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#top levi
ereri-lost-and-found · 19 hours ago
oof ive been looking for a fic where levi is heavily involved with a gang but wants to quit when he meets eren and eren eventually ends up getting killed by someone from levi’s past do you happen to know what fic im talking about?
Is this the fic you’re looking for?
Campus and Complication by ichigoangel
(Rated E, 92,900 words, multichapter, complete, major character death)
"'The world is not a kind place; it does not halt its cruelties simply because you are in love." the man said. Two shots rang clearly through the air; both of them hit their target dead-on." College!AU that becomes progressively less and less about college as it goes.
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handsomesunshine · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
A little aesthetic/moodboard I did for @possumsunshine’s Levy!! He’s such a fun character and I love makin content w him in it
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sordidbones · 15 hours ago
Rating: Explicit Relationships: Levi Ackerman/Hange Zoë Additional Tags: Top Levi, Bottom Hange, canonverse, PWP, Blow Jobs, Doggy Style, Missionary, fun with ODM gear, Enthusiastic Consent, Cunnilingus, Hair Pulling, Aftercare Summary:
Commander Hange Zoe has a lot of responsibility resting on her shoulders. Her beloved Captain discovers a simple- if not rigorous- way to ease some of her burdens.
Levi shows Hange how to let go.
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arekupacific · a year ago
Tumblr media
Let's try again XD
This immy has been staying on patreon for a while now, time to post it here ^^
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blankboxes · 11 months ago
A Masterlist of Ereri/Riren Translations I’ve Done (06/29/21)
[Levi’s Birthday] by Miyano Chi
[Index Finger Showdown] by Sou
[Valentine’s Day 2014] by Havie
[Even if Fate Refuses the Two of Them] by saku_moni
[Lost Child Tracker] by Miyano Chi
[after Shower] by Tani Rinko
[Santa Levi] by saku_moni
[Everyday Riren] by saku_moni
[Cleaning Eren] by yuko
[Plushie Levi] by JOCA
[Cloth Levi and Morning Eren] by JOCA
[Rivaere Reprint Anthology] by Valero
[Resident Evil Parody Part 1] by flapppper
[Resident Evil Parody Part 2] by flapppper
[Lost Erewan] by Himemiko
[My Lover is a Cat] by Himemiko
[Lunch Riren] by momo_yd77it
[High School AU] by momo_yd77it
[Shota Eren] by momo_yd77it
[Naked Challenge] by Raruko
[First, I want to apologize to Captain] by Tamiko
[Eren’s birthday] by Tamiko
[Quarantine] by Yomi
[Riren Shorts - 1] by Yomi
[Ererin] by Kiyoshi
[Heichou’s Chocolate] by Suzusawa
[Strange] by Nanabiyoshi
[Sukiya] by Hato
[New Year Eren] by Hato
[Honeymoon] by Hato
[Sick Eren - Part 1] by Hato
[Sick Eren - Part 2] by Hato
[Fem! Eren is my wife] by Amane
[Can Phone] by SLAMP
[Animal Crossing Hobo Eren] by RiRi
[I can’t wait until I grow up] by Sinba 
[Riren Omegaverse Story Part 2] by Luo Yin
[Riren Omegaverse Story Part 1] by Luo Yin
[Captain Eren AU Doujinshi Preview] by GD
[More than 1 billion] by GD
[I will love you even if you don’t] by Simapan
[Domestic Riren] by Sumaere
[Plushie Riren] by Kyo
[Detour Saving Eren] by Yugu
[Embarassed Eren] by Mandarinda
[Bird! Riren in Pool] by ccfafa
[Prostitute Eren] by kogatta
[Eren and Levi watching SNK] by ponikapompom
[Feudal Riren AU] by Ichika
[BTS Episode 55] by Azu
[Panda Steals a Kiss] by Kagari
[Shotgun Wedding Doujinshi Preview] by Wakame Fried Rice
Couple’s Fight by Nain
Now Loading by Himemiko
[The Story Behind Heichou’s Sleeping Face] by zndmcmc
[Star Heichou] by chakoriinu
[Drunk Heichou] by mituhasi_le
[The Clumsy Child and Grumpy Grown Up] by Maine
[Wolf Eren and Araiguma Levi - Part 1] by oNANACOo
[Wolf Eren and Araiguma Levi - Part 2] by oNANACOo
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dinklebertarts · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
a bday gift to me.. from me… because i love myself
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ereri-lost-and-found · a year ago
Hello! I apologize if this was asked before (I couldn't find anything) but i was wondering if you have any fics with post time skip eren. I'm dying to read some fics with my boy all grown up. Thank you guys for all your hard work :)
Hello @gokillthenoise!
Here’s a list we’ve complied of our fav post time skip ereri fics~
Cardinal by fluffymusketeer
(Rated E, 10 113 words, complete)
Not once, even in his most feverish fantasies, did Eren ever imagine he’d stumble across his Captain in a brothel.
Chasm by fluffymusketeer
(Rated T, 2461 words, complete)
Levi cannot let go. Not just yet.
Post-105 hurt/comfort drabble, originally posted on tumblr. Platonic, but intimate.
Aftermath by JaegerBombs 
(Rated E, 3972 words, complete)
After the Survey Corps arrive back on Paradis, Levi is once again left with the duty of watching over Eren. The two of them confront the pain that Eren has caused.
the walls between us by Arlene0401
(Rated M, 1699 words, complete)
After Hanji has unsuccessfully tried to talk to Eren, Levi decides to help - although he hardly recognises his former lover in the stranger downstairs.  
Unknown Quantities by thisgirlsays22
(Rated E, 2975 words, complete)
Levi realises that if he hasn’t already lost Eren, he will soon.
Abstract Impressions by tainted_ashes
(Rated M, 11 099 words, complete, Major Character Death)
Levi reminds Eren what it means to be human.
The Wait by Xenobia
(Rated E, 6317 words, complete, Mentions of Eruri)
Every sunrise and sunset, Eren stands like a sentinel at the shoreline, watching the ocean horizon. They all know it’s only a matter of time before a confrontation with Marley occurs, whether the Paradis military reaches enemy waters first or the other way around. Another storm is coming, and Eren wants to show Levi how he feels before his time runs out. Takes place some time after manga chapter 90 while the events of chapters 91 and 92 are happening on the other continent.
failsafe by jubileus
(Rated E, 1518 words, complete)
“I’m not changing my mind.”
Levi undoes a third button, then decides that should suffice as far as breathing room goes. It’s been a while since he’s done this, but he aims to give it his all.
“Who says I’m here to change your mind?”
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ereri-lost-and-found · a year ago
So I have been looking for AGES for this fucking fanfic and I can't find it. I'm at my wits end here. Please help. Levi and Eren both worked at a coffee shop. They were closing together one night and Levi put on metal music because he said it calmed him down when angry. He had a lip piercing that Eren brought up. They ended up sitting on a booth and It lead to them kissing, then sex. Uh. They had a tradition where they race to drink their Americano coffee before the other person. HELP :'(
Hi, Anon!
Is this the fic you’re looking for? :)
After Hours by slugworthingtonjr
(Rated E, 151 629 words, multichapter, ongoing)
Levi and Eren work at the same coffee shop. They've been closing together five nights a week for the past six months. They work comfortably with each other, but a silent tension has been growing between them and they finally face it one night when they stay at the shop after hours.
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lostcauses-noregrets · 2 years ago
Lostcauses Fic: Penitence + Absolution
For @seitsen-sarvi​
“What did I tell you?”
Erwin kneels, silent, penitent.
There’s a tug as Levi secures his hands behind his back. The cloth that binds his wrists is still warm from the man’s throat. Erwin shifts his hands experimentally, there’s no give. Levi’s bond holds secure. Some of the tension ebbs from his shoulders.
Hard boot heels click across the floor behind him, steady and rhythmic.  Pace, pause, turn.  Pace, pause, turn.  
Erwin shivers as he passes. The room is not cold; the heavy drapes are drawn, a bright fire crackling in the grate.  Levi has seen to that of course, he thinks of everything. Levi’s brusque care wounds Erwin in ways the Titans never could.  This man who has lost so much, who has lost everything, and yet he gives and gives and gives. He gives it all, his body, his strength, his trust, to Erwin, who of all men is so unworthy.
It takes him a moment to realize that the steady beat of boot heels has stopped.
He shivers again, the tremor tricking down his spine. His shirt, the old one with the ink stain on the sleeve, the one he’d neglected to change for several days, is folded neatly on the round table by the window, along with his pants.  He feels foolish and vulnerable in his nakedness and he’s painfully aware of his cock, hanging limp between his thighs.
“You need,” Levi pauses, his voice is low, but Erwin can hear the edge of frustration in his strained tone, “to rest.”  
Erwin shifts, the wooden floor is hard and unforgiving on his knees.  This is his penitence, it’s no more than he deserves.
“When was the last time you slept properly?”
Erwin doesn’t answer, just fixes his gaze on a knot in the floorboards in front of him. In truth, he can’t remember.
“I’ll tell you,” Levi continues, “three nights ago, and only then because I dragged you away from your fucking desk.”
Erwin tries not to remember the fierce heat of Levi’s body that night, holding him, grounding him. He doesn’t deserve such a thing. Everyone in this cruel world has lost so much. He of all people is the least deserving.
A strong hand twists into his hair, jerking his head back roughly, the brief flare of pain scattering his circling thoughts.
“Are you listening?”
He pulls again, harder, forcing Erwin’s head back to meet his furious gaze.
“I said, are you listening?”
There’s real anger seeping into his voice now. Erwin swallows and attempts to nod, a shallow dip of his head.  The grip in his hair loosens, Levi’s hand falling away in a caress of appalling gentleness.
“You’re not eating. I brought you food, you didn’t eat it. You haven’t…” His voice falter and he sighs heavily.   “You haven’t…”
“I’m sorry Levi.”
“I don’t want you to be sorry,” suddenly he’s right there in front of him, rough fingers gripping his chin, pulling his head up to meet those fierce grey eyes.  And Erwin couldn’t look away even if he wanted to, even if Levi wasn’t holding him firmly in place. “I want you to eat. I want you to sleep. I want you to take a shit once a day like a fucking normal person.”
“I’m sorry…”
What else can he say?
“You have nothing to be sorry for Erwin. Nothing.” He says, with a vehemence that borders on devotion.  Erwin can read the pain that creases tightly at the corner of his eyes, the frustration etched in the furrow of his brow.
He’s standing so close now that Erwin can feel the smooth leather of Levi’s boots cool against the inside of thighs.  His cock twitches, a small spark catching and kindling, heat pooling low in his groin, where before there was only cold ashes.
“You’ve got to stop Erwin.  This shit will kill you long before the Titans ever do, and if anything happens to you, if we loose you, we’re fucked.
Erwin shakes his head.  “No, I’m replaceable.”
“Not to me you aren’t.”
Levi’s grip tightens on his jaw and he shifts his weight forward, one booted foot pressing up against Erwin’s balls, his cock.  He groans softly.
Erwin has tried so hard not to want what he doesn’t deserve.   Some days denial is easy; days when his desk overflows with condolence letters, when the shades of the dead crowd so close that they block out the light. Some nights it’s much harder, in the darkness, in the dead of night, awake and alone, it’s hard not to want. And god how he wants. How he wants this man so badly.
And it’s such a small thing, just to lean forward and rest his head against the hard plane of Levi’s belly, the buckle of his belt cold and hard against Erwin’s cheek.
“Please…” he breathes.
“Please what?”
“Please Levi, please let me…”
He doesn’t have to finish, Levi pushes him back, fingers already working at his belt.  Erwin swallows at the snap of leather, the rustle of fabric as Levi pulls his uniform pants open.
“If it’s the only way to make you stop,” Levi says, his voice low and thick.
And for a moment Erwin just stares.  He’s beautiful, of course he is. His cock is hard and flushed, a single drop of fluid beading at the tip.
Erwin closes his eyes for a moment, quiets the voice that tells him he isn’t worthy, that he doesn’t deserve this.  He leans forward, tensing to keep his balance, and just breathes him in.  He smells warm and clean and alive.
Erwin takes him with reverence, savoring the taste, the texture as he runs his tongue around the smooth head of Levi’s cock. He swallows again and again, throat working around that intense heat, revelling in the sounds that escape from Levi’s lips.
“Fuck Erwin…’
Levi’s grip tightens on his shoulders, in his hair.
By the time Levi pushes him off, and hauls him to his feet, Erwin’s cock is hard and aching, jutting up against his belly, trailing precum on the floor.  
Levi bends him over his own desk, hands still bound behind his back, and kicks his feet apart; wide, wider, until he’s spread open, thighs shaking with the effort of it. Levi takes him without ceremony, fucks him hard and fast, breaks him open until he’s pleading, begging, a litany of supplication.  
“Please, Levi, please…”
There’s nothing in this moment that Erwin wants more than this, nothing else that matters.  When he comes it’s shattering, Levi driving into him, obliterating everything with the desperation and devotion of his desire.  
Later, when the fire is burning low in the grate, the ashes shifting quietly in the darkness, they lie together in Erwin’s bed. And for a moment, just for a moment, Erwin finds absolution from doubts and dreams and guilt, in the circle of Levi’s arms, the smooth heat of his skin, the steady beat of his heart.  Finally, at Levi’s bidding, Erwin rests.
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