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#cats are helping me not move by cutting off the circulation in my legs
jaskiersbrokenlute · 29 days ago
218 dealer's choice
Thank you very much for the first prompt from my 200 followers prompt list!  I assume you meant dealer’s choice for the ship so we have Geraskier with a brief mention of Lambden. Enjoy!
"You don't have to come, we're not kidnapping you," Eskel rolled his eyes behind the cover of his palm, holding his head in his hands as he listened to Geralt sigh and groan for the thirty-seventh time in the past hour.
"But if you don't I'll steal your cat," Lambert shouted from deep inside Geralt's wardrobe, where he was searching desperately for something flattering to dress his brother in, anything both casual, fitting, and possibly not black, though that last one was becoming increasingly unlikely the deeper in the wardrobe he got.  
"An hour, at most," Geralt bit out, every muscle in his face and neck were tense to the point Eskel was surprised they hadn't snapped yet, all because his brothers were trying to get him out of the house for more than a run to the shops, usually for the sake of his cat rather than himself.
"It's for your own good, if you stay inside any longer your skin will be the same colour as your hair, you need sun! booze! could probably benefit from a good har-"
Eskel swung the door shut from the outside, leaning his full weight against the door as Lambert banged on the wood from the inside, the shouts nearly unintelligible, but still loud enough Geralt could already feel a headache coming on. If the night continued like this he'd be surprised is he came home with anything less than a migraine and a future hangover.
"Geralt, we just want you to do something. You've been locked up inside for nearly two months. It'll be good for you, and if you don't like it you never have to tag along again, we'll... walk in the park instead next time, but you're not getting off the hook with a grumpy face," Eskel explained calmly, the perfect balance to Lambert's rather, unruly, matter of helping.
Speaking of, the youngest of the three had taken to ramming his shoulder into the closet, a steady "Bang, Bang, Bang" Coming from behind Eskel, Lambert trying to make his daring escape out of the closet. Eskel smirked and waited until he'd timed the silence between attempts at taking the door off its hinges and moved away just in time for Lambert's full weight to hit the door as it began to open, sending him to the floor like a bag of brick.
"Bastard," He bit out, tossing a pair of crudely folded socks at Eskel, dusting off the black button-down he'd carried out with him as he regained his footing. "What I get for trying to help,"
Geralt snatched the fabric from Lambert, holding it out in front of him. This particular shirt was in the back of his closet for a reason, it was nearly two years old and was exclusively worn on dates when he still humoured himself and went on them. It's both too formal, too small, and too many memories for the locally owned bar they're spending their evening at.
"Just put it on, you look like your having war flashbacks," Lambert threw a matching pair of black jeans at Geralt, one pant leg landing over his shoulder and the other square on his face and over his head.
"It won't fit, I'll look like an overstuffed sausage,"
"Exactly," He winked with an exaggerated lick to his lips and eyebrow flick. Eskel mocked a silent gag behind him, making Geralt bite the inside of his cheek to stop from laughing and setting Lambert off again.
"If it cuts off my circulation and I need my arm amputated I'm taking yours," He digressed, removing the trousers from over his head, hanging them over his arm along with the shirt.
"You wish you had my arms,"
"I did have them," He smirked, shooing his brothers out of his room so he could change, "before I hit puberty,"
Geralt shook his head, listening to the muffled sound of arguing and the shuffle of clothing as Lambert no doubt was trying to defend his arms. Now that they were out of the room and the idea of an actual outing was less daunting, he could feel the familiarity of having both his brothers home, acting just like they did when they were children still all living together. Maybe tonight wouldn't be such a disaster if he kept close to them and kept quiet. He'd drink, listen to some music, and go home. Nothing more.  
They arrived at the bar an hour later, Geralt shoved into the shirt that hugged his entire upper body like spandex, the top three buttons refusing to meet and the fourth just barely hanging on. He and Lambert had settled on keeping the button-down if Geralt could wear a thin undershirt with it, enough coverage so he wasn't showing half his chest off to the general public.
The bar was just as he remembered it from the last time he'd been here, a few more people and a small mic set up in the corner were the only added features, that and the flyer on the door that said 'open mic,'
"We should perform the one we did when we were kid," Lambert elbowed Eskel in the shoulder as he spoke, recalling the time they had, as teenagers (barring Lambert who hadn't reached 'teen' status at the time), choreographed a dance to perform for Vesemir, the boredom from being snowed inside the small farmhouse apparently getting to their brains before the rest of them. It was awful, and Vesemire still holds the video footage of it over their heads, claiming he'll only play it for them if it's at one of their weddings. Eskel used to joke that the subconscious threat was the reason none of them could keep a steady relationship. Used to, until Lambert met Aiden, now they're just counting the days for one of them to propose.
"I think everyone would go running for the hills if we did," Eskel responded, shoving Lambert away from him, who mumbled 'buzz kill' under his breath.
"What about you Ger-Bear, want to duet with me?" Lambert blew a kiss over his shoulder at Geralt, batting his eyelashes. If it weren't for the awful flirting Geralt would have thought the blinks were the first sign of a stroke.
"I'd rather eat the microphone,"
"You could go big with that, the mellow sound of digesting green juice, frozen pre-made meals and cat treats. Your first album would go platinum before you passed the mic"
Eskel laughed into his closed fist, covering the sound poorly with a cough, not wanting to encourage Lambert anymore than his inflated ego and lack of shame already had.
"Sounds like the kind of thing you'd consider good music."
"You wouldn't know good music if it bit you in the ass!" Lamber shot back, waving down the bartender as he did so.
"I'm sorry did someone say music while also referencing one of your lovely bottoms?" The three of them turned away from the bar, eyes falling on a man whose shirt was unbuttoned more than Geralt's without the excuse of it being too tight. He had a guitar swung over his shoulder and a shameless look in his eye as they flickered between meeting Geralt's gaze and staring at the seat of his black jeans.
"I said music," The words tumbled out of his mouth before he could think of a better response, his hand raised as if he were a schoolboy answering the teacher.  He dropped his hand, not letting the immediate regret show on his face, even as Lambert laughed out his best impression of a dying bird, slamming his fist down on the bar.
"Perfect!" The man didn't falter at the awkward response, slipping his way between Lambert and Geralt. "Because I play good music, and I won't have to bite you in the ass to prove it," He winked, which until moments ago Geralt thought could never actually look properly flirtatious on anyone.
Geralt smiled, running through the dusty corners of his mind, trying to think of a way to respond and keep the banter going without fucking it up and scaring away the only person to actively choose him. He usually made the first move, when he was up for it, and now in the face of another actually flirting at him, he'd frozen completely, slack-jawed and buffering.
"His name is Geralt," Eskel spoke over Lambert's head, turning back to his pint after Jaskier smiled brightly at him, mouthing a thank you, the words hidden from Geralt and Lambert.
"Jaskier," He held out his hand, this Geralt at least knew how to reciprocate, shake the hand like a normal, functioning man. Only it turned out Jaskier is full of surprises already, taking Geralt's hand as he reached out, bringing it up to his mouth to kiss just below the knuckle of his index and middle finger, the way a prince would to woo a princess in fairytales. Geralt's face afterwards was the only splash of colour he'd worn in years.
"It's a pleasure to meet you,"
"You!" Geralt replied clumsily, biting his tongue in an attempt to rein it in before he spoke again, a single comment away from losing his dignity entirely.
Jaskier laughed, but Geralt felt in no way demeaned by him, his nerves beginning to finally settle. His laughter broke the awkward tension growing between them, turning his fumbling into indearing responses in his mind, mortification shrivelling away where it had been growing inside him.
"Are you playing the open mic?" Geralt managed, feeling newly relaxed in his skin.
"I am! I was just going to come in play and go, but now it's just a goddamn shame that you're not here with me, maybe I wouldn't have left quite so alone if you were."
"I can be," Watching Jaskier's eyes light up was like nothing he'd ever experienced upon first meeting, nearly enough for him to drop the whole thing and leave, go back to his flat and curl up with Roach. He's not one to admit fear so easily, but in the face of something that must be too good to be true, or set up by his brothers in their obvious pity, he feels safe in saying he's, on edge.
"I would love that, but, would you?" His trance was broken once Jaskier's tone changed, in a matter of seconds the exaggerating, flirting tone was gone, replaced with something slightly deeper, clearly Jaskier's natural, casual voice, eyes slightly squinted in concern.
"I know I can come off strong, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable Geralt,"
"No!" He shouted, spinning around as Jaskier began to walk off, now properly face to face Geralt backed up a step when he saw Jaskier was just as tall as him. He put that realization on the back burner, deciding to decipher why that was had made his stomach flutter later, once he's fixed this nearly ruined moment.
"You didn't, it's just been a while, for me." He explained, swallowing down his suddenly very dry throat.
"Oh?" Jaskier's eyes jumped up and down Geralt's body, eyebrows hidden behind the tousled brown fringe over his forehead.
"Wha-No, not like that! Well, yes like that, also, but, I-"
"You're not used to being approached?" Jaskier cut off his rambling, once again saving their conversation before Geralt could spiral.
"Among, other things, yes."
"Oh, well then why don't we restart? I play in a few minutes so you can think through where you want to go with this, and I'll meet you back here in an hour?" He offered, fingers rubbing subconsciously against each other as he waited for Geralt's response, what was at first a half-cocked proposition shifting into something more.
"Good, yes." He sighed, an hour was more than enough time for Eskel to talk his sense back and Lambert to overzealously encourage him. An hour is good.
"Thank you,"
"Pleasure's all mine Geralt," he smiled softly, turning on his heel in one swift movement and walking towards the mic and stool where he'd play.
Years later, Geralt sits with his head hidden in both hands while every one of his family and friends laugh at the home video Vesemir had brought to celebrate his and Jaskier's big day.
Send me a prompt from this here prompt list or I’ll steal your cat. (I just realized I missed a great opportunity for cat-related jokes about Aiden)
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mrcifci · a month ago
These Leg Sleeves Made Me Feel Like Iron Man but Did Nada for My Sore Muscles
Photo: Victoria Song/Gizmodo
I will do or try almost anything to get rid of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). I’ve had my legs demolished with deep tissue massages that left me crying for mercy. I’ve foam-rolled and used ice packs. I’ve tried magnesium supplements and antioxidant-rich foods. I’ve worn compression gear and KT tape. So I figured I had nothing to lose by trying Spryng, a pair of wireless pneumatic calf sleeves that claims to relieve achy and tired muscles via active compression.
Spryng’s concept isn’t based on the total woo-woo bullshit that you sometimes see in the fitness recovery space. The idea is that by compressing your calves in these pneumatic sleeves, you can improve circulation and thereby reduce the swelling and promote healing. It’s similar to the thought process behind active recovery. Instead of just lying around, light exercise is thought to help your muscles recover faster by keeping the blood flowing. Why the calves? Your calves are often referred to as the“second heart” as they’re responsible for pumping blood back up to your heart from your legs. But you have to get up and walk to accomplish that. If you sit or stand for too long, the blood will pool in your legs because your calves aren’t doing much pumping, which can lead to poor circulation.
What is it?
Pneumatic and wireless compression calf sleeves
$250; $30 for the Knuckles attachment
Wireless so no tripping! Controls are very easy to learn and use.
No Like
Too gentle for my preference; won't really help if you have a severe case of muscle soreness
As a runner with a sedentary day job, sore calves are inevitable. The first day I unboxed the Spryng, I actually had a case of tight calves from increasing my weekly mileage too quickly. The sleeves are one-size-fits-all, and there’s a flat side that’s centered over your shin bone which contains the control panel. On the inside, you can either opt for a smooth surface, or if you shell out a bit extra, a bumpy “knuckle” attachment for a “higher level of compression.” It takes me a bit to wrap these sleeves on securely, mainly because I have very beefy lady calves, but it’s not rocket science.
The controls are also easy to use. There are only three buttons: the left button toggles between two compression patterns indicated by blue or green LED lights, the center button turns the Spryng on or off, and the right button helps you control the intensity level. To the right side of the panel, you can also find a micro-USB charging port. Charging takes about two hours, but I found you can get several 15-minute sessions out of a single charge. Depending on how frequently you use these, you could go a few weeks before having to plug in.
G/O Media may get a commission
While the Spryng is simple to use, I confess I feel silly whenever I wear them. Frankly, they look like a pair of medieval greaves that were updated for the sci-fi age. My husband says I look like I have Optimus Prime legs and that I could “turn into a truck at any moment.” My coworkers say it looks more Iron Man-like. That’s probably because I have the red version (it also comes in more subtle colors), but seeing as I’ll never wear these outside the house, the aesthetics aren’t super important.
The controls: middle diamond turns the device on and off, double diamond toggles between patterns, and the carat button shifts between intensity levels.
Photo: Victoria Song/Gizmodo
I was expecting the Spryng to be a little more complicated for a “smart” wireless device, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover there’s no companion app. The controls are easy enough to remember, and honestly, I’m grateful to have one less app cluttering up my phone. Another neat feature is that whatever pattern and intensity you choose on one sleeve, it’s automatically mirrored to the other. Also, because they’re wireless, I can easily walk around my apartment during a session. That came in handy a few times when my cat decided it was time for mischief, or I had to answer the door.
I was pretty impressed with the Spryng sleeves. And then I started them up.
Initially, I started with the lowest intensity setting. After all, who hasn’t accidentally gone in guns blazing at the highest setting and lived to regret it? On the lowest setting, it felt like a weak child was gently squeezing my calves. I felt nothing, so I moved up to the medium setting. I felt a bit more, but eh, a tennis ball could’ve worked out my knots better. It wasn’t until the highest setting that I really felt some real compressing going on—and even then it didn’t feel like it was doing anything for my sore calves. It’s at this point that I broke out the Knuckle attachment, which is supposed to “wake up” your muscle with “increased force.” The Spryng website warns the Knuckles—which are really just raised bumps—could leave marks on your skin, so I was mentally bracing for something really intense.
It was meh.
The Knuckles were better than Spryng’s default liner, but I was sorely disappointed that after about an hour of use (each session is about 15 minutes), I didn’t feel much relief. Often when I go hard on a tight muscle with a foam roller, I definitely notice some improvement the next day. With Spryng, I didn’t have such luck.
I don’t really know why these circles are “knuckles” but it’s supposed to deliver more intense compression.
Photo: Victoria Song/Gizmodo
Over the past few weeks, I’ve experimented with both compression patterns, at varying intensity levels, with and without the Knuckles. In general, I found Spryng didn’t really help for moderate to severe muscle soreness. It definitely didn’t do much to speed up my recovery from a case of shin splints earlier this year. And if, like me, you prefer more intense massage or compression, this probably won’t do it for you.
I found it more useful when I was only mildly sore or for random days when I sat at my desk too long. Whether that’s because they’re effective, or a placebo, I can’t really say. In any case, Spryng is probably best for people who suffer from poor circulation, swollen legs, or milder forms of leg soreness. If you’re active and looking for a way to cut DOMS recovery time, this isn’t going to do much.
But for $250 (plus an extra $30 if you want the Knuckles), that’s a big investment for a preventive device when you can find foam rollers for much, much cheaper. As far as pneumatic compression devices go, Spryng isn’t ridiculously priced. Some similar “air massagers” for calves are in the $200-$300 range. Meanwhile, pneumatic pumps for compression therapy may cost anywhere between $800 and $5,000. Whether Spryng is worth it will depend on the type of leg soreness you have, and if it’s for a medical condition, you should probably check in with your doctor before forking over your moolah. As for me? I like to strap them on once in a while to feel fancy, but for really sore muscles, I’ll stick to my foam roller.
from Gizmodo via IFTTT
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smkkbert · a month ago
Time for a story - Promises kept
Tumblr media
“Slowly,” Oliver hurried to say, putting a protective arm around Felicity’s waist before her feet had even touched the grounds, “slowly, slowly, slowly. We have all the time in the world.”
Felicity chuckled. “Oliver, you gotta relax. I am fine.”
Still, when her feet were placed on the ground, and she got up from her seat, she tumbled slightly. Her legs shook for a brief moment, so she hurried to lift her hand to the front of his shirt and hold onto it tightly to give her some more balance. Oliver’s arm had already tightened around her waist though, stabilizing her stand.
“Maybe I should-“
“I can walk.” Felicity’s voice was firm, and she shot him a determined look. “My legs are just a little shaky because of all the time I have been lying down and the meds and everything.”
Oliver knew that it was true, at least mostly. He had talked to her doctor’s intently, even using his Arrow voice as Felicity had pointed out to him later. If there had been the slightest risk about her leaving the hospital, they would have told her. They wouldn’t have dared to lie to him, especially after he had threatened to cease all financial support if anything happened to Felicity.
Of course Oliver would never cut off the hospital’s money supply. He knew that, if he did, the quality of treatment would suffer. In hospitals, nobody was winning when there were cost-cutting measures. Patients, staff, politicians – nobody gained anything through it.
The thing was just that he had seen Felicity dying. He had leaned over her dead body, doing everything in his power to drag her back to the living where she belonged. He couldn’t go through that again. He had barely survived the first time.
“Okay,” he whispered eventually, looking at her, “fine. I will try to be less protective and worried if you just slow down a little and let me help you. Is that a deal?”
He could see Felicity considering her choices. If she agreed, she would kind of admit that maybe she wasn’t as fit as she was trying to make herself out to be. If she didn’t agree, she knew that Oliver would only follow her every move all the more. Eventually, she had to agree that this was the best deal she could get.
“Fine,” she said, a little bit of annoyance in her voice, “but try not to be too obvious in front of the kids. I don’t want them to worry.”
Oliver nodded his head, biting back any comment about how the kids were worried as it was. As much as he as well as everyone else had tried to hold up some normality for the kids, they knew there was something going on. The longer Felicity had been in the hospital, the worse it had gotten which was why Oliver had found himself sleeping in bed with four kids around him. They had all needed some protection from the nightmares that were haunting them, Oliver included.
With his arm still wrapped around her waist and her bag rested over his shoulder, Oliver led Felicity to the front door. Keeping her part of the deal, Felicity adjusted to his slow pace. She was leaning into his side, letting him support her weight. Grateful that she was leaning on him when Felicity usually preferred to be strong even in front of him, he placed a firm kiss on the top of her head.
As soon as they reached the door, Oliver reached into the pocket of his jeans to fish for his keys. Before his fingers could brush against it, the door already flew open. A choked sound fell from his lips when he hurried to bite back any comment about how the kids shouldn’t throw themselves at Felicity like that and be a little more careful with their mother instead. Felicity wasn’t the only one that was keeping her part of the deal after all.
Carefully taking his hand from Felicity’s back, Oliver stayed close and just watched her going down on her knees and hugging Emmy, Tommy, Millie and Addie to her chest. She kissed all of their heads again and again.
“I am so happy to be back with you, guys.”
“We are happy to have you back home too.” Emmy kissed Felicity’s cheek, “Are you feeling better, Mommy?”
Mommy. Oliver felt the corners of his lips tug up into a smile. Emmy had started calling them mom and dad rather than mommy and daddy some time ago. It had taken time to adjust to it because it had felt like their little baby girl was growing too fast. That was calling Felicity mommy again now felt good.
Felicity faltered. Oliver could see the struggle in her eyes. She didn’t want to lie to Emmy, but she didn’t want to make her worry by telling her the entire truth either.
“Mommy is a lot better,” Oliver jumped in, putting a hand to Felicity’s shoulder and squeezing it gently, “but she’s still a little sick, so she needs to spend more time in bed.”
“I can take care of you,” Tommy said, pressing himself even closer to his mother’s chest, “because I am a good doctor.”
“I know you are.” Felicity kissed the crown of his head. “And I would love for you to take care of me. I suggest that we start with a cuddle session in bed. You make yourself comfortable upstairs already, and I will follow in a minute.”
The kids didn’t need another invitation. They already turned around and ran towards the stairs. While Emmy would have certainly been the quickest if she had tried, she stayed back a little to hold Addie’s hand and help her getting up the stairs safely. Felicity sat back on her heels, watching them. Her hand lifted to his on her shoulder though.
Oliver waited, giving Felicity the time that she needed. He could see the turmoil in her eyes, knowing that she had to think about those horrible moments that she had probably thought she would never make it home again. He could feel the same grief in his heart. For some horrible moments, he had felt the same after all.
When Felicity was taking in a trembling breath, tears welling in her eyes, Oliver wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and lifted her off the floor. His arms stayed around her as tightly, and he lowered his lips to the shell of her ear.
“You are fine,” he whispered, “and you are home, so everything is going to be alright now.”
Felicity sucked in another trembling breath. Her fingers dug into his forearms lightly. She was anchoring herself to him, using him for balance while she was feeling like the ground was breaking away from under her feet. Certainly, Oliver wasn’t the only one in need of some therapy sessions with Dr. Rosario.
“Slow down! Slow down! Slow down!”
William’s voice made Oliver and Felicity both turn around towards the driveway that was leading to their house. William was stumbling in their direction, troubling to keep up with Hawk, who was dragging him along at the leash until it slipped through William’s hand. Hawk picked up speed, running and jumping towards Felicity while he was barking excitedly and waggling his tail.
Oliver was about to step around Felicity to catch Hawk before he could jump up at Felicity and knock her off her feet. Instead of jumping up at Felicity, Hawk snuggled up to her legs and rubbed his head against her thighs. His entire body was shaking from how wildly his tail was waggling.
“Hi, Hawk.” Felicity bend down a little and brushed her fingers through Hawk’s fur. “I have missed you, Buddy.”
During the time that Felicity had spent in the hospital, Oliver had brought Hawk to visit Felicity twice. The first time, he had put Hawk into a duffle bag and brought him into Felicity’s hospital room against the hospital’s policy. A couple of nurses had certainly noticed that there was a dog in the hospital room because Hawk just hadn’t managed to stay quiet, but they hadn’t said a word about it. The second time, they had met Felicity in the hospital park and taken a short walk to get Felicity’s circulation working.
“Hey, sorry,” William said breathlessly when he stepped in front of them, “I wanted to be back by the time that you came back, but Hawk met a cat, and things escalated. Then he saw you and was completely hyped and-“
William stopped and looked at Felicity. Unlike his younger siblings, William knew the whole story. He had asked to be told everything, so Oliver had done so. At first, he hadn’t been sure if he should really tell him every little detail. William was a teenager after all. Then Oliver had remembered how much Thea had suffered when she had been left in the dark about things, so he had told him the entire story. William knew how close they all had been to losing Felicity.
“It’s good to have you back home, Mom.”
Mom. William didn’t call Felicity mom very often. When he did, he did it from the heart though.
“I am glad to be back home too.” Felicity pulled William into a tight hug. “How are you doing?”
“Fine, but I wasn’t abducted and held captive in a coffin, so the actual question should be how are you doing?”
“The pneumonia is starting to go away though I still have some coughing fits sometimes. The burns are healing well. I am still a little shaky on my legs though. You know, all the lying around and everything.”
William nodded, tightening his arms around Felicity briefly before he let go. He took a step back and looked around.
“Where is everyone else?”
“Upstairs,” Oliver said, wrapping his arm back around Felicity’s waist to pull her against him, “because Felicity promised them family snuggles in bed. Speaking of, we should go upstairs.”
“Well, I might not exactly be in for the snuggles,” William said, frowning slightly at the idea of climbing into bed with his parents, “but I might join you upstairs for… whatever.”
Felicity smiled. “A real family day. Sounds amazing.”
Oliver agreed. With William leaving for college in a couple of months, their time together as a family felt even more important. One day soon, William wasn’t going to live with them anymore. Of course Oliver knew that it was how things were supposed to go, but that didn’t mean that he had to like it. He liked his life the way it was, with his whole family together.
“Hey, why don’t you two go upstairs already,” Oliver suggested, “and I will follow you in a second or too.”
Oliver placed a kiss on Felicity’s head and pushed her towards William. With linked arms, they went upstairs, Hawk following them closely. Oliver waited until they had disappeared at the head of the stairs before he followed them into the house and closed the door behind him. Instead of going right upstairs, he stepped into the kitchen where Raisa was cooking.
“If I am not mistaken, that’s your magic chicken soup.”
“Indeed.” Raisa turned her head back to smile at him. “I thought Mrs. Felicity would appreciate something hot and strengthening.”
“She certainly will,” Oliver agreed, stepped closer and lifted the lid from the pot to smell at the soup, “and so will everyone else.”
Raisa smiled. Once Oliver had put the lid back to the pot, she turned around to him with a gentle smile.
“How is Mrs. Felicity doing?”
“She is better,” Oliver replied honestly, “but it’s still a lot. Why weren’t you outside though? I am sure Felicity would have liked to see you.”
“I thought I’d give you a little family time. I will see her soon enough.”
Oliver nodded, smiling at Raisa. She was family, so she would have belonged there with them. He knew that he didn’t have to tell her though. Raisa already knew that.
“You should go upstairs,” Raisa added eventually, “and tell me if you need anything.”
“We will.” Oliver kissed Raisa’s cheek. “Thank you, Raisa.”
He went upstairs slowly, taking his time to go through his thoughts.
Thanks to John, who had his back at City Hall, Oliver could stay home for the next couple of days. He knew that Felicity would roll her eyes and tell him that she didn’t need a babysitter when he told her. He just knew that he needed to be around her until he was a hundred percent sure that she was safe. A week off was going to be good until then.
Tomorrow, he would call Dr. Rosario and make an appointment for a shared therapy session. Going to therapy with Felicity was going to be a good thing. They could use their therapist to get through this. Talking to her the morning after he had tortured Tockman had helped Oliver too after all.
When he reached the door to the bedroom, he found it left ajar. Putting his flat hand against it, he pushed it open as quietly as possible. Luckily, it went unnoticed by everyone else in the room. That way, he could lean into the frame of the door and just watch them.
Felicity was lying in the middle of the bed. Addie was lying on top of her. Tommy was snuggled up to her right side. Millie was cuddling up to her from her right side. Emmy had lain down against Millie’s bed. William was lying across the end of the bed, Hawk resting against his chest with his head on Emmy’s feet. While they were lying there like that, taking every free space on the bed, Felicity was telling them the story of how she and Oliver had been together for a couple of weeks when she had thought that he was breaking up with her, only to discover that he was proposing to her. Of course she left out the part where he had proposed while an orgasm had been hitting the both of them, but she stayed true to the story apart from that.
Oliver had thought about the decision he had made back then a lot. For someone who had had trouble to trust someone or even just connect with someone for a long time, proposing had been a big step. Felicity had certainly taken a leap of faith with him because she couldn’t have possibly been sure that he wouldn’t be scared and run. She had decided that he was worth the risk of being abandoned because she had loved. She still did. And she had never regretted her decision, at least not for longer than five seconds of anger.
That was exactly how Oliver felt too. Proposing to Felicity had been the best choice he had ever made. Having a family with her had enriched his life more than he had ever thought was possible. All these people on this bed were the ones he loved most, and he would choose to have all of them in his life again and again, no matter what problems it might have brought to him.
Having this family, Oliver reminded, had been a choice he had made willingly, and he would make it again and again. He wanted this to stay a choice because, although he knew that he would never be able to walk away, he knew that staying because he wanted to meant a lot more than staying because he felt like he had to. The thing was, the reason Oliver was staying was because he wanted this family so badly. If he did what he thought he should do, he would have probably left a long time ago already.
Instead, he had made the choice to be here and stay. No matter how much trouble and danger he brought over the people he loved, he still made that choice again and again.
His heartstrings tingled lightly at the memory of saying those words to Felicity.
Felicity, I know we are married already, and I know that we renewed our vows before. With everything that we have been through, I want to make all those promises I have given to you nine years ago today once more. Our marriage and our family are the most important thing in my life. No matter how long we are together, I don’t ever want to lose the way that I feel about you and our life. I don’t ever want us to take it for granted or see it as a routine or a habit. It should be a choice we make again and again.
A smile tugged at Oliver’s smile when he remembered this, and it widened even more when he remembered the context of those words. With everything going on in their lives lately, Oliver had almost forgotten about this.
“Nice story.”
At his whispered words, all heads turned in his direction. All he was focused on was the expression in Felicity’s eyes though. It was soft and loving. A gentle smile was spreading on her lips too.
“And it reminds me of the wedding you still owe me.”
Felicity perked up her eyebrows. She tried to hide it, but the corners of her lips were tugging up into a smile. She cocked her head slightly, her eyes never leaving his when she brushed her fingers through Tommy’s and Millie’s hair.
“I owe you a wedding?”
“Oh yes.” Oliver pursed his lips and nodded his head. “I mean you did say yes to my proposal during our anniversary last year. First, you told me that we have to wait until Laurel and Tommy are married. Then, you wanted to wait until Captain Lance and your mom got married. I know they haven’t tied the knot yet, but I think a private ceremony right now and right here is not going to steal any spotlight from their wedding.”
“Right now?” Felicity asked, looking around the room. “Right here?”
“Why not?” Oliver smiled. “Everyone we want to be there is here. It will be like our last wedding, just even more intimate.”
Thinking back to the three weddings they had had, every single one had been a little bit more intimate than the one before. Their first wedding had been celebrated in front of their family and friends. Their had been a real reception and everything else that was the usual standard for a wedding. The second wedding, when Felicity had been pregnant with Tommy, had been smaller. Again, family and friends had been invited, but they had kept quiet about it to the outside. They had just wanted to celebrate this with the people closest to them. Their third wedding had happened on Bali with just the kids around, Addie still safe in Felicity’s womb.
Having a wedding here and now felt like the best idea Oliver had had in quite some time. They were here. Their kids were here. What else would they need? It wasn’t like they needed anyone to officiate the wedding since they were married already.
Although his eyes were completely focused on Felicity, Oliver didn’t miss how the kids looked back and forth between both of their parents. Emmy was smiling so widely that her entire face was taken by it. The kids just loved to see how very much in love their parents still were with each other.
“Okay then.”
Her words were whispered, but there was no hesitation and no doubt in there. She wanted to get married to him here and now.
“Okay, you gotta come over here.”
Quickly, Emmy got up and pulled Millie into a sitting position too. She gestured to the end of the bed where William and Hawk were still lying, and Millie quickly crawled over. Hawk turned onto his side immediately, waggling with his tail when Millie snuggled up to his stomach. Emmy climbed over Addie and lay down behind Tommy instead, so Felicity’s one side was unoccupied.
Oliver went over and sat down on the edge of the mattress. Slipping out of his shoes, he pulled his legs onto the bed and slipped further down until his face was on the same level with Felicity’s. Their hands met on top of Addie’s back, feeling the even breathing of their daughter that had already fallen asleep.
Their eyes were locked intently, exchanging a thousand words that didn’t need to be said out loud. Their love and deep understanding for each other was enough.
“You gotta say your vows,” William said with low voice, “don’t you?”
Without looking away from each other, Oliver and Felicity both started smiling. Their many weddings had taught the kids the wedding protocol. The vows had always taken a big part in their lives. They had made it a tradition to share vows during any anniversary.
Continuing to look at Felicity, Oliver’s smile widened. From the glimpse in Felicity’s eyes, he knew that they were thinking the same. Like so often, their heads and hearts were on the same level.
“We don’t need any vows,” Oliver said, “not this year.”
After all the time they had spent together and everything they had been through, they didn’t need to make any promises to each other. They knew what they were promising each other and it was everything that they had already.
“Well, dad,” Emmy said then, “will you continue to be mom’s husband?”
“I do.”
“And, mom, do you want to stay dad’s wife?”
“I do.”
“In that case-“
“- you may kiss your bride,” all kids said in chorus.
Oliver didn’t have to be told twice. Without hesitation, he leaned forward and brushed his lips against Felicity’s in a gentle kiss. It was their way of sealing the promises they had just made to one another without saying a word.
They would forever hold onto each other and onto what they had with each other. No matter what obstacles life would throw at them and what mistakes they would make, they will always fight their way through it. They would always find their way back to each other.
They would always be together at the end. Always.
Come what may.
* * *
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speedybaeandbirdiebae · a month ago
WandaVision: On a Very Special Episode... Part 2 AU Remake
Pietro and Candance are pulled into the hex and are now happy residents of Westview.  But there is something more to just a visit with a long lost sister. Warnings: Spoilers from Episode 5 of WandaVision, uber cuteness of Billy and Tommy, and fangirling Pairings: Pietro Maximoff x Candance Wilson (OC), Wanda x Vision Words: 2266
It hurt, everything hurt. She didn’t know what was going on nor did she understand why she felt a warm summer’s breeze rather than the crisp autumn air. However, in her head she could hear someone repeat the phrase “Play your part, you’re no longer who you know you are, you’ve always been here in Westview, it is your home”. Sitting up on the soft green grass Candance looked around the strange town square. Everyone seemed to be going about their businesses. She could hear excited chatter, people weren’t paying her any attention, some of them did stop to stare at her, some of them pointed and whispered. She sat up and placed a hand to her head, she let out a soft groan an oncoming headache invaded her head. Looking down at her clothes she began to wonder just what she was wearing, however that voice in her head once again repeated the same phrase, telling her to play her part, she needed to keep things happy, hopeful, and no sorrow. “Pietro?” Candance whispered softly as she looked beside her and saw her boyfriend was sitting next to her, but wait he was staring up at the sky unblinking almost as if he was entranced by something. “Piet! Pietro!” Pietro snapped out of his thoughts and looked down at Candance with a small smile. His hand reaching up to brush a strand of hair from her face. “Hey sleepyhead.” “Pietro, I was asleep?” Candance asked softly staring at him. “Wait, you let me sleep in public like some kind of spazz?!” she slapped him in the chest. “How rude, maybe I should find someone else to be my husband then.” Pietro shook his head. “I’m sorry princess,” he chuckled before he stood up and dusted his pants off. “Come on, we need to get going to find Wanda.” “Wanda? You never mentioned a Wanda.” Candance said before a thought invaded her mind breaking through the cloud that was covering her memories. “Wanda…Wanda is Pietro’s sister; she’s my best friend and she needs hel—What if Wanda is his ex-girlfriend?! What if he’s cheating on me?!” “Wanda’s my sister,” Pietro assured her. “We haven’t seen each other since she left home when she was 15, our parents had left us alone and I tried to keep her happy.” “Right, your sister,” Candance got up and stretched as she once again took note of her attire. She was wearing a pair of leggings under a short skirt with a top that revealed her midriff. She reached up and touched her head feeling that her hair was held up in a tight high ponytail with curls framing her face. She looked over at Pietro quietly and took in his appearance. Pietro was dressed in a pair of black jeans with a purple shirt and a black leather jacket over it. His hair was slicked back with a few strands out of place. What stood out the most was the strange necklace he was wearing. However, something else was wrong, Pietro sounded different, he didn’t have his accent. That was one thing that Candance remembered him having, and she also knew had a better sense of style. What was going on? “Come on babe, we have to go visit Wanda,” Pietro told her. “I think she lives around her somewhere.” “Umn, ok.” Candance fell silent and gave a soft squeak of surprise when she felt him lift her up and into his arms. “Pietro, I can walk on my own.” “How can I let you walk when we’ll be running?” Pietro kissed the tip of her nose and took off running. He took a moment to look down at Candance as he noticed she was holding onto him for dear life. Wait why was he carrying her? She had something to keep up with him, right? She’d been lent a pair of wings by Sam---wait no Candance couldn’t keep up with him. She wasn’t gifted with powers. Not like him and Wanda. She was a normal girl he met in Sokovia when Candance was volunteering at a farm. Candance tried her best to figure out what was going on, why was everything so strange? Why did her head hurt? Most of all why was everyone they passed unphased by Pietro using his power in public? Shaking her head to clear the thoughts she sucked in a breath and laid her head on Pietro’s chest as she let him carry her to wherever the mysterious Wanda lived. 
---------------------------------------   “Pietro and Candance were pulled into the hex,” Monica looked at Darcy and Jimmy with worry all over her face. She knew the two were capable of fighting but she also knew that Wanda would probably eject them from her world if they even tried talking to her. “Pietro?” Darcy asked. “You mean Pietro Maximoff? Wanda’s brother? I thought he was killed by Ultron.” “He was, but the technology used by S.H.I.E.L.D. brought him back, and he had been recovering with Clint Barton and his family.” Monica explained. “And what’s his relation to Agent Wilson?” Jimmy asked. “Agent Wilson, Candance is Sam Wilson’s younger sister and also a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent,” Monica said. “She and I are friends and I’ve had her help me out from time to time. She and Pietro are dating.” “Dating?” Darcy got a small smile on her face and looked at Jimmy holding out her hand. “Pay up Woo, I called it.” Jimmy rolled his eyes and pulled some money out of his pocket and handed it to Darcy. “So, Pietro and Candance went into the hex to bring Wanda out?” “No, Pietro might’ve ran inside the hex to save Wanda himself and if I know Candi, she probably went after him.” Monica shook her head. “But don’t count those two out, they might be the ones to get Wanda to stop the hex.” “Or she could kill them,” Darcy reminded Monica. “We’ve seen her angry and we don’t want to make her angrier. I---.” She heard Wanda and Vision arguing coming from the tv. She quickly walked over to it and looked at the scene unfolding. “This is new.” “New?” “Wanda and Vision don’t fight, and it looks like Wanda’s not cutting it out of her show.” Darcy said.
------------------------------------- Pietro sat Candance down in front of a house and looked at her with a small smile. “This is where Wanda lives,” he said in excitement. “I can’t wait until you meet her.” “Pietro,” Candance began and placed a hand on his cheek. “Something’s wrong, haven’t you noticed how everyone’s happy? And what happened to your voice and—ow, umn yeah I’m excited to meet Wanda.” “Did you hurt yourself?” Pietro asked almost immediately began checking her for any bruises. “No, I don’t see anything, what’s wrong? Did I hurt you while I was carrying you?” “No no, just a headache,” Candance assured him with a smile. “I’m fine, come on let’s go say hi to your sister.” Pietro nodded as he turned to ring the doorbell. He didn’t notice a figure hiding behind some bushes in the yard nor did he notice that Candance had gone to investigate. Candance for a second had regained control of her mind and looked around the yard, she reached into her…handbag and groaned when she saw the only thing in it was a squirt gun. Shaking her head she walked toward the bushes and got closer and closer until. A stray black cat leapt out of the bushes and hissed at her before taking off. Candance rolled her eyes before looking over her shoulder when she heard the front door open. She spun around and saw it, or rather her. “Wanda is here, so she’s sa---ow…” Candance fell to her knees and held her head before looking up with a small smile and got up as she jogged up to where Pietro was. “Wanda who is this?” Vision asked. Wanda looked at Vision before looking back at Pietro. She didn’t say a word and merely continued staring at him in disbelief. “Long lost bro gets to squeeze his stinkin’ sister to death or what?” Pietro asked and held open his arms for Wanda to hug him. “Pietro…” Wanda whispered before she hugged him tightly. Pietro hugged his sister with a small smile before looking up and took notice of Vision. “Who’s the popsicle?” Wanda stayed silent before noticing Candance standing behind Pietro. “Candance?” she whispered before shaking her head. There was no way that her brother was here let alone her best friend. “Wanda, I’m sorry for dropping in unexpectantly, but I wanted to see you.” Pietro told her before he turned and grabbed Candance by the hand and pull her inside the house. “I know you have several questions but first I’d like you to meet Cadence, we’re going to be married in a few months.” “Hi,” Cadence said as she tried to figure out where she had seen Wanda before. It was strange but for some reason it seemed as though they met before. “I’m sorry that we didn’t call but Pietro insisted on surprising you.” “No problem,” Wanda waved a hand and smiled. “Oh, um Pietro and Candance, this is my husband Vision.” “Vision huh?” Pietro looked Vision up and down as he raised an eyebrow. “Where did you meet him?” “At um, a party,” Wanda said quickly. “Vision and I have been married for awhile now, we’ve lived in Westview for years.” “Oh cool,” Pietro said. “So, I think me and bro-in-law should get to know each other, how about you and Candi go and get to know each other.” “Good idea,” Wanda said. “Follow me.” Candance followed Wanda into the kitchen, as she looked at her quietly before sighing. “So Wanda, you and Pietro grew up overseas and moved here when you were teenagers?” “Uh, yeah sort of, our parents are…” Wanda began and paused. “Our parents are no longer with us, but Pietro coming here after 7 years is kind of a surprise.” “I didn’t know he had a sister,” Candance laughed softly and shook her head before looking at Wanda as she walked forward and grabbed her by the shoulders. “Wanda, what’s going on? Why are we here? Are you ok what’s goi--.” “Candance are you ok?” Wanda asked narrowing her eyes as red magic began to circulate around her hands. “Yeah, I meant are you ok, I know how weird it is for Pietro to be here,” Candance said and let Wanda go. “I’m sorry can I have a glass of water?” “Yeah…” Wanda stepped away and went to get Candance a glass of water. She took note of the strange bag on Candance’s back. “So where are you from?” “Oh, I’m from Harlem, New York.” Candance said brightly and looked around the kitchen. “I was raised by my brother after our parents were murdered by gang members. I think that’s why Pietro and I bonded so quickly two orphans in this world with just our siblings.” “I see, and you’ve seen your brother?” Wanda asked pouring water into a glass before sliding it to Candance. “Hmn? Yeah, Sam is in Washington D.C. on business for a while,” Candance explained. “He and his friend are running our family’s restaurant.” “I see,” Wanda said as she began walking around to get behind Candance to inspect the bag she was wearing on her back. “So, your brother lives nearby, and you decided to come with Pietro to see me?” “Yeah, it’s a fun road trip before Pietro and I get married.” Candance began to giggle. “I think he wants to run off to Vegas to get married.” “I see,” Wanda managed to get behind Candance and reached for the bag before she saw Candance turn around. “Oh do you want me to take your backpack up to the guest room where you Pietro will be staying?” “No thanks,” Candance said and looked at Wanda with a serious look. “You’re obvious curious about what I have in this bag aren’t you?” “no no,” Wanda said shaking her head. “It’s nothing really,” Candance took off the backpack and opened it as she held up a piece of red fabric attached to a red sleeve. “A design I’m working on for Halloween, but you’ll have to wait and see what it is, since I want to keep it a secret from Pietro.” “Oh, I see,” Wanda laughed it off as she finally relaxed deciding that Candance couldn’t have been sent in to pull her from her life she had built with Vision. “Hey, we should go into the living room and see how the guys are doing?” Candance asked. “I’m sure they’re probably bonding.” “Right.” Wanda said and followed Candance out of the kitchen into the living room and laughed at the sight of Vision being held in a headlock by Pietro. “Pietro, Vision what’s going on in here?” “He attacked me,” Vision said. “Stop being a baby.” Pietro chuckled. “I thought I’d show bro-in-law some Sokovian self-defense moves. He’ll need to learn since he’s married to you.” Wanda rolled her eyes but laughed deciding to let Pietro have his fun. She did begin wondering if she brought Pietro back to life, but why did she bring Candance to her world too? Was it because she missed her best friend? PLEASE STAND BY
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hello-confess-to-me · 4 months ago
What the hell is going on?
I'm just using this place to vent now I guess.
So the whole of December has been a shitfest. I'm gonna explain and just vent. sorry to people who follow me
talk of self harm, suicide, drugs abuse, alcoholism, cancer, pet dying.
So. Where it all began.
Deceber 1st I attempted suicide it wasn't nececarrily intentional but i just tried. it clearly didin't work. alot of pills and an ice bath don't really do much.
A few days later a friend spoke to me not caring when i said i attempted asfter not hearing off me for a few days. They brushed it off very noncelaunt. Then preceeded to vent to me about how they spend their money on electronics and their mom is gonna be angry because they can't pay rent. They then proceeded to ask me for Just under £200 to pay and theyd "Pay me back" I apologised and told them i couldn't do that.
They didn't respond and instead ignored me for 2 days.
During that time i found out my dad has stage 2 skin cancer I didn't tell anyone i just told him to keep me updated on the situation.
Second week in decmber. I found out my friend because I couldn't help them they attempted suicide and relapsed back into self harm. Trying to use it as a manipulation tacktic. the only reason I know it was fake is because they were with their girlfriend and watching netflix. I even asked the girlfriend if anything had happened. She said nothing like that happened.
So I was angry with all right to be. I met up with said friend and asked them about it. They stated there we're loads of cuts and had even gone as far to use makeup to fake a rash from a noose. I didn't mention it but repeatedly trying to not touch their neck and some ad rubbed off onto their coat.
I turned back to alcohol and drugs. it felt like it helped. getting perma drunk for the rest of the week and doing coke relapsing into self harm and completely breaking myself.
That brings me to about now. The 20th of december has by far been the worst day this month for me. My cat came in on the 19th of december his back legs wouldnt move and he couldnt walk. My mom got my dad to call the vets and we waited. I asked over text but i didn't get a responce. The next day the 20th is when i found out my dad had to get him put to sleep. it was due to a bloodclot from the heart traveling down cutting off circulation. We burried him. it was nice and I've not felt the same since....Its hard loosing your will to live. That cat was honestly the only thing keeping me alive. Now I'm not sure what to do.
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I really liked that headcanon of Zenitsu's son Jigoro... Is it possible that we can get more on that?
You’re asking of an extension on my Jigoro Agatsuma headcanons? Of course! I honestly didn’t expect anybody to want more of them! For those who are confused, these are based off this post. I am going to keep it more general, despite it being an ask about Jigoro specifically, to keep with the general flow of the blog. I hope you do not mind, anon! 
So Jigoro has been put as y/n here. 
- I have always headcanoned that both Zenitsu and Nezuko end up with a rather large family: six children, possibly seven, as stated previously. The two eldest children being boys, sons, with the youngest four or five being daughters. Possibly another son included in the youngest few to make it varied and (possibly) more realistic. Whilst I’d love to talk and make up stories for every one of these children, we are focusing on the oldest two sons for this. 
- I imagine the eldest son being very similar to his uncle. Being the oldest son, and the oldest child in general of a big family, he would probably end up much alike to Tanjiro. Loving to his younger siblings and family, including cousins, caring about their wellbeing and always being available to listen and help out if anything goes wrong. It’s most likely the Kamado genes, as it seems to be similar for both Nezuko and Tanjiro. He takes a lot after his mother. Though as much as it would be expected that the soft oldest brother would be helping take care of his youngest siblings, it turned out much differently. 
- It was the second to oldest son that he always had to take care of. 
- Whilst the oldest son took almost entirely after their mother Nezuko, the second to oldest son took just as much after their father... Whether that is a good thing or not, however, depends on how you look at it. His cowardly nature may have possibly stemmed from the overwhelming stress of being one of the oldest children in a large family, a large family with history and significance in a previous war against a demon king. Or maybe it just rooted through genes, and being around Zenitsu a lot growing up. 
- The fact he took after his father was obvious. He grew up from young a timid boy, a quiet boy who didn’t like attention very much from anybody other than his family. Then as he got older, he seemed to grow out of that, or, at least a little bit. He remained generally timid, but his cowardice ended up getting louder in volume. Instead of running away from a situation which scared him in silence, he would do it screaming at the very top of his lungs. Instead of silently observing a girl (or boy) which he found attractive, he would run to them before he would end up never seeing them again, hoping to let them know of that before it is too late. Despite getting louder, y/n remained shy. 
- The youngest siblings of the Agatsuma family always found y/n hilarious when he was just being his normal, easily-scared self. That is just their older brother, how they have always seen him, and they all love him for that. No matter how much he took after his father’s cowardice, much alike Zenitsu, he was always just as loving to his siblings as any other older brother. The Agatsuma family are a tight, loving household. 
- He is not the oldest son of the family, and he’s obviously aware of that. So despite the gap between them being small, y/n always hid behind his older brother if there was absolutely anything which scared him even in the slightest.
“Thank you for giving me a hand carrying them, y/n,” the older Agatsuma spoke up after a couple of minutes walking in silence. His usual, loving smile came onto his face as he turned to peer at his younger brother, who was holding just as many of the large planks of wood as he was whilst continuing to look forwards at where he was going to ensure he doesn’t trip. “I wouldn’t have been able to carry them all by myself.” 
There was a small pause between the end of his thanks, and when the quieter Agatsuma of the moment opened his mouth to answer. His eyes never left looking forward, but his tone of voice was soft. “It’s no problem, nii-chan. You needed help and-” 
y/n had cut himself off when the sound of rustling was heard, pausing mid-step and looking around to find source of the noise. His ears led him to find the noise coming from a bush just off the forestry path that they were walking down. Observing it a moment, y/n was about to continue walking, shrugging it off as maybe a rabbit or something. But overthinking for merely a second stopped him from doing that, his eyes widening as a thought crossed his mind. Heartbeat quickening in pace, adrenaline circulating through the bloodstream as his mind suddenly went frantic. 
All the wooden planks had fallen from y/n’s arms in half a second, and he shot towards his older brother, pulling the boy in front of him for protection, almost making him drop his own planks in the process. Over the older boy’s shoulder from behind, y/n pointed at the bush which was beginning to rustle even louder. “AAHH!! MONSTER!! SAVE ME FLAMBOYANTLY, NII-CHAN!!” 
The older boy peered at the small feline which jumped out of the bush in obvious confusion. “...Monster?” 
“Yes!! Mon-” y/n’s eyes which screwed shut opened, catching sight of the cat sat down peacefully beside the just rustling bush which had an unidentified creature in it. “...ster...” 
The honey hues of the kind boy closed as he turned his head to smile at his younger brother clinging to him from behind, smiling at him. “There’s nothing to worry about, y/n. No monster, I promise.” 
Hesitantly, y/n unwrapped his legs from around his older brother, placing his feet to the floor again and slowly going to pick up the planks of wood that he threw. Though making sure not to get close to the cat, who knows what that thing will do to him if he gets into proximity.
- Nezuko finds her son’s similar personality to her husband rather endearing, and she cannot help but smile lovingly when she sees the obvious comparisons between them. She and her husband look at both their oldest two sons all the time, and all they can see are both Zenitsu and Tanjiro. It is a nice thought for them, because it’s as though looking at the two boys, is like looking through a mirror, where they see how their lives would have been in a world without demons. Personalities similar, but not risking their lives every day against man-eating monsters. 
- Sentimental relationship between father and son yes please 
- Zenitsu eventually thought it fitting to teach y/n a little bit of his knowledge about handling a sword to maybe help with his cowardice, maybe the knowledge of how to defend himself would make him more confident, though didn’t tell him of his plans until the morning that they would begin. The boy awoke one day, only to freak out at the silhouette of his father looming over him because the light source was behind him. There was a loud, petrified squeal because he thought he was about to get kidnapped, but that scene eventually ended with both Zenitsu and y/n outside with wooden swords pointed at each other. One looked a lot more confident and focused than the other, because one didn’t have experience whilst the other had years. 
“You’re going to have to get down from the tree eventually...” Zenitsu told his son with a prominent sweatdrop at how obviously tight he was hugging the branch to stay on. The teen’s eyes were screwed shut, as usual when he was scared or having a tantrum, which right now he was having both. The blonde was looking up with a deadpan, not sure whether to be annoyed or confused. All he knew was that he had to be patient with his son, if he is anything like he used to be.
“No!” y/n shouted, overwhelmed. His hug on the tree branch only got tighter as he shouted down to his dad. “Dad, you’re trying to kill me!”
Zenitsu pointed up at his son. “I told you to call me master whilst training!” 
y/n didn’t even think about his response before shouting it back within a second of hearing his father’s reprimand. He was on the very edge of tears at this point, he never expected his father to make him go through some pointless training which was way too scary and overwhelming for him. He just couldn’t take it. “But I love you, dad-!” 
Zenitsu was taken aback by the teen’s words, and he felt something inside his heart melt. He couldn’t find any more words to say, he just couldn’t speak, y/n’s declaration of loving his father had rendered him speechless. Because of this, he didn’t even notice the similarity between the current moment and one he had with his master all those years ago.
“Also, calling you master just sounds weird!” 
- Zenitsu had not planned on teaching y/n any of the breathing styles, in fact, the demon slayer corps had considered it a good idea not to pass them down anymore. With demons no longer a threat, what is the point in the styles? To harm other humans? No way they’re going to allow that to happen. So along with the demons, the demon slayer corps, breathing styles, and knowledge of it all, was going down. Becoming a forgotten memory of the past, that is how they wished it. Zenitsu planned on solely teaching y/n swordsmanship without the styles, how to handle a sword on its own, but they ended up making little progress. The reason being fear. y/n was scared of the blade, scared of hurting himself or his father. What if he hit his father on the head? Whether a real or wooden blade, that could cause some damage. The fact that Zenitsu wanted him to move to a real sword eventually? It was fear. Fear of doing wrong, fear of messing everything up. Fear of swinging the sword and causing damage which cannot be undone. 
Zenitsu’s honey-tinted gaze was tilted down to the floor as he walked up towards his son, and the fact that his expression could not be seen arose some anxiety inside y/n. What did he do? Did he make his father sad? Oh no. He didn’t want that, he never wished that, and he never will. To know he’s the reason for putting his father in a terrible mood... He could never deal with that. 
When finally close enough, Zenitsu’s hand had lifted until it lowered and gently dropped down to grasp y/n’s shoulder. The teen was tense, still nor able to see his father’s expression, and unknowing of what could possibly be the reasoning for this. It was about twenty seconds after did Zenitsu’s gaze lift, and y/n catch sight of the sad expression his father was wearing. Both of them looked almost identical, eyebrows tilted in sadness, eyes teary and pitiful. This was the first time y/n ever saw his father like... this. He knew he was similar to his father in terms of personality- but not... this much.
Slowly, Zenitsu’s distraught expression shifted into a smile. Despite his eyes teary, they glazed over with such fondness, such tender care and love whilst peering at his own flesh and blood. Such genuine, pure, fatherly love, mixed with a surge of undeniable pride. The look caught the teen off guard, his own eyes widening as the last of his tears fell. 
“y/n,” he whispered in a tone so warm and soft, “It’s... alright to be afraid. It’s okay to run away. To deny something because you’re scared takes a lot of courage. To say you don’t want to do it does not make you weak, nor does it make you a coward. You went through this with me despite being scared. You still tried your best, although that weight of fear in your stomach... And for that, I am the proudest father that has ever walked upon this earth.” 
He had thought those tears which fell when his father smiled at him were the last, but that was proven false when another waterfall came flooding and crashing through, streaming down his face faster than he could stop them. 
He’s going to continue making his father proud. Or at least, he’s going to try his very best.
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ladyshinigami · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
As it was every year, the Yandere Purge was sure to be a blood bath with civilians being killed left and right; being seen as either collateral damage, or obstacles between the yanderes and their darlings. But tonight, Aizawa learns first hand that not even death would grant him his darling.  
A/N: Here’s my fic submission for the Yandere Purge AU Collab hosted by the Lovesick Discord Server and run by the wonderful @drxwsyni​. You deserve nothing but the world.Thank you also to @sawamooora for beta reading this for me. Props to you too! Here’s the main masterlist for the other collab fics to check out. 
Word Count: 3,374
TWs for descriptive gore, violence, and ghost possession. 
Growing up, I was taught to believe that there were certain people in this world who were naturally good. So when something bad happens, it's just a good person who was thrown in a bad situation. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, there were other people who are naturally bad. So when something good happens, I was led to believe that it was only a matter of time before that veil is lifted. But the older I got, and the more things I was exposed to, I realized what a dead wrong, bold faced lie that was. 
People like Shota Aizawa, they twist and manipulate what it means to be good or bad when it's convenient to their agenda. Having realized this, it didn't take long for me to shoot down his advances one after the other. Behind his mask of indifference and his incessant laziness, I could see the smouldering rage he tried to conceal. After each time that it happened, I had to remind myself that his feelings are not, were not, and would never be my responsibility.  Maybe he was tired of seeing his friends have more fulfilling love lives. Maybe he decided he was tired of keeping up the act of a loveless, emotionless gramujin who only ever sees any action from his right hand and a subscription to PornHub. Whatever the case may be, it wasn’t my problem- or so I thought. Today, I learned otherwise. 
Sitting at my dining room table, I reread the black enveloped letter about a dozen times until the red inked print was a permanent fixture in my memory.  I was pretty sure my breakfast had gone cold from this unintentional negligence.The two opening paragraphs were straightforward enough; the start of the annual Yandere Purge, my name having been selected as a darling of Shota’s, and a general summary of the rules we both needed to abide by.  
An expression of cold indifference formed on my face as I took a sip of my now room  temperature coffee, finished off the food on my plate and stood to my feet with the letter in hand. Walking to my kitchen sink, I stopped midway to open one of the drawers near the sink, fishing out a lighter. I never knew when the pilot light on the stove would go out. A long, thick ray of sunlight spilled in through my curtains, illuminating the silver interior of my sink; just in time for me to hold the letter directly over it, and set it ablaze. 
Most of the people I knew who’d received similar letters as darlings would either collapse from anxiety attacks, cry themselves sick, or even threaten suicide. All to try and rouse themselves from the waking nightmare that was their new reality.  I wouldn’t let myself be one of them. Not now, and definitely not in the next three days. If that homeless looking bastard thought he was going to corner me like one of the mice he fed his cats, he was in for a rude awakening. I valued my independence and freedom too much just to hand it over to a guy trying to live out a storybook romance. To fill  a hole in his heart he carved out with a knife that had self pity written across the blade. Watching the paper of the letter curl and twist into blackened ash helped to quell the rising annoyance climbing up my feet and circulating to the rest of my body; a deep set frown on my face. 
Once the flames consumed the corner remnants of the letter, inches away from touching my fingers, I let it free fall into the sink to dissolve and be washed away by the spray of water from the faucet I turned on. I even dumped the last of my coffee into the sink just to be sure nothing remained. With that taken care of, I was quick to get dressed, rushing down the stairs 5 minutes later as I zipped up my Fall jacket before reaching the bottom step. 
I had started to undo the door's deadbolt when the TV in the living room suddenly flickered to life, channels rapidly changing one after another in a broken symphony of two second sound bites until it finally settled on the black and white film The Brain that wouldn’t Die. A b- lister at best, but it tackles the classic trope of a madman, intoxicated by his own hubris moving hell and high water to keep the love of his life close and secure; consequences be damned. To say that I was frightened by this parallel to my current problem was the mother of all understatements. I was startled for just a second, but not worried, or even frightened. Much worse has happened since I’ve moved into this house a month ago.
 From having my hands burned on the basement boiler after trying to keep it from blowing a gasket, to almost getting killed by the elevator on it’s rapid descent to the first floor. And that was just the stuff I made sure not to block out. Whispers around the neighborhood said that this house had one hell of a past, but after doing some digging I learned the truth was much more extreme. What was once a two family house was turned into a death trap by a yandere named Ephraim looking to eliminate the civilians he saw as both competition and obstacles to his darling. Only to die in the struggle and stay trapped in the house alongside his victims. All of them restless, desperate, and reliving their deaths day after day without fail with their killer. And I could personally attest to this considering the countless times I’ve seen their mangled and bloodied forms out of my peripheral vision. 
College roommates Jaime Wilson and Adam Freeman with Jaime suffering a bear trap to the foot; one that turned his bone to powder and tore the muscle and skin around his foot asunder. Waterfalls of crimson flowing from the open wound while bits and pieces of battered flesh hung on for dear life with each staggered movement he made until he fell forward into another bear trap that ripped off his lower jaw; tongue, teeth, flesh, and muscles exploding in a perverted symphony of rusted metal and squelching flesh. Adam met his death via a tripwire face first into an open fireplace. One that seered the skin clean off his skull boiled his blood, and melted his eyeballs out of their sockets until spiderweb cracks danced across his bones to the point of collapsing in on itself.
 Above them were a family of three consisting of Eunice Jenkins, her new husband Gabe, and her daughter Adelaide. Gabe was in the middle of calling for help when he was bludgeoned to death and left with a massive dent in his forehead. Ruptured flesh, grey matter, and pink chunks of his brain peeking out from the gaping chasm that served as a makeshift window into his head. Realizing this, Eunice left her daughter unattended to go ask for help from the boys downstairs through the elevator, but looked up just in time for the steel box to decapitate her in one swift motion, leaving the remainder of her body a bloodied, twitching mess on the floor. 18 year old Adelaide wasn’t as lucky to get a quick death and succumbed to the thick clouds of carbon monoxide that broke down the tissue in her nervous system until she bled from every orifice her body had. I was horrified to say the least, but there was no telling how soon I could find a new place with close to negative funds in my account. And with this damn purge around the corner, I was more or less stuck. 
The first few days that I tried to settle in put me through the ringer. Some nights, I stayed awake listening to ever creaking floorboard and groaning door that cut through the otherwise deafening silence. Until the sun came up and killed the long shadows of the night, my eyes were wide open, my mind was reeling with both fatigue and worries of the unknown. But after more and more of Aizawa’s advances that made me swallow my rage, I started to realize that these spirits weren’t inherently violent or bad for that matter. Circumstances they didn't ask to be put in, courtesy of a mad man’s fantasy, made them so, effectively corrupting their kindness. And even as I crossed the threshold out of my front door, I kept reminding myself that I could either die and join their world, or carve out my place in this brave new one.
With the Purge counting down, civilians, yanderes, and darlings alike were out and about getting the supplies they needed until the lines were practically out the door and items flew off the shelves. Considering how massive this city was, that was every other store. 
Understandably, the ones who were clearly darlings were trying to no avail to control their fearful shaking by bouncing on one leg. Occasionally, they’d look over their shoulders with a nervous gleam in their eyes; trying not to make eye contact with the cashier. Even their purchases were telling of their predicament: Fort Knox locks, hammers, brand new kitchen knives, baseball bats; the works. The yanderes who were a bit more calm, confident, and collected were stocking up on the same set of supplies and then some: lock pick kits, rope, ball gags, condoms, chloroform, roses, scented candles. The works. To the best of my ability, and wearing a mask of cool indifference, I went about my days running errands and generally trying not to catch the eyes of any yanderes who may see me as collateral damage. And yet, Shota’s binding cloth would break their wrists before they could lay a hand on me;  in his mind, that honor went to him and him alone. 
Don’t get it wrong, under different circumstances, he’d make a great friend; a slightly overprotective friend who lacked both a comb, and the 8 hours of sleep needed to maintain a healthy appearance, but a great one nonetheless. And yet the possessive gleam that shined behind his obsidian eyes, and thickened his words, coupled with his mind boggling duality of being repulsive and unattractive at the same time drove me up a wall to the point of making my blood boil to near volcanic levels. After this year’s purge, I refused to give him anymore of my energy than I had already. 
As the afternoon turned into the evening, and the last bits of sunlight disappeared behind the horizon, tensions started running high until it was possible to smell the trouble in the air. And by trouble, I meant the paths of gasoline that were being spilled on one path or another just waiting to be set ablaze. Arguments broke out, people broke down in the middle of the sidewalk, and car tires squealed while their horns blared each time a driver took a sharp or illegal turn. I’d been so used to similar noises in your my house, they were reduced to dull roars in my ears. With less than a block to go, the sudden roar of a siren went off in the distance followed by an announcement. 
Attention everyone: This is not a drill. This is the official commencement of the annual Yandere Purge. For the next 12 hours, all yanderes can use whatever methods necessary, including murder, to obtain their darlings. However, the use of Class VI weapons is strictly prohibited to be used by both parties. Any darlings caught during the purge will be in the sole custody of their yanderes following next year’s purge. All emergency services will be suspended until 7 am the next morning. Good luck to all. 
Following those words, the thunderous blare of an alarm went off in a rhythm that might as well have been the doors of Hell swinging wide open. At which point, I put a bit more pep in my step and fished my key out of my bag. That way, there’d be no need to dig around for it and give myself a target on my back. My right foot had just stepped through my front gate when I felt your phone vibrate from inside my left pocket. I had a sinking feeling that I knew who it was, and just let it go to voicemail in favor of climbing my steps and heading to the front door. My hummingbird heartbeat growing faster by the minute until I was sure that the explosion of breaking glass nearby was a missed attempt at hitting my house. Thankfully, I managed to get the door open and slam it in behind myself; just in time for my phone to stop ringing and the voicemail notification to come through. 
“Tick tock, pretty kitty. I don’t think I need to remind you what tonight is, so I’ll make this quick. You probably think I’m doing this because I’m just an evil asshole who wants to keep you locked up and isolated, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I’m doing this because you’re never going to be ready for what’s really out there. What kind of cruel motherfuckers would love to rip you apart and toss your scraps to the wolves. And to ensure that you stay alive, that the love of my life never gets hurt, I have to keep you close”. The gruffness of Aizawa’s voice was soft, but the intensity of his conviction and determination were loud and clear, even through the ethereal whispering that sounded through every corner of the house. Voices echoing one after the other as though they were reacting to the sound of Aizawa’s voice through my phone as he continued.  
“If or whenever you decide to listen to this, I’ll be climbing the steps and picking the locks to your house, scarf at the ready. You can put up a fight if you want to, but I’m more than prepared for whatever you’ve got planned. Besides, it wouldn’t be much of a purge without some huffing and puffing. Let the games begin, pretty kitty”. Almost immediately, the phone cut off, but the whispers still remained, this time coupled with the flickering of the lights and the smouldering embers of the living room fireplace smoking and heating up until a new fire, burning bright, was lit.The flames crackled and danced wildly about the metal enclosure as the whispering turned into pained wailing that grew louder in volume by the second. It got to the point where I needed to cover both of your ears as you raced up the stairs to head to my room. 
But, I only managed to get halfway up before my right foot got caught on something and sent me crashing down onto the wooden structure, loudly tumbling back down the stairs before crashing to the floor with a hard thud. The right side of my temple was the first thing to collide with the ground, sending a small explosion of pain to the rest of my head and dulling my senses. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the same foot was now being picked up and dragged into the living room by an invisible force that was heading straight for the fireplace. 
I gritted my teeth while my eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as I struggled to get break free before the fire’s flames could touch me. Even digging my nails into the hardwood floor and holding on for dear life until my fingernails splintered completely off and started to bleed. The pain while sharp, was fleeting compared to the licks of rising heat that were starting to climb up my foot and travel to the rest of your leg. Just when it seemed like I’d be forced foot first into the mini inferno, my left arm and torso were encased in cloth that had all of the strength and fortitude of climbing rope. 
I was brought to a complete halt with less than 3 inches of space between my foot and the fireplace while the sound of approaching footsteps came from the kitchen and straight to where I was in the living room. As reluctant as I was to do it, I craned my head upwards to look at a familiar black clad figure with pale skin, a scar under his left eye, and slightly matted onyx hair. Well, almost familiar. One look at Aizawa’s eyes and I knew that this wasn’t the man who had picked me as his target for tonight. But rather, his yandere predecessor, Ephraim who died in this very house. 
Ephraim, whose glacial eyes were now in Aizawa’s head while he looked down at me with a perverted, ear splitting. I knew that it was futile, but I refused to even let him even think that I was going to roll over and let him win this night. With my right arm still free, I tugged at the scarf with all my strength, until Ephraim/ Aizawa was being pulled into me and tripping over his own two feet. 
Once he was on his knees, and had a more slack grip, I rose to my feet, rushed him head on with the full force of my body, and pinned him flat on his back with a bit of the rope now around his neck like; my teeth bared and glaring daggers at my would be yandere as I started to apply pressure to the grip I had on his neck. And yet somehow, he still found the strength to crack another smile and couple it with a chuckle, as though calling my attempts to harm him futile. 
“You won’t do it, pretty kitty. You need me, or you’re nothing”. He rasped out. From behind me, the flames of the fireplace lapped higher and higher with the broken symphony of pained gripes and mewls still rising to an almost fevered pitch. I tried not to let it distract me, but before long, I could feel my strength start to wane in each hand and my grasp loosen by the second. He was right, I was too weak to do this. Not on my own at least. With silent tears blurring my vision, I broke eye contact with Aizawa/ Ephraim long enough to stare up at the ceiling, my breathing becoming slightly labored what with my heart going a mile a second in my chest. 
“Help me! Adelaide, Eunice, Gabe, Jaime, Adam!  You’re not dead yet! Help me end them! Help me put an end to this fucking night!” 
The cacophony of voices, rather than growing louder now moved closer to where we were until the fast forming silhouettes of the houses former residents were in full view and placing their collective hands on top of mine to apply a monstrous amount of pressure to Aizawa/ Ephraim’s throat to the point where he started to spit, cough, and sputter sporadically, eyes frantically doting across the room while the pupils rapidly changed colors from black and then black to blue. The silhouette of Ephraim’s face occasionally appeared over Aizawa’s with each wad of saliva that flew from his mouth as he bucked and thrashed around in his own feeble attempt to break free from our hold. With my last bit of borrowed strength, I summoned every ounce of courage and anger that ran through my veins, sent it straight to my throat, and roaring from my mouth. 
All of sudden, the room’s dissonance came to a complete halt, but not before it was succeeded by the harsh snapping of bone. The rest of the night was nothing short of a blur that I managed to sleep through, even with the discord going on outside. While Aizawa’s lifeless body was still prone on the floor, I stayed curled up on the couch, fast asleep only to be roused awake by the siren’s familiar boom sounding through the town. Bringing this year's Purge, and this house’s bloodstained history to a resounding close. 
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cherrysweather · 8 months ago
Claudeleth Week, Day 6: birthday/fate
[Pairing: Claude von Riegan x F!Byleth]
[Genre: fluff>slight nsfw/nsfw*]
Everyone turned to the noise of the confetti shooters when Sylvain and Raphael used them;
“Is he here?!” “Wait! Keep him out! We still have to finish with the wall decorations!” “Don’t worry, he isn’t here.” Sighed Leonie, continuing to do what she had to “Then why are you two using them?!” “We were just checking if they worked” “Of course they work you dumbasses!!” Marianne had to stop Ingrid and Hilda from killing those two.
“I heard that a birthday it’s not fun enough without a dead or two; if it’s like that, we’re at a good point” “Not you two professor” Lysithea shook her head “You should go and check on him, I don’t know if Dimitri’s gonna be able to hold him for much longer, knowing him” “You sure? Then ask someone if they help you if you want to help with the wall decorations” Byleth ran off before Lysithea could throw her something, hearing her screams anyway.
Outside, the evening was lovable: it was neither cold nor hot but a gentle wind cuddled everyone, making shiver who was most susceptible to the breeze, like Byleth; the light clouds were spread everywhere in the orange sky that became purple with some black towards the horizon. It was a perfect day for a birthday; for HIS birthday.
She luckily found both the too-grown-up-children she was looking for at the training grounds, while replacing old or broken weapons with new ones “Aren’t there people who work for these things?” Byleth picked an axe from the ground, putting it in the right box “Surely, but since you all decided to ignore me today, Dima didn’t know what to invent to keep me busy” Claude raised his eyebrow as he looked up to Byleth “It looks like we’ve been exposed, professor” “We weren’t ignoring you, avoiding is the best term” “The better I feel!” He took the box of the old weapons, moving it near the door “We’ll make it up to you!” “Who said that I’m going to forgive you?”  “Come on Claude, we all did it for good” Dimitri grabbed his shoulders and pushed him out the training grounds “Where are we going now? To groom some horses or to fix the saddles of the wyverns?” “Shut up and follow us”.
They took him for a walk until the sun went down completely to give time to others to complete preparations, speaking with him without problems even if they still didn’t wish him happy birthday to keep the surprise (but, frankly, they didn’t even hope to surprise someone like Claude). Byleth quickly checked the hall in to make sure everything was ready before they brought the birthday boy in. “Close your eyes” “So you can throw me in a hole?” Dimitri put his hands on Claude’s eyes to cut it short “Come now” As they brought him in the hall, who had them, took the confetti shooters by the string “Ok, keep your eyes closed” Byleth said as Dimitri took off his hands from his face “When you want” They waited on purpose a few moments after he opened his eyes completely before pulling the string, trying to surprise him with the noise “Happy birthday!” the names they used went from a simple “Claude” to “old man”, “old ball and chain” and so on to emphasize his increase in years; only Mercedes and Hilda used cute names like “Claudie”, just to annoy him.
He stayed still, watching around him what his friends made for him, the only sure sign of life he gave was the reflection of the light in his eyes becoming shiny. “I-I should thank you all now, right? Sorry for the awkward silence” he laughed like always, opening his arms to hug as many people as possible. It was the first time they saw Claude with teary eyes, but they were happy, knowing that those were tears of joy. They pulled him from the arms completely inside the hall, giving him a paper crown they made for him; everyone wrote or drew something on it, as a way of saying “I’m with you too”.
The party started immediately; Raphael, Caspar and Ingrid were lost in the buffet, Ignatz was secretly looking for a perfect spot to create a painting of that evening, Hilda and Marianne were setting up the gifts on a table to create a cute composition, Mercedes and Ashe tried to convince Annette to sing something, Dedue stayed to talk with Claude as they both waited for Dimitri to come back since they were searching for him for help for the next battle and, Felix was at the training grounds. So Sylvain had to go looking for him.
Byleth tried to be everywhere for everyone, but the first time she went near Claude, he tied her up to him “Why do I think you’re behind all of this? “Do you have a problem with it?” she asked curiously, hugging Claude from the side, resting her head just below his shoulder “Not at all, it has been almost a decade from the last time I’ve had a party for my birthday, so I’m not used to surprises like this anymore” “Start to get used to it again, this is just the first” “Then isn’t it better if I don’t get used to it anymore?” “...Maybe”
Right after they started to eat the cake Mercedes made, pieces of it started flying for no reason and as soon as a piece touched Lorenz’s and Ferdinand’s clothes, DISGRACE. They were so close to the tears but they only started to kill everyone with words, keeping their finesse as nobles anyway; maybe the Almyran beer that Byleyh chose for the buffet did its dirty duty, also because Sylvain, after rescuing Felix, managed to steal him a dance without punches on the arms and kicks in the back like he always received when he tried to approach that two-legged cat.
So the evening went like that, everyone was so happy and carefree, something that at that time of the war was more unique than rare, maybe too carefree. Since, seeing a whole mountain of drunk people was a, fantastic, sight. The only sober people were Marianne, Lorenz, Linhardt; Ashe and few more. Like, three more. “So what are you all going to do? This isn’t a big dorm for drunk people you know” Byleth had to raise her voice to be heard by everyone “Next time I’ll choose only some fruit juice, you villains” she was helped by who was sober to pick up who was asleep because of the alcohol, entrusting them to who knew where their rooms were.
“Thanks for the night everyone! Take care!” “For the next party just water professor!” Everyone left apart Claude, who was still sleeping on the couch while Byleth settled everything, pinching all the candles’ fuses to turn them off, except for the one near the couch. “Claude” once she finished with the cleaning, she sat next to his exhausted body, passing a hand on his face and using the other one to shake his body, trying to wake him up “Come on, wake up old-sleepy-drunk-dumbass-Claude” she chuckled at her words as she started to poke every spot on his face, opening his eyelid without too much strength. His complaints were the proof that he had finally woke up “Leave me alone, I want to sleep-” “Then go sleep on your bed; isn’t it comfier?” “It’s too far” he just kept whining, turning and giving his back to her “Don’t you dare give me your back Claude” “Who’s Claude?” “If you don’t know, how should I know, Riegan?” “It’s Von, Riegan” he stretched and slipped on the floor in an attempt to get up “Leave me heree..” “Do you want to end your party laying on the ground?” she pulled him up by the arms, keeping a hand on his back “Isn’t it over already?” he hugged her, using her body as a support, forcing her to lean against the table so as not to fall “If you want it to be over, then yes” she patted his back, sighing softly against his chest “You smell like beer” “Does that bother you? I can go take a shower” “No, I liked this beer’s smell, and it somehow suits you” “It was Almyran after all” “If you say so”
They remained there talking for some minutes, also to give Claude some time to sober up. Byleth no longer had half a knot since Claude did nothing but pass his fingers through every strand of her hair to distract himself “Are we going to sleep or do you want to stay here all night?” “Sleep? Do you want to sleep on my birthday? I didn’t say the party’s over yet” he said, placing his hand behind Byleth’s neck to get her face closer, pressing his lips on her nose, making them then slip on hers. She shivered under his touch, keeping a hand on his chest to keep a few inches free between their bodies “The hangover always makes me so contact-seeking, I’m sorry” he tried to sound even a little bit guilty, but he failed miserably, continuing to move his lips on her body, taking off her hand from his chest to eliminate the distance between them “C-laude” she tried to cover the parts of her body that Claude kept showing the world to gain territory for his kisses “We’re still in a hall open to everyone” her attempts of reasoning with him were answered with other wet, noisy kisses “Then what? What would tell us who see us?” he looked right into her eyes with a gaze filled with desire mixed with those sinful emotions given by the alcohol that continued to circulate in his body “Maybe that we’re shameless people who perform obscene acts in public?” as she spoke, her dress flew in the air “Claud-” “We’ll deal with it” he chuckled as one of his legs made room between hers, desperately searching for friction with his lower body against her hip and thigh. After all, she let her go too, putting her hands on him and removing from her sight that piece of cloth embellished several times that this time did nothing but cover without reason that chest that she was never tired of looking at when she had the opportunity “You’re the worst” “Oh me? You also have your dirty hands on my body you know” he grabbed firmly her hips, lifting her as far as he could and throwing her on the couch in the least gentle way possible “But you’re the one who’s treating me like a sack of potatoes; with a hole, for this time” she pushed his face toward the side with a very slow and weak slap “Oh well, excuse me teach” he tried to bit her hand when it was close enough to his mouth, failing every time because of Byleth’s rapid reflexes.
Claude wedged the inside of her knee on his shoulder for easy access to her sensitive areas, filling the scars on Byleth’s legs with small kisses as she started to tremble slightly. “Since when we first met, when I was still a kid with hormonal crisis, I always asked myself what you’d be like at moments like this” he tried to keep alive the eye contact between them as he slowly went down toward her inner thigh “Silent and emotionless like always or, able to emit even the most silent of moans” he slowly rubbed his lips on her skin until he reached her panties, pulling them along the length of her legs to get rid of them. She covered her face that had never been so red in her whole life; she tried her best to keep her emotions under control but, with that man in front of her it was something impossible.  Her back arched suddenly when all that remained of his face were just his bright green eyes that did nothing but stare at her, since the rest was completely covered by her body.
Their loquacity was interrupted without warning to make way for their continuous sounds mixed between moans, imprecations or just their voices whispering each other’s names; all framed by the noise of their hands rubbing on the body of the other or their skins, as they increasingly became sweaty, clashed. Their hands knew no limits for where to touch, sensitive or non-sensitive part of the skin didn’t matter, they needed to feel one with the other; what better way than with one inside the other? Heh.
He kept his free hand that wasn’t keeping him from being completely on the inner knee of her leg not resting on his shoulder, trying to calibrate his body weight so as not to bend too much her leg. One of her hand squeezed tightly his right bicep, feeling his muscles contracting under his skin, while the other tried to hold on his back, leaving some scratches whenever she tried to not make it slip. Every time Claude pushed deeper, out of Byleth’s mouth came a moan that took the sound of Claude’s name as it fully came out. “Khalid” he says, pausing for a moment “Try with Khalid, I’m somehow getting jealous with you keeping calling Claude” he chuckled throwing her hair back from her face. She didn’t ask anything, she just tried to climb his body, using the hand on his back and let the leg that was on his shoulder slide on the couch, pushing his back straight and approaching his face to print a quick kiss on his lips  “Khalid” she said quietly, almost like a whisper, as she wrapped his torso with her arms, resuming the movement at the height of their hips, gently passing her fingers on his body hair, seeing some shivers on his skin.
He squeezed her body and tried to move with her, but every time he heard her calling him “Khalid”, he felt his legs melt completely; she noticed it, so she continued to whisper that name again and again against his hot skin, feeling his strong thighs become relaxed and soft beneath her. “B-By, move, I’m close” “Don’t want to, I’m so comfortable” she pinched his cheek with her lips “W-What? I ca-” “I couldn’t care less right now, I don’t like to squeeze lemons in half“ “We’re not talking about lemons now” she had to kiss him to shut him up, holding tightly one of his hands, without stopping her hips.
She luckily lost her stamina after they both reached their climax; she dropped all of her body weight on him, hugging him bringing her knees to his back as he too let himself fall on the sofa “I didn’t want you on me” she pouted at him, biting softly his ear to tease him “You didn’t complain when I was in you though” he sighed, avoiding her bites and starting to laugh when her hands started to beat him with that bit of energy she had left “Shut up!” she became purple from embarrassment, turning her back to him, playing the fake offended. He took one of her hands and slowly became to fill with kisses her body, starting from her head and running down her back. As he reached more or less the middle of her back, he was interrupted by a hand of her who gently took his chin, bringing him back at the height of her face, placing a kiss on his nose “Khalid?” she looked at his tired eyes, cuddling his face with her finger, fixing his messy hair and his beard, continuing to run her fingers through it even if he began to speak “It’s, a long story, but that’s my real name I guess, the name that my parents gave me when I was born” “So Claude was like a code name?” “More or less, they advised me to keep my real name hidden to avoid problems” she nodded, thinking “Where does this name come from? It sounds a lot oriental; it’s Almyra or somewhere near there?” she was curious like a child “Yes, it’s from Almyra but, I want to keep the whole discussion for a better moment” he smiled and kissed softly her lips “We have a lot of time now” “We’re still naked, in a common hall where everyone can see us” “Right!” She jumped on him, taking his shoulders with her hands to keep him down “You still have to make a wish” she looked at him with the most serious stare of them all “W-What? All of this for this senseless thing?” he laughed looking at her back  “It’s not senseless! Come on, if you don’t want to say it it’s completely ok” she sat comfortably on his lap, waiting for his answer “A wish? Mmmhh...” he thought in silence, keeping his thumb in movement on her hand “Something that I want more than material things is probably a future; with both Fòdlan and Almyra in peace, Dimitri on the throne and everyone besides him or all over the continent to rule it as it should be; a future with you.” he brought her tiny hand on his heart, keeping it safe in his “That’s what I wish for and I will fight for it, especially for the last thing” he chuckled with a wink  “Selfish, but I like the idea” she smiled and rested her lips on the knuckles of his hand “Hey just that it’s selfish” he took her cheek with two fingers, pinching it “H-Heyy” she fell beside him to avoid his fingers, sighing but still holding to his arm.
They didn't want to sleep there, but they didn't want to get up from that beautifully-heated sofa that now had their shape neither; so they stayed, hoping to have enough strength later to get up. “Is someone still here? I finished just now with the army reunion” That deep voice that came from the outside made them jump and the little wax that still kept the candle above them alive, betrayed them without problems  “Hey’a Mitya! They kept you for a bit eh?” He spoke easily like he always did with Dimitri but Byleth used his body to cover herself “A-Am I interrupting something? I still had my gift to give you but I don’t want to bother you two” Claude could see clearly the red on his cheeks even if he was in the dark “Whaaat? Nonono! I wanted to invite you too! Come here!” He sat and held out his hand to his friend
Byleth could do nothing but to sigh and hold her head; probably Claude was giving himself a gift; selfish.
Ok so, I finally finished this horrible piece and I know I’m REALLY. TOO. MUCH. LATE. so I’ll write the next one as soon as possible, I’m sosososososososo sorry please forgive me T-T Anyway, for this one I tried to write a serious nsfw but I think you all noticed that I didn’t wrote exactly what was happening; that is because I like to go around these things and write them in the most indirect way possible to leave to those who read the freedom to choose and imagine the scene, the expressions, the emotions and everything you want So I hope you all liked this thing even if it’s probably the most cringe thing you will read in your life and that’s also why I won’t put these kind of nsfw in the requests list, I’m sorry ;-; Again, sorry for the long wait but I had some problems but I will try to end this wonderful week as soon as I can!! Love you all!!! <3
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