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#gwyn lightsinger
bookprofessor · a month ago
I love gwynriel potential I think gwyn will be a perfect partner to azriel can you list reasons why you love this ship?
Lol How much time you got?
I’m currently writing an essay on why Gwynriel is endgame, so as to not steal my own thunder I’ll give three reasons:
1- Azriel is the king of unrequited love. He has some deep rooted issues when it comes to romantic relationships, so Gwynriel will be presented as friends first. They will have a slow burn turned to yearning. Gwyn will be the love he never looked for nor expected. The one that shone against all odds.
2- Azriel needs a love that does not steam from how he thinks his life should look. Love is not what we beg for, what we force, but what we leave behind. Love is what happens when we release our inhibitions, what happens when we—to quote the mastermind that is Taylor Swift—“step into the daylight and let it go.” Love is overflow. It is what we do.
3- YOU’RE THE NEW RIBBON AZ! Hook, line, and sinker. This was all the confirmation we needed for Gwynriel endgame. It is foreshadowing Gwyn pursuing Azriel, the first person to actively want him.
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silverlinedeyes · 5 months ago
Theory: Gwyn is a Lightsinger
So I think there have been some posts about this already, but I am pretty obsessed with the idea that Gwyn is a lightsinger, so I thought I’d at least compile my thoughts on it.
When they’re at the bog, Cassian is explaining the creatures that live there, and he says this:
“There are lightsingers: lovely, ethereal beings who will lure you, appearing as friendly faces when you are lost. Only when you’re in their arms will you see their true faces, and they aren’t fair at all. The horror of it is the last thing you see before they drown you in the bog. But they kill for sport, not food.”
Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that Gwyn is an evil lightsinger (I love Gwyn! She’s a badass and I only want the best for her). But I think she might be a good one, or something akin to a lightsinger (maybe the opposite of a shadowsinger?).
When Nesta first meets Gwyn, this is how she describes her:
“She was young—almost coltish, with her slender, elegant limbs. High Fae, and yet … Nesta couldn’t explain the way she sensed that there was something else mixed into her. Some secret beneath the pretty face.”
Maybe the secret is just that she’s part nymph, but what if this is eluding to something more?
Then after Nesta replaces the book for Merrill, she goes to find Gwyn and hears her singing:
“The words of Gwyn’s merry song were in a language Nesta didn’t know, but for a heartbeat, Nesta allowed herself to listen—to savor the pure, sweet voice that rose and fell with sinuous ease. Gwyn’s hair seemed to glow brighter with her song, skin radiating a beckoning light. Drawing any listener in.”
Gwyn glows when she sings, and her song attracts people.
And again in the scene where Nesta goes to see the priestesses sing, she describes:
“Nesta could only gape at the lovely melody, the voices from the front of the cavern leading it, lifting higher than the others. Gwyn sang, chin high, a faint glow seeming to radiate from her.”
And later in that same scene, right before Nesta is transported into the vision (which ahem, did Gwyn’s song lead to that?):
“Gwyn’s voice soared like a bird through the cavern as she started the third song with a solo, and Nesta closed her eyes, leaning into the music, shutting out one sense in order to luxuriate in the sound of her friend. Something beckoned in Gwyn’s song, in a way the others’ hadn’t. Like Gwyn was calling only to her, her voice full of sunshine and joy and unshakable determination. Nesta had never heard a voice like Gwyn’s—by turns trained and wild, as if there was so much sound fighting to break free of Gwyn that she couldn’t quite contain it all. As if the sound needed to be loose in the world.”
We also have Gwyn’s explanation of her heritage, which includes two potential lightsinger hints: that Gwyn’s grandmother seduced a high fae from the autumn court (like she *lured* him maybe?) and that Gwyn has slightly pliant bones. Are Gwyn’s bones more pliant because she can shapeshift into a siren form?!
Gwyn lowered her hands, noted the lack of glowing power in Nesta’s eyes, and sighed in relief. But her voice remained casual. “My grandmother was a river-nymph who seduced a High Fae male from the Autumn Court. So I’m a quarter nymph, but it’s enough for this.” Gwyn gestured to her large eyes—blue so clear it could have been the shallow sea—and her lithe body. “My bones are slightly more pliant than ordinary High Fae’s, but who cares about that?”
And then there’s Az’s bonus chapter. Gwyn asks him if he sings, and he explains to her that he does, but a shadowsinger is different. His shadows dart out to dance with her breath. They are curious about her. A singing seems to follow Az down the stairs when he leaves, and then Az “finds himself” back at the library the next day to give Gwyn the necklace 👀. (I discuss Gwyn’s lightsinger powers in the bonus chapter more here).
There seems to be a connection between Az and Gwyn, but what if it’s that they are like each other—they are both singers. And the purpose of Gwyn’s part of the bonus chapter was to really establish for the reader that Gwyn is a lightsinger, and that’s going to have something to do with Az in the next book.
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juusworld5728 · 3 months ago
Gwyn Is a Lightsinger
I have recently come across people JUST NOW realizing about light singers. There are four categories of people in denial...
A) the people that admit she’s a lightsinger but ONLY because Azriel is a shadowsinger and it’s supposed to match.(Spoiler alert: it doesn’t from from textual evidence)
B) the people that believe she is a light singer but have no idea what that means so they assume that she is and she produces some sort of light. (Spoiler alert: that is not it)
C) the people that know what a light singer is, but choose to ignore/acknowledge textual evidence.
D) the people that have no idea.
Let’s get into it shall we (it won’t take that long, but prepare for a full on text evidence vomit)...
“There are light singers: lovely, ethereal beings who will lure you, appearing as friendly faces when you are lost. Only when you’re in their arms will you see their true faces, and they aren’t fair at all. The horror of it is the last thing you see before they drown you in the bog.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let’s not forget that she HALLUCINATED while Gwyn was singing.
Tumblr media
Then we have this...
Tumblr media
Which matches this...
Tumblr media
Then we get all of the singing questions (three to be exact)...
Tumblr media
Then we have his shadows reacting to Gwyn’s breath...
Tumblr media
Okay there will definitely be a part 2 because I maximized my attachments😭😭
Side note: if you glow when you sing I will NOT judge, however if you do, I recommend you go see a doctor. Please send me a picture first though because I want to see that👁👄👁.
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sciencebaetch · 3 months ago
GLOW = POWER (gwyn’s powers)
This post is about how SJM uses word glow to describe power and how that points out to gwyn having powers. Also the difference between the mating bond glow and power glow.
These are from ACOSF.
As you can see there is a lot of glow=power scenes.
Tumblr media
Amren’s eyes glowing with her remnant of her power
Nesta burning the wall of stairs with her power and that’s described as “glowing”
Siphons that illyrians use to channel their powers described as “glowing”
Nesta’s eyes glowing with her power
Tumblr media
Again nesta’s power described as glow
The sword that nesta made is glowing.
Again nesta’s eyes glowing with her power
Ataraxia glowing
And the bracelet charms glowing.
As you can see sarah uses glow to point out that person’s or the object’s power.
And we have gwyn. Gwyn glows when she sings.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why is she glowing when she is singing? Because she has powers and people think that she is a lightsinger.
Lightsinger post1. Lightsinger post2. Read these post if you want to know more about lightsinger gwyn theory.
Okay. Moving on.
In Azriel’s bonus chapter we have this.
Tumblr media
Where it glowed quietly.
A lot of people thought this as azriel and gwyn being mate but it’s not true. NOT AT ALL.
1) if they were mates, azriel and gwyn would have realized that when azriel saved her in Sangravah.
2) the mating bond only glows when the mates are making love. And last I read the book that’s not the case with azriel and gwyn.
3) the glowing thing is mating bond not some kind of image.
Let’s take a look at when the mating bond glow.
Chapter 55 ACOMAF. Feysand making love. The mating bond glows
Tumblr media
As you can the glow comes from the bond itself.
Chapter 58 ACOSF. Nessian making love. The mating bond glows.
Tumblr media
Again the glow comes from the bond itself.
In azriel’s situation the glow comes from an image. Not the mating bond.
They are not mates.
With how sarah uses the word glow we can say that gwyn used her powers on Azriel.
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bookprofessor · 2 months ago
Az being a little hesitant the first time he’s alone with Gwyn because he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable but Gwyn is not having any of it and tells him, “if you’re here to pity, then I’d rather have someone else train me.”
Absolutely, anon. Gwyn’s arc right now is about retaking her narrative and power. No one with trauma wants to be seen as their trauma. The person we are is still there, is begging to thrive. This is why Nesta, Gwyn, and Emerie are so beautiful: they hold hands through the trauma they’ve endured but they do not make that the cornerstone of how they love each other. They’re not sitting around a campfire everyday talking about it. They’re laughing together. They’re making friendship bracelets at a sleepover while comparing favorite smut books.
I believe Azriel is the same. It’s fair and necessary for him to be careful in the beginning because he is a male and Gwyn’s trauma was male violence so he needs to be respectful of her boundaries, but he won’t remain that way once Gwyn tells him to pony up or get the fuck out. Azriel has always responded best to power and challenge, so he’ll rock with that energy. And, he won’t want Gwyn to see him for his trauma either.
All of this “Gwyn needs to be coddled” stuff going around is utter BASURA! At what point in Silver Flames did her characterization give people the idea that sa means fragile person? At what point did people look at Gwyn and think, “she can’t possibly amount to anything?”
No cause this really gets Professor Alyssa riled tf up. This goes outside of ship wars and fandom. This is a reflection of our collective mindset as a society; that sa survivors get their emotional autonomy taken away by people who try to insert their opinions on what was done to them.
sa survivorship is not linear, is not identical, and is not a single person’s goddamn business.
If Gwyn never wants to leave the library again, that’s her decision to make. But she does want to leave! Part of her healing journey is going to be working up to that. That doesn’t make her stronger than the Priestess whose healing does not reflect leaving the library.
*deep breath*
Anyways. Azriel and Gwyn’s story is going to focus on mutual understanding of trauma, powerlessness and the regaining of it, and friendship. They’re going to have such an intrinsic understanding of the other in the way that the nature of darkness can only be truly understood by light, and light is best appreciated by the dark.
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silverlinedeyes · 3 months ago
Parallels between Priestesses
*DISCLAIMER* As I have said in all my lightsinger posts, I do not think Gwyn will be evil, and I don’t want her to be!! And I don’t think Gwyn is like Ianthe *at all* in terms of character. But I was rereading certain parts and noticed some striking parallels between Ianthe and Gwyn that really peaked my interest and wanted to share to see if anyone has any thoughts about why these parallels might exist...
WARNING: if you don’t want to read about potential textual parallels between Gwyn and Ianthe, or that might be triggering to you, don’t read below the break.
As important background, I have made a few posts about why I think Gwyn is a lightsinger which are linked here (post 1 post 2 and post 3) if you haven’t read those. But quick reminder, lightsingers:
Look beautiful on the outside
Lure you
Appear as a friendly face when you’re lost
Then reveal their “true faces” which aren’t fair but horrifying
Drown you in a bog
And as my posts discuss:
Gwyn is consistently described as glowing when she sings, and drawing or luring listeners in.
She appeared when Nesta and Azriel were “lost” and at low points.
She might have lured Az to the library when he gave Clotho the necklace.
And her bones might be pliant to allow her to shift into a “lightsinger” or “siren” form.
This post builds of off this theory, and only really applies if Gwyn is a lightsinger. Anyways, moving in to the point of the post.
Ianthe and Gwyn both have similarities to lightsingers
In ACOMAF and ACOWAR, I was really struck by these descriptions Feyre makes of Ianthe:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Figuratively, this whole passage sounds a lot like a lightsinger. Ianthe is beautiful, but that beautiful face is a mask that hides true ugliness on the inside. And she uses her “power” on males to lure them to her bed.
Then when I compared these passages to the moment we met Gwyn, I couldn’t help but see some striking parallels:
Tumblr media
Like Ianthe, Gwyn is described as having teal eyes, and they are obviously both priestesses. (Side note: Gwyn and Ianthe are the only characters with teal eyes in the entire series. Teal appears three other times in the series: Tarquin wears a teal jacket, Nesta describes the Sidra as teal, and Gwyn’s bracelet has teal. Their eye color appears to have been an intentional choice by Sarah to make us think of Ianthe when we first meet Gwyn.) Both of their hair is also described using metallic words—bright gold for Ianthe, coppery for Gwyn. And the line “some secret beneath the pretty face” just really seemed to echo the line about Ianthe, that her pretty face is a mask hiding a face of decay.
If Gwyn is a lightsinger, then based on Cassian’s description of lightsingers, Gwyn’s secret beneath her pretty face might very well be hiding a literal face of decay beneath it.
Also, fun note: Ianthe was the name of an ocean nymph in Greek mythology, and Gwyn is a quarter river nymph.
Both Ianthe and Gwyn appeared when our Archeron sisters were lost
We first meet Ianthe in ACOMAF when Feyre is barely functioning after UTM. For example, we get this passage early in ACOMAF:
Tumblr media
Feyre was at her lowest when she returned from UTM, and desperately needed support. And coincidentally, at that moment, Ianthe appeared to offer her that support.
Gwyn also appeared when Nesta was lost. Indeed, when Nesta first meets Gwyn, Nesta has just met Emerie, is still refusing to train with Cassian in Illyria, and she is filled with self-loathing. This snippet from the end of the scene when we first meet Gwyn is interesting:
Tumblr media
First, Nesta notes that she can’t remember the last time she had two friendly conversations in one day. That’s depressing, and clearly suggests Nesta desperately needed support at this moment.
Second, the way Nesta describes Gwyn’s exit is interesting. “As if Gwyn had been a summer storm that blew in and evaporated within a moment.” Almost as if Gwyn appeared on some storm when Nesta was most lost, and then vanished into the air when her mission—to meet Nesta at her lowest—2-/ accomplished. Nesta also says she is left wondering “if she’d imagined the whole thing.” Again, as if this was a bit of a dream.
Feyre and Nesta both divulged sensitive information to them
As we all are aware, Ianthe lured Feyre in and got her to trust her, at which point Feyre divulged all the information about her sisters to Ianthe. And Ianthe, in turn, have that information to Hybern, resulting in the capture and Making of Nesta and Elain.
Tumblr media
This passage reveals a lot of interesting information. First, that the high priestesses have been “forced to their knees for the High Lords” for millennia. So the priestesses have a reason to want to rebel against the High Lords and to try to take power from them.
Second, that Ianthe had “such an open mind” that Hybern was able to easily convince her to sell out Feyre’s secrets after he painted a picture to her of a Prythian ruled by priestesses.
Third, that Feyre was so broken and stupid at that point in her life that she has divulged every detail about her sisters to Ianthe.
Finally, interesting tidbit, Nesta and Elain figuratively drown in the Cauldron when they’re Made, somewhat like how lightsingers drown their victims in the bog 👀
Similarly, Nesta divulged sensitive information to Gwyn that Gwyn in turn shared without permission.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Despite Rhys’s order not to tell anyone about the Trove, Nesta tells Gwyn about it here. After she finds Gwyn “singing softly to herself” outside Merrill’s office (raising the question: did Gwyn lure Nesta into telling her about the Trove?). Nesta didn’t mention Briallyn, Koschei or the Cauldron, but she still told Gwyn what it was and why she wanted it. And she tells Gwyn not to mention it to anyone.
Yet Gwyn does tell someone—Merrill.
Tumblr media
After Nesta specifically asked Gwyn not to tell anyone, Gwyn goes and tells Merrill, who “broke through that glamour” but supposedly couldn’t find anything about the Trove. Merrill, who can hear the wind which Koschei whispers in. Merrill, who seems like she might be a witch, and who might be working with Koschei...
It’s also important to note that Gwyn is pretty vulnerable right now, after what happened to her sister and mother. Is Gwyn’s mind “open” to convincing or corruption like Ianthe’s was? Might Koschei or Merrill be whispering in Gwyn’s ears, or be controlling her, or have some kind of spell on her?
I’m not sure what exactly these parallels mean. But they seem at least in part intentional (especially if Gwyn is a lightsinger). Why??
What is Sarah trying to tell us? Is she trying to tell us Gwyn might be similar to Ianthe, at least in terms of how she might be vulnerable to manipulation, or is she trying to tell us Gwyn is Ianthe’s foil or mirror?
Maybe Sarah is setting this up to be that Ianthe is a figurative lightsinger but actually evil like a true lightsinger, and Gwyn is an actual lightsinger but good, so what Ianthe actually should have been?
Maybe Gwyn will be Tamlin’s daughter and will become High Lady to rebuild spring after Ianthe destroyed it, and so she’s going to be the opposite of Ianthe?
(Or maybe I’m crazy and these aren’t actually intentional parallels at all 🤣🤣. I kind of hope this is what’s going on.)
Also, as a final point. In ACOMAF, Rhys tells Feyre this about the priestesses:
Tumblr media
Is it possible a priestess has burrowed into the Night Court too, and Rhys doesn’t know? Is Merrill that priestess? We don’t know where she came from, but maybe she is connected to Ianthe, or these “bad” priestesses?
Or is it possible that Merrill and/or Gwyn are a twist on this—that they are plants in the night court being used or manipulated or controlled by Koschei?
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daisybrekker · 9 days ago
helloo, im honestly lowkey an elriel shipper since they met, but i cant help be disturbed about the last line az felt/said when he pictured gwyn seeing the necklace he meant to give elain. you know the “a thing of secret, lovely beauty” line :(( not to mention what he felt after picturing it too :(( whats your take/opinion on it? TT
Here is a post which summarises my belief about the line:
Meaning of the Line
As for how he felt after picturing her? Remember that this line follows after it:
"For whatever reason... he could see it."
Personally, I think it's a parallel to one of the previous lines in the chapter:
"But when he returned from the cabin in the mountains, he didn't go to the market square.
Instead, he found himself at the library [...]"
Here you can see that Azriel had full intentions to go back to return the jewelry, but for some reason he "found himself" at the library.
It's clear Azriel didn't mean to picture Gwyn, nor go to the place she is often at.
I believe this links back to the lightsinger theory with Azriel being unconsciously lured in by Gwyn's powers.
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jvwhyte · a month ago
A common theme i see with anti-gwyn's / anti-gwynriel's is that when they bring up the lightsinger/spy for Koschei/luring the IC theories that they mention how when Gwyn sung it triggered Nesta's vision, specifically the fact that it was Gwyn that was singing.
I'm gonna debunk this real fast:
“The song halted, and the vision shattered. Nesta’s knees gave out as the room swept in, and she collapsed onto the pew, earning an alarmed look from Gwyn through the crowd.”
Tumblr media
why on earth would Gwyn be 'alarmed' if she was "luring" Nesta?
“The words of Gwyn’s merry song were in a language Nesta didn’t know”
“Some of the songs you’ll hear are so ancient they predate the written word. Some of them are so old we didn’t even have them in Sangravah. Clotho found them in books shelved below Level Seven.”
Even if she had said 'luring' powers, she clearly would be oblivious to them. She's lived with priestesses all her life and is unsure of most of her ancestry, there's so many possibilities of what her gifts could be.
Yet angry potatoes claim that Gwyn must be Evil and is planning some evil plan. Why is it so hard for them to believe she has a purpose other than being the villain.
Also here's the comment that inspired this horrible/messy shit of a post:
Tumblr media
conclusion: i'm struggling to like E/riel's
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bookprofessor · 2 months ago
I’m just saying, when this Gwynriel book happens it’s going to be Azriel that is Ariel with Gwyn as Prince Eric.
Part of Gwyn coming into her own and taking back her voice will come from seeing Azriel lose his. Azriel, whose voice (physical and metaphorical) was never at the forefront of the series and is easily overlooked. Azriel, who never cared about what he had to say, who doesn’t see the value in himself.
Sure, Gwyn fits the Ariel trope by being a nymph and “wanting to be where the people are,” but the real narrative of The Little Mermaid was about the power of choice and one’s voice—to never give away your power.
We’re going to see Azriel lose his voice in either a physical or metaphorical way. Perhaps both. As Gwyn rises and rises into her own power, the more she will be equipped to help her friend.
Azriel saved Gwyn once. She’s going to return the favor.
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silverlinedeyes · 4 months ago
(Crack) Theory: Merrill is going to use Gwyn to lure Az to Koschei
So this is a continuation of my two lightsinger posts (post 1 and post 2) and is also inspired by the theories in these posts: Merrill is Koschei’s pawn, Koschei used Eris to lure Az to him, and Sleeping Beauty.
To sum up (roughly) what these other posts say in case you haven’t read them:
Gwyn is a lightsinger, and her music lures others to her (like mermaids or sirens of legends old)
She lured or cast some kind of spell on Az in the bonus chapter when she was singing after him (either intentionally or not), which is why he found himself bringing her the necklace, why the image of her came unbidden to his head, and why it glowed inside him.
Merrill is a pawn of Koschei’s, and he whispers to her on the wind she hears.
Koschei used Eris to try to bring Az to him for some reason, maybe to use Az’s shadowsinging powers to find the fourth trove
Elriel will be a sleeping beauty retelling, but Az might be the one captured, and Elain will have to save him
Gwyn and the Little Mermaid
I am pretty convinced that Gwyn’s story is going to be a little mermaid retelling of some sort (thank you @silver-flames @sciencebaetch and @chen-kitay-supremacy for convos with you that helped me develop this idea).
Gwyn is part-nymph (seems mermaid-like)
Her singing is beautiful and lures people to her.
She has red hair and teal eyes like Ariel.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Merrill and Koschei together are Ursula
Merrill has white hair like Ursula (and she has blue eyes which remind me of Ursula’s eye shadow) (also is Merrill so beautiful for the same reasons Ursula becomes beautiful in Little Mermaid?)
All the High Fae were beautiful, but Merrill made even Mor look drab. Hair white as fresh snow contrasted against the light brown of her skin, and eyes the color of a twilight sky blinked once, twice.
Tumblr media
Koschei traps girls at his lake, like Ursula does with the unfortunate souls she has stolen from
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Side note: who are these girls and what does Koschei use them for? Does he take part of their souls or spirits? Does he use them to stay deathless? Are some of them the Valkyries and is that why Merrill is studying them—because the Valkyries have or knew something that Koschei needs?! 👀)
Merrill has or will cast a spell on Gwyn to use her voice to lure Az to Koschei
In the little mermaid, Ursula takes Ariel’s voice and uses it to lure in Prince Eric and make him think Ursula is the one who rescued him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What if Merrill has cast or is going to cast some sort of spell on Gwyn so that Merrill can use Gwyn’s lightsinging abilities to lure Az to Koschei, and Elain is going to have to go rescue him?
We don’t know Merrill’s backstory or how she came to the library, and we know Gwyn was assigned to work with Merrill
“So I hate, I hate to even speak ill of any one of my sisters here. But Merrill is unpleasant. To everyone. Even Clotho.”
“Because of her experiences?”
“I don’t know,” Gwyn said. “All I know is that I was assigned to work with Merrill and aid in her research, and I might have made a teensy mistake.” She grimaced.
Only after she started working with Merrill did she start singing again (I know this is about Gwyn’s healing, but could Merrill have also done something to Gwyn at this time to get her to start singing again, or cast some spell on her at that point?)
“The first five months I was at the library, I barely spoke. I didn’t sing. I went to the priestess who counsels all of us, and sometimes I just sat there and cried, or screamed, or said nothing. And then I began working with Merrill, upon Clotho’s request, and the work focused me. Motivated me to get out of bed each morning. I started singing during the evening service.”
Did Gwyn (with Merrill’s intervention) cause Nesta to have the vision of the harp so that she would go get it for Koschei/Briallyn?
Did Merrill somehow manipulate Gwyn into casting the initial spell on Az in the bonus chapter?
How long will that spell last? Is it going to continue drawing Az to Gwyn?
Will Gwyn (manipulated by Merrill) lure Az somewhere where he can be taken by Koschei?
How will the spell Merrill has cast on Gwyn be broken? Lucien? Helion? (Are Helion and Gwyn going to be a thing? Will this be what prompts the Valkyries to get the Pegasi?)
Will Elain have a vision about Merrill and Gwyn?
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daisybrekker · 19 days ago
I don't care what anyone says. Elain using her seer powers to see Gwyn as a lightsinger and getting Azriel earplugs as a gift to prevent him from being lured in by her singing is canon to me now, okay?!
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mercurianbisous · 17 days ago
I might be freaking out just a bit right now (Gwynriel theory)
I keep seeing parallels between Gwynriel and the Little Mermaid, as well as the popular Lightsinger/Shadowsinger theories and...
Azriel gave Gwyn a necklace at the end of ACOSF. Guess who gave Ariel a necklace, too? Ursula.
Tumblr media
Now, I actually don’t think Azriel gave Gwyn the necklace with the intention of enchanting her or anything of the sort. BUT.
I’ve always pictured Merrill as Ursula, so could it be that (in the next book) she’ll see Gwyn’s necklace and somehow use it against her? Against Azriel? (Because let’s face it, Merrill is 100% one of the bad guys).
Tumblr media
If Gwyn is indeed a Lightsinger (which I think she is, but she doesn’t know yet), I believe Merrill is 100% aware of it. In ACOSF it’s said that Merrill took a special interest in Gwyn — why her, out of all the priestesses in the library? I think it’s because she saw her powers, and thought she could manipulate her to her advantage.
Tumblr media
So what if Merrill, as one of the bad guys, uses that enchanted necklace to lure Azriel into being at her mercy? He’d definitely be a powerful weapon for Koschei.
Also, I think because of this Gwyn will be seen (briefly) as the bad guy until they find out it’s Merrill who’s behind all of that.
And maybe something like this could happen so the spell breaks.
Tumblr media
Again, this is just a fun theory I thought of
I do believe SJM is going for the Little Mermaid trope with Gwynriel, and I just found it curious that necklaces play such an important role in both.
Maybe there’s also a reason Elain gave the necklace back to Azriel? Because she somehow saw what would happen with Gwyn and Merrill? Not with the intention of hurting him, of course, but because maybe Gwynriel’s mating bond would be revealed after this peril and she somehow saw it.
Anyhow, I hope you liked this theory and please be nice to each other (and to me) if you’d like to discuss it
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bookprofessor · 2 months ago
who do you think would train Gwyn and her lightsinger abilities (if she’s indeed a lightsinger 😉) bc surely she’d need to train her powers, no?
If Gwyn is indeed a lightsinger (I KNOW IM RIGHT ON THIS ONE DAMNIT) then what’s most consistent for her character is to want to train herself first. She’ll look for answers in books and study past lightsingers. This is assuming she doesn’t already know. If Gwyn knew she was a lightsinger, I feel like this is something she would have told Nesta and Emerie. But. I wouldn’t put it past sjm to have Gwyn keep that a secret for right now.
The only person who could technically train her is Azriel. His shadows are the other side of her coin. Their abilities are going to be similar enough they he could teach her to a certain extent. This is giving me very much Rowaelin: Aelin is my heart. Our magics understood each other.
This will be the micro plot of his book: finding out Gwyn is a lightsinger and helping her harness that power. This micro plot will feed into the macro one, both working to push the narrative forward. Gwyn being a lightsinger is going to be a huge plot device that the story will rely on, hence why she would need to train with Azriel.
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silverlinedeyes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Ok, so this (albeit very old) interview of Sarah was floating around the other day, and I saw it and 👀👀
I’m really not ready to do a full post about the seven wild swans (and maybe someone will before I get to it lol—please do!) but this is FASCINATING to me.
The seven wild swans appears to be a bit of a mix between Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty, and involves lots of plant talk 👀
Elain’s story’s inspiration?!! And it also has 11 brothers who are turned into white birds by day (I think lol). KOSCHEI ANYONE!?!
Tumblr media
Then there’s the Little Mermaid, and I’ve posted my theory about how I think Gwyn’s story will be a retelling of that here.
Tumblr media
And finally, the firebird, which is the inspiration for Vassa obviously. (@mrspettyferr has a really good summary of the firebird and swan lake retelling theory here.)
Tumblr media
Is it possible that Sarah has already given us the roadmap for the inspiration of the next two books?!
ACOTAR 5 will be Elain/Elriel’s story and inspired by seven wild swans (and sleeping beauty), while also tied to a little mermaid retelling for Gwyn.
ACOTAR 6 will be Vassa/Vucien’s story and inspired by the firebird (and swan lake), with maybe some seven wild swans thrown in (and obviously Koschei the deathless LOL).
It’s. All. There. 👀🚨
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daisybrekker · 13 days ago
lol why on earth would Gwyn be any sort of villain? She's been nothing but sweet and selfless through acosf and implying that a sexual assault victim would try to coerce/lure a man against his will (no matter if she intends to do so) is harmful. I know that SA doesn't make someone exempt from bad actions, but still, SJM would never write Gwyn as any sort of villain/antagonist, especially a lightsinger, with how evil and seductive they are--it'd be a terrible and hurtful twist, with real world implications, no matter how she wrote it.
"She's been nothing but sweet and selfless"
You do know that's how most traitors start off like, right? Obviously, authors don't want to make it predictable. If you've read many books with betrayal in it, you'll see that they want to make it a shocking plot twist when they reveal that someone who seemed to be a good, charming character has been a villain all along. (The Darkling, Maven Calore, etc.)
As for the lightsinger theory itself, I personally don't believe in it simply because it looks beneficial to my ship, but because of the textual evidence present in the book which match Gwyn to be this sort of creature. Here is a post that backs up this theory. So as you can see, it isn't a theory that was made up out of thin air. I believe that as long as you have evidence to back up your theory and it makes sense then it's possible, and this theory definitely seems possible.
There's also this theory floating around that Gwyn is somehow manipulated herself by Merrill to get information on Azriel for Koschei (I don't remember who made it, but I'm sure the post could be easily found) which could make sense since Gwyn did end up giving Merrill some vital information that she wasn't supposed to (The Dread Trove)
"SJM would never write Gwyn as any sort of villain/antagonist, especially a lightsinger, with how evil and seductive they are"
Firstly, that statement is outright wrong considering that she already wrote about Feyre experiencing SA Under the Mountain from Rhys, a male who experienced SA himself.
Yes, it was later explained that he did it for Feyre's good, but it doesn't change the fact that his actions were done without consent and against Feyre's will.
Should SJM have included this in the book? I don't believe so, but it shows that since she's done it once, she could do it again. It's the plain truth.
You said it yourself, being an SA survivor doesn't make a character exempt from doing bad things.
Overall, do I think that Gwyn will be revealed as this completely evil persona? No, but I do believe that she is a lightsinger who may be manipulated or blackmailed by someone to get close to Azriel. I feel like Gwyn herself doesn't fully understand her powers and someone may be using her for this reason. I do like her as a character and I sincerely hope she gets her own HEA, but it's impossible to just ignore all the descriptions surrounding her that point towards her being something more.
Who knows? Maybe in the end it'll turn out she was good all along, but I firmly stand by the theory that she is a lightsinger.
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shansenfan · 26 days ago
I feel like I am the only Gwynriel stan who actually wants Gwyn to be a Lightsinger.
It's just that for me, I think it would be super cool and interesting if she is one and if we are correct on the "mates theory" with Azriel, having Gwyn as a Lightsinger and Azriel as a Shadowsinger would be super cute.
They'd almost be equals. And in a way, Az and Gwyn kind of are.
They're both very similar in my opion:
Carynthian Champions of the Blood Rite
Both are warriors (Valkyrie and Illyrian)
Competetive as shit
Strong willed and determined
They both sing - obviously
And I think that if Gwyn is a Lightsinger, it would add more "chemisty" and "depth" to their (gwynriel's) story.
Imagine if Gwyn does figure out she's a lightsinger, I 100% believe that Az would help her understand her powers.
Because I think that Light and Shadowsingers could have a lot of things in common.
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silverlinedeyes · a month ago
Gwyn is a Lightsinger Part II: The Bonus Chapter
This post is a follow-up to this one, and is an in-depth analysis of every part of the bonus chapter that I think *might* be a hint that Gwyn is a lightsinger. I realize that some of this analysis might be a stretch, but I’m putting it all out there in this post. This post also includes a few crack theories, just FYI 🤣. Regardless, I believe Sarah might have put the scene with Gwyn in the bonus to plant more seeds that Gwyn is a lightsinger, and also to foreshadow for the reader that Gwyn and Az’s connection in the next book is going to be related to this (and not in a romantic way). (NB: **I fully recognize that this scene also might be hinting at Gwynriel as endgame, and that my theory about this scene might be wrong.)
I will also be explaining how I think the bonus chapter shows that Gwyn lured Azriel with her powers.
As usual, if the Gwyn lightsinger theory isn’t your thing, please scroll past.
💡The scene starts with Az leaving the River House and going to the roof of the House of Wind to get away, but he encounters something unexpected when he gets there:
Tumblr media
Gwyn is on the roof, but his shadows for some reason didn’t warn him she was there. He points this out because it’s odd to him—they must typically warn him of these things. So why didn’t they? I think there are two possible explanations:
They didn’t sense her because her lightsinger powers shield her from them; or
She wasn’t there before, and has just arrived. Cassian tells us that lightsingers appear when you are lost, and they appear as friendly faces. Azriel at this moment is very lost—he has just hurt Elain, and his brother and high lord has told him he must stay away from her. So what if (and this is a complete crack theory) Gwyn appeared on the roof right before Az got there because he was lost?
💡When he and Gwyn start talking, we see that his shadows are very curious about her:
Tumblr media
It seems like this might be because she’s a lightsinger and they are drawn to her, or interested in her power. And she also smiles at the shadows—is this because she recognizes something in them too, a connection to them because of her power? Or is it possible she recognizes she can lure them or control them too?
💡Then we see his shadows react to her further:
Tumblr media
One of Azriel’s shadows darts out to dance with Gwyn’s breath “like it heard some silent music.” So I think his shadows *did* hear some silent music. In fact, this bonus scene makes me suspect that Gwyn can emit silent music that lures people or things, and that she doesn’t have to be singing outloud to use her powers. Indeed, his shadows seem drawn to Gwyn, or maybe even lured by her, when they dart out to dance with her breath.
💡Later in the scene, we get this exchange:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First, it’s interesting that her hair is described as “shining like molten metal” here. I think this suggests that she is using her powers at this point. In ACOWAR, Lucien is described the same way at one point when his temper rises, almost like his power was rising in him.
Anyways, back to the bonus. So Gwyn asks Azriel if he sings, and she points out that he’s a shadowsinger and asks if that’s because he sings.
We all know Azriel is a shadowsinger, so at first glance this exchange seems odd. But I think the whole point of this exchange was for the reader—to remind us that Azriel is a shadowsinger, and that there are capital-S singers in this world. And that there might be a connection between his powers and singing. And, if you were paying close attention during ACOSF, it might remind you of another capital-S singer we learned of—lightsingers. LIGHTsingers. Whose powers might have a connection to singing and light. Sound like anyone we know?
So I think sarah might have put this exchange about singing into the bonus specifically to make the reader think about capital-S Singers and lightsingers in particular, to help the reader realize that Gwyn is in fact a capital-S singer too—she’s a lightsinger.
💡Az then proceeds to train Gwyn to help her cut the ribbon, and after she makes a joke about Cassian and Nesta, she smiles at him and thanks him, to which he reacts:
Tumblr media
Something restless in him settles, and even his shadows calmed. Now of course this could be because training Gwyn and her irreverence have made him calm down. But I think it’s also possible she has lured him and his shadows to relax here. And that’s why his shadows are content to lounge on his shoulders and watch her—because they’re entranced (literally).
💡Azriel leaves shortly thereafter, and as he’s leaving, this occurs:
Tumblr media
He could have sworn a faint, beautiful singing followed him, and that his shadows sang in answer. Azriel isn’t sure he even hears this music, which to me suggests it again might be silent music that he can only sense because he’s a shadowsinger, which allows him to hear things others cant. Is this another hint that gwyn can emit silent music and use her powers that way? Is she using her powers on Az and his shadows in this moment?
And here’s another crack (and I mean CRACK) theory: did Gwyn lure Az’s shadows to retrieve the necklace from Elain? If she (or whoever is controlling or manipulating her) wants the necklace, I could see a world in which this happened, though of course it seems much more likely that Elain returned the necklace because she felt hurt and rejected.
💡The next day Az spends the whole day intending to return the necklace.
Tumblr media
The use of passive language here is interesting. He “found” himself at the library, almost as if he didn’t actively choose to go there, but instead was drawn or lured there. And he finds himself there at 7. Why did sarah tell us the time here of all places? Because the time matters. And that just so happens to be the time the priestesses started singing in chapter 52 (which would occur just before 7 here because the sun sets earliest on solstice). So gwyn would have started singing just before Azriel found himself at the library.
This seems like a big hint that he was lured there by gwyn’s singing.
💡After he arrives at the library, he asks Clotho to give Gwyn the necklace, and the scene closes with this:
Tumblr media
We have a lot of language suggesting lightsingers here. Something “sparked” in azriel’s chest. How Gwyn’s eyes might “light” upon seeing the necklace. The image “glowed” quietly deep inside him. Did sarah specifically choose these words to hint to us that Gwyn has lured him? Does the image “glow” because a lightsinger lured him into seeing the image?
I also think it’s important that he sees an “image” here. If you read part one, you’ll know that SJM uses the word “summon” to describe Gwyn’s singing. And here are the definitions of “summon”:
Tumblr media
“To call an image to mind.” So did Gwyn summon this image to Azriel’s mind and cause him to see it, just like she appears to have summoned the vision of the harp to Nesta’s mind?
And again, we have passive language. “For whatever reason...he could see it.” He doesn’t understand why this image popped into his head or where it came from. And it seems to me that’s because the image was PUT in his head—he was lured into seeing it. So he doesn’t understand why it popped into his head because he didn’t think of it himself.
Finally, we have the last line. A thing of secret, lovely beauty. When Nesta first meets gwyn, she describes her as having a secret beneath her pretty face. Is this a nod to that line, and Gwyn’s secret—that she’s a lightsinger? And her secret, lovely beauty comes from her being a lightsinger?
So what does this mean?
If this theory is right, and Gwyn did lure Az into bringing her the necklace, I’m not sure why Gwyn lured him there.
Was it accidental because she doesn’t know she is a lightsinger?
If it was purposeful, did someone make gwyn lure him?
And is there a reason she or they want the necklace?
Finally, is Koschei involved in this? And is he going to use Gwyn to try to lure Az to him, since it seem that Koschei wants Az (maybe to find the fourth trove that’s hidden in the shadows?)?
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daisybrekker · 25 days ago
I rlly ship elriel and am pretty confident that they will be endgame Bc of all the foreshadowing but after reading Azriel’s bonus chapter I’m curious about what you think the meaning of the line “a thing of secret, lovely beauty” is, and if there’s a reason that’s the last line
Hey anon!
This post by @azriiel explains my thoughts perfectly!
However, I also think that it may allude to Gwyn being a lightsinger.
"A thing of secret, lovely beauty."
Secret: May refer to the fact that Gwyn is keeping this private from everyone around her. No one is aware of her true side.
Lovely: Matches the description of a lightsinger = “There are lightsingers: lovely, ethereal beings who will lure you, appearing as friendly faces when you are lost."
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sciencebaetch · 3 months ago
Gwyneth Berdara is SUS
This post is sus things about gwyn and sus things that happens when gwyn is around with TEXTUAL EVIDENCE.
If you dont like this post just scroll up. Don't waste your time writing a hate comment. All the things I'm talking are in the book and if you can't read that's not my problem.
In this post I'm also going to talk about gwyn being a lightsinger. If you want to read about that read these posts. Gwyn lightsinger1 , gwyn lightsinger2.
1) We have nesta and gwyn's first meeting and nesta
Nesta couldn’t explain the way she sensed that there was something else mixed into her. Some secret beneath the pretty face.
This could be about gwyn being a 1/4 river nymph or it could be about gwyn being a lightsinger. My money is on the lightsinger theory because even from the begining nesta's powers reacted to gwyn. She has some kind of power and Sarah did not mention lightsingers for nothing.
The priestess drew up to her full height, which was slightly taller than average for Fae females. A crackling sort of energy buzzed around her, and Nesta’s power grumbled in answer
2) Gwyn uses her surname while introducing herself and nesta describes this as UNUSUAL.
The priestess’s eyes glittered with amusement, as if aware of Nesta’s plan. “Gwyneth Berdara.” Unusual, for these Fae to use family names. Even Rhys didn’t use one, as far as Nesta knew. “But most call me Gwyn.”
This could be Autumn Court tradition but when you think about it why would her mother and gwyn use Autumn Court tradition when the same people didn't want gwyn's mother?
Gwyn went on, “My mother was unwanted by either of their people. She could not dwell in the rivers of the Spring Court, but was too untamed to endure the confinement of the forest house of Autumn. So she was given in her childhood to the temple at Sangravah, where she was raised.
3)Something strange happens while gwyn singing.
Tumblr media
skin radiating a beckoning light
Drawing any listener in.
4) Nesta talks about being made and Gwyn's reaction is strange.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
At first gwyn says she didn't know such a thing was possible but after that uses the "like calls to like" quote which is a made quote. If you didn't know such a thing was possible how did you know about the quote?
She didn't know such a thing was possible but she is SO CALM about it. And if you read the book you would know about her reactions. She is SO CALM in here.
5) We have nesta telling Gwyn about the dread trove and nesta's mind goes to the threesome with azriel and cassian.
She even thinks about elain in that moment. There was no reason to think about Elain.
Tumblr media
singing softly to herself.
and this is nesta dreaming about the threesome.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Her mind going to the threesome when she was just about the talk about the dread trove. SUS SUS SUS.
she only came back to herself because of the Dread Trove.
And all of this happens and gwyn is singing. Not sus at all.
6)Nesta says to gwyn not to mention the dread trove to anyone.
“It seems like the Trove has a glamour to make people forget that it exists,” Nesta said to Gwyn, and succinctly explained what it was, along with vague details about why it was wanted. She didn’t mention Queen Briallyn,or Koschei, or the Cauldron. Only that the Trove must be found quickly. And that Gwyn should not mention it to anyone.
I want to point out that Nesta disobeys Rhys's order by telling her.
Nesta supposed that in doing so, she directly disobeyed Rhys’s order forsilence, but ... to hell with him.
And what gwyn does? SHE MENTIONS TO MERRILL.
Gwyn shook her head. She still wore her robes, though she’d taken to tying back her hair in a tight braid. “I even asked Merrill last night. She broke through that glamour, but beyond a few mentions in old texts, she couldn’t find anything more than what you already know. Not a hint about when or where they were lost, or who lost them. We can’t even uncover who last possessed them, since it’s information that goes back at least ten thousand years.”
Nesta asked you to not to mention anyone and you go and say that thing to Merrill?? WTF???
7) And it doesn't end with number 6. Gwyn asks about the trove ALL THE TIME.
Tumblr media
about the trove?
Tumblr media
those teal eyes noticing too much.
We know nesta went to the evening service to listen to the priestesses sing and then while she was listening she found where the harp was.
Gwyn’s voice soared like a bird through the cavern as she started the third song with a solo, and Nesta closed her eyes, leaning into the music,shutting out one sense in order to luxuriate in the sound of her friend. Something beckoned in Gwyn’s song, in a way the others’ hadn’t. Like Gwyn was calling only to her, her voice full of sunshine and joy and unshakable determination
With her eyes closed, only the music mattered—the song, the voices, the harp. It wrapped around her, as if she’d been dropped into a bottomless pool of sound. Gwyn’s voice rose again, holding such a high note it was like a ray of pure light, piercing and summoning. Two other voices rolled in to join,pulsing around that repeated high note, the harp still strumming, voices whispering and flowing, lulling Nesta down, down, down into a pure, ancient place where no outside world existed, no time, nothing but the music in her bones, the stones at her feet, her side, overhead.
Gwyn is the lead singer in the service!!!!!!!
9) Gwyn not leaving the library.
Gwyn’s hands were shaking as she took another step into the ring and peered into the open bowl of the sky. The first time she’d been outside—truly outside—in years.
Admirable, though Nesta was loath to admit it. “Have you left this mountain since you arrived?” “No. Once we come in, we do not leave unless it is time for us to depart—back to the world at large. Though some of us remain forever.”
Emerie was the one to say to Gwyn, “I can’t believe you left the library.” Gwyn stroked Nesta’s head. “Some things are more important than fear.”She cleared her throat. “But please don’t remind me too much. I’m so nervous I really might vomit.”
She was SO nervous she could vomit but that night illyrians captured and forced them to join the Blood Rite.
Gwyn was alone in the blood rite FOR TWO DAYS and there is weapons in this one. More dangerous. And I dont think Cassian teached them about surviving in the wild or we would have read about it. We didn't read about it.
and this is Gwyn's reaction when nesta and emerie found her.
A female voice rang out from the other side of the ridge. “Here!”
Gwyn nodded. “I started running, and found a cache of weapons almost immediately.” She gestured to the blood on her Illyrian leathers. “I changed from the nightgown into someone else’s clothes. From a body, I mean.” She held up her wrist. “Did you know this thing glows? I remembered your wish for us: that we’d always be able to find our way back to each other. No matter what. I figured it would lead me to you. It must be somehow immune to the magic ban in the Rite.”
Before they captured her she was terrified. How does she react that way? HOW? IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AT ALL.
I made a post about this if you want to read it here. azriel bonus chapter analyze
In the bonus chapter Azriel says this.
He found it already occupied. His shadows had not warned him.
And this is from the actual book.
“Eyes can be blinded,” Nesta said. “Not the ones under my command,” Azriel said with soft menace.
Isn't it weird that Azriel didn't know who was there? Why did not his shadows warned him? He is spymaster for god's sake. The only times he couldn't know what's happening in one place if that place is heavily warded.
It's not romantic his shadows not warning him. It's concerning.
Also the timing. Again this is before the Blood rite. Between chapter 58-59. Gwyn has not left the library for two years. And if you read my post gwyn and azriel scene happens around 2-3 in the morning.
Gwyn is in the training ring ALONE 2-3 in the morning.
We have the timing in azriel chapter when he returns to the library to give Elain's necklace to gwyn.
Instead, he found himself at the library beneath the House of Wind, standing before Clotho as the clock chimed seven in the evening.
And this is from the book about the services. When they happen.
But she said, “You mentioned a while ago that you have evening services—with music, right?”
Gwyn huffed a soft laugh. “In part. We honor the Mother, and the Cauldron, and the Forces That Be. We have a service at dawn and at dusk, and on every holy day.”
Azriel found himself at seven in the evening when Gwyn is the lead singer in the service.
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