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#first post
alahaux · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
first post ^^ hbd hu tao, pretend its the 15th
Hi, im Alaho! I draw, mostly genshin art rn, am 16 y/o. ive had tumblr for a while but uhhhhh never posted on it, never use it, so starting now.
I dont know how tumblr works waaaaa
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jbrooke · 5 months ago
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xximnotokaytodayxx · 7 months ago
Hey, so.... this is my first post here!
Allow me to introduce myself:
My name's Sofia, I'm a Brazilian artist and a part-time English teacher who has a little obsession with mcyts, drag artists and some alternative bands.
Portrait artistry has been a part of my life for over 7 years, and I would love to share my work with you guys, and hopefully interact with other artists a little bit more.
I finished this project yesterday, and honestly, I think it's my best work so far...
Hope you like it ♡
My instagram: fontana.art_corner
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mirror-steven · 4 months ago
a grand entrance
*a shiny mirror with a pail pink gem on the back drops in front of you*
Tumblr media
@purple-steven @spinel-but-touch-starved@bubble-steven @shattered-ecilpse-varian@corvid-steven @pink-druzy @varian-the-unstable-alchemist @mechanic-steeb@aster-and-lion @rainbowdiamond-steeb
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feedeesubmissive · a month ago
My greed knows no bounds.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pafbar · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they are just real neat i think 🥺🥺🥺
thought i’d christen my tumblr with some of my art of the funny gay detectives
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whosaero · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
—︎‥︎↝︎ dom kaeya x gn! reader
—︎‥︎↝︎ warning(s): hickeys, biting, overstimulation, public humiliation, degradation, pet names, strong language, slapping.
—︎‥︎↝︎ creds to the artist for the art below: sakyru on insta
—︎‥︎↝︎ note: theres probably some spelling errors, or grammar mistakes and such since i didnt fully proof read. so i apologize for that.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DILUC AND KAEYA, the pair of brothers who couldn’t even be in the same room as each other without a fight arising. Every single word that came out of their mouths irritated one another; for some reason, they purely despised each other. And no, it wasn’t necessarily that they didn’t love, and care for each other each other as brothers, but still, that didn’t change the fact that they just rubbed each other the wrong way.
Kaeya also wasn’t necessarily the most cheery person, but around you, he was. You just brought out a certain part of Kaeya that nobody had ever seen before, you were his one and only soft spot. You also had never really seen him mad, so far at least.
Now, you were heading to pick Kaeya up from the tavern, and walk him home. This tavern, coincidentally, was owned by Diluc.
You found your boyfriend leaning against a wall by the door, by the look on his face you could tell he was quite enraged.
“Kaeya? You alright? I came to pick you up,” You approached Kaeya with a concerned look plastered on your face, and landed a kiss on his cheek.
He scoffed, he just scoffed. This was a type of attitude he ever had around you, and you didn’t like it. He began walking off down the road, and you ran after him; but his long legs gave him an advantage. You tugged on his sleeve once you caught up to the blue haired male.
“Wait, please, talk to me. Whats going on, darling?” You forced Kaeya to look at you, whilst you continued to tug on his sleeves to prevent him from walking away again.
“Oh? You want to know what’s going on?” A cocky tone underlined his voice, and it felt like his eyes were staring into your soul. His anger made you feel small, and weak below him. “Well, that asshole that happens to be my brother, and I, got into a fight.”.
”Darling you could’ve just told me, I’m so s-“
He pulled you into an alleyway before you could even finish your sentence, his hands gripping your face with his fingers digging into your cheek. He had you pinned roughly against a wall with absolute ease.
“And, I need some way to blow off steam. I think you’re the perfect way, wouldn’t you agree, doll?” Doll? You had never heard this pet name escape his lips before, not that you didn’t like it; but, Kaeya’s firm grip, and him forcing you to look at him made your face grow red.
“W-What do you mean..”
“Tsk, tsk, are you really that oblivious? God, you’re so innocent,” His chuckles echoed through the alleyway, you blushing from the slight embarrassment. Your face was growing extremely red, you seemed a bit turned on from the humiliation he made you feel. You then began to hide your face in your shoulder, and look away from the intense glare you received from his icy blue eyes.
“Hmm, it looks like someone’s getting excited, eh? It’s so cute when you get all flustered from me, dear,” Kaeya lifted up your chin with one finger, and brought his lips toward your ear. His slight breathing against your soft, sensitive skin combined with the touch from his frigid fingers caused shivers to descend through your spine.
“Isn’t it quite obvious by now, love? I want you.”. Your core began to grow hot, for a reason you couldn’t exactly figure out.
Your eyes shot open, as the sudden movement of Kaeya’s knee between your crotch made your core grow even hotter.
“Does that help you understand, hm?” You nodded slightly while continuing to hide your face in your shoulder, embarrassed from the amount you got flustered.
“Use your words, angel.”
“Y.. Yes..”
“Gooddd, thats my good obedient baby.”. His words echoed through your mind, the wet patch in your undergarments growing bigger. The praise made you nearly melt into his touch, and you automatically whined slightly from his words.
“Awwhhh, what is it? I didn’t know you would be so reactive to my words, doll. It’s adorable.” His hand began to linger down to your waist, holding a firm grip on you.
“N-need… Mmh” You tried to muster out some amount of words, which didn’t really go well.
“Poor babyyy, is that arousal getting to your head, hm? Just use your words, love, stuttering incoherent little sentences isn’t getting you anywhere.”.
You began to grind yourself on his knee, you needed more.
“M..More, please.. Need you, Kaeya.. Please.”. Your words made something in Kaeya go, well, feral in some sense. The lust in his eyes grew, as he picked you up in his arms and started walking you back home at an abrupt pace.
Once you arrived home, he tossed you on the bed; the way he threw you around like an object made your body grow even hotter.
He started peppering kisses along your neck, kisses growing sloppier as he went on. He slowly unbuttoned your shirt, seemingly quite intent on marking every bit of you. He left hickeys down your chest, and numerous bite marks were spread along your skin. His kisses started becoming more, and more lustful and sloppy as whimpers and whines escaped your throat.
He stared up at you, watching your face contort into different expressions, caused from the pleasure and pain that Kaeya was making you feel. He brought his lips down to your stomach, sucking and leaving more hickeys on your sensitive skin. He brushed his slender hands softly across your crotch, “May I?” Kaeya’s slow pace made you grow impatient, and needy, you nodded aggressively.
“I need to hear you say it, angel. Go on, use your words.”
“P..Please.. Sir, fuck me… I want you to fuck me until I can’t move.” Those words lit something up in him, whom you had once known to be as your loving, gentle boyfriend- Became an aggressive, lust filled, desperate man. This truly was a part of him you’d never seen before, and you liked it. You watched his hands fly to your waist, undressing you hastily. His movements were fast, but practically elegant. The way his hands removed your clothing swiftly, and you heard the sounds of him unbuckling his belt, freeing the the large bulge that strained against his tight jeans got you excited for whats to come.
His quick hands flipped you over, he slapped your ass abruptly which caused you to jump and whine. Your undergarments were still on, he threw the soaked item of clothing off and it landed in a crumpled pile on the ground. He waisted no time as he asked you if you were ready to continue, you said yes and he moved on.
His cock entered your throbbing core at an alarmingly quick rate, quickly slipping in; it seemed as though you didn’t even need any prep, as you were already sopping wet. He gave no thought to how his length would tear you apart, you screamed as his cock entered you. It hurt a bit, but the pleasure you felt overruled that pain.
“Aaahh~ Mmmm.. Kae.. Nnhh.. Kaeya!~”
He began thrusting into you at a quick, and rough pace. Grunting in approval as you moaned out his name.
“You’re such a naughty oneee, aren’t youuu? Such a slut for my cock, who would’ve known someone as innocent looking as you would turn into such a whore behind closed doors.” His words echoed through your brain, you couldn’t help but only moan in response to his degradation. You honestly loved the way he was treating you, and he knew it even if you didn’t fully say it.
He grabbed onto your throat and pressed hard, hard enough that your breathing was labored, but not hard enough that you passed out. This pain made your eyes roll back in your head, you loved it. Your arms flailed all over as you tried to find purchase on something, you ended out with your arms clawing at his back.
“Tsk, look at you, I never would’ve guessed that someone as extremely wholesome seeming as you would be into such dirty things. What a disgusting little pain whore~”
Your loud moans filled the room as he reached just the right spot inside of you, you came undone all over his dick. He scoffed at you.
“Who said you could cum, slut? I never gave you permission, but, if you want to cum so badly then you’ll get what you want. Simply, with my own little twist on it.”
You didn’t know what he meant, nor did you have any energy to try and comprehend it. Your mind was fuzzy, you were lost in the bliss of your orgasm. You couldn’t even think.
Round, after round, after round Kaeya kept fucking you. He fucked you until you were nearly numb, at this point you were babbling incoherent words. He had made you cum what, 6, nearly 7 times? At this point it seemed as he was milking you dry. You felt like you were going to die from the sheer overstimulation.
“Awwhhh, is the braindead little whore all tuckered out, hmmm?”
“Hmmnghh.. Kae… Mhhh”
“Looks like I really have fucked you dumb, you’re so cute when you’re like this. I better do it more often then?” You mumbled something that he couldn’t hear, but to him he considered that a yes. Whether it was or not, he didn’t care. “Well, then, it looks like we’re done for tonight, angel. You did so well for me, good job baby.” He gave you a soft kiss on the cheek as he pulled out and looked at the sight below him.
His fucked out little thing just laying there, purple marks accompanied by bite marks were found all along your body. You were covered in sweat, and cum was dripping from your core. His cum mixed with yours was pooled on the soaked sheets below you. Your practically lifeless body lay limp as he picked you up, he drew a nice hot bath for you and cleaned you up. You later fell dead asleep with your arms wrapped around your boyfriends chest. Adorable, he thought as he laid his eyes on you and closed them to drift asleep along with you.
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little-eclectic-witch · 2 months ago
Basic research for beginner Witches
Tumblr media
Candle Magick - it’s one of the easier ones to learn and will give you a lot of practice in divination. 
Tumblr media
Color Magick - It’s a simple way to use magick in your everyday life. It can also be useful in spells and rituals involving the elements.
Tumblr media
Herbal Magick - This one is a doozy I'll make a post explaining my findings on this subject in a later post. There are many types of herbs that can be used not all can be found in your country and some may be poisonous do your research before handling any herbs.
Tumblr media
Tarot - this is a whole subject in it’s own right. Do a lot of research and make sure you feel comfortable with your cards and yourself before beginning. I would also study different tarot layouts and find or create one that feels correct to you.
Deities - This is not a necessary topic to study unless you want to get into the more religious parts of paganism or wicca.
Day, time, and moon correspondences - These will help strengthen any spell or ritual. Doing a spell on the proper day or at the right time will help to imbue more power into your spells.
Runes and sigils - These can help you with spells, divination and so many other things. Great for putting down protection or adding extra power to spells, rituals and incantations.
Tumblr media
Gemstones - Research every stone, check how to clean them, their correspondences, and shapes that they come in and what those mean as well.
Incense - Incense can be used in many different ways. It can be used for cleansing, as a substitute for the element of air in spells and rituals, or to give prayer to your deity.
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anvictoriat · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello stranger, welcome! this is my first attempt to draw some dramione, I am still learning other techniques, so come with me on this new journey called "Trying to draw and not die at the try"
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mshunnybunch · 5 months ago
'Roll in the hay'
Okay, I've watched this scene a hundred times and counting on SLOW MOTION. No, I am not ashamed, I've forgotten what the term means ever since I joined tumblr.
Anyway, here's what I discovered:
This is where Sam made a decision to save Bucky
Tumblr media
Because Bucky can't hold on longer you can see the struggle on his face. From this angle Sam is beside the front tires.
Tumblr media
Then he flips himself over like a pancake that's cooked on one side (look at that booty though 👀)
Tumblr media
Goes under the truck with his wings tucked on side. Notice he is behind the front tires.
Tumblr media
When he's under Bucky, he reaches his hand to Bucky's shoulder like a signal to 'let go, I'm here, I'll catch you'
Tumblr media
But because Bucky does not trust Sam (yet) Sam pulls him by his right shoulder (and I'm guessing Sam put his right hand on Bucky's waist) with the force of the jet pack
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Something goes wrong, Sam's jet pack hits the pavement, shuts down mid-flight and they slid from the pavement to the field still in air. (Sam, your wings are wrapping around Bucky, do you know? 👀)
Now, let's 'roll in the hay'
This is where it gets interesting
When they hit the ground, force and acceleration from the jet pack still occurring (you know how physics work!) they roll and roll and roll.
During the roll, this is what happened
Tumblr media
We can see Sam's hands are clutched together around Bucky's torso and under his armpits. Sam, you're full on hugging Bucky 👀
Tumblr media
While Bucky is holding on for dear life to Sam's jet pack, his arms over Sam's arms, their heads on each others shoulder, faces millimeters apart
So tell me why and how did we go from that to this
Tumblr media
(Not my gif by the way)
Sam is clutching on Bucky's clothes instead of his torso, Bucky is holding Sam's waist, faces inches apart instead of cheek-to-cheek on the final shot. (Maybe it's their legs. I mean their legs are far from each other and in the final shot, Bucky's legs are in between Sam's legs.)
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angelbluesoldier · a month ago
I believe in the Independent Steve Rights: his right to be his own character, his own person, with his own story.
Pre-Serum Steve isn’t some helpless, angry chihuahua who needs Bucky to keep him alive, he’s a smart, capable guy whose mother was a nurse so he knew how to take care of himself. It’s his own body, he knows how to handle it. He didn’t get into fights because of the fun of it, but to help people. He isn’t Bucky’s pet project, and Bucky certainly isn’t in charge or responsible over him.
Steve has his own talents and hobbies. He can draw, speak multiple languages, likes to drive on his motorcycle, he reads books, he used to play cards with his barbershop quartet.
Steve went hand-to-hand with Red Skull, Loki, Ultron and Thanos, and didn’t back down one bit. He did it to help people, to save the world. He did it because it’s right.
Steve exists outside of other characters. His world doesn’t revolve around Bucky. He isn’t just “the other half” of ships. He isn’t a simple pawn in the background or a prop for other characters, and I really wish more people would see it that way.
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cursed-bioshock · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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bbrowningbooks · 29 days ago
Hello, I’m new and I need some people to follow!!!
Hello my name is Brianna and I’m currently working a novel which is of the horror & romance genre! I’m looking for other people who write books of any genre, if you’re an author or even just a part time writer for funI’d love to follow you!! So yeah, just leave a lil like on this post and I will follow you!! Please and thank you!!
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theowlgem · 8 months ago
Snowy nights
Tumblr media
I wish it was a loop tho 👀
"Wouldnt it be fun if we got snowed in together?"
"GASP we could stay up all night and watch the snowfall!"
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seftonswriting · 3 months ago
THINGS I CONSIDER AS WORKING ON A CHARACTER (mainly ocs and muses in development)
hi writer! here are a bunch of things i do and consider as working on your story and characters:
making oc playlists 
making fake scenarios in your head that may or may not ever happen in the story and the current environment
making hcs
making  incorrect quotes - this helps so much with understanding how your character reacts to certain situation. i do a lot of these when working with ocs and ships in role play
thinking about your character 
designing clothes, suits and accessories for them
drawing them or having someone draw fan art of them for you
asking people (beta readers or supporters) what they think of them
considering changing things about them and that is okay! 
making pinterest boards or blogs about them
seeing something in social media and it reminds them of them so you think about it for a while. 
that’s all i can recall rn! have fun! 
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arsontoakiridion · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is my first time posting here and my first time using Tumblr in what seems like an eternity, but I wanted to give it a shot to see if it was right for me.
I'm a digital artist who just draws for the hell of it, and I love wizards, trolls, and all of that ✨ fun crazy stuff ✨. So far, these are the wacky pieces I've created for that show and its nonexistent film.
My Instagram is “gremlin.goose”.
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gotxanyxramen · 4 months ago
An obey me crack senario in which mc is gone for two hours
Everyone panicking: WHERE'S MC!?
Lucifer also panicking: *calls mc*
MC chilling: *picks up*
MC: *pulls phone away from ear and calmly asks* which layer is the big mall with the devildom off brand hot topic in?
Lucifer: you better stay there and don't move until I get you or so help m-
MC: *hangs up* I ain't boutta put up wit his BS. Now where is the anime shirts?
Lucifer: *angerly* im going to beat the ever living crap out of them.
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