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jane kenyon, camp evergreen
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justasparkwritings · 6 months ago
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Just a Spark Love & Smut stories for your February 14th! 
Master Lists
Be the One
Be the One Sequel: Love Again
Codename Cupid 
The Worst Guys
Perpetual Bliss 
Wider than a Mile 
I Hate Halloween
Troll in Luv 
Stay: Loving You 
Camp Evergreen
Wet Dream
I Choose You
If I forgot any.... let me know!!! 
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predictablytypical · 25 days ago
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Clouds drifting through mountain tops.
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#CampEvergreen is an #IdealDestination if you are looking for a #CampingSite or #Resort near #Badlapur, #Mumbai, or #Pune. Being located on the #BanksOfTheRiverBarvi, this location is #Enviable and #Beautiful.
For Booking:https://bit.ly/3euGbgz
जर आपण बदलापूर, मुंबई किंवा पुण्याजवळ कॅम्पिंग साइट किंवा रिसॉर्ट शोधत असाल तर कॅम्प एव्हरग्रीन एक आदर्श गंतव्यस्थान आहे. बर्वी नदीच्या काठी वसलेले हे स्थान हेवा करणारे आणि सुंदर आहे.
#कैम्पएवरग्रीन एक #आदर्शगंतव्य है यदि आप #बदलापुर, #मुंबई या #पुणे के पास #शिविरस्थल या #रिसॉर्ट की तलाश कर रहे हैं। #बारवीनदी के तट पर स्थित होने के कारण, यह स्थान बहुत ही #सुंदर  है।
Camp Evergreen
Address: Datamatics Hospitality services Pvt Ltd, Bombay Mutual Building, 3 rd Floor, 293, Dr. D.N. Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400001
For Booking and Enquiry: +919870334440
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redbootsindoriath · a month ago
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Seeing as how it’s still July 4th in much of the western hemisphere, Happy Independence Day to those of my followers who live in the States!  And happy...uh...bald eagle drawing to everybody else...?
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prettywildmedia · 9 months ago
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“But your solitude will be a support and a home for you, even in the midst of very unfamiliar circumstances, and from it you will find all your paths.”— Rainer Maria Rilke (Letters to a Young Poet)✨
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summer disposables
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~Misty Mountain Morning~
Instagram DeviantArt
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lallex365 · 2 months ago
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Day 49. Forever love camping.
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smokedfires · 11 months ago
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i think we should just stop whatever this is now.
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siickbro · a month ago
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“Twilight, again. Another ending. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end” - Stephanie Meyer, Twilight
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justasparkwritings · a year ago
Camp Evergreen: You & Me, Me & You Master List
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This is for my @bangtanwritingbingo​ free space! To read the rest of my Summer Bingo series, check out Be the One! BTO will be back and wilder than before on August 20th with I Shall Call Him Joonie, and He Shall Be Mine.
Summary: A summer of theatre, of singing and dancing, longing glancing and passing notes, of kisses late at night and and unspoken truths. This summer is meant to be yours, yours and Taehyung's. But with a new job and new responsibilities, a summer of falling deeper in love is rapidly moving out of your grasp. Can you get it back, or will years worth of unspoken affection be tossed away?
Warnings: Given at the start off each chapter 
Rating: R and NC17 
Completed Word Count: 40K
Notes: I owe so much to @xiaokoo​ who beta’d the OG version, and the rewritten & improved version. Truly, when I was ready to quit and throw it away,  she remained steadfast and has been working with me on this since what... April? March? Thank you for wanting to stick with me, for giving time to this project and editing it so thoughtfully and thoroughly. 
As well as @sugasbabiie​ who read all the smut, gave guidance and is one of my greatest cheerleaders. My smut writing would truly be nothing without you, and I am a much stronger writer because of your friendship. 
I’m obsessed with the turn this took... and I will not apologize for the Riff Off or singing West Side Story.  
Posted: August 2021
You & Me Ch. 1
You & Me Ch. 2
You & Me Ch. 3
You & Me Ch. 4
You & Me Ch. 5
You & Me Ch. 6
Tag List: Message me or comment on this! 
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queeniecamps · a year ago
i deadass got stressed for a solid 2-3 minutes because i couldn’t remember if we’d ever seen a tree that wasn’t a pinetree in camp camp so I had to go back and make sure we’d seen at least one
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we’re good :)
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thorsenmark · a year ago
Looking Up a Hillside of Trees with Mount Rainier at the Top (Black & White, Mount Rainier National Park) by Mark Stevens Via Flickr: A Black & White conversion I did with Capture NX2 on the Stevens Canyon Road with a view across the valley to the northwest.
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prettywildmedia · 10 months ago
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I’m gonna be honest. This was my first time shooting mountains in the distance. The misty air made it somehow magical. Either ways, hope you like it guys! 🌲🍂
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thelinesdissectinglove · a year ago
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