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#yeah <3
minecraft-cow · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
the masculine urge to kill
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spookydoesstuff · 2 hours ago
red velvet cookie and chiffon misadventures
Tumblr media
flat head ass (loving)
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thenightwemetnatural · 4 months ago
cas wrapping jack up in his trenchcoat to keep him safe and warm <3
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blueskittlesart · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
already the tags of that trans purah post have been great for inspiration
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lazydaysofjune · 3 months ago
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levworship · a month ago
no one asked but here’s my own little spin on the aphrodisiac quirk trope.
cw: straight up smut, dom!reader, sub!bakugou, dumbification, under influence (aphrodisiac)
i know usually what people write about is him getting hit with the quirk and going feral, but what if the reader, an up and coming pro hero, was the only one to get hit with the quirk instead?
coming home to their boyfriend katsuki who’s already stripping himself of his costume (or uniform as he’d urged people to call it), back turned to them as he greets them with a grumble of “bout fuckin’ time. thought you got lost out there.”
but there was no time for jokes. none at all, actually, as they were already grabbing at his blond hair, tugging him back to whisper hoarsely in his ear. their mouth was absolutely filthy, and he had to try his hardest to keep his eyes from rolling back at just how sinful they were being in his ear.
which led them to their current position, katsuki flat on his back while his crazed partner bounced frantically on his sensitive cock. it was no secret that katsuki liked to be dominant, whether it was on the field or in the bedroom. so imagine how much of a shock it would be for anyone to see him as he is. tears streaming down his pretty face, hair sweaty and stuck to his forehead, chest heaving and face twisted with whimpers of “please - hnngh - s-slow down baby,” and “d-don’t wanna fuckin’ cum again. cant c-um again.”
katsuki whose face burns in raw embarrassment as he starts shooting fuckin’ blanks around his fourth orgasm of the night, humping gently into his partner’s sweet hole as he couldn’t find the fight in him more. becoming completely fucked dumb by the way they sucked him in so sweetly. couldn’t think of a damn word, just whines of your name and begging (did he want more or did he want you to stop? he wasn’t even sure). completely loses his mind though when you start to play with the rim of his ass, never full entering it, but just circling your finger around the hole to feel the way he clenched around nothing, cooing soft promises of “maybe next time, kat.” the teasing almost makes him cry.
katsuki who, by the time the reader is done, has already passed the fuck out. melted into the sheets. what were soft mutters of “i love you” turned into gentle snores as the reader finally decided that they’d gotten their fill of him. for now, at least. ~ <3
Tumblr media
thirsts and requests for haikyuu and bnha are open.
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gigantomachylesbian · 3 months ago
All I need is some TLC (Tall, Loving Creature)
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loulovehome · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
harry. my gentle little dove. my lightly toasted marshmallow. my soft flower petal. my precious baby deer. my freshly baked muffin. i love him.
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luiduciel · 2 months ago
Home to you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairings: hawks x reader
warnings: sexual content, nsfw, hurt/comfort, face fucking, gagging, slight dacryphilia, light insinuations of trauma.
notes: lmao this was meant to be a warm up, clearly got a bit out of hand. sorry if its a little bit sloppy, but hawks is really just whipping my ass these days :> 
Tumblr media
The familiar sound of the window slotting out of place makes you uncurl from your hunched up position on the couch, whatever the news reporter saying easily forgotten. You twist around, squinting as the setting sun casts a sharp glow out from the open window. It’s only when Keigo turns to click the lock back in behind him that you can see him more clearly, blinking back sunspots and smiling lightly.
“Welcome home.” You say, fiddling with your fingers and studying the broad back of your lover. “I thought you were meant to be coming back earlier, I was starting to worry...”
Your words trail off when Keigo steps into the apartment and you peer up at his expression, smile faltering. “Are...are you okay?” 
To anyone looking in, Keigo may have looked as composed as ever. His eyes are warm and angular, expression arranged into that careful expression of friendly approachability that you see on heros every day. His wings lay, relaxed and small by his side. 
You, however, are not just someone looking in. You've been cultivating this delicate thing you have with the pro-hero for the better part of two years and, instead, you can only see the way his gaze is utterly empty, the stillness in his usually fluttering, folding wings completely foreign. It’s disconcerting and, feeling a little apprehensive, you rise slowly from your seat.
Keigo doesn't move from his place as you approach him, doesn’t make any motion to acknowledge you getting closer, still just studying you vacantly. Concern blooms, bright and heavy, in your chest and try to remember how long it's been since when he was like this.
“Kei.” You murmur softly and cup a hand over his cheek, smoothing your thumb over the marking by the outer corner of his eye. “What’s wrong?”
He stiffens at that and for a moment you’re worried he’s going to draw back, try to shrug this off with a joke or laugh. Instead, after a moment he sighs heavily and turns into your touch with a gentle exhale against your inner wrist. His eyes are still strange and unhappy when he peeks past your hand but at least he’s actually properly looking at you now. You make a reassuring sound and flatten a hand under his coat, waiting for him to speak.
“S’okay.” He breathes eventually, pulling his visor down to his neck and ruffling his feathers. “Just a ...a bad day.”
You draw in a small breath and feel your heart twist for him. It’s not often that Keigo will tell you anything about the work he’s doing, not often that he can. Everything he does seems to be locked away from you, under heaps of confidential documents and lengthy binding contacts. The one thing you have gathered through, from the very little he’s told you, is that a heroes ‘bad day’ is infinitely different from anything you could consider. 
A bad day for you is missing the bus, spilling your coffee, maybe getting yelled at by your boss. A bad day for Keigo means failure: a villain slipping through his fingers, losing a colleague or, even worse, a civilian. From the look on his face, you have a feeling it may be the latter. 
You know you can’t ask, but the words are burning on your tongue. Comfort has never really been a strength for you; you’re too blunt and impulsive for the delicate words needed. With Keigo’s hero work, your immediate reaction is to pry for details and disprove any fault on his part. To gather him up in your arms and keep him there until he accepts that he can’t save everyone. 
But you’ve come to know Keigo well enough to know that wouldn’t work, the HPSC long since instilling him with their expectations. That these jobs were things only he could do, his duty to handle and failure wouldn’t be permitted. This was the nature of his responsibility and he was never done.
You know anything you could say would seem hollow, meaningless, to that sort of burden. So instead you fold your arms around his neck, try to tame his wild locks, still mused from flying, and eye him meaningfully. Instead, you fall into the familiar routine, one you’ve run through time and time before.  
“Shower or bedroom?” You say, stepping between his legs and into his space. 
Keigo hums and absently tucks the hair away from your face, pausing when you lean into his hand. Blinking slowly, you try to keep your expression open and honest when he peers down at you. You stroke a hand gently over the joint of one of his wings and that seems to do the trick, his brow smoothing out ever so slightly.
“Shower.” He nods, making up his mind and steps back from you. The leather of his glove is soft and buttery to your skin when he takes your hand. It’s with a gentle squeeze that Keigo steps forward into the apartment, drawing you behind him as he goes.
You let him guide you into the bathroom and stand perfectly still when he begins to strip out of his hero costume. You flush a little bit when he’s done, even after all this time, and Keigo arches a full brow knowingly. He insists on removing your clothes for you when it’s your turn, following the path he clears with slow, testing touches.
By the time you’re both fully bare, you’re feeling the bite of anticipation, breath slightly laboured and knees wobbly. Keigo’s hand is warm and delicate in your own when he helps you into the tub, and you let him arrange you into a kneel, checking each limb until he’s sure you’re sitting comfortably. The same care is paid to the water when he turns to play around with the shower’s settings, testing the temperature against his fingers until it’s just right. You sigh constantly when warm water is pattering intimately down your back and pooling around your knees. 
A moment passes once that’s done where Keigo hovers outside of the shower. His eyes are troubled as he watches you waiting for him. You let him stay there for a little before you’re making a soft noise, holding a hand out for him and smiling slightly when he takes it.
Keigo’s palm is firm against your cheek when he joins you and you draw back to neatly tuck your hands between your thighs, peering up at him through your lashes. His gaze never leaves you, eyes looking more black than gold in the low light, and you shiver at the edge you find there, only barely subdued. 
It’s not often that sex with Keigo holds this sort of weight, this quiet tension. No, usually you find yourself being pinned by him at any possible moment, squealing and giggling as he pursues you ruthlessly on his off days. Together, you’ve found balance between the soft intimate moments of early morning where you moan and breathe together, and the hard, sometimes cruel brinks he can bring you to, spewing filth all the way.
But you know he likes seeing you like this as well, likes to lose himself in you and your softness. His thumb curls affectionately around your jaw and catches on the seam of your lip, pressing into you. It’s only superficial, only the very tip of the digit dipping in, but the firm pressure is enough to pull a huff out of you. 
Shuffling closer, you cast large eyes up at Keigo and obediently arch your neck when he guides you up, leaning into the touch.
The very tip of his cock brushes your lips with a scalding smear and you can’t help your hushed whimper. He’s already half hard, quickly responding to your touch, and you have to push down the urge to take him against your tongue there and then. Push down the urge to bury him deep in your mouth and indulge in the feel of him thickening against your tongue.
Instead you swipe your tongue out to catch the taste, brushing over the sensitive skin on the underside as you go. Keigo’s eyes warm at that, flashing darkly when you lap the head in small kitten like pulses. He does nothing to stop your ministrations, content just to pet over your hairline and smooth any unruly strands away from your face. 
There’s an unfamiliar stillness to him when Keigo gets like this. When he hasn’t fully shaken off the weight of the world outside of your four walls, the weight of guilt. He’s not truly back to himself yet, all careful movements and guarded expressions. Even now, he’s still back with whatever has upset him, still analysing and thinking thinking thinking. 
It's not the first time he’s returned to you like this, and almost definitely won’t be the last. It makes you sad in some bone deep way that this is the way he has to love, makes you wonder what he did before you were around. A part of you already knows, sees it in the way he’s so quick to smile, always the most convincing actor. Keigo isn’t the most open, be it from necessity or preference, but you know he’s made some sort of home in you, in your touch. So you let him play with your hair in that delicate way and let him come back himself in the quiet familiarity you bring.
It takes a few moments before you see some of that darkness bleed out of Keigo’s stare and he blinks down at you. You coo in response, bumping your forehead into the flat planes of his lower stomach and listening to his breath escape in a gentle chuckle. 
The sound warms you right through and you hum against his member. He twitches against your lips then and your core twists with the beginnings of desire in response. Rubbing your thighs together does little to help, but Keigo tracks the motion keenly, pupils dilating and fingers threading through your hair to curl against the nape of your neck with soothing pulls. 
“Always so needy.” He murmurs eventually, all smoke and teasing desire, more himself. Mouth curving up slightly on one side, Keigo holds the base of his shaft steady for you with his free hand, studying the way delicate strings of pre-spend pull away from your lips. “Open your mouth for me?”
You obey immediately, letting your jaw fall open against his cock and flattening your tongue along the underside of him as he slips into your mouth. Keigo smiles properly at that, a crooked smirk pulling at his features and humming low in his chest. “Good girl.” 
A muffled moan escapes you at the praise, one hand flying up to brace along his thigh and squeezing appreciatively when the firm muscle jumps in response. Keigo doesn’t try to pull you to him, or hurry you in any way. His hand is a reassuring presence on your neck, loose and twitching as you take your time swallowing his length.
 His cock throbs and you swallow heavily, adjusting to the intrusion. He’s still smiling that smile of his, but something dark is turning in his eyes when you peer up through the haze. His wings shudder out when you start moving, water beading across the feathers as they quiver and beat into the tiles.
Keigo sighs appreciatively when you find your rhythm, tension slowly draining from his body. His shoulders droop, fingers twitching against you. It’s a promising sign and you try to relax your throat for him, breathing steadily through your nose when his hips rise up into the warmth of your mouth. 
His head makes a dull thud against the shower wall when you do something wicked with your tongue, and you flush hot at the muffled curse of your name that follows it, strangled and searing. Slick is leaking out of you now and you whimper helplessly against him, shifting and squirming in some desperate bid for friction.
“Fuck.” Keigo mutters distantly, one hand still supporting your head while the other fans against the wall. “Your mouth is always so good, baby.”
The heat from the shower is suddenly too much, trapped between the humid spray and Keigo as you are. The heat is cloying but you can’t seem to draw your eyes away from him, enraptured by the way his Adam's apple bobs around another one of those sinful sounds. 
You must make some sort of noise, because Keigo’s head rocks back around until his chin is on his chest, watching the way your lips are stretched around him. 
“You look so pretty like this, you know.” He murmurs, free hand hooking under your chin. “Look so pretty with my cock in your mouth.”
Moaning uselessly, you jerk your head against him in some pitiful sort of nod and he chuckles breathlessly. You make yourself go slack when he gives a warning tug on your hair, relaxing yourself as his hips jerk forward smoothly to the back of your throat. It’s a tight press, the thickest part of him against your lips and you claw lightly at his thigh. Keigo’s responding moan is hoarse and shaky, wings fanning behind him like a crimson cloak, eyes positively glowing. You can only lean into it, let him use your mouth and squirm at the praise that starts falling from his mouth.
“That’s it.” He grits out, pleased and panting. “Keep going, just like that.”
“You’re doing so well.”
Your cunt is burning, but you brush away the urge to alleviate the ache as you gag. Keigo’s wings are practically writhing now, snapping out to arch around you both as his pace quickens. Those scarlet feathers are all you can see, almost completely filling the small shower, and you whimper, panting whenever he draws back. Your mouth is thick with saliva and the taste of him, core clenching cruelly at the taste. 
“Look at me.” Keigo manages to grunt between those deep groans, eyes burning when you turn your gaze up. “Don’t - fuck - don’t look away from me.”
You don’t think you could even if you wanted to; Keigo is a sight, slightly dewy from the water and flushed all the way down to his chest. The edge from his eyes has all but disappeared by now, replaced by that scorching hunger and you shiver with delight. 
Clenching your hand on his thigh, Keigo’s moans take on a frantic pitch, thrusts dissolving into stuttering, uncoordinated jerks as his chest heaves. Humming, you let your eyes fall shut, a few tears running down your blushing cheeks in thin trails. His taste blooms heady and bitter on your tongue and you reach up to cup his tight balls, cupping the flesh when he curses.
Keigo rips his cock from your mouth at the very last moment, drawing you off of him and flattening against the wall with a strangled groan. At any other time you’d be embarrassed by the whine you let out, pitched and needy, but in the moment you can’t help pouting, trying to reach for him again. 
Keigo catches your shoulder before you can make contact, holding you still with a firm grip.
“None of that now.” He pants out, hands stroking over your shoulders and upper arms when you try and struggle. He's swollen from base to tip, twitching in the cool air and helplessly flushed. Your forehead thumps into his hip with a needy whimper, your skin warm against his own.
“But you were so close.” You murmur, shivering when his fingers dip below your collarbone. “Why didn’t you just cum?”
“Because, baby,” Keigo breathes, pinching one of your nipples and watching when you jolt. “The only place I’m cumming tonight is in you.”
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cherryships · 4 months ago
ah yes, my f/o’s lap. my throne.
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pinkyandthebrainrot · 20 days ago
still in tears over this scene, they care about each other SO MUCH!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
no because literally the hand placement under the chin here and the soft look they’re giving each other… this moment felt so soft and intimate I’m still crying
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hmione · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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