then. Besides, you knew how messy he always gets, and this was your fault.  
Gojo: Oh? Now? Even though I'm at work?
If you were to look up the definition of hypocrite, Gojos picture would be right there. Metal clanking sound of his belt unbuckling filled the room and with a fervent sense of urgency, Gojo pale hands reached down to shimy his pants just enough so the bulge of his dick pressing against the grey cloth of his boxers could be seen.
You: 🥺 please daddy?
Now he really couldn't stop, especially since you just called him by his all time favorite pet-name. Gojo let out a chuckle as he pressed the call button and put the phone up to his ear, while his other hand carefully pulled out his throbbing length. It only took a couple rings for you to pick up and the sound of your cute voice to flow out like a melody that made Gojo unintentionally slightly buck his hips to the palm of his hand. 
“Hey baby~”
You didn't even have to be there to know there was a wide shit-eating smile on Gojo face, just the way he spoke gave him away. It made you bite your lip, and for a quick moment you almost forgot your whole plan and gave in to the impulse to relinquish all control and become victim to his incessant teasing like you always did. Almost.
“A-are you alone?”
Gojo chuckled and let out a hum in affirmation.
“Why? You scared that someones gonna walk in and see me touching myself to your pretty voice?”
You fisted the material to his shirt and bit your lip, a deep red blush creeping on your face.
“Gojo... please...”
A milky white bead of pre-cum started to emerge from the tip of Gojo’s cock, and he used the pad of his thumb to smear the sticky liquid around the head. It was almost embarrassing what just hearing you whine did to him.  
“ I’m alone naughty girl, why don’t you tell me what you're wearing” Slowly, Gojo started to guide his palm up and down his disk,  his stomach tightening at the sudden rush of pleasure. 
“Im wearing your shirt right now... i-it smells like you.....I miss you..”
“Of course you do cupcake,” Gojo said with a breathy groan, watching his hand gliding up and down his shaft. It was so large compared to yours, so rough too, not nearly as soft and warm as your petite hands but his own would have to do for now. “So what are you gonna do now, touch yourself in my t-shirt? Or are you going to be a good girl and tell me why you’re so desperate today.”
There was a silence and you had to bite back your lip to stifle a giggle. 
“Mmmmm.... nah.” 
A giddy smile grew on your face as you basked in your boyfriend's confusion. Who knew this power rush could feel so good?
“No to both. Guess i'm not feeling it anymore. Whelp, Bye!”
Before Gojo could say anything you had already hung up, leaving him alone with a painful hard-on in his hand. When he pressed the call button again it went straight to voicemail, the sweet innocent sound of your voice echoing in his head like a vexing taunt, only serving to increase his need for release. The tip of his cock was an angry red and prominent veins lined the sides, only accentuated due to the combined arousal and frustration. After a moment of silence taking in the situation, Gojo let out a soft chuckle and ran a hand through his white hair. 
“Damn, she got me good.” You did learn from the best after all. Sure he was pissed, but even more though, Gojo was excited. His mind was already racing with ways to punish you, ways to have you begging for his forgiveness-pretty voice muffled as he shoves his cock down your throat. He glanced at the clock on the wall, and in that moment he had never hated his job as a teacher more. 
There is no warning when Gojo enters the house. You thought you’d at least hear the door swing open and be given some time to hide from your definite impending doom, but it had seemed like you severely miscalculated.
“Hey Kikifufu~”
The voice comes from behind you, sending chills across your body and making you jump in surprise. 
Shit, he teleported.
Of course he teleported. 
When you turn around to face Gojo, you suddenly become aware of how small you are in comparison to him. He was practically towering over you and the look his blue eyes gave you made you clench your thighs together. It didn't help that an overpowering wave of his scent flooded your senses which accompanied his presence, the smell of strong sologne combined with the scent of sugar and lemongrass made your mind grow hazy.  
“Amusing stunt you pulled while I was at work”
“Yeah? Did you like it?” You ask, knowing full damn well he didn't. He hummed and took a step forward to close the gap between you, and you gasp when you feel your back press against the wall. You're still in his grey oversized tshirt, completely naked underneath, which you now understand was a fatal mistake.
“mm~ In fact, I was almost impressed” 
Gojos words come out low, laced with lust, and you jump when you feel one of your hands slide up the inside of your thigh. 
“Who knew you were such a dirty whore y/n”
You let out a soft moan when he slips a long finger in you and curls the digit in a ‘come here’ motion that has you grabbing onto Gojo’s bicep for support. His pace is agonizingly slow and you attempt to hump his hands for more friction to no avail.
“Satoru...more,” It hasn't even been a minute yet and you're already drowning in the pleasure that just one of his fingers is giving you. But the bliss doesn't last long, and in a couple seconds you feel empty again, the sweet taste of pleasure escaping from your grasps. Your brows furrow at the sudden emptiness in you and you whine in annoyance.
“Oh? You think i'm just going to give you what you want, after what you did?” Gojo grinned and it dawned on you what a fatal mistake you had made. You don't realize what's going on until you feel a harsh slap on your bare ass, making you cry at the burning sensation dancing on your flesh.
When returning back to reality, you find yourself naked bent over Gojo’s leg while he sits on the bed, your butt sticking up in the air while he kneaded the abused skin in his palm.
“Don't make me repeat myself princess~”
The sound of skin against skin echoes through the room again and the pain has you digging your nails into your palms as your eyes grow glassy with tears.  
“Two!” You wail out.
“I don't like doing this you know baby” Another slap lands on your ass, this one harder than the last and you cry out in pain. “But mistakes can't go on punished.” He rubs soothing circles on the abused red skin before winding his hand back to land another slap.
“F-four!” tears were now rolling down your cheeks, your body quivering uncontrollably. Your sensitive skin felt like it was on fire, your nerves tingling as Gojo letting his hands gently glide over the welting skin. 
“Shit you like this don't you angel? Look, your fucking dripping” Two fingers glide along your slit front to back, collecting your juices before pushing into you. The wet clicking sounds of your folds coated in wetness was almost embarrassing with how loud they are, and Gojo flips on your back so he is hovering over your body while his fingers pump in and out of you. 
“Yes yes yesyesyes-”You roll your hips against Gojo’s palm and he adds another finger in you. His free hand rests heavy and hot on your belly, pressing down as his fingers curl up in a way you’re far too familiar with. 
“Where is that unwavering confidence now?” He tauntingly asked but your to lost in the pleasure to respond.The way his fingers tap on your G-spot has the muscles in your legs tightening as the dense warmth in your stomach teetered on the breaking point, but before it could break, Gojo removes his fingers.You let out an incredibly loud whine as your orgasm shrank back, your hips bucking wildly to try and gain the lost friction. “no! no, no, no, Satrou!”
“Want me to fuck your pretty pussy? Make you feel good?” He snickers darkly, the way his blue eyes stare down make you clench around nothing. “Then beg.” Fuck he was so full of himself, but at this point you had already given up whatever pride you had left to care.
“M’please I- ” You could feel his eyes watching you intently, burning the image of your tear stained face into his head,
“Almost there sweetheart,” His thumb finds your swollen clit and he starts to rub slow circles on the oversensitive bundle of nerves. 
“Please fuck me please please m’need you *hic*, wanna *hic* cum so bad-” Your voice is cut off when Gojo attacks your lips with his own, muffling your scream with a sloppy kiss as he thrusts into you. The stretch is insane, border-line painful even though you had taken it countless times before. But you don't complain, not when he is filling you so deep and when he’s kissing you everywhere, making sure you feel nothing else but him. And he does just that. There is nothing around you anymore, nobody on earth except the two of you, his entire being consumes you until your mind is only filled with him. 
Gojo. Gojo. Gojo. Gojo. Gojo.
You dont even recognize your own voice at this point, screaming out his name as Gojo pistons into you with brute force. 
“Oh- don’t stop, please don’t stop!” Your babbling strung out of your lips without much of a thought other than how deliciously good he was fucking you, his thick cock driving in and out of your velvet walls. 
“Shit, Look at you. You aren’t even making any Goddamn sense.” Gojo avowed. “You like it when I fuck you stupid, huh? Like being a warmhole for me to breed?” He pressed your thighs down so they are flushed against your chest, effectively folding you in half into a brutal mating press. The new angle has you squirming against his hold  due to the new tickling feeling it created in your stomach. 
“Come on, talk to me y/n, tell me how good you feel, how good im fucking you”
Gojo groaned, keeping up his brutal pace, his breathing becoming jagged and irregular. He was close, and you were as well. You could practically taste your orgasm on the tip of your tongue and your hips bucked up to meet Gojos in a weak attempt to match his pace.
“S’good,” you slur out, “m’so happy..huuh...”It was as if you were made for each other, your cunt sucking him in with each push and shove that hit at just the right spots. With every brush of the tip of his dick against your cervix, black spots filled your vision and pushed you closer to your high. 
“You gonna cum baby? *hah* Come on pretty girl, cum, fucking cum” Gojos hand flew to rapidly rub your clit back and forth, hurtling you towards your orgasm. Your pussy tightens so hard around Gojo’s cock that he has to stop his thrusts, your mouth grows lax as you feel yourself splitting in two, coming with his cock buried deep inside you. 
“That's it,” Gojo fucks you through your orgasm, pouring the last of his strength into chasing his own high. His thrusts became sloppy, hips stuttering before he stilled his hips flushed against your, burying himself in your creamy cunny.
“Fuck fuck fuck FUCK”
Gojo’s grip tightened significantly, a loud moan of your name slipping from his lips as his own orgasm washed over him, coming so hard he sees white. Even though you were oversensitive, he continues to ride his orgasm, lazily thrusting into you until it starts to become borderline painful. Finally, he slips out and collapses at your side, pulling your body into his chest, not caring for the fact that both of your bodies were slick with sweat.
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cosmic-rich · 2 months ago
do you perhaps have any more poly!bad batch thoughts 🤧 maybe some more uhhh naughty ones?? 👀 also i hope ur having a good day!! i love your writing 🥺
Crosshair is the roughest out of all the boys. I mean, the man is brutal in bed. He has complete control, and it's not up for bargain.
Hunter's a soft dom. He set's rules, and expects you to follow them. Even outside of the bedroom. He just has this underlying softness about him. That doesn't mean that he won't punish you. And his punishments are pretty intense. Not as bad as Crosshair's. But still. No chance of getting out of your punishments either. Good luck.
But Crosshairs punishments are just cruel. He's patient. The man will edge you for hours, make you come for hours. He'll push you right to the edge of pain, and then pull back right before it becomes too much.
Now, Tech. He's a very very soft dom. A pleasure dom. It takes a lot more for him to punish you. He's pretty lenient.
Wanna talk about that time Tech showed the rest of the boys how to make you squirt? And you know these boys are just going to make a competition out of it.
Stomach bulge. All of these boys are packing. I feel like when Cross sees his bulge for the first time, he absolutely loses it. He just didn't expect it. But he loves to lay you down so just your head hangs off the edge of his bed, and fuck your throat. Watching your bulge through your throat. It's- !!!
One time you thought it would be fun to tease Tech. Crosshair was making some snarky comments and you decided to join him, and to say it pissed Tech off would be an understatement. That was the first time he punished you. He made Cross watch (He was more than willing to stay). But it was absolutely embarrassing.
Every single one of these boys has an obsession with your ass and thighs. But Echo will lay you over his lap and just smack away. Something about how the skin ripples beneath his palm and turns red, it turns the man feral. And please for the love of god, wear some super short shorts the next day and show off those marks. He fucking loves it.
Wrecker is definitely the softest out off all the boys, probably cause he's so big and just doesn't want to hurt you.
But there was this one time during a group sesh where Crosshair just was not having it. "Oh, come on Wrecker. She can take it, can't you, doll. Go on, tell him." And once you start begging for it, babbling away, "Wan' it harder Wreck, please?" And you would let out the most pathetic whimper, Crosshair laughing in your face when Wrecker loses his resolve and just goes fucking ham. And you're gone, absolutely cock dumb. What a sight.
Crosshair and Tech's hands in particular are a fucking sight. And they reach so deep. They know, and they definitely use that against you.
Back shots. Crosshair and Hunters go to. It's hard to fight back in that position.
Mating press with Tech, and he absolutely pounds. And he gets you making such a mess.
Echo prefers the softness of you riding him, he wants you pressed as close to him as you can get. He usually takes over, throwing your legs over his shoulder and fucking you into the mattress.
Aftercare is very very important, always. You're always left spent.
It takes a while for Wrecker to get a hang of the aftercare thing, and I can almost guarantee that he goes to Echo or Tech for help the first few times.
Power play. With all of the boys. At once? Just absolutely degrading you in front of each other. Egging each other on. Them being so mean. I'm sure Cross would be the one to start it, and the rest would slowly join in until you completely submit.
And with Crosshair, gods forbid if you look at any of the other boys for help, "Don't you dare look at them. Don't you fucking dare, you look at me when I'm talking to you. You understand?" And he would grip your jaw so tight that you were sure there would be bruises left from his fingers. "yes, sir." "Speak up." "Y-yes, Sir!"
Double, maybe even triple penetration. You've only ever taken Hunter and Cross in the ass though. They love it.
I really do think Echo is a big softy in bed. I mean, he's been pretty cruel. Especially in group scenarios, but the deeper intimacy is such a big thing for him.
Hunter and Tech love seeing you tied up and helpless. Bright colors, silk, gags
Tech's more into the intricate things- spreader bars, plugs, clamps, pretty ropes. Anything to enhance your pleasure.
Tech once tied you up in the hull with a vibrator, and the boys just went about their day like everything was completely normal. But he had you tied up and gagged so well, you couldn't move at all. And it completely broke you. (I'd say this was one of the very few times you've had to use your safeword)
They made sure someone was in the room at all times, just in case. But it was Crosshair who happened to be in the room at the time, stopping everything as soon as he heard you mumble your safeword through the gag. And he took care of you so well afterwards. All the boys checking in and doting on you for a while.
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vendettaparker · 7 months ago
Peanut Butter and Extra Jelly [T.H]
Tumblr media
Summary: Tom’s long time crush on you becomes painful when you and Harrison are cast as love interests in a movie. 
Paring: Tom Holland x Actress!Reader 
Word Count: 5.8k
Warning: Suggestive themes, fake smut (very light), jealousy, probably some typos, swearing 
a/n: i have no idea how filming a movie, or auditioning for one actually goes so don’t crucify me for this. i’m pretty happy with how this turned out, especially considering that this is the most i’ve ever written for a fic. also, Burt Kreisher is one of my fav comedians in real life, he has 3 shows on neflix and a mini series.  
     Tom was not a jealous person. At least, that's what he always told himself. He prided himself in thinking he was a very level headed individual who didn’t let his emotions get the best of him. That worked best for his job anyways; always being able to control his emotions and not get in his own head. That simple, pacifistic mindset seemed to change when it came to you. 
      You were one of the many actors Tom got the pleasure to help hone their technique and work closely with. You were new to the lifestyle of Hollywood and the only roles you had before were in small indie films that never garnered too much attention. The first major role that you landed, which also happened to help kickstart your career, was in the MCU. You played the secondary villain in the third Spider-man movie. 
     Meeting the cast was a dream come true; they were all extremely helpful and they provided tons of tips and tricks in navigating the hectic schedule required for such a huge production. By the time filming wrapped up, you were considered part of their little Spider-man family. 
     Tom was easily the most helpful. Whenever he saw you struggling with anything, he offered to help. You two spent hours upon hours together in his trailer, ordering take out and practicing lines. Some nights you two planned to work through your script, but inevitably ended up falling asleep binge watching The Office, and laughing about crazy shit that happened on set that day. 
     When the movie wrapped up and you went home for a month before the press tour, you were completely unsure and nervous about what direction your career was going in. You auditioned for a few new movies, but had yet to hear from any of the directors about casting decisions. You kept in touch Tom during the month you were apart and expressed your concerns. 
     “I don’t know, Tom. I’m just so sick of waiting around and hoping that some director out there throws me a bone, ya know’?” You said on facetime, while making cookies. 
     “Yeah, I totally understand that, (Y/N/N). I had that issue a couple years ago before the Marvel movies. Trust me, you did outstanding in that role and once it gets noticed I’m positive you’ll have directors calling you, begging for you to audition.” Tom smiled warmly into the camera as he walked around his apartment in London. 
      “Yeah, easy for you to say, movie-star.” You giggled, turning your face away from the camera in hopes that Tom wouldn’t notice the blush his compliments painted onto your cheeks 
     “I’m serious! You were outstanding! Like in that one scene where you—” 
      “Tom! Tessa chewed a hole in my trousers again!” A voice came from outside of the frame, “Mate, you gotta get her to stop doing that somehow.” 
     Tom sighed, and waved his hand dismissively at the figure, “Okay, sure. I’m busy right now.” Tom looked back to the camera, “anyways, as I was saying, don’t stress about not having a new project yet, (Y/N)—” 
     “(Y/N)?” The other voice whisper-yelled. “Let me say hi!”, suddenly the phone was yanked out of Tom's hands and the video shook around a bit as Tom wrestled to get it back. Finally, the camera stilled and Harrison was on the other end smiling. “Hi, (Y/N)!” 
     “Oh, hi Harrison!” You smiled back, laughing. You'd met Harrison a few times when he visited Tom on set. “How are you?” 
     The camera started moving around more as the background behind Harrsion whizzed past. You assumed Tom must’ve been chasing him to get the phone back. 
     “I’m good! I just auditioned for a new movie. You should audition too! The main female lead’s description looks just like you.” He exclaimed, running past the kitchen to his room. 
     “Oi! Give me my phone back you div!” You heard Tom yelling in the background, no doubt in hot pursuit of Harrison. 
     “I don’t know, I'm not sure I’m prepared for a lead role.” You sighed, “What’s the movie called? I’ll look into it.” 
     “It’s called ‘Collateral Damage’, it’s a spy movie.” Harrison said, shutting the door to his room, while Tom pounded on it from the other side. “Yeah, it’d be really fun working with you. Tom constantly talks about how much fun you are on set.” Harrison wheezed out, trying to catch his breath. 
      “Aw, that’s sweet of him.” You laughed. “Well I’ve got to go. Just tell Tom he can call me tomorrow or something.” You waved at the camera. “Bye!”
     “Yup, bye.” Harrison said right before the video cut out. 
      Harrison finally opened the door to a seething Tom. Tom grabbed the phone back from Harrison and noticed that the call had ended. 
     “Dude! Why would you do that?” Tom whined. 
     Harrison just patted Tom’s back, “Sorry, mate. She said she had to go, though. I was about to give the phone back.” 
     Tom huffed and sulked for a moment. “Whatever, I’ll just call her later, I guess.” 
     Harrison nodded and smirked at how whipped Tom was. “You should just ask her out if you’re so desperate for her attention.” Harrison teased. 
     “Shut up. I’m not desperate for her attention, I just like her voice and her personality, and the way she talks, and her funny sayings, and how her hair looks when she just woke up.” 
     It was only a few days later when you received an email from the director of the movie Harrison told you about, asking for you to audition. You were ecstatic, Harrison must’ve already sent in some things about you since the director seemed adamant that you were of high interest for the role. 
     You called Tom immediately to share the good news. 
     He picked up after the third ring, “Hello, darling! How are you?” he beamed when he answered your call. He usually was the one to call you so he felt a sense of pride knowing that you were calling him for once. 
     “Tom! The director of the movie Harrison auditioned for just emailed me asking for me to audition!” You squealed excitedly. 
     “Really? That’s wonderful, love! Harrison just got the part of the lead too, so you’d be filming with him if you got it.” 
     “That’s so exciting, I’m flying to London for the audition in two days. Are you still there?” You pulled the phone away from your ear and switched it to speaker. “I’m booking the flight right now.” 
     “Yeah, I’ll be in London for another week and a half. Then we have the press tour starting in Japan.” Tom said, also switching to speaker phone to look at his calendar. “You can stay with Harrison and I while you’re here. Since we have to go to Japan together anyways.” Tom offered nervously. He really wanted you to stay in his flat with him. It’d be all cute and domestic, and maybe, just maybe, he’d spend enough time with you to not feel nervous about asking you on a date. If he was lucky, that is, but awaiting your reply he was a jittery ball of nerves. 
     “Yeah, that sounds wonderful. I won't be intruding though, right?” You said, smiling from ear to ear. Thank god you weren’t on facetime and Tom couldn’t see the stupid smile adoring your features. 
     “No, of course not. Harry will be so excited to see you. And Tessa too, she really misses you.” Tom shuffled around with his phone, shooting a quick text to Harrison letting him know you were coming to stay for a week. 
     “Ok, thanks so much, this is really thoughtful of you. I absolutely can’t wait to see you!” You gushed, finalizing your purchase of a one-way ticket to London. “K, the flight is at 2:30 pm here, it’s about 9 and a half hours, but you’re also ahead of me, so I’ll be in around..5?”
     “Yeah, that sounds right to me,” Tom chuckled, “I’ll come pick you up. I’ll wear my incognito disguise.” 
     “If you mean that stupid t-shirt you got that says ‘I’M NOT A CELEBRITY’, then maybe I’ll ask Harrison to come pick me up…”
     “That’s cold (Y/L/N).” 
     You giggled softly, “I’m sorry, Tommy. If it makes you feel better, that shirt isn’t as bad as that stupid blue beanie that you never wear correctly.”
     “How the fuck would that make me feel better? You’re killing me, (Y/N/N).” 
     You laughed at his over dramatic reaction, “Sorry that you’re a sensitive babe. I gotta go now, see you soon!” You hung up before Tom could respond with a sassy quip. Then immediately after you received a text:
Tommy: The second you get here I’m bout to 👊 
     Tom called Harrison up after you got off the phone, he needed to make sure his best friend wouldn’t say or do anything to embarrass him in front of you. 
     “Tom, don’t you think this is a bit obsessive? I mean, she’s only staying with us for a week and you already know her so well from spending all that time filming with her.” Harrison sighed, sick of listening to Tom ramble about every possible embarrassing situation he could be put in, in the coming week. 
     “Yeah, yeah, you’re right. It's no big deal. But don’t mention that time I accidentally shit my pants at the club, or that time I got hit in the head with a golf ball ‘cus I got distracted by a flock of geese, or that time a got chased by a flock of geese, or—”
     “Geez, mate. At this point we might as well not even talk to her.” Harrison chuckled, thinking of all the stories he could bring up about Tom around the dinner table with you. Tom really was just a walking ball of embarrassing moments. 
     “Stoppp ittt,” Tom whined, “when we were on set it was usually just the cast and Harry around, but you? You could do some real fucking damage to my love life, Haz.” 
     “What love life?” Harrison barked out, laughing. 
     Tom then hung up and began praying to whatever god was out there that this week could go by without a hitch, and then you and him would be on your way, together, to Japan. 
     The whole week spent in London actually went really well, especially the audition. Tom and Harrison both accompanied you for moral support, well Harrison actually had to be there to be your scene partner, but it was still nice knowing he supported you. 
     The director shook your hand and you went through the normal formalities before beginning your scene with Harrison. It was a quick scene with a monologue in it. The main premise of the movie was all about choosing love over work, especially in dangerous, life-threatening scenarios. The scene you used to audition with Harrison was the scene where the main character, Lincoln, and his lover interest, Mallory, were arguing, trying to push each other away to keep each other safe. The scene had a lot of raw emotion that you were able to tap into, and the directors gave your performance a standing ovation once the scene concluded. 
     They said that they’d get back to you within the next few days, but they also mentioned how the chemistry between you and Harrison was off the charts, leaving you hopeful. Tom and Harrison both gave you hugs and pats on the back. Tom had watched the whole scene unfold and he was in complete and utter awe of your talent. Part of him was annoyed that he didn’t audition for the movie and a chance as your love interest. But Harrison deserved this big break and so did you, so he was hopeful of the outcome being something that benefitted both of his best friends. 
    After the audition the rest of the week went by nearly perfectly. The real kicker was when Tom’s family invited you and Harrison to join them for dinner. Tom had not anticipated his mom asking you to come to family dinner, so he wasn’t able to stop the embarrassing anecdotes his mom told on his behalf. 
     “Tom had the cutest little tush,” Nikki exclaimed, placing the old homemade scrapbook in your lap and flipping through a couple of pages. “See look,” she happily pointed to a picture of Tom as a toddler in a bath, surrounded by bubbles, his little bum poking through them. 
     Tom sat uncomfortably on the sofa next to you, cringing at the now 21 year old photo of him. He expected you to also cringe along, or worse case scenario, get up and make a flimsy excuse to leave his crazy family, but you just chuckled along with Nikki and continued making your way through the scrapbook, making little comments here and there. 
     “Oh, and this one,” Nikki said, pointing to a photo of Tom crying and Sam holding up a superhero action figure triumphantly, “that was Tom’s favorite toy, but when Sam saw how much Tom liked it, he made an effort to always be playing with it when Tom came into the room and he wouldn’t share.”
     You giggled at the little whiny face Tom made in the picture, and turned to him, replicating it on your face, making fun of him. Tom laughed along and playfully shoved you. He adored how well you seemed to fit in with his family and his feelings for you only multiplied. 
     The week in London was one of the best in your life. You didn’t realize how much you missed Tom until you got to the airport and he was there waiting for you, unfortunately in his stupid blue beanie, and no, it wasn’t on right, his big ears poked out of it horrendously. 
     The last day you had in London before you and Tom went to Japan, you finally received a call about the audition. The director called you to congratulate you on getting the part, and he sent you numerous emails about scheduling, where to be, and when. Harrison was elated to have a familiar face playing his love interest on screen, and Tom was over the moon excited for you, this on top of the Spider-man movie coming out, you were certainly becoming a force to be reckoned with. 
     You spent the night celebrating at a club, Harry and Sam also showed up to party with you. The night was still young and the club was already packed and in full swing. Tom ordered two shots for each of you to start off the night before he was whisked away by a few fans to sign autographs. When he didn’t return you took it upon yourself to have his shots, giving you an extra edge to help spice up your night. 
     Harrison found Tom in the corner of the club talking to some fans. But throughout his whole time taking pictures with them, he couldn’t help but glance at you every once and a while. You looked so carefree and beautiful, dancing around in your shiny silver top and leather leggings. 
      “Tom.” Harrison interrupted Tom’s gawking and directed his attention to the small group of fans Tom was with. 
     Tom nodded and finished up his pictures and autographs before wishing them all a good and safe night. Once he reached you, you engulfed him in a bone crushing hug. 
     “Thank you for such a great time in London, Tommy.” you slurred, already feeling the impact of the four shots you took. “I had the best time of my whole life.” You pecked his cheek and pulled him close to dance with you. 
     The following month or so on the press tour was a once in a lifetime experience. You travelled to more cities than you even knew the name of and you had all of your friends by your side. More so, you had motivation to remain approachable and well liked by fans considering that you were moving up in the industry. Some interviews were mostly for Tom, Zendaya, and Jacob. Your role in the movie was big enough for you to be needed for some interviews, and most people were genuinely interested in getting to know you, but there were also a handful of press activities that you weren’t included in, which you didn’t mind. 
     When you didn’t have anything to do for an hour or so, you would text Harrison and send him funny memes. He was quickly becoming one of your closest friends; you had already created a surplus of inside jokes with him just over the phone. 
     Tom noticed how you were always laughing at your phone or rapid fire texting. Even when you were being interviewed, Tom could faintly hear the buzz of your text message notifications going off. 
     “Tom,” you snapped in front of his eyes, “did you need something?” 
     “Huh?” Tom blinked a few times, “Uh—no, sorry.” Tom’s cheeks flushed pink, embarrassed for having been caught staring at you. He couldn’t help it though, you were dressed so pretty that day. You had your hair done up in two bubble braids and you wore his pink sweatshirt over your yellow sundress. 
     “Okay then.” You smiled at him. You went back to your phone, reading what Harrison had just texted you. “What was the name of that comedian we watched the other night?” 
     “The one on Netflix?” 
     You hummed out a yes, tapping away at your phone. 
     “Burt Kreisher, why?” Tom asked, leaning over to your chair to try and catch a glimpse of who you were texting. When he saw the contact name “Hazzy”, he couldn't stop the little angry pit of jealousy that started in his stomach. Sure, you were here with him now, not with Harrison, but when you two were apart you also texted him nonstop, and the texts seemed to all be inside jokes, which was something you also shared with him that he held near and dear.
     “I made a joke referencing him to Harrison and he didn’t get it. Fucking nerd.” You chuckled, texting Harrison a link to the skit you were referring to. 
     Tom chuckled along, but he couldn’t help but frown slightly at how bright your smile was when Harrison replied. 
     The press tour and premiere of the movie seemed to go by lighting fast. You’d never been to a premiere for a production this big, and your nerves for the red carpet were starting to get to you. 
     You and Zendaya were stuffed into a hotel room with both of your respective teams, both trying to rapidly get both of you ready for the event. 
     “So when do you start filming for your next project?” Zendaya asked, she sat in front of a broadway-equse mirror, bright bulbs of light giving a luminescent glow to her already near flawless complexion. She hadn’t even finished her makeup yet and she was so pretty.  
     “In a month, I have to go back to London next week.” You said, sifting through the opinions you brought for dresses. You brought three options, just in case you changed your mind after seeing yourself in the dress. “Harrison and I are going to go over the scripts together and we were also told to go out in public a few times; for press and whatnot.” 
      “That’s exciting!” Zendaya mused, she glanced at the clock and gave her hairdresser some instructions about how much time she had to do hair. “It’s a good thing you guys are already friends. I remember when I filmed ‘The Greatest Showman’ I didn’t know many of the actors personally, so we had to go out together and do press all while being almost strangers. It was a bit nerve wracking.” Zendaya smiled at you fondly, she was like an older sister to you during this whole movie-making process, she constantly had your back. 
     “Yeah, I mean I’ll probably be in a situation like that at some point, but for my first lead role it’s nice to be working opposite a friend.” You smiled back, finally deciding on the red, sequined dress. 
     You both sat and worked through the makeup process in comfortable silence. 
     “So you and Tom…” Zendaya broke the silence and looked at you with a smirk on her face. 
     “What?” You looked at her with a dumbfounded look, before nervously laughing, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
     “Don’t play dumb, (Y/N/N).” She poked your arm and laughed, “He’s literally obsessed with you.” 
     You laughed at how ridiculous that sounded. A movie star, and very famous movie star at that, obsessed with you? You? Impossible. 
     “Yeah no, sorry but you got the wrong girl, babe.” You sighed, pulling out your phone to snap and selfie with her for your instagram story. You quickly snapped a pic of the two of you, her kissing your cheek, leaving a small, faint lipstick mark. “I mean it’d be nice,” you back tracked, “but I’m sure that’s just my wishful thinking.” 
     “What wishful thinking? I thought you were a pessimist?” Zendaya chuckled, taking her own photo with you to post later. 
     “I am, but I can’t help but indulge a bit.” 
     Before you knew it, you were back in London, staying in a rented out flat for the next three to four months. Harrison was kind enough to come over to help you set up a work space, but he also offered you to spend most of your time at his place. Since Tom was in New York, doing interviews about the new Spider-man movie and having meetings with the Marvel Cinematic Universe team to try and gauge his future in the MCU, he wouldn’t be around for almost a month, so Harrison offered up Tom’s office when you needed to go over a scene by yourself and wanted a place that was already set up. 
     The days of filming seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. Most of your scenes were with Harrison, and he was the perfect scene partner. He rarely messed up, but if he did then he was quick to use it as an opportunity to improvise. His skills weren’t as well honed in like Tom’s, but it was obvious that their style ranged from a similar source. 
     The main thing about this movie that you were excited, but extremely nervous for, were the two sex scenes. The first one is at the beginning, where the two leads give in to each other for a night, then there's some implied stuff in between, and the last one is when the two leads part ways for the final time at the end of the movie. The first one had to be rough, fast, and needy, whereas the second one was direct to be more slow, thought out, and sensual. 
      Both were extremely stress-inducing to film. Harrison had also never done any scenes like this before, so he was on the same boat as you. Thankfully you had an amazing director and stunt coordinator to work with and with the help of other crew members, the scenes were mapped out so that it wasn’t too much improv or guessing on your part. 
     The first intimate scene you shot actually happened to be the one at the end of the movie. That scene was more tame and dealt with more emotional subtexts than physical. Since you filmed that one first, you went into filming the next one with more confidence. It only took a few days to get the first scene down to perfection, so with this newfound confidence, it shouldn’t take too long to get the next one done. 
     On the days you shot intimate scenes, you only needed to wear the costume you wore before the scene and then you changed into a robe with nude underwear underneath. The bits with the outfit on before were already shot, so the director called a 30 minute break until you could begin shooting the actual sex part. 
     You were standing by the snack table, eyes scanning the table for any more muffins leftover from breakfast. The robe you wore made your skin prickle whenever a draft came onto set. 
     Just as you had found the muffin you were looking for, a pair of warm hands covered your eyes. 
     “Guess who!” An all too familiar warm, British accentuated, voice called. 
      You turned around in his arms, effectively nudging his hands from your face, and soon you were met with the warmest hazel eyes. Eyes that you missed so much this past month. 
      “Tommy!” You squealed and thrusted yourself into him in a hug. He immediately reciprocated it and wrapped your body in warmth. “What’re you doing here?” You asked once you let go of him. 
      “Harrison gave me the location so I could come watch you film. I just got home, like, two days ago.” Tom eyed you up and down, not realizing what little you had on. “Um—are you wearing anything under that?” He pointed up and down your figure. 
     “Nope, today and tomorrow we’re scheduled to film the sex scene.” You said casually, doing a silly twirl. Tom gulped. 
     “A s-sex scene?” He choked, “I didn’t know you guys had one.” 
     “Yup,” you smirked, “two actually, this is my first one ever, Haz’s too, I think. Well actually, we filmed the sex scene at the end of the movie last week.” 
     “Yeah… t-that’s cool.” Tom smiled weakly. 
     Right as you were about to continue your conversation with Tom, an arm swung over your shoulder and pulled you close. Harrison smiled at the both of you. He wore a similar robe to yours, except he left the front open. His plaid boxers on full display. 
     “Don’t listen to her, Tom. She’s a natural.” Harrison pinched your cheeks. Tom clenched his jaw at the comment. He knew Harrison hadn't meant to imply anything with it, but he couldn't help but hear the hidden meaning behind the otherwise innocent compliment. 
      You giggled and pushed his hand away, “Only ‘cus my scene partner is so darn cute.” You retaliated, poking and tickling his pecs. 
      This kind of goofy banter was normal between you and Harrison, but Tom hadn’t seen either of you in so long. He also had never seen you two interact so fluently with each other. He watched the interaction with a tight-lipped smile, nodding along and shrugging every once in a while to seem like he was paying attention. In reality though, he couldn’t pry his thoughts away from how close you were to Harrison. 
     “Ok everyone! Places! Let’s wrap this scene up and put it to rest today!” Your director called. You and Harrison smiled and waved goodbye to Tom. Harrison pointed to a chair in the room that had a nice view of the set where Tom could watch. Tom nodded and walked over to the chair, enthusiasm for watching you work completely dissipating. 
     The scene started off rough right off the bat. The second the director said ‘Action!’ you and Harrison were practically pouncing on each other. Harrison had you pressed up against the wall and you were both breathing heavily. He was leaving sloppy, wet kisses down your neck, then across your collar bones. Your moans, which Tom always imagined to sound like music to his ears, sounded too real for his liking. But no matter how much he tried to look away, his eyes were glued to the two bodies moving fluidly with one another. 
     “Cut! Cut!” The director yelled, effectively ending the scene. You and Harrison pulled apart and he gave you a peck on the cheek, as in saying ‘good job’. “That was good, but Harrison,” The blonde nodded, awaiting further instruction. “You gotta be a little rougher, hm?” 
     Harrison nodded along with the critique. “(Y/N)?” the director moved his attention to you, “would it be okay if Harrison marked you up? Just a few hickeys to really sell the illusion. We can do without, though, if you feel uncomfortable.” 
     Tom overheard the interaction and internally hoped that you were too uncomfortable for that, but deep down he knew you would do it. You were never the type to stray away from a challenge. 
     “Yeah, that’s fine.” You nodded, chest still heaving from the scene. You looked at Harrison. “Is that okay with you?” 
     Harrison nodded, a shy smile tugging at his lips. Yeah, you guys have been working at this scene for days now, but he’d never been rough enough to leave marks. He’d be lying if he said the thought didn’t invigorate him. 
     So the scene started from the top, you pressed up against the wall, all your weight shoved between the flimsy wall of the set and Harrison’s strong arms. Harrison did exactly as the director required, leaving noticeable dark spots across the top of your chest. Unlike your previous moans, which had just been for show, this new roughness in his actions tore real moans from your lips. 
     Tom sat uncomfortably in his chair, wishing he picked a different day to visit you on set. He shifted around, watching twin moans pull from both you and Harrison’s throat. He watched as you nipped at Harrison's ear as he faux thrusted into you. The jealousy that had pitted itself in his stomach soon turned to self-loathing. You looked really into the scene, he couldn’t help but feel like he was intruding. He knew you were a great actress, but he couldn’t believe that this was all acting. In his eyes, he believed that some part of you must wish that this was real. And part of you did like this scenario, but you wouldn’t have picked Harrison to be opposite you in this little fantasy. 
     Your moans and Harrisons both grew louder, leading up to the climax as scripted. Tom, not wanting to watch anymore exited the set quickly before he could watch the scene end. 
     You and Harrison finished up, gaining applause and praise afterwards from the director and crew members on set. 
     “Where’s Tom?” You asked, scrambling back into your robe and smoothing out your now roughed up hair. 
     Harrison, now noticing the absence of his best friend, began to feel a bit guilty. He knew Tom had a thing for you, maybe he should’ve told Tom not to visit set today. 
     “Um, (Y/N)?” He mumbled, pulling you aside slightly. 
     “Yeah?” You still looked around for Tom a bit, heart sinking when you realized that he must've left without saying goodbye. 
      “I shouldn’t be the one telling you this,” Harrison began, drawing your full attention, “but Tom really likes you. He always downplayed it, so I didn’t realize how much, but I think watching this scene might’ve upset him a bit.” Harrison looked towards the exit, no doubtedly where Tom left through, out into the parking lot. 
     “Oh—oh!” You gasped, feeling terribly for having put Tom in such an awkward position. “I didn’t know he felt the same.” You whispered, smiling softly to yourself. Guess Z was right after all. You pulled away from Harrison, “I’ll go talk to him.” 
      Tom didn’t go far. He still wanted to be there to support you; he didn’t want to come off as a jealous prick, but he couldn’t keep watching that intimacy between you and his best friend. He sat on the curb outside of the building the set was built in. A few people passed him going to their designated buildings on the lot, but he didn’t pay any mind to them, too lost in his thoughts. He needed to tell you sooner rather than later how he felt. No time to be a pussy anymore. 
     “Tom?” You walked up next to his sitting figure, still only in a robe, tightly wrapped around you. He looked up to acknowledge you, mumbling a soft ‘Hey.’ before looking back down, trying to collect his thoughts and courage. It’s now or never. 
     You sat beside him and rested your head on his shoulder. “Harrison told me something interesting in there,” You paused for a moment before continuing, “about you.” 
     Tom’s head shot up, and he looked at you with frantic eyes, only imagining the worse. There were too many things Harrison could’ve told you about Tom to sully your image of him. 
     “Whatever it was, he's a lying prick!” Tom rushed out. 
     You giggled, lifting your head up to look him in the eyes, his dark hazel eyes boring into yours. 
     “That’s a shame then,” You shrugged, “considering I like you too.” 
     Tom breathed out a sigh of relief, before looking back at you, doing a double take. 
    “Wait, what?” 
     “Mhm, yeah.” You said casually, standing up. “But since Harrison’s a liar then I suppose he was wrong.” You teased. 
     “No!” Tom grabbed your wrist and pulled you back next to him, but his aim was a bit off and you ended up in his lap. “He lies about a lot, but not about this.”
     You smiled at him, “I should hope not, considering I’m crazy about you.” 
     Tom couldn’t help the smile that beamed across his face, but then he noticed the marks left on you by Harrison. Remembering why he was insecure in the first place, he looked away. 
     “What about Harrison?” He asked. You looked at him utterly confused. Tom caught on and explained further. “You looked like you were really into that scene with him.” 
     You giggled and pinched Tom’s cheek, turning it red. “I’m an actress, you idiot.”
     Tom scoffed, “I know that. It’s just— I didn’t realize you could fake that kind of love.” 
     You looked at Tom’s downcast face. You leaned in and kissed his neck, just under his jaw. You nipped and sucked softly, leaving a nice, dark pink blotch that would go away in a few days under his jaw and he whimpered softly.
     “I’d never fake that kind of love with you.” You grabbed his face, holding it gently in your hands. “I’d never have to.” You whispered, pulling him in for a kiss, soft and sweet. 
     Tom pulled you closer, resting a hand on the small of your back, kissing back fervently. 
     The short make-out session being cut short by the door to the set bursting opened. Harrison rushing out, now dressed in slacks and a white button up for the next scene you needed to shoot that day. 
     “(Y/N)! Hair and makeup need you.” You lugged yourself off of Tom’s lap, promising to talk to him after you finished for the day. You went back inside, jokingly blowing a kiss to Harrison on your way. 
     Harrison stayed outside and sat next to Tom. 
     “Did she confess first?” He asked after a moment of silence. 
     “Yup.” Tom smiled happily, licking his lips, tasting the strawberry chapstick he saw you put on earlier. 
     “You owe me 10 pounds then, you wimp.” 
     “Oh, fuck off.” Tom groaned, promptly pulling ten pounds out of his wallet and handing it to Haz. 
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chimoona · 7 months ago
Stay | Yandere JJK
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yandere!Sub!Jungkook x Fem!Dom!Reader Genre: Smut, Yandere Word Count: 5.4K Rating: M (18+) Synopsis: You had only touched Jungkook once before; a greeting and a farewell all in one motion. Just one night and you would never see him again—you promised. Nearly a month had passed and he couldn't take it anymore. The memory of your touch, fading with each passing minute. So there he was, despite his better judgement, calling you again. Warnings: Obsessive, possessive and manipulative behavior, masturbation (M), stalking, kleptomania, dominant and submissive dynamics (y/n is a bit yandere’ll see), dirty talk, cursing, so much teasinggg, degradation, humiliation, orgasm denial (whiney needy Koo wants to nut so bad), finger sucking, begging, gagging with lingerie (whew boy), rough body marking, rough unprotected sex, creampie. 
A/N: This is one of the many fics that’s sat in my WIPs for months and months. Good news...I finally mustered up the creativity to finish it! A big thank you to @sombreboy​, who gave me lots of positive reinforcement along the way—chu chuu ♡ I hope you all enjoy, please lmk if you love it!
Tumblr media
Jungkook missed the way your lips felt so soft wrapped around his cock. If he closed his eyes and thought hard enough, he could almost feel it again; your throat tightening and releasing as it burned for breath.
You had only touched him once before; a greeting and a farewell all in one motion. Just one night and you would never see him again—you promised.
That night haunts his memory, the one night he can’t stop thinking about. You stood there, as beautiful as could be, wearing a floral sundress that showed too much skin.
“Y/n?” He called as he approached you. You didn’t respond right away, likely assessing whether he was the man you’d been speaking to online for several weeks. He, on the other hand, recognized you right away.
He complimented you on your outfit and not so slyly admired your legs, staring just a little too long. He admitted you were much taller than he thought you’d be. 
How could he, in all his extensive research, not know how tall you were? 
He’d looked at every photo of you available online, and then some. He mentally slapped himself for missing such a crucial detail, only making him wonder what else he could have possibly overlooked...
“Is that a deal breaker?” You asked, seemingly salivating over his appearance too. 
He was dressed head to toe in oversized athleisure, all black. His dark hair poked out of a ball cap so all you could see were his large eyes peeking curiously over a cotton breathing mask. You smiled shyly as he tugged the mask down to rest below his chin, revealing pouty blush lips and a cut jawline.
“No.” He bit his lip the tiniest bit, probably unnoticeable to you. His eyes flicked down the length of your body. “I like it,” he admitted.
That was an understatement. He loved it. His cock stirred at the thought of your long legs wrapped around his hips, grinding in sync with his upward thrusts; head thrown back with labored breaths. 
He took note of how eager you seemed to be, wearing such a short dress on a first date. He didn’t take you for an easy girl, but there you were. Half naked in broad daylight, practically quivering at the sight of him. At the back of the cafe in his favorite hidden booth, he thought of how easily he could inch that flimsy material above your thighs. He wanted to play with you until you were muffling moans into small bites of a summer peach scone. 
He vowed to be good, but you just couldn’t keep your hands off of him. He didn’t want to take things too far, but you kept touching his hand, feeling his bicep, grazing your knee to his. His eyes were wide and dark, demanding more despite his stringent rules. You just couldn’t keep your hands to yourself, snaking them below his waistline, engulfing his length in your silk palm on the drive to your place.  
The night came in waves. Like a jumpy daydream, moving from one indulgent fantasy to the next. 
He pushed past the point of no return. To you it was likely a stepping stone to a deeper understanding. To him, it was so much more—farther than he intended to go, yet you served him well. 
You were the most beautiful host as you slipped that sundress over your head and climbed into his lap, creaking the coils of your plaid garage sale couch. Lips hungrily latched together and tongues tangled for dominance. In the end, you were so compliant and eager to please, still protected by your underwear as Jungkook rutted against you. 
Through breathless kisses and harsh nips against your smooth neck, it was agreed. It would be a one-time thing. 
“Sure,” he nodded, casually, thinking he could be fine with that. It could be enough. 
But you tasted him. You slunk down between his legs, baring your perky breasts, and tugged off his jeans and briefs. You stroked him gently before capturing his length between your petal lips. Swirled his tip with effortless swipes of your tongue until he shook for release. 
You locked eyes on his stern face in a whimper, tasting his cum as it filled your mouth. You didn’t bat an eye and swallowed it completely. 
God, he had never seen such an arousing sight. It was supposed to be enough.
Yet, there he was, not even 24 hours later, calling to hear your voice. It wasn’t his fault he kept calling...and calling. Why did you keep answering? You knew how much he liked you.
He was so shy and courteous the first time he called, allowing you to speak as long as you pleased, fully engrossed in whatever passed your lips. Truth is, he couldn’t get you off his mind, not for a second. He knew you couldn’t get him off your mind either.
“I get too attached,” you sighed. 
He thought, ‘It’s okay, me too,’ but didn’t say it out loud. He couldn’t begin to make you understand his devotion. He was already in too deep. 
A couple weeks passed and he got needier, asking for selfies, loving the fact they were taken just for him. You’d get creative with your outfits, exposing a little more of yourself each time. 
Another week passed and he boldly sent you a gym selfie; his lean body damp with sweat after a hard workout. It was a big step for him to be vulnerable with you, but he did it effortlessly. It was as easy as slaking his thirst on a hot day. 
And now—
Nearly a month had passed and he couldn't take it anymore. The memory of your touch, fading with each passing minute.
So there he was, despite his better judgement, calling you again.
Tumblr media
God, you sounded sweeter each time. If only he could hear you every day. It took a lot of restraint not to call you more. 
“Hi...” He tries to muffle the slick sound of skin on skin. The wet smacks of his hand gliding around his rock-hard length would tell you exactly what’s happening. 
But, alas—
“Tell me what you’re doing, Jungkookie. You sound out of breath.”
“R-right now?” He shies away from the phone clutched in his trembling hand, cheeks blushing as you put him on the spot. “Nothing. What…uh—what are you doing?”
“Nuh-uh. I asked first.”
“Just…got back from the gym. That’s all,” he looks down at his lap and becomes ashamed by his response. What would you think if you saw him openly fucking into his fist to the tone of your voice while the other held your crumpled panties?
Jungkook quivers as he tries to stop stroking, but he’s too worked up. He waited all day until he could hear you, rewarding his own patience. His adrenaline is coursing after a particularly strenuous workout—that wasn’t a lie. Achy muscles and all, he plopped on his bed and skimmed your photos until he couldn’t help but touch. Pulled out his small collection of mementos like the lipstick-stained napkin you dabbed the corners of your mouth with at the cafe.
“Baby,” you speak, calm and soothingly, just how you’ve probably learned he likes it, “Are you touching yourself again?”
He replies with a soft moan. It’s embarrassing, but he can’t lie. 
“I can hear you,” you hum from the other line. “Does it feel good, Kookie? Are you teasing your thick cock for me?”
You’ve memorized his weak spots. You know exactly how to fan the flame to make him melt into a puddle. 
Jungkook picks up the pace at your approval and lets out a slightly louder moan. “Feels good—ahh... W-wish it was you.”
He envisions you just as he remembers, leaning into his lap, starry-eyed from kissing. You palmed him over his pants until he was hard and heavy, begging you to take him out. Your soft hand enveloped his length and trailed expertly over his tip which made him squirm impatiently. He tries the technique with his own hand but whines when it’s not enough.
His swears he heard you whimper from the other side. Is this effecting you just as much? He really hopes so. 
“You’re making me hot. It’s not fair,” he whines. 
“Am I?”
“You’re so cute,” he laughs lightly into the receiver, choked out by a hitch in his breath.
“Kookie?” Your angelic voice calms his nervous jitters. “Why do you keep doing this to yourself?”
Jungkook slows his pace, distracted by your question. 
“What do you mean?”
“You know what I mean. Don’t you want more?”
Of course he wants more. He wanted more that first night but felt selfish taking it. He wanted to bury himself so deep in your cunt that your mind would reset and the only word you could process was his fucking name. 
“I…want more...ugh—“ He gasps as he rolls his slicked fingers over his tip and pumps back into his fist. “B-but...”
He can hear you shuffling on the other end. It sounds like you’re pulling open drawers and stuffing things into a bag. Your car keys jingle. Your feet pad faintly on the hardwood floor. 
There’s a long pause until you’re back again, and he patiently waits until he can hear you speak once more.
“Where are you, Kookie?”
He stiffens at your question, unsure if he’s ready for a guest. But he’s so needy it hurts.
“…My apartment.”
“Text me the address.”
Jungkook bucks into his hand and feels a bead of sweat roll down the back of his neck. His mouth feels paralyzed, unable to push out words as quickly as he processes them. He’s never had someone come to his apartment. Not like this at least. Not someone like you.
“I’ll come over. Maybe wear something cute for you.”
He stills his movements and curses softly into the phone. A smile creeps onto his face. “I’ll text you the address. Just come up—I’ll let reception know I’m expecting a visitor.” 
“Yeah, just a visitor.”
He laughs lowly into the receiver and tongues the inside of his cheek. His hand is itching to continue stroking, but he tucks himself back into his sweats and promises to save himself for you. 
“I’ll wait here then. Please…hurry.” 
“Bye, Jungkook.”
He can almost hear you smile over the phone. You sound nonchalant but he really hopes you’re as impatient as he is.
“See you soon, y/n.” 
Tumblr media
Getting him to share his address was easy enough. Makes you wonder what took that boy so long to invite you over. Well, he didn’t necessarily invite you over—you invited yourself. Despite his horny and vulnerable state, he seemed eager to see you again too. God knows your heart was pounding the second his location pin pinged on your screen.
Knocking on his door was a bit harder. Makes you wonder if maybe you were too forward. 
“Y/n?” You hear him call from the other side of the door.
He pops it open and greets you in a jaw-dropping fit. The boy sure loves to dress in black. Black turtleneck that hugs his chest tight, tucked into skinny black jeans, paired with thick black combat boots. It’s as if he crawled into your mind to discover your turn-ons and brought them out to be a tease. 
“Hi, Kookie.” You’re feeling not quite yourself—a little intimidated and nervous. Now that he’s here, right in front of you, you nearly forget how to speak. 
You step forward to give him a hug, painfully aware that you’ve only ever met him in-person once before, yet the feeling of his body is burned to your memory. 
“You look…well.” So fucking well.
Jungkook returns your awkward smile with one of his own, “So do you.” He eyes you up and down, noticing right away that you made good on your promise to wear something cute—a strappy dress that reaches mid-thigh. Then he tongues the inside of his cheek and looks down the apartment hallways anxiously. “Coming inside?”
You nod and follow him into his large home, greeted by the gentle scent of vanilla candles. The lighting is low, just enough to cast a romantic aura over your joined bodies. Calming acoustic guitar thrums low on a record player in a corner of the room, and you find your body naturally swaying as you walk in deeper while Jungkook’s arm wraps possessively around the small of your waist.
“It smells lovely in here. Vanilla’s my favorite.” 
“Thank you,” he smirks, shaking his fluffy hair out of his face, “Hmf, I should have known.”
You quirk your eyebrow at him. “How could you have known?”
“O-oh, well—you...smell good. You have good taste.” The apples of his cheeks glow with a light blush. 
“So do you,” you breathe sharply as he dips his lips to graze his earlobe with brazen confidence and holds you tight at the center of the room. 
”Mm, sweet, like roses.” He nuzzles into your neck and sucks at the skin softly. His hands waste no time in finding the hem of your shirt and tugging it up, but you had no intention of letting him get this far this quickly.
Needless to say, you have plans of your own.
Just as you did the last time, every move was on your terms. He may not have noticed it at the time, but he certainly will now. Now that you’re dripping wet, hot and bothered from hearing him moan and slide his slicked tapered fingers over the length of his pretty cock. Teasing you, night after night. Torturing you with the calming caress of his angelic tenor as it whines into the receiver. 
His cock is so pretty, from what you remember, but you’ve nearly forgotten what it looks like in detail. 
“No, no, baby,” you tut with wide doll eyes and a knowing smirk, “No yet.”
Jungkook’s hands linger on the bare flesh of your hips for a second before falling to his sides. He looks only slightly dejected as his endearing pouty lips purse to ask why. 
“What do you mean? I thought we—that you wanted to, you know. With me…”
He’s so precious, damn-near close to tears. Hands twitch at his sides to ravish you further. Like any warm-blooded woman with needs, you can’t resist a second longer. You silence him with a passionate kiss and press your thigh to his aching shaft, still so prominent and rigid beneath his hard denim jeans. Mouths part and lips envelop one another in fervid desperation. It’s truly been a long-time coming as you’ve waited to touch his warm skin to yours. To feel him turn to putty in your palms.
It was one thing to hear him pleasure himself over the phone, which he thought he was so sly in doing. It was likely done as a sign of respect, not wanting to push things too far. It was another thing to tease you with it over and over, given you were never supposed to meet again.
Why was that agreed upon?
“I told you, I get attached easily.” You remind him as you break the kiss to firmly push him to a black leather sofa. “I told you to stay away, Jungkook. But you just kept calling, didn’t you?”
Hands brace on the taut muscles of his thighs as you lower yourself down between his legs, just like you did last time. Only this time, you lean forward to give him a hard nip to his plump bottom lip, which makes him groan in surprise. You’re getting rougher with him. Your patience has grown thin. Weeks of torment—forced to touch yourself, alone, after he hangs up to finish. 
Jungkook gasps when you cup his twitching cock, eyes gleaming in visible shock. “I wanted to stop, but—”
“But the photos weren’t enough, hm? Greedy baby,” you giggle, seizing the opportunity to feel the exposed skin of his slender hips, then to drag nails down his tensed abs. 
“Wanted to-ah—wanted to hear your voice. Then it was easier to...imagine.”
“Imagine me in this position?” You fuss with his belt buckle until it falls open and grants you the freedom to tug down his tight pants, which you do quickly.
“Dirty boy,” you tut, but can’t conceal the pleased smile that forms. “Bet you imagined fucking me too.”
He swallows hard. “Many times.”
“How would you do it?” You motion for him to join you on the floor, knelt on a thick white rug at the center of the living room. “Show me.” 
That one night, the one neither of you can stop thinking about, you fell head-over-heels for his dedicated restraint. His body shook to stay still while you lapped at his pearly precum and swirled your tongue teasingly up and down his erection. You couldn’t count the amount of times you sensed his breaking point, but he allowed you to carry on and please him as you wished. Not once did he attempt to slip off your panties or take it further than you permitted. 
It was a test and he passed with flying colors. 
He has no idea that he belongs to you now, even as he dutifully follows your orders and meets you on the rug, scooching off his pants. His wide doe eyes seek yours for approval before looming over your body and coaxing you to lay on your back. 
“I’d want to look at you while I did it. Fuck you really this.” He directs by lifting your legs over his shoulders and using his strength to raise your ass off the floor. Your dress rides up your thighs and exposes your black silk panties, which are already sticky with arousal. 
All of your steeled bravery and mirth dwindle in the heat of his arms as they wrap themselves around your legs. You feel lightheaded as you lean forward and bury your face into his chest to breathe in the sweet musk of his post-workout sweat. Slowly you match his eyes and lose yourself in the wide, darkened pools of his lustful gaze. It’s intimidating, like he could very well eat you alive. So you decide, almost instinctively, you’ll stick around long enough to find out.
“Are you hard?”
He nods and rocks his length against your cunt. “Yeah.”
“May I see?”
Jungkook lowers your legs and palms his achy shaft, averting your eyes. His confidence seems to dip when put on the spot—not as gung-ho when the attention is on him and him only. When he calls you late at night, he has the option of fading into the background to simply indulge in the auditory temptation on the other end. So it takes him a minute, and as he builds up the courage, you regain your control by guiding him to sit back on his butt.
“You’ve got such a pretty cock baby boy.” You praise him, sliding down between his legs and bracing your hands on his knees, feeling him tremble. You’re eye-level with his length which he untucks from his briefs and wraps in a firm grasp. “It’s almost too pretty to touch.”
“Please…” he whines, loosening his grip to allow you to take over.
“Hm,” you smile, pleased with his subservience, “Keep going. A little longer.” 
Jungkook groans and gives himself a couple strokes, but becomes timid, committing half-heartedly to the task at hand. He shivers as you wrap your hand around his and guide the movements. He’s bashful at first, but moves faster until you remove your hand and enjoy his solo display. 
“That’s good. You’re so good. Show me how you were doing it earlier.”
He smiles the shiest dimpled smile, so sweet and innocent. Eyes flick from yours down to his own lap. 
“You’re making me nervous."
Nervous is an understatement, he’s starting to shake. It was a slight quiver at the start but has amplified, especially as your gleaming siren eyes soak him in. That’s something he hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing during your covert phone calls—those eyes. They hook into him and silently demand that he do what he’s told. 
He quickens his pace and nearly chokes on his breath when you hover your lips over his achy tip. You’re painfully close to enveloping him, but not quite there. Instead, you spit onto his cock—the slick sounds amplifying with each stroke and involuntary buck. 
“Mhm. More, baby.” You wrap your hand around his once more and give his cock a tasteful squeeze. All this, without directly touching where he wants you the most. 
It’s your self-inflicted torment to see him in this state and you love it. The whimpers that drop to deep throaty groans when he becomes restless are a symphony all on their own. It’s understandable after all, you’ve made him wait a long time. Deliberate, of course. Everything is.
A prominent dribble of precum slides down the tip of his cock, followed by another. He needs more, but does what he’s told. He proves to be the most willing participant, and frankly, it doesn’t surprise you in the slightest. 
You knew he had a screw loose the first time you met. For starters, you saw him pluck your discarded coffee cop from the trash when he didn’t think you were looking. You watched from the corner of your eye as he stuffed it in his coat, along with your soiled napkin. It was weird. You took a pause before meeting him outside the cafe and inviting him back to your place...but that’s all it was, a pause. 
He seemed harmless enough. Just infatuated, is all. Needless to say, you weren’t surprised when you couldn’t find your panties later that night. It should have pissed you off, but you smiled instead. Let him keep his momentos. It seemed you found a kleptomaniac who was only interested in swiping your invaluables. Only interested in seeing your face, specifically at 3 a.m., when he followed you on Instagram and liked every single one of your photos from college to present. 
You’re just about to grant him the pleasure of your mouth, dipped low with your tongue out. He’s patient. He deserves this reward. That’s what you think right before you catch sight of a polaroid camera beneath the couch. 
“What do we have here?” There are photos stacked beneath the camera, which you grab eagerly with an outstretched arm.
Jungkook breaks his concentration and grasps you by the bicep with a firm grip. “N-no, don’t!” His pupils dilate to black saucers. “Give those to me. Now.” 
You’ve never heard him use this tone of voice—stern, cold, like he’s become possessed. His lips are pressed to a straight line, which he wets between sentences. You should be scared, but like any other red flag, you cast it aside. 
“Let them go, Noona.” The photos are pinched between his fingers but he doesn’t pull them away. He could, but there’s hesitance, like he can’t do it unless you want him to. 
“What’s wrong, Jungkookie? Why can’t I see?”
“It’s embarrassing…” He tries to slide them through your loosening fingers, but you pinch them tight before you lose your grip. “Please, please, I-I’ll…” he begins stroking his cock again, parting his lips to moan for you. “I’ll cum for you. Want to watch me cum? Or—” He releases his hold on the photos to cup your pussy, stroking the damp fabric against your folds and making it messy with arousal.
God is it tempting to just lay down the prints and enjoy the show. He’s less stern now and reverts to submission, aiming to please. Aiming to distract is more like it. He’s skilled with his hand, but not enough to completely divert your attention. You don’t waste a second longer and glance at the photos. The second you do, you wish you hadn’t.
“No! No, Noona,” he whines, bucking his cock into his slick fist and pinching his plump bottom lips between his teeth. “Why would you—”
“This is my car,” you bluntly state, “And my home. Jungkook, how the fuck did you…” 
The photos continue on; covert snaps of you sneaking a cigarette behind the local bar with friends, a shot of your cleavage as you bent over to tie your shoes, even a photo of you changing in your bedroom with the windows wide open, bare ass on display.
Jungkook’s hand moves faster over his rigid length. “L-look. Look at me.” 
There’s a glimmer in your eyes as they land on his blatant show. It’s so clear what he’s trying to do, and it feeds your hunger. He doesn’t even try to apologize, because he knows this is exactly what you want. 
“For you. It’s ah...all yours, if you want it.” 
Nothing seems to surprise you anymore; not even the butterflies that flit in the hollow cavity of your chest when you hear your date’s whines for touch. How could you turn a blind eye to his pathetic dumpster-diving and not see him lurking in the shadows, or the bright polaroid flashes that followed? No matter—you came to release long-harbored sexual frustration, and Jungkook was your prettiest outlet. Still is...despite his lack of boundaries.
“Is it did all this for me?” You flourish your hand in a dignified queen’s wave, hinting at the candles and vases of fresh flowers. “What about this?” His shameful photo collection lays out across the floor. “Who was this for?”
You radiate power. You know what you want and you take it. If anyone can’t respect that, it’s Jungkook. There’s no denying it makes him yearn for you more. The confident way you stand from the floor with the camera in-hand, nice and tall, and tower over his body sends a tingle down his spine. 
“I wanted be comfortable.” The man rocks his hips to seek your attention, but is met with a blinding flash of the camera. “And you’re so...pretty. I couldn’t stop. Mm—I, uh...please, don’t be mad.”
You give a playful scoff. “Baby, I’m not mad.” Maybe you are, but not in the way he thinks. Maybe you’re absolutely insane, entertaining his obsession. You invited yourself over. Walked Into his home. Made yourself comfortable.
Now you snap photos of him as he sits on the living room floor, cock still in-hand. 
“I’m...flattered. A little creeped out, but still, impressed. I think I want the same as you.” You pinch the first photo that spits from the camera and shake it in a rapid flick of the wrist. “And right there, at my feet, you look so fucking photogenic. See?”
You place the photo in his palm to develop. The tips of his ears blush as he slowly comes into view. He’s never seen himself in such a state—flustered, practically on his knees, begging for forgiveness. But you make him this way, and he wouldn’t change it for the world. 
“I like it.” A shy smile dimples his cheek. He takes his hand off his cock and crawls onto his knees to give you a better visual, clutching onto your bare legs and stroking them with his thumbs. “Take more? Anything you want, Noona. Just, please, touch me.”
Precisely what you had in mind.
“Open,” you command in a low tone. The pads of your fingers glide into his mouth and he accepts them graciously. Two at first, then three, stuffing his cute cheeks and making them puff out. “Suck.” Digits move against his tongue and press firmly until his jaw opens to take your deep. 
The way you take charge. He can’t stop staring as you stand above him, fucking your fingers into his mouth and snapping a couple photos of it. Your eyes grow wider when he boldly encircles your skin with his wet tongue. So he does it again, taking you all the way, reverberating moans as he swallows. 
“Shit. You’re loving this, aren’t you?” 
He nods but doesn’t dare speak or withdraw; not until you’ve had your fill. 
“You like having your mouth stuffed?” You scissor your fingers to coat them in his saliva, then slowly slide them out, sucking them into your own mouth to taste. “Mm. Want more, don’t you?”
A rapid nod in response, straightening his posture. He licks his lips before opening them again, pink tongue peeking out cutely.
Panties cling to your arousal now, sopping wet. So you peel it down with one hand and allow your submissive date to take them down your legs. He’s dutiful in his action, needing no more than a smile of approval to carry on. 
“Another thing to add to your collection,” you tut. “Put it in your mouth.”
And he does. Groans as the fabric touches his tongue and tastes you for the first time. 
If you stared long enough, you might have seen his eyes roll to the back of his head. But you fussed with your dress and unclasped your bra. Fell to your knees and straddled his lap; latched onto his neck and sucked possessive marks until he squirmed beneath you, hard cock twitching against your cunt. 
He’s ready. Beyond ready, as your bite marks make him choke around his new sticky gag. He lets you pin his hands above his head harshly. They dig into the rough couch upholstery and become red from the pressure. 
With a rock of your hips, you line his achy tip at your entrance and begin to sink down.
Finally, your bodies are joined. You can feel the stretch of his pretty cock fill you up. The sighs leaving both your lungs are unified, equally relieved. As you stare into his glassy doe eyes and begin to ride him, you hope he never wants to leave.
Tumblr media
It’s all he’s ever dreamed of since the moment he discovered you. The first minute was a blur—tears began to stream down Jungkook’s face when he felt you clench for the first time. 
Don’t cum...don’t cum…
Not yet...
He remained helpless, held tight to the couch as you fucked yourself onto him, breasts rubbing against his chest. He could smell the sweet scent of your skin, like roses in bloom, pressing into his flesh as you break it with hungry bites. 
It’s too much… 
He vowed to be good, but you just couldn’t stop clenching and moaning and bouncing and saying his name. Over and over, like a mantra. 
Risking an outburst, he spits out your panties and captures your lips in a fervid kiss. Matching your aggression to cum together with erotic greed. Biting you back. Sucking every part of exposed skin he can land his lips upon, up and down your neck until it matches his.
You let it happen. You’re a gorgeous fool for releasing his hands, and the animal inside breaks free. He holds you by the neck and flips you onto your back, knocking the wind out of you. But you don’t falter or try to stop him. 
You have no idea that you belong to him now, even as you take every drop of his cum and writhe on his floor, matching his thrusts with broken whines. 
“I love you,” he chokes out, dripping tears onto your hot ruddy face.
You locked eyes, wrapped your legs around his waist and shook out your orgasm until every muscle in your body trembled. Weakened by your own insatiable lust. Breathless panting, with sweaty skin sticking to one another, in a disheveled tangle of arms and legs.  
God, such an arousing sight. But he has only gotten a taste.
“I love you too,” you reply, distant to his ears. Is that what you said? Must have been...
He smiles and lets your body lay slack on the rug to catch your breath. Your eyes droop shut, likely reminiscing on the events throughout the night. 
He wants more. 
You do too, don’t you? 
He strokes your arm gently. In his mind, after tonight, there will always be more. This time, he’s too attached to let you go. 
Do you feel the same way?
As you open your eyes, he presses a desperate kiss to your lips and grabs your legs, entering you again. He thrusts with every ounce of strength he can muster and feels his cum ease the glide of his rigid cock. 
You have to stay. 
You want this, right? 
“Please, Noona...stay.”
Tumblr media
©Chimoona 2021 | Please do not edit, translate, or repost.
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theosbucky · 7 months ago
the hair - jasper h.
Tumblr media
request : i can’t find the request, but i can say that the person that requested the imagine, asked about doing a fluff imagine with the reader loving jasper’s hair.
pairings : jasper hale x fem!reader
summary : in which y/n’s got a small obsession with jasper’s hair and he figures this out and teases the crap out of her for it. 
warnings : teasing!jasper, embarrassed!reader, sensitive!reader, fluff!
word count : 1.7k.
a/n : this was requested and i've been wanting to write an imagine about jasper for awhile now, so i’m really excited about this imagine, hehe! gif creds to owner!
IT HAD STARTED OFF AS an innocent question. 
jasper and y/n were laying in her bed, on a late saturday afternoon. it was one of those rare weekends where nothing was going on that demanded the blonde vampire’s immediate attention or where y/n didn’t have a pile of homework to work on all weekend. 
throughout the past few weeks, there hadn’t been any free time for them to hang out or to go on any dates. 
jasper had been dealing with the few supernatural issues that had ensued, with his family. and usually, when the two would hang out, y/n would still have homework to do. but, jasper usually would have time for her, so when she’d have homework, he’d help her with it. he’d also make her food, since she’d always have the habit of forgetting about staying hydrated and eating snacks.
but, this saturday, in some miracle, jasper didn’t have to worry about dealing with anything with his family and y/n had shockingly didn’t have any new homework assigned for the weekend. 
jasper had come over late the night before, just really missing his girlfriend and decided to spend the night with her. so, the next morning, they’d decided that they’d just have a lazy day. 
that’s what they’re doing as of now. they were cuddling; jasper, holding her in his arms and y/n, wearing a soft look in her eyes as she plays with his curls. and then, a random thought begins to draw jasper’s attention. the question racks at his mind, not being able to shake it off. 
his curiosity starts to become so distracting, that even, y/n pauses her actions and pulls away from his embrace. she leans her head on one of the pillows, looking up at him with curious eyes as he looks down at her, brows furrowing.
“jas? what’s up?” the girl asks, starting to sit up, directing all of her attention to her boyfriend.  
he looks up at her, cocking his to the side, confusion taking over his features as he starts to sense her worry and confusion. 
she notices his expression of confusion and sighs. “i mean, you look like you’ve got something on your mind.” she states, raising her brows in question. 
his mouth shapes into an ‘o’ shape, before he nods in acknowledgement. without another thought, he decides to just blurt out his question, rather than beat around the bush about it. “what was the one thing that attracted you to me, when we first met?” he asks curiously, his southern accent evident in his tone. 
y/n’s y/e/c eyes go wide in shock, before a red tint colors her cheeks in embarrassment. out of all the questions he could’ve asked, he asks this one.
“um...” she sputters, trailing off as she looks away from her boyfriend, who looks at her curiously. her cheeks flush redder, if that’s even possible.
“darlin’.” he says, chuckling as she refuses to look up at him. “what’s got you so embarrassed about?” the blonde vampire asks, turning her towards him by turning her cheek.
“babeeee, it’s embarrassing. can’t we talk about anything else?” she mumbles, moving to bury her face in his chest, too embarrassed to face him. 
“c’mon, princess. it can’t be that bad. just tell me.” he murmurs, rubbing little soothing circles on her back.
sighing, she realizes that he’s going to be persistent with the question, until she answers him. “you promise that you won’t laugh?” she asks in a child-like voice as she pulls away from his chest, playing with the collar of his shirt, instead of looking up at her boyfriend. 
he chuckles again, grabbing a strand of her y/h/c hair and playing with it. “sweetheart, i promise, i’ll try not to laugh.” he murmurs seriously, before looking back at her as he lets the strand of hair fall back onto her shoulder. 
“it was your hair.” she says in barely a whisper, still thinking that her vampire boyfriend is going to laugh at her. 
“what?” he asks, wondering if he misheard his girlfriend. 
“it was your hair.” she grumbles, still looking down as she pulls her fingers away from his shirt. 
a small sound, like a giggle, leaves his lips. at this, y/n snaps her head up in his direction, glaring daggers at him. this causes him to snap his mouth shut, a glint of amusement in his eyes.
“you said you weren’t going to laugh.” she grumbles, cheeks red as a tomato as she shoves him lightly.
“i-i’m sorry, darlin’. i just- w-why my hair?” he stutters in between laughs. 
she sighs, refusing to look up at her boyfriend, completely humiliated that this conversation has gone from normal to humiliating. she groans as he lifts her chin up, forcing her to look him in the eye. 
“sweetheart, i promise, i won’t laugh anymore. just tell me, please.” he states seriously, gaining a little bit of her trust. 
“it’s stupid, but the first day i saw you at school, i saw your eyes, which drew me in. but...then, i saw your hair; it was hanging just above your shoulders, and i don’t know what came over me, but i caught myself wondering what it’d be like to run my fingers through your soft hair. and i’d found myself thinking like that, on countless, different occasions.” the now-flustered and nervous girl admits, taking the blonde vampire’s hand from her chin and placing it in her lap. she begins to fidget with them, before looking up, upon not hearing a response. 
as she does so, jasper struggles with not trying to laugh. but, eventually his mouth uncontrollably opens as the laughs escape, chest rumbling, only finding amusement in the situation. 
he continues to laugh, failing to notice the very sensitive teenage girl’s eyes clouding up with tears or her hurt emotions. 
of course, the two usually had inside jokes and teased one another, but this was different. she felt as if he were making fun of her, over something that she was taking the time out of her day to tell him about; just to answer his question that she didn’t even want to answer in the first place.
a trembling sigh leaves her lips, catching her boyfriend’s attention, as she starts to get up. once she’s standing at the edge of the bed and is turned away from him, she hurries her way to the bathroom. “y-you’re mean...” she chokes out in a sob, walking inside.
“sweetheart-” he starts, getting up very quickly, after hearing her tone of voice. but, he’s interrupted when she slams the door shut.
she slides down the door, locked away in the darkness as the hot tears start to stream down her cheeks. she tries to tell herself that she’s overreacting, that jasper has nothing to be at fault for. but, that just makes more tears escape. 
she starts to ask herself, why am i so emotional? he didn’t do anything wrong!
but, she’s interrupted from her thoughts as jasper calls out from behind the other side of the door. “darlin’, i’m sorry. why don’t you come out for a second, so we can talk about this?” his voice is filled with regret and gentleness. 
after hearing the anguish in his voice, y/n instantly becomes guilty. and after a few seconds, jasper sighs, starting to think that she’s not going to come out, as he silently yells at himself for making her cry. i mean, he may have laughed about it, but he was going to try and lighten the mood and convince her that she had nothing to be embarrassed about. 
but, just as the blonde vampire stands up, preparing to walk back to the bed, he hears the door knob of the bathroom twist, before y/n slowly pulls open the door. he snaps his head up, worry and guilt evident on his features as she slowly emerges from the darkness of the room, dried up tears on her cheeks and her cheeks redder than ever. 
he stays frozen, not sure of what he could say to make up for making her feel so bad. he opens his mouth, as if he’d found the right words, but before he can even speak, she rushes to him and presses her head into his chest, arms wrapping around his torso. 
“i’m sorry, jas. i o-overreacted and i didn’t mean to make you feel so guilty.” she mumbles, the tears welling up in her eyes again. this is the moment where he starts to notice the guilt and regret radiating off of her. 
“you’ve got nothin’ to apologize for. i was goin’ to try to lighten the mood with a few jokes, but i’m now realizin’ that i didn't work fast enough.” he murmurs, his accent becoming evident in his small tone.
she pulls away, sighing, as she lifts up her hands to her cheeks to wipe away the remaining tears on her cheeks. “babe, you don’t need to apologize. i know you’d never make fun of me on purpose. but, sometimes i just get too sensitive about certain things. i’m sorry.” she mumbles, feeling embarrassed for acting the way that she did. 
he shakes his head no as he grabs her hands and presses them to his lips. “sweetheart, it’s quite alright. you are allowed to get upset over things. i love you so much and i hope you know that i’d never make fun of you like that.” he murmurs against her knuckles, which brings her to let out a few giggles; giggles that absolutely warms his heart. 
“i know, jas. and i love you, too. how about we just forget this misunderstanding happened and we go back to cuddling?” she murmurs, after she stops giggling. 
he nods, a smile tugging at his lips. “yes, ma'am.” he says in his accent, causing the girl to bite her lip, in order to hide her smile as butterflies flutter in her stomach.
after that day, he’d tease her about his hair; which, didn’t bother her, because she’d realized that he wasn’t holding it against her. but, it’d quickly become one of their inside jokes and he loved that his hair had become her biggest weakness, and it did come in handy sometimes. 
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elysianslove · 5 months ago
Hiii! I loved your Iwa fluff headcanons and was wondering if you could do one with Suna? thanks <3
yesyesyes i would love to!!! iwaizumi’s version. 
Tumblr media
↬ when suna was younger, he really, really wanted a pet bunny. like he really, really loved bunnies, and would beg his parents day and night for one. he even made a really badly edited powerpoint on bunnies and why he deserves one (aside the editing, it was a very persuasive powerpoint. they filmed him while he presented it and the video haunts him to this day). his parents were relentless, though, and didn’t get him his bunny. instead, though, they surprised him with a cat. a cat isn’t as high maintenance since they’re very independent creatures, but can also be very fun. they figured any pet would make him happy. they were wrong. suna hated her so much and would never interact with her. like to the point where he nicknamed her “bitch” and now she mainly answers to that instead of her name. but all that only worked against him, and the cat just kept getting more and more attached to him.
↬ suna now loves her so much, and she’s just as attached to him. like he would kill for her, honestly. it’s his cat >>> everyone else. he has an album on his phone dedicated to pictures and videos of only her, and her bed is in his room because she always ends up sleeping there anyways. he realized later on when he grew older that a cat was the perfect animal for him, and he’s not sure if it’s a parents thing and they really knew or they were just winging it and hoping for the best, but she’s his favorite ever and he would risk it all for her.
↬ his favorite sleeping position with her would be when he’s casually laying on his back scrolling through his phone and she comes and crawls along him to lay on his chest. the warmth he feels within his chest like he just gets so giddy.
↬ suna is crazy obsessed with serial killer documentaries, horror movies, unsolved mysteries, everything like that. his favorite pastime is watching and reading these things, but honestly, it’s not even a like, “wow that’s so cool,” and more of a, “suna what is wrong with you???” type of thing, because he’s the type to have like insidious 2 in the background as he does his homework or gets ready or something. it’s kind of scary how unfazed he is with things like that.
↬ but! yeah he’s extremely brave when it comes to horror movies, borderline unhinged, but his biggest fear? his phobia, if you will? spiders. insects in general, really. he will scream like a sixth grader that’s yet to hit puberty if he sees a spider crawling near him. once he was peeing in the miya twins’ bathroom and some kind of cockroach crawling on the wall and nearly fainted. thank god he was already peeing because he would’ve pissed his pants either way. it’s so embarrassing for him, so he’s so good at hiding it. he just freezes impossibly when he notices an insect and doesn’t take his eye off of it until someone else notices it and kills it. there was this instance when they were at a training camp and he kept feeling as if something was crawling on him, but assumed it was just really hot and his skin was tingling from that. something was crawling on him, though, and it was not just really hot. Top 10 Most Traumatic Moments of his life, especially because atsumu’s first instinct was to record the whole thing.
↬ suna is extremely, and i mean extremely, touch-starved. physical touch has always made him uncomfortable for a reason unknown to him, so he never really accepted hugs or kisses from his family, and would feel so icky if he was roped into a group hug b by his teammates. so when he met you, he thought you’d be so against the fact that he’s uncomfortable with it, because who would want a partner that doesn’t wanna touch or be touched? turns out he actually craves it, and needs it badly, he just needed to take his own time and pace approaching it, and with how understanding you were, he doubted he could ever figure this out without you. he just took it slow, you know? but the more he touched you — held your hand, pinched your cheek, rested his head on your shoulder, pecked your lips for a few seconds longer than last time — the more he wanted you.
↬ when suna became comfortable with the thought and idea that yeah, he actually craves physical touch so damn bad, he wouldn’t stop touching you every second he could. he became insanely clingy, no matter if you were in public or alone. just always has a hand on you at all times. when he’s alone with you, he’s always trying to cuddle with you. you wanna sit and chill on your phone and not really talk? sure, just come do it with your head on his chest. you wanna watch a movie and munch on some popcorn and possibly share a drink? of course he’d love to! just come sit between his legs with your popcorn on your lap so he can steal some and also offer you some sips from the drink. you don’t wanna hug him after a game cause he’s too sweaty? that’s too bad, he wasn’t asking for permission. so you see, suna is a clingy mf. like latches onto you like a koala clingy <3
↬ suna’s music taste is very diverse. his favorite genre is alternative and rock, like the neighborhood, arctic monkeys, etc, but he also loves, loves loves glitchcore music, but also will un-ironically listen to kpop, and rap, and hannah montana’s old music too because why not. he just doesn’t care. if a song is good, it’s good. so what if it caters to a bunch of 12 year olds and not him? who decides that anyways?
↬ suna is very good at hair. like so good. as his sister started to get older, and her hair grew longer, she would sometimes ask him to do it for her before school. at first he was terrible at it, except maybe ponytails cause his hair was long enough at some point to push back into a ponytail, but everything else like parting her hair for pigtails or doing braids or a bun… he was just awful. so, in response, he’d just practice. he’d watch videos as he’s doing his little sister’s hair and be so focused, with his tongue sticking out a little and his eyes squinting as he tries to get it accurate. eventually, he becomes a master at it! you find this out when one day, as you’re just over at his house, his sister comes into his room with a hair tie and a brush and he just carries her up onto his lap and braids her hair as he chats with you and it was so endearing and so impressive and you genuinely believe that was the moment you realized you were in love with him.
↬ he offers to do your hair for you all the time now!! especially if you’ve just showered and are too lazy to brush it and tie it in some way, so he does it for you. he’s actually so, very gentle when brushing your hair, you don’t even feel a thing. if anything, it makes you really sleepy.
↬ when he joined the national team and started to become more and more of a public figure, he’d send you really explicit fan art of him and other teammates he was shipped with just to piss you off. if he was feeling really bold, he’d send you smut written about him. he says he wants to make you jealous. he just wants to provoke you in every way possible, really. one time someone made an edit plot twisting you and him to him and like atsumu so he downloaded video star and made such a bad edit of you and him and posted it on his twitter and instagram and it went viral. like it was one of those edits of just pictures flipping and hearts flashing and lights spasming all over the screen it was so bad it made you cry with laughter. that was his way of telling the world, no one but this person for me, right here <3
↬ i think he’d be very good at doing chores and cleaning and all that, despite how lazy he is. i just think it’s a habit kind of thing, where he grew up doing laundry and making his bed and cleaning his room and washing the dishes that he genuinely doesn’t mind doing it cause it’s natural for him. and he’s learnt to enjoy it.
↬ suna’s favorite color was deep, deep purple at some point, but now it’s between green and black.
↬ he’s caught up with all seasons of keeping up with the kardashians. please don’t ask him why, he doesn’t even know.
↬ once when you were out with him you just gave him a rock that was on the floor and he’s kept that rock with him ever since. like it’s in the drawer next to his bed and sometimes he just takes it out and holds it in his hand while he’s doing homework or scrolling through his phone.
↬ he spams you a lot. like at any time time of the day he just sends you a million videos of him doing the most mundane things; he sends you a video of him eating some almonds and at the end it’s just him going, “i’s good,” or him lip-syncing a song you sent him to listen to, or him trying to do eyeliner because why not. or maybe it’s pictures of him and it’s always ridiculous: him exaggerating him thinking, and then captioning it “thinking,” or just a picture of him on the roof with a peace sign and a pretty smile, or a close up photo of his face saying, “miss u.”
↬ he also spams you with memes all the time. and there’s no set type, it’s just all kinds. really corny memes and really cursed memes, wholesome memes and also memes that bully you. it’s all about the versatility.
↬ suna loves to sleep, he really does, but before meeting you, the only place where he could properly fall into a deep sleep was his bed. after meeting you, anywhere where you were next to him was the perfect place to sleep. if he had your presence near him he could sleep, it didn’t matter, especially if he was resting on your lap or shoulder or gripping onto your hand or resting his legs on your lap. he just wants you close to him, you know? like he feels so safe and comfortable when you’re around, it kind of scares him if he’s honest.
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wolken-himmel · 6 months ago
In which (Y/n) is a talented sculptor and has taken a fascination to Malleus' obsession with gargoyles.
So what better gift is there for winning his heart than a gargoyle statue she made specifically for him? The gargoyle quickly becomes something akin to their son.
Request by @cryptid-illustrates.
Tumblr media
"Dear, will you return my eye-sight to me now?"
Malleus was carrying you on his back, his arms wrapped around your thighs to make sure you wouldn't slip off. You in return covered his eyes with your hands, laughing happily as he blindly walked through the front yard of the Ramshackle dorm. Malleus didn't really need his eyes in order to know where he was walking due to his heightened fae senses, but he liked to keep you in the dark to entertain you.
"Not yet!" you chirped as you craned your neck to look at your masterpiece standing in the near distance. The gargoyle's scary scowl still managed to make shivers run down your back, and you prided yourself in having done so well! Putting your chin onto Malleus' head right between his horns, a smile appeared on your lips. "Yes Malleus, go straight ahead. Great job, yes great job."
The dragon fae chuckled as he followed your instructions, walking forward with complete trust in your directions. "You're quite enthusiastic about this, my treasure," he commented, unable to control his curiosity any longer. You laughed at his words and merely adjusted your small hands that covered his glowing eyes. "Would you care to share?"
His impatience was quite endearing, but you couldn't give in — not when you were so close to keeping it a secret. Shaking your head, you gave his hip a playful kick. "No! Then it's not a surprise anymore." Malleus hummed at your words and quietly continued on with his trudging. Eventually, you were mere metres away from the gargoyle, causing you to yell, "Okay, we're here! I'll remove my hands and then you can let me down, alright?"
Once you removed your hands from his eyes, Malleus gently unwrapped his arms from around your thighs and let you climb down to the floor. He was careful to make sure that you wouldn't hurt yourself doing so, and luckily, you landed on the grass just fine. He watched you with an amused smile as you giddily scampered over to the object you had led him to.
"Ta-da!" you exclaimed as you wrapped your arms around the gargoyle that was just as tall as you but more than a hundred kilograms heavier probably. "I made you a gargoyle!"
Malleus' jaw fell down in utter awe, and disbelief filled his eyes. He silently watched as you lovingly hugged the piece of stone your hands had chiselled into quite an impressive gargoyle. Feeling his eyes prick with tears, Malleus raised his hands to cover his mouth; he was that touched by your gesture.
"You— what—" he croaked out, his voice muffled and his eyes slightly teary.
You laughed at how stunned he appeared to be, and bent down to give your gargoyle a high-five. Of course, he didn't respond — how could he? — but it was your crude humour that amused you. "A gargoyle for my favourite dragon fae!" you cheered whilst throwing your arms into the air. Your excitement quickly turned into concern when you found Malleus to remain eerily silent — and his eyes were unnaturally glossy. "Hey? Malleus? Are you—"
"You made..." Malleus found it hard to speak with the sniffles caught in the back of his throat. "You made a gargoyle for me?"
A soft smile appearing on your face, you nodded. "Yes! You seem to like them so much, and I wanted to try and make one, too." You briefly pulled away to inspect the visage you had given your gargoyle; he looked absolutely and utterly horrifying, but that was what you had been aiming for. "Intentionally making ugly faces isn't my field of expertise since I'm usually supposed to do the exact opposite— but making a gargoyle seemed very failsafe!"
Malleus elegantly wiped the small droplets of tears from his eyes before they could run down his pale cheeks. Despite his watery eyes, a giant smile had etched itself onto his face and simply wouldn't go away. "I'm... so speechless..."
You distanced yourself from your creation to instead grab Malleus' hand and pull him around to inspect your present for him from every angle. "The great Malleus Draconia is speechless?" you asked teasingly, lacing your fingers with his. Malleus nodded as he watched the gargoyle's little tail and wings with large eyes. "Ah, I did well then!"
"More than well—" he whispered, his voice shaking from utter amazement. "I'm in awe."
Satisfied with his reaction, you closed your eyes and leant your head against his upper arm. "Ah, you're so nice!"
Malleus chuckled and patted your head affectionately. He knew his little human was talented in crafting something from nothing, but he hadn't expected that you would ever use your talents for him — and that thought made his heart flutter with feelings he couldn't describe.
Sighing, he looked down at you with a fond smile. "What did Cater say the other day? Hm... it was some saying..." he mumbled, trailing off. You perked up, watching him curiously as he tried his best to recall how the energetic Heartslabyul's student had expressed his excitement. Finally, Malleus' green eyes lit up in realisation, and he turned down at you while opening his mouth. "Oh yeah! My heart just went doki doki."
Squealing, you hugged his arm close to you. "You're so adorable, Malleus."
"Am I?" Malleus quirked an eyebrow, and confusion pooled in his eyes as he gazed down at you. You found it cute how he didn't understand today's youth at all — it made him more charming than he already was. Malleus snapped you out of your train of thought by playfully pinching your cheek like a grandmother would. "Isn't it you who is adorable? I think an adjective like dangerous and feared would fit better for me."
You swatted his hand away, causing him to chuckle in amusement. Pulling him closer to the gargoyle, you then patted the statue's head proudly. "So, what do we call our baby?" you asked as you leant against the gargoyle's side, a loving smile on your face.
Malleus seemed taken aback by what you just had called the gargoyle. "—our baby?" he asked, his eyes wide in wonder and embarrassment. Especially the way you were so casual about it made him squirmish; would you not mind having a child with him?
You hummed in confirmation, not noticing Malleus' sudden existential crisis. "I'm thinking about calling him Bob," you said with a goofy grin on your face. When you turned around to look at Malleus, he tried his best to look as normal as possible. Grabbing both his hands, you looked up at the dragon fae with puppy eyes. "Can we call him Bob? Please?"
Malleus had a hard time talking, but he somehow managed to squeak out a coherent, "Sure—"
You let go of Malleus' hands and clapped your palms together in satisfaction. "Great! Now, how do we bring him to the Diasomnia dorm?" you asked, grinning at your boy made out of stone. "Bob is a pretty big guy."
Malleus seemed to have recovered well by then, and merely put a hand onto your shoulder at your question. "Ah, don't worry about that." Smiling down at you, he exclaimed, "He'll be gone from here by this evening."
"I need to repay you for this masterpiece," Malleus mumbled despite your protests. If you went to such great lengths to make him a present, he needed to repay the favour somehow. Peering down at you, he curiously tilted his head to the side. "Is there anything you wish for, my treasure? I can grant you anything."
A cheeky smile made its way to your lips, and you all out of a sudden grew shy. "Actually— yes," you muttered quietly, but Malleus could hear you clearly. "Could I get a kiss—"
Malleus interrupted you, not hearing the end of your request due to his own booming voice overshadowing yours. "Wait no! I have just the present in mind!" he exclaimed happily as he pushed his index finger to your lips. "Say nothing, my dear. Just come over to the Diasomnia dorm tomorrow, and you shall see my present for you!"
"O—kay..." You smiled in amusement as he stepped away and teleported away, with him disappeared the statue. "See you tomorrow!"
Tomorrow arrived sooner than you had expected, and true to his word, Malleus had welcomed you warmly once you stepped through the mirror to Diasomnia. Now, he was walking closely behind you with his hands covering your eyes — just like you had done to him yesterday. You crossed your arms as he guided you through the winding corridors of the Diasomnia dorm.
"I hate this. I can't see anything!" you cried out, which only served to amuse him greatly.
Pressing a little kiss to your scalp, he cooed, "That's the point of me covering your eyes, dear."
"If I trip and die," you muttered grimly, "it's your fault, Malleus."
Your words made him laugh, but they were nowhere near as threatening enough to make him remove his hands. Grinning to himself, he mused, "I'll make sure that won't happen." His eyes seemed to be glued to the grand door on your right — it led to his bedroom. The door sprung open with the use of magic, and Malleus gently guided you towards the room. "We're almost there..."
You covered his hands with yours as you giddily followed his step. "I can't wait to see it!"
Finally, you reached his bedroom, and in the centre stood an easel with a newly drawn painting propped up on it. Malleus made sure you didn't stand too far away when he proudly removed his hands from your eyes and exclaimed, "And there you go!"
"Woah—" You gasped as your eyes fell on the awe-striking painting; it depicted three people: a father, a mother, and a son like in one of those Victorian family portraits. The mother looked strangely familiar... with that bright smile on her lips. Upon realising that the mother was supposed to be you, you snapped your head at a smug Malleus and gasped in utter shock. "Is that woman in the painting me?"
"Yes!" Malleus chirped happily as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder and used his other free hand to point at each perfectly painted face. Of course, the father, who possessed horns like the male next to you, was Malleus, the woman with (E/c) eyes was you, and the boy between them — you couldn't discern who that was. "That's you, that's me, and that's our son Bob!"
You had been so busy staring at your own face that you hadn't realised the son was actually an gargoyle, the very gargoyle you had finished chiselling out of a block of stone just a few nights ago. Turning to Malleus, you began to laugh hysterically, which confused the everlasting life out of him. Although you struggled with breathing, you eventually managed to press out, "Wait, you took me calling Bob 'our baby' literally yesterday—"
Malleus disregarded your laughing fit and nodded with a melancholic smile on his face. "They grow up so quickly..." he muttered, tighting his grip around you as he stared at Bob fondly.
Feeling a little bit light-headed due to laughing so much, you exhaled deeply and leant your head against his shoulder. "Now you sound just like Lilia."
Malleus hummed and couldn't help but ask, "Isn't our son pretty?"
"Uh—" You hesitantly pulled away to look him in the eyes, confused by his words. "Aren't gargoyles supposed to be ugly?"
Malleus gasped like you just had insulted someone dear to him. Squishing your cheeks between his palms, he shook his head vigorously. "Don't say that about our son!" he cried out with such genuine hurt filling his eyes that you wanted to retract your statement. "He's the prettiest being I've ever seen... I couldn't be a prouder father."
"Ah Malleus..." you cooed as you got onto your toes to press a kiss to his cheek. "You're adorable."
"No, Bob is adorable."
The way he said it so seriously made you want to laugh. "You really love him, huh?" you asked as you shook your head in amusement, stroking his cheek affectionately.
"How could I not? He's our son, (Y/n)."
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reawritesthings · 4 months ago
italian bella | wanda maximoff
Tumblr media
summary: a lil holiday was well deserved especially when you got the looks from your sister’s best friend
warnings: 18+ SMUT. please don’t interact if you are underage. vaginal fingering, eating out, mommy kink, dom!wanda, over stimulation and exhibitionism. ( IF I HAVE MISSED ANYTHING, let me know)
words: 2K
pairing: romanoff!reader x wanda
a/n: when i saw this gif, i need to do write something for wanda. hope you enjoy and feedback is much appreciated
Tumblr media
As her skin transformed into the huey colours of a warm summer haze, Wanda was captivated by an elegant figure whose hair briskly swayed with the evaporation of the salty sea air. She’d never seen such an earthling walk the sands of Puglia with such solicitude. When the beams of light trickled down your skin, letting your body capture Wanda’s sight once again.
Her body started to tense, letting the droplets of her corona beer sheltered her tanned skin bringing the liquid to her mouth to ease her body. Her shark skin eyes began to flutter as she saw you disappear into the crowd, letting her wandering eye find you.
“Whatcha doing?” You cackled, letting your palm radiate her skin. Wanda immediately startled letting the forth from her beer drown her skin.
“Watching the waves.” Wanda fabricated her evidence of staring at her best friend’s younger sister, which was forbidden when Wanda and Natasha started becoming friends.
“Is it okay if I sit with you? My friends decided to go and talk to the lifeguard.” You asked, picking a tangy calendula and placing it carefully on the rim of her ear.
“Hm. Why didn’t you join them?” Wanda curiously asked, only to get validation for herself, as Wanda was always curious about your sexuality, obsessive almost as there were times where you denied men’s approaches but was quick to grind against another girl.
“Not my type. Don’t tell my sister but I like them older.” You seductively whispered in her ear, lightly tracing Wanda’s goose bumps. Wanda gulped, eyes glued to the lifeguard who was definitely around the same age as you.
“M-Men?” Wanda choked, but you quickly tutted on her shoulder pressing your lips to her skin.
“Women. Especially women whose boobs look as ravishing as yours.” You seductively nibbled on her ear, watching Wanda hand grip the towel.
“H-How long?” Wanda whispered, hands shaking as your lips traveled to her neck.
“The day you came into my room. I saw the way you looked at me, those eyes staring right at my barely clothed body. I saw the little lick you did when I purposely hoisted my back. You wanted me, and trust me, what’s more hotter than your sister's beautiful best friend looking at you like you were a goddess.”
“You shouldn’t be thinking about this. This is wrong.” Wanda said softly, backing away from your touch. Wanda was aroused, too stimulated for the seas to even see how soaked she was.
“If it’s wrong then why can i see a little patch? You thinking about me Wanda? Did you like the little show of me running around?” You tested her, grinning as you laid down on your back, perfect eye view for Wanda to see your body.
“I bet you are even glad that Natasha is with her boyfriend. You get to babysit me, and I think I’ve been a good girl? Don’t you think, matka?” You bite your lip as you wrap your finger around the tassel of your bikini bottom, looking up at Wanda.
Wanda was flustered, angry at how you belittled her in public. Wanda hated the power you had over her, she was devilishly thinking of a way to punish you, mark you or even teach you who you are really messing with.
Leaving Wanda to catch up with her thoughts, you found your way to one of Wanda’s possessions, a book that was in slovakian. You fiddled with the pages, flicking through them as Wanda watched you. You didn’t flinch when Wanda rested her hand on your thigh, gradually moving it further up. You placed the book over your face, hiding the result of Wanda’s touch.
“Not so confident now, are we? Are you going to try and embarrass mommy in public again? You want to try and term that little charm on, baby?” Wanda whispered, taking the book away from your face to smirk at your flustered cheeks.
You didn’t even speak, only replied with a small moan as Wanda pressed her two fingers against your bud, grinning at how soaked your bottoms were. “Are you this wet for me? Look at you, so wet for me.”
“F-Fuck.” You limited your sound, biting your lip hard as you can but Wanda fingers rubbing slowly against your bud wasn’t helping. You could feel the mess in your bottoms, the wetness making your legs twitch.
“My sweetheart. Do you want Mommy to take care of this? Do you want Mommy to take good care of you?”
You eagerly nodded, pressing your thighs together letting Wanda’s finger push more onto your bud.
“You are so eager for my fingers. You want Mommy’s fingers?” Wanda smirked, moving your bottoms to the side. “How badly, sweetheart?”
“So badly.” You winched as the gale hit your exposed bud. “Please.”
Wanda licked her licks at your movements, laughing at how powerless you were in just a simple touch. As Wanda slowly dipped the tip of her finger inside you, a noise broke that was saved by a herd of seagulls. Wanda wasted no time but slid to fingers inside you, getting familiar with you. You were tight, and already snuggled her fingers inside you. Wanda began her motion, starting at a pace that made you shake in desperation.
Wanda loved watching you squirm for her, it made her feel powerful. Wanda watched your toes curl, and wrist dig deep into the sand. “Doing so well, taking mommy’s fingers so well.” Wanda praised as she picked up the pace.
She swirled her fingers around you, hitting every little spot that made you sing sweet moans. You begged for more, clutching on the sand letting the moist make you want Wanda even more. “F-Feels good.”
Wanda went faster, adding more force to her movement as she was close to hitting your spot. Wanda felt your walls close in as she played with your spot, grinning at how you rocked your hips forward. “I’m g-going”
“Not quite yet. I think a third finger will be more efficient. Don’t you think, baby?”
You didn’t respond but moan loudly and Wanda’s fingers slipped out of your throbbing bud, and slammed in with another finger. “Look at you. You look so good getting fucked in public. You are so beautiful.” Wanda praised, adding more force when she found your spot.
“Please. I can’t hold it.” You cry, letting a small tear fall from your cheek.
“You can, baby.” Wanda whispered, and wiped your tears away.
Wanda watched your tears become constant as she went harder into you, playing with your spot. “You look so beautiful.”
“M-Mommy..” You cried, as your walls tightly held Wanda’s finger.
“Are you going to be a good girl? Going to be my good little baby?” Wanda hissed, and watched you agree.
“You're going to be Mommy’s baby? Letting her take care of you? Making sure you are behaving? Hmm.?” Wanda asked and you nodded, crying a little more.
“Cum for me, that’s it.” Wanda whispered, and watched your body tremble when Wanda felt her hands being soaked with your juice.
Wanda slowly took out her fingers, and shoved them in your mouth. “Suck them, baby.”
And you did, making sure Wanda’s fingers were nice and clean. Wanda grinned and took her fingers out, letting you catch your breath. “My sweet baby. I hope you are ready for the second round. I get to play with you for another two weeks.”
You sniffled, and slowly got up. You eyed her boobs and rubbed your tired eyes. Wanda noticed, and gave you a sympathetic smile, “Not here, baby. Let’s go wash you off, and head back to the hotel. You deserve a little treat.” Wanda promised, helping you up and guided you towards the water.
“This might sting, baby but it will be so worth it.” Wanda said, and helped you into the water. As the water hit your sensitive bud, you cried out in pain clutching onto Wanda as she began to trickle water down your skin.
“I’ve got you.” Wanda whispered, but slowly grinning at your expression.
When the racolus gale creeped up behind you, you jumped in fright but ease when you saw Natasha. She laughed, and pulled you in for a hug.
“How was the beach?”
“M’m good.”
Natasha humed. “Are you going to get ready for dinner? It’s almost time to head out. I think Wanda is having a shower, she thinks yours is made better.”
You rolled your eyes, knowing exactly the reason she was in your room. “I’ll go see if she is ready… I’ll knock for you.”
Natasha nodded, and left you there whilst she got ready herself.
The air was thick, tense when you closed the door behind you. A messy pile of clothes were scattered on your bed, and a light hum echoed through the room. The steam from the bathroom escaped, but made your mind wonder what Wanda was doing in there.
“It’s not nice to spy, baby.” You heard Wanda grin. “Are you going to come in?”
You nodded, walking into the bathroom and your pupils grow when you see Wanda naked in your shower.
“The water is really nice, baby. Come join me.”
You didn’t say anything, and slowly took your clothes off. You stepped into the shower, and Wanda grabbed a hold of you. She wrapped her arms around your waist, and planted small kisses to your neck. “You look beautiful, so beautiful.”
You whimpered a moan, and felt the warm water flood your body. The sensation of the warmth made you body relax as Wanda grabbed ahold of the shower head. She slowly moved the shower head over your head, letting the water soak up your skin.
Wanda carefully began to massage your breasts, pinching and squeezing your nipples to see you squirm. She turned your head to face her and kissed your lips. As she was distracting you with her lips, the shower head made its way to your entrance.
Your legs wobbled at the sensation drilling into you. The pressure of the water inside you, made your moans come every second. Wanda grinned, watching you twist but her hands made sure that you were completely still.
“M-Mommy.” You whimpered out, latching on the shower curtain.
“What is it, darling?” She innocently asked,
rotating the shower head in a motion.
“N-Need you.” You begged, gasping when the curtain began to tear away.
“What do you need? Mommy isn’t following.” Wanda smirked, sucking harshly on your skin. Wanda knew what she was doing, and she adored it. She watched you arch your back, thrusting your hips against the pressure.
“You want to get fuck that badly? You’ll do anything won't you? You desperate little slut.” Wanda hissed in your neck, sucking a spot that got you begging for her fingers.
Wanda tutted and made the pressure harsher, rubbing your breasts with her other hand as she played with your bud. She loved the way you were so responsive, you were now partially grinding against the shower head, “You naughty little girl. Look at you. You are so desperate. You close, baby?” Wanda whispered and you didn’t respond.
Wanda slowly moved the shower head away and took over with her fingers. She never warned you when her fingers were inside you, and you took them in like they were made for you. You moaned louder, as Wanda thrusted aggressively into you, reaching your spot in a matter of seconds.
“S-So close.” You screamed and Wanda allowed you to cum. She watched you and she rode your high, letting the liquid scroll down your thigh.
“You made such a mess baby.” Wanda laughed, and carefully took her fingers out of you.
“I-I’m sorry.” You sniffled, and Wanda hushed you. She placed your head in between her boobs as she began to wash you. She was gentle with you but also wanted to tease you. She would occasionally brush her finger over your sensitive bud, grinning as she still saw your juice run down.
“Don’t be sorry, baby. You needed to let go. It’s okay. Mommy will take care of it.”
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ellesgreenaway · 4 months ago
scooter boy — spencer reid
summary: spencer breaks his crutches and is forced to use a scooter until he gets new ones. he makes the most of it with reader.
a/n: this is the first piece of writing from my 1k celebration requests! i took @spacedikut 's requesting virginity after we talked about this concept for an entire evening so u can thank her too for this. also, this is literally pure fluff. do u know this is the first time i've ever done that in a one shot
prompt: "saying "i love you" completely randomly"
pairing: spencer reid x fem!reader warnings: talk of injury and mentions of hospitals, teasing-like jokes words: 3.6k
Tumblr media
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so funny. Has someone seen my camera? Babygirl, do you have it? I need to capture this.”
“I don’t see what the big fuss is about!” Spencer sputters, watching Derek sprint out of the room to find Penelope down in her office. He’d never seen his friend run so fast.
Emily snorts, “The big fuss is that you have the same scooter as my 84 year old grandmother, Spencer. Literally the same. Do you two go to the same hospital?”
The bullpen was in utter chaos this morning when everyone watched Spencer come through the doors of the elevator to the sixth floor this morning. They would say he walked, but he really didn’t. He quite literally rolled through the doors.
The apples of Spencer’s cheeks have been an embarrassed tone of coral ever since he came to work. Every twenty seconds he’d look down at his watch, cursing the time for going so slowly. Didn’t everyone have jobs they should do? But instead of getting on with paperwork or perhaps even preparing for his next case, he’d been sitting at his desk, listening to Derek and Emily roll joke after joke about how their friend had come into work with a scooter of all things, albeit very different and far more insulting than the crutches he was in only before the weekend.
He hears a familial tut in the background, cheeks going a darker pink when Spencer sees you walk into the office, scolding Emily and snatching the digital camera that Derek had only just come back with, the stupid grins snatched off their faces. “I mean, not even I can understand how you snap a pair of crutches in half, Spence, but the scooter is snazzy. It's like you have your own personal golf cart at all times.” Spencer is immediately drawn into the soft melody of your voice the second the tune leaves your lips, yet he’s not totally out of the woods yet; in the corner of his eye he can see the way Emily and Derek’s shit-eating smiles have turned into sly and undeniably cheeky smirks.
“Oh Y/N, only you could still crush on Spencer when he’s in a grandma scooter.” Emily teases, and Spencer takes notice at how much you’re beginning to blush, your face the same colour as his cheeks are, and you ball a used piece of paper you found on your desk, throwing it across the bullpen, landing right on Emily’s forehead.
Spencer laughs along with you, and Emily surrenders defeat just as Hotch pops his head out of his office door to tell everyone to carry on with their work, but even he has a small, subtle grin lying on his lips that not even he could hide. 
You look up from your desk, next to Spencer’s to his left, a shy smile on your lips as Spencer does the same, and just a second later both your heads are once again buried again in your respective desks as the work day finally begins with silence settling the bullpen twenty six minutes later than originally planned.
It’s been like this for a long time, practically since you joined the team two years prior. The team consistently teases about how you and Spencer clearly have the hots for one another, and despite both of you definitely having possibly the fattest crushes known to man, nobody said anything. It was just sharing sneaky glances at one another during cases and in the office, hanging out at every possible free moment and being each other’s best friends without anything added to it. The teasing has only become practically unbearable in the last few weeks since Spencer got shot and you were pacing up and down the hospital corridors for hours until Spencer was out of surgery for his leg, but you had seemed to learn to ignore it.
Spencer, on the other hand, cannot ignore it. He's begun to obsessively wonder whether you really do have a crush on him, and it makes him giddy with equal parts nervousness and excitement. He can't seem to figure out which emotion is in heavier supply, though knowing himself it's the nerves that take over.
Just for today he sticks with taking side-eye glances to look at your beautiful concentrated face, your tongue slipping out of your lips as you scribble some notes in your case file. 
Just for today, or maybe until he gathers the courage to do something about the question eating away at him.
The next day, Spencer finds himself alone in the office with you, and you're staring. Not necessarily at him, but more so at the shiny black scooter he was sitting in when you walked past for your cup of coffee. 
A smirk lines Spencer's lips when you arrive back at your desk with your fresh cup, and he wants to laugh at the way you could barely tear your eyes away from Spencer's scooter wheels. "Admit it, you're jealous of my fresh set of wheels."
Your eyes narrow at Spencer, a smile fighting your lips but they expand anyway. “No, I just wonder how the hell you get that thing into your apartment. There are only stairs.” And your eyes remain trained on him when he slots out of his desk to fetch a case file from the coffee table near the machine.
“I don’t,” he shrugs, and your brows furrow as you silently ask him for an answer to what he means, “Have to leave it at the bottom of the stairs and just...hop up them until I get home. My-my mother said to me on the phone last night that if I wasn't so determined to reach the pan on the top of my kitchen shelf that I wouldn’t be stuck like this for a week.”
A loud snort erupts from your nose, and you smack your hand over your mouth as your laugh echoes throughout the empty bullpen on Tuesday afternoon. “You’re joking. That’s how you snapped your crutches in half?! Oh Spence.” You giggle, and Spencer feels a blush rise up on his neck, feeling the need to scratch it awkwardly, eyes averting from you.
His silence makes you pout, and you walk up to Spencer, hand affectionately fitting itself on his forearm, the softness of your touch on his bare arm, thumb just grazing the roll of his shirt sleeve, and it what forces him to look back up at you once more. “Look, you can’t be forced to have to deal with that, it’s not fair. I have a friend in a nursing home my grandma used to live in who always complains about spare crutches she keeps. I’ll take you there on a day we're both free.”
Spencer’s lips stretch into a smile, and your eyes light up in the same way that he does for your favour. “Y-you don’t have to do that, Y/N.”
Your hand pats on his arm where it once lay, but your hand takes off it, the area now cold and leaving a draft on Spencer. “I do, you’re suffering. But, I do it on one condition and one condition only.”
One of Spencer’s eyebrows cock up at the sudden turn of your voice, a smirk also lining his face. “Oh? Must be an absolutely vital condition.”
“It is.”
“Then what is it?” Spencer brings his voice down to just above a whisper, narrowing his eyes more at you.
“I want a ride on those very fresh set of wheels.”
Spencer would do anything for you, but he had to make sure there were at least some flexibilities to it. While you wanted to leave as soon as the work day ended to go and pick up Spencer’s new crutches from your friend, Spencer knew that the only place you would be able to have a go on his scooter is within the FBI building, and he was plain out refusing everytime you stalked up to him silently with a bemused smirk on your face until everyone had gone home.
Derek and Hotch were the last to leave before the office was empty, and Spencer truly meant empty (he even made sure Anderson had gone home), and you and Spencer were head deep in files, not doing any actual work and just biding the time.
You could feel Derek’s smirk without even looking up from your reports.
“Oh, so what’s this now, making sure everybody goes home so you can secretly hook up here? You are aware there are cameras here, right?” He teases, and you lift your head up and see the way Hotch has given Derek such an incredulous look, massively resisting the urge to roll his eyes.
Your eyes glance over to Spencer, still head deep in the files. You know he has a blush of some sort going on and you don’t blame him. If it were Hotch making those same remarks, you’d definitely be the same, maybe worse than how Spencer is. But of course, because it’s Derek, you lean your elbows on the desk, cocking your head to the side.
“I’m very sorry you haven’t had someone to smooch as of late, Morgan, but you don’t need to take it out on us for it.” A pout forms on your lips as you say it in a childish tone, watching the way Spencer has finally perked up in the corner of your eye, tucking a strand of hair behind his ear and struggling not to laugh in front of his friend, the very thing Hotch was already doing.
Morgan huffs, but still laughs it off, throwing his bag over his shoulder as he keeps up with Hotch, who was stalking closer to the elevator every second spent talking to you and Spencer. “Fine. you win this time, missy. Don’t think I don’t know something’s going on here.” He waves his finger between yours and Spencer’s desk, and you give him a look, a knowing one, one that says say anything more and you won’t wake up tomorrow, and he finally gives in, shouting at Hotch to hold the elevator for him.
A sort of awkward silence fills the absence of Derek’s teasing, and Spencer flashes that signature frog-faced style smile that puffed out his cheeks and made his lips disappear, and you give him a shy smile in return, and now your heart has started running a marathon, beating wildly in your ears. There was always that optimism that came with the end of every teased and high-pitched singsong joke that you associated with them, and what if you really just wanted an excuse to spend more time with him?
No harm, no foul was your thought process.
Suddenly the task of fulfilling said one condition of riding on Spencer’s scooter had become a bit of a mammoth task to complete, and you were wondering how to bring it up in the dusty emptiness of the bullpen.
Thankfully for you, Spencer brought it up, the mechanical whirring of his scooter getting louder as it came to sit right beside you, a sheepish curl of Spencer’s lips practically stopping your heart there and then. “I don’t know how we’re going to do do you feel about sitting on a less than comfortable arm while I drive?”
The thought has you going stir crazy, “As long as I’m not going to fall off, that’s fine by me.”
You can’t deny there is a string of awkwardness when you try and somehow fit yourself on the skinny arm of Spencer’s scooter while he gives you as much space as he can to do so, a small string of apologies coming from both you and him whenever you accidentally knock your elbow into his side. But when you actually sit down and Spencer’s arm wraps around your waist to steady yourself, you’re never going to complain about this, even if you’re so uncomfortable it’s hard not to show it on your face.
“Better?” He asks quietly, the sound echoing in the empty room, and all you could manage to reply with is a tight lipped smile and a vigorous nod of your head before he uses the control stick on the other arm to guide you two out into the long hallway.
Spencer went as fast as he could, which was only 7 miles per hour, but the speed still made you throw your arms around his neck, the widest grin on your face, which in turn made Spencer smile in the same way, because you looked so...carefree. It was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever set his sights on.
By the time Spencer had guided you to a full lap of the sixth floor’s corridor, you gently lifted yourself from the scooter to make sure you didn't hurt him, giggling softly as you looked down at your best friend. “I know it wasn’t fast, but it really did feel like it.” 
Spencer raises his hands, and you’re aware that whatever he’s going to say next will require vivid gesticulation, “You could drive the top speed limit in the FBI parking lot and still be going 3 miles per hour faster than we were right now.” You raise your eyebrow in interest, nodding along as you walk back to your desks to pick up your bags and coats before you take Spencer home; he’ll protest about fitting the scooter in your car, but you don’t care. He won’t have to deal with the hellish DC metro system, and you could snatch an extra half an hour with him.
“I just know Morgan will look at the security cameras with Penelope first thing tomorrow morning and see us on my scooter together.” Spencer says, paired with a small sigh, and you immediately start sputtering, feeling bashful and embarrassed as you didn’t really think about the teasing that would ensue tomorrow.
“I’m sorry I never...never thought about that. Maybe we can break into Penelope’s office and delete the foota-”
Spencer cuts you off with a teasing smile, poking his finger gently into your arm. “I was joking, Y/N. Like you said, Morgan can just be jealous of us.”
Yeah, that was what it took to make sure you’re in love with Spencer Reid.
Spencer soon realises he can also learn to ignore the teases from Emily and Derek after that night alone with you in the bullpen. He’s begun to use his scooter as the same excuse at least once a day now, just so he can relive that feeling of his hand in the little dip of your waist again and again.
Neither you nor him could hide the smiles off your faces when he returns to work the next week with the scooter after the doctor has told him there’s a delay in the hospital with stock, and the whole team has started to join the comments of how perfect you two are together with Morgan and Prentiss (they were cuter and less rude though, so it was tolerable). You yourself even claimed there was a delay in getting the spare crutches from your friend, but secretly you just loved the scooter, and maybe the genius who sat in it all day. You even enjoyed looking after him, starting to spend your evenings with him in his apartment, making sure he was fed properly and hard to reach areas of his apartment were cleaned, to then go home restless and dreaming of him and pick him up eagerly the next morning.
“Do you want a coffee?” You shout to Spencer from across the bullpen after you come back from a case in Miami, way too late for anything else, and way too late for Spencer to still be here, even if he did wait for you.
Several groans fill the room when Spencer flashes you a grin and thumbs up. “If you’re making coffee for your boyfriend who was here the whole time not flying in the middle of the night, make some for the rest of us.”
You laugh, and can’t seem to find fault in Emily’s argument, eyes already dropping from fatigue, opening the cabinet and taking out everybody else’s mugs, including JJ and Hotch, who have stayed silent in their offices. While you fill the kettle, you hear the hum of Spencer’s scooter, a smile filling your face when it does. “You can’t blame jetlag tomorrow morning though, because Florida is in the same timezone as us.” 
You bit your lip before you could laugh out loud, that cheeky idiot.
“Okay Romeo, before you start doing your smartass shit with me at-” She stops to check the time on the clock on the wall, “12:34am, we all know you’re only still here because you can’t go one day without seeing Y/N. God, when are you just gonna tell her you lo-”
You set her coffee down on her desk urgently before she could go on anymore, her anger dissipating the second she takes a careful sip from her mug. You look behind you, Spencer also sipping his own coffee while throwing you a grateful look, and you smile back silently, but it doesn’t quite reach your eyes, that little rush in your heart off all that hope and optimism realising that you were too scared to speak anything into existence.
Spencer seemed happy enough with the way you were with him right now.
You were so in love with Spencer it began to hurt.
It seemed unfathomable that in the short space of two weeks you went from having a crush on the good doctor to accepting your love for him, but if you probably asked Spencer if it were possible, he’d tell you it was possible. You just think that you were hiding something you weren’t ready to tell yourself until now.
You love Spencer Reid so much, you could, and probably would, do anything for him.
Including ending his scooter suffering.
It was day sixteen of Spencer and his adventure with that black scooter you have enjoyed countless free rides on, and he was beginning to complain about the tedium of it, and you knew that once Spencer, someone who hates complaints at risk of being a nuisance, starts to make negative comments, it was really bad.
He whines when he reaches the bottom of his stairs in his apartment block after coming back from the park with you. “I think I might start petitioning the building to install an elevator here.”
Your eyes light up suddenly, remembering what you had in the trunk of your car. “Oh! Wait here.”  Before Spencer can ask why, you’ve disappeared from the lobby in his apartment block, running to your car.
His questions are answered when you return with the newest looking pair of crutches he had ever seen in his life, his eyes brightening when you hand them to him, helping him slot his hands through the arm holes, finally once more on his feet and taller than you for the first time in two weeks.
“I know you have your physio appointment in a few weeks and might be able to use that cane I bought you but...I complained so much to the hospital they told me to come and pick these up free of charge.” For some reason, Spencer can’t seem to think why, but you sound embarrassed. He finds it adorable.
He furrows his brows together, looking down on your burnt cheeks and looking more than pleased with himself. “How much complaining did it take for them to give it to you for free?”
Your blush gets deeper, “Calling the hospital everyday and giving them a whole rant that felt like hell?”
He wasn’t meant to say it, but the feeling in his chest erupted at the thought of you spending a good portion of your day hassling the hospital, who definitely have better things to do, to give a man with a poorly leg the crutches he was owed, the eruption leapt from his throat and bubbled at his mouth.
“I love you.”
You open your mouth to make some sort of embarrassed reply, expecting Spencer’s response to be something teasing, but your brain stops functioning correctly when you actually process what Spencer says, and the words run short on your tongue. 
You blink a few times before you can actually form some words to say. “You do? Really?” 
Spencer nods nervously in response, his hands starting to slip on the handles of the crutches from the sweat forming quickly on his palms. “Yeah. I've been meaning to say it for ages and make it more...well more memorable than this, but it just slipped out.”
A twinkle shines in your eyes, a smile proudly displaying your crows feet around them, and Spencer breathes a sigh of relief, your hands reaching up to cup his cheeks, something he would have done for himself if he didn’t have his hands full.
“Well, thank you for letting me know. In response to this, I only have six words.” Your smile was just as brash as your tone, and as usual, Spencer perks an eyebrow up, feigning curiosity as to what you’re going to say.
“What are those six words, Y/N?”
You plant a sweet and short peck on his lips, the feeling leaving both your lips buzzing and wanting more, your thumbs stroking the smooth softness of Spencer’s cheeks. This moment to you couldn’t have been more memorable, no matter what Spencer says.
“I love you too, Scooter Boy.”
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bibbykins · 5 months ago
What Love Looks Like (M)
A/N: Oh man, this is longer than I intended lmao. I initially wasn't going to include smut but I caved anyway, so please enjoy! The semester just wrapped up for me so now all I have going on is seeing whether or not I can buy a house, so hopefully, I'll have more time to write? Also note: the "love" in this while called love does by no means mean it is healthy, or a healthy relationship. This is still a soft yan fic! On that note, tipping is not required but extremely appreciated and pls give me your thoughts and any questions in my ask box! Have a wonderful day/night!
Tumblr media
NOTE: This is part of The Household's Bunny series, so I would recommend reading the other parts prior to this!
Pairing: Soft yandere! OT7 (Yoongi focused in this fic) x Chubby/ Camgirl! Reader
Summary: The concept of loving someone and someone loving you in return had remained nothing short of a dream that was far beyond your reach. You never thought you could find something you had no reference for, but sometimes things lost or unknown can find you instead. Sometimes it finds you in the form of a text that wasn't meant to be sent.
Word Count: 7.1k
Warnings: 18+, body shaming(done by reader's mom in the past not by anyone currently), mommy issues, beauty standards, low self-esteem, toxic relationship, unhealthy relationship, possessive and obsessive thoughts, self-doubt, daddy kink, fingering, cunnilingus, penetrative sex, office sex, desk sex, reader is a cam girl, spit kink, daddy kink, dumbification, cumming inside, reader just needs love tbh
Words can never fully encompass the sweet feeling of going to sleep and waking up in the arms of someone who feels the same about you. With Taehyung, it had been tear-filled and emotional whereas, with Namjoon, it had been sensual and intense. However, he meant it just as much as he carried you to his bed and laid with you, only after making sure it was okay as if he hadn’t just consensually made you fall apart on his thigh. He kissed you softly and whispered sweet nothings in your ear as you listened to his slowing heartbeat while sleep overtook the both of you.
Now, as you laid in his bed alone, you wished you hadn’t encouraged him to get the rest of his work done.
You had heard him in the other room bickering with Taehyung about another project they have. They had pushed up a meeting and you had encouraged Namjoon to do the responsible adult thing instead of spending the day in bed with you. His kiss was tender, longing, and domestic. He told you you were more than welcome to stay in his room any time, which brought a smile to your face since his sheets smelled like him.
Sometimes you wished you were a bit more selfish at times like these. You were alone on Namjoon’s floor, playing the demo you had neglected. This time, you weren't clouded by salacious thoughts, and could gush over how excited you were about the upcoming game. You watched the credits roll by and when Yoongi's company name rolled by you sighed, looking down at your phone before shaking your head. You really didn't want to bother him while he's in the middle of overseeing the making of this undoubtedly long game.
Instead, you opted for playing a drama. You watched with envious eyes as the couple embraced and basked in their newfound love of one another. Yet, you couldn't help but take note of their physique, a habit from your mother that you had been desperately trying to shake. Your mother had always told you that's what love looked like. Her constant lamenting of the difference between beautiful girls that deserve love and then people that looked like you stuck was a leech to your self-esteem. It would be easy to shake off if those weren't the only memories you had of her. Memories of seeing what "love looks like" and consoling her in a quiet voice.
You couldn't blame your mom fully, it's easy to think that's what love looks like. A skinny man with a skinny woman, a bulky man with a skinny woman. A skinny woman. You see it everywhere, and eventually, you start to believe it. You're happy for the skinny woman, but sad you may never be able to find a love that looks like hers. Sad, that you don't know what love looks like outside of this stupid rectangular box that makes you feel too big to be in there and experience it. Could you ever know what love looks like if that's your only reference?
You begin to feel the bile of loneliness plague your mind and your phone case catches in the light. You finally caved, typing out an encouraging message to the stoic man you hadn't properly seen in weeks. You sent him a few messages, gushing about the game you loved and not-so-slyly mentioning that you miss him. You smiled to yourself, proud you messaged him in spite of your self-conscious thoughts.
You took a celebratory breath as you sent the final message and noticed him typing immediately. You supposed you caught him at a good time and when the message appeared, time froze.
"I love you too, baby."
Love… you?
He said he loves you?
You frantically responded to him, genuinely questioning if you read that right.
Next thing you knew you were hurriedly making your way to your floor to change. You opted to save time and wear the dress you were before, you just needed proper underwear, forgoing tights, and hoping the chaffing wouldn’t be too bad.
Not having a chance to think twice about how you looked, you ran out the door. If Yoongi was going to say words like that, you had to make sure it wasn't a mistake before even thinking of emotionally processing it. You couldn't handle the embarrassment of getting your hopes up, of believing any of them could love you if even a shred of it wasn't true.
Yoongi paced back and forth as his phone nearly shook off of his desk and the man pressed his eyes closed. How could he be so dumb? How could he be so thoughtless?
He was a calculated man. He had to be. From birth, he was calculating every move he could possibly make. From foster home to foster home all the way to getting adopted, he had restrained acting on impulse. It was survival, it was what got him here.
Then he met you.
You were everything he ever wanted and never knew he needed. You had moved in and he initially figured he would mind his business and leave you alone and vice versa, beyond becoming a paying customer to your content. However, you were just so… warm.
"Yoongi, right?" He jumped at the feminine voice that greeted him at the crack of dawn. He heard you giggle as his gaze fell on your form. You wore a rose pink slip that fell to the top of your thigh and complimented curves as you leaned against the counter with a small smile on your face, which was notably decorated with makeup, “Sorry, I got up early to film and I’m still waiting for the caffeine to kick in.” He nodded politely, ready to grab some coffee, and retreat back to his floor to work, “So, what are you doing up so early?” You asked and he found himself invited in by your genuine interest.
“I work before work most days.” He explained, pouring himself some coffee before leaning across from you on the counter.
“Sounds like you have a mean boss, very demanding.” You pouted and he couldn’t help the smile that crept to his face.
He hummed in agreement before speaking, “I am my boss.” He teased but your face turned smug.
“I know.” You grinned, “I said what I said.”
He gaped as you took a sip of your coffee, “Well what about your boss, making you get up at hours like these?” He tsked and your laugh was utterly melodic.
You hummed in mock agreement as he did, “And look at what they have me wearing, talk about an HR nightmare.” You took another sip of your coffee before grimacing, “And they force me to drink coffee.” You scrunched your face as you set the cup down, “It’s insanity.” You whined.
He gazed at the mug and was met with the lightest brown he had ever seen in a coffee mug, “Is it coffee or is it milk with a drop of coffee?” He teased and you stuck your tongue out at him, “Why don’t you get creative and add syrup or blend it?” He asked and you shrugged, “You know, whatever you coffee haters do.” He added with a sly glint in his eyes and you gasped in mock offense.
The morning talks with Yoongi had become a regular occurrence. It would vary on who brewed the pot first, but what would remain the same is the counter you both would lean on. In the first months of you living with them, he had learned a lot about you and, surprising both of you, vice versa. One of the first things he had come to learn about you was that you had no idea how to make coffee taste good. You had told him your go-to move was to keep the milk flowing until you weren’t near tears with each sip.
“So you’re telling me, I could have been putting chocolate in my coffee this whole time?!” You were sell shocked when he handed you the drink with chocolate drizzle and you didn’t shudder at the bitter taste you were used to, “Wow, I have so much to learn.” You mused, making him chuckle.
You knew nothing about coffee, and Yoongi was intrigued by it, so days would come where he woke up just a bit earlier to make you different types of drinks. So far, the caramel macchiato and the iced mocha had been your favorites, but everything changed when he took you to a coffee shop and ordered you a frappucino. You gushed about the drink for ten minutes, thanking the barista each chance you got and nothing felt sweeter than watching you giddy about liking a form of coffee.
During these coffee dates, as you would call them much to Yoongi’s delight, you both would chat about anything and everything. You told him about your degree and he told you about his work. Sometimes he would ask you for advice as a fan of his company’s games, and each time, it was like he struck gold. You were creative, this much he already knew, and extremely articulate when it came to a topic you put a great deal of thought in. You even began asking for his advice in your work since he was also a loyal subscriber. You both had formed a certain bond that bloomed under the dim sky and flourished in coffee-fueled conversation
You were patient, kind, attentive, and caring. There were days when you would switch out the coffee for decaf, having a rebuttal to each argument he had to justify his caffeine addiction. He was calculated, but you could see the flaws in his formulas. You made him feel more human than he had felt in a long time. Being human to him meant being weak, scared, and unsure, but you made humanity feel almost as beautiful as you were. You flourished in your humanity, warming his cold and hardened exterior with your smile or fearlessness in admitting you didn’t know the answer to things. You were unabashedly vulnerable and he wondered if you were the thing he had been working towards when struggling to survive in the foster care system. Your smile made every painful memory feel like nothing other than a piece of his journey to you.
You cried when he told you about his time in the system before he was adopted at 17, and he panicked when he saw your lip trembling, “Hey now, it’s okay, I survived, bunny.” He spoke softly, unsure how to console you or help.
What he didn’t expect was for you to throw your arms around him and squeeze him into a hug, “I’m just so happy our paths were able to cross in spite of all we had to do to get here.” You breathed into his neck as you sniffled, “I spent a lot of my time wishing I was worthy enough for my mom to stay, come back, or even just contact me, but I don’t feel that constant need to prove myself worthy around you like you just think I’m enough as is.” You held him close in spite of the stretching you do across the counter and his arms encircled your waist.
“You’re more than enough, bunny.” He murmured as you cried, “I’m not going anywhere.” He made sure to add as his anger flared at the thought of your mother, at the thought of anyone meeting you and seeing anything but perfection. Although, you were better off without them. He just wished they hadn’t left a decimated self-esteem and sense of worth in the wake of their mistreatment of you.
You eventually opened up about the details of your mother’s departure from your life, and it took everything in him not to track her down and make sure she’s miserable. Even hearing about Jungyoon’s apathy towards you was enough to make him want to call Mona and tell her all about the man she held in such high regard. However, he remained focused on you, clinging to every word you spoke, “But I find that whenever I think about her, I no longer want her to come back.” You smiled a bit, “I like where I am and who I’m with just fine.” Your gaze landed on his form and your smile only grew in tandem with his.
After he and Jin had “did you a favor” he had been worried you would be scared to be around him, but if anything, it only made your encounters better. This time, you kissed him good morning and goodbye as he went to work. You would stand next to him instead of across the counter, leaning your weight on him or clinging to him sleepily as he made your coffee. It was domestic and tender, “If you’re so tired, then why are you up?” He asked on one occasion as he handed you an iced mocha.
You took it from him lazily, mumbling thanks before giving him a peck on the lips, “Because I wanna see you, silly.” You yawned, missing the gummy smile you gushed about each time you saw it. You wanted to see him. He was giddy as he guided you to the couch. He sat down, inviting you to sit in his lap as he turned on the TV for background noise, “Don’t blame me if your thigh falls asleep.” You giggled as he brought you onto his lap, enjoying how your plump figure felt against him, relishing in the intimacy.
“It would be an honor for my body to be directly affected by you, m’lady.” He cooed and you stuck your tongue out at him, “So… you want to see me so bad you wake up at the crack of dawn?” He teased and realization flashed across your features as you realized your tired confession. Sensing you were going to try and get up, he tightened his hold on you before whispering, “I like spending time with you too.” He kissed your cheek and just like that, you relaxed against his body with a warm smile.
It had been a long while since he had been able to spend his mornings with you since the release for the game was steadily approaching. Each morning still he sent you a good morning text and would have your coffee for you in the fridge.
This longing for him only made your haste that much more needed as you looked up different ways to get to his office.
You opted to take the bus, not wanting to go through the psychological warfare that was getting your car to turn on. The trip was short and half of you was thankful while the other half internally begged for the driver to go around the block a few times. Nevertheless, you walked briskly, not giving yourself a chance to turn around.
By the time you wanted to turn around and forget the whole thing, you were faced with a shining smile from an equally shining receptionist, “Hi, is there something I could help you with?” Her brown hair was perfectly slicked back and her makeup was done beautifully, subtle, just like her stylish yet cool business casual outfit. It was at that moment you realized you were dressed closer to a 1950’s housewife than a stylish college student. She looked you up and down and her smile only grew, “You look so cute!” She gushed and let out a squeal when you smiled shyly, “I just want to keep you in my pocket!” She fawned over you, much to your surprise.
“Thank you!” You chirped with a shy smile, “I, uh, don’t usually leave the house looking this eccentric.” You chuckled and she shook her head.
“Is it because you’d be so captivating?” She hummed and you nearly choked on your spit. Goodness, she was charming. You were stunned silent as she reached over to brush a piece of hair behind your ear, “Don’t tell me you’re here to see your boyfriend.” She pouted and you gaped at her. Is she… flirting with you? You never had a stranger just decide to flirt with you. You felt your face heat up as her tender touches made you increasingly shy but also so very flattered, “Or is it a girlfriend?” She raised a brow, “Both?”
You shook your head, “N-Neither.” You breathed and her smile grew.
“Soyeon, stop flirting with the women that-” Another feminine voice snapped you from your trance as you turned to see an equally beautiful woman looking at you with wide eyes. She had platinum blonde hair that flowed and was similarly stylish to Soyeon, “Oh my gosh, y-you’re bunnyboop!” She squealed.
Soyeon’s eyes widened, “You totally are!”
Your eyes widened also. It wasn’t terribly often you got recognized. People were almost always respectful, but it was still a surprise, “Oh, you guys are fans?”
“All the girls in the office are huge fans-” Soyeon stopped herself, “Outside of work we discuss this, of course, in case HR is lurking anywhere.” She peered around her desk as the blond woman stuck out her hand.
“I’m Ji Miyoung, a lead developer here.” Her hand trembled slightly in yours, “C-Can I have a photo with you?” Before you could answer she waved her hands frantically, “It’s okay if not, I understand if you want your privacy and-”
“Sure!” You beamed at her as her smile grew, “It’s super flattering to meet such pretty fans.” The squeals from both ladies continued as they took photos with you.
Eventually, a small crowd of people of all genders in the office gathered. Everyone was very polite… and flustered as they introduced themselves to you. The last time you drew this big of a crowd was at a convention meant for cam girls. It was a little funny to think all of these coworkers were so comfortable admitting what porn they paid for, but they were all so nice you couldn’t complain. They were all pleasantly mindful of boundaries and you figured it was because they were all around your age, since the impolite fans you had meant were usually much older men.
You took photos, completely distracted from the issue at hand until you heard a firm, “What is going on?” From a deep voice you recognized. The staff stiffened into uneasy smiles as the crowd slowly dissipated.
“Ah, M-Mr. Min, good afternoon.” A nervous laugh came from a man who had just been brought to tears when you touched his hand.
“Junyoung, wh- are you… crying?” He squeaked at the question and went on your tiptoes to see Yoongi sharply looking at his employee.
“Not anymore, no sir.” His voice cracked and you fought a giggle with the rest of the nervous staff.
“Hi, Yoongs!” Your small voice made the CEO look up quickly as he made out your eyes while the rest of his employees gaped at you, “I almost forgot I was here to see you.” You giggled, “Everyone here is so nice, so I got distracted.”
Yoongi didn’t have the time nor the energy to unpack the HR nightmare that was his employees huddling around and gushing over their favorite cam girl on the clock, especially when you were in his office looking like his wife bringing him lunch he forgot at home. His heart soared as you gave him a smile, and he was able to forget why you were most likely here in the first place.
“Are you dating him?” Soyeon asked in a failed hushed voice, forgetting she asked if you were seeing a significant other just ten minutes ago.
You paused before shaking your head, “He’s-”
“Baby, do you want to let them get back to work and we can go up to my office?” The pet name made your cheeks heat all over again as the crowd quickly dispersed and the employees gulped at the thought of lusting after their boss’s girlfriend.
You nodded and began walking to him, waving meekly at the employees before Yoong took your hand in his as he led you into the elevator. He didn’t let go of your hand when the doors closed, if anything he held it tighter. The ride to the top of the skyscraper was silent and you tried to organize your thoughts to no avail.
It was hard to focus on his confession of love while he held your hand tightly and yet softly stroking his thumb against yours. Despite his tenderness, he was eerily quiet and you couldn’t figure out why. Could he be trying to organize his thoughts about the confession? Did he even know he typed it out? Could the words he says to you be that thoughtless to him?
When was the last time someone told you they loved you?
The question placed a heavy weight on your shoulders until you couldn’t take it and your head was cast down. A better question would be when was the last time told you they loved you and meant it. You shut your eyes for a moment, trying to search through your brain and coming up woefully short. It was a pattern of lies and ulterior motivations. It was a pattern of putting enough love into the relationship for the both of you as if that made up for the lack of reciprocation. Is the word that meaningless now? Or is it that meaningless when it comes to you? Are other people really the problem if you’re the only one that gets hurt in the end?
The elevator dinged, making you jump from your thoughts as Yoongi led you into his office hand in hand. He remained avoiding eye contact but spoke anyway, “I would ask to what do I owe the pleasure, but I think I know why you’re here.” His voice was low and soft in a way you had seldom heard from him. You opened your mouth to speak, but closed it again when you realized you didn’t know what to say. He stopped walking and stepped in front of you to meet your eyes, “Part of me really wanted to take the cowards route, but you don’t deserve a coward.” His words felt like a boa constricting around your chest, having a feeling of what he meant, you spoke up.
“I can just forget it happened if that’s what you want me to do.” You looked to him and tried to search for a hint of confirmation, “You don’t have to pretend you mean it in hopes you will one day. I promise, you won’t, and then I’ll really get hurt.” You said this as if you weren’t already hurt like you didn’t expect more from Yoongi. You looked down as you spoke, scoffing at the difference between your pink socks with white pumps and his black dress pants with matching shoes, “You don’t have to love me just because you said it-.”
“No, baby, don’t ever accept that.” He spoke so resolutely you had no choice but to hold his gaze as he took both of your hands in his, staring at the skin-to-skin contact, “I want to say that what I sent was a mistake.” He said and it felt like a punch to the gut.
Right. It was a mistake. It would be a mistake to love someone like you. Suddenly you felt the embarrassment of getting your hopes up creeping into your skin, beginning at the fingertips touching his skin as you looked down at them. He squeezed your hands, catching your attention.
“But that would be a tasteless and cruel lie.” He heaved a sigh and you finally looked at his face again. You searched his eyes for deceit and found nothing but vulnerability, “Did I mean to say it to you right then, over text of all places? No.” He heaved a self-pitying laugh, “But that doesn’t mean it’s not how I feel.”
“You… you mean that you…” You choked on your words and felt pressure behind your eyes as you shook your head.
He took your face in his hands, pleading silently for you to look at him and when you did his gaze remained soft yet determined, “I love you.” He struggled to say it, but you could tell it wasn’t forced. You have heard forced confessions before, and this wasn’t one of them, “I know, usually dating comes first, which is why I think I’m an idiot for taking this grand confession away from you, because you deserve to feel like how lucky you make me feel when you just smile in my direction, and instead I just texted it to you after not being able to see your face for over a week and…” He paused his rambling as he felt tears hit his hands on your cheeks, “Bunny, please don’t cry. I’m sorry, I know you deserve so much more than me and-”
“I love you too.” Your voice was broken but your heart wasn’t as you cried uncontrollably, “I love you and I don’t get how I know, but fuck,” You breathed shakily, “It feels so right to say it because you’re so great and kind. I didn’t know I was capable of deserving even a fraction of the compassion and you all have given me and…” Your speech was hindered by your cries as you pushed forward to hug him close. Your arms went around his neck and his arms wrapped around your waist, “I’m so scared you guys will get tired of me.” You cried harder, finally letting out all the pain of watching the door close while you remained onto the shoulder of his suit.
Yoongi wanted to ask why on Earth you would think getting tired of you was an option. However, he was worried he wouldn’t be able to hold his temper if you confirmed his suspicions of people using you and then leaving you. Instead, he focused on holding you as close as humanly possible while you cried. He would be here all night if that’s what you needed. It was evident that no one granted you the same courtesy in your life before them, and he would spend forever making up for it if that’s what you wanted.
He hummed a soothing tune as he held you close to him. This was the second time in your life someone has held you while you cried and some things never get old. The feeling of not being judged as you fall apart. The feeling of him holding you together while you fall apart was priceless. It was one of the aspects of love you could never properly describe.
“You don’t have to worry about things like that, baby.” He spoke in a gentle voice, “Loving you is the furthest thing from tiring.” He mused and you could feel yourself beginning to calm down, “I’m so woefully enchanted by you, I almost forgot the whole day just from seeing you in that dress.” He chuckled with you.
“You and your staff.” You giggled and heard his laughter cease, “They were really dazzled by me, I got about a million date offers I didn’t even have time to consider.” You kept giggling at the idea but stopped when you realized he squeezed you tighter and had stopped laughing.
“Would it be wrong to fire my staff for coming on to you?” He murmured into your hair and you could tell he was on half-joking.
You smacked his back lightly, “Yes, it would be wrong because it doesn’t matter if they were coming on to me when I’m up here and we’re literally professing our love to each other.” Your voice had a teasing lilt to it but the notion of you also professing your love to him, made him relax against your touch some more, “Plus, that would be a good chunk of my income down the drain.” You chortled and Yoongi clicked his tongue.
“I can make up the difference.” He joked, although he very well could, but you shook your head.
“It’s not their fault I’m so hot.” You snickered and he hummed in agreement before you added, “Isn’t it a little funny you’ve been getting VIP access to their favorite cam girl?”
This made him snort a bit, “Yeah, I’m living the life with someone as lovely as you reciprocating my feelings.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead and you sighed blissfully.
It was easy to believe love occurred in spaces you couldn’t fit until it came to you. Until he looked at you like the man looks at a skinny woman in dramas. Until you realized that your love may never look what your mother thought being skinny would be, but it'll feel much more real, much more gratifying. It'll feel just as beautiful as it does in the dramas, and you'll look just as beautiful, at least to someone.
You thought for a moment before sighing, “I need to fix my face before I kiss you.” You snorted, muffled by the fabric of his suit jacket.
“You don’t need to do anything.” He pulled back and you squeaked, wanting to hide your face but he caught your cheeks in his palms again as he looked at you in a way that took your breath away, “I love you as is.” His words came out as a promise and you smiled shyly before he pulled you into a slow and sweet kiss, as if he were signing a contract to love you as long as you would allow him to. And maybe, for even longer than that.
It were times like these you wish you could call your mom and tell her that love takes many forms. That love doesn’t look like a skinny woman in a rectangular box made of pixels. That love can gaze upon you even though you take up more space.
He kissed you, wanting to take the pain of your past from you and onto him. He wanted so badly to ask for names so he could get to work. So he could break them as they put jagged cracks in your self-esteem. Because you weren’t broken. No, not to him. You were too precious to break at the will of trash. Trash he would end the moment he got his hands on their information, information of what they valued most in their life, information on how to rip that away from them.
However, he couldn’t shift his focus from your delicate form as you pulled apart from the kiss, forehead leaning on his before placing another kiss on his lips, “And I love you as is.” You reciprocated and he smiled, wondering how it is he got so lucky.
You hummed gleefully hours later as you sat in Yoongi’s lap, watching him work and not understanding a thing that was going on. What you did understand, however, was how nice it was to have this man peppering kisses into your neck and on your face every now and then. That was his form of taking a break as he clicked away at things, covering your eyes each time a spoiler for the new Zombie Undertaking games was on the screen, enjoying the laughs that provoked from you each time he did.
Yoongi was similarly on cloud nine as you leaned against him on your phone responding to messages in the same way he was responding to emails. He didn’t want to let you go and you also didn’t want to leave after the tearful exchange of feelings so you spent the day working with him. Bliss couldn’t even begin to describe the feeling as he burrowed his head into your neck for the nth time in the hour placing kissing all over the soft skin, but this time you let out a soft moan and his mouth landed on a certain spot.
He grunted into your neck before his mouth latched onto the spot, making your back arch, “Yoongi.” You whined, only spurring him on further as his tongue dragged against the fresh hickey, making you move to clench your thighs together, but he caught your thighs with his hands, keeping them spread as you whimpered, “But your work.” You spoke weakly, making him chuckle darkly as his hands caressed your thighs, eyes trained on the way your thick thighs looked in his hands.
He squeezed the plump skin and groaned, “But you’re so pretty, my love.” His voice was silky smooth as for the second time in this dress, you watched masculine hands push up the hem.
You preened at the pet name, “You’re not playing fair.” Your huff quickly broke into a breathy moan as he cupped your sex.
He hummed in delight, “Fuck, you’re so wet.” He groaned into your neck, mouth moving to hover over your ear while his fingers outlined your slit over your underwear, “You’re practically leaking he crooned. You gasped when his finger rubbed circles over your clothed slit. Your fingers dug into his arms as you bit your lip, trying not to moan but wanting to beg him to touch you directly, “Everyone’s gone home and this floor is on mine, so if you try to suppress your pretty little moans, I’ll just play with you like this all night.” His voice was low and you whimpered.
“No, please, touch me.” You begged lightly and he kissed your neck again, making you wiggle your hips, “Please, please, wanna feel your fingers inside of me.” You begged, shy inhibitions long gone, proving it with the loud moan that escaped your mouth when his hand went underneath your panties and his finger played with your bare clit, “Yes, yes!” You gasped.
“Namjoon made you cum not that long ago, and yet you’re still leaking on my hand.” He nipped your neck lightly, making you cry out further when his finger sunk into you as he groaned, “You’re so fucking wet, baby, you’re insatiable, aren’t you?” He teased as he slowly fucked you with his finger, smacking your thigh each time you tried to move your hips, “Are you going to cum already?” His voice was degrading but only made you squeeze around his fingers.
“Yes, daddy.” You nodded and he laughed heartily.
“No, you’re not.” He deadpanned as he took his fingers from you, making you mewl desperately. He licked your juices from his fingers while you threw a fit in his lap, “Lay on the desk, my love.” He commanded and you did as you were told, cunt empty and begging for release. You scrambled to lay down on the, thankfully, sturdy desk. His look of appreciation as you pulled your dress up to expose your cunt satisfied your submissive brain, “What a good girl I have.” He praised, making you smile giddily while he pocketed your underwear. He took a moment to appreciate your form and bare pussy being presented to him on his work desk, a fantasy he never expected to come to fruition. His hand spread the lips of your sex before he leaned down to gather your juices on his tongue as he slowly dragged the appendage up to your clit. You moaned sinfully as the sensation.
“Fuck, fuck.” Your high-pitched moans only spurred him on as his tongue worshiped your sex, exploring the parts he had dreamed about since the first time he tasted you. He made out with your soaking cunt before he began flicking his tongue across your clit, enjoying the way you twitched with each time his stiffened muscle passed over the sensitive bud, “Daddy.” You moaned, making him groan into your pussy, the vibrations making your thighs shake.
Yoongi released your clit with a lewd pop as he let one finger tease the outside of your drenched hole, “Do you have any idea how sexy you are?” He murmured as he pressed a peck to your clit, “How fucking hot it is to have you sprawled out on my desk in a pretty little dress with my face between your thick thighs?” One hand went to squish the skin of your left thigh and you keened at the exalting of your form. He dove back in, finger going inside at the same time his tongue reached your clit again.
The rush of sensations made your back arch off the desk as you clutched the hem of your dress, fighting the urge to grind into his face and grip his hair, “I’m gonna-”
“No, you’re not.” He kissed your clit before his fingers stilled as you wailed at the loss of your building high. You wiggled in frustration as you could feel your orgasm waning away. He laughed darkly as you begged and pleaded, whining incessantly.
“I wanna cum, daddy, please, please-” You whined and was cut off with another finger slipping inside of you.
“What happened to my obedient baby girl that asked to cum?” He mused and you whimpered, having completely forgotten to ask in the excitement of it all. He feigned thought before he took his fingers from you, sucking the juices off yet again but this time, holding eye contact. His gaze was dark, yet there was a clear passionate fire behind them as he hovered over you, forearms on either side of your head while his stern gaze softened, “You really want to cum, baby?”
You nodded emphatically, “Yes, yes, I wanna cum for you so bad.” You blubbered, lips pouting. He mocked your whine before leaning down to capture your lips in a deep kiss. Your tongue took the initiative to mingle with his as your arms wrapped around his waist. You moaned softly as he deepened the kiss, his tongue circling your as his head bobbed ever so slightly as you both made out. Your legs wrapped around him, making him hum into your mouth, “Fuck me.” You mumbled against his soft lips, “Please.” You added and he growled, unsure if he wanted your first time together to be on his desk, “I wanna feel you inside of me.” You whimpered and that was enough to make his resolve snap.
He nodded, pulling from your mouth, “Okay, baby, I’ll let you cum on my cock.” He relented as he unbuckled his belt and pulling down his pants in haste as he pumped his hardened cock a few times.
“Your dick is so pretty.” You spoke with a sensual lilt, “Want you to fill me up.” You proclaimed and that was all the encouragement he needed to slide into you. You both moaned as he bottomed out.
“You’re so tight, my love.” He sighed, falling onto his forearms over you to give you a sweet kiss before he stood straight again, hands going to your hips as your walls fluttered around him. He watched the area where the two of you were connected with a pleased gaze, and he couldn’t help the lovestruck smile that landed on his face. He could truly stay like this forever.
Your hands grabbed his wrists, catching his attention. The lovelorn look he gave you caught you off guard but made your heart soar, “Y-You can move.” You gave him a small reassuring smile, “You can fuck me dumb.” You purred but the sultry look on your face was quickly replaced to a pilant one of ecstasy when he pulled out of you only to slam back in.
He fucked into you at a fairly quick pace, but he made sure to fuck into you as deep as he possibly could. The feeling of being completely filled by him made your eyes roll back each time he pressed into you. You were quickly reduced to desperate moans as he fucked you into oblivion, shaking the desk as he let all of his pent-up desire for you run free, “How do you feel, baby?” He crooned.
“Ah… good… daddy-I-” You gasped out, words nearly incomprehensible as he pounded into you, “I-I love you-” He gripped your face in his hand, squishing your cheeks as he looked down at you with a look of mock pity.
“My poor, dumb, baby.” He cooed, “You can’t even think straight already?” He asked in mock exasperation, “I’ve already fucked my girl dumb?” You nodded, making a pathetic noise of agreement with your mouth slightly open and tongue out as he licked at your pink muscle, making you moan further, “I love you too, baby.” He spoke tenderly before he gathered spit in his mouth and slowly let it dribble into your awaiting mouth. You swallowed it gleefully, making him growl and fuck you quicker, “Since you’re being such a good girl, you can cum.” He promised and your sex-fogged mind was abuzz in happiness.
“Thank you, daddy!” You sputtered and chanted over and over again along with, “I love you, I love you!” It was all you had left in your vocabulary as he fucked you harder and harder until your long-awaited orgasm came with a scream.
He nearly choked on his own spit when he felt your walls squeeze and flutter around him, “You feel so good squeezing around me like that, bunny- shit.” He grit out while his pace remained unforgiving.
“Cum inside me.” You begged as your orgasm racked through your body.
“Okay, baby-fuck- daddy will cum inside, hm?” He struggled to speak as you tightened around him and he found his high rather quickly as he came, fucking his cum into you while you milked him dry, “I love you too.” He breathed when he was finally done.
You leaned up weakly to kiss him and he took the hint, “Thank you.” You spoke weakly, before smiling wistfully, “I really do love you.” You were blissful as Yoongi cleaned the both of you up.
“I really love you, bunny.” He smiled unabashedly, “I’m not going to let anyone or anything hurt you anymore.” He promised but you had already fallen asleep.
Yoongi chuckled as he looked at your restful form. He was stricken with you, and there was nothing either of you could do about it. He loved you, and you would be his first and last love, that much he would make sure of. He called for his car to be pulled around and he lifted you gently. You hummed tiredly against him while he soothed you. You were his now, and it was only a matter of time before the other men in the house would make you theirs as well. In no time, you’ll belong to them as they already belong to you. The thought made him giddy as he carried you to his car.
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patrickbatethem · 6 months ago
fic recs 2.0!
hello kings (gn) ive got significantly more fic than last time which means this is gonna be a little more organized than the last post bc it is much longer <3 categories in order are non casefic canonverse, casefic/roadtrip fic, finale fixits, endverse, non supernatural aus, and then non destiel ones. titles will be in bold for my favs! also within each category they’re in order from shortest to longest
I’m a tulip in a cup by godtiering (1.2k)
I worry that I never really came back from hell. I wonder why, if I got remade by heaven, I’m still the same screwed up kid that I always was.
Sometimes I worry I’m not into women at all.
"Guess not,” he looks at his shoes.
a REALLY good fic that’s basically just a look inside dean’s head during my bloody valentine do not read this looking for a fun time but please do read it
on vessels by flightsofangels (1.9k)
“You know,” Cas mutters into Dean’s bare skin. “When I was still… an angel, I used to dream that I would take you as my vessel.”
hello consumehimnatural fans!!!!! read newt’s fic right now its incredible
dean winchester is not a nicholas sparks protagonist by microcomets (1.9k)
Dean fell in love with Cas the way you fall asleep--slowly, and then all at once. Or some other hackneyed and trite bullshit. God, this is embarrassing.
dean is in LOVE. he’s also a disaster who keeps staring at cas’ hands. sigh
Stay by aeli_kindara (2.5k)
Coda to 13.06 (Tombstone). In which Castiel reckons with the aftermath of Dean's grief.
hello fellow widow arc fans <3 click here to see cas find out abt the events of advanced thanatology !
walking on a string by swordfishtrombones (2.7k)
Between the doomed offensive at the Firmament and the impending retreat from the ravaged northeast border, Castiel left camp long enough to answer one of Dean Winchester's prayers.
S6 DEAN IS A WAR WIFE. been really into early seasons deancas lately and this one is very good. god
the flesh of the mighty by Mudprophet (2.7k)
Ezekiel 39:17 "you shall eat the flesh of the mighty and drink the blood of the princes of the earth."
MY GOD. anyone who saw the @autisticandroids​ purgatory cannibalism talk and was interested read this right now. also anyone who enjoyed nbc hannibal OR raw (2016). if romantic cannibalism is remotely aligned with your interests read this right now. god
Sam Winchester, Ally At Law by alittleduck (3.3k)
Sam was pretty sure he could read every single gay friendly guide to coming out or supporting queer family members ever written and literally none of them would even imply that arguing with gay people that they were actually just homophobic constituted as "ally behavior". However, Sam was equally sure that none of those book authors had found themselves accidentally watching their brother get pounded by an Angel of the Lord at 9 am on Tuesday, so Sam was pretty sure he might actually still have the higher ground. Now, if only Jack would stop trying to bond with Dean using gay slurs long enough for Sam to convince everyone of that, he might just be able to cobble together some remnant of sanity or, failing that, dignity.
Or, the one where Sam desperately wants to invent PFLAG but Dean won't stop teaching Jack gay slurs
hummed low by microcomets (3.3k)
Dean pulls the Impala over at a cider barn about thirty miles out; doesn't really think about it, just sees the hokey orange lettering off the roadside and lets his hands guide the Impala off the interstate with gravel spitting under the wheels.
they get a nice day out together and dean has a gay crisis and it’s written beautifully mwah
Vena Amoris and Other Old-Fashioned Bullshit by pyrebi (3.9k)
In which angelic marriage bonds are apparently stupidly easy to trigger, Cas wages multidimensional war in Heaven, Dean can't catch a break like ever, Sam rather enjoys being a dick, love saves the day, and nobody consummates anything.
sometimes i think about this fic and it hits that at this point dean and cas would have been married for more than a year. cas my beloved...
an exploration of gender; angelic by sometimeswelose (4k)
Castiel's true form is made of electromagnetic radiation. He has spent the majority of his life, if you really want to add it all up and average the whole thing out, as a wavelength of celestial intent.
The thing about being made of light: it's light in the physics sense of the word. Castiel's waves are gamma, x-ray, micro, and radio. He's visible light too, of course, a visible light so intense that it is blinding to most humans.
hello trans cas community <3 he’s literally trans he was assigned genderless and then went hm actually i will be a man! love of my life
Some Boys are Sleeping Alone by prosopopeya (4.2k)
This isn't something that's okay, not for him, but it chases him through the years until it turns into something he can't -- doesn't want to deny. 
ohhh deans tenuous relationship with his sexuality my beloved...
love. worship. consummation. consumption. by redeyedwrath (4.3k)
ConsumehimNatural (copyright marcusantonius) the Series!
These are all snapshots centered around the idea of you know. Hunger in Supernatural. Both carnal hunger and other kinds. Fics are shown in semi-chronological order but this series is generally nebulously early seasons.
for ANYONE who is a consumehimnaturual this is required reading it is INCREDIBLE and gorgeous and very visceral and i am so very obsessed with it. thank you redeyedwrath for enabling my brainrot
the reach of human sense by perilously (4.5k)
“You know what Jimmy Novak looked like. You think he was beautiful—gorgeous, hot, all of it. It’s him. Not me. This isn’t my face.”
“But,” Dean says. He doesn’t know where he’s going with it. Just that Cas’ face is right there, brows drawn together and cheekbones gleaming in the lamplight. It’s a face that’s made his heart skip probably a couple hundred beats collectively since they met.
And it used to belong to someone else.
this one is just very nice <3 cas gets uncomfortable w dean calling him attractive since dean has never seen his trueform and they work it out
Down in the River by Ias (4.7k)
Alone in Purgatory and hunted by Leviathans, Castiel finds himself praying to the one person who can't hear him.
cas i love you <3 cas alone in purgatory praying to dean bc dean is the only thing he still worships i love you so much
Creature of Habit by trinityofone (5.1k)
The more you love someone, the more you want to kill them. Or: How Cas developed some bad habits, and Dean coped surprisingly well.
written in s5 when cas was depowered and completely nails the later seasons bitchy husbands dynamic it’s very good and fun <3
sink by crackers4jenn (5.4k)
"Where to?" A 9.06 coda.
very bittersweet very well written and also canon compliant so do not go into this one looking for a happy ending but i DO recommend it it’s very good
Sensational by castiowl (6.1k)
“When I first came to earth, it was advised that we temper the senses bound to our vessels. They were a distraction, we were told. An antiquated form of experiencing existence that would hinder our ability to complete our missions, whatever that may be. My true form can better facilitate these experiences. What you would recognize as heightened senses of sight and sound, among other things.”
Or, how Dean helps Cas experience all five human senses for the first time in one night.
early seasons deancas man. i love the sound part i love dean being so worried about doing a good job with this. god. read this please
Something to Protect by Sass_Master (6.2k)
Dean’s violent reaction to being unexpectedly woken has become something of a running joke among them, but Castiel can’t help but look past it to the underlying cause. It makes him ache to think that Dean feels so unsafe, so persecuted, before he’s even fully conscious.
Secretly, Castiel has been determined to work on that, to ease Dean into awareness in a less jarring way, smooth away one of the many stresses that follow him even in sleep. Now’s as good a time as any to try.
oh to sleep more soundly in the presence of someone you love...this fic is very nice i enjoyed it a lot
all this and heaven too by ftmsteverogers (7k)
“Hey,” Dean said. “I’m not ashamed of you, okay?”
Cas raised skeptical eyes to meet his.
“I mean it,” Dean insisted.
“I understand you mean it,” Cas said. “But I don’t think it’s any better if you’re only ashamed of yourself.”
hello trans dean community here is 7k of trans dean having to deal with his internalized homophobia now that he’s sleeping with cas <3 it is SO good
The wilderness. by orange_crushed (8k)
He takes a shower and the pressure is not especially good, but it doesn’t matter. It’s warm and he stands under the spray a long time. Human skin, he knows, constantly renews itself, shedding the dead cells of the epidermis. He wonders how long it will take until he is an entirely new person, until every cell on his surface is a new one. He looks at his hands under the water. It might take less than a month.
this might be the only post 9x03 fic on here with a happy ending actually? plenty of good melancholy leading up to it though <3 canon divergent after 9x03 though which means no 9x06 fanfiction gap but it is absolutely worth reading
till the juice runs by deathbanjo (8.4k)
Apparently whoever drew up the venn diagram of Dean’s sex life decided the circle labelled ‘good sex’ and the one labelled ‘sex with men’ should be kept far apart.
hello this one is SO funny dean finally gets comfortable enough with his bisexuality to start having sex with men and it goes so very bad every time so sorry about your shitty choices beloved </3
First Date by aeli_kindara (8.9k)
“We should go on a date. You and me.”
Castiel wishes he could see Dean’s face. He wishes he had any idea what to say.
“I’m asking you out, Cas.”
this one is very sweet i liked it a lot <3 good refreshing little fic where they just get to have a nice evening together
Entertaining Strangers by cadignan (9k)
Dean settles on to his side, lying in the bed facing Castiel. “So you had sex without me and you bit all my moves. I think I deserve to hear about it, at least. What was her name?”
op im in love with you. premise is established relationship deancas and cas mentions he did have sex before dean and not only that it was a threesome. good for him <3 this fic is cas describing the story of what led up to the threesome and what happened during it while dean interrupts regularly. incredible
the shape you take by noviembre (10k)
“What?” Dean says, fake-offended. “I’d be hot as a girl, you know I would.”
And this is when he really, really should have stopped talking. When he shouldn't have whipped back around and asked, “Cas, if I was a woman, you’d fuck me, right?”
Because if he hadn’t said that, then he wouldn’t have had to deal with this:
Cas, meeting his eyes, forehead wrinkles all smoothed out like there’s nothing to be confused about anymore. Cas with something at the corner of his mouth that might barely be called a smile.
Cas saying, calmly and without hesitation, “Yes, Dean.”
Dean Winchester fucks around and, with the inadvertent help of some witches, Finds Out.
dean winchester your gender is diabolical. this fic is insane and its the only thing that matters actually. dean fully convinced its normal and straight to think about being a woman so you can fuck your male friend. incredible. op im proposing to you
Sinnerman by a_good_soldier (10k)
Dean listens to Nina Simone, reads Anne Carson, and makes out with a dude (sort of).
yall want to read about dean realizing he’s in love with a man as a direct result of learning to better respect women right?
you’re fooling yourself by cowboydeanwinchester (13k)
Dean Winchester and Castiel retire from hunting to raise baby Jack. Dean struggles to allow himself the things he truly wants.
Jack is two, Castiel and Dean are idiots, and Sam's gotta solve everyone's problems.
love a married couple who doesn’t know they’re married <3 everyone say thank you sam for bullying dean 
The Girlfriend Experience by rageprufrock (15k)
While it's not like Dean hasn't had a couple of truly regrettable hit-and-runs in his sexual history, this is probably the saddest fucking thing that has ever happened to him.
a classic for good fucking reason. we’ve all talked about dean thinking holding hands is too gay after having just had gay sex but my personal favorite was sam accusing dean of cheating on cas because dean bought condoms. incredible
No Kingdom To Come by domesticadventures (16k)
“We should fuck,” Dean says.
Cas looks up from where he sits on his bed, hair still damp from the shower, frowning as he places a finger on the page of his book to mark where he left off.
There are a million things Cas could say here; Dean has rehearsed them. After lunch, his restlessness had given way to a vague panic, a dread that matched his every step and crept along with him from room to room. Eventually, he had returned to his bedroom and spent the rest of the afternoon pacing back and forth, playing out all the possible scenarios. When Cas asks him Why? or Are you being serious? or when he sighs and says, in that way he has, Dean, he knows exactly what he’s going to do. He’s going to shrug casually, like he isn’t invested in the answer, like he isn’t desperate for an outlet, and say, Why not? He’s going to raise an eyebrow and say, What, are you not interested? He’s going to crowd into Cas’ personal space, he’s going to shove himself right up in there and whisper Cas against his ear.
Instead, Cas says, carefully, “Okay.”
literally the only quarantine fic i’ve ever bothered to read in any fandom and completely worth it it’s SO good. they become fwb and dean has an existential crisis and he keeps bringing up meaninglessness and death during sex
Bodies by Speary (18k)
It was a secret they never acknowledged even with each other. It would change everything, end everything if either of them ever dropped the act. So they became very good at acting, at keeping up the lie that gave them what they wanted. Even if that lie involved constantly seeking out temporary, consenting female vessels, Cas would do it. He told himself it was worth it for Dean. He just hoped that he could stop wanting more, or maybe one day Dean might stop pretending that he wasn't really sleeping with Cas every time.
i don’t even have anything to add tbh if that summary did not immediately make you click we are very different this fic is incredible. god. fellas do you ever make yourself a woman so you can fuck the man you love without him having to talk about it or confront his sexuality
it’s such a mystery (the way you know me) by fleeceframe (20k)
So the man crouching in front of Castiel is named Dean. He wonders if that’s supposed to mean something to him.
“Cas must’ve got hit with something earlier. He just dropped like a sack of fucking potatoes a minute ago. By the time I was checking on him, he had already woken up again, but now he doesn’t fucking know who we are.”
“I’m right here you know,” Castiel says testily.
Sam’s eyes are wide even as his eyebrows are furrowed, and he looks between Dean and Castiel again.
“What do you remember, Cas?”
“Firstly, that I’m not Cas. I don’t know who Cas is, but it’s not me. I don’t know who either of you are, either."
or the one where castiel is hit with a memory curse that makes him forget the winchester brothers and is stunned to find out he has a family... also why can't he stop thinking about dean?
BEST amnesia fic oh my god. cas my beloved you deserve the world. everyone read this that is not a request.
More Than Ever by Sass_Master (20k)
Dean’s getting some pancakes together for breakfast when Cas saunters in after a run.
He’s trying to focus on whisking batter, unfairly distracted by Cas a few feet away, breathing heavily and shining with perspiration. Dean’s been painfully aware for a long time that Cas is pretty easy on the eyes, but he’s used to seeing Cas buttoned-up and unflappable, looking straight-laced in a stiff oxford and an unflattering trenchcoat.
Now Cas is sweating, Dean’s borrowed t-shirt clinging to his skin, flushed from exertion and Dean really can’t deal with that in his kitchen right now.
this entire series is really good i enjoyed it a lot, i’m just putting this one specifically on the list bc the rest of the series is very explicit and this is really good as a standalone for anyone who wouldn’t be into the rest of the series!!
Being Dean Winchester by Anonymous (20k)
"You should show me some respect. I dragged you out of hell. I can throw you back in."
Who the fuck was this bitchy "warrior of God" doing talking to him like that? Fuck Cas-tee-el and his dumbass trench coat and abrasive motherfucking attitude.
Dean was done with this shit.
Wherein a monster of the week steals the essence of Castiel's vessel, so he must use Dean, recently raised from hell, as a vessel instead.
it is at this point i realize that there are more fics than i expected there to be on this list that involves a threesome with only two people/using the presence of a female body to act like what’s happening is heterosexual. deangirlism is a disease 
I Shall Not Want by domesticadventures (20k)
His grace is burning out, and the wasteland it leaves inside him becomes an echo chamber for all the memories, all the fear and doubt and self-loathing he's collected over the years. Things said and done hound him on endless repeat until he's convinced they’ll break through his skin and fill the silence of the bunker.
His head is killing him, and he sits hunched over an open book, not really reading, just digging his fingers into his skull and praying nothing slips through the cracks.
this one is GORGEOUS i love it so so much. dean and cas are both struggling so much to get by and they’re trying to support each other but fucking it up and they have to grow together and learn to cope with the fact that this is where their lives are and they fall in love i need everyone to read this
To Boldly Go by 8daysuntiltheapocalypseiguess (24k)
Title: Just One of Those Things Author: Impala67 Series: TOS Rating: M Summary: Four years into their five-year mission, and all the planets start to look the same.
In which Dean is not Gene Roddenberry, but he does write Star Trek fanfiction.
mx winchester writing star trek fanfiction to process his own trauma <3 this is a wip but it’s SO good and i also have not consumed a single piece of star trek media so it IS definitely readable to anyone who isn’t a star trek fan. please read this
where the weeds take root by deathbanjo (30k)
“Are you happy? Y’know. Just—being here,” Dean says, gesturing to the yard with his beer bottle. “Being with—I mean, you used to fight in celestial wars and—and save the world. Now you’re growing vegetables and talking about chickens.”
this is on here just for the 1.5 people who were putting off this one like i did for no reason. it’s extremely good and it is just gentle. i enjoyed it a lot
Heroes for Ghosts by pantheon_of_discord (42k)
After Sam and Dean are arrested, Castiel is left alone and scrambling to find them. He knows they’re locked away in a government facility, and he’s still able to hear their prayers, but no matter how he tries Castiel can’t seem to track them. He chases leads and even attempts to hunt on his own, but Mary is AWOL, Crowley refuses to help, and Castiel’s options are running out.
Weeks pass, Castiel’s hope dwindles, and through it all Dean prays, keeping them connected. His voice is comforting, frustrating, and occasionally annoying, but in his solitude Castiel comes to cherish it. But then one day, without warning, Dean stops praying, and Castiel is forced to confront some uncomfortable truths about his feelings.
yall ever wonder what it would’ve been like if the sam and dean arrest storyline in s12 was interesting? yeah <3
Teaching Poetry to Fish by aeli_kindara (52k)
In which Castiel teaches poetry to fish. Also, himself. Also, eventually, Dean.
(A series-long story, diverging slightly from canon after S14.)
cas learning about humanity through poetry before dean and thats what led to him developing enough emotion to be lobotomized....cas i love you so much
Emergence by ellispark (58k)
Something’s been missing from Dean’s life for the past three years, a void left after a hunt gone terribly wrong. He often feels a sense of longing with no discernible cause, a need to talk to someone who isn’t there.
A call from an acquaintance leads Dean to James Novak, a man who disappeared more than a decade ago, and suddenly Dean gets the feeling he’s found what he’s been missing. But James isn’t really James — he’s the angel Castiel, who’s wanted by angels, demons and hunters alike. And he may be at the center of the storm that wrecked Dean’s life all those years ago.
another cool amnesia fic!! for unknown reasons everyone forgot cas three years ago but cas didn’t forget anything. cas deserves so much love and support. god
a turn of the earth by microcomets (95k)
Dean’s your typical half-orphaned, monster-killing 22-year-old until a trenchcoated stranger crashes into his back windshield one September night, claiming he’s an angel that knows him from the future and that he’s on the run.
Frigging fantastic.
(Or, in which Castiel gets stuck in Dean’s timeline preseries and Dean kind of hates it—until he doesn’t.)
cas getting to meet and fall in love with pre hell dean just as much as he loves the dean he already knows oh my GOD. i love this fic so much. turn of the earth my beloved
Crossing Lines by sometimeswelose (122k)
Two Deans, one Cas - it's not as sexy as it sounds
An ethics lesson from Hell
The one where Dean from the past meets Dean in the present. They're not sure they like each other very much.
deans intense self hatred vs cas’ unwavering love for every version of dean oh my GOD also this is a wip fair warning but it’s so worth waiting for updates i’m having such a great time with this one i cannot wait to see how it gets ended
Plot Holes by saltyfeathers (160k)
Of course it wasn’t over after the apocalypse.
There was season six. Then there was season seven. Against all expectations, there was season eight. There were the alphas and purgatory, and then the Leviathans, and then the angels fell. Enter season nine. Loose threads Metatron, Abaddon, and Crowley have to be tied up. Sam, Dean, and Cas have to try to tie them while at the same time dealing with their evolving relationships and newfound graceless states.
Amidst all the chaos, someone has started publishing the Supernatural novels again. Convinced there’s something amiss in the pages, Charlie starts her own quest to suss out the truth behind the Winchester Gospels.
With the help of various faces, old and new, they must now not only deal with the typical runs of demons and recently fallen angels, but also reconcile the battles raging inside themselves, as the fate of the world, once again, quite literally lays in the palm of their hands.
saltyfeathers said i WILL make the plot holes in this show mean something because the showrunners are sure as shit never gonna adress them ! and i thank them for it bc this was a really cool read
Casefic/Roadtrip Fic
Deprived Of Every Planet by KelpietheThundergod (9k)
Dean's breathing is audible in the scant space between them, irregular. The motel room is dark, pale blue shadows falling in through the gaps in the blinds. Throwing a pattern of uneven white stripes over the bunched up covers. Over Dean's fingers twisted in the sheets. One half of him in shadow, softened by the dark. The heat of his skin. The tremble of him under Castiel's touch.
He caresses a hand over Dean's chest, slowly. Dean's mouth falls open, his body arching into Castiel's touch. Castiel stops over Dean's heart. Through the fever of his desire, he rejoices about the wonder of experiencing another's heartbeat through one's own senses.
Dean gasps, but then he turns his face away and towards the dark. Eyes closed tight and brows furrowed like something is hurting him.
Castiel stills.
the case is background on this one but it Does take place over the course of a case so im putting it here. god touchstarved dean trying so hard to work through his shit for cas head in my hands i love this fic so much
before and after breakfast by spocklee (10k)
The monster of the week is a ghost who hates meat, alcohol, and feeling yourself. Guess who it is during the commercials.
chapter 2 of this one.....god. dean and cas you are both so unwell <3 i love everything abt this fic everyone read it now
we shovel all the ashes out by xylodemon (15k)
Dean’s always known things were headed this way. He just figured getting dragged under would be cleaner and easier than jumping in feet-first.
fics that make you go Oh they love each other...also there’s lesbians in it literally what else could you want.
thunder road by dothraki_shieldmaiden (20k)
After Chuck is defeated and the Winchesters settle into life without God, Dean Winchester is bored.
OR: Dean and Cas take a road trip and figure out some stuff along the way.
this fic is just like. it’s kind! this fic is kind it’s just a pleasant experience and i enjoyed it thoroughly. they’re in love and it’s good
Suck It, Judy Garland by GlitterDwarf, midrashic (20k)
It had to be St. Louis. Or, the one where Sam and Cas get fake married for a case, and Dean loses his mind.
actually im gonna defend dean here imagine youre dean and cas gives what definitely sounded like a deathbed love confession while making eye contact with you and then immediately afterwards fake dates your brother. who among us would not have been a bitch about this
best friends without benefits by lizbobjones (20k)
It’s nearing three a.m. and they’ve been on the road a long time. Sam’s been asleep in the back seat since eleven. Giving up and handing the wheel over to Cas and letting the guy who doesn’t sleep drive had seemed like a good idea.
the premise of this fic is so funny. cas voice dean you want to fuck me so bad it makes you look stupid. everyone read this
the taste of gravel in the mouth by deathbanjo (22k)
This is what Cas gave up Heaven for: greasy diner food, shitty motel rooms with even shittier cable, long car rides spent in complete silence except for the same six tapes playing over and over again, and a burnt-out husk of a man who can barely hold a conversation anymore.
alt version of getting rid of the mark of cain, the darkness never happens. this one is VERY heavy but it’s so good and it has a hopeful ending. ive read this one twice and loved it both times
Someone Who’s Feeling For Me by ellispark (45k)
Dean sees her for the first time in nearly six years in some no-name town in Idaho, and it's panic at first sight.
Lisa Braeden, the one woman Dean ever actually had a shot at a real life with, back from where he buried her in his mind. And her hand is on Cas's arm like it's no big deal, like it belongs there. Cas, Dean's dorky, sweet, badass, angelic best friend, and he's just standing there next to Lisa and not moving her hand away.
Dean feels the jealousy rising, and it's not directed where he expected it to be. Because it takes this exact moment for Dean to realize he's in love with his best friend. He's in love with his best friend, and Lisa is looking at Cas like he's the best thing since automatic rifles, and Dean is utterly fucked.
hello op please contact me. please contact me and let me see the inside of your brain. this fic was an unparalleled experience and everyone should also go through it. i love it so very much
Bumper Cars by mansikka (111k)
Two teenagers are missing from an abandoned carnival, and there’s enough to raise suspicion that their disappearance involves a ghost. Dean, Sam, and Cas arrive in town to investigate, though what they find leads them away from those teenagers, and on the trail of a ghost story that churns up things from their past.
Can newly-human Cas, and Dean, with the help of shipper!Sam, work out the mystery behind the abandoned carnival and its ghost, and along the way, figure out the riddle that is them?
one of my absolute fav case fics it forces dean to confront some aspects of johns parenting and work through some shit and also him and cas fall in love and it’s really well done. love this one a lot <3
Finale Fix-its/Finale Denial
Sorry Jimmy by K_K_TiBal (2.1k)
Based on the tumblr textpost:
jellydeans: so are cas and jimmy novak just up in heaven existing at the same time katebushstandean: #jimmy moves to heaven timbuku so that dean stops trying to make out with him every time they run into each other at the heaven grocery store
this one is just extremely funny. local midwestern heterosexual man is forced to play relationship counselor to the dumbest gay people in existence because one of them wore his face
Dean Winchester Really Needs To Make Some Gay Friends by AreYouReady (2.2k)
“Like, I’m trying to think if I’ve had, I don’t know, crushes. If I ever had a gay thing before you came along and just didn’t notice,” Dean said.
Cas suddenly looked down, and away from Dean. If Dean didn’t know better, he would swear Cas looked guilty.
“What is it, Cas?”
“You have had several… gay things before.” Cas still wouldn’t look at him.
“What? When? How come you know this better than I do?”
There was no way the answer to this question wasn’t funny as hell.
dean learning about gay ppl via the memories of dean smith...incredible.
tiny difference (between ending and starting to begin) by sunforgrace (2.4k)
Sometimes Dean catches Cas staring at the sky.
It doesn’t happen often. Not when Dean’s around to tell, anyway. But often enough that he starts to notice.
Eventually Dean starts to recognize the pattern.
Cas just doesn’t watch the sky. He watches the birds.
Chuck is gone, Cas is human, and the world is safe. In the quiet aftermath Dean and Castiel find each other again.
i really don’t have much to say abt this one it is just very good and they love each other so much
Bring Home by cenotaphy (3.8k)
Dean's phone doesn't ring on the drive back to the Bunker, but that's okay. Because—well, maybe Cas lost his cell, what with getting shuffled back and forth between a cosmic void dimension and all. And anyway, Dean doesn't want this conversation to happen over the phone, he wants to—he wants to talk to Cas face-to-face. They should talk face-to-face.
Dean will tell him—
Dean doesn't know what he'll tell Cas. Dean is, in fact, terrified by how utterly and completely he does not know what he'll say to Cas.
cas being forced to face the consequences of sending the risky text that was despair <3
dean’s coworkers vs the heteronormative agenda by cowboydeanwinchester (4.1k)
Dean started working at a local auto repair shop in Lebanon, Kansas about a year ago. His coworkers don't know much about him. Except that he has a wife. Or maybe he doesn't. But he has a kid. Who is either a toddler or a high schooler. Who is either named Jack or Sammy. He also might have a best friend named Cas, but that also might be his wife.
Truth is nobody knows what to make of Dean.
obsessed w people not knowing a single fucking thing about dean because he talks so much and never explains anything. this fic is SO funny
Enhanced Extraction Techniques by goldenraeofsun (5.8k)
The Empty takes Meg’s shape, Samandriel’s, Duma’s, every one of the thousands of angels Cas killed up in heaven. But in the middle of lecturing Cas in the form of Balthazar, it explodes in a burst of light and sound.
Dean Winchester stands in the aftermath.
the empty playing mind games on an awake cas bc it can’t put him to sleep is a thing i like a lot and this is very very good 
Speak Silence No More by rea_sunshine (8.1k)
When Dean imagined this moment, it went like this:
Dean bursts into the Empty—guns blazing, chin high, righteous anger coursing through him. No matter what form his plans and fantasies and whiskey-drunk-whispered-promises took, he is always, always successful. When he imagined it, he was finally the hero Cas deserved.
The reality of the moment is this:
It’s fucking cold.
dean and cas STILL managing to not communicate with each other properly after the confession is so funny to me and this fic does it really well. also i like that a human being in the empty, where humans do NOT belong, had some like. consequences
my heart is a compass by lagaudiere (10k)
“There you are,” the Empty says, in Dean’s voice. It’s cold, like Dean’s eyes are cold, his expression set in contempt. It’s the expression Cas feared, he realizes, all the times he thought about saying it. Revulsion. It makes him feel sick in the way that goes beyond physical, here where there is nothing physical left.
The moment before it happened had been so sweet it covered up all the hurt. For years, Cas had been holding back those words, biting down on his tongue to keep from saying them. And now he had said it, and he knew that it was good, knew that it was worth it. But on the other side there is only this.
In the Empty, Cas dreams of his regrets, until someone comes looking for him.
one of thee best dean rescues cas from the empty fics out there i love the way his memories are written i love how many of them were ones that this fic came up with to give me new things to have brainworms over instead of just making me more fixated on He Watched Him Rake Leaves than i already am
killing time by orestespdf (11k)
It's been four years since Dean saved Cas from the Empty and confessed his feelings in return, and in their Vermont lakehouse, the retired couple is now learning how to heal. One morning, Dean gives Cas a haircut.
(A character study of Castiel.)
perfect fic perfect fic no notes no complaints they love each other so much and now dean is giving cas a haircut and they’re spending the day together. god.
and every time we kiss, i swear i can fly by knameless (14k)
Every time, Dean tells himself it’s the last.
aka, twelve times dean and cas kiss.
a just boy best friends kiss for every season <3 mwah
for which no words exist by MediaWhore (14k)
'a prayer for which no words exist' // richard siken
"Dear Cas who art in my bathtub, give me the strength to be honest about how I feel. For your sake and for mine. Forgive me all the times I wasn’t in the past, all the words I should have said but didn’t. And please stay. Please stay with me when all is said and done. Amen. "
Dean rescues a newly human Cas from the Empty. That's the easy step.
mediawhore i am in LOVE with you oh my god this fic. this fic. dean taking care of cas after rescuing him dean wrapping cas in a blanket oh my GOD
swimming with the fish pond fish by februyuri (17k)
Some time between Dean bleeding out on a makeshift hook in a barn in Ohio and Sam making marshmallows on his funeral pyre, Dean was brought back to life. By Castiel. Again. Dean agreed to it if only to give Jack time to work out the glitches up top. So, now Dean’s back in the land of the living and things are ... actually good, for once.
Or, as good as they can be when demons are attacking Earth, Dean’s failing to get over why he died in the first place, and Cas is suddenly, inexplicably taking every opportunity to casually tell Dean that he loves him.
this is a wip! but it is so good and so worth the read i love it a lot and am very excited for the last chapter. it IS pretty heavy though dean has a LOT to work through
looking like a true survivor (feeling like a little kid) by courfeyrac (20k)
"Jack’s a clever kid—has been ever since he was born, maybe even before that—but Dean’s pretty sure he hasn’t figured out where they’re going yet. And Dean’s… Dean’s excited about it. He remembers planning surprises for Sammy when they were little—saving up quarters and sneaking off to the arcade the year he turned seven, or slipping a book Dean had seen Sammy admiring into his jacket before sprinting out of the store the year he turned twelve. There was only so much Dean could give him back then, hindered by lack of finances and transportation and a father who paid attention. Now, though, Dean’s got a wallet full of cash, a tank full of gas, and the freedom to give his kid the kind of birthday he deserves."
Or, it's Jack's fourth birthday, and the kid wants to go to Build-A-Bear.
EVERYONE READ THIS RIGHT NOW. that is not a request this fic undid me. oh my god. oh my god. they’re a family and they’re going to build a bear and they love each other. oh my god. also no it isn’t a baby jack fic he is 4 and he is also alcal
what’s missing is found (our souls can exhale now) by sobsicles (27k)
It's not the first time Claire has ever gone missing. It is, however, the first time Kaia panics about it. Dean's dragged into the mess, but he soon finds that it's the best thing that could have happened to him.
"But have you ever just met someone and maybe it wasn't from the first moment, maybe it was after all these other moments that meant more than you ever expected them to, and it seems like your soul just—just—" Kaia makes a helpless gesture with her hands, pushing out, and she breathes out loudly. "Like it can finally exhale. And that person isn't guaranteed to make you happy, but they're—they're important. You just know it, you can't even escape it, you can't let them go. Ever met someone like that, Dean?"
"I—" Dean halts, his mouth hanging open. He's looking at Kaia, who's looking at him, and his heart is fluttering in his throat like a caged bird aching to soar again. His mind threatens to spiral out of control, but he focuses, swallowing hard. "Yeah. Um. I—yeah, I have."
deancas AND dreamhunter we love to see it also dean DOES smoke weed with kaia and apologizes for pulling a gun on her what more could you want in a fic
Command Me To Be Well by prospopeya (28k)
Dean did a lot of thinking about when and how he would get Cas back. Months of it, actually, stretching into a year, because while Sam and Eileen were settling into their new lives, Dean was stuck. He was stuck in a faraway corner of the bunker, dark and empty and hollow, ringing with the sound of a vibrating phone.
So when he falls to his knees in that same room, exhausted, hurting, breathless, and he feels a hand on his shoulder and looks up to see Cas, he realizes that he doesn't have a single clue about what to do now. Getting Cas out had been easy--actually, it'd been the opposite of that--but the planning of it, the methodical desperation of one attempt after the other had been a familiar rhythm. It'd been soothing almost, solid, something to focus on that wasn't Cas's eyes, watery and jubilant in a way Dean hadn't ever seen that up close on anyone, let alone Cas.
And now Cas is pulling him to his feet, and Dean's stumbling, and he instinctually grabs Cas's arm, and his hand lights up with a fire that he isn't prepared for.
"Hello, Dean."
oh post despair lack of communication....oh dean refusing to work through his feelings...this fic is incredible i love it everyone who enjoys dean doing everything in his power to avoid talking about feelings up to and including having sex with the guy who’s in love with him multiple times should read this
break the skin (to break the barriers) by sobsicles (29k)
The first time she meets him, he's nothing more than an almost-missed appointment.
SOBSICLES TATTOO FIC MY BELOVED. dean grieving and getting tattoos and it turns into tattoo therapy. im SO in love with mitzi it’s insane. requires some suspension of disbelief for how long a tattoo takes but it’s an incredible fic and an unparalleled experience. sobsicles does not miss
ascend by quiettewandering (53k)
Something in the world is wrong.
Demon activity is rising where mysterious black substance oozes and unusual ecological events are shaking the world. Dean, grief hanging on his shoulders, restlessly searches for answers that might lead him to the Empty… and to Cas.
But what Chuck wrote can’t be undone. The narrative thread pulls Dean along, forcing him to comply. Because once a story already has an ending, it can’t be rewritten.
Or can it?
SUPER cool concept i liked this a lot i’m pretty sure everyone’s read it already but just in case someone hasn’t you absolutely should
oh sooner or later it all comes down to faith by sobsicles (62k)
Getting used to Heaven is something of a marvel. It ain't perfect, and Dean thinks he'd hate it if it was, which is probably why it isn't.
"You don't understand," Dean whispers, exhaling shakily. "I know you don't, because even I don't. The instant you were gone, I wanted you back. Cas, I wanted you back. I wanted—I wanted—"
Cas stares at him, searching his face. After a moment, his own face falls slack, eyes widening just so. "Oh," he breathes out.
Dean wants to be furious that Cas has figured it out before he has—whatever it is—but he's not even that surprised. Cas knows him too well, always has, even more than Dean knows himself. He's been kicking Dean in the goddamn teeth with how deeply he understands him, even about the things Dean doesn't, ever since they first met. You don't think you deserve to be saved, that's what Cas had said. All bundled up in impossibilities and power, this being that looked at Dean Winchester and knew every single inch of him, as if he had a right to each part.
"What?" Dean grits out.
"I love you, too."
the ONLY heaven fic. i do not read heaven fics bc i refuse to budge in my finale denialism i refuse to read fic where it is accepted that dean dies. i was hesitant to read this but god im glad i did it was so good. literally the best possible outcome of dean dying
final fantasy. by orange_crushed (1.9k)
“If I’d actually been born human, would I have gotten sick like everyone else? Would I be running around gnawing on the neighbors?” Castiel tilts his head up and even from here Dean can see the black ring of his pupils, wide and dark as dead stars. He’s high as fuck and he’s been loading the guns for forty-five minutes. He stares into the space where Dean is. He smiles and shows his teeth. “Maybe you’d have already put a bullet in my head.”
"This is why you don’t lead storytime anymore," Dean says. "This kind of shit."
endverse last night on earth fics are something that can be so personal actually. god
The Last Song by Moorishflower (3.5k)
The very last song is the Song of Solomon, and Castiel sings it only for Dean. Set in "The End."
this is like. pre endverse and the tone is so like. wistful? is the best word ive got? it’s gorgeous i love it but fair warning there is graphic description of like. viscera and infected wounds
to think that we could stay the same by cipherwriter (6.5k)
cas has all he needs; himself, his creation, and enough power to continue this cycle for a long time. he's fine. dean wants to take care of him anyway.
oh my GOD this one is good it’s based off the thing of how originally endverse cas was supposed to be just sitting in a room killing and resurrecting the same cockroach over and over. very bittersweet at some points i love it a lot, do not read it if youre looking for something happy though lmao
the first church at the end of the world by withbloodstainedclothingon (11k)
The angels don’t eat the brain. Only Croats do that.
this one is fucked but it’s incredible it contains very heavy and violent subject matter and cas is an Actual cult leader he doesn’t just have orgies it is SO well done and i had a great time reading it i recommend it very highly if the warnings sound like something you can stomach
Down to Agincourt by seperis (1.1 million. i know. yes it’s a wip)
There is no such thing as a guarantee when it comes to war.
The outcome's known. Why try? Return your rusty sword to battered sheath, bow your head and bend your stubborn knee. Why take the field when you cannot win the war? But Harry -- he went down to Agincourt.
PLEASE. i know the length is intimidating i KNOW it’s a very long fic but please. please read down to agincourt i am begging you. head in my HANDS this series is incredible.
Non Supernatural AUS
Long-Term Relationship by bendingsignpost (2.7k)
Castiel says, budging over to make room for Dean on the couch, “I thought we should have a serious talk about our relationship.”
Reflexively, Dean laughs.
Castiel does not.
“Uh, Cas... you know we’re not dating, right?”
look man it’s bendingsignpost okay. it’s bendingsignpost it’s good and it’s sweet and you should read it
One White Lie by komodobits (11k)
Castiel takes a deep breath and rings the doorbell. He doesn’t need to run through what he’s going to say – he’s already planned and edited and rehearsed it a thousand times. He is going to ask Dean Winchester out to dinner. If it’s not too forward, he’ll say, perfectly charming. You see, I’ve seen you around the neighbourhood and you always seem so earnest and I’d really like to get to know you bette— The door swings open, and Castiel panics.
He intends to excuse himself. He means to apologise and come back some other time. However, in a moment of blind fear, what comes out of his mouth instead are the words, “Could you spare a moment for Jesus Christ?”
do you ever pretend to be a jehovahs witness for months to hang out with the guy you like because you fucked up asking him out? yeah.
separate ways and sleeping dogs by sobsicles (53k)
Dean is three years sober when Cas comes back into town.
For a moment, they just stare at each other. Dean, once again, has to swallow the urge to offer to swallow something else. It's very hard to resist the gut-wrenching pull of want that hooks in his chest whenever he looks at Cas. And to think, he used to have him, used to be able to act on that want.
God, he's so fucking stupid.
Well, there's no point in kicking himself three years later for shit he can't change. He'll just sit right here and pretend that his fingers aren't twitching with the urge to reach out and touch. He can't do that anymore, and it's his own damn fault.
"Three years ago," Cas prompts.
Dean huffs a weak laugh. "Yeah. Eventful."
this fic hit me SO hard emotionally oh my god. don’t have much to say bc most of my thoughts on this fic are very personal but my god read this please
Everyone’s a Critic by Englandwouldfall (109k)
The one where uninspired chef Dean Winchester has a one night stand with the male (!) food critic who described the flavour of his garlic bread as 'closeted' and accidentally ends up dating him to try and prove that he's a kick ass chef, thank you very much.
(He may have a point about the 'closeted' thing).
this one is SO fun. dating the food critic who called your garlic bread closeted and lying about your career because you’re embarrassed and you want to redeem your food in his eyes but then you fall in love with him
Non Destiel Centric
gender? you mean that thing i have that pisses people off? by bigender dean winchester (homosexualitie) (946 words)
sam and dean paint each other's nails and dean abuses the technicalities of her gender. what more could you want? 
HELLO HE/SHE DEAN COMMUNITY oh my god the pure rush of euphoria reading this. oh my god. oh my god. 
the quiet road to a distant city by rottingbrains (1.2k)
Sam stares out the windshield again. They’re approaching a city, and she can see the lights in the distance. She’s past the danger zone, and she feels like the world around her reflects that in some way she can’t put into words- as if God is telling her that it’s okay. She did the right thing, and soon she will be past the lonely unknown and into the warm, forgiving light of acceptance. Or something. Come to think of it, the lights only look warm from far away, and she knows that the actual city will seem far less welcoming. Still. Best not to imagine the worst when it’s already going well.
required reading for transfem lesbian sam fans. fics that live in your ribcage to make your heart feel good
Four People Ruby Seduced & One She Actually Fell For (Or: Ruby's Epic Love Affair with Humanity in General and Sam in Specific) by tuesday (3.7k)
In which Ruby has a lot of sex, is not any kind of therapist that would be legal, and helps a few people out for her own reasons. (S4/S5 AU)
for everyone out there who enjoys ruby being a girlboss <3
Fractured Link by Trell (orphan_account) (5.5k)
Meg goes on, resolute despite the way Dean flinches, "He likes me. He likes me a lot, and I like him back, and that's probably good enough for both of us. But fuck me for saying so, Dean-o, he loves you, probably more than anything else on his daddy's green Earth, and you need to man up and give back what Clarence over there has been devoting to you for years."
this is meg/dean/cas which is not smth i really seek out but this was extremely good. set in s7 so it’s meg and dean and honey cas and it’s a lot of dean figuring his shit out and trying to forgive cas and i love meg a lot in this
450 notes · View notes
binnieboyswhore · 6 months ago
Hot tub cockwarming
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bang Chanx Reader  Genre: Smut Word count:1,110  Warnings: Public Sex, Cock warming, cursing, getting caught    Authors note: I swore i would never write a Chan fic cause there’s like 20 new Chan fics posted every day but ii’ve become a bit obsessed with him don’t talk to me about it. I’m working on another Chan fic right now too so i’m in little deep 
The boys have been home from tour for about a few weeks and in an effort to get everyone  back together Chan and you decided to host a pool party and bbq night at your house. After the boys had eaten everything in sight and played in the sun all day, the night approached fast and all 9 of you found yourselves in the hot tub as the moon sat high in the sky with drinks in your hands. The boys told stories to you about where they had gone, the people they had met and the funniest things fans said to them. While they were conversing with each other Chan leaned down to your ear while snaking is arm around the bottom of your back whispering, “thank you for this baby”
You looked up at his soft yet rugged face placing your hand on his soft chin and lightly kissed his soft lips, “anything for you.”
You two started to have your own conversation quietly. Chan has told you how much he’d missed you, missed your lips, the touch of your skin, being in you. When he said that an idea came to mind, you had remembered reading this fan smut somewhere about something called “cockwarming” and this could be the perfect setting to try it. The water was bubbling so thickly you couldn’t see below its surface and everyone was already so close to each other no one would think anything about you on Chan’s lap.
You leaned into his ear “have you heard of cockwarming” he blushed a bit and shook his head yes. He took your hand and placed it in his shorts so you could rub him a few times so he was hard enough, when he let out a low moan, that he played off as a cough, you knew he was hard enough. You go to sit on his lap while he pulls himself out of his shorts and pulls the bit of your bikini aside and slides himself in. You hold your breath so as not to give anything away. You feel him lean his head against your back and you can tell he wasn’t hiding it in his face very well when Felix spoke up “Chan mate, you feeling okay?” Which led to the remaining people in the tub to look your way.
Chan responded, trying not to stutter, “ya I’m good I just got a slight cramp in my calf” thankfully everyone bought it and continued talking.
You slid the rest of the way down your back now flesh with Chan’s chest and the night continued. You got worried every time someone looked at you two, that they might see but honestly it just added to the excitement of it all. Chan was telling us about how when he had met a fan they just said “hey daddy” and he got so flustered he didn’t know what to do and as he told the story he still blushed. The boys laughed about it and talked about how there were a lot of fans who referred to Chan in the matter.
“Is that so?” you said turning your head to look at his eyes. Soon enough the boys started going inside to change into dry clothes and it was just Chan and you left, I.N peeked outside “are y’all coming inside? We’re gonna start a movie.” Chan was kissing the back of your neck so you responded “We’ll be in in a minute, just don’t wait up for us” and I.N knew exactly what that meant. As soon as she was no longer in sight Chan took your hand and put it on your stomach and you shivered at what you felt.
“Do you feel that baby? That’s me inside you.” you let out a small moan feeling Chan’s hard cock nestled so far in you.
“Channie, please can you fuck me now?” Without hesitation he removed himself, you immediately felt empty. He turned you around placing you between his legs and kissing you while he grabbed both sides of your face.
You broke it “As much as I want this to be as long as we can we kinda have to be fast we have guests inside.”
“Oh fuck them, daddy wants his princess.” You loved it when he was like this but we did have guests.
“Chan,” he looked at you, “Daddy, I’m serious, we have to be fast.” you said rubbing his shoulders.
“Fine princess but I wanna take you from behind.” you put yourself against the wall and set your knees on the stone bench under the water. His hand lands on your ass and he unties the sides to your bikini, you see them start to float beside you and you’re anxious to have him in you again.
“God princess you’re beautiful.”
“Daddy fuck me, please.”
He rubs his hands together “with pleasure baby”
He puts himself in you and you can’t help but moan rather loudly, “Princess we do have guests.”
He thrusts into you the warm water splashing and adding resistance to his hips making him work for his high. It isn’t much longer till you're close enough to your high, your walls start to clinch around Chan’s hard cock “daddy, I’m close” you whine out to him.
His thrusts start to get sloppy as he says “cum for me my princess” and just before you let go you hear the sliding door open and you lock eyes with Changbin as you scream whisper “fuck yes daddy right there!”
You couldn’t hold it back as the ecstasy waved over you and you felt Chan hit his high. You couldn’t leave Changbins eyes as your face contorted during different stages of your high. He looked embarrassed but he couldn’t move. You finally got through it and laid your head on Chan's shoulder.  When you looked back up he was gone. You start to lightly laugh, Chan sat next to you handing you your bottoms “Changbin came outside.”
He looked at you sideways as if to ask when “when I was cumming” you told him finishing the knot on your bottoms.
“God lucky someone saw that, you look the most beautiful when you come undone on my cock.” He kissed your check but you slapped his shoulder “Chan, that’s your best friend I don’t want him seeing me like that.”
“Okay princess I’m sorry, I’m just saying don’t blame him for staring when you’re just so damn gorgeous.” And then he smiled that sweet sweet smile and we headed inside where we were guaranteed awkward looks from Changbin and light teasing from the rest.
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A Freudian Slip - Part 3
Part 1, Part 2
Synopsis: While a fight breaks out Zemo asks you to run away from him, you accept leaving on an eventful journey with him
Word Count: 4.5k
Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Smut
Author’s note: A final 3rd installment for ‘A Freudian Slip’ I hope you all have enjoyed this brief series! Next to come out is a sequel to ‘Perfectly Exasperating’
Tumblr media
Bucky carried Zemo back into the house bridal style, his hands gripping tightly around Zemo’s legs and chest, and dropped him onto the sofa in the midst of the room. Zemo was knocked out from when John Walker had the brilliant idea to stop Zemo from smashing all the super-soldier serum by chucking his shield at him. You could see a nasty bruise forming on the top of his head where he was struck.
You gently run your fingers over the side of his face. At this moment he looked so peaceful sleeping, his lips pulled up into a natural slight smile, parts of his hair dangled down across his forehead, his face softened and not tensed like it usually appeared to be. You brush the hair back into its usual place, running your fingers over his feverish forehead.
You turn to Bucky and Sam, whose eyes burn into yours, millions of questions flashing through them, yet they remain unspoken. “I’ll look after him,” you tell them, turning your gaze back to Zemo's peaceful form. It was easier to stare at him than them at the moment.
“You and Zemo have been spending a lot of time together,” Sam states, raising an eyebrow at you.
“Because I’ve been making sure he doesn’t betray us,” You snap back, refusing to look at them
“Sam and I have been doing that as well and you haven’t seen us giving him bedroom eyes,” Bucky argues back, stepping forward, but Sam grabs a hold of his arm to stop him from going further.
“Look y/n, we’re just concerned about you. That guy a criminal, he could easily manipulate you,”
Your eyes flash to him angrily, “You think I would be easy to manipulate,”
“No, that’s not what I meant-” Sam says but Bucky interrupts him
“Yes. I know him, y/n, that is exactly something he would do. You can’t trust him,”
“I’ve told you already, I’m just making sure he doesn’t betray us. There’s nothing else. I’d appreciate it if you believed me,”
They sigh in defeat, glancing at each other, then back to you. “Look, I will not argue with you. Go get him the things he requires. Bucky and I need to check to see if we can find Karli. I might get a chance to talk to her again” Sam says and he and Bucky turn their backs, sending one last concerning look at you over their shoulders then disappearing.
You sigh looking back to Zemo who still slept peacefully unaware. A smile tugged on your mouth, but it twisted to a frown. You all knew damn well you had been lying. Whether you wanted to admit it, you liked Zemo. Every time you saw him, the urge to kiss his lips pulled you in. You could still feel his embrace, his kisses on your neck, shoulders, collar. The sensation of him inside you, touching you. You craved it more and more like he was your addiction.
You don’t know how you hadn’t gotten to this point of being so obsessed with him, where it had kicked in. You always found him attractive, from when you first laid your eyes on him as he broke out of the prison, you felt that attraction pull to him. You never expected it would be anything more though till that one embarrassing moment when you called him daddy in the undercover mission. You could still feel your cheeks burn up in embarrassment as you remembered that night, but you could also feel your body warm up as you thought about what happened in the alleyway. How he kissed you so passionately. So earnestly.
You had tried to deny your feelings, pretend it wasn’t there, and that kiss that never happened, but Zemo would not let you avoid him. Your eyes flickered to the bathroom and your breath hitches as you remember the intimacy you two spent together there. It was there you felt you truly saw Zemo for the person he was. A man who was lonely and broken from his past. A man who cared for you no matter what Sam or Bucky says.
You felt so scared when you saw the shield hit Zemo. Panic gripped your heart as you rushed over to him. John peered down at you like you were dirt as you cradled Zemo’s head in your lap. Sam and Bucky had run up to you and were surprised you were on your knees holding his head in your hands.
As you were observing him, Zemo's eyes cracked open, and he moaned in discomfort, bringing his hand to rub his eyes. Leaping up, you shouted at him to stay still as you fetched a flannel, running it under cold water, and brought it back to him.
He smiled as you handed him the flannel, the sides of his lips curling up like a cat. “Thank you” he mumbles.
“I’ll get you a drink,”
“You’re being very kind to me y/n,”
“Don’t get used to it,”
He snickered at your sudden switch to hostility, “Will we constantly be bouncing between kindness and hatred?”
You exhale, sitting down beside him, handing a glass of whiskey to him. “I don’t hate you, Zemo, though I really should. There’s something about you I just love and I can’t let go.”
You hesitate, both of you pondering over your sudden confession. Zemo raises the flannels of his eyes and looks over at you. His eyes, which are full of wonder, scan yours. You wanted to look away, embarrassed, but you couldn’t. You didn’t want to keep running away from how you felt.
“You terrified me earlier. I thought John Walker had killed you.”
His eyes switched to concern as his eyebrows furrowed, “I’m sorry I frightened you y/n. I- I never thought I would ever get over my wife and... I still love her but you enthrall me, you drive me wild because I want to know everything about you, feel all of you, touch all of you. It’s been so long since I felt this way and it frightens me.”
You reach out your hand to grasp his and he runs his thumb over your knuckles,
“Zemo I-”
The door opens and both yours and Zemo’s head snaps towards it as Sam and Bucky walkthrough. As quick as lightning, you let go of Zemo’s hand and strode away to the opposite side of the room. Zemo’s eyes sadly glance at you, then to his hand, and he lets out a sigh. He takes a sip of his drink, then pulls the flannel back over, his eyes settling down on the sofa.
Bucky rolls his views and wanders off while Sam grabs a seat at the table to work on his laptop. The silence was suffocating. At least for you. Sam seemed to try hard to concentrate on the laptop, but Zemo relaxed, sipping his drink and you pulled out your phone, playing a silly game to waste away the time.
“Were you ever offered it?” Zemo finally asks Sam. Sam’s gaze leaves the laptop looking at you, then over to Zemo.
“The serum,”
You glance between them, not knowing if you should leave or not. Sam didn’t seem to want to be engaged in a conversation, but Zemo wasn’t taking the hint.
“If you had been, hypothetically, that is, would you have taken it?”
Without a second hesitation, Sam replies, a harsh tone to his voice, “No”
“No hesitation. That’s impressive,” Zemo says, nodding in approval.
He raises his hand, taking off the flannel with a slight grunt, “Sam,” he says as he holds the flannel in his hand, his gaze unwavering from it.
“You can’t hold out hope for Karli. No matter what you saw in her. She’s gone. And we cannot allow her and her acolytes become yet another faction of gods among real people. Super soldiers cannot be allowed to exist.”
You look down to the ground, frowning at Zemo’s words, but Sam answers without hesitation, “Isn’t that how god's talk?"
Zemo’s eyes continue to glare down at the flannel, for once not speaking up.
“And if that’s how you feel, what about Bucky?”
“Blood isn’t always the solution” Sam finishes as you hear a door click in the background. As Bucky walks in, you get up and walk over to Zemo again, who sits up to let you sit beside him. He gently places his hand on your knee, your eyes flickering to each other, hiding the action enough so the others don’t see. Though you both say nothing because of the present company, it’s as if you could read each other's thoughts. You were both conflicted on what path to follow and because of that, you found solace in each other.
“Something’s not right about Walker,” Bucky mutters, shrugging off his jacket.
“Like we hadn’t known that from the start,” you mumble
“Well, I know a crazy when I see one. Because I am crazy,”
“Can’t argue with that,” Sam agrees
The two argue about the shield once again and you were preparing to stop them when the doors once again burst open and John Walker and his partner storm in. All your heads turn towards the disruption and you groan in frustration at seeing him.
“All right. That’s it. Let’s go. I’m ordering you to hand him over,”
Both Sam walks out in front of John to stop him from getting nearer Zemo. You stood up to go stand by him as well, but Zemo grasps your hand as he gets up, shaking his head. Your eyebrows turn down confused, but he doesn’t offer you an explanation.
With his other hand, he hands the bottle of whiskey over to you, then picks up his glass, dragging you over to the kitchen counter. You weren’t paying attention to what Sam and John were saying till a spear flew past them, imbedding in one pillar.
Your eyes widened as you saw Dora Milaje storm in.
One of them speaks in Wakandan to Bucky, obviously pissed. “Release him to us now” she orders in English. Zemo’s eyes glance anxiously from yours to them, his mind swarming with thoughts of how to get out.
“Hi, John Walker. Captain America.” John says walking over to them. They refuse to say anything to him, so he looks awkwardly away.
“Well, let’s uh put down the pointy sticks and we can talk this through, huh?” he says, patronising them. You wanted to facepalm because of his stupidity.
“Hey, John. Take this easy. You might want to fight Bucky before you tangle with the Dora Milaje,” Sam warns
John Walker however doesn’t listen. He proceeds to antagonise them till he finally places a hand on her shoulder and all hell breaks loose.
Both you and Zemo stand at the side watching John Walker fight them. Zemo sips his whiskey and offers you a sip. You smile slightly at his nonchalant attitude about the fight, letting him raise the glass to your lips as you drink.
Both Sam and Bucky eventually join in the fight as well, and once again you move to join them, but Zemo’s grip on your hand tightens. “Not now little one” he mutters
He peers around, watching the fight as you stare questionably at him, “Zemo what the hell is up with you today. Did that hit to the head get rid of your common sense” you whisper angrily trying to tug your hand out of his. Zemo rolls his eyes at you, clasping your hand.
“We need to go” he whispers urgently and tries to tug you towards the bathroom.
“What? Zemo, Zemo wait. What do you mean we?” You ask, grounding your feet into the floor.
He looks around at the fighting, his skin becoming whiter as he gets more worried. “We don’t have a lot of time y/n, please. I need you to come with me,”
You didn’t know where he wanted to go, or how he was planning on leaving, but you could see fear prickling in his eyes as he looked at you.
“What about Sam and Bucky?”
“They will be okay. Please y/n, I want to spend this time with you. I don’t want to do this alone,”
You stare into his eyes once more, then nod, finally making your choice.
You let him lead you back into the bathroom and close the door behind him. He quickly pushes the bath aside, revealing a passageway into the sewer.
“Ugh,” you say to yourself as you look down the hole. “Ladies first,” Zemo says, placing his hand on your back, the side of his lip curling up into a smile as he guides you over to the hole.
You shoot him a glare before grasping onto the ladder and clambering down as fast as you could, trying your best not to slip.
After a minute you reached the bottom of the ladder and Zemo arrived quickly after. It was so dark down there, but thankfully Zemo had a flashlight in his coat. Once again grabbing a hold of your hand, he guides you down a pathway.
“So this was the best escape plan you had?” you ask, your nose wrinkling at the unpleasant smell
“I’m sorry y/n, did you have a better plan?” he replies sarcastically
“Well, I didn’t know I was running away with you until a minute before,”
Zemo pauses, beaming the light on your face, making you cringe. He lowers it slightly. So it wasn’t in your eyes but still illuminated your face.
“I owe you a thank you for coming with me. I know it wasn’t a simple decision to leave your friends for a person you meet just a few days ago,”
“When you put it like that, you make me feel even crazier for making this decision,” you grumble
“But it’s okay Zemo, Sam and Bucky will be fine without me, and I wanted to be with you,”
Zemo raises his hand to cup the side of your face, his thumb running along your cheekbone. Quickly he pulls you to him, capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. His spare hand holding the flashlight wraps around your waist as he holds you there, moving his lips on yours, which you reciprocate.
As suddenly as it had started, it ended. He pulled away slightly, his lips still brushing against yours. “Thank you, little one”
His nickname for you sends shivers along your spine and you let out a husky breath. He smirks at you, turning around, and continues to walk down the pathway.
Eventually, you reach another ladder that you can climb up. You blink a lot as you emerge into the sunlight, finding yourself on a random road.
“What now?” you ask
Zemo walks over to a car, jumping into the driver's seat, and pats the passenger seat next to him. As you get in beside him he easily hot wires the car and gets the engine started.
“So have lots of experience stealing cars?” you ask Zemo and he chuckles, “When you become a criminal you pick up a lot of new skills,”
“I suppose aiding with the escape of a criminal now makes me one as well. You bring about a lot of surprises,”
“I’ve been told I am quite surprising,” he glances at you, smirking as he drives, “And seductive,”
You slap the side of his arm lightly, “Eyes on the road, mister”
“Mister? I think I prefer what you called me before. Hm, what was that again?”
You groan as Zemo brings up that embarrassing night for you, “You’ll never let that go, will you?”
“You calling me daddy? Of course not. I quite like it,”
“Where are we even going?” you ask trying to direct the conversation somewhere else
Zemo turns from looking at you to the road, the smile on his face slowly fading.
Your breath hitches as he says the name of his country, bringing back the reminders of his previous family.
“I want to see the memorial,”
You nod quietly, not sure what you could say.
For the next ten minutes, you two sit in uncomfortable silence. All previous moments where you were having fun had faded. Eventually, Zemo sighed in frustration and made a sharp turn in the car, pulling into a secluded spot on an empty road.
He turns off the car and turns to face you. “It seems to me we need to talk,”
You look to him then away, “I don’t think so”
“Y/n” he growls
“I said we don’t need to talk!” you shout, glaring at him, but you snap your lips shut as you realised how much anger had suddenly built up in you.
Recognition flashes in Zemo’s eyes as he stares at you, “This is about my family, isn’t it?”
You look away, your cheeks burning as you knew how ridiculous you were being.
Zemo nods his head, looking at the road ahead as he thought over what to say.
“You are part of the reason I want to go to the memorial,” he finally admits
It was your turn to look at him, puzzled. He pushes his lips together as he prepares for what he wants to say next.
“I love my family. Every day, I miss them. But I also really like you y/n. You are someone I want to spend all my time and money on just to make you happy. Every time I look at you, I want to take you, no matter where we are. And I feel I owe it to my family to visit the memorial to pay respect and to accept that it is okay for me to move on,”
It felt like with his words he had lifted an enormous weight off of your shoulders. Tears sprung to your eyes and Zemo looked panicked noticing them but you grinned, placing your hand on his shoulder.
“Thank you, Zemo,”
His fingers run along your arms and up to your face, tracing your jawline. His eyes flicker from your eyes to your lips and slowly move forward towards you. Once again he captures your lips with his but this time it was gentle like he was trying to savior you. You grasp the fur parts of his coat and try to pull him closer, you can feel through your kiss him smirking.
“Would you prefer to take this to the back seat?” he rasps and you nod your head quickly. You pull away from the kiss, shifting in your seat so you can clamber onto the long seat at the back of the car. Zemo holds onto your waist as he follows you through the back. He sits down on the seat and pulls you onto him so you were straddling his waist. His hands grip tighter to your hips as you go back to making out with him while you ground on his lap, feeling wetness stain your pants.
You smirked into the kiss as you felt Zemo’s trousers stiffen and a bulge appear as you grinded on him.
“Let go of me Zemo,” you sigh as you pull away from the kiss, hesitantly Zemo lets go of your waist curious to see what you were planning. It was hard positioning yourself with the limited space you two had in the car, but you sat on your knees, pushing his legs apart as you settled between them. You reach up and tug down the zip on his trousers, exposing his boxers. Zemo sits back and watches you as you tug them down, exposing his member.
Already some pre-cum had leaked from it, which you gladly licked up, running your tongue along its side. You traced the vein that stuck out, feeling it pulse against your tongue. Teasing him, you flick your tongue over the tip, hovering your lips just around it but not going further.
Zemo finally moves, impatiently he grasps your hair in his hand and pushes you down onto his member, making you take all of him. He lets out a groan, his eyes fluttering shut as he rolls his head back as he felt the heat of your tongue on his member. You suck your cheeks in to give him more pleasure as he pumps your head up and down so that his member could go in as far as it could.
You grasp his tights to position yourself better. You could feel aching between your legs as you longed for more, but at the moment all you wanted to do was please him. Zemo pushed your head faster, grunting, feeling pleasure swarm over him. He then suddenly pulled you off his member, grabbing your arms he lifted you, getting off the seat and pushing you on so you were lying down on your back.
“Forgive me little one” he purrs as his hands roughly grasp at your trousers and quickly pushes them down, exposing your pants. “I need to feel inside you” He runs his finger up them chuckling feeling the wetness soaking through.
“Do you have a condom?” he asks, looking in your eyes, “We don’t need one” you gasp, the urge to feel him swarming you.
“As you wish,” he says, immediately pushing your pants aside and slipping into you.
You moan feeling him stretch you out but as soon as he was in you he drew back almost completely out of you but snapped his hips back into you. He thrusts with all the strength he has, pushing your body up and down on the seat.
You wrap your hands around his back, your nails digging into his back as your body moves up and down with him. His head settles on your shoulder, where he leaves hickies. Every time he pulls back from kissing and biting you he would whisper things in Sokovian that you couldn’t understand but you were sure were endearing.
His fingers snaked down to find your clit and rubbed it, sending shock waves of pleasure to your brain. You let out a loud moan as you felt the knot in your stomach tightening. As if knowing you were close, Zemo's hips thrust deeper into you, hitting the right spot to make you let loose, your walls clamping down on him as you came. He groans into your neck, feeling your walls flutter around him. His thrusts grew more erratic till you could feel him twitch in you and his seed spill into you.
He pants heavily, finally looking you in the eyes. “I love you little one,” he whispers
You smile, placing a kiss on the side of his face, “I love you too... daddy”
He chuckles and finally gets off you.
The car drive after that was comfortable. Zemo liked to drive with one hand on the wheel while the one hand resting on your thigh, as if reminding you, you belonged to him and only him. Hours later, you finally arrived at the memorial.
Holding your hand, Zemo walks up to the sculpture. He speaks to himself in Sokovian first, getting whatever he needs to say off his chest. After that he turns to you, his eyes capturing yours as they were glazed with tears, “The loss of my country, of my family, broke me y/n, but in some twisted way I am not as upset as I was about it before because it led me to you. I don’t blame you for any of it, I know you had nothing to do with the Sokovian attack just like Sam and James. I’m so glad I could spend these last moments with you.”
You look at him confused, “These last moments?”
You suddenly hear footsteps approaching and you quickly spin around, seeing Bucky appearing behind you. Your head snaps back to Zemo. “Zemo what the hell is going on!?”
He smiles sadly at the floor, then back at you, grabbing your hands. “I’m afraid I must ask something hard of you y/n. Please, can you leave”
The breath left your lungs; it felt as if your entire chest dropped hearing his words.
“... What,”
“I don’t want you to witness what must happen next,”
Your gaze flickers from Bucky who was standing back letting you two have your moment to Zemo who looked desperately at you.
“I’m not leaving you, Zemo,” you state
“NO!” you shout
“Y/n I-” Bucky says walking forward, but one death glare from you quickly shuts him up.
“How could you ever ask something of me like that, especially after... after everything that has happened,”
“I should have told you y/n, I’m sorry, but I needed to spend these last moments with you because you are so special to me, I didn’t want to ruin the moment by telling you what was to come,” tears gush from your eyes as you shake your head at him, He steps closer to you, holding your head in his hands, using his thumbs to wipe away your tears.
“And because I love you, I don’t want you to see this. You know there is no other way out of this. It has to happen, and it’s okay, I’m ready. Just like I could with my wife, I know you’ll be able to move on and find someone who will give you everything I can’t and never will because you deserve so much better than me,”
“I love you,” you whisper, the hot tears spilling down your cheeks. Your eyes examine every detail of his face, trying to ingrain everything in your mind.
“I love you little one,”
He pulls you into one last kiss, gentle, but the romantic moment drowned in sadness.
You pull away. Turn around. You don’t look at him. You can’t because you know if you do you won’t be able to leave. You glare at Bucky though you know as well as Zemo it isn’t his fault. You walk a slight distance, just enough so that they are out of sight, and then you collapse on the floor.
Your hands into the ground, pulling at the dirt as you let all your pain out, trying to hold in your sobs. How is it you had fallen for that man so quickly? You loved him; you had risked giving him your heart, and he was pulled so quickly from you. You felt betrayed; he didn’t tell you what he was planning, but you couldn’t bring yourself to hate him for it either.
You don’t know how long you stayed there, but you opened your eyes when you felt a shadow fall over you. Looking up, you saw one member of the Dora Milaje looking down at you.
Your eyes widen in surprise, and then you gasp, connecting the dots. “Zemo'' you whisper, jumping off the ground and running back to where you last saw him. Sure enough, as you arrived you saw him being escorted to the Dora Milaje aircraft.
Hearing your footsteps, Zemo glances over at you. Sadness flickers in his eyes as he stops walking to look at you, but they grasp his shoulder, forcing him to look forward and to keep moving. You watch as they escort him away, till you couldn’t see him anymore.
Bucky walks over to you, looking at the floor guiltily.
“I’ll see him again,” you tell Bucky
“y/n I don’t think-”
“I’ll see him again, Bucky. You can count on that”
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xtodorcki · 9 months ago
hiii hope your having an amazing day :) do you make headcanons? if you do and if you don't mind can i request headcanons for Izuku, Bakugo, and Denki about being in a secret relationship (i really love your stories about characters being in a secret relationship) and them accidentally outing their relationship because something happened (you can choose what happened) thank you so much!! also if you dont do headcanons you can choose one from the three on the imagine ❤️ I'm sorry if this is confusing 😅
“Secret Relationships,” Midoriya, Bakugou and Denki headcanon
Tumblr media
YES IM GLAD YOU REQUESTED THIS UGH, I gotta do my sweet baby Bakugou first🥺
Summary: having a secret relationship with one of the guys and it’s get leaked.
Each section would probably be a little short, I apologize in advance🥺
Warnings: none!
The relationship between you and Bakugou was always strange but once the students had to move on campus in the dorms, it turned into a whole different story.
The secret meetups late at night in his room, turned into nothing more than a secret relationship. The way your sleep schedule was beyond screwed up from being up late in his room and having to wake up early to go back to your room before anyone noticed.
It had been going on for months so by now you were used to the secrets and sneaking around along with barely having any sleep the next day while in class.
The more the relationship progressed, the more Bakugou would steal quick glances at you and even when you were in the kitchen with the other students, he would purposely slide behind you and touching your back in the process.
One day in particular, the class had decided to have a game night and he wasn’t too thrilled about joining in. He had tried to convince you to come back to his room but you had told him it would make things obvious if only the two of you were absent.
He huffed, at this point he didn’t really care about the class nor their opinions on anything. He was a ball of fire afterall so when he saw you sitting with the class as they gathered up board games, he was over with keeping things a secret, he wanted it to be known that you were his and he wanted you upstairs in his room.
“I don’t wanna play this stupid game night.” Bakugou said in front of everyone but he was directing it towards you and you tried to ignore him.
“That’s fine, you don’t have to be here dude.” Kirishima patted his back, sitting down at the table and he huffed out a breath dramatically, standing there with his arms crossed over his chest.
“I’m not talking to any of you idiots.. Y/N.” He said your name sternly, like he was giving you a direct order by the look of his red eyes.
“Why are you so worried about Y/N being here with us?” One of the classmates mentioned and you had cursed under your breath, Bakugou was acting like a child.
“Because I want my girlfriend upstairs with me.” Bakugou angrily said, everyone growing quiet and you had gulped the lump in your throat, well there goes the secret.
Everyone’s eyes had landed on you and your cheeks turned a dark shade of red before you slide the chair back and stood up. You have never felt this embarasssed in your life, he could’ve done this any other time in a completely different way but of course the asshole had to make everything a big deal.
“No way,” Denki mumbled, trying to hold the laugh that was begging to come out.
You dismissed yourself, walking over to where Bakugou was and punched his arm as hard as you could, cursing under your breath and he smirked while wrapping his arm around your shoulders, winking back at the rest of the class.
“God, you’re so fucking embarrassing, Katsuki.” You muttered, following him to the elevator to go up and he tugged you closer.
“Oh shut up, you love it.”
As you two waited for the elevator, you couldn’t help the feel the classes eyes on the both of you. It was even more humiliating as you had to wait for the doors to slide open. You heard a few of them whisper about you two being a thing, some had mentioned how obvious it was and some mentioned had you two were complete opposites.
Bakugou obviously didn’t care, instead he liked to annoy everyone, especially you. So hearing people whisper about had fed onto the asshole ego he had, making his large hand grab your chin and give you a rough kiss on the lips in front of everyone.
The way your face was completely red at this point and all he did was give the classmates a evil grin before dragging you into the elevator and pushing the button for his floor.
“Why can’t you ever be casual?”
“Do you not know me? I’m far from casual.” He nudged you gently, laughing at your tomato red face and moved his thumb to brush across your cheek.
“Yeah, clearly.”
You had a crush on Denki for what seemed like forever. Since the first moment you met him on the first day of school till now. It was pretty obvious how much you liked him. Eventually you became bold enough to ask him to hang out.
Now you two have been dating for only a few weeks, you both had agreed to keep it private to enjoy the privacy and the time alone before the classmates end up finding out.
Of course you knew Denki a little too well at this point, you knew he would end up slipping up the secret sooner or later but it didn’t entirely bother you that it’ll happen.
And you were right, after a training exercise and having to go through some obstacle course that Aizawa had set up, he had sparked a fuse and as his brain suffered a shortage, his mouth had instantly opened and talked about you.
You couldn’t help but be over protective when he did go through that shortage phase, quickly taking care of him and making sure he was comfortable was a habit you picked up.
“So pretty.” He muttered as he reached for you in front of everyone and you froze in your place until he had wrapped his arms around you, clinging onto your body.
Your cheeks flushed, grabbing onto his body and holding him up straight so he didn’t lose his balance. He continued to mutter words like how you’re so pretty and he even slipped up how he was lucky to have you.
“Aww, Denki is in love.” Sero had laughed at his state, making you roll your eyes and become more protective.
“Nothing wrong with that.” You admitted, stroking your fingers through his hair and dragged him over to sit down.
His head had rested on top of yours, his tall frame giving you a tight hug and you had choked on the air you were breathing on from how openly clingy he was acting in front of the entire class including Mr. Aizawa.
“Is there something you’re not telling us?” Midoriya had teased, the smirk on his face made you grow embarrassed.
“Yes, we are.” Denki cut you off, his arms still around yours and the goofy smile on his face only got bigger.
“Y/N is mine. Only mine, I don’t want to see- I don’t want to see any of you near... what’s mine.” He managed to stumble out, his face turning blank like he had forgotten what he was talking about.
“Jesus,” You laughed, putting your hand over his mouth, glancing at your classmates.
You stayed quiet, dragging him away from the rest of the class and forced him to drink some water and sit down on a chair to relax until he went back to his normal state.
You will admit that he was cute and the way he openly told everyone what was his, which was you, had made your heart flutter.
“You’re lucky you’re cute, Denki.”
“Am I?”
It had taken forever for Izuku to catch onto your hints on liking him and wanting to hang out with him more. Of course he was very oblivious and didn’t catch on for weeks, even months before you got frustrated and had been straight forward with him.
The both of you being completely shy balls made everything a lot more difficult, the hints he threw at you and the hints your threw at him had completely flew over both of your heads, it was quite ridiculous.
You knew Midoriya wasn’t going to make the first move, you knew he was too big of a anxiety nut to even be bold enough to tell you to your face that he likes you in ways that was more than friends. So you did it on your own.
It hadn’t even been a week of you two officially dating until Izuku slipped it up to Todoroki when ranting about how amazing you were and how much he loved watching your quirk in action.
Once he had revealed the secret, he had told Todoroki to keep his mouth shut and not talk about it again but later that day, Izuku slipped up to another one of your classmates, Ashido.
It wasn’t long until he had slipped up to the whole entire class and now everyone knew that you two were a fresh couple. The side comments the students would make to you both and embarrass the both you, making the shyness in you two grow and cause you to stutter to no end.
“I think you two are cute!” Ashido had mentioned, trying to assure you that it wasn’t a big deal that everyone already knew.
“You knew Midoriya can’t keep a secret for long.” She commented, making you laugh and agree to what she said.
You couldn’t blame him though, he was a little too excited to be dating his crush that he couldn’t help but talk about you constantly to all his friends. He couldn’t help but stare at you and want to talk about how pretty you are and the characteristics he liked most about you.
It was in his nature, he was proud and lucky that he just had that urge to tell the whole world about you and it made butterflies explode in your stomach and it also made you want to kiss him desperately but you decided to not do that in front of everyone.
“I’m sorry, I know you didn’t want to tell anyone right away.” He mumbled towards you, the look of guilt washing over his features and you shook your head, embracing him in a tight hug.
“Don’t be sorry! I’m glad you told people.”
ANNND finished, I’m sorry it’s short. I usually go longer when it’s one character at a time but I hope it’s good🤧
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retrievablememories · 6 months ago
three’s company | kai & taemin (m)
Tumblr media
title: three’s company pairing: taemin x reader x kai genre: smut, fwb request: “hello!! can I req a kai and taemin with female reader smut fic?” word count: 4.4k warnings: MMF threesome, oral (female and male receiving), deep throating, fingering, unprotected sex (don’t try at home 🚫), cumshots, some spanking, taemin has dom tendencies, the aftercare is a bit lacking i think sjdfklfsk a/n: i have not written a proper threesome fic in so long, this didn’t come as easy to me as i thought it would 🤧
at the beginning of the fic—if you don’t know about taemin’s infamous slippers here are some references lol
Tumblr media
“Open the door for your best friends!”
“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Taemin’s head peeks through the crack in his front door only a few seconds later, and he grins at the sight of you and Kai standing on his front step, overnight bags in hand. “Took you long enough.”
“We would’ve got here sooner if Y/N didn’t take a hundred years to find her favorite slippers,” Kai says, snorting.
“I can’t go anywhere without them, they’re part of my bedtime routine,” you protest, stepping inside as Taemin opens the door wider for the two of you to come in. “And I am not wearing Taemin’s rat fur shoes as a consolation prize like he tried to make me do last time.”
Taemin rolls his eyes at your complaint. “Rat fur slippers or not, you have no problem stealing all my other clothes.”
“It’s not my fault your clothes are so cozy.”
“You say that every time you steal our stuff,” Kai points out, walking past you both to make himself comfortable on Taemin’s couch. “How many of my poor hoodies are hanging up in your closet, never to be worn by me again?”
“Just the right amount,” you insist, dropping your bag to the floor and jumping onto the couch with Kai, splaying yourself across his legs and the couch cushions. He grins at you like you’re an overexcited kid and leans against the back of the couch.
“You’re so goofy. I hope you don’t plan on having me take care of you all weekend like the last time you ate too much sugar and crashed like hell,” Kai says, tapping his finger on your forehead and making you swat his hand away.
“No, I’m not gonna do that again...I don’t need to be babysat, Jongin!”
Taemin passes by the two of you on the couch and pinches your thigh as he goes; fortunately for him, he’s fast enough to escape a slap from you. “Don’t worry...even if it does happen, we’ll take good care of you.” He leaves with a joking smile as he goes into the other room, though the teasing note in his tone makes you wonder for a brief moment.
A few hours later, the three of you are in the kitchen preparing snacks for your movie night—which usually ends up with you and Kai doing most of the work because Taemin tends to be a mess in the kitchen. Kai’s phone pings from the living room, and he leaves the both of you alone to go check what it is. Taemin sidles up to your side as soon as Kai exits the room, and you give him a questioning look when his arm goes around your waist.
“What do you want,” you deadpan.
“Don’t be so mean to me.” His tone is playful, but the lips at your ear are not so innocent. “We haven’t even seen each other in a while.”
“I know, which is why I’m astounded at your inability to keep it in your pants. You should’ve had plenty of practice by now.” Taemin gives an amused laugh, his eyes watching the doorway the entire time, and while the coast is still clear he takes the opportunity to press his hot lips against your neck. You shy away from him, but only because you don’t want to get caught.
One game of Truth or Dare with Taemin more than a year ago had gotten out of hand—a game the three of you usually played together, but Kai had been busy with EXO’s promotions for Obsession at the time—and the next thing you knew, you were sleeping with one of your good friends.
You knew that friends-with-benefits arrangements often ended in flames—you’d seen it happen too often with your other friends and their sexual partners—but you didn’t regret anything about the situation. You both enjoyed the sex, and it hadn’t managed to ruin your friendship, so neither of you saw any real reason to stop. No regrets—except for maybe the fact that you were keeping it secret from Kai.
It was Taemin’s suggestion and you went along with it, though you weren’t really sure what difference it made. He always acted as if letting the younger man know would be too much shock for him to take, or maybe he’d find it awkward to continue hanging out with you two, which you found ridiculous (it turned out fine with him, why did it need to be kept from Kai?) but you weren’t interested in arguing about it.
Taemin looks like he’s about to say something else, but he’s suddenly zipping away from your side just as quick as he came. You see the reason why when Kai walks back into the room seconds later, seemingly unaware of Taemin’s earlier antics. You screw up your mouth and glare at Taemin for almost getting caught when all this secrecy was his idea.
Kai raises his eyebrows. “What’s wrong? Don’t tell me Taemin is bothering you again.”
“When is he not?” 
“Stop pretending like you don’t love it.” Taemin pulls out aegyo that makes both you and Kai cringe like you’ve been stung. Taemin laughs at both your expressions, though he’s also a bit embarrassed for even trying to use the cute card on you; you rarely fell for those tricks of his.
Kai shakes his head. “This is going to be a long weekend.”
Despite Taemin having more than enough space in his home to host all three of you in your own rooms, you all end up in Taemin’s bed when you decide to turn in for the night. Kai swore he was only stopping in to talk before going back to his own room, but he never left his side of the bed even after the overhead lights were turned out. You lie in between the two men the whole time, enjoying their body heat on either side of you and the comfort of having them nearby.
Kai is already knocked out on your left, but Taemin remains awake, his eyes sparkling with devilment in the dark. He angles his body more towards you, lying on his side, and you mean to ask what he’s doing and why he’s not asleep yet when his hand lands on your thigh.
Your lips part and your mouth moves aimlessly for a few moments as his hand works up and down your thigh, warming you up. “Jongin…” you finally whisper, and both of you know that you speaking the other man’s name is not you trying to call out for him—it’s a warning.
“ asleep,” Taemin says, unfazed.
“This is wrong,” you mutter, but you don’t make a move to stop him when his hand comes closer to the space between your thighs. Taemin brushes his fingers across your pubic mound as he reaches his hand over to your other thigh, teasing you. “You were the one who wanted to keep all this hidden. Remember that.”
“Correct,” he responds, still sounding perfectly casual about the entire situation. “And we still can, if you just be quiet for a little while and let me do this.”
“Can’t you wait until later?” Your voice comes out strained. When his hand inches closer to your inner thigh again, you don’t know whether you want to ask him to stop for his own good or go further. “Like when he’s in the shower or something?”
Taemin slides his hand fully between your legs now, the heel of his palm rubbing against your clit. “I have to touch you.” He says it like he doesn’t know what will happen to him if he doesn’t get the opportunity now. The tinge of neediness in his voice breaks something inside you and makes you want to relent without a single question more.
The sudden movement of his palm on the most sensitive part of your body causes you to jerk, and your elbow hits Kai right in the side by accident. For a tense moment, you think maybe you haven’t woken him, but then he grumbles and gently shoves you back. “Why are you elbowing me?” he murmurs, and then you freeze when he turns his head and opens his eyes to look at you. His eyes are only cracked halfway, but even in the dim room you know there is a good chance he can see how Taemin’s hand is now halfway tucked into your sleep pants as he begins his descent into your underwear. You stay stock-still as if that’ll make him unable to see you, which feels as ridiculous as it sounds.
“I-it was an accident, sorry,” you stammer. Kai doesn’t respond right away, too busy blinking his eyes against the dark. Then he says,
“If you two are going to do that, go in another room.” He scoffs and turns over, and you’re mortified. He sounded completely nonchalant about finding the two of you in a compromising position, which makes you wonder; does he somehow already know about the arrangement you two have? Maybe neither of you were ever really as sneaky as you’d thought.
“You should join us,” Taemin suggests, throwing yet another wrench into the situation. Kai’s body stiffens beside you, and there’s silence before he faces you both again.
“Aren’t you being a little—”
“Yes, join.” Taemin interrupts you, and you roll your eyes, pinching his arm. “Don’t pretend like you haven’t thought about it before.”
“What does that mean?” you blurt out, jerking your head to look at Taemin. What secrets have they been keeping from you? Kai looks equally bewildered, which makes you more confused.
“I—when have I suggested anything like that?” Kai argues, though his voice is uncertain.
“You don’t have to. You are easy to read, Jongin.” Kai makes a disapproving noise at Taemin’s statement.
“Easy to read? What about you thinking you were being sneaky with Y/N this whole time—”
“Well, I thought we were pretty damn clever—”
“Look, if you two are just going to go back and forth, I’m going to sleep—”
“Fine. Let me join, then.” You want to complain at being interrupted again, but Kai’s words make you pause. And then his eyes drift over to you, his face turning towards yours on the pillow and his voice becoming more yielding. “If you’re okay with it.” 
You feel a bit winded, never really expecting him to say yes. But now here it is, out in the open and waiting for you to take hold of it—or shun it away. You also know yourself well enough to understand the second choice isn’t even an option for you. Taemin waits in silence to see what your answer will be, though the corner of his mouth is already lifting in a smirk because he can take a good guess.
“Okay. Then let’s do it.”
With your acceptance, there’s a tense pause as everyone waits to see what the other will do first.
Taemin makes the first move by sliding his hand the rest of the way into your underwear, his fingers dipping down to feel you. You’re not as wet as he’d like yet, which he immediately seeks to remedy by rubbing your clit and bringing his plush lips to your exposed collarbone.
“Kiss her,” Taemin says in between laying kisses of his own across your chest. Kai stays still for a moment longer, and you wonder if he’s regretting this decision, but when you glance up at him his eyes are glued to where Taemin’s hand is moving beneath your pajamas. Finally, he tears his stare away from the scene playing out in front of him and meets your gaze, coming closer to press his mouth on yours.
More often than not, Taemin’s kisses are heated and frantic, as if he can never kiss you enough—which is not to knock his experience or skill, because he has more than enough to satisfy you—but Kai is soft and slow against your mouth, kissing you deeply and intensely like he might not get to do it again.
Taemin laughs quietly against your neck at how you grow wetter beneath his fingers from this one kiss. 
Kai’s touch is a little more tentative because he hasn’t done this with you before, but his hands go to the hem of your shirt. He goes underneath the fabric, pushing it up your stomach along the way, to touch your breasts. Your nipples harden at his touch, and he rolls them between his deft fingers. It doesn’t take long for him to begin desiring more contact, and he shoves your shirt up above your chest, lowering his head to take a nipple into his mouth.
Taemin situates himself further down to let Kai have his way with your upper body and introduces one of his fingers into you, sliding the slender digit inside and crooking it up to find that soft spot. You twitch around him, your thighs tensing and flexing, and he keeps his lips pressed close to your hips, biting the skin there and then dragging his tongue across the places he’s just irritated. You’re already feeling overwhelmed at having both men pleasure you at the same time, and you’re not sure how you’re going to make it through the rest of the night.
Your pulse races against Kai’s mouth as his kisses travel to your neck, making you shiver. “Does that feel good?” Kai asks, his voice low, and you nod without a second thought. You belatedly realize he’s referring to Taemin's actions when you notice his eyes have drifted below the waist again. He seems entranced with the way Taemin fingers you, or maybe he just wants a turn for himself. 
“It does,” you say, as if your nod wasn’t confirmation enough. Your words trail out of you in a breathless whisper. Kai soon shifts lower down your body just as Taemin eases another finger into you, which makes you moan softly. You think your heart might beat out of your chest when Kai settles himself beside Taemin, and you can guess what’s about to happen.
“Are you going to have her all to yourself?” Kai remarks, his tone joking.
“I was here first.” Taemin grins deviously, but he shuffles over to make more room for Kai between your legs.
As Taemin keeps moving his fingers inside you, brushing them against your g-spot and making you moan desperately, Kai lowers his head and drags his tongue over your clit. You gasp sharply at this brand-new sensation; the sight of it is even more erotic than you could’ve imagined. Kai wraps his mouth around your sensitive clit and Taemin observes closely as the other man sucks and licks into you. Though Taemin sometimes likes to pretend he isn’t as easily aroused as you know he can be, he can’t hide the way his breaths grow rushed and his face becomes more flushed.
The soft but intense sucking of Kai’s mouth and the smooth strokes of Taemin’s fingers have you careening off the edge faster than you anticipated, and your legs scrabble against the sheets as you toss and turn in the tide of a strong orgasm.
Kai comes back to your upper body when he’s finished, leaning in close to where your head rests on the pillow. Your chest heaves as you try to regain your breath. He smiles down at your supine figure, pressing another kiss to your lips. “You’re so sweet,” he murmurs against the seam of your mouth, and he slides his tongue in to let you taste yourself even more deeply.
Between kisses, Kai pulls your shirt the rest of the way off. You end up doing the same for him—with his help—and you run your hands over the newly exposed skin, feeling the soft but firm ridges of his abs underneath your palms. The length of his cock presses against his sleep pants, half-hard and still rising. Somewhere below you, Taemin removes your panties and pajama pants from around your ankles, and even though you feel spent, your body is already reacting to the idea of him pressing your legs open wider and pushing into you.
“Turn on your stomach,” Taemin instructs, though he’s already grabbing your hips and shifting you over before you can do it yourself. He doesn’t miss the opportunity to palm your ass as he does, his digits dipping down between your legs like he’s going to start fingering you again. Some nights, he can spend forever doing just that—pulling you apart with his hands and mouth and denying you his dick until he finally feels like giving it to you.
His plans for tonight are a little different, though. 
Taemin taps your lower back and says, “I think you know what to do.” You can’t see his face, but he must be giving Kai a certain look because the other man smirks, shaking his head.
“Come closer,” you say to Kai, because just as Taemin predicted, you know exactly what he expects you to do. You run your fingers up the length of Kai’s strong thighs, feeling the hard muscle of them and bringing your hands up higher to caress the bulge straining against his pants. Kai’s eyes grow heavier as he watches you palm his dick, and he settles himself in front of you with his legs spread.
You could probably occupy yourself all night with pulling reactions out of him and teasing him, getting to know what he likes and making him drip sticky precum down your hand. You are too eager to see his dick and feel him in your mouth, however, so you drag the waistband of his pants and underwear lower to bring it out. It’s thicker than Taemin’s, pretty and tan with prominent veins, and you can only imagine how it’s going to feel once he actually gets inside of you. Kai watches you with burning eyes as you grip the base in your hand and get his dick wet with your saliva, sliding your tongue across the shaft. A heavy, shaky breath leaves him when your mouth makes the first contact.
Behind you, Taemin’s cock nudges your entrance and then pushes in, and you whimper from being stretched while Kai’s dick bumps against your lips. Taemin keeps his hands on your ass as he begins thrusting into you, taking his time with it and building your pleasure up with slow thrusts. You want Taemin to move faster and send you spiraling headfirst into pleasure again, though. You whine with your mouth still around Kai’s tip, which makes him give an answering moan.
“Stop playing around and swallow his dick, Y/N,” Taemin taunts you from above. He angles his hips a bit differently to find your g-spot, and you make a choked noise when he locates it, causing Kai’s dick to slip from your mouth.
“Shut up, Taem. It’s not like you’re making it easy.” Taemin gives a sudden rough thrust in answer to that, and even Kai grins at the pleasured expression on your face and the surprised yelp you let loose.
“Try harder.” Taemin insists, and he lands a swift slap on your ass. It’s not harsh, but it’s enough to make you cry out. “You want her throat around your dick, don’t you, Jongin?”
Kai raises his eyebrows at Taemin’s words, but the twitch of his cock in your hand and the bob of his Adam’s apple are unmistakable. “Can you take it?” Kai asks you, voice thick with desire.
“Give it to me.” You open your mouth, sticking your tongue out for Kai to slide in. You’ve deep-throated Taemin numerous times before, and you are impatient to let Kai try it now. His gaze darkens, and he grips his cock and leads it deeper into your mouth. He shudders visibly when the warm, wet heat of your mouth envelops him. He hesitates for a moment, like he doesn’t want to go too deep and hurt you, but you look up at him from beneath your lashes with your best pleading eyes and he is completely lost to your longing expression. His stomach tenses when he pushes further, feeling the tight space of your throat squeezing around his tip. More precum drips from him.
“Good girl,” Taemin whispers from above, his eyes glued to the back of your head. He leans forward for a better view so he can watch Kai’s dick disappear between your lips, and that movement ends with his hips pressed flush against your ass, his length as far in you as it will go. You moan helplessly around Kai as Taemin continues fucking you at this depth and angle, one of his hands gripping your hip tightly. You feel beyond full, unable to think about anything other than the two men inside of you.
“Don’t come yet.” Taemin pushes into you as steadily as ever, rushing towards his own climax as his breaths grow more broken-off.
Kai groans as your tongue slides sloppily against his shaft, your body being repeatedly pushed forward by Taemin’s thrusts. He doesn’t even have to do much work to fuck your mouth. He only keeps his hand at the back of your head, more because he just needs to touch you somewhere rather than trying to control the pace. The wet and filthy sounds of his dick hitting the back of your throat bring him ever closer to his end, but Taemin’s gaze gives him pause. “You’re telling me not to come yet?”
“You still have to fuck her,” Taemin says, smacking your ass again. He slows his pace momentarily to lift your hips slightly, sneaking his hand beneath you to circle his fingers around your clit, and your body tenses as you give a stifled cry. “You’ve got to feel her. This pussy is so fucking good, isn’t it, Y/N? Want him to fuck this needy little hole? You’re already getting tighter around me just thinking about dirty.” There’s no way to respond with your mouth currently occupied; you only give a low, shuddering moan.
“F-fuck.” Kai abruptly pulls himself out of your mouth to stave off the orgasm threatening to overtake him at the sight of you looking so fucked-out. Like Taemin said, he definitely wants—needs—to be inside of you at least once before the night is over.
“J-Jong—” You want to beg for him to put his dick back in your mouth, gripping his thighs and trying to get closer, but those attempts are lost when your climax finally comes crashing over you. Taemin keeps his hand on your lower back to prevent you from squirming away from him as he continues thrusting into you throughout your orgasm, overstimulating your already wired senses. Weak with pleasure and shaking, you let Taemin use your body to get closer to his own end, which you’re more than happy to do.
Seconds later, Taemin is pulling out of you and stroking his dick, spilling his cum on your lower back and your ass. He lets go of his dick and slips it between your ass cheeks, thrusting between them and milking himself of the last few drops. He smirks at the messy creation he’s made all over your skin.
When Taemin lies on the bed next to you, Kai sheds his pants and takes his place. Kai gently turns you onto your back and grabs your weakened legs, pulling them around his waist, and you let him maneuver your body as he wants.
When he pushes into you, you almost want to sob at the way his dick spreads you open, sliding deep inside your oversensitive pussy. His eyebrows crease together at how you feel around him, so warm and wet.
Kai’s pace is not as quick as Taemin’s; his strokes are deep and hard as he buries himself inside and pulls nearly all the way out. Your lingering pleasure is stoked even higher by the intense way he’s fucking you, and your muscles feel like they might cramp up, but he keeps your legs spread open for better access.
“Is it good, Y/N? Do you love it?” Taemin asks from beside you, his voice light and airy as if he’s in awe of it all. His hands sneak over to your breasts, and his lips soon follow.
“Fuck, yes.” Kai brings one of your legs up to his shoulder to get a better angle. His gaze is burning as he looks at you and Taemin—Taemin sucking your breasts, your knitted eyebrows and half-open mouth, the sight of his shaft disappearing into you. “You feel s-so good. So fucking deep...” You grab Kai’s arms on either side of you, nails pricking his skin.
“Y/N…” Kai’s voice has grown rough, tinged with desperation. Sweat drips from his face and down his abs. His pace increases, and the tension tightens in your lower stomach again as his hips slap against yours.
Taemin grips your chin and turns your face towards his, sliding his tongue into your mouth in a wet kiss. At the same time, he moves his other hand lower to stroke his fingers across your clit, and this pushes you off the edge into a dizzying orgasm. It’s strong enough to turn your whole world blurry with an endless ecstasy.
When Kai gets close, he pulls out like Taemin did to jerk himself off and come across your stomach, painting your skin with his warm cum. His groans are deep and rich and lovely, and they make you clench with the last waning vestiges of your orgasm.
Kai lies beside you on the free side that Taemin isn’t occupying, keeping one hand on your thigh like he needs to have some part of you always touching him.
“We need to clean up,” you mumble, uncomfortable with the cum drying on your skin, though you’re also trying to battle the increasing sleepiness threatening to drape itself over your eyes like a veil.
“Maybe later.” Taemin throws an arm around your waist and cuddles his face into your neck. Kai grins and nudges his nose against your ear, tickling your skin. Their breaths fan over your skin, and you sigh and close your eyes, contented despite the mess.
“Fine. As long as you carry me to the shower later.”
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ddaengtae · a year ago
see you around || jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jeon jungkook x reader
genre: college, strangers (idiots) to lovers, fitness instructor! jungkook, fluff, smut
word count: 13.9k
summary: you know those beautiful strangers that you admire from afar and obsess over with your friends, but know there’s about a one percent chance they’ll ever talk to you or even know who you are?  that’s precisely what jeon jungkook was to you; a piece of delicious eye candy that you could daydream about all you wanted, but had to accept that it was too unrealistic to ever happen.  or so you thought.  after an embarrassing accident at the gym that makes your worlds collide, maybe you had been wrong about your chances all along.
a/n: when i came up with this idea in my head, i guessed it would be around 5k words.  guess my hands slipped.  this is only my second bts fic, but after getting good feedback for my first one, i decided to give it another try and this is what happened.  i tried to edit closely, but there may be a few types so i’m sorry!  thanks for reading & pls lmk what you think. :)
Tumblr media
Another week, another million reasons to be stressed.  It really seemed like that was the never-ending pattern of the college lifestyle.  The weekend was never long enough to truly allow yourself to unwind.  Sure, those two days were great, but how was two days enough to destress from the agony of multiple all-nighters to keep up with the shitload of work that all of your professors always deemed it acceptable to assign?  There was no way for you to prove it, but you believed in a conspiracy theory that all of the professors would meet up at the beginning of each semester and choose to make all of their huge assignments due on the same days just to fuck all of their students over.  There could be no other explanation for the hell that was midterms season.
While during your first two years of college you would barely be hanging on by a thread during the busiest weeks of the semester, you were now a junior and had at last adopted a regime that helped you burn off some steam when the tension became all too much.  Somewhere along the way, you started to realize that inhaling mozzarella sticks and Red Bull at two in the morning the night before an exam did very little to make you feel better and that it would probably be a better idea to take up a healthy lifestyle and better time management skills sooner rather than later.  In the process of getting your life together, one Tuesday evening in the spring of your sophomore year, one of your roommates had convinced you to accompany her to a group fitness class at the gym on campus.  To your surprise, you fell in love with it and the feeling of adrenaline and accomplishment that came along with making it through the hour.  From that day on, you vowed to yourself to make it to the gym most days of the week.
There was something about group fitness classes that made you feel much more comfortable than going to the gym and working out on your own.  Perhaps most glaringly, the classes were dominated with like-minded girls who just wanted some peace of mind for an hour.  Most of the instructors were girls too, except for a few guys who seemed to understand why a lot of women chose to avoid the rest of the gym.  It was quite unsettling to work out by yourself on the main floor and be surrounded by conceited guys who always seemed to either be undressing you with their eyes or judging you because, god forbid, you couldn’t squat three-hundred pounds like they could.  The whole place just always reeked of toxic masculinity, or so that was what you had thought until you found out about the group fitness classes that the facility also held.  They seemed to be a sort of heavenly escape from the rest of the place that resembled a fraternity initiation ceremony.
That was precisely where you found yourself this Monday evening.  In dire need of a break from studying, you found yourself sitting on the floor of the group classroom surrounded by your equipment and waiting for your favorite instructor to arrive.  The concept of a high-intensity circuit training class had initially terrified you when you first decided to try it out last semester, but it had quickly become your favorite class and one that you attended every week without fail.  It was incredibly satisfying to track your progress and watch your body evolve as you adapted to be able to lift heavier weights and make it through the cardio outbreaks without feeling like you were going to drop dead every second.
Taking a long sip of your water, your eyes remained down on your phone as you heard the door of the room open and close again.  As it was still ten minutes before class, you didn’t think much of it and assumed it was probably just more people piling into the room and rushing to get their equipment ready.
“Uh, hi guys!  The usual instructor for the class is unfortunately sick so I’m filling in for her tonight,” an unfamiliar-- but yet also eerily recognizable-- male voice echoed through the room.  “I was just recently certified so this is actually the first class I’ll be teaching here.  I promise I’ll try to live up to her hype.”  The unknown source let out an awkward laugh, which was met with relative silence from the rest of the room.
The moment your eyes moved up to fall upon the new instructor, your breath hitched in your throat, causing the water you had been attempting to drink to flow down the wrong pipe.  This wasn’t just any unmemorable college boy filling in to instruct the class.  There at the front of the room stood none other than Jeon Jungkook.  The breathtaking Jeon Jungkook was going to be leading the class and you were supposed to be able perform-- let alone breathe-- properly?  Oh no.
You and Jungkook were not friends by any means.  Hell, it was highly likely that the boy didn’t even know who you were.  You know those beautiful strangers that you admire from afar, yet know there’s about a one percent chance that they will ever know who you are or ever speak to you?  The ones you tell all of your friends about and you go out of your way to use your FBI-level stalking skills to find their social media in hopes of finding out more about them so you can daydream about your nonexistent, fantasy future together?  The ones you’re always hoping you’ll cross paths with while walking to class because even a glance of them will make your day a little more exciting and give you something to talk about with your friends?  That was what Jungkook was to you.
Jungkook had become known as ‘hot coffee shop boy’ amongst your friend group after you had noticed him studying in the same coffee shop as you one day in the fall of your sophomore year.  As you always chose to study at the least favorite and therefore least populated coffee shop on campus, it was shocking the first time someone as beautiful as Jungkook sat down at one of the tables across from yours and settled in to do his homework as well.  His presence offered you a paradox; while seeing him looking like a model wearing his oversized clothes and sighing at his laptop screen was certainly a distraction at times, it also served as a form of motivation to force you to focus because you didn’t want him thinking you were slacking off.  He seemed to enjoy the quiet ambience of the specific shop because after that first day, he began to frequent it almost as often as you, always sitting at the same table by the third window.  On some occasions, one of his friends who always seemed to be changing hair colors would accompany him.  After some research completed by your enamored friend Jennie who sometimes accompanied you, she discovered his name was Park Jimin.  He quickly became known as ‘iced chai’ after that seemed to be his regular coffee order.
It was an exciting day amongst your friends on the first day of classes in the spring of your sophomore year when Jungkook happened to enroll in the same Earth Science lecture as you to satisfy the science gen-ed requirement at your university.  Rocks and rivers weren’t exactly interesting, but the back of Jungkook’s head from the row in front of you certainly was.  The group chat really blew up the day he spun around in his chair and asked you if he could borrow a pen.  They were right that it would’ve been easier for him to just ask one of the people next to him, but you were smart enough to not think into it too much.  Maybe you just seemed like the type of person to carry around an abundance of stationery materials (you weren’t, and you ended up not taking any notes that day after giving him the only pen you had).
So here you were, practically choking on your water as Jungkook started to set up his own equipment at the front of the room.  How dare he invade your safe space?  You suddenly felt as if you barely remembered how to do a jumping jack, let alone have the facilities to pick up a weight.  
After organizing his weights at the front of the room, Jungkook’s eyes began to scan the participants in the room, likely counting how many people had shown up.  The moment his eyes met yours, your whole body froze in place.  Oddly enough, his seemed to do the same.  His doe eyes became wide and his mouth fell into an ‘o’ as he looked at you for a few seconds too long, and you swore there was an expression of recognition on his face.  Before you could convince yourself that anything of the sort had truly happened, Jungkook was blinking rapidly and shaking his head at himself before his eyes darted away to scan and count the rest of the room.
“Alright everyone, we’re going to get started in a minute here,” Jungkook announced a minute later, looking down at his phone as he connected his music and began blasting it through the speakers.  “Just remember to follow my lead and please don’t hesitate to wave me over if you have any questions or are struggling with form.  I’ll try to keep an eye on all of you and come over to help you out anyway.”  His eyes crinkled into crescent moons as he offered the class a big bunny smile.  Oh god, you were going to pass out.  “We’re going to be starting with a pretty intense cardio circuit here to bring those heart rates right up and set the tone for the rest of class.”  Great.  Your heart rate was already accelerating through the roof just at the sight of him.  “Try to keep up, but if you need to grab some water or take a break at any point, please don’t hesitate to do so.  We’re going to get started in 3… 2… 1… Go!”
To your surprise, you were able to make it through the first couple of circuits without too much trouble.  You made it your mission to zone in on each of the exercises you were doing, and that every time you were forced to face forward you would fixate your gaze on the back of the girl in front of you.  It was shockingly easy to forget about the beautiful man in front of the room while you were gasping for breath after numerous rounds of burpees and mountain climbers.  The goal was to look calm and fit without calling attention to yourself.  Outside of your heavy breathing that was likely being drowned out by Jungkook’s loud music, you could say you were succeeding.
About twenty minutes into the class, Jungkook signaled a transition into an upper body circuit.  While you were delighted to get a break from cardio and to allow your heart rate to calm down for a bit, following the exercises now required you to face forward and watch for his cues.  This would be fine as long as you didn’t focus on his gorgeous face that was currently glistening with sweat in the most pleasing way possible, right?
“Alright, we’re going to start off here with some overhead shoulder presses for the first minute.  I’d recommend something on the lighter side, but make sure you’re challenging yourself.”  With a slight nod of his head, Jungkook picked up his own weights and counted down the class to begin the first exercise of the circuit.
Shoulder presses weren’t bad.  You could do this.  Inhaling a deep breath, you made an attempt to wipe your sweaty palms off on your leggings before picking up your dumbbells and getting in position to begin your shoulder presses.  After the first few reps, you quickly fell into a rhythm that was both comfortable yet challenging, feeling that delicious burn in your shoulder muscles.  At the halfway mark through the minute, your eyes had remained glued to the same girl in front of you.  You finally felt a sense of peace.  One look at Jungkook couldn’t hurt, right?
Against your better judgement, you decided to shift your eyes to the front of the room and take a good luck at a combination of both Jungkook’s back and the reflection of the front of his body through the mirror before him.  
The string of events that occurred immediately after that moment was a blur.  As Jungkook pressed his set of dumbbells above his head, his baggy shirt slid up his body, exposing his sweaty, toned abs that looked as though they were sculpted by the gods themselves.  What was likely an audible gasp escaped from your lips as your eyes remained frozen on the sight in front of you.  It was unclear if it was your mesmerized state, your sweaty hands, or a combination of both, but seconds later, the dumbbell in your right hand slipped out of your grasp and quickly went crashing downward.
“Oh my... Fuck!” 
There was a moment of dissociation before you realized that the loud cry had, in fact, come out of your mouth, and that the dumbbell that had glided out of your hand had, in fact, come crashing down onto the big toe of your right foot.  Your head was spinning as you began to process the throbbing feeling radiating throughout your entire foot, as well as the weight of what had just occurred.  Within moments, the eyes of all of the participants were on you, as well as the eyes of the one person whose attention you really did not want in such an embarrassing moment.  No, no, no.
“Oh my god, are you okay?” Jungkook’s panicked voice echoed throughout the room as he spoke into his headset and he quickly dropped his weights on the ground.  “Um, okay, the rest of you can keep going!  I’m going to get someone else to come in within a few minutes so I can help her.”  Within moments, he was shoving his way through the room until he was right in front of you and pulling the microphone away from his mouth so the rest of the class wouldn’t hear your interaction.  “Are you alright?  Oh my god, you shouldn’t be putting pressure on it.  Let’s get you out of here and get some ice.”
You genuinely thought you were going to pass out.  It had little to do with your toe, and a whole lot to do with Jungkook’s sudden closeness.  His concerned face was just inches away from yours as his eyes scanned yours for any sort of explanation for what had just unfolded.  His presence was intoxicating.  You could smell the combination of his cologne and sweat, and you had yet to tear the image of his gleaming six-pack out of your mind.  Oh my god.  That had really just happened.  The first impression you made on Jungkook, AKA hot coffee shop boy, was you making an absolute fool out of yourself and possibly breaking your toe while doing a simple exercise.  You were never going to live this one down.  You were going to throw up.
When you hadn’t responded to Jungkook within a few seconds, he took it upon himself to drape an arm over your shoulders and pull your body against his side.  “Here, lean against me so you’re not putting weight on it.  I’m going to bring you to the first-aid room and get you some ice…  At the very least.”
It was quite possible that your brain had chosen it was better to black out the memory as Jungkook began to pull you out of the room, yelling to one of the workers at the front desk to quickly find someone else to take over the class.  Your legs felt like jelly as they moved beside his, only functioning out of muscle memory rather than true volition.  Here you were, body pressed against that of the guy you had admired from afar for over a year.  In any other circumstance, this would have been like a dream come true.  Instead, you wished the ground would swallow you up and put you out of your misery.
It wasn’t long until you were pulled into what was likely the first-aid room and instructed to sit on top of the counter by a very stressed Jungkook.  The more you thought about it, the more horrible you felt.  Not only was this the Jeon Jungkook of your fantasies, but it was also the Jeon Jungkook who had informed the class before it had started that this was the first class he had ever led.  You had quite literally ruined his first class, and had set an appalling example of what he would expect going forward.  If your toe hadn’t been throbbing, you would have seriously considered running right out the door.
“Okay, if you don’t mind, just take off your shoe and sock while I try to find an ice pack,” Jungkook commanded as he nervously raked a hand through his already-messy hair, frantically rifling through the cabinets.  Your eyes watched his back as you followed his instructions, guilt filling your entire body.  He seemed stressed.  Nervous, even.  It made sense, if you thought about it.  Your foolish accident had just become his responsibility, and he was a new employee.  You would be nervous too.
“Found one,” he breathed out, hitting it against the counter a couple of times to activate the coldness.  As he turned around to face you, his eyes wandered down to your exposed toe.  “Oh no, that looks pretty swollen.  Does it hurt really badly?  Are you okay?”
“It doesn’t feel great, but I’m okay.”  No, no you were not okay, but you needed this to be over.  Meeting his eyes, you realized those were the first words you had spoken to him since this whole debacle had unraveled.  He probably thought you were crazy.  Taking the ice pack from him, you chewed on your lower lip.  “I’m… I’m really sorry.”
Jungkook furrowed his brow as he looked up from your foot to meet your gaze, tilting his head to the side.  “Huh?  You have no reason to be sorry.  Accidents happen.  I get it… I’m pretty clumsy too sometimes and have hurt myself much worse than this for much stupider reasons.  Really, don’t worry.”  He was rambling, and if you hadn’t been so distraught, you would have perhaps realized just how nervous he really seemed.  Offering you a shy smile, his eyes averted away from yours as his cheeks flushed a shade of bright red.  Redder than they should have been from just working out.
Looking down at your foot, you placed the ice pack on top of it and shook your head.  It was difficult to form words with him so close, but you knew you had to if you wanted to redeem yourself at all.  You already had created a mental plan to avoid him at all costs and hide from him whenever that wasn’t possible, but this was the least you could do.  “No, I’m really sorry.  You said at the beginning that this was your first class and I… I kind of ruined it for you.  I’m sure you were really excited about it.”
Jungkook remained occupied with your toe as he moved the ice pack to the side, feeling around the bones and moving it gently in various directions to see how bad the pain was.  “I don’t think it’s broken.  Definitely pretty swollen, but not broken.  However, I’m clearly not a doctor so you might want to get a second opinion.”  Standing up straight, he offered you a warm smile.  “But seriously, don’t worry about it.  There’s always going to be more classes for me to teach and I wasn’t just going to let you suffer there.  I’m happy to help.”
God, not only was he gorgeous, but he was also this friendly?  It was possible that he was just being nice to keep you calm and keep his job, but regardless, he just seemed so perfect.  So perfect that you feared being so close to him, for your endless flaws felt as if though they were being magnified.  Clearing your throat, you forced yourself to return the smile.  “Thanks.  I really appreciate it, but I’ll be fine.”  You needed to escape.  You needed to get out of there so you could cry to your friends about just how mortified you were and how you now really never stood a chance with hot coffee shop boy.  “I should probably get going.  Don’t want to hold you up any longer.”
“You’re not holding me up at all, I promise,” Jungkook responded a bit too quickly, but yet again, you were too focused on your own embarrassment to notice.  Crossing his arms over his chest, the tall man tilted his head to the side.  “How are you going to get back to your dorm?  Do you have a ride?  You definitely shouldn’t be walking on your toe.”
Fuck.  He had a good point.  Regardless of the pain flowing through your foot, you were willing to walk on it just to escape this situation.  However, you knew you couldn’t tell him that.  “I, uh, one of my roommates has a car and I was going to call her to pick me up.”
“I have my car here.  I could drive you.”
Wait, what?  Had he really just offered you a ride?  If you had met his gaze, you would’ve seen that he looked just as surprised that such an offer had slipped out of his lips so casually.  Instead, you stared down at your lap as you attempted to process his suggestion.  If the situation had been even slightly less humiliating, a car ride with the Jeon Jungkook would have sounded like one of your fantasies come to life.  However, at the current moment all you could imagine was the intense awkward silence that would likely fill the car as you contemplated how to successfully fling yourself out of the window.  That would not do right now.  You were not in the right headspace to muster up any coherent form of small talk.  The offer was likely just extended out of pity anyway.  He was a good guy and deemed that that would be the righteous thing to do.  No need to burden him and actually make him follow through with it.
“No, no.  I wouldn’t make you do that.  I’m going to text my friend right now,” you assured him, weakly smiling as you moved the ice pack to the side to retrieve your removed sock and shoe.  “You have a workout to finish anyway.
“It wouldn’t be any trouble,” Jungkook insisted, watching intently as you carefully put your sneaker back on and tied it up at lightning speed.  When he realized you had no plans of speaking again, a defeated sigh pressed through his lips.  Why was he so set on helping you?  “Okay, okay.  As long as your friend is coming soon, that’ll work.  I can walk you to the lobby though.”
Realizing he wasn’t going to let you just run out of the room alone, you forced yourself to nod your head in agreement.  You were being dramatic.  You could handle one more minute in his presence before you imploded.  “Sure, thanks.”  The response came off a bit snappier than you had intended, but did that really matter at this point?  You weren’t going to be able to show your face around him ever again to begin with.
Once you pushed yourself off of the counter, Jungkook encouraged you to lean most of your weight against him as he led you out the door.  As you were already on the first floor of the facility, the walk to the lobby luckily didn’t take too long.  Upon arrival, you plopped down in one of the plush chairs by the door, fishing your phone out of the pocket of your hoodie and pretending to draft a text.  In all honesty, the moment Jungkook disappeared, you intended to wobble your way back to your dorm by twisting your foot to the side to avoid putting pressure on the big toe.  You were well aware that you were going to look ridiculous, but nothing could be more mortifying than what you had already experienced.
Jungkook stood over your chair, rubbing the back of his neck as he rocked from side to side on his feet.  Something about him just exuded nervous energy, and it was making you feel even more on edge.  “You’re sure your friend is able to come soon, right?”
Nodding your head in response, you lifted your hand into a thumbs-up that you regretted the second your hand formed it.  God, you might as well have hit him with some finger guns.  Could you be any cringier?  “Yes, don’t worry.  She’s on her way.  Really, thank you though.”
Shoving his hands into the pockets of his athletic shorts, Jungkook’s eyes scanned your face one last time.  It was almost as if he was searching for any hint of a lie, but if he had been, he wasn’t able to find it.  “Okay, okay… If you insist.  I’m sorry this had to happen to you.  I hope it heals quickly.”  His lips stretched into that signature bunny smile you had witnessed so many times while seeing him with his friends in public, but it almost looked a little more… Bashful.  “I’ll see you around, okay?”
No, no he would not.  You weren’t even sure that he had recognized you from being at the same coffee shop so often, but regardless, you had already planned to avoid the location at all costs.  You couldn’t stand the thought of him possibly approaching you out of pity to check and see if you were okay.
Instead of expressing any of these concerns, you twisted your lips into a small smile and nodded your head at him.  “Mhmm.  See you around.”
After lifting his hand in a wave, Jungkook smiled at you once more before turning on his heel and slowly starting to make his way back toward the main area of the gym.  You watched as he began to disappear, as you planned on rushing out the door the moment he was out of sight.  Right before he rounded the corner, his body twisted to face you once more.  If you hadn’t been so fixated on your own embarrassment, maybe you would’ve noticed the way his cheeks flushed a deep shade of red before he nervously laughed to himself and rounded the corner quickly so he was out of your line of vision.
The moment he disappeared, you gathered your belongings and rose to your feet a bit too quickly, immediately noticing how you forgot to avoid putting pressure on your toe.  Fighting through the pain and fighting to maintain any sense of pride you had left, you began your walk-- or rather, wobble-- home.
God, you needed some wine.
Tumblr media
The rest of the week passed by without much trouble, but maybe that was due to your advanced avoiding skills.  Due to having three midterms throughout the week, most of your time was spent holed up alone studying.  While you usually would do most of your studying in your favorite quiet coffee shop, you made it a point to steer clear of it at all costs.  You were well aware that Jungkook also spent a lot of his time in that specific location, and you weren’t ready to show your face to him if it could be prevented.  He had been right; your toe wasn’t broken, but instead just badly bruised.  While your toe may have been fine, your ego certainly wasn’t.  After stumbling home after the incident on that Monday evening, your roommates had a laughing fest at your expense over a few too many bottles of wine.  They attempted to convince you that what had happened really wasn’t that embarrassing, that Jungkook seemed to be really sweet about it, and that such a chaotic event would be ‘the most epic story to tell people about the start of your relationship at your wedding.’  Although you indulged in their pipe dreams for the time being, you were going to stick to your plan: avoid Jungkook at all times possible until enough time had passed that he likely forgot about your humiliating catastrophe.
After a week of cramming for exams and perfecting your evading abilities, you were beyond ready to take a night to unwind and destress. That was precisely why you found yourself out at one of popular college bars by your campus with your friend Jennie on Friday night.  The pair of you weren’t exactly the type to go out and let loose very often as you tried your best to prioritize your studies, but once you allowed yourself to get dressed up and had a few vodka-crans running through your veins, you understood why a lot of college students went out so often and remembered why you used to so much during your freshman year.  The sensation of being tipsy and laughing with your friends was truly therapeutic and a much-needed antidote to counteract the toxic environment of never-ending stress.
Having been at the bar for over an hour, it started to get quite crowded.  As you twirled your straw around in your half-empty drink, you watched as Jennie began to look around at all of the new faces in the bar before freezing and pursing her lips. “Okay, not to make you freak out or anything… But hot coffee shop boy AKA sexy fitness instructor boy AKA Jeon Jungkook is here,” she whisper-yelled at you as she leaned toward your ear.  “He seems drunk… Like really drunk.”
Blinking rapidly as you tried to process this new information, you pulled back from her and began to shake your head.  This certainly was not what you needed to hear right now, but the alcohol in your system calmed you down at least a little bit so you didn’t immediately book it out of the place.  “So what you’re telling me is that I need to hide in the bathroom for the rest of the night?”  Despite your fears, you really wanted to get a glance of him.  Although the bar was quite large, you told yourself it would be too risky.  If experience had taught you anything, it was that even one glance at him could be fatal for you.
“Stop being ridiculous,” Jennie scoffed, shoving your shoulder before taking a long sip of her drink.  Her gaze remained set on the area of the crowded bar that you refused to look toward.  “He’s…” She paused for a moment before her eyes widened.  “Okay, I might be a little drunk, but I’m almost positive he keeps looking over here.”
“Maybe because you’re staring at him and drawing attention to us,” you scolded, narrowing your eyes at her.  “Please stop before I jump over the actual bar and hide behind it.”
Jennie laughed at your dramatic suggestion, eyeing your nervous persona up and down.  “Relax, relax.”  She looked over your shoulder yet again.  “Oh, wait.  He’s on the move now so I don’t think you have to worry.”
Letting out a sigh of relief, you took an extra long sip of your drink.  “Thank god.  I don’t need to relive my earlier trauma on a night out.”
“Wait, fuck.  I think--”
“Ah, is that toe girl?!”
Your whole body froze as you heard the close proximity of a very familiar male voice behind you.  You wanted to believe that your initial guess of what was occurring wasn’t true, but the mixture of shock and amusement on Jennie’s face as she looked over your shoulder at the sight behind you confirmed that your worst nightmare was, in fact, true.
Sucking in a deep breath and downing the rest of your drink before placing it down on the bar, you gave yourself a mental pep talk before slowly turning on your heel to face the source of the voice.  If there hadn’t been a decent amount of alcohol in your system, you were quite certain that you would’ve passed out right then and there.
There before you stood Jungkook with a cheeky grin spread across his lips and arms crossed over his chest as he stared down at, unfortunately, you.  He was sporting a pair of tight, ripped black jeans and a matching black t-shirt.  The clasping of a beer bottle in one hand and the way his arms were folded made his bicep muscles protrude in a manner that had you ready to start drooling.  Jennie had been right; his face was glowing a bright shade of red, likely due to a great deal of alcohol consumption.
Clearing your throat, you forced your lips into a shy smile as you folded your hands together in front of you.  You wished you hadn’t finished your drink so you had something more natural to do with your hands.  It felt as if though your heart was going to explode through your chest, but he was here now and there was no escaping.  “God, is that really what I’m known as now?”
“I mean, kind of.”  Jungkook let out a loud laugh, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he did so.  How was he so fucking gorgeous?  And why the fuck was this beautiful man going out of his way to talk to you on a night out?  “But I won’t call you that anymore.  It’s Y/N, right?”
Your brow furrowed as your mouth opened in surprise.  Wait, what?  Jungkook knew your name?  It felt like your mind was moving at a million miles a minute trying to process just how that could be possible.
A hand reached out from behind you to squeeze your shoulder, Jennie stepping forward and revealing herself after you had forgotten about her existence for a minute.  Her lips were twisted upward into a mischievous smile.  “I see a couple of my friends from one of my classes.  Gonna go say hi to them.  I’ll meet up with you later.”  After not-so-discreetly wiggling her eyebrows at you, she mouthed what appeared to be “good luck” before sauntering off.
“Looks like you’re stuck with me now.”  Jungkook chuckled quietly as he watched Jennie walk away before setting his eyes back on you and smiling warmly.  You were convinced that his smile was going to be the death of you.  “Hopefully you won’t try to run off as quickly as you did the other day.”
“I did not run off!” you scoffed immediately, crossing your own arms over your chest as you feigned offense.  Once again, thank god for alcohol, for you were well aware that this conversation would not be happening without it.  He was right, but you hadn’t realized he had noticed your urgency in escaping that day.  ‘I… I wasn’t even aware that you knew my name.”
“Suuure you didn’t.  You couldn’t get away from me fast enough,” Jungkook teased, leaning forward a bit to nudge his shoulder against yours.  The area of skin he touched immediately felt like it was on fire, as did your cheeks.  “But of course I know your name.  We had Earth Science together last year and you’re always studying at the same coffee shop by North campus that I do.  You’re kind of hard to miss.”
You?  Hard to miss?  Not to mention, the Earth Science class was a lecture with over one hundred students in it, and the professor hardly ever took any form of attendance.  Sure you could say the same thing about you knowing his name, but that was only because you had gone out of your way to find out who he was after becoming captivated by him upon seeing him at the coffee shop.  This didn’t make any sense.  Were you dreaming?  Hallucinating?
Raising an eyebrow at him, you decided to keep your response simple.  “You’ve never talked to me, though…”
“I know, I know.”  Jungkook unfolded his arms and clasped both of his hands around his beer bottle, staring down at his fingers as he tapped them against the glass.  Maybe it was the dim lighting in the bar, but you could’ve sworn his cheeks darkened as he avoided your eyes.  The aroma of cologne and beer coming off of him at the close proximity had you feeling light-headed.  “I’ve always wanted to.  Planned to talk to you at the coffee shop this week, but you were nowhere to be seen.  You just… I… You’re really pretty and you’re always smiling and I kind of freaked out when I saw you taking that class on Monday.  I’m pretty shy and not exactly the most confident person so I have no idea why I’m saying this right now… Definitely all of the beer I’ve drank… But I probably shouldn’t be overstepping or saying any of this anyway since I’m starting to realize that you’ve probably been avoiding me or think I’m weird or something.  Sorry for offering to drive you home the other day… I realized after that that probably seemed creepy coming from a total stranger.”  He looked to the side as he began to nervously tap his foot against the floor.  Something that sounded like a nervous laugh pressed through his lips.  “Fuck.  This is why I barely ever drink.”
Your body remained frozen as you stared at the side of his face, fully aware of the fact that your jaw had dropped and you were visibly gaping at him.  No.  There was absolutely no way that those words came out of his mouth and he meant them.  It had to be the excessive amount of alcohol in his system, right?  Or maybe he was just sweet talking you to try to get laid.  That had to be it, right?  You weren’t sure if you were going to throw up, pass out, or do both at the same time.  The vodka taking over your own system was preventing you from being able to form any sort of coherent thought.  Still, he deserved a response.
“What?  I don’t think you’re weird at all,” you reassured, chewing on your lower lip as you tried to read the expression on his face.  God, you really could have come up with something better than that.
Jungkook’s doe eyes at last met yours again, a disbelieving look in his eyes.  “Then why’d you lie and say your friend was picking you up and end up walking home on a possibly broken toe instead of letting me drive you home?”
Oh my god, he had seen you do that?  You were certain he was completely out of sight when you had dragged yourself out of the building.  To be fair, you hadn’t taken into account the fact that the place was covered with windows that would have given anyone access to see outside the front of the building, but why would he have been looking anyway?  Just as you thought that day couldn’t have gotten any more embarrassing, it did.  
The mix of alcohol in your system and your heart pounding in your chest was quickly becoming too much to handle and making you lose control over your faculties.  Maybe that was why you blurted out, “I-I don't know… You make me nervous.”
“You make me nervous too!”
Before you could even begin to comprehend the weight of his words, another male figure popped up beside Jungkook and draped an arm over his shoulders.  His bright pink hair made him easily identifiable.  It was iced chai, also known as Park Jimin.  If Jennie had noticed he was there, she certainly would have been freaking out.
“There you are!  I’ve been looking for you.  You just disappeared on me,” Jimin informed Jungkook, his gaze quickly moving to set on your distraught form.  If you hadn’t been so out of sorts, perhaps you would’ve noticed the look of recognition in his eyes as they set on you.  “I’m sorry, is he bothering you?  He never usually goes out with us and gets drunk like this, so I’m sorry if he’s a little chaotic.”
Shaking your head at Jimin, you offered him a comforting smiling.  You could feel Jungkook’s concerned eyes burning a hole into the side of your face.  “No, no.  He’s not bothering me at all, don’t worry.”
“Oh, thank god.  I was worried he might do something stupid.”  Jimin let out a sigh of relief, looking between the pair of you.  Could that ‘something stupid’ be what had just occurred?  At last, he gave Jungkook a firm pat on the shoulder.  “We have to get going right now.  Hoseok thought it’d be a good idea to down five tequila shots in a row after all of the beer we drank back at the dorm.  He has his head down on the bar with his eyes closed and I want to get him out of here before he starts puking everywhere.  Afraid you might end up in the same state if you keep drinking at this pace too, dude.”
“I’m fiiine,” Jungkook snapped back at him, rolling his eyes as he shrugged Jimin’s arm off of his shoulder.  He peered at you for a quick second before his eyes averted downward, the nerves that had been there before refusing to go away.  After taking a few moments to ponder what his friend had just told him, he let out a defeated sigh.  “Fine.  We can go.  Only because it’s Hoseok though.”
“I’ve already requested the Uber so we should head outside now,” Jimin urged, glancing over toward where Hoseok likely was sitting at the bar.
“Um.” Jungkook at last forced himself to look at you, his lips curving upward into the slightest smile.  It seemed forced though, and you knew it was because you didn’t have the opportunity to elaborate on and finish the conversation you were having before Jimin butted in.  You also felt as if though you were about to self-implode and needed some time to comprehend what had just unfolded.  “Sorry.  I have to get going, I guess.  I’ll see you around though, okay?”
Nodding your head in agreement, you allowed yourself to return a reassuring smile.  “Okay.  I’ll see you around.”  This time, it was possible that you meant it.
After he gave you one last anxious look, he turned on his heel and followed Jimin’s lead, disappearing out of your sight.
Where the fuck was Jennie?
Tumblr media
After scoping out Jennie in the corner of the bar, you had convinced her that it was absolutely necessary to immediately take an Uber home to debrief on what had occurred.  Within half an hour, you had managed to arrive back safely to your dorm and had replaced your uncomfortable clothes with pajamas and your vodka crans with a bottle of wine.  Although your mind felt quite foggy from trying to piece together everything that Jungkook had said, you were able to provide Jennie with at least the majority of the details.
“Wait, hold on.  Let me think about this.”  Jennie threw herself back against your bed, staring up at the ceiling after her head hit the pillows.  “So basically what you’re telling me is that you are to Jungkook what Jungkook is to you?  Like he pretty much admitted to admiring you from afar and being too afraid to talk to you all of this time?” she questioned, eyes wide in amazement.  “God damn, why can’t shit like this happen to me?  This is like some fairytale shit.  You’re so fucking lucky.”
Taking a big swig directly out of the bottle of cheap rosé, you let out an exasperated sigh.  “I don’t know.  It seems too good to be true.  Like, what if he was just really drunk and didn’t know what he was saying?  You even said he seemed really drunk.  Or like, what if he was just being nice because he was trying to get laid?”
“Y/N, don’t be ridiculous.  I know this all seems so unreal because we never thought something like this was possible, but the things he said to you were way too specific to just be a fluke.” Jennie sat up straight again and pulled the bottle of wine out of your hands, taking a sip herself.  “Besides, I was watching you guys from across the bar.  He looked absolutely smitten with you and ridiculously nervous, drunk or not.”
“Fuck, I’m so much better at just daydreaming about guys than actually knowing how to talk to them and attempting to form actual relationships,” you groaned out, closing your eyes and resting your head on Jennie’s shoulder.  “What am I supposed to do?”
“I hate to break it to you since I know this is very out of character for you, but you’re going to have to make the next move.  He laid his cards on the table, and now the ball is in your court.”  Jennie allowed her head to fall on top of yours and passed the bottle of wine back to you.  “Based on what you explained to me, you didn’t really provide him with a whole lot of reassurance that the feeling was mutual and he’s probably feeling super embarrassed right now… Like, definitely more embarrassed than you felt after the whole gym incident.  You have to let him know that you’re interested in him too.”
Letting out a huff, you tapped your fingers against the glass of the bottle of wine.  Jennie did have a valid point, as much as you hated to admit it.  Regardless of Jungkook’s intentions and just how drunk he may have been, he had seemed incredibly flustered after rambling on and exposing what he had to you.  As much as there was still a part of you that was convinced that he hadn’t meant what he said, there was a bigger part of you that was excited about what this could possibly lead to if you followed through with it.  You would have to throw away your nerves and muster up the tiny bit of confidence you had if this was ever going to happen.
“Okay, so what’s the game plan?”
Tumblr media
The plan you and Jennie had concocted ended up being a lot more difficult to follow through with than you had initially imagined.  The original scheme involved you approaching him at the coffee shop you both always studied at, but despite the numerous occasions you dropped by and spent hours studying there over the next week, he was nowhere to be found.  It was almost as if he had adopted the same avoiding technique you had the week prior after being embarrassed at what unfolded at the gym.  You weren’t exactly surprised, but it was making this whole thing a lot more complicated for you.  Furthermore, the longer it dragged out, the more anxious you got that maybe this was all a bad idea and that you had misunderstood what he said at the bar.
After a week with no luck, Jennie had convinced you that maybe it would be a better idea to try to track him down at the gym.  Despite going almost every day and keeping your eyes peeled for him, he was nowhere to be seen.  It wasn’t until a few days later that it dawned on you that the group fitness class schedule was posted online, and that it was possible that he now had some classes that were officially assigned to him.  Sure enough, upon checking the recreation website, you quickly discovered that he did have a couple classes that he was set to teach.  While this information certainly was helpful, it was quite unfortunate that every class he led happened to be at the ass-crack of dawn.  God, were you really interested in the type of guy who gets up extra early to work out?  Apparently so.
So that was precisely how you found yourself rolling up to the gym at 6:45am on a Tuesday morning, eyes heavy with exhaustion as you searched for the room the class was being held in.  Your heart was pounding and your palm was sweaty against your water bottle, but you were too dedicated to turn around at this point.  You had spent over a week trying to track him down, and you at last had.
When you entered the room, Jungkook had not arrived yet.  There were already quite a few girls in the room setting up their equipment, so you followed suit.  As most participants were often too intimidated to take the spots up front and center in front of where the instructor stood, you took it upon yourself to do the honors.  Of course you knew this would make Jungkook want to run the other way, but the thrill of making him as nervous as you were that last time was too exciting to turn down.
The door of the room opened and closed once more, and you didn’t even have to look up to feel his presence.  Here we go.  “Hi, everyone!  Welcome to class.  My name is Jungkook and I’ll be your instructor toda--” His voice cut off at the end of his statement, and when you finally allowed your eyes to set on him, he was already looking at you with wide eyes and tinted cheeks.  Within a millisecond, his eyes found the ground and he apprehensively took his spot directly in front of you.  The poor guy didn’t have a choice.  “U-Um, if you guys have any questions before we get started, please don’t hesitate to wave me over!”  You had a very strong feeling he was praying you wouldn’t wave him over.
The plan you had created before arriving was to wait until after class was over to ask him if he could talk for a few minutes.  You knew it wouldn’t be fair to put him on the spot before class, and you didn’t exactly feel comfortable confessing your feelings for him in front of twenty other girls who were probably drooling over him as well either.  
You managed to follow through with the plan, not communicating with Jungkook at all before and throughout the class except for a few soft smiles and some attempted eye contact.  The eye contact thing didn’t go over so well though, for whenever you did manage to get Jungkook to lock eyes with you, he’d immediately turn bright red and force himself to look everywhere but at you.  His nervous stammering through the microphone when giving instructions was almost too cute to handle.
When the class finally did come to an end and you were a sweaty mess, you sucked in a deep breath as you watched the rest of the participants start to put away their equipment.  Setting your eyes on Jungkook, you smiled slightly.  “Hey, can we talk?”
Jungkook looked up from his phone, eyes wide and clearly panicked.  He scanned your face carefully, almost as if he was trying to guess what your intentions were.  At last, he swallowed the lump in his throat and shoved his phone into his pocket.  “U-Um, sure, I guess.  Let’s just wait until everyone clears out.”
Nodding in agreement, you sat back and watched as the rest of the participants put their materials back in the closet and slowly began to file out of the room.  With each person that left, you could sense Jungkook getting more and more anxious.  He seemed to be mindlessly checking things around the room, his eyes darting back and forth between the door and any part of you that wasn’t your eyes.  By the time the last girl exited, your heart was pounding in your chest as well.
Clearing your throat, you watched as Jungkook walked to the front of the room to shut the door, seeming to take as long as humanly possible to pull it closed.  Just as you were about to speak the pitch you had practiced in your head and to Jennie numerous times over the past week, he opened his mouth.
“Look, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here and I know that I might have been a bit overbearing when I was drunk last week, but if you’re just here to make me nervous and make fun of me and my awkward self for having a crush on you, you can just leave.”  He at last whipped around to face you, a sad expression taking over his features as he began to pace back and forth, running a hand through his sweaty hair.  He resembled something like a wounded puppy, and the longer you stared at him, the more you noticed just how exhausted and agitated he looked.
That definitely was not what you had expected and you felt awful that he had spent over a week thinking that you were probably teasing him with your friends for what he had said to you at the bar.  Furrowing your brow, you pushed yourself up to your feet and crossed your arms over your chest.  The planned speech was not going to do in these circumstances.  You would have to cut straight to point.
“I dropped that weight on my foot because I’ve been ridiculously attracted to you for over a year and got embarrassingly flustered at the sight of your shirt riding up during class.”
Jungkook stopped dead in his tracks, clasping both of his hands behind his head as he at last allowed himself to look at you.  His eyes were wide in shock, his head tilted just slightly to the left.  “Wait, what?”
“I didn’t want you to drive me home because I was already so embarrassed and was so nervous that I would’ve only embarrassed myself more trying to talk to you without making a complete fool out of myself.”
As you spoke again, Jungkook hesitantly took a couple of steps in your direction.  It seemed as if though his expression was slowly softening, and what almost appeared to be a small smile was fighting to form on the corners of his lips.  “I asked you to borrow a pen that one time in Earth Science with plans to work up the nerve to talk to you at the end of class when I had to give it back, but instead I just kept it and ran out of the room because I got too nervous.”
Unable to hide your own smile now, you allowed yourself to take a step toward him.  The closer you got to each other, the more the tension in the room built.  “I lied and said that I had an extra pen that day, but really I gave you my only one and just didn’t take notes that whole class.”
At last, that familiar bunny smile stretched across Jungkook’s whole face, his chest bubbling in laughter as he threw his head back.  “I once tried to ‘accidentally’ drop a book near you at the coffee shop in hopes that you’d pick it up and talk to me, but instead I just dropped it and tripped over it.”  Another step forward.
Giggling quietly, you chewed on your lower lip as you advanced forward.  “My friends and I have collectively referred to you by the code name ‘hot coffee shop boy’ ever since the first time I saw you there.  Also, ‘sexy gym instructor boy’ since last week.”
Jungkook’s eyes were boring into yours at this point, his body inching forward just slightly as his toes finally bumped against yours.  The tension-- not just from what was happening at the moment, but also from a year of pining after each other-- was so close to bubbling over.  “My friends and I know you as ‘hot coffee shop girl.’  Also, ‘toe girl’ since last week.”  The warm smile on his lips had twisted into a sort of mischievous smirk.
Leaning your head forward the slightest bit, your breath hitched in your throat as you could feel the warmth of his breath against your lips.  “If I haven’t made it clear yet, I’m extremely into you.”
Jungkook’s eyes-- which had darkened quite a bit over the last minute-- flickered down to your lips, his own head leaning forward an inch.  With this movement, the tip of his nose brushed against yours.  “And if I haven’t made it obvious yet, I’m extremely into you too.”
Before you could utter another word, Jungkook closed the minimal space remaining between the two of you by crashing his plump lips into yours.  His hands moved up to cup your cheeks, one moving along the back of your head to tangle into your hair.  Your own hands gripped to the front of his shirt as you stumbled back a bit due to the impact, your back bumping against the mirror in the front of the room.  The tension that had previously been building had popped the moment his lips met yours, but as his fingers tugged on your hair and his tongue found its way between your lips, you felt it resurfacing, this time between your legs.  You felt a bit flustered getting turned on this quickly by him, but when you put it into perspective, you had been waiting for this moment to unravel for over a year.  As your hands slid up the front of his shirt to rest on his defined core, you were certain you could feel his length getting hard against your thigh.
Pulling away after a minute, Jungkook rested his forehead against yours and stared deeply into your eyes as he breathed heavily.  There was a playful smirk on his lips as he dropped the hand from your face and rested it on your hip.  It was nice to see that he had finally let his guard down.  “So, I have to ask.  Are you more for sex first or a fancy date first?  I’m happily offering both, but we’re both kind of coming off a bit impatient here.”
Biting your tongue to hold in your laughter, you couldn’t ignore the way that the heat in the pit of your stomach was quickly sinking down lower between your legs.  “You know, if you hadn’t been so difficult to track down this past week, I may have taken you up on that fancy date first.”  You ghosted your fingers over his stomach, eliciting a surprised jolt out of him.  “But after you made me wait so long, I think you just might have to fuck me first.”
Jungkook’s eyes widened in surprise at your lewd words before he smirked and pressed his body against yours a bit harder, leaning forward to kiss a trail of wet kisses down your jawline.  “I’m happy to be at your service, but we’re kind of out in the open here.  I could drive us back to my room, that is if you’ll actually get in the car with me this time.”
Rolling your eyes at his teasing comment, you shoved at his chest.  Regardless, you couldn’t deny the fact that you were feeling incredibly impatient and weren’t sure you would be able to handle the wait while he transported you across campus.  Chewing on your lower lip, your eyes scanned the room.  “Equipment closet.  It’s spacious enough, it locks, and there’s no windows.”
“Jesus Christ,” Jungkook muttered under his breath, eyes searching your face for any hint of a lie.  When he didn’t find any, he smirked and pulled back, grabbing your hand in his.  “You know, I had planned on doing a lot of things today, but fucking in an equipment closet at the ripe hour of eight in the morning certainly wasn’t one of them.”
“Get used to it, hot coffee shop boy.”  Smirking to yourself, you allowed him to drag you towards the closet, pressing your back against the door after he closed and locked it behind you.  “Are you complaining?”
Rapidly shaking his head, Jungkook leaned forward and peppered kisses along your neck and collarbone, only pulling back to tug your shirt and sports bra over your head.  “No, no.  Just concerned you’re going to be the death of me before I even get started with you.”  Taking a step back, he pulled his own shirt over his head before allowing his eyes to rake up and down your body.  A combination of lust and admiration filled his eyes as he stepped toward you again.  “God, you really are so beautiful.”
Despite the fact that you had both been completely open with each other and the current situation being far from romantic, you felt your cheeks heating up at his compliment.  Shaking your head, you poked him in the stomach.  “Speak for yourself.  That’s the reason why I almost broke my toe.”
Throwing back his head in laughter, Jungkook stepped forward and wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting your body up and placing you down on top of a few stacked crates full of equipment.  “Mmm, I can make it up to you right now.”
Leaning forward, you pressed a few kisses along the corners of his lips and his jaw.  “And how are you going to do that?”
“Shhh, patience.”  Jungkook grinned as he bent down, slowly kissing a trail down your neck and collarbones.  When he reached your breasts, he slowed down his pace, carefully taking one of your nipples between his lips and softly sucking at the skin.  Once he established a rhythm that he was satisfied with, he lifted a hand and latched it around your other breast, kneading the skin between his fingers.
Letting out a soft moan, you threw your head back in pleasure and closed your eyes.  Your hands fastened around his neck, gently tugging at the hair on the back of his head.  The longer his lips and hands worked at your breasts, the more the heat between your legs throbbed.  “How am I supposed to be patient when I’ve waited so long for this?”
Jungkook’s eyes flickered up to meet yours, his lips making a popping noise as he removed them from your breast.  “You make a fair point.”  Kissing down your stomach, he urged you to lift your hips as he tugged your leggings and panties down your legs and allowed them to fall into a pile on the floor.  Kneeling down on the floor, his lips trailed their way up the inside of your thigh.  “Mmm, so wet already and I’ve barely even touched you.”
Whimpering softly at the feeling of his lips so close to where you needed them, you bucked your hips upward in an attempt to feel any sort of friction.  “P-Please.”
Chuckling quietly, Jungkook’s dark eyes remained on yours as he ghosted his lips over your dripping pussy.  The shy, insecure boy that he claimed to be earlier was nowhere to be found.  Instead, he was now indulging in the power he held over you.  “Who made you this wet?  Tell me.”
“You, J-Jungkook.  You did,” you whined out, attempting to push down on the back of his head.
Jungkook flashed you a satisfied smirk, nodding his head.  “That’s all I needed to hear, babe.”  Without another word, he gripped his hands around your thighs roughly and lifted your legs to drape over his shoulders.  Leaning forward, he closed the remaining space and attached his lips to your pussy.  Rather than making you wait any longer to have the tension relieved, he immediately went to work on your throbbing clit, gently sucking at the sensitive bundle of nerves.  Once he was pleased by the moans leaving your lips and the clenching of your thighs, he pulled his lips off and replaced it with his tongue.  Expertly circling his tongue on your clit, he reached one hand down and, without warning, began to pump one of his fingers in and out of your pussy.
“F-Fuck, oh my god, Jungkook,” you moaned out loudly, pulling harshly at his hair with one hand and reaching the other up to pinch at one of your nipples.  “R-Right there.”
“Mmm, need to get you stretched out and ready for my cock,” he murmured against your heat, quickly inserting another finger and curving them at the perfect angle to hit your g-spot with every pulse.  After circling your clit with his tongue a few more times, he encircled the bud with his lips yet again, this time humming against it to add an extra feeling of friction.
The sensation of his tongue and fingers working on your pussy and the sight of his glistening face was quickly becoming too much to handle.  With every movement, the bundle of nerves in your core was getting closer and closer to snapping and sending you into that blissful state you so longed for.  Biting down on your lower lip roughly, you closed your eyes tightly.  “I-I’m close.”
“Open your eyes.  I want you looking at me while you cum all over my tongue,” he rasped out after pulling back slightly, only leaning back down once you obeyed his command.  After a moment, he wet two of his fingers on his tongue before quickly beginning to circle them on your clit, moving his tongue in and out of your cunt at the same speed.
“F-Fuck, Jungkook!” you yelled out, forcing your eyes to remain open and fixed on his as you were quickly sent over the edge and into a state of ecstasy.  Your walls spasmed around his tongue as your vision became blurry and filled with stars.  The feeling was only prolonged as Jungkook kept moving his tongue until you couldn’t take it anymore and reached forward to push his head back slightly, left completely breathless as you stared at him.
Getting off his knees and onto his feet, Jungkook stared down at you in awe, leaning forward to press his forehead against yours.  The sight of your release on his lips that he refused to wipe off had your core already begging for more.  “God, that was so fucking hot.  You’re so fucking beautiful.”  Letting out a deep breath, he pecked your lips a couple times.
“How are you so fucking good at that?” you muttered against his lips, blindly reaching forward in search of the tie on his sweatpants.  Once you found it, you tugged roughly at it, sitting up straighter to urge both his pants and boxers down his thighs.
Chuckling to himself, Jungkook assisted you and pulled the articles of clothing down the length of his legs, stepping out of them once they reached the floor.  “I’d like to think that I’m a gentleman in the streets and a freak in the sheets…” His eyes wandered around the room for a moment.  “Or in the gym equipment room, apparently.”  
Rolling your eyes and giggling at his joke, you pulled him forward again to peck his lips.  “You know, if you moved to the side and let me get up, I’d happily return the favor.”  Your eyes wandered down the front of his body until they set on his hardened cock resting against his stomach, the sight of it causing you to clench your thighs together.
Shaking his head in response, Jungkook flashed you a shy smile.  God, how could he be so sexual yet so cute at the same time?  “As enticing as that sounds and as much as I would never turn that down on any other occasion, I’m afraid I’m not going to last if I don’t fuck you right now.”  Stepping forward, he looked down before cursing under his breath.  “Fuck, I don’t have a condom on me.  We don’t have fuck to if you’re not comfortable.”
“Wow, you didn’t bring a condom with you to your 7am fitness class?  How irresponsible of you,” you joked, shoving his shoulder before pulling him closer to you.  “I’m on the pill and I’m clean, so as long as you’re clean it’s fine with me.”
“You know, you’re going to regret teasing me,” he warned, laughing softly as he nudged his nose against yours.  “But yes, I’m clean too.”
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you raised a mocking eyebrow at him.  “Oh yeah?  And why am I going to regret it?”
Without another word, Jungkook reached down and grabbed his cock with one of his hands.  Rather than pushing it right inside of you, he instead slowly started to rub its angry red tip up and down your folds.  His eyes remained on yours, a teasing smirk tugging at the edges of his lips.
Biting on your tongue to suppress your whimpers, your eyes wandered down to the area between your thighs.  “W-What are you doing?”
Pressing his lips against your jawline, he let out an amused chuckle.  “Nothing until you tell me what you need.  Use your words, sweetheart.”
Reaching around him, you dug your nails into the skin on his upper back.  It wasn’t in your character to beg during sex, but the sight of the tip of his cock glistening in your juices from your first orgasm was enough to make you give in.  “P-Please fuck me, Jungkook.”  You forced yourself to lock eyes with him, hoping that the desperation you were exuding would be enough to make him cave.
Grinning in amusement against the skin of your neck, he nodded his head.  “Good girl.”  Sliding his cock down your folds one last time, he slowly slid it inside of your entrance once he reached it, a loud groan escaping his lips as he pushed all the way inside of you.  “F-Fuck, you’re so tight.”
Moaning out in pleasure at the feeling of fullness, you whimpered as you watched the sight of his cock disappearing inside of you.  The spectacle alone was enough to make the heat in your core reemerge, and your body was pleading for him to do more.  “M-Move.  F-Faster, please.”
Grabbing one of your legs, he extended it upward and propped it over his shoulder.  After getting a good grip on it, he quickly began to thrust in and out of you.  “Yeah?  You like that, babe?” he breathed out, his eyes screwing shut in pleasure before he buried his face into your neck again.
Dragging your nails down his sweaty back, you were sure you were going to leave some marks behind.  It only took a few moments for the feeling of overstimulation to wash away, and a new, deeper pleasure to replace it.  With your leg hanging over his shoulder, his cock managed to hit you at just the right angle with every thrust.  Using your grip on his back to press your body closer to his, you took the opportunity to wrap your free leg tightly around his waist.  The new position made it so his cock brushed against your clit every time he pulled it out of you, the feeling nearly having your eyes rolling to the back of your head.  “O-Oh my god, right there.”
Jungkook’s half-lidded eyes remained fixed on yours as he lifted one hand off of your thigh, pressing his index and middle finger together and moving them toward your mouth.  “Open.”  Once you complied, he inserted his fingers into your mouth.  His teeth dug into his lower lip as he watched the way you closed your lips, swirling your tongue around his digits a couple of times before sliding your lips back up and releasing them with a loud ‘pop.’  There was a mesmerized look in Jungkook’s eyes as his thrusts slowed for a moment.  “J-Jesus fuck, that was hot.”
A cocky smirk initially tried to spread across your lips, but it was washed away the moment he began to circle his lubricated fingers over your clit, his cock pounding in and out of your pussy at a pace that had you ready to unravel at any second.  “I-I’m close.”
Letting out what sounded like a combination of a groan and a whimper, Jungkook leaned forward and brushed his lips over yours.  “Cum all over my cock for me, babe.”
“J-Jungkook, f-fuck!” The sound of his raspy command and the feeling of his cock inside of you was all it took to push you over the edge again.  Your second orgasm hit you even harder than the first, a sensation of rapturous bliss overtaking your senses as your toes curled and your thighs were left convulsing around his body.  While your mind went foggy for a few seconds, the strain that was left in the back of your throat suggested that you had yelled out in pleasure quite loudly.  The euphoria was dragged out even longer as Jungkook had yet to reach his own high, his thrusts becoming sloppier as you stared up at him with hazy vision, gasping for breath.
“I-I’m close too,” Jungkook whimpered out, eyes screwing shut as your walls continued to twitch around his cock in the aftershock of your orgasm.  “W-Where do you want me to cum, babe?”
Coming back to your senses, you blinked a few times until your vision returned back to normal.  Finally processing his request, you used quite a bit of your strength to push him back a bit, ignoring the confused look on his face.  Using the space in front of you, you pushed yourself off of the elevated surface before getting down on your knees.  “My mouth.”  Reaching forward, you grasped his shaft in one hand, pumping his length a few times before leaning down and capturing his tip between your lips.  After circling your tongue around it a few times, you hollowed out your cheeks and began to bob your head up and down.
“O-Oh my… F-Fuck, Y/N.” Jungkook quickly adapted to the new sensation, his hands reaching around your head to tangle into your hair and urge your head down his cock further.  He locked eyes with you from above, his legs trembling around your head.  Taking notice of just how close he was, you forced your mouth down further to accommodate the rest of his cock in your mouth, swallowing around his length at the bottom.  The motion and the feeling of the tip of his length hitting the back of your throat was enough to make you gag, and that was all it took to push Jungkook to his climax.
Jungkook was a groaning mess above you as he released his load down your throat, unconsciously thrusting into your mouth further a couple of times to ride out of high.  After a few more spurts of his hot cum filled your mouth, you worked your mouth back up his length.  Once your lips popped off of the tip of his cock, you pulled back and swallowed thickly, the salty taste of his release lingering in your throat.
After taking a few moments to catch his breath, Jungkook reached down and grabbed your hand, pulling you up onto your feet in front of him.  Despite the crude nature of what had just occurred, the smile stretched across his lips seemed so… Innocent.  “Well… That happened.”  He reached up and pushed the sweaty hair that was sticking to his forehead out of his face.
Laughing softly at his words, you bit your lip and crossed your arms over your chest.  “I mean, that’s certainly one way to work out at the gym.”
Jungkook’s whole body shook as he erupted into laughter, leaning down and beginning to grab all of your discarded clothing articles off of the ground.  He sorted through them and handed you back yours, beginning to redress himself after.  Once he was dressed, he grabbed a towel out of one of the crates and made sure the area was clean.  “Don’t forget we worked out before too.  That’s two whole workouts.  We’re going to need to fuel up with some electrolytes or coffee or something.”
Forcing your damp leggings back onto your sweaty body wasn’t exactly the easiest or most enjoyable thing to do, but you managed.  Once your shirt was back on, you looked back over at him and feigned an exaggerated amount of excitement.  “Oh my god, am I going to be able to get coffee with hot coffee shop boy?”
“Only if hot coffee shop girl would be so willing to accompany him,” Jungkook jived, nudging your shoulder with his before unlocking and pulling open the door of the closet.  To your relief, the room was still empty and there seemed to be no one lurking outside of it.  Grabbing his backpack at the front of the room, he slung it over his shoulder.  “It might be a good idea for us to shower first, though.  I have a strong suspicion that we probably smell prettttty bad.”
Grabbing your own bag and water bottle, you laughed in amusement as you followed him out the door of the classroom and into the main area of the gym.  “I have a feeling you’re right.  Should we shower and plan to meet up after?”
Walking through the lobby, Jungkook held open the main door for you before following you outside.  It was much brighter out now than when you had arrived at the facility almost two hours prior.  Time really does fly by when you’re having fun.  “I feel like we can’t really be trusted with the whole ‘see you around’ thing and going our separate ways just yet after the shit we both pulled avoiding each other the past couple weeks.  Plus, I’m not quite done with you just yet.”
Snickering at the reminder of your past dramatic behavior, you nodded your head in agreement.  “So what did you have in mind?”
Stopping in his tracks, Jungkook turned to face you.  “So first, I was thinking you could come back to my place and we could both shower there.  I could provide you with some clothes for the time being, but if you need to change later, I can bring you back to your place.”  The corners of his lips began to twitch upward.  “However, that would require you getting into my car with me, and history suggests that doing so ‘makes you nervous,’ or something like that.”
“Hmm, I’m pretty sure I remember something about me making you nervous too.  I think some weird drunk guy told me that.”  Scoffing at his flirtatious teasing, you playfully shoved his chest.  “Anything else planned?”
“Hey, that ‘weird drunk guy’ is the reason we’re here today,” he scoffed, grabbing one of your hands off of his chest and lacing his fingers with yours.  “Then I was thinking we could go to our favorite coffee shop.  But… And I know this is kind of a wild idea... I’m thinking we sit at the same table for the first time instead of dropping pens and books to try to get each other’s attention from across the room.”
Squeezing his hand, you began to follow him as he led the way to what you assumed was going to be his car.  “A bold suggestion, but I’m into it.  Might have you drop a book at my feet and I’ll stare at you across the room longingly just for old time’s sake.”  When you reached a shiny black SUV, Jungkook unlocked it and walked around the passenger side, opening the door for you.  “So I’m guessing these plans involve us skipping classes today?”
“Well, obviously.”  Jungkook flashed you a bright grin as you climbed into the car, shutting the door gently once you were in the seat.  He ran around the front of it and quickly hopped into the driver’s seat, leaning over to look at you once inside.  “And then once the evening comes, as I suggested earlier, I would still love to take you out to dinner, if you’d let me.”  Despite everything that had just unfolded and all of the confessions you both had shared, there still appeared to be a glimmer of nervousness and hesitation in his eyes.
Leaning to the side, you reached over and placed your hand on top of his.  Your lips formed into a reassuring smile.  “I would love to.”
Jungkook lifted your hand that was over his to his lips and pressed a gentle kiss against your fingers.  “Good.”  Turning to face forward, he started the car and began to back out of the space.  As he looked at the pathway in front of the gym, he directed a mischievous smirk at you.  “Remember that time you walked back to your room on a swollen toe to avoid getting into my car with me?  Good times.”
Letting out a groan, you covered your flushed face with both of your hands.  “If you don’t shut up, I’m about to hit you with a ‘see you around’ and roll right out of the side of your car while it’s moving.”
“Okay, okay.  I’m sorrrry,” Jungkook laughed to himself, grabbing the wrist closest to him to pull your hand off of your face.  “As compensation for your shame, I will make another embarrassing confession.”  He knitted his brow together as he thought for a few moments before chuckling to himself as a memory came to mind.  “I once accidentally liked one of your Instagram pictures that was like… 72 weeks old and almost considered moving to another country and changing my identity.  I unliked it right away and you probably didn’t even notice, but I was stressed.  There.  Does that make you feel better?”
Gnawing on the inside of your cheek to hide your smile, you glanced at the side of his face.  “Mmm, a little bit.  I think I’m going to need you to keep going.”
Jungkook scoffed as he placed your hand that he was holding down on his thigh, shaking his head in disbelief.  “How is that fair?  I think I deserve some form of payment if I’m going to keep exposing myself too.”
“Fine, fine.”  You gently squeezed his thigh, your mind sifting through all of the embarrassing things you had done in the past due to your embarrassing infatuation of the boy who was now sitting beside you.  “I tried to order you, like, a sort of secret admirer coffee on Valentine’s Day, but the barista ended up giving it to the wrong guy and I ended up leaving the shop because I was so mortified.”
“Aw, I’ve always wanted to have a secret admirer,” Jungkook teased, parking the car in front of his building.  “God, we really could go on forever with these embarrassing stories, huh?”
Nodding your head, you reached your hand up and playfully poked at his dimple.  “It sure seems that way.  We’re kind of the worst.”
Unbuckling his seatbelt and hopping out of the car, he met you at the front of it and draped an arm over your shoulders.  “Good.  Just gives me another reason to keep you around longer.”
And while ‘see you around’ hadn’t been a promise that either of you kept before, keeping you around from then on certainly was one that he fulfilled.
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wolken-himmel · 6 months ago
In which Sebek finds a notebook that allows him to chat with a pen-pal who owns the corresponding notebook. He quickly grows fond of his new friend, with whom he builds up a special connection.
All of this might have been a scheme by the master-matchmaker Lilia.
Request by @ctannth.
Tumblr media
Roses are red.
Violets are blue...
Sebek tapped the back of his pen against his chin, the metal tip still shining with the dark green ink he had used to write the first two verses of his poem. He recently had found a strange notebook on his bed — it seemed so conveniently placed that it must have been for him; so, he had decided to use it as a book for his poems.
Sebek thought this quaint little book was a regular notebook — but he was proven wrong when letters, written in pretty pink, began to appear right beneath his writing. The letters formed words, and those word formed verses.
This poem is going to be cute,
But not as cute as you!
"What?!" Sebek screamed as he threw the book away from him, right at the door to his bedroom. A frightened scowl inhabited his face and shivers ran down his back at this sorcery. "Get away from me!"
Right as the book was about to hit the closed door, Lilia strutted inside the bedroom. With inhuman reflexes and supernatural speed, he raised his hand and caught the book with just one hand.
"Sebek, dear, are you alright?" he asked with an amused grin on his face whilst lowering the book to his side.
"No! Not at all!" Sebek cried out as he shakily pointed a finger at the cursed notebook in the ancient fae's hands. His green eyes were wide in curiosity, and yet he seemed terribly frightened by what just had happened. "Lilia, the pink ink just appeared on its own—"
"Aw, how adorable!" Lilia cut in as he let his eyes travel across the first page. What was written on it caused laughter to spill from his lips; he had chosen the correct person to give Sebek's other notebook if his new pen-pal displayed such charm and smoothness. "What a cute poem, hehe."
Sebek rose from his desk and marched over to Lilia. "That's not the point!" the knight hissed as he swiped the book from the vice dorm leader's hands. Sebek's cheeks were tinted a bright red. He didn't like sharing his poems with other people — especially if those poems were silly and thoughtless like the very first one in this book.
Lilia grinned as he floated up to pat the other one's head. "I think you have a pen-pal now!" he exclaimed proudly, happy that his masterplan worked well. "Go ahead and chat some more with them."
Sebek's scowl fell, along with his brash and forward facade. Lowering his gaze tp the floor, he let his eyes flutter close as he quietly asked, "What if they don't like me? What I don't know what to say—"
Lilia put a hand on Sebek's shoulder, and the bat smiled from ear to ear. "Just act normal!" he chimed, utterly amused.
Sebek's head snapped up, his eyes filled with utter dread and panic. "How does one act normal!?"
"Oh, by the Great Seven..." Lilia found it hard to keep down the laughter by now. So, after doubling over and letting out a few wheezes, Lilia straightened his back and snatched the notebook out of the younger one's hands. "Sebek, my boy, calm down. Let me do the beginning," he chimed as he grabbed the pen from his desk and set it down onto the first page, right below the pink words.
Hey there!
I love your poem skills! 100/10 ♡
How has your day been?
"There," Lilia said as he blew onto the paper to make the ink dry faster. Then, he turned around to smile at Sebek in an encouraging way, handing him both the notebook and the pen. "Now continue talking to her."
Sebek quirked an eyebrow. "To her?"
The tips of Lilia's ears grew red at his little slip-up — that was a little bit too much information. Before Sebek could ask more questions, Lilia waved him off. "Excuse me. I need to go check on the cake in the oven!" Lilia exclaimed, unbothered and casual, as he strolled out of the bedroom once again.
Sebek sighed as he looked down at the response that was forming, and he mentally readied himself for writing a response once his pen-pal was done writing theirs.
I'm fine and dandy! My day was pretty boring until I found this notebook just laying around in my room.
Me too! I found it on my bed...
We're destined to talk to one another! Hehe
Um... can I know your name?
Maybe one day~ now, how about we continue the poem we started? :)
Sounds good.
There was a little blush on Sebek's face as he let out an excited hum at now having someone to discuss his poems with. If the person didn't know him personally, then he wouldn't be so ashamed with showing his more private and fragile side.
"This is," he whispered to himself, smiling, "more fun than I thought it would be..."
Despite his low volume, Lilia still had heard him. Giggling, the ancient fae's head poked out from behind the door. Grinning from ear to ear, Lilia drawled, "Did you say something, Sebek?"
Sebek slammed the notebook shut and yelled, "No, nothing!"
Days of Sebek just burying his nose in this book passed, and eventually, his three fellow friends were growing curious about his newfound obsession. Like now, during one of their afternoon tea parties, Sebek was still writing things inside instead of pestering Malleus.
"Sebek's been having a lot of fun with his notebook," Silver mused as he took a sip of the warm tea, the fuzzy feeling it caused inside his stomach almost lulling him to sleep again. "Look, he's not even listening to us."
Indeed, Sebek didn't react to his fellow knight talking about him despite them sitting right next to one another. Whenever Silver craned his neck to get a peek at the notebook's contents, Sebek would immediately notice and pull it out of his sight. It was endearing, really.
Lilia hummed while he threw seven cubes of sugar into his tea. "Yes, it seems like my little boy has found a new friend!"
"Finally," Silver mumbled with a little smile. "I'm glad he's not going to become a lonely cat lady."
Lilia laughed at the sleepy one's joke while Malleus' lips quietly quirked up into a smile. "I like this Sebek," Malleus remarked as he lowered his tea cup onto his saucer again, his lips growing when Sebek began to laugh due to something written in the book. "I prefer him laughing over his usual yelling."
Silver nodded in agreement, also very glad that Sebek wouldn't pester him about training all day long anymore. "He seems so enamoured," Silver commented as he instinctively looked at Lilia, who was trying to hide a mischievous grin. "Do we know who his new friend is?"
"I know who it is!" Lilia cooed as he puffed his chest proudly. "But Sebek doesn't know — yet."
Malleus and Silver exchanged amused glances. "The old man has a plan..."
Sebek took the notebook with him everywhere he went — even during classes, he would often write with his pen-pal instead of listening to the actual lectures. Their friendship had grown so quickly, too! And so, without ever knowing their name or identity, he felt like he had found an amazing friend, one whom he could entrust his deepest worries to.
As Sebek was walking through the corridors of NRC, on his way to his way to find his other three friends because it was break, his attention remained on the pages of the notebook. He kept his eyes glued to the pink words appearing, his other hand always holding onto his pen to respond once his pen-pal was finished writing.
I wish I could see your face.
Me too. I'm sure you're super pretty and handsome!
Sebek giggled to himself, a little blush appear on his cheeks. He set the tip of his pen down to write an answer to that. So enchanted by having received a compliment by his precious pen-pal, he wasn't really looking where he was going; his legs carried him through the empty corridor as if in autopilot-mode.
No you.
No you.
Stop it.
Never! ♡
A stupid smile on his face, Sebek was about to respond — but then a smaller body bumped into his. The collision caused the notebook to fly right out of his hands and to land on the ground right inbetween him and the person he had bumped into. Luckily, the pen remained in his hand.
"Hey, look where you're going!" Sebek hissed angrily, but his venomous demeanour quickly disappeared once he looked up to find you standing in front of him. His throat grew dry at the sight of his crush profusely apologising to him. "Oh— I-It's you, (Y/n)."
"Oh, I'm sorry, Sebek!" you said as you clasped your hands together, shooting him a smile.
He lowered his gaze to the floor, the tips of his ears tinted a soft red. On the ground, he found his notebook — right next to another one that looked identical to it. Bending down, he picked both up. "Here... you dropped your book—" he muttered as he straightened his back and inspected both completely identical books. His eyes grew wide. "Wait, your book looks exactly like mine."
"Oh?! Oh!" You were so excited that you begun jumping up and down. Unable to wait any longer, you asked, "Are you my pen-pal, Sebek?"
Sebek's jaw fell down as he clutched the notebooks closer to his chest. "You were my pen-pal all along!?" he squeaked out, about to lose his head over this matter.
You nodded eagerly as you clasped your hands together and let out a few giggles. "It seems so!" you chirped, a joyous smile on your lips. "Oh gosh, this is so exciting! I was so looking forward to finally finding out who you were."
Sebek still hadn't recovered from the initial surprise. "I didn't expect it to be you—" Sighing, he stopped himself before he could reveal anything embarrassing to you. Instead, he merely handed you the notebook that had less folds in the upper right corner of its pages.
You hummed gratefully as you took it out of his hands. Before he could pull his hand back though, you had already grabbed it with your own. "How about we you come with me to Ramshackle and then we can discuss more about the poems you wrote?" you asked, giving his hand a little tug.
Sebek's eyes looked like they were about to fall out. Yet, somehow he managed to press out a relatively coherent, "That sounds nice..."
"Let me be honest," you muttered sheepishly as you rubbed the back of his hand with your thumb, "I didn't take you for the guy to write poems—"
Sebek's face heated up. "Shut up!" he yelled, back to his usual self. He averted his gaze from yours — anywhere but to your eyes. His words came out in stutters, and you found it utterly adorable. "Lilia suggested it — and I guess it just stuck with me—"
"You're so different to talk to than to write with," you remarked with a little giggle escaping your lips. Teasing and flustering him was so easy; you were having the time of your life. "Also, I couldn't see you blush through the notebook~"
"Silence, human," he snarled as his eyes finally met yours again. "Are we going to your dorm now, or not?"
"Let's go!"
Once you had finally pulled him out of the corridor, three shady figures emerged from the shadows. Lilia had a giant grin on his face as he put his hands on his hips. "Someone tell me I'm a genius," he chirped, proudly throwing his arms into the air at his success.
"Thank you for giving Sebek a friend," Malleus muttered in amusement. "He's no longer breathing down my neck all day long."
Silver had a little grin on his lips, the situation far too interesting to fall asleep right now. "Are we allowed to tease him about this?"
"Of course," Lilia said with a devilish grin. "Give him no quarter~"
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angelamajiki · 7 months ago
Hoi, can you please write a yandere Tamaki x reader (smut) fic? I'm not sure how descriptive you want me to get, but I do have a childhood friends sort of idea. Like they're friends as kids and after he moved he's been obsessed with seeing the reader again.
Tumblr media
PARINGS: Tamaki Amajiki x Quirkless! Gender Neutral! Reader
CW: yandere, noncon, kidnapping, incel tamaki, dom tamaki, degradation, gender neutral reader, choking, tentacles, cutting, bone breaking, facefucking, inappropriate use of quirks, painplay, tamaki is a Mean Boy
AN: here she is, mean dom tamaki!! this has been requested for a while, so enjoy :) <3
Tamaki never stopped thinking about you since he was forced to leave you all those years ago in middle school. He didn't want to, but quirkless students such as yourself almost never entered U.A., even in general studies. Having known you since he was a small child, the boy was heartbroken when the two of you separated ways, vowing to become an incredible hero for you.
All his training was motivated by you, becoming strong for you, becoming enough for you. Everything he did was for you. Not that you knew that, he hardly spoke to you after his entrance exam. Tamaki wanted to make sure he was guaranteed to be worthy of your love and affection, so he did what he does best and hid in the shadows
But that was just the thing, Tamaki never forgot about you, not even for a second. The more he grew into his feelings, the harder it was for him to even look at your contact name without sporting a hard-on. Your Instagram hardly did you justice, but God, weren't you blossoming into a beautiful young woman.
Time flew by to his graduation from the hero course. Tamaki finally mustered up the courage to invite you, hoping that he could finally confess and share the celebration of his debut as a pro with the one he does it all for.
You were ecstatic to see your two friends again and more importantly, you were proud to introduce your boyfriend to your childhood friends. Tamaki couldn't say that he shared the same joy you did.
You just had to go and ruin his day, didn't you? Everything he worked for, everything he did for you was for naught, seeing you hold that bastard’s hand so gently. It should be his hand in yours, not that oaf’s. Was he even a hero? He wasn't good enough for you, not like Tamaki was.
Tamaki worked to be yours, you just needed to see that
———— •
“Thanks for inviting me over, Tamaki. I haven't seen you in so long, I missed you!”
Tamaki locked the door to his apartment and shuffled in after you. It was now or never.
“Yeah, there's actually something I've been wanting to talk to you about.”
He sat on the couch and patted for you to sit next to him. Once down, he put a hand on your thigh and looked in your eyes with a flushed expression. How cute, his ears still went red when he was embarrassed.
“I’m in love with you.”
You were at a loss for words, feeling the tension become heavy and awkward.
“I don’t know what to say. You know I’m dating-”
“Say...Say you’ll be mine! I did everything for you, I worked so hard to be worthy of you. Don't you see that?”
Tamaki grasped your hand in his, squeezing it right as he came in close to your personal space. He had a hopeful smile on his face, but the look in his eyes scared you.
“Listen, we haven't talked in years Tamaki. I got over my crush on you after you stopped talking to me, I'm sorry.”
His eyes searched yours as tears welled up in them as his grip tightened.
“I-It’s not fair! He doesn't deserve you, I do. I-I wanted to become a hero for you. To protect you.”
Letting out a sigh, you untangled yourself from his grip and stood up, pushing his hands away when they reached out for you again. “I think I should leave, Tama.”
“You’re a whore.”
His confidence startled you.
“Excuse me?”
His anger was evident now as he gripped you by your biceps, wildly shaking you as tears fell from his eyes
“How could you do this to me!” He spat, shoving you back down to the couch. “You're mine; you belong to me. He's just a worthless quirkless boy with no future, just like you!”
Tentacles sprouted from his fingers, wrapping you up tightly and suctioning off your clothes until you were naked before him. One prodded its way into your mouth to gag you as he spread your legs.
He was sobbing on his knees in front of you, pressing his face into your thigh before biting into your skin roughly enough to draw blood.
“I could have given you everything, bunny. A future, my love, a family, but you betrayed me. You're nothing more than a cocksleeve for me now, a hole for me to use and abuse, you two-timing bitch.”
He pulled his cock out and began to stroke himself, continuing to leave bloody bite marks all over your thighs, letting his anger get the best of him.
“I could have been so good to you.” He sobbed, pressing kisses to the marks and lapping at your blood. “Why did you do this to me? You fucking whore!”
His sobs only got louder as he continued to leave marks on your body, leaving a bloody trail in its wake while his tentacles constricted you completely. One of them wrapped itself around your throat and squeezed while he got up from the floor.
“I’ll make sure you never forget who exactly it is that owns you.”
Using his free hand, he manifested a swordfish’s head and began to carve his name into your stomach. He took his time, watching you writhe and scream in his grip while dragging out the pain.
“Hurts, doesn't it? This is nothing compared to what you've done to my heart.”
Once he finished his work, he retracted the fish and continued to stroke himself off over you. The tentacles continued to squeeze you to the point where you could feel the blood being cut off your limbs.
“I should break your legs so you can’t run away from me. W-Would you like that bunny?” He sighed happily at the thought, biting his lip as he watched you struggle.
Whining and whimpering, his hand worked even faster when he heard your muffled screams of pain from his tentacles dislocating your knees and ankles. His hips jerked in his hand when he saw you shake from the pain, finally going lack in his clutch.
“Y-You sound so cute when you’re in pain, sweetheart. Can you scream some more for me?”
He worked another tentacle into your mouth and watched as they face fucked you, leaving your lips swollen and split from the sheer stretch of the tentacles.
What happened to your sweet, shy Tamaki? The one you fell in love with all those years ago? And yet, here he was, slicing you open and breaking your bones for having a boyfriend.
“Oh fuck, I-I’m close, bunny!” Tamaki whimpered, fisting his cock fast as he positioned his hips over the cut of his name. “I love you! Oh my god, I love you so much!”
He cried, spilling his seed all over the open wound. The poor boy came buckets and saw stars from the most intense orgasm of his life. He panted, retracting his tentacles as he came down from his high.
The gravity of the situation hit him hard once he saw your mangled, broken body in front of him. He whimpered out apologies as he kissed you, doing his best to stop the bleeding from the shallow wounds he gave you.
“‘M sorry, bunny. I went overboard, I-I didn’t mean to!” He whined. “Don’t worry; I’m going to take care of you. D-Don’t move!”
Collecting himself, he ran out of the room to get his first aid kit to dress the wounds. He intended to let everything scar, but he knew he had to treat it quickly.
You, on the other hand, laid still on the couch, hiccuping and sobbing at the loss of your first love.
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