seymour-butz-stuff · 10 months ago
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lgballt · 2 months ago
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If you could talk to your past self                          
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profeminist · 11 months ago
Rest In Piss You Won’t Be Missed
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lifeprosthesis · 7 months ago
Hungary recently made a so called anti-pedophile law that says you can not introduce homosexuality to people under the age of 18.
Now only people sent by the government can give sex ed at schools. They will not include homosexuality and gender, and it's also illegal to tell children what transgender means, so they won't leave their birth sex.
However, they refused to accept the suggested law that would say children in child porns are victims.
So, in a nutshell, you are too young to be anything other than cishet, but are old enough to be raped.
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tomorrowusa · 25 days ago
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From @gaytimes on Twitter.
Many people forget how far this country has come in the past 11+ months since emerging from the Trump shit hole.
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lady-nightmare · 2 months ago
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happysuncherry · 3 months ago
I asked my 6-year-old sister if she wanted to get married when she got older (just for the sake of conversation) and she said yes, but prefferably to a girl over a dude.
Then she proceeded to look sad so I asked her why and she said she couldn't marry a girl because it was "weird".
She then proceeded to say, "mom would get mad and wouldn't come to my wedding."
After comforting her saying that we could plan her wedding together and that I could be one of her bridesmaids, she cheered up a lot.
To homophobic parents out there, do you really want your kids to grow up thinking that you'll refuse to support them and refuse to go to their own wedding? Making a child feel that you won't accept them because of their sexuality is just straight up wrong and frankly is extremely bad parenting.
There is nothing wrong with your child, there is something wrong with you.
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lydiafuckingsalia · 3 days ago
Two homophobe men lose the ‘phobe’
This is a story I wrote some time ago about a babysitter, early in her career learning hypnosis, who was recruited to do an attitude adjustment on two homophobe husbands. If you are gay, you will like this story, although I have had straights say they enjoyed it.
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scribellion · 6 months ago
It has come to my attention that most of the Percy Jackson and Greek Mythology fandom still follows one of my abusers Corvidonia/Fizzkiz who has been transphobic, hopmophic, racist, antisemitic, an mlm fetishizer, and abusive/manipulative towards their ex friends. I was their ex partner for six months and I do not claim she was abusive towards me throughout it besides the end, she sure as hell was discreetly manipulating/gaslighting me and their ex friends.
I should have spoken up earlier but I had my reasons why I did not and most of it was because we were recovering from her, scared what she would do if we came out, we didn’t have enough receipts and her other victims rightfully wanted nothing to do with them atm.
They recently deleted their old accounts or have abandoned them due to me and another victim of theirs warning them to their friends about all the things she’s done.
Debating on making a callout post but the things they have done is so much just for a singular post. Please, especially if you’re the following; trans, poc, jewish, or gay do not support Corvidonia. They are a sick and disgusting individual. But if you do want proof I have them.
I do not want them to get away with anything they did to me and my friends. Please reblog and boost this. Do not support thier comic Lying in the Wait. Do not support them.
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lgballt · 3 months ago
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Ace fulfills the ancient prophecy lgballt
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menonlist · 4 months ago
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staynt · 5 months ago
I did twist the truth a bit. My mom is not supportive but that's just cuz she don't know.
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angel-booptvt · 6 months ago
need help with dealing with transphobes that dead-name and use the wrong pronouns? with Ani-Name™, you can do it to them, it work with in 3 easy, extremely simple steps
1: find a name similar to theirs of the opposite gender    i.e.: Alexander -> Alexia
2: use the pronouns for their opposite gender        i.e.: she/her->he/him
3: use their arguments against them when they complain        i.e.: sorry but i’ll never see you as anything but [...] - you’re not a [...], you’re a [opposite gender) - that’s not a real thing
see how those mother fucks like it when they get cisphobed
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geek-ramblings · 9 months ago
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How many dog whistles can you put in one twitter thread. Damn
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thoughtlessarse · 2 months ago
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I'm willing to bet he wouldn't have touched, probably still wouldn't, an AIDS patient while wearing a hazmat suit. Why do those on the right always come up with the most inappropriate and incorrect comparisons?
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villanessbitch · 4 months ago
I was 4 years old when i had my first crush. It was my teacher, to me she was the prettiest woman i ever saw. Then i got heartbroken when i saw her kissing her husband, i even cried and no one knew why, lol. It's funny how things like this stay in our memory, maybe because i really felt my heart aching.
I didn't know what was homophobia until age 7. There was this boy every adult started to call cute, because he kissed a girl he liked. They were all talking about how cute it was. I thought that we could really kiss the people we liked, so i kissed a girl i had a crush on. Their reaction was worse than when one of the boys broke other's teeth with a toy car. They told me that it was wrong and called my parents. I think that my parents talked with the principal to not get the other girl's parents involved. When i got home, my mother locked herself with me in a room and beated me with her wooden sandal and a belt. I remember begging her to stop, but all i could see was her angry red face. I cried for my father, but he just ignored me. My mother said that i humiliated them and she would teach me to respect them for good now. She only stopped, because i didn't have any strength to scream or cry anymore, i was just curled on the ground shaking with wet eyes and shorts. She made me clean everything and kneel on rice while writing "I'll never humiliated my parents again" over and over on a notebook, that i found years after, because she kept it and that was the last straw that made me leave their house and lose all contact with them. I remember that i went to school all covered, so other people wouldn't see the wounds on my body, i still have a scar left by her wooden sandal on my right thigh.
After it happened, i learned that people didn't like when a girl kiss a girl or a boy kiss a boy. I also learned how to hide my relationships. I had 2 girlfriends after that, the 2nd one was the one i lived with when i left my parents house. She really helped me to get out of the city, we're still friends and i'm really grateful for having her.
It took me years to talk about this without crying. It was, still is a trauma i'll never forget.
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wrenofthedumbasses · a month ago
mom, who's homophobic: If you need to come out, tell me when you're gonna come out.
me, sincerely hoping she doesn't know I'm trans and gay: *silence with confused face*
mom: cause I'm gonna be rapping presents in the living room and I don't want you to see
me: instant relief
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thegreenorange · 4 months ago
ok, but someone HAS to tell me why the homophobes in my year are so freaking attractive to me
like, I'm bi AND trans, they don't know that, but if they did they would call me all kinds of slurs for sure
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itsallmadonnasfault · 5 months ago
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