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#digital portrait

My husband (@4point7) got a digital pen thing and the first thing he tried drawing was me 🥰

He’s a clever bub 😍

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A Photo Drawing Portrait VS Fantasy Drawing



I wanted to do something different today, I guess we have opinions on how we select our path, based on where we from and what our experiences. But 1 thing I’m so sure, we chose to be happy each day. So do something and make you happy today.



Tools : asus laptop, autodesk sketchbook, huion drawing pad, ishot apps

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So in my free time for the last week or so (which I haven had much of) I drew this picture of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. The hair was super hard because it is so messy.


I then edited it a bit and created this because I couldn’t get the line “this is the skin of a killer Bella” out of my head.


Please don’t repost without my permission thanks.

Im also thinking of drawing more of these I really like realistic style at the moment. So if you guys have any characters from twilight you want me to draw let me know .

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So i saw otomeru make her mc a season 3 human world outfit, so i decided to create a little thing of the three main outfits momo wears throughout the game :)

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So I’ve been playing Vampyr over the past few days and decided to finally draw the main man :D!!

While also playing around with new brushes because that’s always fun

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hiiii ^-^ since my killua post got way more likes than i’d imagine, i thought i would post the finished product! this is also just me experimenting with shadows and colors lol hope you guys like it :) 

ps: if you want to see more fanart like this and stuff, pls *follow and repost* ! thank you. ^-^

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Been mucking about on Procreate. This is only my second attempt at digital drawing, still trying to get the hang of it 😂

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Another comic page!!! Hehe uvu, poor bab was stabbed, give her a hug, I dont think Zola is gonna give her one, the doggo might.

Please don’t repost!!! Reblog!!

- Levy the Grape Mod

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A slight different art style this time🌸
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#ArtCommission #mari945 #ArtOfMaryamSafdar #ArtistOnTwitter #Red #Portrait

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