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#mlm pride
r0mantic-l0ver · 2 days ago
just to feel some type of intimate action, i’d be thankful. i crave a warm, intimate love.
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darkmagic-sweetheart · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
5 years of designing these tasty treats and it comes to an end today. 
Happy Pride Month everyone!!!
If you like what you see please do check out my Etsy and RB to help support what I do and make. I’ve been adding to this culinary collection for 5 years now, but due to some past treatment towards myself I’ve decided to end this journey here.
I will still make more designs in the future, but this is the end of the all you can eat cake buffet. I still have my candies of course and other pride art I’ll re-share this month. We’ll still have to see if I make anything new. :3 
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shobe-sandwitch · a year ago
idk who needs to hear this, but your wants are not outrageous. you want love? you want attention? you want peace? you want comfort? you deserve it. you're not asking for too much.
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crispyclown · 4 months ago
bisexual men's attraction to women? beautiful, we love it king bisexual men's attraction to men? flawless, you're lovely bisexual men's attraction to non-binary people? outstanding, mlnb excellence. keep moving forward bi men, we love you.
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weaponmlm · 10 days ago
Wearing a t shirt that says “I have funny ideas about what it means to be a man”
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r0mantic-l0ver · a day ago
i wish he and i could rule the world together. i wish we could run away together, hand in hand, living a city life. i wish we could run forever and ever, only relying on each other. i wish i could escape this small minded town with him by my side forever.
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doubledare-mlm · 2 months ago
reminder that you are allowed to be gay and trans and express it! your love for men isn't weird or gross and you're not "just a straight girl" you're gay and it's valid, accepted, and celebrated here!!
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gayforfree · a month ago
if god did not want me to be a gay vampire lover he wouldn’t have made vampires look so sexy with their funky dress shirts and their fanged smirks
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