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acourtofpointythings · 35 minutes ago
I see the Bat Boys having different types of beauty/handsomeness. Like, Nesta said Azriel is the prettiest and that makes sense to me because I imagine Az having a pretty face and soft features while Cassian is handsome because he has more prominent rough bone structure
Like Rhys: Standard good ‘clean’ beauty
Azriel: Is like a Angelic captivating mysterious beauty
Cassian: has a athletic rough defined beauty
So they are all good looking (obviously) but in different ways.
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feyreandhercourt · 2 hours ago
ACOTAR Cast & their Social Media of Choice
Feyre: Pinterest. Works hard to curate cohesive themes.
Elain: Tumblr. No one knows what her Tumblr is. She has six different side blogs.
Nesta: SnapChat. She likes the privacy, mainly uses to message Cassian if ya know what I mean.
Rhysand: Twitter. Snappy one-liners. For some reason, I’m picturing that Progressive CEO the internet loves.
Mor: YouTube. Lifestyle vlogs, fashion reviews, how to murder a man with a stiletto parts 1-4.
Amren: Instagram. Captions are one word and one emoji
Cassian: Yelp. Has a review of literally every hole-in-the-wall in Velaris. Strong opinions on portion size.
Azriel: Facebook. If for no other reason, then because he can find everything about everyone on it.
Lucien: Reddit. He moderates several lowkey subreddits.
Gwyn: TikTok. Features pranks on Merrill, interesting books in the library, and Valkyrie training.
Emerie: LiveJournal. She blogs about stories of her asshole customers and some mysterious crush she just refers to as M.
Jurian: MySpace. He was a ring for a long time.
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feyre-a · 3 hours ago
I painted so much yesterday my hands hurt
I have some classes in the afternoon but other than that i think i want to spend the rest of the day with nyx
He’s flying more every day
Cass and rhys couldn’t be more thrilled
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fromstarlight · 3 hours ago
"To the stars who listen and the dreams that's are answered" is so much better than I love or you complete me or anything else Rhys could have said to Feyre then.
Especially considering he had seen her on his dreams. And thought he was never going to meet her, the artists who was painting flowers and the night sky and made his pain for a moment feel less overwhelming.
And then he meets her and she loves someone else and it is just... What he expected. He can't help her with the nightmares and the trauma. He can't even deal with his own.
Then she asks for help and he doesn't think twice before saving her from the wedding. And then however he can and she lets him he finds ways to try to help. She wants his friendship. And he wants her friendship too.
And then, at that moment in the Summer Court, it is the first time he sees sheay love him too.
And that is why For the star who listen and the dreams that are answered is so powerful and sweet and lovely
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harperbrynne · 3 hours ago
Feyre: ...Eris’s face emerged from my net of flame, glowing like a new-forged god of wrath...
Me: Yes. Yes, he did.
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feyredarlinq · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
elriel month, day 11: drunk and in love
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lucienvassa · 4 hours ago
Lucien went on a quest to find Vassa to the mortal lands alone, despite knowing it was a risky and dangerous task.
Lucien sounded like an acolyte talking about Vassa and proceeded to blush on being teased by Feyre about her.
Lucien wanted Vassa to stay longer and was finding loopholes to ensure that.
Lucien chuckled while spending time with Vassa. He was relaxed, he looked happy and interested like never before.
Lucien visited Vassa often enough and was aware of her opinions and thoughts.
Lucien moved in with her and said the “the manor is ours” when asked about it.
Lucien’s eyes sparked, his lips twitched when he talked about Vassa, showcasing his amusement and interest in her.
Lucien was considered biased towards Vassa by Mor and Cassian. They claimed his reports will always be in her favour.
Lucien's face was pained on seeing the flames in Vassa's eyes, realising that her time to turn into a firebird was near.
Lucien reassured Vassa that she is safe, and Vassa relaxed as a result of it.
Lucien set Koschei as his target for all the pain he made Vassa go through.
Lucien talked about Vassa and Jurian sharply and Nesta wondered the reason behind his tone, but was unable to read it.
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hellogoodbye14 · 5 hours ago
Feyre and Rhys having segsy talk via telepathy at the dinner table
Inner circle:
Tumblr media
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ok wait hear me out
what if the whole fan theory abt elain and azriel being spies together ends up being kind of true and they have a secret romance (a thing of SECRET, lovely beauty)
and elain pretends to accept the bond with lucien so she kind is strings him along for a bit (so like elucien comes true but it’s all fake) UNTIL elain realizes she actually has feelings for him
and idk how it ends but i feel like poor lucien would just end up getting hurt again (AND GWYN but like it could end up being a really big moment for her character, like she has to find her inner strength without a love interest’s help, which i actually really want for her)
i just want fox boy to be happy and az to go to therapy
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i’m sorry but how funny would it be if az actually had like a really tiny dick
like if the wingspan thing is just ENTIRELY wrong
idk why but this is just the funniest thing to me dhagaffagaha
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anielapoland · 10 hours ago
if Nyx wants to have children, he will have to marry an Illyrian, otherwise his wife will die during childbirth. As well Azriel. That's why he cannot be with Gwyn or Elein.
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daisybrekker · 10 hours ago
ACOSF + Bonus Chapters Foreshadowing ACOTAR5
Archeron Sisters Prophecy Teased
"And do not forget that Nesta herself - and Elain with whatever powers she has - is here. Feyre is here. All three sisters blessed by fate and gifted with powers to match your own. Feyre alone doubles your strength. Nesta makes you unstoppable."
"There are three of them, you know. Sister peaks. This one, the mountain called the Prison, and the one the Illyrian brutes call Ramiel. All bald, barren mountains at odds with those around them."
3 Brothers + 3 Sisters Trope
"What if the Cauldron was wrong?"
"The Cauldron chose three sisters. Tell me how it's possible that my two brothers are with two of those sisters, yet the third was given to another."
Elriel Forbidden Love Trope
Rhys growled. "Allow me to make one thing very clear. You are to stay away from her."
Blood Duel
"If Lucien finds out you're pursuing her, he has every right to defend their bond as he sees fit. Including invoking the Blood Duel."
Consequences of the Blood Duel + Highlighting future key characters
"I'll defeat him with little effort." Pure arrogance laced every word, but it was true.
"I know." Rhys's eyes flickered. "And your doing so will rip apart any fragile peace and alliances we have, not only with the Autumn Court but also with the Spring Court and Jurian and Vassa."
Lightsinger Gwyn
“The words of Gwyn’s merry song were in a language Nesta didn’t know, but for a heartbeat, Nesta allowed herself to listen—to savor the pure, sweet voice that rose and fell with sinuous ease. Gwyn’s hair seemed to glow brighter with her song, skin radiating a beckoning light. Drawing any listener in.”
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musicallibrarian93 · 12 hours ago
I kind of wish Rhys was a little bit more obsessed with Feyre’s hands
Okay hear me out, cos that sounds creepy. 
But, he literally had visions of this girl painting. Of his mate painting. And it was what made him hold on. Regardless if he knew she was his mate, the memory of those hands painting was what pulled him through. 
I don’t mean in like an overly sexual way that he’s obsessed with her hands but maybe after his nightmares of Under the mountain and Feyre gathers him in her arms he kisses the back of her hands. Or when she’s painting or drawing he likes to run his thumb along the back of them. Just cute little things and it breaks Feyre’s heart because she thought she was being selfish the whole time she was painting. That it was wrong to spend the money on something she enjoyed but knowing him seeing her paint is what kept him alive makes her not regret it for a single second. 
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duskandstarlight · 14 hours ago
Will we have sweet Nessian moments in this next chapter?
Ohhh yes! You do have sweet Nessian moments
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heyovivi · 16 hours ago
Nothing like being a hypocrite...
Okay, I haven't been an artist for the ACOTAR fandom for a long time, and I certainly don't post enough to make a business out of any of my works either. Even so, I do consider myself an artist as I work very hard to commit to pieces and share them with you.
Being an artist is difficult for many of us because it's like sharing our soul with the community. It's an insight into our world and our minds. It's how we view things and how we appreciate them. Through my art you can tell what I like, what I love, and what I appreciate.
And this week I have already addressed the problems with false accusations and plagiarism when it comes to art. Like I said in a previous post, a specific part of this fandom has made it their jobs to intoxicate the community we have built with their negativity. They accused an artist of plagiarism by stealing works of art from a user on Instagram named Jess.
It was already proven multiple times that this artist did not steal the idea form Jess and that it was instead a trend that artists were welcome to try out in their own styles. Despite that, the E/riels (because who else?) decided to bash all us Gwynriel artists for copying Jess and "stealing" her ideas.
Claiming that we are "lacking" and that we continue to steal from E/riel artists.
Now, the funny thing is that this same person also said this, and I quote:
"If you're going to steal a design from any artist, for the love of god give them the credit they deserve..."
"It just looks pathetic when a gwynriel "artist" releases a plagiarized artwork..."
"It’s like they’re either trying to one up elriel every time their artists release anything or they are so jealous at the creativity our artists show that they steal their work out of spite. Pathetic."
And of course, as an artist this hurt. Not only did they lack to research the trend they immediately hopped on their high horse to call us pathetic or put into question whether we were true artists.
Now, these quotes above came from an anonymous questioner here is what the person who originally posted actually said:
"This is unacceptable, and as another artist, it makes my skin crawl. Plus, I have a feeling it was done maliciously. I don’t need to get into the ins and outs of why you don’t steal someone’s work, I’m sure you get it."
"And I completely agree - It’s sad they can’t just come up with stuff for their own ship. If the ship is as beautiful and perfect as you claim it is, shouldn’t it inspire you all on its own? Like, they have to steal it from Elriels? 😔 it’s the vindictiveness for me."
Now I have never accused another artist of stealing my work, and I have never seen another Gwynriel artist steal or plagiarize another artists' work. But what was interesting to me was that this week, Jess was accused of plagiarism making all the texts I provided above seem pretty fucking ironic.
Although instead of reacting the way they did (like they would to Gwynriels), they bashed the messenger with hate comments about her looks, her art--they completely teared down an artist on Instagram, Isabellaamhsmith, stating that she was jealous and hateful and just seeking attention. They all stated that this was all simply about ship wars and it has been made very clear that this has nothing to do with ship wars, it's about the integrity of an artist and how plagiarism shouldn't be tolerated and it especially shouldn't be tolerated when the said plagiarizer is making a profit off of stolen work.
Now, what Jess did is not okay. From what I can tell she swiped through Pinterest, took the things she liked, inverted them to suit her "art" then gave no credit to the designers, artists, or organizations she stole from.
And here are what some of her supporters have to say:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A real artist's mind is full of color and imagination. Yes, we do refer to references when we work but we don't go and steal from other artists--it's just not done. In order to do what we do we have to imagine it. Sometimes it does just come out of no where that's how it works.
Ever here that sound on TikTok where he says, "isn't amazing how an artist can take a blank sheet of paper and just blah blah blah..."
Jess didn't do that. She took a blank sheet of paper and probably stuffed it with photoshopped photos from Pinterest.
And who is getting the brunt of it? Not Jess.
Instead Isabellaamhsmith is getting spammed by haters, most notably, E/riels.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Only truly ugly people go for the looks. No one should be told to go un-alive themselves or be judged on their looks. We put ourselves out there on social media, we are bold for sharing our art and Isabella was simply stating the facts. Jess is no real artist if she's just stealing ideas from other people.
Don't kill the messenger, it's not her fault she's got her facts straight.
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nochnoyvangogh · 18 hours ago
Hot take: Tamlin is the result of a very abusive and unstructured family, and the fact that he had to take such a responsibility didn’t make it better.
I said what I said. Cassian and Azriel had people with them, they had Rhysand and Rhysand’s family to take care of them and love them but as far as we know Tamlin was completely alone until Lucien arrived.
I really wanted him to be happy at least, maybe not being a High Lord because that would make more damage than anything. Maybe living with Vassa, Jurian and Lucien and travelling with them, that would be so good.
Late nigh t thoughts I guess. Probably making a fanfic of this.
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