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dataspoof · 7 months ago
Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms
1. Linear Regression
2. Logistic Regression
3. Decision Tree
4. Random Forest
5. Clustering
6. SVM
7. XGBoost
8. Naïve Bayes Classifier
9. Nearest Neighbor
10. Neural Networks
- Top 10 Python Libraries
1. Pandas
2. Numpy
3. Scikit-Learn
4. Keras
5. PyTorch
6. LightGBM
7. Matplotlib
8. SciPy
9. Seaborn
10. TensorFlow -
Top 10 Data Science Books
1. Introduction to Statistical Learning
2. Data science at the command line
3. Think stats
4. Python data science handbook
5. R for data science
6. Machine learning yearning
7. Ethics and data science
8. Deep learning
9. Rules for machine learning
10. Probabilistic Programming
- Top 10 Data Science Websites
1. Coursera: Stanford
2. EdX:
3. Harvard/MIT
4. Udacity
5. Kaggle
6. Analytics Vidhya
7. KDNuggets
8. Datacamp
9. Udemy
10. Dataquest
- Top 10 Data Science Roles
1. Data Scientist
2. Decision Maker
3. Analyst
4. ETL Engineer
5. ML Engineer
6. Data Engineer
7. Analytics Manager
8. Developer
9. Researcher
10. BI Analyst
Top 10 Companies hiring Data Scientist with their average salaries in descending order:
1. Pinterest - US$ 212,000
2. Snap Inc - US$ 152,000
3. Microsoft - US$ 136,000
4. Accenture - US$ 107,000
5. Oracle - US$ 132,000
6. Slack - US$ 147,591
7. Lyft - US$ 154,000
8. Intel - US$123,000
9. Uber - US$139,000
10. Crayon Data - US$52,193
ref source (Feb, 2021, https://www -data-scientists-for-high-salaries/)
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nbcnightlynews · 5 months ago
NBC News' Keir Simmons interviews former Facebook data scientist Sophie Zhang and former content moderator Josh Sklar for NBC Nightly News in our series "The Social Challenge," airing all this week at 6:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm CT.
Both spoke out about propaganda and disturbing content that they say they witnessed on the social media platform.
Read more from our interview with Sklar.
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holy0ak6 · 10 months ago
Learning that Alan Turing killed himself because he was forced to take "medication" to induce chemical castration, SIMPLY because he was homosexual, which made him unable to use his brain, REALLY does piss me off.
So many Great Minds that we have lost due to majority ignorance...
If you don't know who Alan Turing is, go ahead and take a moment to thank him for his inventions. If he had not invented, you probably would not be reading this.
Tumblr media
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xe-ex · a month ago
Meet the Porsche GTE grand tourer – a supercar even Ferrari fans would drool over!
This Porsche two-seater grand tourer is a supercar designed for the thrill of speed with a stylish character that reflects the driver’s personality, and a ride that carries a lot of history in its origins.
Tumblr media
The wide stance of the Porsche GTE here, conceptualized by Sreenath Sundaram is a perfect example of concept 3D modeling done right. The inspiration comes from the hugely popular Porsche 917 (Le Mans winner in 1970 and 1971) which has been the design inspiration for other concept cars as well. The reason, the man maximum – machine minimum philosophy that’s been strong at Porsche all these years. The Porsche 917 is the ideal icon of that vision, and so is this creation.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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edgez-replika · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Totally relevant.
Totally Black Mirror.
Totally how Replika started.
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viridine · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
welcome to windows 12! at microsoft we aim for the best aesthetic and functionality, which is why we have improved windows 12 with 5 new features! number one: no shading at all, even in art programs. number two: having it say the date alongside the time is a bit ugly, so we only show you what time it is! no calendar. number three: the windows button on the bottom left is now purely cosmetic. number four: if you develop a program for windows, it must be an extremely minimalist icon. otherwise we will blacklist you from the entire computing tech industry
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bymydesk · 3 months ago
*reading an article in Norwegian, mostly understanding what is it about, recognizing grammar patterns that I practiced recently on duolingo*
me to me:
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elevatorkitsch · 3 months ago
Hey pals, here’s an article you should read. It briefly outlines the plan/predictions laid out by the World Economic Forum to lead us toward a world in which “you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” Then goes on to make a rather level-headed and easily digestible analysis of what that really means, and the ways it might end up being a problem. This includes both the more abstract consequences, such as severe reductions in privacy and freedom, and the practical consequences such as having to upgrade devices frequently or live with whatever your home’s operating system deems necessary.
The last paragraph (below) is one that gut-punched me, because it not-so-subtly alluded to the fact that we’re deliberately being guided to accepting this future, both through direct methods (ie. opinion pieces like “America Should Become a Nation of Renters”) and indirect methods (increasing the illusion of choice, inducing decision fatigue via trivial choices, etc).
Tumblr media
Eventually, we are going to reach a point at which the convenience no longer outweighs the infringement on autonomy. That breaking point might be different for everyone. But I sincerely hope that by the time that happens, or by the time we all go “wait a minute...”, it’s not already too late to correct course.
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ai-robotics-electronics · 8 months ago
Boston Dynamics’ robot dog gets an arm attachment, self-charging capabilities 😮
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The robot dog officially went on sale to the public last year for a cool $74,500. For the first time in the company's 29-year history, Boston Dynamics actually started selling robots to the general public
It's pretty incredible that you can actually just head to the Boston Dynamics website, press the "add to cart" button, and have a robot dog shipped to your home
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nbcnightlynews · 5 months ago
Breakfast dropped off by drone?
Wing, an Alphabet subsidiary, is using drones to deliver drug store items, library books, dessert, and now even hot coffee.
NBC News’ Jacob Ward reports on the changing technology and how drones could impact the labor market.
Join us for NBC Nightly News at 6:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm CT (check your local station listings). Plus, watch Nightly videos on, or on the NBC News app on your streaming device.
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spheroiduniversear · a year ago
New Technology
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Tumblr media
Logo sketches for a tech-crypto business ☆
Interested for a premium logo design at affordable prices for your business? PM us for details! 💌
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2ndaccident · 3 days ago
These new macs and new technologies in general, these give me some kind f steam punk feeling, when I use my old outdated devices to keep up with this new high tech world, we live in lately.
I’d like to update my gadgets. But I’m still in love with my old ones. And in love with this steam punk feeling that I have lately.
Like… like I’m a protagonist of some kind of anti utopia story.
Tumblr media
And. After all. It’s not about car. It’s about driver.
What do you guys think?
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